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My wife, child, and I had a terrible experience at Cardinal Glennon yesterday. We were there to meet with the plastic surgeon and had set up a 10:30am appointment. We were advised to show up 15 minutes early to check-in. We drove 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to your facility and checked in 20 minutes before our appointment. We meet with the front desk person pretty quickly to get my son's information into your system and then were sent back to our seats to wait for someone to call him back. We didn't get that call until 12 o'clock. Let me type that again. We didn't get that call to come back to a room until 12 o'clock! One and a half hours after his appointment was supposed to be. Then, THEN, we waited another half and hour to meet the doctor we were there to see! This is completely unacceptable for any family to go through. We calculated this day down to the minute to make sure that my 7 month old baby was alert and happy for his appointment. We succeeded in that, but by the time we got back there he was tired and starving and so the doctor had to deal with a very unhappy baby. Not very helpful do you think?

We kept getting excuses that they didn't have enough rooms for the appointments. You overbooked. You overbook like an airline. You are not an airline. You are a children's hospital. Was explanation is there from you? What should my expectation be for my next appointment? Should I bring a cooler for food for my wife and child? Should I put up a tent in the waiting room?

I asked for a comment card at your office so I could fill one out there, but they were all gone. The lady would have to go in the back to get more. She didn't seem too enthused to do so and we were starving as we were leaving 3 hours after we got there for a supposed 20 minute appointment. Then off to our 2 hour and 15 minute drive home.

Unacceptable way to treat your customers.

- December 19, 2012 at 12:21:04 PM