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aNiche     12/28/2016 17:22 PM

I bought IMG Patriaot America Plus insurance from IMG and my mother had to visit an urgent care facility due to pain in her shoulder.

It has been 50 days the urgent care facility sent claim request to IMG and they have not responded. Upon calling them, I get to hear that the claim is still under process and nobody knows how long it will take to complete it. Are you kidding me? You are processing the claim and you don not have an estimated time for completion of the process??

That's the worst service I have ever received from any insurance service provider. I strogly advise against opting for IMG

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insubuy     12/29/2016 11:18 AM

Did you purchase insurance through Insubuy?

If yes, Please provide the policy certificate number or contact our at (866)INSUBUY and talk to our claim resolution specialist.


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