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finddebz     11/10/2016 15:48 PM

I sent my passport to CKGS, Chicago for renewal and they have lost my passport. I don't know what to do. I sent them my old passport along with a return shipper from USPS. They processed my application and updated the status to Returned via USPS. They also updated the AWB number in the website for tracking the shipment. When I tried to track my passport using that number, it did not work. I called USPS and found that the tracking number given by CKGS was not a valid tracking number. I now don't know what to do. CKGS keeps asking me to contact USPS and USPS cannot track the passport because it does not have a valid tracking number. I AM TALKING ABOUT MY PASSPORT, DAMN IT!. CKGS is irresponsible and I don't know what to do now. Please help!

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karishma soni     10/07/2016 04:53 AM

Please help me
I got a letter from PSK Bhopal for clarifications required regarding issuance of passport facilities

as per letter, I have to submit Bonafide letter, explanation and Personal Particular(P P)form witnin 30 days

i dont klnow what are these ?
Please help me and tell me where should i get these forms ?

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ashwin1400     08/03/2016 10:02 AM

Hello everyone,
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my query and potentially helping me in my current situation. My Indian passport is set to expire on Dec, 2016 and I will be applying to have it renewed this week. At the same time, I would like to book a visa appointment in Chennai to have my H1-B stamped which requires me to provide my passport details at the time of filing the application.

I just wanted to know if I can use my current passport for booking the visa appointment, or if I have to wait for the new (renewed) passport to fill this, considering that the H1-B stamp will be on the new passport?

Thanks again !

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tejas9     07/15/2016 18:17 PM

I recently submitted my inidan passport for renewal at New york and the student visa stamp has expiration date, which already expired. Now consulate officer giving me hard time saying that I am illegal, which I am not. They just kept replying that my visa is invalid. I sent them my all official documents that states I am in legal F1 status, but they keep repeating same answer without any guidance to resolve the issue.

Can anyone here, please HELP me in this case?

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aftabaqua     06/23/2016 15:14 PM

I submitted the applications for the passports of my two sons today at CKGS in NYC. The lady at the counter asked me to pay for FedEx that I didn't opt and didn't pay with the other fee.
I told her that I would like to collect my passports by walking in, she said WE DONT ALLOW WALKIN except for Tatkal and Special cases. I had to give my debit card and she charged me for FedEX for two deliveries.
Is it the case? Or she simply extorted for the service that I don't need? Any thoughts?

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gnani     06/04/2016 16:55 PM

Hello Everyone,

I have applied passport one year back. I had finished all formalities at Passport Seva Kendra after couple of days I got call from verification officer.
Meanwhile, I got job so I shifted to city. When officer called me I told same situation to him then he made adverse report on me and It took several months
to send report to passport office and getting showcause notice from RPO.

After I got showcause notice, I went to RPO (I am telling you it was very horrible experience @RPO) they took 5000 fine and reinitiated verification for current
address. I waited for verification and it is done. After one day, I got message from passport that officer made adverse report on me for not staying one year
at current address.

I decided to make RTI on the same. I had applied and got message from passport that your passport is ready for printing

Happy ending. RTI really worked

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jyo_1234     06/04/2016 02:40 AM

I would like to share the my experience in getting the affidavit/NOC to apply for child passport in india.

Docs required.
1) 2*2 size US Passport size photo one ( to be filled in application)
2) fill the Misc service application form and paste the photo.
3) fill the Affidavit and get it notarized. I got it notarized from UPS Store by paying a fee of 10 $
4) Have a Photo copy of above notarized document before going to consulate.
5) Cschier cheque or Money order for 23 $
7) Photo copy of first 3 pages and last 2 pages of passport
8) Photo copy of Visa/I797/GC/EAD, DL/Address proff and original
9) Original Passport

10) Walk into consulate and submit the documents once called it's 5 minutes work and you will be informed when to collect the documents on the same day probably between 4-4:45 PM.

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prashanth4ev     03/04/2016 13:03 PM

Hi all,

     I took my child to PSK center, I have name mismatch in my passport and in my kids Birth certificate. With this I was asked to resubmit by correcting my name in birth certificate.

     now name change is done in birth certificate, but I travelled to US and my wife (have no address proof of what I applied for my kid ) had to take my child to passport office.

        Will they accept by submitting the same documents which I submitted earlier (address proof of mine)

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sappu_123     02/12/2016 07:22 AM

Hi All,

I was issued with Indian Passport I was married. Now that I am married, should I add my spouse to the passport by requesting Re-issue of Passport. Without adding his name in my passport will he and my kid get US Visa and will he and my kid be allowed to travel? He just applied his passport now and got my name in his passport as Spouse. But wanted to know whether I should also get his name added in my passport in order for him to travel?

Thank you in advance.

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sharla     01/11/2016 18:37 PM

Hi, passport application was made in Maharashtra in October 2015 and police clearance was signed off by the senior officer at the police station in early December. However, application does appear to have moved to the next stage (i.e. no message sent of progress) or status updated on the passport website. I understood that police clearance in Maharashtra only took a week.

I would like to hear views on the following:

(1) what can the applicant do if where there does not appear to be any progress in processing passport after police clearance? and
(2) how long does it take to receive a passport in Maharashtra?

Thank you for reading my post and if you had similar experience, please share your news.

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