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hasank     07/16/2014 15:47 PM

Hi friends,

   Just to share my experience on passport renewal at Houston region on last week Jul 07 2014.

I've plan to apply renewal (10 years going to complete) by POST by due to my short period of VISA renewal I've plan to go directly to BLS office and apply for Tatkal.

First I've booked the flight at last minute to Houston.So, it is too costlier and booked the Hotel near by BLS Passport office nearly half a mile distance.

I've plan to go directly on Monday after the long week-end (July 4th)so, I've plan to go one day earlier and stay near by BLS office for safe.

I've booked the appointment 9:00 - 9:30 AM, so i've went 5 mins before.

1.First they asked the appointment mail printout. (There is printer available with internet.So, not worry on that you can take printout there)
2.There is not much crowd, so you can immediately meet the officers and give your applications and needed documents.
3.They will verify and give back the unwanted documents and photos.
4.Notary (near by BLS office on same building [But don't take risk at last minute]) and printouts are able to taken there.
5.Once all things clear they will ask for Tatkal or ordinary, if tatkal means need to wait they will call to Consulate and get the approval with reason you specified.(it will take 15 to 45 mins)
6.Once it approved you have to pay the tatkal fee 241.20 by cash or money order only. (CARD is not accepted, so near by office Sheraton hotel is there with ATM, so I've go there and took the money).
7.Once you payed the money they will give receipt and give the address to collect (if you request you came from long distance else local stay means they will send with in 3 days.)
Luckily I've got the address that is near by 6 miles our Indian consulate office. The Collection time will be 4.00 pm to 5.00 only.
8.I reached 1 hour before and chat with fellow Indians who waiting for different kind of services there.
9.4.00 pm the counter is open and issue the various types of documents and we are waiting and get nearly at 4:50 pm only.
10. Finally got the Passport and verified the details and signed the application like received and return back to Airport (I've booked the flight at 9.20 pm for safety purpose)

*** Finally got the Passport on Same Day *****

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VENKATESH BOLE     06/16/2014 06:35 AM


  Can some one help me on this. Thanks in advance

   I have applied passport through PSK. I am working away from my permanent address. But I applied passport by giving present as permanent address (though I am not staying at my permanent address from last 3 years). But I though I could manage police in verification. But things did not work when I went for police verification. Police sent report saying that I am not staying in permanent address, after that I checked my application status and it says "Police report has been submitted by your respective Thana and is under review at SP Office".

If anyone know anything about next step, please help. Is it really going to tough for me to get passport now ?? can I ask RPO to close my file ??. I really appreciate If I get any help here.

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rohithmn     03/13/2014 02:43 AM

In my passport, due to the length in surname two letters were not printed correctly and three letters were printed in the given name column. My surname have three parts (Mana..... Neel...... Namb....iri----total 39 letters). So I applied for reissue of passport in Talkal and here is the step by step procedure (happy if it helps somebody)

1. Filled application online and booked appointment on day 1 and received appointment for day 3.
2. Day 3: attended the interview. The passport authority informed that 39 letters are not able to be incorporated in the surname. (but in website the max no: of letters in 42, don't know why!)
3. They told me that a part of the surname can be fixed in the given name. and I accepted.
4. Interview completed and RS. 2000 given (as talkal fees) and my old passport was sealed cancelled.
5. I received the new passport on day 5.

Good experience.

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goodsamaritan     02/20/2014 23:40 PM

Airway bill number is nothing but Tracking number ?
Go to USPS and get the money order for $ 66.20 (Domestic money order fee $1.25 – Debit card or cash).
Xerox copies of necessary documents
Notarized if necessary – Read carefully in BSL website.
Take all the documents and go to FedEx office.
Check the weight (approximately 1 lb).
Take the sending and return envelope from them.
Get the documents and envelop weighed. One envelop should be larger than the other.
Go to the FedEx website, and generate both shipping labels.
First label - from your Home Address to BSL International Services US
Second label - from BSL International Services to Your Home address
Go to FedEx website and use your credit card (Ship now with your credit card).
FedEx one rate is much economic (around $9 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Houston, TX)
Well. While preparing the return label – Don’t worry about the date of posting from BSL International (of course, we don’t know the processing and posting date). FedEx software will upgrade every day and you will receive your renewed passport without any problem. I have called FedEx and confirmed.
 It will give you the Airway Bill Numbers (AWB) – It is nothing but Tracking number.
Take the print out.
Fill in the BLS online order form with the AWB's generated - Tracking number.
BLS will send you the form details in mail which need to be printed.
Take printout of the BLS onsite order forms (there are two), and the AWB's - Tracking number.
Paste one printout of the BLS order form on the FedEx envelope. Keep the other with your documents.
Make sure that you have pasted both AWB's – FedEx label - Tracking number to the appropriate envelop.
Insert the return envelope in the larger envelop in which documents are shipped.
Check the check list and organize according to the order.
Drop off the large envelop in any FedEx collection office.
Involvement, searched a lot in online, called FedEx customer service, emailed BSL International etc.
Good Samaritan
Contact: visioninscribed@gmail.com

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shyamkumar nagabandi     02/14/2014 19:47 PM

Hi All,

I need to apply Passport to my Kid(1 month Old) who born in India and currently am in US California. In India, inorder to apply Passport for Kid, they are asking for NOC/Affidavit from Indian Embassy. And they told to send that Affidavit through Post to India.
So, could you please help me out how to get NOC/Affidavit from Indian Embassy. What are all the steps to get Affidavit/NOC. Is it mandatory to have NOC to submit to India.
Also I heared that there are two options to get NOC i.e either sending the scanned copy of Birth Certificate of Child along with Money order and the other one is going directly to Indian Embassy.

It is highly appreciated for all your help. Thanks

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nayan_j99     12/24/2013 04:47 AM

Hello All,
I have received my passport but post police verification got incomplete because i was residing at different address. I am a permanent resident of Spain. I was here in India for 3 years, now i am going back to Spain for good on 13/01/2014. Without police verification is it possible for me to travel or there will be any problem at the Indian Airport (Immigration Dept)? Please reply me as soon as possible.

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papz     12/10/2013 14:46 PM

Hello All,

I came to US in April 2012 and my spouse H4 visa got approved with her father name as the sur name in the passport.I moved to a different employer and both of our Petitions got approved.She came back to india for her maternity delivery.When we applied passport for my baby,it was mentioned she should endorse my (spouse) name in the passport.When she applied for that,by default sur name is chnaged to my name and new passport is issed.When checked with passport office they mentioned these changes are effective may 2013 and no more they endorse the spouse name in the same passport and new passport would be issued.Keeping this in mind,i have below Questions.

1.Her H4 petition is aproved with her old passport ? Do i need apply another H4 petition for her?

2.Which passport details should i give in the DS160,while schedulig the interview?

3.Once she enters US with new passport ,will it be problem to chnage the ITIN and Satte Ids?

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ask_q     12/02/2013 10:00 AM

Hi ,

I have got my h1b stamping done, the photo in my passport is clear but has a black background, will it be a problem while travelling?

Any advise.

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RAMESH CHANDIKA     11/16/2013 23:44 PM

hello greetings for all im ramesh im from hyderabd…..here i having a small doubt in applying for passport there they are asking first name + middle name that is given name and also surname…..in all my tenth,intermediate and b.tech certificates my name is CH RAMESH CHANDRA……and in my pan card VOTER ID AADHAR CARD IT IS CHANDIKA RAMESH CHANDRA ….can any one plz how to apply my friends are telling that it would be rejected i dont know wat to do plz help it would be very
it would be very thankfull and appreciated if someone is having an answer

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jagadeeshsk     10/07/2013 17:12 PM

Hi There,

Thanks for your attention to my post.

I have received show cause notice for my passport and they are telling me that I have suppressed material information while submitting application for passport. The type of show cause notice is PVR Review and it looks like it stands for police verification review.

If I recollect correctly what happened was, when I applied for passport there was police verification and I was out of station that time when they came for police verification. But my father went on behalf of me and provided all the details. Police sent report to passport office and I did receive my passport without any hassles. But after almost 1 year 3 months I am getting this show cause notice. I am right now in US and I am wondering how to deal with this situation. They have mentioned in the show cause notice to provide explanation and submit application again. Can you please help me with the below questions.

1. How do I respond to this show cause notice from US and what is the procedure?
2. Is there a way I can reach out Indian Embassy on this?
3. What happens if they ask me to submit passport application again? What will happen to my present passport while I am still in US? Do I have to go for stamping again? :(
4. Is there way this can be effectively handled from US it self?

Appreciate your valuable comments and response to my post.

In the mean time I have asked my Father to provide explanation to show cause notice and letting passport office know that I did not suppress any information. I hope they will understand what has happened and they will not ask me to submit the application form again.



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