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veejppee     02/12/2016 09:09 AM

Below question asked to me while H1B visa interview.

VO: Good Morning.
me: Good Morning.
VO: Passport please.
she checked passport then asked.
VO: Is this your first H1B
me: Yes.
VO: Your current company ?
me: xxx
VO: how long have you been in this company.
me: replied.
VO: are you going to work in client location ?
me: replied.
VO: Your client name.
me: replied.

VO: Congrat I am approving your visa..

me: Thank you and have a nice day ..

My take away from this interview is be confident and you should be clear about your travel (I mean the kind of job, job location etc ).

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Jyothi Tagore     02/12/2016 02:33 AM

Apologies if this is not the correct forum to post this here.

I have my H1B Stamped last month from Indian Company. I haven't travelled so far to US.

Just want to hear from people from this group-

--> Is there a possibility of transferring my H1B to any other Indian Companies here in India and then travel from the new employer?

--> What happens to my Visa, if I resign from this company(from where I got visa) and then try for US opportunities from any other employer?

Please suggest.

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ankur1210     02/11/2016 11:59 AM

I attended the interview on 2nd December and got a 221g for submitting project documents. I submitted the same along with passport on 16th December. Then no updates for 45 days. After that I received a call from the embassy to submit couple of more documents. Now my employer is saying that Attorney will submit the documents directly to the embassy and they are not giving the documents to me.

Does anyone has idea regarding this? Is it normal that Attorney submitting the documents directly to the embassy ? Please advise.

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harryankasala     02/11/2016 03:46 AM

Hi friends first of all very much thank to immihelp. It was helped me a lot for preparing h1 visa.
1.Hi good morning how r u doing?
2.what is your current company? i
3.who is your employer?
4.who is your client?
5.what the client do?
6.on which project are you going?
7.where is your employer is located?
8.what is roles and responsibilities in current company?
Finally golden words are coming from VO ...YOUR VISA IS APPROVED.

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HaneefShaik     02/10/2016 23:45 PM

Hello Friends,

I've got RFE and my employers has responded to the request. 4 months ago the status has updated to 'Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received'. As we didn't see any change in the status, my employer has raised a case (2 weeks ago) and i was told by them, we may receive the news at anytime.
My query is, can anyone tell me how long they will take to respond for our case or from the status updated to Received the Response.

Thank you very much for your valuable time for helping me.

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D M Karthik     02/10/2016 02:26 AM

Hi All,

Thanks for everyone who shared their exp . It was very helpful before my Visa interview.
I was very tensed about my interview , because i was not having Client Letter from my client.But i had prepared with alternate solutions like Mail conversion with my client (dont disclose anytng abt proj) , Mail Requesting for End client letter to HR and client.

I had my Visa interview on 28/01/2016 @ chennai consulate.Overall the process took exactly 30 minutes.

While standing in a queue for VO interview. Man before me was asked what is your role in your project ? He started to summarize all the thing in American accent and with technical details for more than 5 minutes. On hearing this i started to get tensed , actually i started to forget what i have prepared for the interview. Please never ever hear out words from others while standing in the queue.

Questions asked to me.
Me :VO is an american lady ,she was busy updating some info in her system.i was Waiting for her attention. I wished her 'Good morning MAM!!. How are you'.
VO : with a smile . Good morning.Please give your passport.
ME : I passed the passport.
VO : Give your i797 form.
ME : After passing , she noticed about my petitioner and asked me are you working for company xxx.
ME : yes Mam.
VO : who is your Client.
ME : xxx Mam and expanded it . Might be she should had recognized my client.
VO : what is your highest qualification.
ME : Bachelor of engineering in Comp. science.
VO : what is your salary.
ME :$xxxxxx . While i was saying this and i have not even completed . She began to givethe rules and regulation white sheet and said your visa is approved.

My advise would be please be confident and answer precise , dont confuse your self and VO. Please prepare as much documents you needed . I had got some 50-60 documents which was not either asked by VO.

Thank you !! for sharing your advise and experience.

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usn1485     02/09/2016 00:06 AM

Hi I have to stamp H4 visa on feb 19th. Wht documents should I carry for Fingerprinting??

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yskrao@rediffmail.com     02/08/2016 06:00 AM

Hello All

Could you please kindly help me urgently on the following.

- I have completed BSc(Computers) and I have 14years of IT experience in one of MNC. and also completed MBA from distance education.
- During filing I have sent Bsc (Computers) and MBA (Distance education). I have received my papers , In I129 my education is Bsc(Computers).

Planning to go to interview , what can I mention in DS160. If I mention MBA , there will be mismatch with I129. Please suggest me.


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harinath164@gmail.com     02/08/2016 04:33 AM

Thank to immihelp team and people who shared their experiences.

VO asked following Questions:

Who is your Petitioner?
How long are you working for your Employer?
Is it client project or internal project?
What is your project?
What would be your salary in US?
What is your Highest Qualification?

that's it and finally "VISA Approved".

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dev24     02/08/2016 03:36 AM

First of all, Thanks to immihelp team and people who shared their experiences. They were very helpful.

Let me share my experience too.

OFC - on Feb 4th, 12.30pm.
- It was cool, asked general question purpose of travel and then took finger prints. And to my wife, why are you going to US? that's it.

Interview - on Feb 8th, 9.30am.

We reached consulate at 8.45am and we are allowed to join the Q outside, where they will check our passports.

Then we will directed to security check, where we need to keep all our belongings like belt, wallet, watch..etc. Once check is done we can get them back.

Once security check is done, we are asked sit near waiting hall, and then we joined a line to give our fingerprints again. Once fingerprints are over, then it's time to wait for visa interview.

We are given counter number, and we stood in line, before us VO was taking a B1 interview for an old lady. Here is my exp

Me - Hi, Good Morning, how are you doing.
VO - I am good, How are you.
Me - good thanks.
VO - who is your petitioner
Me - Answered.
VO - Whos is your client
Me - Answered.
To my Wife - How long have u been married - Answered
Where are you going? - Answered
 Again to to Me - What is your designation
Me - Answered.

And finally golden words..... Your Visa Approved...yahooo..

Few tips:

1. There are very less chances of H1 denial.. 99% we get it if all documentation is proper.
2. Visa Officer's are very cool, so be confident while answering and if you don't understand any question, please ask him/her to repeat.
3. When we stand in line for our turn, just try to observe the VO, so that we will feel better when our turn comes and while talking.
4. It's obvious that we all feel little bit nervous, but while you are in Q for VO, just prepare yourself to be confident.

That's all. Congratulations to ppl who got their Visa, and All the best for ppl who are going to attend.


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