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praveenkumarm     01/17/2017 07:18 AM

Thank you to immihelp and the readers for all the detail explanations and experience shared for complete process.
It’s my turn to share experience.

Day 1 – 3rd Jan 2017 VAC - nothing much to explain

Day 2 – 4th Jan 2017 Visa Interview

We(me, my wife and we just carried my sons documents) attended interview.
We just have to carry all the required documents, staff members will guide everywhere, you just have to follow their instructions.
Before me 2 F1s rejected.

While other interview in progress our passports has been collected and handed over to VO by staff member.

me : Good morning Sir
VO : No response

me : I tried to give I-797 form
VO : I don’t need any documents

VO : Who is you petitioner
me : xxxx

VO : How long you are working with this company ?
me : Its new opportunity.

VO : how many employees work for this company ?
me : xx

VO : Which location are you traveling ?
me : xxxxx

VO : What will be your salary ?
me : xxxxx

VO : currently are you working for xxxx company?
me : yes, Sir

VO : from how long your are working for xxxxx ?
me : 6 years 8 months

One more senior US guy was standing with VO from the beginning
VO switched off the mike and they both had conversation about 2 to 3 minutes

VO : your Visas has been approved, have a good day.
me : Thank you Sir, have a great day

Its went very smooth, be confident everything will be ok.
All the best

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nileshviradiya     01/13/2017 23:27 PM

I was regularly reading this site from last 6 months and it really help me for h1b interview preparation . Now it's time to share my experience.

VAC day1

Day1 process is very easy, just need to take care for some points.

They checked DS-160 form so please make sure your passport and DS-160 data match else you need to go to correct it and wasting of time.

Require documents for Day1
1] Appointment Letter
2] Passport
3] DS-160

Day2- Interview

Please reach interview place earlier than time as big queue for interview.

Documents to carry

1] Appointment Letter
2] Passport
3] DS-160
4] H1B petition
5] other supporting documents(for me Interview person did not ask for any other documents but keep ready with it)

My appointment time was 11:30AM and I reached US consulate at 9:30 and join the queue and interview started at 11:00AM. hardly time 30secs to 1 Min.

Interview person: Can I have your passport
Me: handed over
Interview Person : Can you give I-797,I-129 and LCA
Me: Handed over
Interview Person : from which company?
Me: gave petition company name
Interview Person: Who is client?
Me: told Client Name
Interview Person: What's your designation.?
Me: told My designation(onsite)
Interview Person: what's salary you will get per Annum?
Me: told my salary as per I-129
Interview Peron: Are you married?
Me: Yes

and finally gold words came 'I am approving your Visa'

Suggest for Interview
1] Please go thoroughly your I-129 and your answer must make with i-129 ( for your salary , designation , no deviation allowed)
2] your answer should be short , no length answer
3] Please keep in documents in sequence and easy to find in files or folder ( I bring 2 transparent file and one folder file)

First transparent file - Petition documents
Second transparent file - supporting documents
one folder file - Passport, photos and marriage album.

it's hard to manage 2 files and 1 folder on hand for long time in queue. suggestion bring only 1 or 2 file /folder and arrange document best way in this two file/folder.

Best of luck for your interview.

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aimf     01/10/2017 11:37 AM

Thanks to all Immihelp users who shared their experiences. It did really help me prepare for my Interview.

Here is my experience at Hyderabad VAC.

VO: Give you I-797
Me: Provided

VO: Do you have original
Me: No

VO: Why do you not have
Me: answered

VO: Who is your petitioner
Me: answered
VO: Do you have an end client?
Me: Yes
VO: Who is it
Me: answered
VO: Do you have client letter.
Me: Yes
VO: Show it
Me: provided
VO: Describe job duties
Me: answered (VO was going through the docs while I speak)

VO: How long have you been working in current employer
Me: This is my first job.
VO: When did you graduate
Me: answered
VO: What is your highest level of Education
Me: answered

VO: So, this is your first job
Me: Yes, that's right.
VO: What does your wife do.
Me: She is working ( I held an H4 earlier)
VO: Where does she work
Me: answered her company name, location.
VO: What is salary
Me: answered (VO echoed my answer to me).

VO: I am approving your VISA.
Me: Thank you.

Carry your I-797 Original - you may be prompted to produce it.
Keep a positive body-language and be watchful of your hand gestures(There are a few TED videos I went thru the night before - really helped me).
Like many users say - Confidence is a Key factor.
All the very best to you .


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stalin muthiah     01/10/2017 05:04 AM

On 9th JAN my interview with US Consulate got finished. Basically the interview went very well with simple questions. During Interview VO asked my Passport and I-797 approval note for verification. After completion of interview VO said my Visa is issued and returned only I-797 approval note. My Passport remains with VO and i wasn't given any 221g notice.

In CEAC site my status updated on 9th JAN as "Administrative Processing".
In Travel docs Passport Tracker my status remains "Passport is still with US embassy / Consulate".

I'm really confused. will this situation be a problem for my Visa Stamping? anyone kindly advise

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mnka     01/09/2017 09:28 AM

Hi everyone,
          I went for my H4 visa interview at US consulate Hyderabad on 19th Dec 2016. My visa was approved and my passport was taken by the interviewer(I wasn't given any slips). My status was updated to admin processing for the first time on 5th Jan 2017 and it was updated again to admin processing on 9th Jan. It has been more than 3 weeks since my interview. I contacted US travel docs through email and was told that my visa is still in process and cannot be expedited. My husband attended H1 interview along with me and had his passport ready in 3 days. I am not sure how many times the status gets updated to the same before they issue the visa. Has anyone had any such delays?

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AK85     01/09/2017 01:46 AM

I have received 221g white form (for H1B visa) asking for few documents under the section labeled as "FROM YOUR PETITIONER".
I have received the documents that have been asked for from my PETITIONER, so Please clarify if it is fine for me (as suggested by Petitioner as well) to email those documents to the USCIS or it has to be sent via PETITIONER's email ID only.

Thanks in advance.

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dev_gurrala     01/07/2017 10:01 AM

Following this site from last 1 month and prepared well for my Interview...Thanks to immihelp.

My H1B visa interview Experience in Hyderabad Consulate
Date : 6-Jan-2017, Time : 10:00AM
one person took our passsports and passed to VO before I reach to VO.

Questions asked:
Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning.
VO: Where are you working?
Me: Said my Indian company name
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Said my petitioner name
VO: who is your client ?
Me: Said Client Name
VO: Which location ?
Me: Virginia
VO: Your visa is approved
Me: Thank You

No questions to family.


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shirazah     01/06/2017 17:53 PM

my petition just got approved for H1b, I am in the US right now on B1. I need to know what is the best suitable option.

1. Should i Apply for COS by being here as my employer want me to do it.
2. Should I go back and get my visa stamped from my home country.

If i am opting for 1, can i travel to any other country or my own country?

awaiting your feedback. thanks.

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Adarsh Andamada     01/04/2017 23:47 PM

This would help for the people who are waiting for their visa administrative processing.

It took around 70 days and I received a confirmation on Jan 4th from the Chennai consulate.
I dropped my passport in the nearest VFS and waiting for the pick up.

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cr5131     01/04/2017 19:09 PM


I work in an EVVC model and I have stamping in few weeks. I will get all the letters from the layers, but the problem is as follows


Client ( a very reputed one) gives the letter on the name of prime vendor or subcontractor. Employer name not mentioned.

Prime vendor gives on the name of middle vendor. Employer not mentioned here too.

Middle vendor will give the letter providing the detailed link of who is holding my visa and explaining that I'm working through them via prime vendor at client lovation.

So, during the interview if the vo asks for client and vendor letter, can I show the client letter and the letter provided by middle vendor?

Is this an okay situation? Please help.

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