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someonevenziar     08/28/2014 09:15 AM

hi all,

     i went for interview today. And vo asked couple of question and answered it right and he asked me to wait that he will consult with some one i waited for more than 11/2 hr and later he gave me blue slip 221g with saying administrative process required before taking the decision and he had all my documents and gave back my passport and gave the case number. and said next time when you come for interview need to bring the passport.

how long this process will take have given all original documents to conuslate?

what is this blue slip 221g means?

what is the ratio of getting visa after this blue slip 221g?

is there a possiblity of getting visa after blue slip?

i am broke after complete preparation i dont know how blue slip came in to picture?

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sas.visa     08/28/2014 07:35 AM

Hi All,

This is the forum which I like to see even after my interview due to lack of time couldnt able to post full experience..Now I got some time..I hope the points I am mentioning will help

Experience with DS-160 Form, it taken sleepless nights to fill ds-160 form which taken 1 week time for me to fill my current duties and all. Actually its a simple one but bec of confusing questions taken so much of time...Take time but fill properly. DONT SUBMIT UNTIL YOU SHOW THE SAME TO YOUR EMPLOYER AND YOUR FRIEND(to cross verfy) TO MAKE SURE 100% Correct.Even though you completed stay 2 days to keep observing so u might find any mistakes...

After submiting I realize my mistake of date in employement is wrong and also duties my employer asked to modify to sync with current project I cancelled the old one and created again..I am panic about my changes but they hardly has a system to track that so no worries...

OFC Interview in hyd:

There is alady in counter her job is to take fingure print and photograph( In my visa I checked she is apathetic photographer I come to know later).....Actually these people job is like aDTP Operator but they feel themselves like some Visa Officer from US...

OK ANY WAY OFC IS just all our indians who are running, thats it no need to give so much of worry for them..You go in T-shirt also works..

Interview in HYD:

When I completed my education I am so desperate like all others that I want to do MS and I lost my F1 Interview couple of times in chennai...

Chennai Embassy is so systematic ,Hyd is like Market..People are shouting moving inside here and just 50 metrs Interview are happening there not sure how embassy officers are managing so smoothly///

ok Interview went smooth ( Questions below thread of mine you can see) and approved H1.Dream came true...

Below thoughts are for Self H1 Aspirants not for Company sponsored please..

OK now what next is my question? Shall I go immediately resigning my job which is paid high in India and go Jobless to USA...Is this what I am dreaming all the days..Where is the so called happiness instead Fear is coming in MInd is it a right thing I am doing by leaving job in India?? Eventhough we get job it will be like 3 to 4 monhts Because we hire for a consultant...keeping green card in mind we dont move from him for say 3-4 years..All these years consutlting job is for 3 to 6 months max in diff place..we have family can we move from Chennai 3 months, Hyd 2 months, Kolkata 4 months, Delhi 2 months?? is it easy ??

Technology switch over..This is a major concern we work on Java now they ask on some cloud computing later SAP later .net is this so easy??

I know people say Nov Dec is adry market dont enter in that time..Then what is the right time? before or after?
How many people who are going on Consultants are happy/ can you please reply on this??I have couple of questions to follow..


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raghu4ece2006@gmail.com     08/28/2014 04:56 AM

Hi All,

My H1B visa is approved last week & i want to apply for H4 visa for my wife & kid (4 months old). I have the following queries regarding H4 visa:
1) Does H4 visa need a separate petition ? i.e separate I-129 & I-797B approved from USCIS.
2) Do i need to fill separate DS-160 forms for my wife & kid.
3) How about VISA fee ?

Anyone who got their H4 visa approved individually / along with the primary H1B applicant please share your inputs.

Thanks in Advance.


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cusay     08/27/2014 23:10 PM

Thank you all for sharing your experience. It's my turn.

OFC was pretty smooth. I went there really early but they took me in just 15 mins prior the appointment.

Required documents- passport, DS-160 confirmation and appointment confirmation.

Officer said you're applying for H1b visa? I said right.

It took just 5-10 mins including waiting time for entire process.

Visa Intreview- Appointment was at 9:00. Again I went really early but they called us only at 8:30.

They just checked the sticker that was applied on passport during OFC.

My turn came around 10:00.

I greeted with good morning.

VO: Passport please
Me: Sure.

VO: Can I see your petition?
Me: As I was expecting I-797, I handed that first.

VO: Not this, the petition.
Me: I'm sorry. Gave I-129

VO: How long have you been working with this employer?
Me: Answered.

VO: In US?
Me: yes, in US.

VO: What is your position and what do you do over there?
Me: Explained

VO: What is your salary?
Me: Answered, per year.

VO: What is your educational background?
Me: Answered.

VO: Can I have your I-797?
Me: Gave

VO: Are your family members going to travel with you?
Me: No, just me.

VO: Did you get the pamphlet?
Me: Yes, I did.

VO: Good. Please go over it when you get some time.
Me: I will, Thank you.

VO: Your visa is approved sir, you should receive passport within 2-3 days.
Me: Thank you so much. Have a good one.

Advice: stay calm and answer briefly and to the point.

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santu123     08/27/2014 05:55 AM

I am working from XXX india got a new job offer from YYY and I am going for Inhouse project.

Employer not provided Tax and w2 documents but gave project documentation.

Experts please advise me will I be ok to attend Interview.

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sandy22     08/27/2014 00:29 AM

Mandatory Documents

Ds 160 confirmation page
Appointment letter
Fee receipt
Original I797 (Approval) letter

supporting documents what I have Carried

client letter
Last two years tax returns from US employer
previous experience letter
last 3 months payslips
last 3 mnths bank statements
All original educational certificates


VO: Passport
me: yes sure

VO: Who is your petitioner ?
Me: xxx company

He asked me 3 times and i replied with same answer

VO: Can I have Your Approval?
me: Yes sure

VO : What is your role?
Me: Explained

VO: Is that in house project?
me : no i work for client

VO: who is your client?
me : xxx company

VO: what is your salary?
me: $ xxxx per year

VO: Do you have client letter?
me: Yes and while i am taking my client letter from file VO return back my documents and said collect your passport after two days

Be confident and cool
All the best

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arun976     08/26/2014 14:01 PM

Hi All

US employer filed my h1b petition and Got Selected and approved and the designation in US employer is Programmer analyst and while filing the petition i was working in a Company XXX in INDIA with test engineer designation and i have sent the resume to US employer with that information but now i have changed to another company BBB with designation Senior software analyst and while attending visa interview i need to carry past 2 months pay slips of my current company....so my query is what all the questions expected and does it would be an issue and please guide me on this?

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Raj0007     08/26/2014 08:22 AM

I attended interview H1b interivew in June in India and my case is put into admin processing. After couple of months receieved email saying that my case is sent to USCIS back for further processing.
Now I got opportinity with other company for onsite position(USA). Do i need to tell them that my case is already in admin processing.
I need suggestions, please guide me.

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Deep79     08/26/2014 06:21 AM

I have attended the H1b visa yesterday and got gave me 221G with "Your application required Additional Administrative processing is required before final decision can be made" and also they suggested to send some of the supporting documents to e-mail id "Hydfpu@state.gov" and also gave me some case number.

When i am chcking the case number today it is showing "Refused".Is anybody has idea on this?

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pavangangineni     08/25/2014 09:42 AM

Hi All,

Bleow is my H1 B Visa stamping expeirence.

VO:Please come sir
Me: I went into Queue and Said Good Morning Sir.

VO: Good Morning Sir. Can I have your passport.
Me: Yeah sure. and I have given my passport.

VO:Who is your client?
Me: Responded with client full name

VO: What is your role?
Me: Respondeed with my roles with five words.

VO: Your are from XXX company right?
Me: Yes I am from XXX company.

VO: What type of solutions xxx company will provide to your client?
Me: Responded accrodingly.

VO: What is your salaray in US?
Me: Responded accroding to DS160.

VO: Did you recevied pamhplet ?
Me : Yes sir I recvied and gone through the pamphlet.

VO: Thank you sir Your visa is approved you will get your passport in 2to 5 days.
Me: Thank you so much sir.

All the Best:

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