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reddy pritham     12/05/2016 14:49 PM

Hi All

Thanks for sharing your experiences I had my interview on nov 30th at Hyderabad consulate and vo has approved my visa. When I check my status on ceac website it says no status for application number entered. When I do passport tracker it says passport is still with post. Can anybody help me know how long does it take and what does this status mean


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srikanth1818     12/05/2016 01:50 AM

Thanks a lot guys for sharing your experiences here. It helped me a lot to get prepared. Actually I appeared for the interview with In-House project. So I was a bit nervous till my interview gets completed.

There is a paid parking facility available at both OFC and VO interview locations.

Dec 1 (Thursday): Biometrics/OFC - Appointment @5PM. We have reached at 4:15PM. Security verified the timing and allowed us to stand in Queue. The total process took 45minutes to complete the Biometrics and Photograph.

Dec 2 (Friday): Appointment @10AM.
We have reached the @9:30AM. Went through security checking.
My suggestion is better not to carry any bags and its better to carry your documents in a Transparent folder/file so that it won't take much time to complete the security process.

Then we were asked to stand in a Q for biometric verification. Here is the first place you will see an American.
After this we were given with "Know Your Rights" pamplet and we were asked to proceed for the interview.

The VO rejected two B2 Visas before us. She interviewed each of them for almost 5 to 10minutes and she said them that they can't travel to US and for one of them she issued yellow slip.
We were very tensed by seeing this and as mine for In-house project I thought that it would be very diffcult for me to convience her.
Finally its our turn. VO is a lady.

Me: Good Morning ma'm. How are you?
VO: Not responded and asked me to provide I797B.
Me: Provided original I797B.

VO: Looked at her system at 2 seconds and asked me did you get "Know Your Rights" pamplet?
Me: Yes

VO: What is your highest level of qualification?
Me: I asked her to repeat the question as I couldn't hear it properly (and also tensed :P)

VO: She came closer to Mic and repeated the same.
Me: Answered

VO: When did you get marry?
Me: Answered.

VO: Your VISA is approved and returned I797B.
Me: Thank you.

We were really surprised that she neither asked anything related to my project/client nor any question to my wife. All the way she is typing the Q&A in her system.
The interview was about just 30-40 seconds and the whole process took 30 minutes.

Checked the status on Dec 2nd Evening. Status is "Administrative Processing"
Checked the status Today. Status is "Issued"

ALL THE BEST for you guys..
Prepare well and be confident!!!

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mahen     12/03/2016 22:09 PM

Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences here, helped a lot.

Here is my experience.

1 Dec 2016 : Biometrics, as usual nothing to add here.

2 Dec 2016: A guy interviewed me

interviewer : gm
me : gm

interviewer : what is ur highest qualification?
me : Bachelors in CS.

interviewer : How many years with current employer
me : around xx years.

interviewer : Is this a inhouse project or end Client?
me: end client.

interviewer: who is the client?
me: xxx

interviewer: what is ur highest qualification(asked again dont know why?)
me: Bachelors in CS

interviewer: what will be ur salary?
me: xxx $

interviewer: which location?
me: xxx

interview: Your visa is approved.
me: thanks. have a good day.

Good luck guys. hope this will help.

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userk     12/01/2016 13:03 PM

Thanks everyone for sharing your experience here. It helped me in preparing mine. So KUDOS everyone.

Here goes my experience.

Background - F1 to H1

Nov 28th OFC - Process was simple and straight forward. Do not worry to much about this. (FYI - photo is not required)

Nov 29th Visa Interview - Indian women interviewed me.

VO: PP please.
Me: gave her my passport.

VO: which company?

VO: Client?
Me: Direct employment.

VO: Salary
Me: xxx $ per year

VO: what do you do?
me: I told my title.

VO: what is your responsibility?
Me: Told

VO: you have masters?
Me: Yes

VO: Which university?
me: Name of the university

VO: which program?
Me: CS

VO: Your visa is approved. (she kept the passport at her desk while telling me this)
Me: I told Thank you and got out of there.

I stood in the queue for almost 2.5 hours. But interview lasted less than a minute.

I have a question for you guys,
Its been couple of days and my passport tracking status shows "your passport is still with embassy". Did anyone get this message?

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duiTrouble     12/01/2016 08:05 AM

I had a no incident DUI in Feb 2012 and I have completed all the requirements satisfactorily and the case is closed. Went to get my H1B stamped in India and below is my experience.

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nareshb123     11/30/2016 18:18 PM

Hi Guys,

I am trying to fill ds-160, in education field i have a doubt.

In petition about my graduation, only university name is mentioned, college name is not mentioned.

How can i fill my ds-160 now?

Please suggest me.

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sivakumar777     11/30/2016 13:29 PM

Hi guys please help me out I am going to Hyderabad for visa stamping, In DS 160 form there is a question about salary, I am working as a contractor for the client and in LCA my employer has mentioned XXX salary but I am getting more than that , so not sure which one should mention. Being a contractor your monthly check wont be consistent.... help me out

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nehach     11/28/2016 00:16 AM

Hi All ,

I have visa appointment scheduled in a week . My intended date of travel in DS 160 form is today i.e., 28-Nov-2016.

I am a bit tensed for this scenario.

Kindly help me by giving suggestions on what to answer. Every input is highly appreciated !


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swethababurao     11/23/2016 10:51 AM

I have my H1B and my Project ended a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t found a new one. I want to change my status from H1B to F2 (my husband is on F1 visa - has a OPT and working). I have a few quick questions and looking for inputs.
    1. What will be the current processing time to move from H1 to F2?

    2. While a status change is in process, if I find a full time position with an employer who is willing to sponsor my H1B, will I have to wait until the status change happens and then get my H1 approved?

    3. Will I be able to leave the country while my status change is in process?

Your inputs are highly appreciated. I eagerly look forward to them.

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danmalay     11/22/2016 11:13 AM

I am Malaysian and holding H4 visa and my spouse is in H1B. I dont have EAD. Can I directly apply for Green Card? I mean can a H4 visa holder apply for green card. Please guide me.

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