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Hyduser     09/17/2014 03:13 AM

Hi, I got my petition approved for FY2015 cap. I am planning to appear for visa next week?
My salary is at 53k, is it an issue? Heard somewhere that H1B salary must be greater than 60k. Is it correct?


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bharath561989@gmail.com     09/17/2014 03:08 AM


I have attended the H1 interview today and asked few questions and VO Officer said Visa is Approved.

I came back home and checked the status of the VISa and it is saying Administrative Processing is it normal? what all the different status flow after the interview.

Any info will be highly appreciated.


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msph1b     09/17/2014 02:13 AM


First of all, I would like to say a BIG THANKS for immhelp site which really helped me to prepare for the interview very well. Most the questions posted here are the best questions to prepare for interview.

My process was pretty easy and there were no road blocks in these 2 days.

First Day(OFC) : There were 2 queues out the office. So go infront of the queues and clarify about your appointment timings. This is the only place where you will be spending lot of time. Once you enter office, it hardly takes 15 mins to complete the process. Keep your passport, DS160 confirmation page and appointment letters handly and these are only needed for first day.

Do not carry any bags and mobiles. Only documents should be carried. There are couple of checkpoints to show those mentioned docs and get some token numbers. Finally, finger prints counter where your left hand 4 fingers, right hand 4 fingers and 2 thumbs. That's it. You are done for first day :)

Second Day(Consulate Interview): Here also there are 2 queues for 2 different timings. There are 2 queues you have to pass to actually enter inside of the office. One is on the left hand side and another is on right hand side(This is the actuall queue). Once security check is done in the second queue, then there is no time lag anywhere.

Documents are verified by security once you enter the office. Followed by receiving your tokens and this need to be verified in one of the counter before going for actuall interview counter. If this is done then you will be asked to wait untill your turn comes for consulate interview. You will need to check the monitor for your token number.

Once it displays, you should be heading to respective counter number and appear for interview.

Interview for me, it was very simple.

Me: Good Morning Sir!!
VO: Very Good Morning. Passport please.
Me: Sure(Gave my passport)

VO: Which company you work for ?

VO: Which client you work for ?
Me: Answered the client name

VO: What are you doing there in US?
Me: Explained my roles and responsibilities.

VO: Which place you are travelling for?
Me: Told the City and State name

VO: (Gave me the pamphlet) and said your VISA is APPROVED.

If you are from very good company and very good client and also if you have all the documents genuine then there are high chances of getting your visa especially for H1B.

All the Best Guys!!

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someonevenziar     09/16/2014 21:56 PM

   I attended the interview on Aug 28th got issued blue slip with check box checked as administrative processing for taking the final decision.

   I have no document to submitted but my passport was given to me back.

   And two days back i received a survey mail from the consulate on the approach process survey.

   Yesterday i saw my case status updated date got changed to yesterdays date.

    How long this kind of updation goes and what will happen next ? Any one have faced this sort of issue.

    share your thoughts how long this will take ?

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SR2014     09/16/2014 14:17 PM

I had H1B Visa interview on August 18th and received 221(g) white form. They asked for few details like agreement letters between my employer and the end client, list of projects and current employers working on the in-house project. Mine was an in-house project. They asked me to email the documents. I emailed them on 10th September.

When I checked my visa application initially after the interview, it showed as 'Refused'. Today on September 16th also it still shows as "Refused".

Any idea how long does it takes for the application status to change to "Administrative Processing". In the 221(g), they checked against "Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made"

Anyone had similar experience.


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Sanjeetjena     09/16/2014 10:15 AM

I have been a silent read and follower of this site. Today I want to thank all the users for sharing their experience. It definely made me feel comfortable with interview process.

Overall process is very quick and smooth.

Today i.e 9/16 We had our visa interview at Mumbai consulate. Our interview was scheduled for 11 AM. So we were in the queue by 10:40 AM. This Q was out side the consulate building along with the boundary wall. We were asked to show our passport. The support stuff was checking and entering details on his ipad from the barcode that was pasted on the back of the passport during bio metrics. This Q moved very fast. In 5-7 min time, we were inside the consulate building.

There a security check was done (just like airport). After this check, we were allowed to go the waiting area that
has chair which is outside the hall / building of the interview window. We were asked to maintain the Q and were asked to seat n wait in that area.
As the line moved, We moved along the line.

Once, our turn came, we moved inside the hall / building where interview was being taken. at this point, our passports were collected and kept at the at first two(2) counters, where finger scanning was done. Then we were asked to stand and wait for our turn.

ME - GoodMorning
VO - Can I have your passport plz?

ME - Gave all 3 passport( Mine, Wife, kid)

VO - Who is your Employer?

VO - Could you you be knowing the client name?
ME - Sure. AAAA

VO - How long have been working wiht this company?
ME - www years

VO - Who was your previoous employer?
Me - AAA Pvt Ltd

VO - What is your heightest Qualification?
ME - asd

VO - Is that a 3 years program?
Me - Yes

VO- What is your salary
ME - XXX $ / year

VO to Wife - How long been you married?
Wife - zzz years

Note - During QnA, the VO did not type anything. After the last Q to wife, she started typing and we got some moment to breath.

After 4-5 sec, she took out a booklet and asked if we were given this and to that we said yes.

Then came the magical momenet.

VO took our a while sheet.... seeing that .. I was like ... Yooohooooo...DONE !!! Thru !!!!
She explain about the right while staying in US and we nodded our head.

And .. Then the magical word .....


Note -- Be calm (not easy to do) and be very clear on the facts about you. As they will ask you about your current and past data. Nothing tickey.

All the very best to all of you !!!

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mohitkumarbansal     09/16/2014 00:02 AM

Today my interview was scheduled at Kolkata US embassy at 8:00 AM.
I reached there by 7:35 AM and out by 8:00AM.

I was given the token number and was asked to seat. I was waiting for my number to display on the screen. My number appeared on the screen.

He: Good Morning.How are you?
he: Please pass your passport & I797B.
He:Which company are you in?
He: How much experience do you have?
He: Who is the client?
He: Are you married?
He: Why your wife is not accompanying you?
He: Do you have Kids?
He: Your visa is approved. Have a pleasant stay in the US.

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H12223     09/15/2014 23:35 PM

Hi All,

I have my H1B stamping scheduled at Mumbai Embassy.

I am planning to go directly to the OFC on first day. Heard that they will not allow any electronic devices inside.
Can any one please let me know if there are any locker facilities in embassy or some where around.

Thank You

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nvedia     09/13/2014 19:43 PM

My spouse is currently in US on H4 and she has her first H1B approved with I797B (with no I-94)
To apply for change of Status and start work, we were thinking of going to Jamaica for stamping and come back with H1B stamped on the passport
We have all the documents including education evaluation from Trustforte, degree and work experience from India
The employer who filed the petition is genuine and I have last 3 years tax documents, project documentation, SOW, org chart etc

She has no work experience for last 4 years (as she has been on H4 in US)
Can someone tell me how does it go in Jamaica and what kind of queries I can expect?
Anyone who went to Jamaica for first time H1B stamping, please share your views
Any immigration lawyer who can give expert advise
I emailed Jamaica embassy and they have responded saying she can come for visa stamping
As her H1B petition is already approved by USCIS, I am assuming there should not be any problems. Thoughts?

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ettu17     09/13/2014 19:24 PM

I am working as a Programmer Analyst @ a US based mid size Manufacturing company. I work directly with my employer and i dont have any client/consulting entities

My interview was completed in less than a min. this was my 3rd visa interview @ chennai but all 3 times it was for different visa categories

Me: Hello Good Morning.
VO: Good Morning
VO: who is your employer
Me: <My employer name>
VO: can you spell it?
Me: spelled, he was typing something and then checking the system
VO: how long you are working for this company
Me: close to a year
VO: in US?
ME: Yes
VO: your visa is approved.

thats it. no documents asked but the same VO was asking all sort of documents to a person who was standing before me. I guess they are just checking if the company who is sponsoring the visa is genuine.

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