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Milap Shah     06/25/2016 00:22 AM

Hi All,

I have changed my employer and did the H1 Transfer,Along with my extension with new employer , they file i539 to extend the her H4 visa for my wife on Sept 3rd 2015.After that she travelled back to india for some personal reasons while her extension was in process.

We received RFE from uscis saying that the person is not in USA so please submit the tickets once she comes back.On Dec 7th 2015 I submitted tickets and I got response that they received her documents.Now after that its been more than 6 months it is still in process.We have ti travel to india on July 3rd 2016 and we will be back by August 2nd 2016.

My wife's current stamping with previous employer is valid till Sept 19th 2016.In this situations these are the questions I have.

1. I am afraid that the case might go again in RFE or it might be denied.
2 . If it is again RFE I can submit the tickets again no problem
3 . If it is denied , Can my employer again file her i539 before her current stamping is expired so that the new case will be started and she will not be out of status?

Please help.We already been to USCIS california and they said that we need to wait.

Warm regards,

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Kumar21$     06/24/2016 08:11 AM

Dear All,

My H1B case got approved in Nov' 2015 but still my organization is not sending me for H1B Visa Stamping process. Any idea, how to check the deadline or validity period. Please some one help on this query urgently. Thanks.

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Bolzano     06/23/2016 02:46 AM

Hi all,

I am planning to go to Canada for my H1B extension.
However, i am not seeing any appointment available in July or August and I am still waiting on the USCIS for my H1B extension thus with new petition number.
Is it possible if i see an appointment aviable in July in Canada to take the appointment with my old petition number and then change it once i get the H1B extension with new number?

Thanks for your response

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Sureshkumar Bhamidipati     06/20/2016 08:50 AM

Hi All,

Need all your suggestions .

Today I had H1b Interview in Hyderabad and after the interview I was issued with white 221g and passports are returned to me.

221g says administrative processing.

I got a mail from them to fill the questionnaire , but all the questions are related to students like University, course details etc...but I have applied for H1b , did any others faced the same?

Please suggest me what exactly I have to do?


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sisng12     06/17/2016 16:21 PM

I am currently in USA, i want H4 visa to get processed. Currently all US embassies in India are having exceptionally long queue and earliest date available is in September eom. My question is can she travel to neighboring countries like kathmandu US consulate nepal or colombo US consulate,Sri Lanka for H4 stamping where queue is relatively short. This is her first stamping and she has never travelled to any country yet.

Thanks for any help/suggestions ,really appreciated.

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sap.sunder     06/17/2016 14:51 PM


Myself (H1B) and My wife (H4) are eligible for Dropbox option and have submitted our documents on 06/16/2016 and on 06/17/2016 I got an update on the status.

"You case is open and ready for your interview, fingerprints, and required documents. if you have already had your interview, please check you status after two business days. if no interview was required, please check back in two business days for the status of your application."

My Questions:
1. I had given finger prints in December 2014 for the H1B visa stamping. should I go for fingerprints again?
2. Should I schedule an appointment for interview? if yes, what is the process to schedule an interview after the Dropbox submission? if no, whom should I contact and what is the process to attend the interview?
3. Can I use my Dropbox confirmation letter as interview letter and go for the interview?

please help.


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somu117     06/16/2016 13:55 PM


Iam Pradeep who went for H1B Visa stamping in Matamoros,MX.It was very nice although i came from New Jersey,Salvador is very good and he helps whatever required.It was very easy to stay in his Hotel
Best Western. I would recommend him if any one planning for Visa stamping.

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SriLe1911     06/11/2016 16:37 PM

Hi Friends,

I came to U.S on F1 visa 6 years back. Now i am planning to go for H1B stamping. I am not able to decide whether i have to go India or Canada. I have been in U.S for 6 years. I did not went to any other country after i entered to U.S on F1 visa. Now i am on H1B extension and want to get stamping.

I am looking for visa interview appointment in India for august month. but it looks like the dates are not available. Now i am deciding to go Canada. but i am concerned about people saying we have to go to home country for stamping.

anybody was in the same boat like me. please suggest me what should i do.


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kalaivani     06/07/2016 02:41 AM

I have done my H4 visa interview on June 6,2016 in Chennai and got approved. I went alone . I have carried most of the documents like wedding album, marriage certificate , husband's documents etc., But NOT EVEN SINGLE DOCUMENT asked ??.

Me: GA Madam with good smile. It was 12:15pm for 10:30am batch after a long queue of people.
Vo: GA and asked Passport alone.
Vo: What Is ur husband doing IN USA?
Me: answerred
Vo: How long it's been married?
Me: Told
Vo: Are u planning to travel together???
Me: Said NO , as he has gone already, I m going to travel alone.
Vo: Oh is it? Then with whom you are staying here ?
Me: I said ," with my mom- in- law"
Vo: She smiled and asked how is she? Is she good and wrinkled her eyes???
Me: I laughed and said 'yes she is GOOD and FRIENDLY as well'
Vo: Oh that's good with a smile .....

Finally I heard good news saying " ur visa is approved with a smile'
Me: said thank u and left the place..

No documents were asked for me except the passport ????

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Pujasweets     06/06/2016 13:35 PM

HI ,
I need a help here , I got my h1 b approval in Jan 2014 but because of my medical conditions I was unable to start working , so now in march 2016 some employer agreed to start my pre-approved H1 , ,and I got a Job but its been three months now , I have not received any documents from him I see my salary counter credited to my account I have not yet received my visa copy ,
he is not giving any document , I do not have any document of my visa ,
please let me know how can I get my visa copy

Thank you

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