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shah04     08/18/2017 10:39 AM

I have my h4 visa interview next week in mumbai.i preferred gujarati language for interview .do i have to inform VO at the time of interview for gujarati language interview .can anyone let me know the process of regional language translator or share their experiences of regional languaue interview

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nammi     08/18/2017 06:17 AM

8/11 3: 30 PM: Dropped off documents at Cochin, Kerala
Had to retake my photo since right ear was not visible clearly.
Till 8/16 12:00 PM: Your passport is being delivered to Post
8/16 1:00 PM: Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
8/16 5:43 PM: Application Received: CEAC status.
8/17 10:11 AM: Administrative Processing: CEAC Status.
8/18 11:00 AM: Issued: CEAC status.
8/18 3:30 PM: Passport Status :
Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery

Hoping to collect the passport early next week from Cochin.

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ramoji009     08/18/2017 02:41 AM

VO:How long have you been with your employer
ME: 5 years, 1 month

VO: What is your salary.
ME: ***** per Annum.

VO: What is your designation.
ME: Systems Analyst.

VO: What is highest Qualification.
ME: Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

VO: Visa Approved, Have a Safe Journey.

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thirub4u     08/17/2017 05:01 AM

Hi All,

My experience in Chennai consulate for visa stamping.

Me : Good Morning!
VO : ----

VO : Passport please
Me : Handed over my passport

VO : Who is your employer?
Me : Answered appropriately

VO : What is your designation in your company?
Me : Answered appropriately

VO : Which place are you going?
Me : Answered appropriately

VO : What is your annual salary?
Me : Answered appropriately

VO : What is your highest qualification?
Me : Answered appropriately

then, the golden words,
VO : Your visa has been approved
Me : Thank you

Yet to get the passport collection email.

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Srinivas88s     08/16/2017 11:09 AM

Hi All

I am planning to come to India in October and my H1B stamping is expired in this month. As I am with Same employer. So I am planning to go to DROP BOX at Hyderabad.

I checked with my organization Immigration team. They suggested that me to go to Chennai since there is a problem with Hyderabad DROP BOX.

Below is the conversation email from immigration team on 27 July, 2017.
"The Post Locations for all DROPBOXs for any locations, by default it capturing Chennai.
As we have Selected Hyderabad for POST location. But, when associate Visited the Consulate ,they have Confirmed the Post Location as Chennai."

Did anyone recently go to Hyderabad Consulate DROP BOX, if yes, did you face any kind of issue with DROP BOX.

Your reply will be appreciated. So that i will plan from DROP BOX at Hyderabad.

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ssr08     08/12/2017 14:49 PM

Hello Team,

I have my h1b stamping ( new h1 first time stamping) in 2 weeks along with my spouse as H4 dependent. Is it advisable to go alone or along with spouse? Will there be any difference or impact (positive or negative)?

Can you share your experience if you have attended along with spouse/dependent.

Thanks in advance!!

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irfanice2006     08/11/2017 17:39 PM

Hi All,
My Current I-94 has been already expired on 06/29/2017. My Ex-employer filed my Extension along Dependents just few days before my I-94 expiration.

I got a job with another Employer and they filed my H1B Transfer alone on 07/14/2017 and I got the receipt number for the same. Now I joined my new employer with the Receipt Number.

Now the H1B extension petition filed by My Ex-employer has went in to RFE on 08/09/2017.

Also my Dependents extension with Transfer has not been filed by my new employer. And They are in US with me currently.

What will happen to my Transfer petition if my Ex-employer doesn't respond to RFE ?

What will happen to myself & Dependents if My Ex-employer withdrawn either H1B or H4 or both?

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prangasamy     08/11/2017 08:32 AM

Hello All,
My experience in Chennai consulate

Scheduled the interview in morning 8:00 batch.

VO: Good morning
Me: Very good morning (with smile)

VO: Asked for Passport
Me: Handed over my Passport

VO: Who is your employer ?
Me: Answered

VO: How long you been working with this employer ?
Me: Answered

VO: Are you going to work in client location ?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your salary ?
Me: Answered in monthly salary

VO: What is your annual salary ?
Me: Answered appropriately

VO: What is your highest degree ?
Me: Answered

VO: Where you are going to work ? (He wants to make sure whether i am going to work in client place or in my employer place)
Me: Answered appropriately

VO: How will you stay in there ?
Me: My employer will provide initial accommodations

VO: Who is your client ?
Me: Answered

VO: Your roles and responsibilities ?
Me: Answered in just two lines

Then VO asked for some more questions about roles and the nature of project.

VO: Typing something and saying "Its very slow and not loading... ahhhh....."
Me: Casually trying to make eye contact with him.

VO: After a long pause, VO put my passport in a box. And said the golden words "Your visa has been Approved"
Me: Thank you :)

VO: Do you have the US rights pamphlet ?
Me: Yes I have

VO: Make sure you read it before boarding !!
Me: With smile, "Sure Thank you and Have a good day"

Waiting for the passport collection email.

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krishnad     08/08/2017 22:56 PM

Hello All,
Here's my experience in Hyderabad consulate on 8/8

VO: So, you are applying for H1B visa stamping
Me: Yes

VO: How long have you been working for XYZ
Me: Answered

VO: What's your highest degree of qualification
Me: Bachelor of Technology

VO: Who is your end-client? .. Oh.. I see you are a direct hire
Me: --

VO: What's your salary?
Me: Answered

VO: Your visa has been issued
me: Thank you! Have a nice day

Yet to get the passport collection email

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rockstar247     08/08/2017 01:56 AM

Standard questions asked
How long with your employer ?
Do you have end client ?
what is your role at end client ?
Have you been on bench ?
what is your salary ?
how did you enter US for first time?
i am h1b and its renewal but i had to say f1 as i did my masters
what is your Majors and highest qualification
which university did you go ?

Finally , said i cannot make a decision now . i need to review your employer so we will be in touch

asked if my visa was approved
she said i need to review and it should be a day or two will be in touch via email

i dont know if she is going to send any email asking for addln documents to my employer
Anyone in similar situtation , can you please help how long it took in this case

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