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puneet222     04/28/2017 00:58 AM

Here are my timelines for H1B dropbox submission at New Delhi consulate

I work under EVC model and changed employer last year hence travelled India during March in order to get Visa re-stamped with new employer.

documents submitted at VAC center delhi - 20-03-2017
case created - 21-03-2017
case updated - admin processing - 22-03-2017
case updated - admin processing - 31-03-2017 - recieved 221g to appear at embassy for fingerprinting
collected passport on 03-04-2017

appeared at embassy for fingerprinting and interview on 05-04-2017 - recieved 221g to get end client letter,itienary of services and contract.

submitted required documents at VAC - 10-04-2017
case updated - 13-04-2017- admin processing
case updated - 17-04-2017- Issued
collected passport on 20-04-2017

POE experience was smooth for me.If you have all the documents and everything is genuine.There are no problems for right and experienced candidate.So,best of luck and be confident.

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davidviki     04/27/2017 00:52 AM

Hi Guys,

Thanks for sharing your experience !

I attended my H1B Visa interview on 27th & 28th of March'2017 at Chennai consulate.

I work for company X through a small consulting company Y.
Employee (Y) -> Client (X) Model.

27th Bio metrics & 28th Visa Interview.

I scheduled B2 tourist Visa interview also at the same time for 3 of my family members.

I was able to take my family members along with me to the interview counter.

Questions ,

who is your employer?
what is your salary?
Asked for employer letter and client letter
who is your CEO ?

VISA approved.

Then the officer asked my family members passport and asked few questions for B2.
I answered for them and she approved tourist visa as well.

Interview was simple ... just have proper documents and answer confidently .

Good luck everyone!

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nishyp     04/26/2017 04:14 AM

Hi Guys

      I had my visa interview scheduled on 05-01-2017 in chennai consulate. Visa interview went on for about 10 minutes approx and the interviewer gave me 221G slip (Blue slip). I am tracking my visa status online and it still shows visa is undergoing necessary administrative processing.

      I was working for a US base client in EVC module. I had also carried my client letter for the interview.
As I could not go back on time I got rolled out of my project. I am still waiting on my visa hoping it will be approved. What is the chances for getting approved. Is anyone else in the forum waiting for 3+ months with the same situation. Is there any alternative steps that I an consider for expediting the process. Kindly share if any.

    Also can I quit my current employer and transfer my H1B to different employer and then re apply for stamping? will that work ? kindly share your thoughts or if anyone has faced this before and found a resolution.


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sricanu     04/25/2017 11:48 AM

First of all thanq for ImmiHelp and its users for providing experiences.. it helped me a lot..

biometric: 16th April
Interview: 19th April.

Vo Questions:

who is you petitioner?
who is your client?
where are you going?
what is your salary?
who is previous employer?
designation in previous employer?

VISA is approved..


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afyi934     04/25/2017 09:59 AM

Biometrics appointment- April 12
Visa Interview- April 13

VO questions- Employer, Location, Salary, Designation
VO- Your visa is approved.

Status - Administrative Processing until April 20th, after which status changes to Issued.

Passport ready for pickup in Bangalore on April 24th.

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sahil bahel     04/25/2017 09:07 AM

Hi everyone,

I just got selected for H1B visa in the lottery for the fiscal year 2017-2018. I dont know the road ahead.Can anyone help me out how the further process is going to be and how is the interview is going to get conducted. Is it going to be like the L1 or is it going to be the normal one?


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satya706     04/25/2017 06:24 AM

First of all, Thank you so much ImmiHelp and its contributors for providing a platform to share the experience. I am following the forum from last 1 year. Time came for me to share my experience.

April 18 - Bio metrics
April 19 - Visa Interview - (a Big day when Trump signed an Executive Order - Buy American - Hire American)

Interview scheduled at 11 AM, I reached at 10 AM. security guys are allowing the candidates inside who are having 11AM or later slots. There are not much people at that time may be most of the candidates cancelled their interviews.

Interview Questions:

VO: Next Candidate
Me : Good Morning madam.

VO: Who is your end client?

VO: What is your salary?
Me: I got confused and asked here in current company India or in US?

VO: Obviously in US? (With some seriousness)
Me: I am sorry and XXXXX

VO: Which place you are going in US?

VO: OK. I am issuing your VISA, Thank you, Bye Bye.
Me: Thank you Madam.

I could able to see hardly ~5 people out of ~60 who came for H1b during my stay.

April 20 Administrative processing, April 21 VISA issued.

As usual as everyone suggests - well prepare, be confident, don’t be nervous. Things will go smoothly.

All the best.!

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i_ravish     04/25/2017 06:19 AM

Thank you for all the valuable suggestions and experiences. Just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same boat as me or if anyone have some suggestions regarding my case.
My case:
Submitted an application for H1B visa renewal on Apr 10th through dropbox in Delhi. I work with a reputable US company and has worked with the same company for last two and half years. My visa status says it is under "administrative processing " and it was last updated on Apr 20th. On ustravledocs website the status changed from "Passport at US embassy " to "Document Delivery information: "
what does it mean by this ? I haven't received any 221 g request yet and I have also called the customer care and raised a ticket for the issue but haven't got any response in last 3 days.
I have my returns ticket booked for Apr 29th and all this is making me very nervous.
Is there anyone who has applied around the same time at New Delhi and got their visa ?

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faraz.msu     04/24/2017 15:16 PM


My wife will go for her biometric appointment soon and I’m confused if she’ll need our marriage certificate that time or only during the time of consular interview?
It’s likely that we will not have our marriage certificate on the day of biometric but it’ll be ready by the time of the consular interview. Appreciate your comments and insights.


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everthankful     04/24/2017 08:40 AM

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences till now. This has been such a learning curve and helped me prepare.

I went for visa interview today at 11am to New Delhi Consulate. I got inside within 30 min, from check-post to the interview counter number. VO was denying / delaying the visa for the girl ahead of me so she kept pleading. I was nervous and was thinking of moving to another window. However, I was called soon.

VO: Which company do you work for?
VO: What is your position? (I explained the position I will be joining into, based on the approval. I did not bring up my current position to keep things simple. This was first time for H1B stamping; and it was with visa amendment without I-94.)
VO: Is this your first time going to the US?
VO: Oh, you did your master in xxx city? How did you find it?
        I was there for my degree from 20xx-20xx. (We kind of connected at this point.)
VO kept looking into paperwork for a minute. I kept my mouth shut.
VO: When do you plan to go to the US? (I mentioned May 1st week if I receive my passport back in time. No tickets booked yet.)
VO: Show me your I-797 and old passport. (I provided. He handed both back after looking at those.
VO: Your case has been selected for Admin Processing (handed me giving you a yellow 221g slip). Everything is alright in your application. You are a great candidate. But your case will be further review by Washington. This will take some extra time, 3-4 business days.
(I asked is this meant 2 weeks for processing, since regular processing still takes 3-4 business days).
VO: It should be a little less than 2 weeks. No documents are required from your side.
(I asked if my company or I will receive request for documentation later. And what would these documents be.)
VO: Everything in your application is alright. No documents are required.

I am confused why the yellow slip was given.

My background:
I got H1B in 2016-17 lottery, but changed positions soon after. The company filed later for the amendment, and RFE was issued if I maintained status. The company withdrew the petition because they didn't want the petition to result in a denial. The company filed another petition with consular processing this time.

Currently, my passport status is "Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate", and my visa status is "Admin Processing". Case was created on April 21, and Case Last Updated on April 24.

I am in a limbo. I am working from India for the last 1 month and my company expects me to get back next week, which seems impossible.

I am wondering at this point:

1. How long do you think it will take for me to get the final visa approval? Can I trust the VO, or it routinely takes 4 weeks at the least?

2. Do you think Washington will ask for documents, even though the VO has not? Is it common to not specify which documents they need during the interview, but they follow up via mail?

3. Is there any trouble, because of potential out of status period?

Thanks so much!!

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