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h1b.quest     07/25/2016 19:37 PM


I got my h1b approved for period of 2 years of Oct-15 to Oct-17. I plan to travel to India in Dec-16 for stamping. I noticed my passport was expering in July-17 (1year from now and 7 months from planned stampling date). Thus I submitted a file to renew my passport from USA before scheduling for my stamping date.

Now the questions are:
1. Since my h1b was approved on my previous passport number will I have to file for h1b ammendment to update passport number (to my new passport number) on my h1b application/i-797/i-94 before I go to india for stamping?

2. Does change/renewing passport (note renewing passport gives you new passport number) qualify for a h1b amendment process in general?

3. When i file for DS160 and other stamping forms I will be entering my new passport number since now my old passport will be cancelled since we cannot carry two passports, for interview will it cause any problem if i do not file for amendment but only go with both my old (cancelled) and new passport.

Any information or similar scenarios people have faced would help clarify my doubt. I did not come across any forum which had information on if h1b amendment was required after renewing passport while in US.

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Ganesh Chukkapalli     07/24/2016 08:52 AM

Request you to answer my below query.

I have valid H1B Petition to work in Location A for Employer A till Oct, 2018.
I moved to Location B for same Employer A on may,2016.
Employer A filed H1B Amendment for the Location change in normal processing. Which is currently pending.
Now I got very good oppurtunity from Employer B.They assured to file H1B Transer in Premium mode.

Is it advisable to go for H1B Transfer while H1B Amendment with the current employer is in pending status?

Is it a risk? If yes, what kind if issues I may likely can face?

A quick reply would be really greatfull.


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iman786     07/22/2016 07:34 AM

Dear All,

I got an 221 g Blue slip for H1 B visa stamping drop box chennai-saying to submit Police clearance certificate.

Did any one faced this issue, kindly share. As I'm on vacation for india 3 weeks and I have to postpone my travel.This is for my H1 renewal.

Kindly give your thoughts here, how long it took to approve the VISA.

Really worried?

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its4urajesh     07/19/2016 03:22 AM

I had my interview for H1B Visa at Mumbai on 8th July, they gave me a 221(g) white slip and ticked the first box which stated "Your application requires ADDITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. This office will contact you via e-mail."
And they have given my passport back to me at the time of interview.
Anybody in same situation, please let me know how much time does it take normally? Usually they keep passports with them, but mine they have given back along with the slip, so is it normal?

During interview They asked how long you are working with current company.
Then they looked at my wife passport and there was Germany Stumping but that was of 2007.
They asked with wife have you worked there. She told no, since she went on dependent visa with me.
Then I showed my old passport with all my Germany stamping.
Then they have given my one form there I have to filled last 15 years where where I have visited and where where I have stay.
After giving these information they gave me 221(g) white slip with above information.

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M. Anwar ul haq     07/19/2016 01:09 AM

 I am a medical doctor who has matched into a pediatric residency in USA. My visa interview for h1b for myself and h4 for my wife was held on 27th june 2016. visa officer at the time of interview said " your visa has been approved and expect an email within a day or two (to collect the passport)." Since then the status is showing administrative processing and its been more than 3 weeks since the interview. My residency program has started from 1st of july and they are already getting impatient waiting for me.
My question,
Does this normally happen that even after saying your visa has been approved and giving a handout at the time of IV which also stated "expect an email within 5 working days" they can put someone in administrative processing?
is anyone else in the same boat or has been through the same situation?
is there anything that can be done to expedite it i have heard some lawyers claim that they can expedite administrative processing?

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Onine1518     07/16/2016 23:07 PM

I had finger print at Hyderabad and main interview at Chennai on 15th July 2016.

Below were the questions asked:

Who is ur employer?

Who is the CEO of ur company?

Who is ur client?

How long have you have been working with ur employer?

Did u work on OPT?

Is this ur first h1b?

Have u been working on same location since you join?

Do you work at employer location or client location?

Where is your employer located?

Ur salary per annum?

How many employees in ur company?

Do u have client letter?

Do you have employer letter?

Show me ur pay stubs? 

What is ur highest education? 

Where and when did you complete MS?

Then finally VO said your visa is approved.

They were drilling everyone but visa success rate is good.

Be honest. Take all docs if u can. Be relax.
Hope this post will help.

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questionneedsanswer     07/15/2016 17:57 PM

I am schedule to get my H1b stamping done in August. After scheduling my interview I realized that my passport expires in 8 months since I had time I got it renewed. But I scheduled my visa interview with my old passport number, would there be any problem?
Can I just take both the passports and explain?

Please suggest

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imssv     07/13/2016 16:37 PM


I got laid off from my job on 17th June 2016. I was on 12 months of OPT untill June 30. My H1 got approved on May 17 and I got laid off in June. My SEVIS record has been transferd and hence I could not apply for extension. My EX company said it will hold my H1 untill Sept 30 since I am on its CAp Gap.

My question is:

1: can other company file for my H1 transfer and can I start working before Oct 1st?
2: Can 2 companies file for my H1 transfer one in regular and one in premium and can I start working as soon as I get receipt from desired company even if I have got receipt from other company?

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dj41149     07/13/2016 00:27 AM

Hi, I am working in US on a H1B and my spouse is currently holding a H4 and also has the H1B application selected in lottery in 2016(Awaiting approvals). I have the following queries.

1. Can my spouse travel on H4 even after the H1 is approved?
2. If he travels on H4 after H1B approval(without stamping H1), can we get the H1B stamping done from a neighboring country like Canada or is it mandate to get the first time H1B stamping done from home country?

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Jai Kumar     07/12/2016 22:25 PM

Hi All,

I've attended my Visa interview on July-8-2016 and they kept my passport with them , saying my Visa is approved.

But as I am checking the status today in CEAC , it shows as "Administrative Processing"

Anyone facing similar issue, also how to get the reason for the status.

Need valuable suggestions...

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