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111596     08/26/2016 04:48 AM

Hi I went to H1 interview on Jan month.

The counselor asked for client letter which my organization and client did not give.

So he gave a blue slip with needed documents checked in check box and asked my immigration team to mail those documents,

Doc checked:
a. Client invite letter,
b. Contract
c. Project description

After that my organization did not process my RFE since the client did not extend my contract.

My questions:
Time frame to process the blue slip (RFE) with documents?
What should my immigration do to handle this situation?
The chances of getting H1b after these many months?

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srikiran     08/25/2016 04:52 AM

hi My h1b visa was approved in chennai on 10th of august when i track for my passport it used to shoe "still with consulate" till yesterday today it started showing "no status update available" and ceac status never changed from 10th of august it always shows "ready" for interview. please help me i have already contacted the customer care and they said they have escalated the process but i haven't received any update yet. if some one has been through the same phase please let me how long did it took for you to receive the passport

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shareit     08/24/2016 04:03 AM

Please find the details of my interview.

Who is your employer ?

How long your are working for your employer ?

How long you are in US?

Who is your client ?

Are you going to work at client place?

You are having a pending I140?

What is your highest qualification?

What is your role?

When is your marriage day?

Question to wife

1) What is your highest qualification

2) Are you planning to work ?

Question to my son
who is youngest here?

Which grade are you ?

What is your favorite subject?

Who is this tall guy?

Who is this Aunti?

Who is this girl?

Question to my daughter
1) Which grade you are going?

2) What is your favorite subject?

Finally, VO stated..Your visas are approved, Please read the white pamplet.

Good luck to everyone!!

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srikanthsayiri     08/24/2016 01:00 AM


I am looking for dates in Hyderabad consulate for US Visa - H1B slot.

I am on a tight schedule and would like to know if dates would be available for this time frame.

If anyone had applied for a slot and have access, could it be possible to help checking date during this time in Hyderabad.


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svk1     08/22/2016 17:59 PM

Hi, I have an H1-B interview appointment on Wednesday, 8/31 at 8:15 am. Assuming I'm issued a visa what are the chances to get back the passport by Friday 9/2? It's a long weekend with 9/5, Labor day, holiday. Don't want to get stuck in Vancouver until Tuesday.

Thanks !

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rajusaforum     08/22/2016 07:19 AM

I had booked appointment for me and two kids.


Entered the building 25 mins before my appointment time. Except passports and kids photo, none of the other documents were checked. Very quick process done in 15 mins.
I didn't take my kids with me, so I carried their passports and 1 photo.
I was under assumption that kids passports will be collected as Dropbox category, but I was asked to carry them with their DS160 to Consulate next day. Again, I thought I have to drop it in the consulate in a designated place. But it doesn't work in this way. We have to handover kids passports to the visa officer who interviews us. Alright!

Note: You are allowed to carry mobile phones switched off. Photocopies booth is also available where correction on DS160 can also be done in case of any.


Entered the queue standing outside embassy around 8.45AM for the appointment 10AM. I saw a guy standing in front of me with 11AM also.
A guy verifies the passports in the sidewalk and asked us to go through where our bag can be kept in a token base booth. Good for people who wants to carry mobile and other stuff.
After the security checkup, you are allowed to go in and stand in a queue for 30 mins. Nobidy was checking appointment time. After that you will be allowed inside the main building where the passports will be checked first then moved to counter 18 for fingerprint verification. These two things will be done in 20 mins.
You will be in the final queue where you can see how the interview goes and stand for 20 mins. You will be directed to a visa officer upon the availability. Officer who interviewed me just showed my previous guy a yellow slip to wait around there as he has to do verification, i learned that guy has been in US for 4 years and TechMahindra and direct client.


VO: HEY, come on, sorry for the delay. How are you doing today?
Me: that's ok, I'm pretty good. How r u?

VO: Can you give me your passport?
Me: handed over my passports and kids passports together and explained.

VO: Didn't they want to come?
Me: they are in jetlag as we reached few days back.

VO: (smiled) Gotcha.. Where is your spouse?
Me: she is in US and on h1b. (I assume he asked coz she was on h4 and moved to h1 later)

VO: oh, she is on her own visa
Me: yes.

(Checking on his system something as kept asking below questions)
VO: who is your petioner?
Me: xxxxzzzxzz

VO: Are you working at the same employear location?
Me: No, client place

VO: Which client are you working?
Me: Had to say two times

VO: Clent address?
Me: xxxxxxxxzzzxzz

VO: how long have you been in US?
Me:  x years and y months

VO: how long have you been with the petitioner?
Me: x years and y months

VO: what's your salary?
Me: xxx,xxx dollars per annum.

VO: gave me the pamphlet and ask me to put it on my file. (He was still on his computer and tied all our passports  together and kept it aside)

VO: I have approved your visa. Have a wonderful vacation out here.

Me: Thank you very much. Have a great day!

Time was 11.15 when I came out.

Passport Pickup: (Administrative Processing)

Attended interview on Friday and checked my DS160 status on Monday early morning online. It was saying "Administrative Processing"
Checked after few hours around 11AM, status was "Issued"
Checked evening using my passport number, it said "received from consular section and being dispatched to the delivery"
Next day I got an email/text to pickup passports. Relief!!!

God bless you all!

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npcomplete     08/13/2016 03:11 AM

I won't go into details of the interview itself. As everyone's millage will vary. Prepare well :)
Rather, I will try to make your process easier with these tips.

VAC - Aug 11th

- Only reach there 15 mins early. They won't allow you in.
- There is no shed nor place to sit.
- Make sure to bring your umbrella.
- You can park your car nearby (may need to walk 5-10 mins) and sit and wait there.
- The street is very chaotic with at least 20-40 cars parked in front on the building. With several vehicles passing every minute.
- Bring your corrected DS-160 and inform at the first counter you reach. They will print two bar-code stickers. One large one with your details + old application bar-code. The second is a small sticker that will overlap the old appl. bar-code.
- Do NOT remove the bar code sticker(s) from your passport.
- Don't worry, they are all Indians working there :)
- You will be out in 15 mins

Consulate - Aug 12th
- Reach there 30 mins early. The guards will leave in a batch of 30 mins.
- Payed Parking is available on the adjacent left side of the consulate. Rs. 60 Flat
- Do NOT park on the street. You'll get screwed by our traffic police (more on that below)
- Do NOT carry fit bit and phones (more on that below)

Personal Incidents:


We reached there 1:30 hrs early and our driver left with the car. It started raining in 15 mins and we had nowhere to go. Luckily for us I spotted our driver and car going in opposite direction. It appeared that it took him quite a while to make a U-turn from nearest junction. We hopped in and drove a little further and parked near open space.

At the Consulate:

We reached there 1:30 Hrs early. We noticed several cars parked in front of the consulate. So we decided to wait there. 20 minutes passed when a Mumbai Police officer on a bike, knocked on our window and asked us to step out. He took away our driver's license. And handed him a Ticket (chalaan). There were others who got a similar ticket. One of the other applicant tried to bribe him. He said everyone has to respect the rules and pointed out that there are CCTV recording going on. He also pointed to the street signs for no-parking. Which we did not find or were obscured by trees. We never bothered to look for them after what happened :) We asked the officer for his phone number, he gave his batch number lol I didn't write down his batch number. He said he would return the licences "away" from the consulate area after we exit the aforementioned parking. We did not understand why was that. This created unnecessary distraction for us.

We parked our car in the parking. 20 mins before our appointment time we stepped out of the car and asked our driver to bring our parents to the consulate. So we could all leave together, without going back to the hotel. As we stepped in for security check, I was told that I have to leave my cell phone outside. I din't know what to do, so I went outside and called my driver to come back. Luckily, thanks to our parking ticket, he was still waiting near the end of the street (300 meters away). I ran to him and handed my cell phone. When back in the consulate, they again told me I cannot bring my fit-bit in :(
So I ran back again and gave the driver my watch. If, I would have ran in Olympics, I would have easily scored a medal :) lol

We were granted our visa and we came out. By then he had picked up my parents and parked in the adjacent parking. I asked him what happened to the ticket. He said, The officer explained that the parking violation will be Rs. 1300, but he "offered" Rs. 800 to reduce the ticket to Rs. 60. Our poor driver, just paid Rs. 860 and rescued his license. The officer kept the ticket, so we may never be able to file a complaint against him.

Lessons learned:

1. Never trust our police officers :) Probably most corrupt in entire world.
2. Make sure to take a picture of the ticket you receive.
3. There is cheap parking available near us consulate.

At last, we still were happy to receive our visas. Hope my experience helps others.

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kashifibrahim     08/12/2016 08:56 AM

I went to New Delhi US Embassy today for the interview.
Background: I changed my employer while I was in US, and my Visa was transferred. I had to appear for the stamping as my previous employer Visa already expired more than an year ago.

Interview time was 11:00 AM, I had my wife (Indian Citizen) with me along with my Son (Indian citizen) and my daughter (US Citizen). My daughter is a US Citizen and is 5 months old. They Allowed my daughter in and did not had any problems. Earlier I read many posts where people had this question. So 'YES' in Delhi you can take your US citizen infants along with you.

OK, coming to the interview:

ME: Hi, how are you?
VO: Good, how are you?
ME: I'm good, thanks.
VO: Please give me your passports.
ME: Gave the passports. All 3.
VO: Are you renewing for your H1 Visa?
ME: Yes
VO: Is it with the same employer?
ME: No, this is with a different employer, I mentioned Employer name.
VO: Can I see your old passport? which has your previous Visa was stamped.
ME: Gave my old passport, that was having all my previous Visas.
VO: How many years of experience do you have?
ME: Mentioned my experience.
VO: What is your designation?
ME: Mentioned my designation.
VO: What are your Job duties?
ME: Being a Manager, I manage <My employer name>'s developers and testers, Also being the technical lead I design and develop the modules for the existing application.. and so on.
VO: What is your highest qualification?
ME: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering.
VO: From which School?
ME: I mentioned my University name.
VO: Where do you stay?
ME: I mentioned US City name, where I was staying before coming to India for personal visit.
VO: You like that city ?
ME: I was in Chicago earlier, but I moved to this city because of extreme Chicago weather. VO smiled, and said yes its pretty cold over there in Chicago.
VO: Your Visa is approved.

Summary: Always be confident, keep a smile on your face and answer the questions in one line, do not keep on talking unnecessarily. I saw various people getting rejected who were speaking too much.
Also, keep your folders neat, and documents handy.

I hope my experience helps the other candidates.

All the best.

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karthik25     08/11/2016 10:44 AM

I had h1 validity till 2018 and had stamping till 2018. Now moved to a new project and my amendment was approved. The new validity was revised to 2017. I am getting married next month.

1. should i go for stamping again after amendment although i have valid stamping till 2018 with old petition
2. we had already scheduled h4 interview with my old petition number. can we update the new petition details and go for interview on the scheduled day?

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Satheesh Babu     08/10/2016 13:42 PM

I transferred my Visa to new employer when was on my 6th Year with H1B and the expiration date was May 6th 2016.

03 Feb 2016: Applied PERM
05-May-2016: Left USA (I booked ticket with British Airways. Since I didn't have the valid stamping ,they told me to get UK Visitor visa. So I had to choose airline which do not go through Europe .I traveled from Philly to JFK and booked ticket in Emirates on the Way to airport)
27 May 2016: My PERM Approved.
09 Jun 2016: Applied I-140 with PP
24 Jun 2016: I-140 Approved
07 Jul 2016: Applied for H1B extension based on I-140 with PP
14 Jul 2016: Received H1B Approval

When I was waiting for documents from USCIS, I created DS160 but I didn't submit I used my receipt number, petition start date and end date from my attorney for the H1B extension. I created my appointment and Scheduled interview on Sep 5th. After 1 week I received email from consulate saying the schedule is cancelled due to Labor Day on Sep 5th.then scheduled on Aug 29th assuming I will receive my documents by that time. I received my consulate package from my HR on July 30th. Luckily I got slot on Aug 9th in Chennai. So I booked OFC Schedule on Aug 8th and Visa Interview on Aug 9th.
After Booking the schedule I reviewed my DS 160 properly (Make sure to review multiple times before submit you can avoid trouble at OFC office. Surname or last name, First Name, middle name DOB that should match the Passport There should not be any typo.).
After booking the appointment I submitted my DS160. (I did that because if I wanted to change the interview location, I don't have to create another DS160. When you review DS160 there is an option to change interview location)

I booked The Hotel Spring which is in the middle of the New OFC Center and Consulate. Just 5 mins walk.
OFC Schedule on 08 Aug 2016 2:15 PM:
Document required: DS160, Passport and Appointment Confirmation page.
No other document required. I saw some people carrying switch off cellphones and they allowed it.
 I left the Hotel 1 hour before the schedule. Since the location is new many people may not aware of the location. There is a SAMSUNG service center on the kodambakkam high road. OFC Center is located in the same building. The entrance for OFC is behind the Samsung Service Center.
In the OFC Center GATE they displayed the schedule and they allow people based on that time Slot.
They called 2:15 PM batch by 1:45 PM (OFC Center is really fast)
I just followed the Directions posted on the wall. They verified DS160 form and compared with passport. If there is any mismatch they will send them back for correction. (If there is any typo you will be sent to do the correction at the ground floor).
Then there was a security scan. In another room they verified my schedule and picked up the barcode sticker and stick it on my Passport. Finally i reached the Finger print scanning Room. The called based on the number in the sticker.
They asked for the full name and date of birth for verification. They asked for language preference and told me to read the instructions. They took my Photo, and finger print of left 4 fingers, right 4 fingers and 2 thumb fingers. They instructed me to go for interview 30 minutes before. I left the building with in 15 mins.

Visa Interview Schedule on 9th Aug 2016 10:30 AM.
I carried the following documents.
1. DS160
2. Passport ( Current & Old)
3. 129 Petition
4. Employer letter about company. I work for Product Company so they clearly mentioned there is no vendor letter and client letter. Also they mentioned about company worth, number of employees and my roles and responsibility and number of clients etc.
5. Employer letter about my roles and responsibility with HR contact.
6. Pay stub for the year and previous year.
7. W2 statement for all years.
8. 1040 for all years.
9. Approved 1-140 Copy.
10. Previous petitions
11. Previous Experience Letter
12. SSN Copy
13. Driver’s License Copy
14. College Degree and mark sheet.
15. Current rental agreement.(Someone mentioned to take it)
16. Bank Account statement for 1 year. Just the credits page with account summary. The salary credit transaction should be there.
I checked out the hotel by 9:30 AM and walked to the consulate and reached within 5 mins.
The cop said there is no timing here you can go inside. I went inside they did the security scanning.
Checked all the documents and applied seal on the open envelopes.
Document verification counter they asked for the petition and passport and sent me to another counter and took finger print and told me to proceed to visa interview.
There was VO she looked like an Indian.
ME: Good Morning. How are you doing?
VO: I am doing well. Thank You.
VO: Passport Please.
ME: I gave it to her.
VO: She checked something in the system. Which company are you working for?
ME: I work for XYZ Company.
VO: Are you direct employee of the company?
ME: Yes
VO: What is your designation?
ME: I told my Designation.
VO: Who is your CEO?
ME: told my CEO Name.
VO: What is your Highest Degree?
ME: I told my degree
VO: What is your salary?
ME: told my annual salary.
VO: She took the Brochure and gave it to me and said your visa is approved.
(She didn't ask for Single document other than Passport)
I checked the clock and the time was 10:15 AM.

Please take only the required documents try to avoid electronics and big bags. Verify the DS160.The details should match on your passport. You can keep things in a small room but there is no safety box.DS160 correction center in a small room but too much crowd. Try to avoid last minute tension.
VISA Interview:
 Prepare very well for the interview, Know about company, Client, Role, salary etc. Take all the documents and make sure that should be easily accessible. Do not carry any electronic. There is a small safety box for electronics but the queue is very long. Dress very well (Formal) Be Confident and keep smile on face.
I have explained more details because so many questions were asked in multiple forums. So I have done 3 months research and consolidated everything. Thanks for reading.

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