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akj     07/28/2014 23:17 PM

I have successfully completed stamping for my H1 & my wife's H4 at Chennai consulate.

Category : BEP

Day 1 OFC ( July 25th)
               Our appointment was scheduled at 2.00 PM. We reached OFC around 1.30 PM and surprised to see that there was no queue. Security allowed us to enter straight away. They have taken the fingerprints & photos. Entire process finished in 15 mins

Day 2 US Consulate( July 28th)
              This time we had an early appointment at 8.00 AM. We reached there at 7.30 and there was a huge queue. After verifying the documents we were allowed to go inside around 8.15. There was a huge rush inside also as all the chairs in the waiting area were full. We waited there for our turn. Our token number was called around 9:15

Interview :

VO asked me to hand over passports & H1b approval document.

VO: Which company you are working?
Me: Answered

VO: How long you are working there ?
Me: Answered

VO returned my H1b approval document. He was working on his computer for 2-3 minutes and said your visas are approved and your passports will be ready in 2-3 business days ...


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vamsichinna.y     07/28/2014 05:46 AM

Guys any one please share me the H1B Visa Experience in Delhi Counslate

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sunil80     07/28/2014 04:47 AM

I applied for H1B for this year and got it approved last week. The consultant is send me all the papers required and the client letter was from a small company (less than 10 employers) owned by my friend. The consultant company has about 540 employees.

Will they check for the revenue of the company that provided the client letter and so will it cause more harm by going with a client letter from a small company.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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vamsichinna.y     07/27/2014 11:49 AM

HI friends,

I have scheduled an appointment for H1B visa interview on August 7th in New Delhi,Could you guys any one please share their expeience in Delhi?
What are all the documents required in Delhi Counslate?
What is the H1B visa stamping success rate in Delhi?
please help on this.

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Neethu PL     07/25/2014 22:33 PM


My H4 visa interview was at Chennai consulate. We reached Chennai a day before the interview. I was tensed and started preparing for the interview after pretty much Google search few days before. We reached the consulate office at 8 am .It was big queue . After a security check at the entrance we moved to the office. There are 5 to 6 counters in front of us. We were waiting for our turn . Once our number, I think it was 101 that the consulate people gave us was shown on the screen , we moved to the corresponding counter. The guy who took our interview was a happy man. He asked my husband few questions on his company and his role also his W2 form. That is very important please don't forget to take that. It is a tax form.
Then he asked me our wedding date and the 1st question my husband asked when we met. Haha, that was funny. He started laughing as soon as he asked the question. I told him my answers and that's it . Finally " Mam, enjoy your stay in United states" he said.
Interview done. We went happily to the hotel and had masala dosa :) Please don't get tensed on the interview day. be sure you have all the documents proper . Especially take your marriage certificate (it should be in English). Make sure your name is same in your passport and marriage certificate.
Good luck :)

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rhma     07/25/2014 00:47 AM

I have submitted my DS-160 form and got the confirmation page. I also paid the fee online via NEFT although I haven't yet taken the appointment.
Now I want to update the salary in DS-160 form. I have submitted round figure however my consultant is asking to update the exact amount which is higher than what I submitted there.
Can I submit the new DS-160 form and use the same fee receipt number?

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inder     07/23/2014 05:22 AM

I have some doubts regarding my Name,Salary and Designation on LCA and I129.

1.My last name is mentioned as 'INDER' in LCA and I129 although I do not have last name in my passport. Name is mentioned as Suresh Inder in given name section of my passport and last name is blank.

2.There is difference between salary mentioned on LCA and I129

3. Designation is mentioned as QA Engineer in LCA and I129. But on offer letter it is Senior Qa Engineer

I am afraid, if all these point will make a difference at the time of interview. Please clarify me about all the mentioned point above

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Nikita14     07/22/2014 03:06 AM

Hi Guys,

Thanks Immi :).

At 8:45 - Reached US consulate ofc.
10:45 - My Token number announced..

I was really worried. My heart beat was like, i just completed 400m race :).

VO - Good Morning Mam(He was indian settled in US i guess)
Me - Good Morning Sir

VO - Which Company?
Me- Answered YYY

VO - You were in XXX before YYY
Me - Yes Sir.

VO - Why you have changed your job?
Me - For global exposure and better salary

VO - Nice Answer
Me- Yes sir, also i was getting married.

VO- Ok, Are you married?
Me - Yes

VO - Where is your husband?
Me - India

VO- Why your husband is not accompanying you ?
Me - I smiled and said, I have not filed H4 for him yet.

Me- Thank you sir...

Just remember 1 thing - BE CONFIDENT
for all H1 guys. Dont worry, your visa will definitely get approved ...as most of F1 people are going for interview now........ GOOD LUK....

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kup0009     07/21/2014 00:43 AM

Hi All,

I am planning to get my H1B stamped in Hyderabad (3rd time extension). Howz the stamping scenario in Hyderabad. Previously I never had any issues with my stamping though I used to work for some desi consulting company. But now I recently moved to renowned company.

Little worried about the questions asked at interview, anything special I need to work on. Please let me know.


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naren14     07/14/2014 00:13 AM


Am going to attend H4 visa this week without original marriage certificate(Original in USA and carrying photocopy). My spouse name added in passport already.

Any advices please. Any alternative docs for marriage certificate?.


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