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SriLe1911     06/11/2016 16:37 PM

Hi Friends,

I came to U.S on F1 visa 6 years back. Now i am planning to go for H1B stamping. I am not able to decide whether i have to go India or Canada. I have been in U.S for 6 years. I did not went to any other country after i entered to U.S on F1 visa. Now i am on H1B extension and want to get stamping.

I am looking for visa interview appointment in India for august month. but it looks like the dates are not available. Now i am deciding to go Canada. but i am concerned about people saying we have to go to home country for stamping.

anybody was in the same boat like me. please suggest me what should i do.


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kalaivani     06/07/2016 02:41 AM

I have done my H4 visa interview on June 6,2016 in Chennai and got approved. I went alone . I have carried most of the documents like wedding album, marriage certificate , husband's documents etc., But NOT EVEN SINGLE DOCUMENT asked ??.

Me: GA Madam with good smile. It was 12:15pm for 10:30am batch after a long queue of people.
Vo: GA and asked Passport alone.
Vo: What Is ur husband doing IN USA?
Me: answerred
Vo: How long it's been married?
Me: Told
Vo: Are u planning to travel together???
Me: Said NO , as he has gone already, I m going to travel alone.
Vo: Oh is it? Then with whom you are staying here ?
Me: I said ," with my mom- in- law"
Vo: She smiled and asked how is she? Is she good and wrinkled her eyes???
Me: I laughed and said 'yes she is GOOD and FRIENDLY as well'
Vo: Oh that's good with a smile .....

Finally I heard good news saying " ur visa is approved with a smile'
Me: said thank u and left the place..

No documents were asked for me except the passport ????

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Pujasweets     06/06/2016 13:35 PM

HI ,
I need a help here , I got my h1 b approval in Jan 2014 but because of my medical conditions I was unable to start working , so now in march 2016 some employer agreed to start my pre-approved H1 , ,and I got a Job but its been three months now , I have not received any documents from him I see my salary counter credited to my account I have not yet received my visa copy ,
he is not giving any document , I do not have any document of my visa ,
please let me know how can I get my visa copy

Thank you

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smitap     06/03/2016 10:52 AM

I have a query regarding my dependents visa.
Currently I am on H1 from company A . I will be changing to company B.
My current visa is valid upto AUG2017 from company A. Dependent H4 also valid upto Aug2017.
Now, once I transfer my H1 to company B, will the dependent H4 visa still valid?
My dependents are still not in US. Can they travel with the existing H4 from company A or should i get a new H4 visa based on the new H1 approval from my new employer?
Please advise on this.


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L1H     05/31/2016 08:31 AM

I went to US on L1B and moved to H1b. This was my first H1 stamping....
I had my and my family's biometrics on Sunday 22nd May which was 10 min process. Had my interview on 23rd at 9.30 for which we reached at 8.45AM. After initial queue on road, we were let in the consulate at 9.00. We were directed to 2 counters where they verified finger prints and passports. Thereafter we were directed for interview-
Me - Good Morning Officer, how are you doing today?
VO - Good, how about you?
Me - Fine, thank you.

VO - Who is your petitioner?
Me - XXX
VO - Are you directly employed?
Me - Yes
VO - What is your salary (per annum) ?
VO - So you have been living in US for XX years?
Me - Yes

VO (To my wife) - What is your highest education maam?
Spouse - MBA in finance
VO - Do you work?
Spouse - Yes. I have H4-EAD
VO - Are both your kids USC?
Spouse - Yes

VO (To my daughter) - Are you excited to go back to US?
Daughter - Yes....VO smiled the way my daughter replied...

VO - Sir, Maam....your visa is approved and you will get a message when it is ready. Thanks and goodbye....
Me - Thanks Officer and you have a good day

My visa got Issued on same day and I picked up from VFS 2 days later. They didn't ask for any document even though this was my first H1 after L1.

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lbvisa     05/26/2016 14:23 PM

Hi Guys,

I came to US on H4 Visa (stamped till Oct'2016); My husband got his I140 approval (for GC) now and I have started working on EAD (which expires on Nov 2016).

I applied for I 94 extension yday (my Husband has stamping till Oct 2017; since he changed his employer) and got to know about the huge waiting queue; which leads to the fact that I will not get an extension before my EAD expires & will have to discontinue my job.

The only option we could think of was to pop out of the country (say,Mexico) & get my stamping done.

Can anyone advise on similar scenarios/ best work arounds/ any contacts?

Thanks in advance!

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arsr     05/26/2016 04:51 AM


I have H1B visa from Dec 2015 to Aug 2018, but not traveled to US. One of the employee (we both are from same petitioner) who entered US and faced some issue and he got revoked by USCIS, so my petitioner says I may also face same issue if i enter US so he is suggested me to not travel now and he is withdraw my petition.

so please let me know what are the options available for me.

Can I transfer to another company and do I need to go for stamping again?
please suggest.


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roopanandakumaran     05/26/2016 04:46 AM

I was selected in H1b quota in the year 2014 when i was working with company A.
Now i am with company B and initiated a H1b transfer .
Company B used the receipt number filed by company A.

Now when company B is doing the transfer, will the receipt number change or be same for new petition ?

Please let me know.

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ganesh_2617@yahoo.co.in     05/25/2016 08:56 AM

I have H1B Fresh visa and till i am in India - not entered in USA ,and same time if i wish to transfer my visa from A company to B company.
1)How many days required for complete transfer And re-stamping is required.
Is OK if i join B company in USA directly and after few months if i will be return in INdia ,that time i will re-stamp for B company.

Please guide.

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prravi     05/13/2016 19:56 PM

Sharing my VISA experience, thinking it might be helpful for someone who is preparing to go for H1B stamping. I had my appointment on May 5th. But my OFC i scheduled 2 weeks prior to the interview in order to avoid PIMS issue. Below were the questions.

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning

VO: Who is your employer?

VO: How long you are working for this employer
Me: XXX years

VO: What is you salary?
Me: $$$

VO: Do you work in client location?
Me: Yes

VO: Can i see your client letter?
Me: Provided the client letter

VO: Can i see your pay slips?(He never mentioned which month, but gave him this year pay slips)
Me: Provided Jan, Feb, Mar and April Pay slips

VO: Can i see your W2?
Me: Just provided the latest W2 which is 2015

VO: What kind of project you do for this client
Me: Explained the project details

VO: Can i see your Client ID badge(The reason he asked because my ID card visible from my pocket)
Me: Removed and provided the ID card

Then VO was typing something and he returned all the documents and ID card and he retained my passport and told my VISA is approved.

Went on May6th and collected my passport.

I was following this website and i am sure there are lot of people like me planning to go for stamping. All the best.

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