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kadinrao     09/13/2016 04:59 AM

H1B / H4 - Experience at Consulate(New Delhi)

OFC and VC. Following are the experiences:

OFC Appointment -

(documents checklist)
# Appointment confirmation printouts
# DS-160 Forms
# Passports
# 2x2 inch Photograph of children(if not taking them along), write child's name on the back of it + DS160 Number, should be in white background
time: 8:30 AM @ <location>

Consulate Interview Date:
(documents checklist)

# Appointment confirmation printouts
# DS-160 Forms
# Passports
# I797
# I129
# Job Offer Letter
# Client Letter(if needed)
# Salary Slips/Pay Stubs, W2's if available, Bank Statements...
# Employer Documents - including Employer TAX Documents
# Client Project Related Documents
# Marriage Certificate
# Child Birth Certificate(possibly in English)
# Education Certificate, Education Evaluation, any training and certifications etc.
# Previous Experience Letters

(Before Interview Started):
They will check the fingerprints once again today. Then you will be put in a queue near the Interview Windows. You will be able to see and feel the interviewers and their moods. DO NOT PANIC!!

(After Interview Started):
Officer: Good Morning! How are you? :)
Me: Good. How are you? :)

Officer: Please pass me your passport.
Me: Sure(..passed my passport..). Do you need wife and children's passports also?

Officer: Yes. Give me all.
Me: (..passed on all passports along with I797 that was stapled to it..)

Officer: Soooo.... your are going to US on H1b VISA?
Me: Yes

Officer: Who is your Employer?
Me: <name> told

Officer: Tell me something about them?
Me: They are a IT Consulting and s/w development firm.

Officer: What will you be doing for them?
Me: I will be working as a specialized worker for them. I will be doing development, analysis, deign and coding of s/w for them which will include technologies like Java, databases, SQL, web application etc. I specialize in doing Database development for SQL and NoSQL Databases. I also have a lot of experience in databases optimization and performance.

Officer: Why did you choose this employer?
Me: I was looking for a job and did search online. They had opening which matched my experience and skillset.

Officer: Please excuse me.
Me: She returns after few minutes.

Officer: Please pass on your Marriage Certificate and your children's passports.
Me: Here.

Officer: Mam! What are your children's names & DOBs?
Me: Tells

Officer: When did you get married?
Me: Date, Month and Year

Officer: Was there a big function? with lots of people?
Me: Yes. A lot!

Officer: Sir tell me something about your son/daughter?
Me: He/She is <age> years old. He/She goes to school and is very good at studies. He/She travelled with us when we last visited US. Today he/she is have his/her class exam and he/she is with his/her grandparents. mmmm...do you need any specific details? (She smiles and says no.)

Officer: Do you have his/her birth certificate in English?
Me: No. But you can see our names on his/her passport as well. (now she checks the passports..checks somethings on computer...)

Officer: When did you return form US?
Me: I returned in <Month> <Year>. (okkkkay.. then she murmurs somethings...)

Officer: Who is your client? Tell me something about them.
Me: The Client is <Client Name> based out of <City>,<State>.

Officer: How many employees does this company have?
Me: Three(..she raises her eyebrows and looks a little concerned...)

Officer: Why such a small company?
Me: I choose this company as it is a small startup. <my_domain> Industry has a great potential to boom in near future. It is working with a client that specializes in building <my_domain> s/w and I have a lot of experience in <my_domain> s/w development. I believe that I can bring in a lot specialized experience into this and I hope to grow with the organization as it grows in future.

Officer: I am issuing your VISA.
Me: Thank you! Have a nice day!!

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suresh_n     09/12/2016 17:52 PM

Myself -L1B to H1B while in USA. Went to India after 4 years - First H1B Visa Stamping, previously L1B
My wife - H4 to H1B while in USA. Went to India for stamping
First I went to India and after one week my wife reached India for stamping. We both work for same company
Consulate is Chennai

OFC is normal
My stamping-
I work for a consulting company and work on EVC model. My client doesn't give client letter, instead he provided one email saying "client doesnt provide client letter, working through XXX vendor...etc". Went to stamping and approved. Below questions-
1)So you are from company X
2)how long you working for this company
3)what do you do for this company
4)your salary
5)Where do you work
6)What is the reason for vacation.
7) are you married. Why your wife not with you
Officer was cool. Once he said your visa approved, I said I respect your decision. Thanks Officer.

My Wife Visa:
She work for same company via EVC model. She have client letter. Visa approved. Below questions;
1)Where do you work
2)What do you do for this company
3)Your salary per annum
4)How long you work for this company

I also felt lot of tension before attending visa stamping. Also while waiting in the line for interview. I believe Tension is not good, we can not perform well. So I set my mind like this at that time, USA is not only option for living. Also I felt to have attitude to lead anything not to depend on them. I went cool with a smile and with gods grace all good.

It is better to be honest and truthful in all answers and documentation. Know about everything about your documentation like company letter, vendor letter, client letter, amendment, LCA, I129, W2, Paystubs everything. Stay cool.


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HydH1     09/12/2016 02:03 AM

Hello All,

I had to wait almost 1 year 10 months to get my H1B visa approval. I am just sharing my happy moment here as my visa approved in the last week.

I have been to interview at HYD consulate on 6th Jan 2015 and I was given 221g letter with lots of details. Though my employer responded for that with in a month again consulate came back and asked about few more documents and after providing those documents there was no update since last month.

last month I got mail to submit passport and after submitting it, got my passport with visa stamped in 4 days.

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drevalla     09/10/2016 18:32 PM

I have H1-B petition approved till 31st January, 2017. However, I do not have Visa stamped for the same. Also, I have a new petition approved till 31st January, 2020 with the same employer. Currently, I’m in India and planning to go back to US in couple of weeks.
My query is that when I fill DS-160 form, which petition should I use for the interview and Visa is given for the current one or the latest one ? I’m asking this because I have around 4 months left on the current one.

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reddy829     09/09/2016 02:05 AM

Attended h1b visa interview in hyderabad recently. I was given 221g white slip and asked to submit project description document and my passport was returned after interview. In CEAC status is showing as "Adminstrative Processing", but in Ustraveldocs status is showing as "Passport is with US Embassy". Actually passport is with me.

Anyidea why status is showing incorrectly in UStraveldocs?

Anybody facing the same issue? Pls advise.


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ganesh23     09/07/2016 16:01 PM

VO: Hello. How are you.
Me: Pretty good ma'am. How about you ?

VO: Good. Passport ?
Me: Provided the documents (Passport, LCA and Petition).

VO: Employer ?

VO: Salary ?
Me: XXXX per annum.

VO: Do you have a client?
Me: Yes. XXXX. Its a XXXX provider.

VO: Do you have the pay slips ?
Me: Yes ma'am. Handed over the pay slips of last six months.

VO: Did you work on OPT ?
Me: Yes ma'am.

VO: When did your OPT start ?

VO: When did you graduate ?

VO: When in YYYY ?

VO: Which university ?
Me: XXXX University

VO: How do you like that place ?
Me: Too hot in summer ma'am . Reaches 100 F in summer. And same is the case with winters. We used to get holidays coz of snow.
VO: Smiled. And said 'Your visa is approved'.
Me: Thank you ma'am. Can I request for the same day pick up of passport ?

VO: NO. It should take 3-4 days.
Me: Thank you.

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sangamarket     09/07/2016 11:43 AM


 I am planning to change the consulate from x location to another y location . But my ds-160 document filled with x document. If I want to change the consulate.

What are all the documents I need to change. Please help me on this.

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reddy829     09/07/2016 03:43 AM

I have attended my h1b visa interview in hyd recently. I was given 221g white slip and asked to submit project description document as i will be woking on inhouse project.

I have the following questions reg this. Pls help me with it.

What does 221g white slip for h1b hyd consulate indicate?
Any idea how long it may take after submitting the document?
Will it be helpful if attorny/ company send the document from their mail rather than me sending?
What are the chances of 221g white slip h1b at hyd getting resolved after submitting the documents?

Any one in the same boat? Pls ping me your number or mail id we can be in touch.


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Amritha777     09/01/2016 14:53 PM

I have a valid EAD for 3 years, I also intent to start my masters. Can someone please confirm if on campus job(TA /RA positions etc) are available for EAD H4 students?

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knniki     08/31/2016 10:12 AM

Hi , I just came to US 50 days ago and I got an offer from another consultancy to work with a big IT company. They are asking me to resign in my current company the day they receive the receipt number .But I am a bit worried what if the transfer gets rejected .

Is there any chances of the transfer getting rejected? I hear from people that one can get RFE but not rejection. Please let me know is it safe to resign even before the transfer is approved .

Thanks in advance!
Immihelp you have been a lifesaver!!

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