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mnka     01/09/2017 09:28 AM

Hi everyone,
          I went for my H4 visa interview at US consulate Hyderabad on 19th Dec 2016. My visa was approved and my passport was taken by the interviewer(I wasn't given any slips). My status was updated to admin processing for the first time on 5th Jan 2017 and it was updated again to admin processing on 9th Jan. It has been more than 3 weeks since my interview. I contacted US travel docs through email and was told that my visa is still in process and cannot be expedited. My husband attended H1 interview along with me and had his passport ready in 3 days. I am not sure how many times the status gets updated to the same before they issue the visa. Has anyone had any such delays?

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AK85     01/09/2017 01:46 AM

I have received 221g white form (for H1B visa) asking for few documents under the section labeled as "FROM YOUR PETITIONER".
I have received the documents that have been asked for from my PETITIONER, so Please clarify if it is fine for me (as suggested by Petitioner as well) to email those documents to the USCIS or it has to be sent via PETITIONER's email ID only.

Thanks in advance.

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dev_gurrala     01/07/2017 10:01 AM

Following this site from last 1 month and prepared well for my Interview...Thanks to immihelp.

My H1B visa interview Experience in Hyderabad Consulate
Date : 6-Jan-2017, Time : 10:00AM
one person took our passsports and passed to VO before I reach to VO.

Questions asked:
Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning.
VO: Where are you working?
Me: Said my Indian company name
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Said my petitioner name
VO: who is your client ?
Me: Said Client Name
VO: Which location ?
Me: Virginia
VO: Your visa is approved
Me: Thank You

No questions to family.


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shirazah     01/06/2017 17:53 PM

my petition just got approved for H1b, I am in the US right now on B1. I need to know what is the best suitable option.

1. Should i Apply for COS by being here as my employer want me to do it.
2. Should I go back and get my visa stamped from my home country.

If i am opting for 1, can i travel to any other country or my own country?

awaiting your feedback. thanks.

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Adarsh Andamada     01/04/2017 23:47 PM

This would help for the people who are waiting for their visa administrative processing.

It took around 70 days and I received a confirmation on Jan 4th from the Chennai consulate.
I dropped my passport in the nearest VFS and waiting for the pick up.

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cr5131     01/04/2017 19:09 PM


I work in an EVVC model and I have stamping in few weeks. I will get all the letters from the layers, but the problem is as follows


Client ( a very reputed one) gives the letter on the name of prime vendor or subcontractor. Employer name not mentioned.

Prime vendor gives on the name of middle vendor. Employer not mentioned here too.

Middle vendor will give the letter providing the detailed link of who is holding my visa and explaining that I'm working through them via prime vendor at client lovation.

So, during the interview if the vo asks for client and vendor letter, can I show the client letter and the letter provided by middle vendor?

Is this an okay situation? Please help.

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av3     01/04/2017 00:03 AM

OFC Center: Hyderabad
Date: Dec 6th 2016 9:00 am
Process: Same as the other OFC Experiences posted before. The whole process took about 30 mins including waiting.

Consulate: Hyderabad
Interview date: 9th Dec 2016 10:00 am Slot
Background: I did my Masters in the US and have been working on OPT before I got my H1B. This was my first H1B stamping. I am employed Full-time with my employer.

I reached the consulate at 9:30 am. The whole process of checking the passport & DS-160, doing the security check and waiting for the actual interview took about 30 minutes.


The VO greeted me and I asked her how her day had been so far and she replied that it was good.

Q: Did you do your Masters in the U.S?
A: Yes

Q: Do you work for XXX company?
A Yes

Q: Are you located at XXX state?
A: Yes

Q What is your Salary?
A: Answered appropriately

Q: Did you read the rights pamphlet?
A: Yes

Waited for a minute before she said that she was issuing my visa and I would get an email when my passport was ready for pick-up. I came out by 10:30 am.

PS: I received my passport 6 days after my Visa interview

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tropical     01/03/2017 03:40 AM

OFC-Dec 22nd at 11am
Consular interview- Jan 3rd at 11am

I)OFC- Carry only the below documents, No bags, No water, No food or candy allowed
Please be there at least 45 mins early sometimes they will let you in early and you can be done early
1) Passport
2) DS-160 receipt
3) Appointment confirmation receipt
4) I-797 A (H1-B document)
5) Offer Letter

They will take your finger prints only and they will not ask any other questions

II) Consular Interview-Carry all the necessary documents, No bags, No water, No food or candy allowed.
They will throw it in the garbage. Also the questions are like RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS. Really quick be prepared to answer quickly

My appointment was at 11am but I was there by 9am and its first come first serve basis.
Honestly its better to be early and calm down and prepare in your mind.

1)They will check your passport , DS-160 form
2) They will be a security check
3) They will make you sit in a line and handout know your rights book
4) They will do finger printing again
5) Then they will make you sit in another line and you have to wait depending on the number of people.
6) Then they will make you stand in another line for consular interview with the VO and handout a token/window number
7) There were 4 people in front of me when I went to my window.

Q) Greet the officer and ask How are you? Be confident and say it in a confident tone.

Q) You work for xxxx employer? ( The agency/company which runs your payroll)
A) Yes

Q) Who is your client? ( The end client you work for)
A) I work for xxxxx

Q) Where is it located?
A) It is located City, State ( Know the complete address)

Q) How is the weather up in the City?( The one you mentioned above)
A) I just talked about the weather and compared the weather there and Hyderabad in degree Fahrenheit

Then the wonderful words your visa has been approved.
Tip: Be confident and confident in your voice tone as well. Greet the VO and answer to the point. I was done in <1min
I also saw few F1’S which were being rejected in front of me. I felt they were not confident and not answering quickly when the VO asked. The questions are like RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS. Be confident in your voice tone practice your questions before you go to the interview.

1) Where are you going?
2) How much is the fees?
3) How are you funding?( Be prepared with the numbers)
4) Who is paying for your fees? (Be prepared with the numbers and relevant documents)
5) Why did you choose Computer Science/MBA/xxxx?
6) What made you choose that university/college?
7) What courses are you going to take?
8) Do you plan on staying back in the US after your education or do you plan on returning back to India? What is the plan?

All the best !! Confidence, preparation and organizing the documents to show at the right time is the KEY !!

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nirmalk     01/03/2017 01:18 AM

I had my visa interview with my family and our Visa's were approved. We got the H4 visa stamped passports back within 2 days for my family but its been over 2 weeks and the CEAC tracker shows the status as "Administrative Processing" and last update date is the date of interview.

Are there others out there who had similar experiences and who can share some insights on what I can I do or how soon can I expect this nightmare to be over ?

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SamMumbai     01/02/2017 06:51 AM

Urgent response appreciated..

Here is the scenario- I have H1B recently transferred from Company A under cap exemption to Company B. I got approval copy of I797 in Oct 2016 and went for VISA stamping at Consulate in India wherein I was issued white slip 221(g) with one option ticked asking for- project details in specific format (Project description, detailed research, how many resources will be working etc..). This was in Oct 2016, I had requested Company B to respond but didn’t see positive response therefore started applying and got Company C who is interested in transferring my I797 and stamp my VISA. In the meantime Company B reverted with desire to send docs requested.

My question-
1. Can I pursue with Company B in submitting documents requested in white slip 221(g) & in parallel transfer I797 with Company C?
2. If yes, Will it affect my H1B stamping? As I am approaching 2 companies (Company B & C) in parallel.

Kindly let me know.

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