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negi     04/02/2014 08:44 AM

Hi Guys

I have been a reader of this forum and I must say that it has helped me a lot in preparing for the interview.
I would like to thank all the people who have posted their experiences and helped other candidates in their preparation.

Below is my experience.

OFC was in the same manner and lot of people have explained it earlier.

On Visa Interview date, I was quite nervous about what will be asked, how will it go but to my surprise I didnt even came to know and everything happened so fast. I would like to reiterate as told by all the people in this forum, that be confident and dont lie to them .. I believe that they know everything as VO was continuously looking at the Computer while talking to me and my wife.

Below questions were asked ..

Questions asked to spouse

Ques. Did you guys get married recently ?
Ques. What is your marriage date ?
Ques. Where did you guys meet ?
Ques. Was it a love or arranged marriage ?

Questions asked to me

Ques. Which city are you going for ?
Ques. Whats the name of the company ?
Ques. What exactly will you be doing there ?
Ques. I see you were denied a Visa last time, why was that ?
Ques. Which client will you work for ?
Ques. Can you tell me about the project ?
Ques. Are you working with same company since then ?.
Ques. Have you done your education from US ?

Thanks a lot again and All The Best for your interview.

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g1shan     04/02/2014 04:45 AM

Last year I got converted from L1B->H1B and now currently in India. I made few trips to US during my stay on L1 and incidentally what has happened is my total accumalated stay in US (with L1 and post H1B conversion) prior I left from US Jan 31 is close to 5 years 6 months. In additonal I have not applied for PERM/GC processing.My H1 petition is valid till June 2016.

Now there is a need for me to travel again to US (Yet to get stamping done) First thing will there be any issue if I go for stamping now?
2) Suppose I get stamping done and can make the trip how long can I stay in US.
3) As the time to apply GC is less than a year (for 6 year completion) can I still proceed to apply for GC?
4) As the petition expires in June 2016 Suppose I stay out of US for 365 days and then return in Feb 2015 how long can I stay in US?

Appreciate any help in this situation.


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akbar02     04/01/2014 09:29 AM

Very Important -

Contact Mr. Salvador - very credible, is a US Citizen so knows importance of safety and Best Western is a very good hotel to stay. The room charge is $93 and all the logistics is complimentary.
US Cell number - 956-545-5255 (Yes he lives in Brownsville, TX)
Email - salcas46@hotmail.com

Venue - Matamoros US Consulate
ASC - Appointment March 25th 3.30 PM
Consulate Interview - March 26th 10.00 AM
Trip booked - Atlanta to Brownsville TX (United Airlines)
Days - 2 day trip (BIG MISTAKE, Please consider at least a 3 day trip)

Day 1 - Took early morning flight to Brownsville via Houston. Reached Brownsville at 10.00 am and took a cab to the Bus Station ($19.00). Mr. Salvador picked me up from the big building at the bus station and took me to his Best Western Hotel in Matamoros. I checked in, had a 4th floor room and got the AT&T Signal (Remember you have to turn your phone off and on to get ATT signal in your room). At 12.30 pm Salvador's Accountant took us to the ASC interview. You need to carry your confirmation letter with the barcode, I 797 and passport. Once you enter the office there is a security check, then a person checks your documents and verifies your appointment and send you in for fingerprints. The process is smooth and takes 10 minutes max. The accountant waited for me and once I was done he took me back to the hotel. I had some lunch at the BW restaurant and worked from my room rest of the day (Good food and internet)

Day 2 - As per the previous blogs I had read I went to the interview at 8 .30 am regardless of my time which was 10.00 am which did not work. I had to wait till 10.00 am to be called in as they call in in batches of 30 minutes. Mr. Salvador himself took me to the interview and dropped me there. Make sure not to take any electronics to any of the visa offices. At 10.00 I was called in, there was a security check at the gate, then a person verified my passport i797 and appointment letter (Same one I took to ASC) and gave me a token number which was immediately called on one of the right hand side counters in the main room. Remember this is not the interview, here the person will only verify the information he is going to print on your visa like address and job title. Make sure you give the right spelling here. Then he will give you the same token number and ask you to wait for one of the left hand side counters. My number was called immediately and this was my Visa interview

Me - Good morning officer
VO - Good morning
Me - How are you doing?
VO - Fine, Thank you
VO - Give me your documents (Passport, I797 & Employment letter (offer letter))
Me - Gave the Docs
VO - H1B Renewal
Me - Yes
VO - Same Employer?
Me - No Changed employer
VO - Last 3 years w2
Me - Gave
VO - Why Change of employer
Me - Better opportunity
VO - Ah, I can see in your W2 significant improvement
Me - Yes, Which was also one of the reason
VO - What is your job title?
Me - Answered
VO - What are your job responsibilities?
Me - Answered (Be very specific)
VO - What were you job responsibilities at your old company?
Me - Answered (Be very specific)
VO - Where did you do your bachelors?
Me - Answered
VO - Where did you do your Masters?
Me - Answered, US
VO - Show me your Degree certificate
Me - Showed
VO - Alright, Your Visa has been approved come and collect your passport at 3.30 PM
Me - Thank You

It took 10 minutes to complete the process and I called the hotel to pick me up from the Gas Station across. Keep some Mexican pesos with you, you can get it at the hotel reception. The accountant came in like 10 minutes picked me and took me to hotel. Now the tough part begins, as I mentioned I booked the return flight same day as my interview I knew it was going to be a crunch situation. I had lunch, packed my stuff, checked out and asked the accountant to take me to the passport collection at 2.00 pm in the hope of getting the passport early and making for the 5.00 pm flight. However, I did not get the passport till 4.00 pm. Still, I did not give up and asked the accountant to drop me at the border as I knew the border was like 2 minutes from the Consulate. This is important, you will see a long queue of people waiting to cross border, don’t bother to go there it’s not for us you need to take a side path(vacant) parallel to that queue and go to the i94 office. Keep some quarters handy as there is a paid crossing station there. Keep walking till you see the office. Once you enter the office you have to give your passport and I 797 to the officer. I requested him that I had a flight to catch it was 4.30 pm that time and hopes were diminishing. He (Great guy, God Bless him) took like 10 minutes to get the i94 ready, you have to pay $6.00 for i94. Then I was out at like 4.50 pm and took the cab back to the airport ($19.00). I entered the airport at 5.00 pm, I knew the Airport was small and I could make it even if I have 10 minutes, luckily for me the flight was delayed by 10 minutes and I barely made it. You have to keep your passport handy as the officer at the airport will ask you for that. I would advise to make a 3 day trip and cross the border on the day you get the passport itself. There are few good hotels near the Brownsville airport which was my back up plan in case I missed the fight.

In all, it wasn’t a bad experience looking at how skeptical I was initially for this trip. I hope this helps, Have a nice trip, Good Luck and be safe!

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akagusu     03/31/2014 10:50 AM

Does anyone know when the next available dates are for H1b stamping in Hyderabad?

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madrid45750     03/31/2014 04:00 AM

Went for my H1B VISA stamping on 10th March, got 221g for medical. VO asked me the whole history of my time in US, got medical done and after 5 working days dropped report and passport at drop off location. 2 days later got a email passport ready for pickup, once we picked up the passport no VISA stamp nothing, notice to appear for another interview on any working day. went to consulate the next working day. VO verified employer, salary and client details. finally VISA approved and picked it up today...good luck to all, dont panic just do as they say and all will be fine.

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sharadgupta     03/30/2014 00:47 AM

Hi Friends,

My H1b visa got approved on 28th Mach 2014. H1b is one of easiest Visa to get.
Interviewer want to cross check whether we have gone through the details mentioned in I197 form.
Just go through those details you will definitely clear it.

Me : Good morning
VO : Very good morning

VO: Can I have your passport ?
VO: Who is your employer ?
VO: Who is your client ?
VO:How Long are you with your current Employer ?
VO :First time going to USA ?
VO: Your Visa is approved.

Thank you !

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hspr     03/29/2014 05:54 AM

First of all, thanks a lot for this site. I have got a lot of confidence after going through these forums.
Here is my experience:

27/03/2014: Biometric
This was very straight forward. You only need to carry the passport, appointment confirmation letter and the DS-160 confirmation letter.

28/03/2014: Interview
Mine was EVC model and my employer is a small employer (I also had a 221g in the past). so I took all the supporting docs related to the EVC and prepared really well. I know that there were very slim chances with this model unless we have perfect documentation.

My observation at my counter was that at least five to six of them were interviewed in 15-25 minutes.

There were two persons when I reached the counter. The first person being interviewed was for student visa. VO took just four minutes for the interview, though the VO didn't say any golden words to him he gave him a hint saying enjoy your trip in LA. The second one was for H1B and is from MNC. The questions for him were very straight and just took 2 mins for 5 questions. Again the VO didn't say the golden words but said it would take a week for his passport to be ready.

And then it was my turn and this is how it went.

Me. Good morning sir, how r u
VO. good, how r u
VO. ur passport and I-797 please
me. sure
VO. Who is your employer
VO. Who is your client?
me. XXXX
VO Is it XXXXX systems or what?
me. answered accordingly. (i believe VO was checking in the google)
VO. What is the client into?
me. one liner
VO. What do u do to them
me. one liner
VO. What is it that u implement to them
 me. one liner
VO. which location do you work
me. answered accordingly
VO. what is your highest qualification
VO. Are you married
me. answered accordingly
VO. Any kids
me. answered accordingly
VO. What is your designation
me. answered accordingly
VO. What is your salary
me. XXXXX dollars

Then the VO said to keep the fingers on the biometric device. After that VO said nothing. When I said "are we done?" then VO replied u will get an sms to pick your passport.
It just took five minutes and i am confused as all the documents are with me. VO had my passport and returned my i797. I was waiting for the golden words but didn't hear it.

So i am waiting for the sms with my fingers crossed.
Hope my experience might help others.

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vijay.ygr     03/26/2014 11:17 AM

Hi all,
I would like to share my H1B stamping experience which was happened at Abu Dhabi, UAE. My visa interview was scheduled @ 10:15 AM. I reached consulate half an hour before with my wife and my daughter of 4 years old. I gave my DS-160 Confirmation barcode papers along with passports at the security gate window. They scanned and returned them back. Immediately we allowed inside a security check where we all scanned with metal detectors and asked us to leave bag and keys there.
Next we moved to main consulate building. There, security gave a token (for H1B) of 3 slips and asked us to proceed to the window # 1. We went to window #1 where our DS-160 confirmation barcode forms scanned and by collecting 1 slip of token and then asked us to proceed to window # 11. At this window # 11, we waited for 30 minutes to get our biometrics scanning done. 2nd slip of token taken and biometric scanning is finished.
Next we asked to wait for final interview another 30 minutes. Finally we are called to a window # 5 where a US lady in her 30s asked to give passport. I gave passports along with bunch of documents (Original Letters to the consulate from employer, photocopy of I-797B, I-129, LCA & Original Offer letter).
She checked and started asking the following questions:
Me: Good morning...
VO: Good morning...
VO: Are you working here for XXX company?
Me: Yes.
VO: What are you working for XXX company (Abu dhabi company)?
Me: I am working as XXXXX and explained in 2 bullet points of my duties.
VO: Where are you moving in US?
Me: Piscataway, NJ
VO: Why most of people are moving to NJ?
Me: Since NJ is booming in computer field now-a-days, there are plenty of opportunities for software professionals.
VO: What is your highest degree of education?
Me: MS
VO: What is the specialization?
Me: Aerospace Engg
VO: Why are you moving to Computers?
Me: I got job into Software field through campus placement. So, I started my career in software.
VO: How many years of experience you have in computer field?
Me: XX years
VO: How big is your company in US?
Me: 20 employees working and it has revenue of XXX million dollars per annum.
VO: How are you? (this is for my daughter)
Me: My daughter answered loudly as "I am fine".
VO: Very nice.
VO: Your petition is not updated in our system. I need to contact USCIS to get updated. Shall I retain a photocopy of your petition.
Me: Sure. You can keep it.
VO: I am giving you visa. Normally passport will be delivered 3 days. Since I need to contact USCIS to update your petition, it may take 1 week.
Thank you. No problem. Take your own time.
We got a white slip with saying congratulations your visa approved. No questions have been asked to my wife.
- no need to be nervous
- Talk casually
- the surroundings are very noisy so listen carefully. If possible, use telephone handset.

Thanks a lot to GOD.

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nanda     03/24/2014 14:56 PM

What do you do/explain job duties
How much salary

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prane     03/21/2014 02:03 AM


1) How long have you been in US?
2) Who is your employer?
3) how much is the salary per annum?
4) Where did you do masters ?

Thats it., my Visa got approved...Thanks Immihelp

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