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unplanned     06/15/2017 08:32 AM

I was on f1 and H1b from past 8 years and my H1b visa extension denied as no options left I travelled back to india and attended H4 visa in Hyderabad.
Had finger prints on 8th and attended interview on 12th june.

Below are the set of questions.
VO: So you are on F1 and H1B visa already?
ME: Yes

VO: where are you staying?
ME:told the city and state

VO: where does you wife works?
ME: Told the company name and she asked me spell the company name

VO: what is the annual salary?
ME: Answered

VO: Previously for which company did you worked?
ME: Answered

VO: What is the highest education and where did u attend?
ME: Answered

VO: Your visa is approved.

The officer didn't ask for any of the documents and the interview went just for one minute.

Got email on 14th for passport pickup!!!

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dmegh     06/10/2017 01:37 AM

I had been intending to share my experience for a while.
I was on H1b since 5 years, during which I was employed with company A, lost the job, applied for H4, H4 approval was pending for 5 months, got new job meanwhile who applied for another H1 and got new H1-B. Same scenario arose again and I had two options now, either go india and apply for h4, get stamp and come back to america which would be faster, and other was apply for COS from H1 to H4 from USA, and wait for 6-10 months atleast for approval. So after contemplating a lot, I decided to go India.
After reading everybodys experience and watching news I was so nervous.
I went to Mumbai consulate.
Fingerprinting was on April 13 and Interview on April 18.
For interview, I was amongst the last few ones left in the building before lunch.
There were no seats once I entered inside the actual interviewing buiding with windows. Had to be in que standing for about 30-45 minutes.
I had a girl in front of me applying for H4 first time and I could hear her questions
When did you get married?
How many people did you have in your wedding?
Love / arranged marriage?
what habit of your husband annoys you?
how will you manage food once you reach america?
Show pictures of wedding..
She was approved. Now it was my turn... I had complete different set of questions

VO: So is this first time applying for visa?
Me: Yes first time for H4. (she was not even looking at me, seemed exhausted)

She was going through my passport and saw prior stamps of H1B and F1..

VO: Oh so you were on H1-b? why are you switching now?
Me: Gave honest answer

She took 1-2 minutes looking something in computer

VO:What does your husband do at XXX company?
Me: Answered

VO:- Where do you live?
Me: Answered

After looking up more in computer for 1-2 minutes

VO: do you like living there?
Me: YEs

VO: Your visa is approved and you would receive our passport at your selected location in 3-5 days

I was so happy to hear this and I just left the window as fast as I could.
I was releived when she switched questions from my history to my husband. I have been in US for a;most 10 years on F1 and then on H1-b for 2 diff companies. My husband always worked for one same company for all these years. I had been reading that they are getting tighter for h4 souses who reviously had been in US and having higher education degrees.

I got an email on April 20, passport ready for pick up.

After I got visa, my husband also decided to take vacation and he came India.
He had his last stam expired 7 mobths ago, and he qualified for drop box

At drop box location, he submitted his old and nnew passports and copy of latest 797 approval on May 16.
On checking status online, it said case was opened on May 17.
Visa was approved on May19
Passport ready for collection on May 22.

For him the process seemed seamless.
Just be confident and answer honestly

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mc4visa     06/08/2017 00:55 AM

I am going for Drop box at Chennai. Please advise do I need to take my spouse(H4) and kid OR I can alone go and give the documents. Please suggest the list documents to carry?
Please share your experience?
Appreciate you help.

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mrdbz     06/08/2017 05:55 AM

I had my visa interview on 1st June. Pretty standard. VO said visa approved but CEAC status is still Administrative processing.
Case updated date changed yesterday from 1 June to 7th June but status is still AP
Anyone else in same boat ?
Till when can I expect a response ?

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vamsi12619     06/07/2017 15:16 PM

OFC on 7th ( Sunday)
Consular on 8th ( Monday )

During OFC interview, i was told we can avoid taking minors but i didnt want to take any risk and took them anyway.

Me: Greeting to CO
CO acknowledges and responds accordingly.

Q1:- what is your name
Me :- Answered
Q2:- What is your company
Me :- Answered
Q3 :-What is your designation
Me :- Answered
Q4:- What is your salary
Me :- Answered
Q5:- What is your highest level of education
Me :- Answered
Q6 :- Did you study in the US
Me :- No, i studied in XYZ .

To my spouse
Q:- How long you have been married.

CO:- Have safe travels

The status was in admin processing for 4 days, but then it changed to issued.Dont panic, seems like that is pretty normal.

POE :-
What company do you work for
What is your designation


From what i understood They arent looking to reject anyone, i think they are just doing their job to see if the candidate is genuine and not trying to enter the US by any fraud.
As long as you are confident and clear things should be smooth.

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samrac     06/07/2017 03:37 AM

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your experiences, reading your experiences helped me a lot and I thought I would share my experience now.

OFC on 05/28
Consular on 05/30

Visa Interview Experience:

I had my interview on counter no. 13 with a female interviewer. I have heard before that she was tough and she rejected visas for the 2 people in front of me.

I got my visa lottery picked in 2016. I had to join second master's program when my H1B application wasn't picked in 2015 lottery which was a big blow and I knew I would be in big trouble when I visit India.

Visa interviewer started the conversation by asking me questions about my second masters and my CPT.

Q1. Did I change Universities?
Q2. Did I use CPT during my masters program, if so when?
Q3. How I switched from CPT status to H1B status
Q4. Who is my petitioner?
Q5. Who is my client? (I work for a govt agency so that was an advantage I thought)
Q6. What is my salary?
Q7. Do you intend to complete your Master's program (second masters)?

She said my visa is approved, there are no issues with my application but she needs to check something with my student status and stuff.

Case Created: 26th May
Case Last Updated: 30th May, Admin Processing
Case Last Updated: 6th June Case status didn't change but the the last updated date changed. (I knew my case was moving forward in a positive direction)
Case Updated: 7th June, status changed from Admin processing to Issued.

I was closely following the experiences of others and I found that the cases in hyderabad with similar situations as mine were processed rather quickly. I knew when my case was updated on June 6th that my status would change from Admin processing to Issued in the following day.

Good luck everyone who is waiting for their visas.

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santhoshphilip     06/05/2017 23:38 PM

Finger Printing 05/22 Monday 8 am. Went there at 7:40 and came out at 8:10. Pretty straight forward
Visa interview 05/23 , Tuesday 8 am. back ground: I am in healthcare field, 3rd H1B extension with the same employer but first time stamping with them
we were walking a tight time line as we had to catch the 10am flight back to Cochin. Went to the consulate by 6:50 and had 12 ppl ahead of us. Line started moving by 7:15. Went through security checkpoints and reached the interview line in the second building by 7:30. Individuals with young children were allowed to skip the line and were called first. We left ours with our parents. We were at the interview window by 7:50. questions were procedural
1. Who do you work for
2. What do you do
3. Whats your salary
4. Do you work at the location
5. What is your highest level of education
To my wife: whats your highest level of education
and that was it. she said your visa is issued. We came out of the consulate by 7:55 took an auto to the hotel, collected the luggage, and reached the airport by 8:40. PPs were ready for pickup at Cochin OFC on 5/26, Friday.
Helpful tips:
We found The Spring Hotel a decent and reasonable place to stay with close proximity

If you have tight schedule, the key is to take the 8;00 am appointment and get to the consulate early ( you can escape the heat as well)

Take your kids with you by all means. They will be allowed in and you will be given preference

Apparently Chennai is a good place to shop if you are wondering what to do after fingerprinting on the first day

We stopped by Dubai on our way back and had no issues there ( Starting last month we are now eligible for 14 days visa on arrival for a Fee of 120 Dhs)

No issues at the POE (JFK) as well.
In short everything went well and we are glad that we made the trip. Thank you all for the inputs.

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SriHan     06/02/2017 07:27 AM

First of all, I would like to thank the forum, the administrators, and people sharing their experiences. It's very useful and helpful for the people attending interviews.

This is my turn to share my visa experience.

This is my first H1 interview. I was on L1 before.

23-May :- Finger Printing. Nothing much to say here as so many posts detailed on the steps.
Important to carry Passport, DS-160 confirmation.

24-May:- Consular Interview.
I have taken 9:30 am slot but reached the embassy at 8:30 and had to wait in line for my turn even though there was a kid attending interview with me.
Finally at 9:15 or so they allowed us inside, with various checks happening at different places inside the embassy. By the time we came to the interview window its almost 10+. There were lot of elders attending interviews, Few F1a and Few H1s.

I handed over our passports and I797.

Interview was very quick. I guess 2 min.

Who is your petitioner?
Which place are you going to in US? YYY Place
Do you have a client or in-house project? Mine is In-House and I have documentation for this
So, You have been with XXX Company before when you visited US before?[VO was referring to my L1]. I confirmed.
Did you visit the YYY place earlier, when you were in US? I did not visit that place.
What is the project you are going to work there? ZZZ Project

How long have you been married?
How many kids do you have?

That's it.

He returned the I797 and Mentioned !!!Your Visa is Approved!!! and Kept our passports.
We thanked the VO and came out.

Important to Carry:-
Passport, DS-160 confirmation, I797, LCA, Any documents you may feel you require to submit based on the interview.

Just an advise :- Dress Well and Be confident and answer is simple and short and straight answers rather than tell like a story.

Hope this helps.

Thank You and All the best for people attending interviews next.
The status for my spouse and kid changed to Issued on 26-May itself and mine was in Administrative processing and Mine status changed to Issued on 31-May afternoon.

If all the applicants of a family did not change to Issued at same time, Please do not panic and wait, Once the VO confirmed its approved, It will be processed.

All the best.

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reddy_vasu     06/01/2017 03:01 AM

I had my H1B

Submitted Dropbox on May 26th
Status Changed to Issued on May 30th
Yet to collect the Passport

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nivvisu     05/31/2017 23:13 PM

Interview: 25 May,2017
Consulate: Chennai
H1B Stamping

Went smooth. No surprises.


Why do you want to go to US ?
Who is your Petiioner
How long have you been with your employer
Do you have a client
Which office
Highest Qualification
What is your Salary?

To spouse
How long have you been married
Highest Qualification
Is your daughter a US citizen.

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