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peace1111     04/21/2017 22:19 PM

About me

Currently working in US
Never changed employer.
7th year on H1B
EVC model.

Attended visa interview on 04/21 with wife (h4) and infant ( US citizen)

Interview appointment : 11:00 AM
I was allowed in @ 10:00 AM

Interview questions:

VO: So do you work for xxxx (myemployer ) ?
VO: Do you work at client location ?
VO: Who is your client ?
VO: What is your designation?
VO: What is your salary?

To my wife
VO: How long have you been married?
VO: What does your father-in-law do ?
VO: Is your kid a US citizen ?

He said our Visa is approved and returned our I-797s and kept the passports .

Question: on CEAC status is " Administrative Processing " today on 04/22. Does it say admin processing initially after visa approval ? how long is it taking for the status to update ? please let me know.

Thanks to all the wonderful people sharing their experience.

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tuhi22     04/20/2017 01:47 AM

1st of all.. it was really really crowded. from what i read, i didnt expect so many people.. saw a bunch of people being grilled n sent back with their passports in their hands.

interview questions:
VO: where do you work? (he was still looking in the screen)
ME: Answered..
VO: oh! u already work there..
(i think he was still working on the previous case and now was coming on our file)
VO: what do you do there?
ME: Answered
VO: Do you work at the client location?
ME: Answered

To my wife on H4 EAD,
VO: Do you work there?
Wife: Yes
VO: what do you do:
Wife: Answered
VO: when did you guys get married?
Wife: Answered

Ok cool.. you are good!

we said thanks and left!
we got the passport delivered in 5 days.

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sumenzz     04/18/2017 14:37 PM


I am on H1 and wife on h4.
Currently working in US.
Employer changed in US (2016) and previous employer visa still valid till June 2017.
Planned for 3 weeks trip to India (March-April) and decided to go for stamping for the new employer.
Eligible for Dropbox


27 March -> Arrived India (New Delhi) and submitted dropbox.
03 April -> Received mail to collect passport. However, CEAC shows "Admin processing".
05 April -> Passport Collected. A letter was attached informing us to attend personal interview and finger printing. No need to schedule appointment.
06 April -> Finger print and interview done in embassy.

           Interview details
VO : Why do you want to go to US?
           Me : I am working there.
           VO : Why did you change your employer?
           Me : Better pay and better project.
           VO : employer?
           Me : AAAAAAAA
           VO : Salary?
           Me : $$$

           VO : When did you get married?
           me : xxxx

           VO to Wife : When did you meet your husband?
           Wife : xxxx
           VO : (After typing something) I will issue your visa (kept the passport)
           me : Thank you.

07 April : CEAC status 'Issued'
10 April : Received mail to collect passport.
11 April : Passport Collected.
15 April : Reached US. No Issue at POE (Atlanta) . Only one question. "Where do you work"

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santhoshpatrudu     04/16/2017 23:44 PM

Hi Friends,
I am planning to schedule visa stamping but before that, I recognize that there is a spelling mistake in my I797 document, so please can you suggest me how to proceed for stamping in the mean time I requested my attorney for a change of name.
Do you want me to go for stamping or you want me to wait until the document is changed?

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surendrn     04/16/2017 00:25 AM

I reached chennai on 9th April .

April 10th - submitted in dropbox.
April 11th - ready in ceac, admin process in ustravel site
Arill 13th - issued in ceac, processing for delivery in ustravel site
April 14th leave.
April 15- issued in ceac, READY FOR PICKUP in ustravel site.

Good luck everyone.

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abhilashp89     04/16/2017 00:40 AM

Hi Folks,

My H1 B VISA is approved for 3 years from date it was filed with my new employer.I was hired for in house project and then company has filed H1 B Amendment with my current client details a month after I have joined.Now my current status of amendment is in RFE.

Problem here is,I have travel scheduled on 27th May,2017 and reason for my travel is, my marriage is scheduled then. I am not sure if I can travel to India and get the VISA stamping done while Amendment is in RFE state. I have heard earlier that, while amendment is in progress it is legal and ok to travel and get the stamping done. But not sure, if it is same case when H1 B Amendment is in RFE status.

Can you please let me know, if any of you have experienced this and if so, what are the consequences.

Kindly help only if you have experienced this kinda state or knew somebody who faced this scenario and tackled situation.

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indian1985     04/13/2017 23:24 PM

Spouse had H4-EAD and never used, going for H4 stamping, what should I fill for the following question?
Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? (Yes/No).

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myexp     04/13/2017 22:27 PM

DS-160 confirmation shows location as Hyderabad whereas appointment is scheduled at Chennai. Will there be any problem?
Please advise.

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indian1985     04/13/2017 20:38 PM

Me and my wife planning to go for visa stamping(H1B & H4 visa). I need your expert advice in below DS 160 questions.
DS 1660 Question: Do you have any immediate relatives not including parents in the united states?
Do I need to mention my wife as immediate relatives here in my DS160? She is in dependent visa H4.
Also do she need to mention my name as immediate relative in her DS160? We will be going together to India for visa stamping.

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SenthilPalanivelu     04/13/2017 16:45 PM

I am on a F1 student visa pursuing Master’s degree in USA and I will be graduating May 2018. I got a job offer last week and the employer is willing to sponsor H1B with my undergraduate degree and previous experience. Now If I get H1B, will I get into trouble completing my Master’s Program? Can I complete the Master’s program studying Part-Time while working full time on H1B visa?

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