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rjsada     02/16/2017 00:25 AM

Hi All,

         Congrats to those who have got the visa. Kindly specify your experiences at the Port of Entry too in usa i.e. what questions were asked at the port of entry and what problems you faced (if any).


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KK@7     02/16/2017 07:22 AM

Hello everyone first of all thanks to everyone who had posted their genuine experience here, really it is helping a lot all.

Here is my H1/H4 experience at Hyderabad consulate below.

OFC on 12th Feb
Interview on 13th Feb

Documents took were passport and I797, below are the questions asked by VO.

Who is your end client?
What is your salary in US?
Highest qualification?
Which state you are going?
You have already been travelled to US right?

Then she asked my wife below questions.

How long you have been married?
What is your highest qualification.

Finally she said here I am approving all your visa and have a safe trip with returning our I797.

on 14th Feb passport status changed to Issued.
15th status updated with passport ready to pick up.
16th(today) collected my passports.

If you all had genuine documentation and confidence then no need to worry.


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Anonyname     02/16/2017 07:12 AM

Had my visa appointment on 15th Feb at Chennai. I'm going from an F-1 to an H1-B visa. Visa was approved after a few questions :

What company do you work for ? What does your company do? Did you study in the US? Which school? Did you graduate? What is your salary?

On 16th Feb the status of my application went from Admin Processing to Issued. Hope to be able to pick up my passport in a couple of days.

Smile and be confident while speaking. Good luck!

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nagaraju540@gmail.com     02/16/2017 04:24 AM

First of all thanks to every one to who shared their views/posts. It means a lot.

15th Feb Fingerprints
16th Feb VISA appointment


Tell about yourself/Employer/end client /salary/which city/roles and responsibilities/highest qualification

I was working with IBM from 2008 to 2016 - that helped me a lot.. if you have genuine experience/be confident ..You will listen the WOW words your visa is approved.

My Suggestion would be don't be tensed and be confident and maintain eye to eye contact with VO

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harzz     02/16/2017 00:49 AM

Hello all,

I am planning to take travel to india in second week of march to get visa stamping (first experience) from New Delhi consulate.Would anyone be able to list immediate dates available for month of feb and march.


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nik125     02/15/2017 00:43 AM

MUMBAI H4 Exp. First time stamping
Consular Appointment: 13 FEB
Question asked:
Where is your spouse living in US?
Whom he is living with?
What company he works for?
When and where you got married?
How many people were present in marriage?
Do you like your spouse?
Is your spouse cook? And what type of food does he make?
What is email address of your spouse?
Then golden words Visa Approved….
No documents were asked.
Status: 13 FEB Admin processing in morning and ISSUED at evening on same day ….
Next day 14 FEB collected PP.

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preeth86     02/15/2017 10:32 AM

Going by recent stamping experiences in this forum, it looks like stampings are happening as usual. However it would beneficial if you share the information on when you got the passport of if still waiting for it.

Those who got stamping done after January please mention your visa interview date, emabassy, and passport received date or mention not received till date.

It will helpful for those who have scheduled stamping in the coming weeks like me.

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vivekc     02/15/2017 07:20 AM

Hello All,

I am planning to travel to India on feb 28 for H1 B visa stamping (first time) . Under the supported document section in this website , it has I 129 listed. I only have a 2 page I 797-A with a copy of my petition with me. Is I-129 and I-797 A one and the same ?

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uds     02/14/2017 22:43 PM

Hello everyone,

Reading all the rumors I was really confused and at a point almost cancelled my ticket from US. But reading all the positive experiences posted here I wanted to take a chance and here I am.

Arrived from US on 12th morning. VAC on 12th evening.

And the most important day .. 13th feb .. date of my visa interview(hyd consulate)..

I was observing the counters near by and no one was really having any problem.

Here is my interview.

An Indian lady took my passport and gave it to the officer and then comes my turn.

VO : Who is your petitioner?

VO : Who is your Client?

VO: So you will be working in xxx state?

Visa Approved. Less than 30seconds

He was so cool. Did not ask for anything except my passport.

And yesterday the status changed to Issued and hoping it will be ready for pickup soon.

Thank you everyone over here for helping me and others.

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kumaratul510     02/14/2017 14:09 PM

Hi Friends,

I was a silent reader from 2 yrs and now it’s my turn to share my experience.
Let me start from the beginning, My company initiated my L1B in 2015 but it was rejected as "My skills were not falling under special skilled worker so I was suggested me to apply me for different Visa category”, but I didn’t lose my hope and tried to push my organization for H1B Visa.

Below is my experience for H1B Visa interview in Chennai on 13th Feb 2017.
ME : Good Morning Office
VO : Good Morning

VO : Can I have your Passport ?
ME : I Have handed over the passports

VO : Can I see your I 797
ME : Sure..handed over

VO : Who is your Petitioner
ME : XXX is my Petitioner

VO : Who is your Client and which city
ME : XXX is my Client, XXX city in US

VO : What is your salary?
ME : XXX dollar Annually

VO : What is your highest level of Education?
ME : XXX replied

Then VO asked questions to my wife, so I got relaxed as my turn is over now.

VO : What is your highest level of Education?
Spouse : XXX replied

VO : How long you have been married ?
Spouse: XXX Years

Again VO asked question to me, so I got shocked as I was in relax mode but no other go...

VO : What is your highest level of Education?
ME : XXX replied

VO : What is your job responsibility with this Client?
ME : 1st I got confused and replied my designation and stopped….
        but he asked again the same question...then I explain my role and responsibility in 3 to 4 lines.

Then VO office started looking into the system for 2 mins and in-between he said “oh my god” and that was really scary moment for me...I thought it’s went for a toss now.
Finally after 1 min the golden words came “Your visa is approved"
I took long breath inside and replied thanks to VO officer...

Observation: Don’t try to concentrate on other people conversation, be confident and try to reply straight forward answer with smile.

I believe in luck is major factor in H1B which is why I guess today you would be gathering the information through this forum and waiting for your stamping date, so as we already have the luck, we just need to make some extra effort to prove ourselves . Give your 100%!!

Good luck everyone!!!

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