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gokulmds     03/21/2017 04:00 AM

Hi peeps,

I had my interview yesterday (20/03/17 at 10 am) at the Mumbai consulate and got my visa approved. I arrived by 8:35 but went inside the consulate only by 10:30, even though my interview slot was at 10. The 9:30 slot was very crowed, but strangely there were only a handful of people for 10a and 10:30a slots and no one were waiting inline for the other slots. I came out by 12:40.

Documents asked by VO: i-797 and Passport.

Questions asked (not in the same order):

1. Who is your petitioner? (FYI: Direct employee)
2. Highest level of education? (FYI: MBA in India)
3. What does your husband do? Is he on H4? (FYI. he is on H1)
4. What is your salary?
5. What is your designation and responsibilities? (FYI: Financial Analyst)
6. Are you working for a client? (FYI: No. Direct employee)

I was hoping that my passport gets ready for pick-up the same day after the interview but it has been more than 24 hours and the status still shows "Passport Status : Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate". Has anyone experienced this at the Mumbai consulate? Please share if you are in the same situation? My return date is on 26th and hoping to pick up the passport before that.

Any insights would be very helpful. Thanks!

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pcolly     03/20/2017 14:13 PM

My LCA is done for about 65K and I'm getting paid much more than that. If I'm asked what should I say about my salary? My LCA or my actual salary?


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njothi2004     03/20/2017 06:28 AM

Hi All,

List of questions asked by VO.

1. Name of Petitioner
2. Marital Status
3. Salary
4. Client
5. Work Location
6. Highest Level of Education
7. Designation
8. Duration with Petitioner

Yet to receive my passport from VAC.

Thank you,
Jothi Nathan

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rjsada     03/17/2017 02:16 AM


     What to specify for "Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip:" in the DS-160 form?


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altruist321     03/16/2017 15:26 PM

I have travel planned in April 1st week

My employer will be filing premium for me in next week i.e. week of 20th.My family is already in India
Visa/I-94 is valid till Sept 2017
My employer says once we get approved petition, he'll mail me to India


1. Can i travel to India

2. While coming back, if in any case petition gets late, can i show old existing petition which is valid till Sept 2017.

3. If officer asks has extension applied, what should i answer.

Please help

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ultima     03/16/2017 09:39 AM

I had gotten RFE for my petition in september with big list of queries on the company running to 5 pages. The petitioner submitted evidence at very last minute for november 30.

Status changed to approved on Dec 2nd.

After couple of rescheduling, finally had OFC on Feb 15th.
Scheduled interview date at consulate being March 1. (i understand most people have the next day for interview)

Due to personal issues, had to reschedule the interview date again to March 15th.
So, system does allow you to change interview date after OFC done. Someone had asked this and got a negative answer. But condition is, there is more than 24 hrs available while rescheduling.

Also, you can reschedule for max of 5 times.

March 15 - Chennai consulate:

Appointment time - 8.30 am. (wanted to beat traffic as well as heat by going early)
Also people tend to be fresh and polite first thing in the morning.

Booked and cab to reach the venue though its just 4 km from home. There was a big accident near to consulate and hence vehicles were not moving on that road.
Got down and walked about .5 km to the consulate. Its better to try to go early to avoid any such unforeseen problems. Was bit tense because of all the delay.

Security near the entrance ask for you passport, DS-160. Always keep DS-160, appointment confirmation and passport at hand initially till you get fingerprints scanned.

Once done they ask if you have mobile phone with you. I left my mobile, watch etc at home to avoid probs. And as expected security asked if i have watch. They may keep your mobile for a fee (it may be upto 50RS). This is big collection for the police than even their salary i guess! Avoid wasting money on this.

Once you enter the premises, first is security scanning and frisking.
You will be asked to empty your pockets and put all in basket which goes through scanner. You will be frisked and you can take your belongings from basket.
Purse is allowed but no sharp items including keys.

Next you will guided to another queue. Huge crowd already inside. I was guided to one of the queues. Here initally scrutiny is done by scanning your passport (a label fixed on passport at OFC). After this you will be asked to go to another queue (counter 18).

Here there was 2 queues for fingerprint scanning. Right hand got scanned. From here on counters managed by Americans. One of the machines developed snag so there was delay again.

On completion, you will asked to join big queue for interview. The queue was snaking about like in temples we see. This queue is for english language option. There was other queues for other languages like telugu, malayalam etc. And there are seats to sit for them! Those queues shorter but they have specific counters with translators for them. They will guide you to particular counter based on language. Family with small children and senior citizens given preference in all queues.

There is absolutely no need to feel fear/ nervous. It will be very noisy, try to shut it out and dont try to listen to what is happening at the counters. For you will only get more nervous.

Counters 19 to 32 are for interviews. You can see and hear from the counters as it will be very near. They allow next interview person for every counter to stand few feet away.
After a long waiting i was asked to go to counter 32. You get to be sent randomly based on availability.

The CO at the counter was interviewing a lady. I waited for few minutes for this to end.
Office called me over. After initial greetings asked for the document.
CO was very polite and respectful.

Immediately provided I-797 B and passport. Seems he only wanted the passport and returned I797.

Questions by CO:

1) Is this your first application ?

2) Is your employer/petitioner XXX?

3) How many years with current employer (petitioner) ? (Wrongly asked ) - So you are yet to start working for XXX ...

4) Where are you going in US?
State and town

5) Whats your salary?
exact annual amount

6) Did you pay anything?
Only DS-160 (warning: this is trap, if you mention you paid its auto reject)

7) Whose is your client?
No client

8) In-house project? Can you explain about the project?

9) Whats your qualification?

10) How did you contact the employer / apply for the job?

Thats all. I was confident that its only formality whatever he is asking as he did not even show much interest to listen to me. Simply was looking at his screen all the time.
Told me its approved and asked me to read the pamphlet without fail.
He thanked me and i returned the favour and left.

I entered at around 7.45 and left around 8.50 am.
Roughly one hour spent of which only <10 minutes at interview.

Its business as usual for the interviews, so no need to worry about current happenings in US. Wish you all good luck with the process.

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Karthikesannatarajan     03/16/2017 07:45 AM


I submitted my passport in VAC dropbox for h1b extension.
Today the status has changed to document delivery information.

I have to travel back next week. Any idea how long it'll take for approval.


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vijji0730     03/15/2017 14:09 PM

Hello all,

Thank you all for sharing your experience here. It really helped me a lot.
Today I am sharing my visa interview experience.Hope this helps.

March 14 - fingerprints

March 14 - visa interview

My situation - Got h1b in 2016 till 2019. After completion of opt continued on cap - gap till Oct 1.
Below are the questions asked by visa officer.

VO & my self exchanged greetings

VO - Did you finished masters in US?

Me - yes.

VO - which university

ME - Answered

VO - Are you a transfer student?

Me - yes, told university names etc

VO - did you work on CPT?
Me - yes.
VO - Did you work on OPT?
Me - yes.
VO - What is your highest degree?
Me - Masters in computer science.
VO - Ok, Do you work for xxxx?
Me - yes.
VO - Do you work directly to them or do you have and end client?
Me - I have an end client. xxx
VO - What is your annual income?
Me - xxxxx
VO - I'm which state you currently living in?
Me - xxxx.
VO - Ok, Congratulations I am approving your visa but you need to expect delay in getting your passport which is approximately 1&1/2 week & handed over white slip with case number on it.

(Then she noticed my worried face & said these words ( As I already told you that your visa is approved & we no need any further documents from you. Due to previous applications are still in pending we need some extra time to dispatch your passport.So you no need to worry about it.)

I said thank you so much & left the place.

She handed over 221g ( white slip) with case number. She did not checked any box in the form. I am really worried about this issue. Please share your experiences if any of you face the same problem.

Thank in advance.

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wellitsvijay     03/15/2017 11:38 AM

I went for visa interview today in Chennai but got a 221(g) blue slip in which 'Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made.' is checked. They retained my passport. I don't know if I left the passport at the counter small hole. If that's the case, should she call me?

My passport status at us.traveldocs.in is

Passport Status :
Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate

Case Initiated: 14-03-2017
Case Updated: 15-03-2017
Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days.
For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General Chennai.

I got by H1-B visa in 2015. I came to the US in 2012 and I am going back after 5 years. These are the questions asked:

How long have you been working with the company? - 2 years
What is your Annual Salary?
What kind of company is this? Network Security company
How many employees?
Where is the world HQ?
When did it get established?
What is your highest qualification? - MS in Electrical Engg
Did you do your Masters in the US? Yes, said University name
When did you first come to the US? Jan 2012 or Spring 2012

Then she entered lot of details in her system. Took a pen and wrote the case number in the form and checked. Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made. And told me that I don't need to reappear for the Visa. Will the answer Network Security to the third question put me in Technology Alert List.

I would appreciate any input. Please help.

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venkateshraju225     03/15/2017 03:27 AM

I've rescheduled my H1B appointment from 17th to 24th. I can see that in my appointment confirmation letter pdf the visa category is H&L class. But when i see the same in Appointment history, the visa category is showing as Business/Tourism. Will there be any problem because of this visa category differences between appointment history and appointment letter.
Please let me know your suggestions
Thank you

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