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beautiful2909     02/04/2016 00:08 AM


OFC : 28th Jan 2016
Visa Interview: 29 Jan 2016

With spouse and my kid (teenager kid). Whole experience was very calm and nice. VO was very good and co-operative

Very first question was asked by VO with smile was, is he your Kid?
and than Below questions were asked.

VO: who is your employer
ME: answered
VO: what will be your salary
ME: answered
VO: what is your designation
ME: answered
VO: what is your highest qualification
ME: I am commerce graduate with diploma in computers
VO: where you are going to work ( client- place )
ME: answered
VO: Do you have this rights pamphlet?
ME: Yes I do have it.
than VO found some query to my client so he was looking into computer some where around 5mins.
than he asked me, which location is your client?
ME: answered
he was still looking into some for more information.
VO: asked for client letter. gone through all information in client letter.

and at last he issues 221g white form with more documents needs to be submitted by petitioner.

no questions were asked to dependents.

Conclusion : VO found some query related to client he did more research in database, he was not looking satisfied with client information so he gave me 221g white slip with 5 options ticked. Documents needs to be submitted by petitioner than I am suppose to get a call from consulate to submit passport at nearest VFS.

Anybody can suggest me is there any hopes that once my employer will submit require docs, will I get call?

Hope my experience can be helpful to someone else also.

Thanks to all who have posted their experiences here which help a lot to boost my confidence.

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sravanp     02/03/2016 00:56 AM

OFC : 28th Jan 2016
Took finger prints and photo everything cool

VISA INTERVIEW : 29th Jan 2016

Below are the questions asked

Who is your employer.
what is your project.
who is your client.
Do you have client letter (Actually i don't have the client letter).
what is your designation.
As a xxxx what about your roles and responsibilities.
Can i see you employment letter.
Present working company
Total how many years of experience do u have
what is your qualification
which place you are going

Finally golden words YOUR VISA IS APPROVED

She asked only employment letter and some thing compared to system and my employment letter

I really thank you every one who posted there experiences over here..All the best guys who are attending the interview

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dheeraaj     02/03/2016 00:10 AM

OFC : 20th JAN 2016
Took fingerprints and photo. Everything went good.

CONSULAR: 28th JAN 2016

My appointment was at 11:30. I reached there around 11:15. Security guys have checked passport and appointment confirmation and let me in.
I then joined a queue , then a person handed me a pamplet (us rights) .
we then moved to a different queue , where they took our finger prints and then a lady has given me a token number and redirected to me the counter.

ME :Good Morning Officer
VO : Good Morning, Can i have your passport please
ME : Yes
VO : Who is your employer
ME : Answered
VO : Who is your client
me : Answered
vo : Which place u r going to (He was typing something in the machine while asking me questions)
me : Answered
VO : What is ur highest education
me : Answered
VO : Your VISA is approved and then looked at my face
ME : Told Thank you!

I have collected my passport today.I have waited for this moment for the past 9 months.
I really thank god and everyone, who have contributed to this forum.

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siva598     02/03/2016 06:13 AM

I got the below questions during visa interview

What is your company name?
What is your highest qualification?
How much you will get paid?
What is your designation?

Be confident guys and don't be panic

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cshah8950     02/01/2016 15:04 PM

Bio-Metric - Had an appointment at 3.15 pm on Sunday afternoon. Reached there 2.15. It was hot out there. We asked the security guy and he told us to come 30 minutes before the appointment time. Rested next to Xerox center/locker in a mosque. Very good area compare to stand in hot sun on heavy traffic road.

At 2.45 We stand in line and it was quick checks before we went in. Keep your DS 160 and Passport ready. I had in my visa appointment letter old DS 160 number (which was picked up by system for my wife when she came for visa few years back) but I printed a new DS 160 confirmation number. So I was little worried but no need to panic as they will give you new sticker on your passport.

After you enter to Trade Center building there are two separate lines for Men and Women for checking. After that they give you token number and that number will display on screen and you have to go to that window.

Fingerprinting and photographs were very easy and quick. My wife had Mehandi on her hand but all was OK and we were out by 3.30 and officer was very nice to us.

Next Day Feb 1 2016

Visa appointment was at 9 AM. Reached there by 8. There was a huge line for 8 am slot. After they all went in we were asked to stand in line. There is a big shed after you enter the premise. Waiting there for another 15 minutes finally was in and our passports were taken and called by name. We had to put our fingerprints again and then they asked us to stand in a small queue. Then we have been asked to go to window for interview. Officer was very nice and asked only few questions.

1. What is my employer?
2. What is my company doing?
3. What is my designation?
4. Show me your I797 A or I 129
took photocopy of original from her machine. Checked something on her computer and said your visa is approved.

All went well.

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kiranreloaded     02/01/2016 00:11 AM

First day was a breeze at the collection centre. DS160 confirmation is stamped and told to bring the stamped copy to the actual interview.

Day 2
Took a rickshaw, which dropped me near a bus-stop close to the consulate
1. A man standing at the footpath checks the interview schedule.
2. After this, we have to walk further into the barricaded portion of the footpath
3. A small stall is setup to deposit any items which cannot be taken inside like keychain, pen-drive, cd, etc.
4. Next we need stand in a line outside the consulate waiting for first security check. Separate queues for men and women. A man does a initial check of pockets and tells us what items are not allowed.
5. Next, we enter the building in batches. Two angry, frustrated security women check the documents and folders for any un-permitted items.
6. Folders and documents put into trays into a scanner (like airport)
7. We are made to go through a security door and a person does a through check (just like airport)
8. Next we are permitted into a room, where our schedule, DS 160, etc are checked.
9. Next wait in line to enter main interview building. People with babies can enter without any waiting.
10. Once inside, we wait in zig-zag queue. Five counters. 3 for cross checking finger prints and 2 for cross checking documents.
11. The counters to cross check finger prints have US persons inside the counter and an Indian helper outside. Once there, the Indian person scans our passport and US person randomly ask to place out left or right hand on the scanner.
12. Next stand in line for the cross verification of documents in any of the 2 counters.
13. Next another zig-zag queue for actual interview.

Actual Interview:
Can I have your passport and I797 please?
You been to US before? Yes
Which visa did you travel on? answered
Which visa are you applying for now? H1B
Since how long have you been working for xxx? New employee
You are currently working for? yyy
What will be your salary in US? $123
When did you go to US last? answered

Typed for 5 minutes and then the Golden words - YOUR VISA IS APPROVED!!!

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saiabhay22     02/01/2016 11:05 AM

> I Have two H1 B petitions approved with (xxx) and (yyy) different companies for 2015.

> I have got stamped with (xxx) company. Now, due to some issues not interested to go with (xxx)

and I am looking to go with (yyy) company.

Need help for below Please!

> Can I go for stamping for (yyy) company with all the required documents again?

> My Visa stamping with (xxx) is STILL VALID till this Sep 30' 2016.

> What would be the consequences and can someone please provide me a remedy for this. Please help me on this.


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srikanth85     01/31/2016 00:50 AM

Notice Was Returned To USCIS Because The Post Office Could Not Deliver It .

Dores anyone these kind of situation .

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p646     01/30/2016 09:07 AM

Hello all,

 My wife and I went for visa stamping @ Hyd Consulate. The interview was short.
1. who is your petitioner?
2. Who is your Client?
3. How long have you been working with this client?

To my wife
1. How long have you been married?
2. where do you all live in the US?

We picked up our passports on 4/29/2016 Friday and found that my wife's visa was printed right but my visa stamp has some mistakes.

Petitioner Name, Petitioner Number and Expiry date are printed wrong.

What is advisable in this situation correction or apply for new visa interview appointment.


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AnilSharma123     01/29/2016 10:08 AM

Hello All,

In 2014, My h1b was selected in lottery and approved. However while stamping I got 221g and case went into administrative processing.

Last year, my current company(YYY) and one other employer(XXX) use my earlier case and they both got approval for new H1b case.

After that I got stamping for my current company (YYY). I did not went for an interview from other employer (XXX) yet.

however now I would like to go and work for employer (XXX) and not for the employer for which I got stamping.

Do I need to go for stamping again? If not, What documents I need to carry while entering in USA.

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