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ankur1210     07/07/2016 14:06 PM

Hi All

I attended the interview in December 2015 at New Delhi. I got a 221g asking for couple of documents. I submitted all the required documents within a week. Later I got a call from embassy around 20th January asking for some more documents. My employer submitted all of them via email in February.

There is no update on my case after that. Date has been updated twice after that but no update in status. I tried calling NVC in US but they don't have any updates on my case and asked me to contact embassy. I have written several emails to embassy but every time theyou respond back with a standard reply.

1. Is it normal that a 221g taking such a long time?
2. What is the process to contact embassy or escalate the case?


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Anil Kumar     07/06/2016 08:53 AM

Hi All,

I have H1B visa with my current employer and currently i am in india.

Now I am planning to transfer my H1B visa.

Here my question is, when should I inform to my current employer about my resignation. Is it before transfer of H1B visa or after.

Please provide the safest way without revoking of H1B visa by my current employer.

Anil Kumar

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User_H1B     07/03/2016 10:59 AM

Hi All,

My wife and me went for H1B and H4 stamping together at US Consulate Mumbai.

We scheduled OFC time a day ahead before actual consulate interview.

The OFC process is straightforward.

We scheduled the time slot at 1:30 PM and we reached the venue at 10:15 AM as suggested by consulate. There was a huge queue of people with their family standing in the nearby vicinity.

Guys,, please pay attention to reach the venue just only 15 mins earlier else you have to stand in the queue ( which is very pathetic) in the rain or sun.

Since we reached on time, we were allowed to go in directly.

You should only bring
1) All your passport ( new and old)
2) OFC and VAC appointment letter
3) DS160 confirmation letter

Nothing at all is required (only in case of adults). Please do not carry any electronic device as it is not allowed at all in the premises.

Our documents were checked and we were directed inside. There were three queues where we need to stand. They just scanned the barcode and pasted a white sticker on the back of the passport. They also verified the name and DOB in the passport.

Next we were given a token and asked to sit and look at the tv screen for the window. Our number came and i went to a window where i was asked to have my fingerprints(left 4 finger then right 4 fingers and then both thumbs together). Post that i was asked to stand for a digital photograph.
That was done and we both came out. The DS160 confirmation letter has been stamped by the OFC officer at the entry. These all 3 things needs to be carried next day for the consulate interview.

Consulate interview
Next day our Consulate interview appointment was at 10 AM. We reached the Consulate at 9:45 AM. There was a queue which was formed nearby the wall of the consulate where we were directed by the Consulate staff. Our documents were verified ( DS 160 confirmation, VISA appointment letter and Passport). As the time came we were asked to move in to the consulate where our folder ( which contained our company docs and other petition related docs) were scanned for security. After that we were asked to sit on the third queue which was in the open shed of the consulate. After 10-15 mins our queue was asked to move in the main area where people were standing in the queue and there were several windows where interviews were going on. Everyone was asked to go to the last queue, where our passports were taken and our fingerprints were re verified by the US Consulate Person (American). They checked fingerprints and photograph and then asked to go to stand in the second queue. From the second queue a Indian consular staff was directing people to go to different vacant windows where US Embassy consular officer were taking interview. We were given Window 13. We moved there and stood for our turn. There was a guy who was in front of us getting interviewed for F1 and the consulate officer rejected the Visa. They guy was disappointed and so were we because the we were next.

We went nearby the window and the officer greeted us first. Below is what happened.

VO: Good morning.
US: Good morning Officer. How are you ?

VO: I am good. Thanks. Can i have your passports and I-797?
US: Sure and we passed the passport and Original I-797.

VO: Is this your new Employer?
ME: Yes. It XXX, is my new employer.

VO: What will you do for them in US?
ME: I explained my role and the responsibilities i will perform.

VO: Whats your highest qualification?
ME: Its Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology.

VO: Madam, What is your highest qualification?
My Wife : Its Master of Business administaration in Marketing and Finance.

VO: Sir, Where will you work in US?
ME: I will work in Princeton, NJ.

VO: What is the project name?
ME: Its XXX.

VO: She returned back i-797 and kept the passport and said your visa is approved. You will get back the passport with visa in 2-3 days.
She passed the right to work pamphlet to us.

My wife and me said thanks and came back out.

Things to take care

1. Be on time. Reach 15 mins before your interview time so that you dont have to stand in long queue.
2. Dont carry any mobile or electronic device as they cant be kept inside. dont carry wallet too, just take 1000 Rs that will be enough.
3. Drink water and be relaxed. Dont worry there are restrooms inside the consulate.
4. Wear Formals dress.
5. Listen carefully. Think before you speak and be confident. dont be loud to express confidence.
6. Take all docs as its always better to keep it.
7. Give officer only the docs that he/she asks. Dont be confused.
8. Have faith in yourself and God.

Remember the officer are to give you visa until and unless you make the consulate officer in doubt or you miss some document.
Also its not the end of the world but can be a start of a new future.

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ashwin2052     06/27/2016 17:59 PM

Hi All,

Need a suggestion on my below situation.

I got H1 extension with same employer from 01/2015 to 01/2018, with this I-797 my wife got H4 from 01/2015 to 01/2018.

Later I changed the project with same employer and filed H1 amendment, amendment approved for 1 year by reducing my H1 visa validity from 11/2015 to 11/2016.

Now I applied for H1 extension, Do I need to apply for H4 extension now or can I wait until 01/2018 as my wife already has H4 approved until 01/2018.

Thanks in advance,

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NancySam     06/27/2016 00:08 AM


  I am currently in the USA working for ABC with L1 visa. I have got my H1B approved for XYZ.
I would like to transfer my H1B from XYZ to ABC. Is that possible to do without approval notice/ form?
If so how?


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somu19     06/27/2016 01:48 AM

Hi All,

I need your suggestion!!!

I got my h1b approval notice on OCT 2015. My petition valid up to sep 2016. Due to some personal issue am not able make visa stamping.

Now my appointment got scheduled on july 8th (chennai). is there any issue will come due to my petition validity ? Since my petition valid up to sep 2016. only 3 months left.

I would highly appreciate if any suggestion.


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Milap Shah     06/25/2016 00:22 AM

Hi All,

I have changed my employer and did the H1 Transfer,Along with my extension with new employer , they file i539 to extend the her H4 visa for my wife on Sept 3rd 2015.After that she travelled back to india for some personal reasons while her extension was in process.

We received RFE from uscis saying that the person is not in USA so please submit the tickets once she comes back.On Dec 7th 2015 I submitted tickets and I got response that they received her documents.Now after that its been more than 6 months it is still in process.We have ti travel to india on July 3rd 2016 and we will be back by August 2nd 2016.

My wife's current stamping with previous employer is valid till Sept 19th 2016.In this situations these are the questions I have.

1. I am afraid that the case might go again in RFE or it might be denied.
2 . If it is again RFE I can submit the tickets again no problem
3 . If it is denied , Can my employer again file her i539 before her current stamping is expired so that the new case will be started and she will not be out of status?

Please help.We already been to USCIS california and they said that we need to wait.

Warm regards,

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Kumar21$     06/24/2016 08:11 AM

Dear All,

My H1B case got approved in Nov' 2015 but still my organization is not sending me for H1B Visa Stamping process. Any idea, how to check the deadline or validity period. Please some one help on this query urgently. Thanks.

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Bolzano     06/23/2016 02:46 AM

Hi all,

I am planning to go to Canada for my H1B extension.
However, i am not seeing any appointment available in July or August and I am still waiting on the USCIS for my H1B extension thus with new petition number.
Is it possible if i see an appointment aviable in July in Canada to take the appointment with my old petition number and then change it once i get the H1B extension with new number?

Thanks for your response

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Sureshkumar Bhamidipati     06/20/2016 08:50 AM

Hi All,

Need all your suggestions .

Today I had H1b Interview in Hyderabad and after the interview I was issued with white 221g and passports are returned to me.

221g says administrative processing.

I got a mail from them to fill the questionnaire , but all the questions are related to students like University, course details etc...but I have applied for H1b , did any others faced the same?

Please suggest me what exactly I have to do?


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