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krishnad     08/08/2017 22:56 PM

Hello All,
Here's my experience in Hyderabad consulate on 8/8

VO: So, you are applying for H1B visa stamping
Me: Yes

VO: How long have you been working for XYZ
Me: Answered

VO: What's your highest degree of qualification
Me: Bachelor of Technology

VO: Who is your end-client? .. Oh.. I see you are a direct hire
Me: --

VO: What's your salary?
Me: Answered

VO: Your visa has been issued
me: Thank you! Have a nice day

Yet to get the passport collection email

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rockstar247     08/08/2017 01:56 AM

Standard questions asked
How long with your employer ?
Do you have end client ?
what is your role at end client ?
Have you been on bench ?
what is your salary ?
how did you enter US for first time?
i am h1b and its renewal but i had to say f1 as i did my masters
what is your Majors and highest qualification
which university did you go ?

Finally , said i cannot make a decision now . i need to review your employer so we will be in touch

asked if my visa was approved
she said i need to review and it should be a day or two will be in touch via email

i dont know if she is going to send any email asking for addln documents to my employer
Anyone in similar situtation , can you please help how long it took in this case

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wr2aseem     08/07/2017 06:44 AM

Hello all,

Sharing my Experience for H1 and H4 Stamping Experience in Chennai Consulate.

Appointment on August 4th- 8.30 AM

VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Answered

VO: How long have you been with your petitioner?
Me: Answered

VO: Who is the end Client?
Me: Answered

VO: Where are you travelling in US?
Me: Answered

VO: Whats your annual Salary?
Me: Answered

VO: Whats your highest Qualification?
Me: Answered

VO: Can i see your offer letter?
Me: Handed over both US Offer letter and India Offer letter-Joining Offer letter.

VO: Can i see your CV?
Me: My Bad, i didnt Carry my updated CV to the Consulate.

VO: Did you guys read the US rights pamphlet?
Me: Answered Yes.

Next thing, VO gave me the 221g Blue slip with required Documents marked as resume.
VO Told me to send my CV on the Consulate email Address. he also told us that we dont need to come back to attend any interview further.

VO kept our passports and Offer letters with him.

5th August received an email from Consulate asking for Client letter, CV, Sponsor Details and last 10 years abroad travel data.

Aug 4th-Case created
Aug 4th- Administrative Processing
Aug 7th- Administrative Processing

Any of you have experienced the same please share your experience.

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altruist321     08/05/2017 16:25 PM

Hello All,

Need a small help

After submitting DS160 noticed salary on Temporary work visa information page and work/education/training information page was submitted different with a gap of $10 amount 'say' $6039 and $6049.

Would it matter anywhere OR do i need to fill new DS160.

Also at one place of office address, mentioned state name as Texsa instead of Texas.

Please confirm and help . Just FYI All, I have drop box this time.

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visatraveler36     08/05/2017 10:51 AM

Current stamping validity till- Sep 17 2017, Still went ahead with extension stamping using the dropbox method in Hyderabad.

Same employer as the previous stamping

July 17th 2017: Submitted the documents at the Administrative building (Passport, copies of I-797, previous I-797, passport sized photos-2, a form that you need to fill at the location). No questions asked.

July 18th: Status updated to "Administrative Processing"

July 20th: Received an email from the consulate asking me to come to the consulate for fingerprints.

July 24th: Went to the consulate 15-20 minutes before the appointment, gave my fingerprints (few people with me have given fingerprints and were sent to the interview, I guess depends on what they mention in the email)

July 25th: Status updated to "Issued"

July 26th 2017: Picked my passport.

Immigration at Detroit, MI: Was asked to show the I-797 for the new VISA, since I did not have any I-94 for the new VISA.

Hassle free process only with uncertainty on when your passport would be back (should be fine if you are planning a trip for 2+ weeks).

Good Luck!

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mickeyhappy     08/04/2017 18:01 PM

Appointment : 9 AM Aug 1st

Just be there 30 mins before the appointment otherwise you have to wait in the sun.

There were two families standing in front of me and both got approved. Two main questions for them are
Do you have a own house ? and Do you have a car?

My i Experience

No formalities. Straight to the question

VO: How long have you been with Employer?
ME: Answered.

VO: What is annual income?
ME: Answered.

VO: Highest Degree of Education.
ME: Answered.

VO: Where do you live in US?
ME: Answered.

VO: Your visa is approved but we need to do dome additional processing.
ME: Thank you. Have a good one.

She gave me a white 221g with a case number. I thought it's common for people transitioning from F1 to H1.

Day1: Admin Processing
Day2: Admin Processing
Day3: Vissa Issued.

Don't worry if you got a 221g. All the best guys.

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gubbi     08/04/2017 11:35 AM


My wife is planning to go for H4 stamping next month and i wanted to know the chances of getting approval of H4 visa stamped. She is currently on F1-OPT and her application didn't picked in lottery this year and currently working in OPT for past 2years. she is planning to go india and spend some time and while coming back she is planning to go for H4 visa stamping based on my H1 approval. My current H1 visa is until Sep 2020 with I-140 approval. I am working from same employer from past 5years and i do have h1-b stamped in 2015.

1. What documents that she needs to carry for H4 stamping from her side (since she worked on OPT for 2years).

2. What documents are required from Primary applicant?

Also is there any risk of going for H4 visa stamped from F1-OPT?

Please advise.

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tilak.mishra     08/03/2017 18:30 PM


I have valid H1B Visa stamped from my current employer. But it's valid until Aug 2018. My Passport is also expiring in Aug 2018.
As i am planning to visit with my family in November 2017 and come back to US in Dec 2017..little worried if there would be in risk during PoE because of my visa and passport expiring in 8 months?

Please advise me, what shall i do? would there be any risk?
I am sure, some of us might have gone through same dilemma /experience..please share your thoughts.

Thank you..

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mc4visa     08/03/2017 14:52 PM

I am going for Drop box(H1 & H4) at Chennai. Please advise for my below questions ?
1. Do I need to take my spouse(H4)
2. Address I need to drop documents
3. List of documents i need to carry for H1 & H4?
4. Any suggestions.

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amandeepgrover10     08/03/2017 14:05 PM

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Time for me to return the favor and share my H1B stamping experience in New Delhi, India today Aug, 3, 2017.

Background: I work full-time with an MNC in non-IT field. I completed my Masters from the US, am married and have a one and half year old son (american citizen). This was my first stamping and also was change of visa from F1 to H1. I have been working 3 years with the same company before i visited India.

At the Visa Counter:

Me: Good Morning Sir, how are you
VO: I am good. Show me your passport (did not ask for DS 160)

Where do you work:

Me: Answered

VO: what do you do?

Me: Answered

VO: what is your salary?

Me: Answered

VO: where did you study in the US?

Me: Answered

VO: Your F1 was rejected earlier, how did you do your masters?

Me: My F1 was rejected in 2011, i applied again in 2012 and it got approved then

VO: ok, why are you here in India?

Me: Wanted to meet family and make my son meet the whole family and grandparents

VO: Is he an american citizen?

Me: yes

VO: Ok your visa is approved

So it was very straightforward, and very quick, hardly 2-3 minutes. He did not ask for a single document. I was very nervous but tried to remain calm during the interview. It is hard to remain calm, that is the key.

I saw that they were giving visas to a lot of people and were not there to deny visas without any reason. They want to have a conversation with you and will ask you specific questions if they have doubts, and depedning on how you answer those questions they will grant you visa.

Do not cram your lines, try to engage in a conversation and prepare for areas where you think they can probe you based on your case. Every case is different.

Best of luck guys. Best is to prepare and be cool, the more nervous you are, the worse you will perform and higher the likelihood of you failing, even if you a have a genuine case.

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