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speedracer     09/27/2016 09:33 AM


I wanted to share my H1B renewal experience. I interviewed for the same company and location. I live in Bangalore and had initially filled in a DS 160 for Chennai. Since no dates were available, I picked Kolkata and filled another DS-160.

Important points:
1. You need a DS-160 for specific location, i.e Fill and print a new one if you change your interview location.
2. Take your previous Visa passport copy and all petition documents including LCA.
3. Make sure your DS-160 US contact information lists your immediate manager or higher up in the chain of command. Do not list your spouse.
4. Include an India mobile number in the DS 160 form

My appointment was at 8:30 AM and I reached at 8:15. Even that is early by Indian Standards.
There are no printing shops nearby so make sure you get everything before hand.
There is no point reaching 1 hr early. They make you stand on a road for at least 20 minutes about 50 meters from the consulate entrance.

From the line on the road you will be directed to move to the entrance of the consulate where they will check your DS 160 and passport. Your name will be cross checked against a list and given a token number. I have no idea why they give you this number because there is no system inside. It looks like FCFS. Its not a physical token but a mental one. Mine was 46. Go Valentino Rossi :D
Once you enter, you will be asked to scan your documents through the machine. Make sure you dont have any battery operated devices (includes smart watches and pedometers). Make sure you dont have sealed documents like your University Transcripts.
Once scanned and frisked, you will enter the waiting area where they check all your documents - Passport, petition, relevant documents depending on your visa type. One smart guy also asked me how many people work in my company. I am still wondering why because he has no authority in decision making. Once checked you sit and warm a chair for 10 mins or less.

From here you move to another building for the actual interview. Here you form another line from where you go to either Counter 1,2 or 3. A person (of indian origin) will double check your documents and ask you about your company, designation,etc. They also give free advice which I found completely unnecessary. From here you are moved to Counter 4 for fingerprint (this is different from the ten printing, this is for verification)

From Counter 4 you move to a seating area close by where you move from chair to chair as people move to the interview queue. When it is your turn, you are directed to a specific counter depending on your language of interview.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning
VO: Company XYZ is a startup?
Me: No, It is an acquisition
VO: What is your designation
Me: I work as ABC
VO: Your Visa is approved

Overall, it took 30 seconds but the process took close to an hour. Overall I found Chennai embassy to be a lot more organized in their working and spacious. The only advantage of Kolkata is that dates are available easily and this is what mattered to me the most.

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ashpa     09/24/2016 00:53 AM


I had a query on applying H4 visa for my kid who is 4 years old.

Last year when my husband stamped H1, we had stamped H4 for myself and for kid.
Me and my kid have not traveled on h4 anytime and she is in INDIA now.
Husband is currently working in US.

My I-797 is approved and I have to appear for h1b stamping.

1) When I go for H1 stamping should I take my kid along for h4 stamping so that she will be MY dependent when travelling? can I apply for her h4 again?
2)Is her existing h4 stamped with husbands organisation good enough for her travel.(Note: husband is in US and I will be travelling with kid).

Legally which is the correct way ?
Please advice

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nirmala.vijayr     09/23/2016 10:43 AM

Hi All,

My situation is as below,

Applied for COS from H4 - H1 in 2015 and started working from Nov 2015 that time i was pregnant.
Then traveled to india in Jan 2016 for my delivery and appeared for H1 stamping on Sep 19th 2016.
I applied H4 for my daughter based on my husband's H1 petition different from my employer. My husband petition was approved and stamped one and valid till 2019.
I had scheduled stamping interview for myself(H1 ) and my daughter (H4 ) by thinking that two different petitions will be approved and there will not be much issue for my daughter's H4. I did not bring my daughter for the stamping. My petition went on 221g without even much questions and VO returned my passport as well as my daughters passport stating that My daughter will not be travelling without me.
I specifically asked whether she is travelling or not could you please approve her petition but the response is NO.
I really do not understand why my daughters petition also went on 221g also VO didnot give 2 different blue slip. In one blue slip she tagged both of our application numbers.
My situation is i can travel as i have valid and stamped H4 in worst case and just to avoid long waiting in India as my husband is in US right now.
But my daughter was unable to get a visa.
What would be the possible ways to get a visa for her,

Can i reapply H4 for her? If yes what are the steps?
Is there a way i can request B2 for her?

Can someone guide me with the process?
Thank you!

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anilch99     09/21/2016 15:45 PM

My wife is working with H1 visa, and would like her to change to H4 by going to Stamping in Mexico. It worked !

We are from San Diego and her current H1 visa's last date is Sep 19. Got the appointments for Sep 14(for ASC) and Sep 19 ( for VISA interview) in Tijuana, Mexico.

On Sep 14: We crossed the border by walk from east entrance (only entrance into Mexico) and entered into Tijuana. Officials gave the stamping for 7 days. Took the YellowCab, they charged 12\$ to ASC. We reached the ASC almost 2 hrs early, still they are okay. everything is done in 10 mins.
Took the local TAXI back to border, they charged 6\$. Walked back from the same entrance where we crossed border. It took almost 2.5 hrs ( Bad).

On Sep 19: Crossed border from East entrance, officials gave 7 days stamping. Took YellowCab, charged 25\$. She had done with her H4 visa interview ( SUCCESS! ) and they asked her to collect the passport and my I-797 on Sep 20 at 3:00PM

Took uber to a hotel near ASC, charged around 150 pesos. Took suite for 55\$ ( paid in pesos). had lunch at local Thai restaurant, dinner at Chilis.

On Sep 20: Had lunch at Panjabi restaurant ( Walk able). Took Uber at 1:30 to consulate and paid 110 pesos. Waiting till 3PM, collected the Passport. Took Uber to Border and paid 140 pesos. This time, he drooped at west entrance. Long walk, but no queue and no waiting ( How lucky !). My wife paid 6\$ for new I-94. in 15 mins, we crossed the border and entered into US( Next to Mall)

My Observations:

1. Enter into Tijuana, Mexico using east entrance (only way) and return using PEDWEST
2. Use Uber. It is so cheap compared to Yellocab ( 3-4 times less)
3. Use pesos, not dollars for local transactions ( restaurants, hotel, store).
4. Download Spanish translator APP into your Phone before entering ( might help to communicate).
5. If possible, enable DATA plan in your phone before entering.

6. Hotel prices might be cheap if you book with directly instead of online. ( check with them before)
7. You can make some good friends at Consulate. (Uber prices can be shared :) and can cross the border together)
8. ENJOY the trip with Piece of mind

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221G-1459     09/20/2016 13:50 PM

Thanks everyone in this forum for sharing their earlier experiences. I got my Visa approved after being issued a 221g white slip. :)

I attended interview on 14th Sep 2016 in Hyderabad for my H1B visa application.
One lady collected all the passports from our counter and gave it to VO before the start of the interview.
After the initial client & employer questions:
VO: Did you ever apply for US visa before?
Me: I thought it's for H1 application as this is the first time for me. So I said 'No'.
VO: You never applied for US?
Me: Took 5 seconds and answered 'Yes'
I thought of doing Masters 2 years back, So I gave IELTS and got an i20 from some university. I didn't schedule/attend the visa interview. (I was trying to tell this but VO was not listening to it)
VO: Visibly irritated and said I asked the same question 2 times, you said 'No' first and then said 'Yes'. Said your visa application need further processing, and issued a plain 221g white slip and said he'll keep the passport.

Suggestion: Never try to hide any info from the VO. Try to recollect all the minute details about your previous visa applications, about your immigration check, etc etc. Don't lie at any cost.

Let me know if you need any further information, I will be happy to share my inputs.

As everyone say, Confidence is the key! All the best guyz..

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dddvs86     09/17/2016 00:28 AM

Hello, Thought this would be useful for anyone planning to go for H1-B visa stamp using dropbox facility.

I am working as a full time employee and have I-140 approved. This was my 6+ years extension on H1-B.

8/11/2016 - Submitted Passport and Required Docs for H1-B in Delhi.
Docs Submitted
H1-B - Original Passport , Dropbox Confirmation, DS 160, Copy of I797 Approval, 1 Photo

I got my photos from walgreens in US but they didn't accept that one so I went to a shop in Nehru place and got the photos in 10 minutes.


8/11/2016 PM
Your Passport is scheduled to deliver to Post
No Status
8/12/2016 AM
Your Passport is still with Post
8/12/2016 PM
Your Passport is still with Post
Administrative Processing
8/13/2016 (Weekend)
Your Passport is still with Post
Administrative Processing
8/14/2016 (Weekend)
Your Passport is still with Post
Administrative Processing
8/15/2016 (Public Holiday)
Your Passport is still with Post
Administrative Processing
Your Passport is still with Post
8/17/2016 PM
Your passport is ready for pickup

My case status was in 'Administrative Processing' for almost 4 days so I was a little bit worried but I think that was because of long weekend.


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upicky     09/15/2016 09:28 AM

Hi, hope I could get some help.

I applied for H1b transfer through a new employer in dec/2015. My current H1b got expired in Aug 2016. I got an RFE for H1b transfer. (I'm sure it is a bit complex). I would like to change to h4 and apply for h4 ead concurrently. I have following questions.

Will USCIS consider me as in legal status now?

Will i get h4 and ead approved?

Or Can I go to Indian and apply for H4 and get H4 stamping in India while my H1b transfer RFE is still in process?

Can I go to Canada instead for H4 stamping while my H1b transfer RFE is still in process?

What options do i have now?

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221G-1459     09/15/2016 02:44 AM


I have been issued 221g white slip.

Any idea on how long does it take from now? I provided all genuine documents.

As other posts 221g related posts suggests, will it really take many months?

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sappiaish     09/14/2016 21:26 PM

My friend's I 94 finishes in Jan 2017 although he has valid H1B till June 2017. But his wife and son (Both H4) has got I 94 till June 2017. Is it possible for him to go and come back from India if he applies for extension of I 94? Is it possible for his wife and son to go to India and come back again within June 2017 (without him in case he is not permitted). will there be any problems for them in POE? If all three of them goes back after expiry of I 94 will they be required to visit the visa office again before they come back within June 2017??

Please help

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murugan143     09/14/2016 15:47 PM


Can anyone please clarify me on below question

In My Petition it mentioned as
Beneficiary's Highest Level of Education - Bachelor's degree
But my Education details are as given below...



+ 6 years of IT Experience

In LCA it mentioned as the above both degrees are Equivalent to US BACHELOR Degree - COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

What should I answer for the below Question in Visa interview ..
What is your highest level of Degree ?
Actual Education details or the details mentioned in the Petition(US Equivalent) ?

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