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pintoo     07/13/2014 23:56 PM

Hello Everyone,

Please read experience and be confident , that's it .. Nothing to worry about at all.. you will be good..

First day with OFC is very smooth. It took hardly 10-15 mins to get it done.

First of all I would like to say thank you so much who are sharing their experience
that is really really helpful to me ..i believe to all ..

I went for H1B visa interview at Mumbai The questions I was asked were as below:

VO : Hello Good Morning, How are you

Me : Hello Mam, Good Morning , I am good. thank you How are you?
VO : Good .

VO : Can I have your passport and approved H1B petition please?

Me : Handed over to VO

VO : Who is your employer ?
Me : Answered and

VO : Who is your client?
Me : Answered yes Man , I told my client name and about client in short

VO : So r u going to work at client place or employer place?
Me : client place..

VO : show me your client letter
Me : Handed over to VO

VO : Describe about project?
Me : explained

VO : When you will going to work or stay( who is going to provide your stay during your work)
Me : answered and I said my employer is going to tak care of everything..

VO: Did u applied any visa before this?
Me : I said accordingly my situation

VO : Officer was checking in computer and typed something ..other deatils..
       she has checked my passport and other document .

VO : she asked me my client letter , LCA ant I-129 docs ..etc..
Me : I gave all the documents.

Then Golder words came " Your Visa is approved"
Greet VO with Thank you very much Mam!

Thank you all and Wish all the luck for all going for visa interview. God Bless you..

I hope this helps for you
Thanks a lot and All the very best for you.. :-)

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cgk     07/12/2014 08:52 AM

Hi All,

I applied for fresh H1B petition under regular cap through a reputed product company in USA.

I attended the H1B visa interview in the month of June. This is my experience at Chennai Consulate:-

16th June: OFC appointment at 8:30 am. Reached OFC around 8:10 am and joined the queue that was for 8:30 am. As others have mentioned on the forum, nothing complicated here, just carry DS-160, Appointment Confirmation and Passport. Biometric scan and photo gets over in 5 min once you enter the building. Thought of checking out Consulate area so hired an auto and went. Consulate is around 3 Km from OFC. Saw a huge line of people standing outside and another short line on the other side. Confirmed with security guards about when to come and where to join the queue for Visa interview etc and went back to hotel.

17th June: Visa appointment at 10 am. Reached at 9:30 am and joined the queue. By 10 am still people with 9:30 am appointment were in the queue outside which meant it is going to be long wait outside in Chennai hot weather. It was 10:45 am by the time I was let inside the Consulate. First there is a security check and once that is over I was let inside the Consulate building. Once inside first they stick the token to the passport. After this headed to the waiting area where a person directed to a window for the bio-metric verification immediately. Once that is done waited for my token number to be displayed on the screen. After 10 minutes my token number appeared and joined the queue at the designated window. There were three people in-front of me. Had to wait for another 15 min for my turn. People before me were for student and business visa and all were getting approved.

VO: Good morning, Can I have your approved petition and passport please.
Me: Good morning officer and handed over the petition and passport.

VO: I see you are going to join ABC company, and right now you are working in XYZ company. How long have you been working with XYZ?
Me: Answered appropriately.

VO: What will be you work at ABC company.
Me: Answered appropriately in one sentence.

VO: Please wait for a moment. (And he went inside and came back). Do you have your old petition?
Me: This is the first time I have applied for H1B Petition.

VO: (Went inside again) When are you planning to enter United States?
Me: Coming October.

VO: (Went inside again) Yours is a unique case, generally we don't get fresh H1B applicant this early but you have done good by coming early. We will take your passport and return to you in two to three weeks time because we don't issue H1B before 90 days from Oct 1st , i.e July 1st. VO handed back the approved H1B petition and kept the passport.

Me: Visa is approved right?
VO: Yes.

I left the window rejoiced :-). Sat down at a nearby bench, placed the documents back in folder and started walking back to the exit. While crossing the window I looked back to see who is next, and saw no one at the window but VO discussing with two Indian officers and then he called my name to come over again.

I went to the window.

VO: Sorry sir, we can't hold your passport for so long. I am going to give you this document and you need to return the passport along with this document after July 1st at our OFC center. You don't need to come to consulate again.
Me: I am from Bangalore, can I submit the passport in Bangalore VFS?
VO: Yes, you can do that.

Then I saw him taking a blue slip and writing down something. I was worried what it will be about. I had seen many people telling about dreaded blue slip and I was in shock. I was thinking my case was going to 221g additional admin processing. But all my documents were clean, and could not understand why a blue slip. He wrote down case number and something else and handed blue slip and passport back.

Without looking at the documents I asked:-
Me: My visa is approved right?
VO: Yes, everything in the system is OK, you just need to return the passport along with the passport after July 1st.

I walked out of the consulate and hired an auto back to hotel. While on auto I checked the blue slip and saw case number is mentioned and a check box is ticked which is for other category and he had written " return along with passport after July 1st 2014". Very worried for next 2 weeks about the next course of things. Checked my status everyday on the CEAC website and it showed admin processing :-(. During this two weeks started reading more about 221G cases and checking how much time it takes to return the passport after submission.

July 2, 2014: Went to Chennai and submitted the documents at OFC, thought of not taking any risk by submitting at the Bangalore VFS. For submitting documents at OFC there is no need to appointment, and can just walk-in. Took token for document submission inside OFC and waited. Officer called and submitted 221g submission form, passport, original DS-160 and Blue slip. He asked VO said only to submit the passport (he looked confused)? I told him the visa interview story. He took some time and asked me when I filed DS-160. I told him a month back. He told it should be a week old one, you need to get a new DS-160. I told him there is no change in any of the info on DS-160 do I still need a new DS-160. He went and talked to another officer and came back and told it is OK if nothing is new. Confirmed with me that nothing is changed and verified my phone number, email-id and place for document pick up(Bangalore VFS). He gave me an acknowledgement and told it will take 3 working days to get back my passport.

I knew it is going to be a long 3 working days for me as I submitted in Wednesday July 2nd and July 3rd was working, July 4th and 5th Consulate will be closed for US Independence day and july 6th will be Sunday. So max I can know my status only by next Wednesday July 9th.

Checked the status on CEAC website July 3rd morning 9 am and it showed case updated on 3rd July which means documents were received by Consulate, but state was still admin processing.

Got a mail on July 8th around 12 noon that my passport was collected from consulate and ready for pickup. I was worried about the status and quickly checked CEAC website and it showed ISSUED on 7th July. Felt a huge relief that finally Visa has been issued.

Collected passport from Bangalore VFS on 10th July . Took the acknowledgement given by OFC, and government issued ID card xerox.

If the documents are correct and sponsor is genuine then there is no need to worry. Be confident.

All the best to everyone !!!


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AB73863     07/12/2014 05:50 AM


I am currently having approved H1-B visa petition which is going to expire on Sep30th 2014. I haven't gone for stamping till now and never travelled to US .

Could anyone please help me to know the possibility for extending H1-B petition without stamping from India.
Also would like to know what is the duration for H1-B petition extension.

Arunkumar B

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chandra1503     07/11/2014 10:23 AM


I am going to H1b visa interview in Chennai next month. I heard that lot of visa are getting rejected in Chennai. Is this true? I would like to schedule interview along with my wife next month. Please suggest me tips of getting selected in the visa interview. Is it worth that going to visa interview along with my wife. I am not able to take decision of applying along with my wife.

I guess this is the forum will provide me right information and guide me for success in the visa interview.


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rhma     07/11/2014 05:20 AM

Hi All,

I am doing H1B processing from one firm using my earlier approved petition. They filed on 1st July and I am seeing case status is Acceptance there since then. They filed under premium processing and said that it should get approved in 15 days however today is 11th July and status is same.
One of my friend said that in premium it directly change to the approved generally.
Is it true?


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thamisharasan     07/08/2014 16:40 PM

I am working as Senior design engineer in power plant line in chennai. In the same line i had got US based company and i had applied also. The employer had an interview through phone and it also success. After that they asked me come to US for final face to face interview. They had sent me the invitation letter also. with that i had applied B1 visa. At the time of VISA interview my application had rejected by a Visa interviewer in chennai embassy under section 214(b).

After that my US employer had applied H1B visa for me in US. That H1B application also had approved by US government. Now i want to apply the H1B visa from india. So that i need your valuable advice on this friends. And at this time how will be the questions form Visa interviewer. Please guide me and share your experiences.

Thanks have a nice day.

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longwait4it     07/08/2014 00:11 AM

Hello Everyone,

I went for H1b visa interview last week at New Delhi US Embassy. The questions I was asked were as below:

VO: How are you

Me: I am doing good mam how about you

VO: Not bad. Can I have your passport and approved H1b petition please?

Me: handed over to her

VO: Who is your employer?

Me: XXXX company

VO: Do you have any client?

Me: No Mam I am going to work at my employer location

VO: Describe your project

Me: Gave a brief description about the project

VO: why they hired you

Me: Identified the required skill set to her to get the job done for the particular role

She starteking at the computrer screen

VO: Have you er been arrested in India?

Me: No Mam

VO: Alright, we will need some more dosumnets from you and your employer which needs to be submitted at the OFCor further verification.

She gave me a 221g white slip with few document checkbox selected in it. She has also asked for a police clearence certificate from the regional passport office. I need to submit those docs along with my passport to OFC.

Please suggest me, if any one had goe through the same and what are my chances to get a visa approval.

Any response will be highly appreciated.


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akja     07/06/2014 23:48 PM

Dear Members,
I have a question regarding my stay in USA.

1. I have come to USA in Dec-2010 on L-1B and worked until Sep-2013 on L-1B.

2. From October-2013 , i have moved to H-1B and working till now on H-1B but my H-1B is till Sep-2014.

3. So i will be completing my total stay in USA of 3 yrs & 9-months in Sep-2014.

4. For whole period, i have worked for the same employer.

Can i apply for H-1B Visa extension? In total how long can i stay on Visa without processing Green card.

Kindly suggest and share your experience.


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arshad19     07/03/2014 19:19 PM

Hi Members,

I am in US on H1 and is valid for 1 more year.

Now i am planning to join another employer. And planning to visit India during year end.

Do i need to go for stamping after H1 transfer when i visit India?? even i have Validity to enter US??

Need your inputs.


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chodankarcc     07/02/2014 15:10 PM


I am on H1B visa and my visa is getting expired soon (on 30th Sept 2014). At the same time, we want to file H4 visa for my wife. I am worried because I am not sure which process should I start first or can I start both process in parallel.
According to my understanding,
1. In case if I file h4 visa first she will get expiry till 30th sept 2014 only.
2. In case if We file for H1B extension first, it might take more time and due to which I cannt file H4 visa soon and my spouse's travel will get delayed.

Please can any one advise on this or share your experience.

Thanks in advance!!!

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