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chaitanyakumar632     05/03/2016 15:14 PM


I just learnt that my H1B petition got picked in the lottery. When I submitted the documentation for this petition, my passport has another 12 months of validity. I submitted my passport for renewal which I will may receive in next couple of weeks. Please address my following concerns.
1. Do I need to send a copy of the latest passport (after renewal) to anyone ?
2. will the H1B approval period decided based on my old passport? or is it ok to go with the new passport when I go for stamping in India?
3. I am currently in US with L2-EAD status. If I plan to visit India this year, is it advisable to change the status from L2-EAD to H1B (if it is approved) after my return ?

Thank you for the time and response.


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rajkumarsriram     05/03/2016 01:49 AM

Hi. I have obtained visa from employer A for the period of 01 Oct 2015 to 30 Sep 2018. Due to some personal problem, i could not able to join employer A. Today i have received mail from employer A stating they are going to withdraw my petition (cancel my H1B). Now if employer B is ready to sponsor me visa,
a) am i cap exempt?
b) Will there be any problem for me to get visa as i did not join employer A after getting Visa?
c) Hope i am eligible for interview waiver (Drop box)?

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h1b_applicant     04/26/2016 02:59 AM

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who have shared their experience on this website. It helped me a lot in preparing myself for the interview. I had my H1B interview at the Delhi Consulate on 04/25/2016. Following are the questions, I was asked:

1. Where in USA are you going?
2. Who is the petitioner?
3. You have done your education in USA. Which degree did you go for?
4. What was the name of the university?
5. What will you do there?
6. Give me details about your project?
7. How long will you be there for?
8. You had an h1b before? Which company was it for ?
9. Do you have family here?
10. Do you have any children?
11. Why are you going alone?
12. When do you intend to take them with you?
13. Tell me more about the software you will be working on?
14. Address where you will be working? is this the same as your company's main office?
15. Have you been to XX state before?
16. What was it for?
17. Is this a fresh H1B?
18. How did you hear about this company?
19. How did you get to know about your previous US company?
20. Do you have any children?
21. How long has this company been running?
22. Do you know the name of the CEO of the company?
23. Have you worked on this software before?
24. What are you currently working as?

Thats it. Then came the golden words "Your Via has been approved and you will get an email once your visa has been stamped"

My advice ...... just like everyone in the forum suggested ..... Be Confident and Be Honest and you will not have any problem.

Good Luck Guys....

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vbhikule     04/25/2016 07:05 AM


My H1b got refused on 13th April 2016 at US consulate in Mumbai INDIA.

Now i am reapplying the H1B visa, please help me to get below mentioned queries.

1. Is it necessary to make the changes under DS160?
2. What types of questions they may ask as my Visa has been refused earlier?
3. What should i answer if they ask why are you reapplying the visa again?
4. There will be impact on the second interview?

Please let me know the same.
Thank you in advance......!


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chaitu.chow@gmail.com     04/25/2016 06:37 AM

Had Interview on 25/04/16. The interview went well. Answered all the questions. Regarding the contract between my employer and client it was dated back then 2012. The VO then issues 221g and writes "Please email Employment Docs to HYDADMIN@STATE.GOV".

Can you please help me on this. What might be the documents that are need to be emailed.


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paks     04/22/2016 00:38 AM

Hi ,
I got H1B visa stamped in India from Company A. Now they dont have client , so I did not go to US on this visa.
Now Company B want to transfer my visa but they are asking me to come to US and they will take care of all expenses. Once I will get the client they will process the H1B transfer.

My question here : Is it possible to do H1B transfer without pay stubs as I did not work for Company A and I will be in US.

How can I proceed with this situation ?

Please help me here

Thanks in advance

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hvakil     04/20/2016 09:41 AM

Here my 221(g) White slip experience with Mumbai Consulate.

Interview : 20th Jan 2015 & got 221g white slip.
document submitted on : 11th Feb 2015.

First time status date change : 27-Nov-2015, but status still Administrative Processing ..

 14 April : Received mail from support to submit passport
 15 April : Submitted passport.
 18 April : Status Date change, but status still Administrative Processing ..
 19 April: status changed to Issued. and received email to collect passport
  20 April : collected passport.

After 1 year and 2 months my visa got approved.

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thandava     04/20/2016 02:43 AM

pls help me with this situation

i got stamped h1b on oct 2015 valid upto sep 2018 and i was still in india planning to travel US next week and this morning i got a call from us consulate saying that your present h1b visa is not valid to travel to usa you need to come for interview again, thats what they said they haven't provide any other information, what was the situation right now for me any suggestions please...

t krishna

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kcsunil     04/20/2016 01:09 AM

Hi all, below is my H1b visa interview experience attended in April 2016. Hope it will be helpful if any of you are attending.

Day 1 (Biometrics) : Provided our (myself and dependents) biometrics along with photo at VAC office (different location than Visa Interview)- Whole process is about 30 mins. For kids less than 7 to 10 years they expect passport photos. So always better to carry passport photos for your kids.

Day 2 (Visa interview) : Appointment time: 09:00 am. We reached at 8.10 am, Initially a long queue outside to scan us. Carried both DS 160 and Visa appointment confirmation letter.
Once scanned then we entered into the main building.
Inside building, there was another long queue, as we were with kids so they allowed us directly to move the next counter.
1. In the counter then took our passports and verified the details and asked us to move the next counter.
2. In the room, office people guided us to which counter we need to move for the interview.
3. We moved to the interview counter suggested by the officials.
Visa Officer was lady and in pleasant mood and had the following conversation.
Me: Good morning mam
VO: Good morning, how are you doing?
Me: Fine thank you and how about you?
VO: Fine thank you.
VO: Your passports please
Me: Handed over all our passports to her
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your salary in US?
Me : Answered
VO: How did you find the job ?
Me: Answered (You can answer as per your confidence level)
VO: What are you going to do there?
Me: Answered about my designation and responsibilities
VO: Who is your current employer?
Me: Answered my current employer
VO: What is your salary in current company ?
Me: Answered my salary per annum
VO: What is your highest level of education?
Me: Answered.
Golden words from VO..
VO: Your VISA is approved , you can collect your passports in 3 working days
She gave pamphlet stating that I have rights to work in US and the details are mentioned in the pamphlet about US.
Me: Thank you very much.
They have taken finger prints to myself and my wife and she asked to take care of my belongings.

Note: For myself they have not asked single documents as she might be seeing documents I had in her system.
Also while attending interview, be cool and just answer in confidence. Also consolidate other reviewers questions along with this. Questions varies from person to person.

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h1bhelper     04/19/2016 18:27 PM


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