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longwait4it     07/08/2014 00:11 AM

Hello Everyone,

I went for H1b visa interview last week at New Delhi US Embassy. The questions I was asked were as below:

VO: How are you

Me: I am doing good mam how about you

VO: Not bad. Can I have your passport and approved H1b petition please?

Me: handed over to her

VO: Who is your employer?

Me: XXXX company

VO: Do you have any client?

Me: No Mam I am going to work at my employer location

VO: Describe your project

Me: Gave a brief description about the project

VO: why they hired you

Me: Identified the required skill set to her to get the job done for the particular role

She starteking at the computrer screen

VO: Have you er been arrested in India?

Me: No Mam

VO: Alright, we will need some more dosumnets from you and your employer which needs to be submitted at the OFCor further verification.

She gave me a 221g white slip with few document checkbox selected in it. She has also asked for a police clearence certificate from the regional passport office. I need to submit those docs along with my passport to OFC.

Please suggest me, if any one had goe through the same and what are my chances to get a visa approval.

Any response will be highly appreciated.


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akja     07/06/2014 23:48 PM

Dear Members,
I have a question regarding my stay in USA.

1. I have come to USA in Dec-2010 on L-1B and worked until Sep-2013 on L-1B.

2. From October-2013 , i have moved to H-1B and working till now on H-1B but my H-1B is till Sep-2014.

3. So i will be completing my total stay in USA of 3 yrs & 9-months in Sep-2014.

4. For whole period, i have worked for the same employer.

Can i apply for H-1B Visa extension? In total how long can i stay on Visa without processing Green card.

Kindly suggest and share your experience.


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arshad19     07/03/2014 19:19 PM

Hi Members,

I am in US on H1 and is valid for 1 more year.

Now i am planning to join another employer. And planning to visit India during year end.

Do i need to go for stamping after H1 transfer when i visit India?? even i have Validity to enter US??

Need your inputs.


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chodankarcc     07/02/2014 15:10 PM


I am on H1B visa and my visa is getting expired soon (on 30th Sept 2014). At the same time, we want to file H4 visa for my wife. I am worried because I am not sure which process should I start first or can I start both process in parallel.
According to my understanding,
1. In case if I file h4 visa first she will get expiry till 30th sept 2014 only.
2. In case if We file for H1B extension first, it might take more time and due to which I cannt file H4 visa soon and my spouse's travel will get delayed.

Please can any one advise on this or share your experience.

Thanks in advance!!!

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naren14     07/02/2014 04:20 AM


Am carrying only photo copies for H4 visa...like i129,797,marriage certificate...etc. Is it fine?.
My spouse name added in passport already.

Should I carry original only?. What I should say to officer?.


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susyvolcom     06/30/2014 17:35 PM


This is my first time acquiring a US Visa. My employer is processing my H1B visa. We submitted the papers before April 1st, but they haven't gave me much information. On May 15th, they wrote me an email asking for more papers regarding my education.

Now, its already July and I don't know what is happening, they haven't give me the process number.

- Does the fact that they ask for more documents means that I'm already part of the 65000 selected randomly?

- Is it normal that I don't have any other information about the processing?

- How long does it take the process of reviewing the documents, going to the interview and getting the passport stamped?

I'm really worry because is really uncertain what is going to happen and I need to take decisions.


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expr     06/26/2014 13:41 PM

I think this is the simplest VISA to get approved.
Be prepared for basic questions. I was asked following questions ;
1. where does your husband work?
2. which visa you are applying for?
3. Where does your husband lives in US(My husband was IN US when I went for stamping)?
4. What was your wedding date?
5. How many people were present at your wedding?

That's it. Visa approved.
Waiting in the queue is kind of tiring but try to remain in fresh mood so that you look confident during interview.

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kumarsap     06/25/2014 13:23 PM


I have gone for Interview on Tuesday. This is my first H1B with a new company in US. VO has asked few questions about my H1B petitioner. He asked me to wait a second and left his place and came back.

He took a 221g Blue form and written a Case number and checked Administrative Processing. VO told I am refusing Visa at this time and we need some time for Additional Investigation on the US Company and the Project(Internal Project) you have mentioned. This is to protect you and your family. Also VO recommended me not to resign my current Job until you hear back from Consulate.

And finally he told, I hope everything turns out good and gave a white Phamplet, you may need this if everything turns good.

He didn't see even a single document and gave my passports back.

What could be the possible outcomes. How long it may take to complete this processing. Does any one had same situation before

Anticipating reply.

Thank you all and Wish all the luck for all going for Visa Interview.

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anu.mca333@gmail.com     06/23/2014 20:29 PM


My husband has a new job offer, for which the H1B needs to be transferred. However, the future Employer (Future) called today and said they can't file for the new LCA until July 1st week, 2014.

Reason they said was, the Department of labor have stopped issuing new LCA's until July 1st week, as their systems are undergoing some changes on prevailing wages etc. which would take another 10 days.

So, is it normal to have Department of Labor haul the issuing of new LCA for 10 days, because of system changes !


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Ravi4     06/23/2014 01:13 AM

I work for a US employer and this was the first time i had to plan for my H1B stamping from scratch. Earlier i was working for a Indian IT company and they do most of the leg work for your stamping.
Guidelines given on this website immihelp are useful and following are few tips or updates from my side:

Step 1: Fill form DS160 - basically it has personal, employment and educational information. This form should be filled for each applicant who is travelling with you. I had to fill two separate forms one for myself and one for my spouse. After you submit the form you will see the final confirmation page. The confirmation page has information like you Name, Passport details, location of Consulate/OFC and confirmation number.
Step 2: Create a login on ustraveldocs website to pay for stamping fees and take an appointment
a. Payment of fees: $190 for each applicant H1B or H4. I used online fund transfer option which is very easy to use. Basically on ustraveldocs website follow the steps like add your DS160 confirmation number. I was going for stamping along with my spouse, add your spouse information as well under family member link, including her/his DS160 confirmation number.
On payment page you will see a BOFA India account number. Add this account number as a payee in your Indian bank account. Total fees paid was $190*2*conversion rate at one go since i had two applicants.
b. Book your appointment: You need to book for two days. Day 1 : Finger printing and Photographs(you do not need to bring any photo)
Day 2: Actual VISA interview
Step 3: Day 1 OFC BKC: My appointment was for 8:30 AM(this is the first batch of people the let inside). We reached the center at 7:45 AM. There was not a huge Queue outside, around-15 people were ahead of us. The let us in at 8:15 AM, it took us around 10 minutes to complete this process. We were out by 8:30 AM :)
Step 4: Day 2 US Consulate BKC Mumbai: My appointment was for 8:00 AM (again the first batch). We reached around 7:30 AM and were let inside immediately. After we passed through security, we entered a shaded area with seats. To my surprise there were around 50 people already inside and we joined one of the parallel queues.

After a wait for 30 mins in the shaded area we were let inside the actual consulate. There is no token system here, you form one single queue and wait with 50 other people for your turn. We had to stand for 1+ hour in this queue which was unpleasant and tiring. First they verify your passport and you pass through finger printing again. After that you are part of one Queue, at the end of this queue there are multiple windows. Actual VISA interview took 2 mins, the officer asked basic questions like employer and when we were married, etc. Our VISA was approved and i was directed to one more window to submit employment and education documents(standard process for all H applicants). I handed over Employment letter current and past and education transcripts(you can also give degree certificate), the officer made photo copies and we were all set.

My tip to others is to take a late appointment like 10AM, for 8 AM appointment they pretty much let everyone inside who showed up at the consulate. People with 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM were also inside with us. When we were all done we could see only 10 people inside the shaded area, and all the crowd was pretty much dealt by the VISA officers who work tirelessly.

Also for people applying for tourist VISA - please select regional languages if you do not understand English. It was really painfully to see the VISA officers getting irritated with people who could not answer simple questions.

Step 5: Collect VISA from OFC center, you will receive a email that your passport is ready. I got my email on the same day, i collected my passport the next day!!


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