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Satheesh Babu     08/10/2016 13:42 PM

I transferred my Visa to new employer when was on my 6th Year with H1B and the expiration date was May 6th 2016.

03 Feb 2016: Applied PERM
05-May-2016: Left USA (I booked ticket with British Airways. Since I didn't have the valid stamping ,they told me to get UK Visitor visa. So I had to choose airline which do not go through Europe .I traveled from Philly to JFK and booked ticket in Emirates on the Way to airport)
27 May 2016: My PERM Approved.
09 Jun 2016: Applied I-140 with PP
24 Jun 2016: I-140 Approved
07 Jul 2016: Applied for H1B extension based on I-140 with PP
14 Jul 2016: Received H1B Approval

When I was waiting for documents from USCIS, I created DS160 but I didn't submit I used my receipt number, petition start date and end date from my attorney for the H1B extension. I created my appointment and Scheduled interview on Sep 5th. After 1 week I received email from consulate saying the schedule is cancelled due to Labor Day on Sep 5th.then scheduled on Aug 29th assuming I will receive my documents by that time. I received my consulate package from my HR on July 30th. Luckily I got slot on Aug 9th in Chennai. So I booked OFC Schedule on Aug 8th and Visa Interview on Aug 9th.
After Booking the schedule I reviewed my DS 160 properly (Make sure to review multiple times before submit you can avoid trouble at OFC office. Surname or last name, First Name, middle name DOB that should match the Passport There should not be any typo.).
After booking the appointment I submitted my DS160. (I did that because if I wanted to change the interview location, I don't have to create another DS160. When you review DS160 there is an option to change interview location)

I booked The Hotel Spring which is in the middle of the New OFC Center and Consulate. Just 5 mins walk.
OFC Schedule on 08 Aug 2016 2:15 PM:
Document required: DS160, Passport and Appointment Confirmation page.
No other document required. I saw some people carrying switch off cellphones and they allowed it.
 I left the Hotel 1 hour before the schedule. Since the location is new many people may not aware of the location. There is a SAMSUNG service center on the kodambakkam high road. OFC Center is located in the same building. The entrance for OFC is behind the Samsung Service Center.
In the OFC Center GATE they displayed the schedule and they allow people based on that time Slot.
They called 2:15 PM batch by 1:45 PM (OFC Center is really fast)
I just followed the Directions posted on the wall. They verified DS160 form and compared with passport. If there is any mismatch they will send them back for correction. (If there is any typo you will be sent to do the correction at the ground floor).
Then there was a security scan. In another room they verified my schedule and picked up the barcode sticker and stick it on my Passport. Finally i reached the Finger print scanning Room. The called based on the number in the sticker.
They asked for the full name and date of birth for verification. They asked for language preference and told me to read the instructions. They took my Photo, and finger print of left 4 fingers, right 4 fingers and 2 thumb fingers. They instructed me to go for interview 30 minutes before. I left the building with in 15 mins.

Visa Interview Schedule on 9th Aug 2016 10:30 AM.
I carried the following documents.
1. DS160
2. Passport ( Current & Old)
3. 129 Petition
4. Employer letter about company. I work for Product Company so they clearly mentioned there is no vendor letter and client letter. Also they mentioned about company worth, number of employees and my roles and responsibility and number of clients etc.
5. Employer letter about my roles and responsibility with HR contact.
6. Pay stub for the year and previous year.
7. W2 statement for all years.
8. 1040 for all years.
9. Approved 1-140 Copy.
10. Previous petitions
11. Previous Experience Letter
12. SSN Copy
13. Driver’s License Copy
14. College Degree and mark sheet.
15. Current rental agreement.(Someone mentioned to take it)
16. Bank Account statement for 1 year. Just the credits page with account summary. The salary credit transaction should be there.
I checked out the hotel by 9:30 AM and walked to the consulate and reached within 5 mins.
The cop said there is no timing here you can go inside. I went inside they did the security scanning.
Checked all the documents and applied seal on the open envelopes.
Document verification counter they asked for the petition and passport and sent me to another counter and took finger print and told me to proceed to visa interview.
There was VO she looked like an Indian.
ME: Good Morning. How are you doing?
VO: I am doing well. Thank You.
VO: Passport Please.
ME: I gave it to her.
VO: She checked something in the system. Which company are you working for?
ME: I work for XYZ Company.
VO: Are you direct employee of the company?
ME: Yes
VO: What is your designation?
ME: I told my Designation.
VO: Who is your CEO?
ME: told my CEO Name.
VO: What is your Highest Degree?
ME: I told my degree
VO: What is your salary?
ME: told my annual salary.
VO: She took the Brochure and gave it to me and said your visa is approved.
(She didn't ask for Single document other than Passport)
I checked the clock and the time was 10:15 AM.

Please take only the required documents try to avoid electronics and big bags. Verify the DS160.The details should match on your passport. You can keep things in a small room but there is no safety box.DS160 correction center in a small room but too much crowd. Try to avoid last minute tension.
VISA Interview:
 Prepare very well for the interview, Know about company, Client, Role, salary etc. Take all the documents and make sure that should be easily accessible. Do not carry any electronic. There is a small safety box for electronics but the queue is very long. Dress very well (Formal) Be Confident and keep smile on face.
I have explained more details because so many questions were asked in multiple forums. So I have done 3 months research and consolidated everything. Thanks for reading.

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g4gps     08/08/2016 21:38 PM

I have gone to Matamoros Mexico in 1st week of August 2016 for H1B stamping. Went for stamping for me, my spouse, a child with another US born child.

1st Aug 9:00am - finger print & photo @ ASC
2nd Aug 8:00am - visa interview & approved, asked to collect passport at 3pm @ consulate
2nd Aug 3:00pm - received passport for me and child @ consulate
3rd Aug 3:00pm - received passport for my spouse @ consulate.

visa interview questions to me:
* 4 of you are here, but submitted 3 passports only. so is another child born in USA?
* are you working for same employer?
* give me your I-129
* give me your last year W2
* give me your i-140 approval evidence
* how much salary you are getting?
* howlong you are working for your employer?
* where is your employer?
* whom do you report to?
* what is your job & duties?
* who is your client?
* then officer was noting some details from i-129 into his computer.

visa interview questions to my spouse:
* are you also working?

visa was approved for everyone who had attended interview on that day and on that week whoever was in hotel. if travelling with families or couple, please expect one delay for passport delivery for either of your family member.

I have stayed at Salvador's Best western hotel plaza Matamoros (https://mexicovisaservice.appspot.com). It is the best place for families i would suggest. I was well taken care. we have made the chef to cook our south Indian style home food. chef was making all custom to food to suit kids and our style. please prepare additional day accommodation if you are traveling with family or for couple as it is usually delayed by another day for delivery of spouse passport. I have reached out to Salvador for any questions and any help which i wanted.
Though the below incident was not related to visa stamping, i give information here to show the level of service/care we can expect from Salvador. he was helping me getting mexico immigration done, providing ways to save money while there and more. everything was taken care as mentioned in above website.

On 3rd day, i had plan to travel within Mexico and flight was at 6pm. but i have received the passport at 3:30pm only and i didn't have flight reservation as i was not sure about passport delivery. Salvador, his hotel staffs and his assistant GAUDENCIO helped to make it possible. I couldn't book flight ticket online as it was less than 6hrs to book though seats were available. While his hotel reception staffs calling airline and assure seats available, his assistant was helping me to get to airport ontime.

port of entry @ PHL airport:
* why did you go mexico?
* why did you choose mexico for stamping than your home country?
* how many days you were there in mexico?
* where do you live in usa?
* give h4 visa supporting documents?
* show visa approval copy?
* last visa expired in 2014. where is the extension approval since then?

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h12016-221g     08/08/2016 00:50 AM

I feel the wait time for H1 interview is too long this time.Did any of u feel like that.
My employer could book a date only in November though I got the approval in July ;(
Any of you feel so ?

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ruchikasharma23dec     08/05/2016 14:32 PM


My name is Ruchika and I had applied for h4 visa from Kolkata. I was handed a 221 g white form stating that your application has denied refused. No visa shall be issued unless an application is completed. I was issued this due to a confusion. My husband's passport got expired and he had applied for a new passport and at that time we were not married and hence his marital status was not changed . He got his passport on 30 th Dec and we got married on 4th Jan after our marriage my husband had to join his ofc again asap. He filed his ds160 as single and hence in his h1b it's mentioned as single . As for new passport we had to get our marriage registered and it required a months time to get the appointment for marriage registration.

So when I went in for the interview I was given a white form of 221 g as mentioned earlier. My husband had also received an email Kolkata fpu for our relation verification and my husband has already mentioned that we our married and also he had stated the reason for confusion as he had to get back to his work hence did not change his marital status.

There is a tick mark on a check box mentioning your application requires additional administrative processing before final decision can be made ease send the information to requested below to the email id CV petition copy contract etc etc ..... I am still not clear whether I'll get the visa or not and what documents are required to be sent. Can any one please guide how to proceed further....

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aec.prash     08/05/2016 04:04 AM

Can someone please answer these :
Is it possible that consulate revoke the H1B visa validity after a DUI arrest?
If the H1B visa validity is revoked, can H4 person enter US after that.

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bharadwaj882     08/04/2016 09:38 AM

First of all , I would like to thank all members of this forum who have provided their experiences that are helpful to prospects like me :)

My Visa experience


Date and time : 3rd aug/ 8 am
It was quiet normal as explained in many other posts here . They allow in only 15mins before and collect your fingerprints and photograph. A simple 15mins procedure . please do carry your passport DS-160 and Appointment letter

My Visa experience

Date and time : 4th aug / 11am

This time they allowed in one hour before my scheduled time slot . They even did not check my DS / Appointment letter. Just took my passport to verify details and allowed me in . Security was done after which a seperate counter was maintained to verify biometrics. Next waited in lobby for 15 mins before a personnel called us in to stand in queue for VO . Atlast after 15mins , here is my interview

Me : GA and how are you ?

VO : Fine . Please handover your PP
Me. Sure thing .(Handed over passport through counter slot)

VO: So, who is your employer
Me : xxx

VO : you work for him directly ??
Me : No , I work at client location

VO : who is your client
Me : ABC

VO : how long you have been woking for him
Me : 16 months

VO : do you have the pamphlet ?
Me : yes , I do .

VO : what did you understand from it
Me : How to screw my employer

VO laughed and said golden words " your VISA is approved "

My advise : Do not listen to one's Advise along with mine :)

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mahi326     08/02/2016 08:13 AM

Hi Guys,

Please help me on this matter.

I'm trying to get H4 visa to my spouse. Can we go to Bangalore US office to get h4 stamped as she is eligible for drop box.

Also while filling ds160 i'm not seeing Bangalore as option for location. Please let me know if you used drop box facility in Bangalore.

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mendi     08/01/2016 03:40 AM

I have been a silent reader of this forum and experience from other people helped me prepare for my interview.

So giving back to community, I am sharing my experience which might someone like me :-)

28th Jul - OFC
Appointment time - 15:30
Reached - 15:00
Out by - 15:25
It is standard procedure as mentioned in so many other posts.
Few points I experienced
1. I carried my mobile phone as was just asked to switch it off.
2. I was carrying photos for my daughter (6 years) but they took her picture instead. No fingerprinting for her.

29th Jul - Consular Appointment
Appointment time - 9:00
Reached - 8:40
1. Long queue for security
2. They scanned the polybag i was carrying
3. Another queue to verify appointment date and time.
4. Fingerprint verification. They made us skip the queue. Thanks to my 6 years old daughter. My wife's 1 finger print didn't match. So they retook the fingerprint for her
5. Long queue for Visa Interview. They didn't put us in priority queue :-(
6. Interview lasted for 2 mins max

Questions (not in order)-
1. Which company you work for?
2. Who is your client?
3. What's your designation
4. Which city and state
5. Higher education
6. Marriage date
7. Salary in US

And then the golden words... Your visa is approved..

No questions asked from my wife or daughter.

1st Aug - Passport is ready for pickup :-)

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Bolzano     07/31/2016 22:58 PM

Hi all,

I have my H1B renewal appointment in Vancouver next week.
I was wondering if it is possible to pick up the passport at the consulate instead of the delivery location when taking the appointment.
If not, where is the best delivery location for Vancouver?


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nagesh1811     07/31/2016 21:58 PM


can any one suggest me
In H4 VISA : Primary Applicant Name wrongly printed
H4 VISA Applicants(Spouse and Kid) names are correctly Printed

My Name is : Bhaskararao (H1B Holder)
In my Spouse VISA my name printed as Bhasakarararao

 Actual Name should be : Bhaskararao (H1 B Visa Primary Applicant)
 Printed Name in VISA : Bhaskarararao

after came to home from VISA Office we identified this mistake
please suggest me what to do
how can we proceed
can we travel with out changing name?

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