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Raj0007     08/26/2014 08:22 AM

I attended interview H1b interivew in June in India and my case is put into admin processing. After couple of months receieved email saying that my case is sent to USCIS back for further processing.
Now I got opportinity with other company for onsite position(USA). Do i need to tell them that my case is already in admin processing.
I need suggestions, please guide me.

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Deep79     08/26/2014 06:21 AM

I have attended the H1b visa yesterday and got gave me 221G with "Your application required Additional Administrative processing is required before final decision can be made" and also they suggested to send some of the supporting documents to e-mail id "Hydfpu@state.gov" and also gave me some case number.

When i am chcking the case number today it is showing "Refused".Is anybody has idea on this?

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pavangangineni     08/25/2014 09:42 AM

Hi All,

Bleow is my H1 B Visa stamping expeirence.

VO:Please come sir
Me: I went into Queue and Said Good Morning Sir.

VO: Good Morning Sir. Can I have your passport.
Me: Yeah sure. and I have given my passport.

VO:Who is your client?
Me: Responded with client full name

VO: What is your role?
Me: Respondeed with my roles with five words.

VO: Your are from XXX company right?
Me: Yes I am from XXX company.

VO: What type of solutions xxx company will provide to your client?
Me: Responded accrodingly.

VO: What is your salaray in US?
Me: Responded accroding to DS160.

VO: Did you recevied pamhplet ?
Me : Yes sir I recvied and gone through the pamphlet.

VO: Thank you sir Your visa is approved you will get your passport in 2to 5 days.
Me: Thank you so much sir.

All the Best:

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sla123     08/24/2014 00:07 AM

Hi All,

First of all thanks alot for those who shared experiences, which gave lot of confidence and and idea before went to interview.I have attended the interview with my spouse and child, and we were allowed to proceed little ahead of others.

Questions Asked:
Me: Good Morning Madam.
VO: Good Morning. Passports Please.

VO: Where are you working?
Me: I asked in India or will be in US.
VO: she mean in US.
Me: I said the US employer.

VO: What is your client name?

VO: Right hand four fingers on the scanner please.

VO: What will you do for your client?

VO: What do you implement for your client?
Me: Explained the Project in 2 lines.

VO: Asked my wife to keep her right hand four fingers on the scanner.
VO: While scanning, Asked my wife ...where you are going to US?
My Wife: for a while, my wife was blank as she was thinking the question to me.
VO: where you will be staying in US madam?
My Wife: Recollected the State and said the State in US?
VO: Which city in that State madam?
My Wife: Replied.
VO: To my wife, How long you have been married?
        Is this the first time you are going to US?

VO: To me, What is your highest qualification Masters or B.Tech?

VO: What is your salary in US?

VO: Your VISA is approved. Have a nice stay.
Me: Thanks Madam.

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santu123     08/24/2014 00:01 AM

My employer(privately owned) didn't provide w2 and tax returns. any other letter needed?

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raghu4ece2006@gmail.com     08/24/2014 02:47 AM

First of all i want to thank immihelp for providing such a nice platform to share the experiences. This was the only website with daily updates on the experiences column.

After going thru the experiences i gained a lot of confidence & experience to face the Visa Interview.
My experience is very short, but i will add the experiences which i heard when i was in the queue.

Interview Details:
Consulate : Hyderabad
OFC : 20th August 2014, 16:30 PM
Interview : 21st August 2014, 8:30 AM

Following are the documents to Carry for OFC interview:
1) Passport
2) DS-160 confirmation page.
3) Appointment confirmation page
4) VISA fee payment receipt

1) Reach OFC atleast 30 mins before the scheduled time, i reached at 3:55 PM and they let me in at 4:05 itself.
2) Dont carry any bags with zips / ladies handbags, mobiles / laptops they wont allow them inside.
3) If you dont have an option but to carry a bag use the locker facility at the entrance of the road, they charge around 100rs. Otherwise there is a security room for Apartments nearby, you can keep it there they charge around 40 - 50rs.

The entire process is smooth & easy which should not take more than 15 - 20 mins.

Following are the documents to carry:
1) Passport
2) DS-160 confirmation page.
3) Appointment confirmation page
4) VISA payment fee receipt
5) LCA, I129, I797
6) Client Letter on their letter head from the Client Company.
7) Offer Letter from the Employer
8) Current company offer letter
9) Previous companies Experienced Letters
10) Form-16s, 6months pay slips, 6 months bank statements.
11) SOW, MSA & Task Order.
12) Project description document.

Reach 30 mins before the scheduled slot i reached at 8 AM and they immediately let me in & entire process took me around 1.5 Hrs, i left the consulate at 9:30 AM.

Make sure you complete your breakfast before going for the interview, as sometimes it takes 2 - 3hrs also for the completion and you need decent energy for the interview and waiting.

Me: Good Morning Mam
VO: Didnt pay attention, was adjusting the headphone

VO: Provide me with your passport
Me: Provided the same.

VO: Where you will be working ?
Me: Mentioned the employer and Client company details.

VO: How much money you will make ?
Me: Mentioned what is there in LCA & Offer Letter

VO: What you will be doing ?
Me: Mentioned the project description, my roles and responsibilities.

VO: How much money you will make ? (asked again)
Me: Mentioned what is there in LCA & Offer Letter

VO: Where do your Client operate from ?
Me: Mentioned my Client company place mentioned in Client Letter & LCA.

VO: Was checking something on the screen, i think she was checking the Client company & employer websites
VO: Please wait let me confirm

Me: Waiting at the Interview Box.

VO: Came back after a min & told the golden words

Me: Left the consulate happily.

Other Experiences:
VO: Provide me with the passport
Interviewee: Provided

VO: How is your employer ?
Interviewee: Mentioned

VO: How is you Client Company ?
Interviewee: He mentioned Client Company also as a consultancy.

VO: You are mentioning Client Company also as a consultancy, who is your end Client ?
Interviewee: Client Company also does some projects (product development)

VO: How will buy those products.
Interviewee: IBM & he mentioned some other companies.

VO: Where do they operate from / Where you will be working from ?
Interviewee: Mentioned as Texas.

VO: Sir, i am not able to see your Client company on the internet, can you please tell me the website?
Interviewee: Mentioned the website.

VO: Texas is not there in their locations
Interviewee: Tried to convince here, but couldnt do the same.

VO: How big is the company ?
Interviewee: Gave some vague answer

VO: Again asked, How biggg is the company ?
Interviewee: Told the employee strength

VO: How many H1B employees ?
Interviewee: Around 10 - 15 mins.

VO: I am not very convinced about your answers, can you show me your project documentation ?
Interviewee: Showed a 2 page documentation about the project.

VO: Is this the only documentation you have about the project you will be working for ?
Before he could answer, asked in little furious tone and expression provide me all the documentation LCA, I129, I797, Client Letter, Offer Letter

Interviewee: Was busy searching for them.

VO: please wait in the lobby, will call you, she went inside.
Interviewee: Left the interview box.

I think his VISA has been rejected by her, as i saw his Passport been returned back.

Please reply / contact me if anyone has any queries on my experience.
Make sure you prepare well for the interview and all the best for all future VISA seekers.

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manojv968     08/22/2014 15:13 PM


My petition got selected in lottery for H1b 2015 quota. Sponsor-er applied it in Normal processing.
I got an RFE. Now he says he does not have enough evidences to respond for RFE.

He is giving me an explanation that USCIS has requested for specific details which he cannot obtain from Client.
But when I checked RFE questionnaire there is nothing that he has to get it from Client. It is generic Employee-Employer relationship related question.

What are my options ?

I am planning to report against this employer to DOL / USCIS.

Any suggestions welcome.



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joyful     08/22/2014 00:40 AM

Those who have gone to Mumbai consulate for H1B visa interviews.

Can you please tell me when is the passport available for pick up? I need to plan my return to US.

Can I pickup the passport on the next day?

If the visa interview is on Friday. Will the passport be available for pick up at Mumbai on Monday?

I appreciate your answers. Thanks.

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wait4visa     08/22/2014 03:31 AM

@ALL : thank you very much for sharing your experiances, have attended Visa stamping @copenhagen but atlast he gave us 221G for not showing petition in PIMS and he kept passports and original petition approval.

Between each and every question, the VO was keep searching something in his PC and have got lot of time for each question.

Me : Hi, how are you
VO : didn't respond busy with his PC

VO : Why are you going to America
Me : Temporary Employment

VO : How long you were in Denmark
Me : XXX years

VO : Are you with same employer all the time
Me : responded accordingly

VO : Are you going with current company
Me : responded accordingly

VO : Highest education certificates and from where
Me : showed original certificates

VO : You hold different field of education and how you were in IT
Me : explained him history of my experiance and told XX of experiance in IT field

VO : Have you done masters
Me : responded accordingly

VO : Birth certificates of your kid
Me : Shown

VO : Marriage Certificate
Me : Shown

VO : Cannot verify your petition in PIMS, we need sometime to verify and handed over 221G(kept passports and original petition approval).

Please let me know if you have any inputs for my petition.


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SAS.VISA     08/22/2014 03:19 AM

Got Tons of preparation with lot of all possible questions.
I have rejections for f1 5 times. Later approval for B1...
Only 2 minutes LASTED the interview.
1) When got married?
2) Who is your employer?
3) What are you going to do for them
Bla Bla.
4) Who is your current employer?
5) You went on B1 with them
OK approved you can go for ahead.

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