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hyd_123     09/09/2014 06:13 AM

Can any once share (If you have recent information) the visa interview available date at Hyderabad consulate for Sept last week / Oct 1st week.
And also, share your visa interview experience at Hyderabad consulate.

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pavkri     09/09/2014 05:15 AM

We had appointment at 8am. we reached around 7.30. took 45 mins to enter the premise.

VO:Good Morning
me: Good morning mam.

VO: Can i have your passports please?
Me: I passed my passport and my wife's passport

VO: Who is your employer?
Me: XXX Company

VO: Whats your qualification?
ME: Answered

VO: Whats is your salary in US?
ME: Answered

VO: How long you have been married?
ME: Answered

VO: What you guys love to do?
ME: Answered

VO: Whats your qualification? (To my Wife)
SHE: Answered

VO:What do you do? (To my Wife)
SHE: Answered

VO: Your visa is approved. There are many lovely places in and around ZZZZ city.Have a pleasant stay in US.
she gave a phamlet regarding the rights in US.
BOTH: Thanks a lot
VO: you are most welcome

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mahesm     09/09/2014 03:43 AM


I need clarification on name printed in my I797B notice. Please help,
My name printed with comma(,) between my first name and last name (e.g: XXXXX, XXXXX)

For every one, name will be printed like this in I797B notice?

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akc     09/09/2014 01:57 AM

My H1-B interview scheduled on September 26th at Hyderabad consulate. Please share your experiences so that i can prepare well.

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mohitkumarbansal     09/08/2014 22:19 PM


My H1B interview is scheduled on 16 September in Kolkata consulate. Please share your exp so that I can prepare well.

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longwait4it     09/08/2014 07:24 AM

Hello friends,

I have had my H1b visa interview on 3rd July 2014 and I was given a 221g. I had submitted all my documents on 4th August. Since then the CEAC tracking website says my application is under administrative processing and the status update date was Aug-07-2014. My employer also received an email from embassy regarding some basic employment verification. They replied it right away on 29th August 2014. Today on 8th september the CEAC website says my application is still under "Administrative processing" but the status update date changed to Sep-08-2014.

Did anyone go through the same situation. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance!!

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optms     09/07/2014 13:38 PM

Hello All,

I went for my H1B stamping to Chennai Consulate. My petition was selected in 2013 and I had not got my Visa stamped so far.
My employer is a BEP employer.

Questions Asked:
1) Hello
Replied back
2) May I have your passport and token please.
Gave it
3) Who is you employer
4) What is your salary in the US
Answered in digits as per LCA.
5) Who is your client
Answered Client name as per LCA work location
6) Sorry
Again repeated the client name slowly

After checking in the system he immediately responded,Your visa is approved and gave me a pamphlet.

I replied thanks and walked out.

Posts in this forum really helped. Before me there was another employee from xxxx, He was asked the exact questions.
Another person had a slip issued to him because I guess his was a smaller company.


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vkumar123     09/07/2014 03:03 AM

I would like to thank every one who have shared their visa experiences on this forum, it helped and boosted my confidence.

Bio metrics on 4th 1:00 PM
You just have to carry below document and reach the OFC 15 min before your appointment. I reached there 30 min before my appointment and they allowed me in and the whole process took just 20 min.

1. Passport ( Old & New)
2. Visa Appointment Letter
3. DS 160 Confirmation Letter (Nothing Else)

They will ask your name and then they will paste a sticker with bar code on your passport.

After that they will allow you in to an another room where they will ask your " Purpose of Travel", The answer was "Employment" in my case as I was applying for H1B.
They will scan your finger prints, take your photograph and put a stamp on your DS 160.

Visa Interview on 5th 8:00 AM

I Reached consulate at 7:15AM, they allowed me in by 7:40, they asked us to keep our DS 160 Confirmation page, Appointment Confirmation and Passports ready. They will paste a token on your
passport, it would be like (eg, W - 101) followed by security check. Post this, you will be asked to head to the counter to take interview.

My visa Questions and Experience: -

(I work for an MNC in India and our client is a reputed firm in US)

Lady officer -

Before I wish her, she said "Please wait for a moment, we need a short break here), she took sip of her coffee and I was just looking to my documents if they are in proper order..

Then she asked for my passports -

Who is your client?
Where is your work location?
Answered ( Location and State)

Actually my client and my company office is in US is in the same state - so I told her my work location as my company location and she asked again. Then I repeated it clearly both the offices and
their addresses and then said I would be working from a client location. (Through out this process she was typing something in her system - then she said)

she repeated "So you said your client is XXXX and Employer is XXXX rt?, I said yes..

Then she pushed my passports in to tray adjacent to her and said, OK, we are good, alright you may leave now.

She didn't ask for my documents - seems she already have a copy of all those ( I797 ect with her)

As her response is positive and she kept my passport. I took it granted. So I didn't ask if my visa is approved :D.

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sachin31     09/07/2014 01:50 AM


Just thought to share my H1b visa exprience. I'll just give brief summary on OFC. Try to arrive 15 mins prior to your appointment. Dont bring any laptop or anyother electronic device except cellphone. They dont have any storage space.

Documents to carry in GFC:

Original Passport
DS160 Confirmation page
Appointment confirmation page

Experience at Consulate
I had an appointment at 8:30 AM. Along me with, my wife and kids were there. I reached outside the consulate at 7:50 AM. Crowd was huge outside and we were called in to form the line at 8. Since I had small kids, they allowed me to stand at the begining of the line

They let us go inside and they handed over one token. They asked for I797 petition and I handed over one copy. You dont need to give original. They stapled it with my passport. Then we went inside and fingerprinting verification was done

Inside the hall, the line was not that much and our number came after 10 mins.

VO: Can I have your passports
I gave them all the passports, my daughter has US passport as I was there previously on L1 around 3 yrs back

VO: Is this your fresh H1 or extension
I said Fresh. Then she started writing something on the screen and then again after 15 secs she said its your extension right, I said no its fresh. Then I thought she might be getting confused because of my daughter's passport. Then I clarified myself that I was on L1 previously.

VO: Which company you work in

VO: Whats your designation

VO: How long you have been in this company

Thats it. She didnt ask anything else and she said you may go now. No questions asked to my wife or to my kids.

After coming back to my home, I checked my visa status and it was "Issued". I got my passports now with visa on it.

Thanks immihelp for having such wonderful platform to share the experience. I was able to prepare myself very well because of this forum

Good luck to you all, who has the appointment in near future.

Documents which I carried:

Original I797
Copy of I129
Original educational certificates
Orginal marriage certificate
Copies of educational certificate
Family photographs
Tax returns
Salary slips

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H1b Approved     09/06/2014 03:37 AM

Hi Friends,Iam a silent follower of this website,and Iam very much Thankful to this website.It Really Helped me a lot.
directly iam posting my Experience.

VO Officer: Good Morning,How your doing

ME: Fine sir.

VO: Can I have Your Passports Please

ME: sure sir,please

VO: Who is your client

ME: Sir i will be working for inhouse project.

VO: Do you have project Documentation.

ME: Yes sir and i gave him project Documentation(85 pages of document ).

VO: Are you working this project at client side

ME: No sir, at Employer Location,it is product development Company.

VO: How much your salary in USA

ME: said the salary

VO: Which place in USA

ME: I told him the place

VO: How did you know about this company.

ME: I told this company only Approaced me by seeing my skiil set

VO: How Many Rounds of Interview Conducted.

ME: 2 Technical and 1 Manager round

VO: How it has been conducted telephonic or skype


VO: gave me a white pamplet.

ME: Then got confirmed that my visa has been Approved

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