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lipscot     06/26/2016 00:17 AM

Hello everyone . Please i need your advice and help.
I have an issue . and really need help and advice . I have been married for almost 2year now after dating about a year . me and my wife was living in newark nj before moving to ND . my wife is a citizen. We did the AOS of application in NJ. before moving to ND and have interview in August 2015 in MN, no decision after d interview. January 2016 . My wife told me she was pregnant .i was so happy at 1st .On march we have some misunderstand .then she told me i am not responsible for the pregnancy. she admit she has be cheating on Me.i was so emotional depress .i have to option than to kick out from my apt. Bearing six week later i saw six missed from her on my phone . When i return the call. She to me the DHS security came to where she staying .and ask why is she staying here ,why is she nor staying with me *. She told them what happen and why i kick her out.
They lift.

Up still now i haven't hear *from them . I am so confuse and worry. One my wife cheat on me having another man baby. Second at the moment my marriage is complicated.

Please i need an advice and what to do next

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USJ     06/25/2016 23:39 PM

Hey Dallas filers,
             Anybody has PD between 15th July to 20th July 2015? Or even anybody who has PD after 20th July and got interview notice?
           Mine is 20th July, 2015 yet not heard anything ...
           Pls update!!
Thank You

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littletrees     06/25/2016 14:26 PM

Can prior unauthorized employment be a reason for a denial for a marriage based green card?

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Sunshineflorida     06/25/2016 13:01 PM

Hey guys,

I was just curious if anyone got some feedback from the process time after a RFE?!

It's been over 4 months that I am waiting for my work authorization. My application has been transfered to the National benefit center.

02/22/16: packaged received
03/25/16: finger print
04/15/16: RFE for the I-485
04/18/16: RFE sent
05/04/16: RFE is been reviewed

Since this date I haven't received anything. I submitted a request Outside normal processing time. USCIS replied saying "your form I-765 will be processed within 90 days of the receipt of the resquested of evidence".

I read on the forum that a RFE for a form doesn't have any consequences on the others form... But it doesn't seem to be true.

So if they actually make me wait 3 more months, I would have waited 5 months and a half in total. is that even possible? What else can I do?

Anyone tried to push up their application at the congress representative/senator?

Please share your own experience or your friends', I would really appreciate it.


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hifromtiger     06/25/2016 04:21 AM

Hi, everyone!

When I check my status online, I consistently get the following message (between the lines below).

Of course, I entered my correct receipt number.

On my current status, I just finished my finger printing.

Can the error message be problematic?

What may be the best recourse (option) for me to take in order to resolve the issue?

A couple of times, I tried 1-800-375-5283.

Using the service, however, was not simple. The recorded directions were not
clear enough to me.

If I still have to use the service available at 1-800-375-5283, which option(s) should I choose?

Your precious input will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Validation Error(s)
You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

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Lala Rose     06/24/2016 22:45 PM

hi..i just want to ask how long does it usually takes to receive NOA? I sent my documents last june 20...

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shirazshahin     06/24/2016 19:31 PM

I have general question for AOS interview marriage base.

Should we take our child born out of marriage, for the interview. Are we allowed to?

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Eva Navarro     06/24/2016 16:08 PM

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience and ask for some advice,

I went today to my interview for the Adjustment of Status based on marriage at Fairfax, VA.
We both were very nervous and the officer making the interview was kind of cold. Once we walked in, we had to give our IDs (and also passport for me).

He asked us very formal questions like the name full name of the partner, date of birth, name of father and mother, where he was born and so on, very formal. At that time, he asked my husband (US citizen) for our day and place of marriage and he didn´t answer correctly.
We are a just graduated couple and we don´t know very well how to handle some things so we didn´t have many assets in common. Still he got our bank statements, shared health insurance, joint tax return and 4-5 pictures we brought.

At the end, he asked us if we wanted to add anything else to the file so I jumped it to add our engagement video, that was a very cute video with a very long and lovely story behind that might though it would help us (he refused to watch).

So after that, he handed us a document saying "NOTICE OF INTERVIEW RESULTS. Your case is being held for review. At this time, USCIS does not require any further information or documents from you. Should further information or documents be required, you will receive a notice in the mail. We may also schedule you for another interview at some point. Otherwise, a final decision will be mailed once your case is complete."

He pointed us another 6 cases on his desk and said " once I am done with those I will work on your case and you will receive a letter from us with our decision" and explained us what the document said.

At this point I am very confused. Had anybody have a similar experience? is this document something normal? How long should I wait to scheduling an infopass?

Thank you so much to all!

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chiago1985     06/24/2016 15:23 PM

Hello everyone,
I would like to have some advice on what to do, I-485 marriage based.

I went for my interview on June 02, 2016 in Chicago, The interview was really good they even call us in like 15 minutes before our appointment the officer not even ask any questions, the only question she ask it was how do we meet but that was at the end. The officer was friendly with my husband and me. The interview last like 15 minutes only checking all my file that everything was in order and she approved me on the spot but she told us that she need to ask for my I-130 form that was en Juares because they though that i was going to have my interview in Juarez. She told us as soon as she received the form they would send me the green and approval notice that was going to take 15 days and till now i have not received nothing :-(

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Slimj007     06/24/2016 00:43 AM

Hello big family, I would like to get some help!
I am on the process of getting a green card, and I was wondering if I can travel for 2 weeks while waiting on my green card. I am planing to travel out of the country, I need to see my mother. What is the first thing I should do, and what's the documents should I take with me to be able to re-entry in the US.

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