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bolloxks     09/28/2016 07:41 AM

Hello everyone, Houston filer here,

So two days after I received my letter for the interview, I received another letter saying the interview was canceled. The interview was supposed to be on October 27th. I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with this?? We did apply for an address change prior to receiving the interview letters, could that be a reason why the interview was rescheduled?

I've read around the web that sometimes even after they reschedule your first interview date, if you don't show up at the appointed time, they deny your 485 and I'm really scared of that happening.

I will be speaking to my lawyer about this but any help/advice?

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thomaslucena     09/28/2016 02:37 AM

Hi Guys,

My PD: 07/22/2016
Biometrics: Walked in - August 9

Today is DAY 67 and got an update saying that my EAD was approved and they are producing now.
Does anyone know how long takes to receive on mail ?


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Dimeji213     09/27/2016 23:25 PM

Hello everyone, let me start by thanking members of this forum that responded to my eairlier questions, am grateful. However I have further questions.

I recently received my txt and email from USCIS after a long wait (2 weeks). The problem is I am currently in MD for a month, away from TX where I live and filed from. I was told I would receive a letter by mail. So herein lies my questions.

(1) How long from when I received the text would the letter arrive in my mail and how long do I have to respond.

(2) I failed to send in my form I-765 when filling, After I send in my form I-765 work authorization this time how long till I get a response on it.

(3) Is it wise for me to travel out of state again while my application is still being processed.

Thank you.

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amermummy     09/27/2016 22:29 PM

4/22/16: - Mailed packet
4/24/16: - USPS tracking says packet delivered
5/02/16: - Received text/email for 3 forms
5/09/16: - Received NOA letters in the mail
5/13/16: - Received Biometrics letter in mail
5/26/16: - Biometric Appointment
6/06/16: - Receive RFE letter for Joint Sponsor
6/22/16: - Sent RFE package to USCIS
6/28/16: - Case update said RFE package was received
7/12/16: - Case schedule for Interview
7/21/16: - EAD Approve
7/25/16: - EAD Approval letter received
7/28/16: - EAD card received
9/19/16: - Interview scheduled for October 14th

My timeline is above and I'm filing from Boston. I'm so happy and hope all will go well.

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Hm Rupon     09/27/2016 22:04 PM

anyone have any experience about fees waiver form i912, i'm going to apply for adjustment of status someone told me i'm eligible to file for fees waiver form.is im eligible for that or not ?

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nathpuria     09/27/2016 19:36 PM

Hi everyone! thanks for sharing your experiences. I read in couple of posts here that i can raise SR after 75 days from filing, so i did that. my PD is July 8, 2016. I submitted SR for my EAD on 21 September this month. I haven't heard anything yet. I would like to ask your suggestions on what should i do from here. All of my cases I-765, I-130, I-131 showing same status since day one online that case was received on July 8, 2016. I-485 status is biomatrics fee is received. please share your opinions on that.

have a great day everyone and good luck with your applications.

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dinara     09/27/2016 17:57 PM

we filed concurrently in May 2016 - Texas office.
Both got RFE in early July 2016
RFE Received July 20, 2016
Principal's I-485 approved Sep 2, 2016
No update for spouse's application since July 25...
60+ days and still waiting...

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Unfortunate houston filer     09/27/2016 17:12 PM

Its only been 5 months since I applied (from houston- pd 25th april 16) and I'm already so done with waiting. So bummed out about missing my brothers engagement, my cousins wedding and another cousin of mine just gave birth. ?? This sucks and I can't even complain bc there are people waiting longer than me so I'm sure it really sucks for them lol but uhhh wish it was as easy as 1 2 3.
I have my advance parole but I'm too scared to leave the U.S bc a lot of people said not to make that mistake since it's not guaranteed. Anyone from Pakistan who recently traveled to and back? My mind was so set on not leaving but I'm getting double minded now.

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itsgonnarain     09/27/2016 17:05 PM


Has anyone seen processing times on USCIS website update? the dates are still static as of July 2016

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suhuynhh     09/27/2016 16:21 PM

Hello everyone,
I had an interview for AOS last Thursday (09/22) at USCIS Atlanta (GA) and the IO said she would recommend for an approval for my case and she would update it into the system within that day and the next day, which is Friday. She also gave me 2 papers saying that my case would be recommended for an approval and a reminder of filing another form to remove the condition of my green card. However, I have not seen any updated since then when I check my case status online.
So, my question is whether she forget my case or they just dont update the case? Not to mention, my cousin got an approval for her AOS too and it only took like a minute for it to be updated.
I am so worried now, anyone that experience the same problem like mine?
Comments are welcome! I appreciate you all.

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