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Paola Álvarez Beltrán     04/30/2017 21:47 PM

Hi guys I just got my interview appointment.
My office is in orlando
 priority day 06/06/2016, interview 05/23/2017. I did the medical examination 05/24/2016. I was wondering if I should get another I-693? Because my examination record will expire one day after the interview, why do you guys think? Also I don't know if I need a gonorrhea exam?

Thank you in advance

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chukwujiwu     04/30/2017 19:07 PM

I submitted in November 2016 .and did my biometrics in January and received my Ead in February. Please want to ask when i will be expecting my interview and the kind of thing that i should have.

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Arizonaaos     04/30/2017 18:43 PM

Hi guys,so I know sounds lame but I want to be prepared .
I'm planning on calling for a sr tommorow . What information will they ask ? Is there any tips on what I should say ? I'm nervous .

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Leeash     04/30/2017 15:35 PM

PD: May 20 2016
Interview: March 7 2017
Field office :NYC
RFE:March 10 (doctor didn't fill out new medical properly)
RFE sent and received: March 15
Sr: went on April 20(I think) pretty pointless saying my i485 needs to be reviewed.
I130: approved April 12 ( after I submitted SR)

It has been 55 days from interview and 47 days from RFE submission and acceptance nothing yet .

PS. My online forms haven't been update . i130 still says case received (may 20 2016)
I485 says interview scheduled

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Eli_za     04/30/2017 00:36 AM

Hello there!!! Is anyone from Houston, Tx????

After you got your Conditional GC I supposed you went to SS office to get restrictions removed. As well as going to DPS and get restrictions removed form DL as well. Well in my case my DL restrictions were removed and got DL for 6 years but my expiration date fall on my first EAD expiration date (01/22/2022) instead of being expire on my birthday (06/06/2022). DPS called Austin (headquarters) and they told her that it was because the system "processed" like that and there's nothing they can do to change the expiration date. Have anyone have a similar situation. Thanks.
My first EAD was 01/22/2012 - 01/22/2016
Second EAD was 08/15/2015 - 08/15/2016
Conditional GC 12/20/2016 - 12/20/2018

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hawkeyes13     04/30/2017 10:56 AM

Just wanted to check if I am the only one.


There are people like me who are waiting for EAD after 110 days?

PD - 1/9
Bio - 2/15

No updates after that.

So much frustration..

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Emman Ab     04/30/2017 02:22 AM

Did anybody get an interview notice ? New york is extremely slow !!
Best of luck to all of Us !! Thanks

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peterpaul216     04/29/2017 20:21 PM

Hi Forum,
I just received my EAD approval Notice in my mail today. I hope in God to receive the EAD card towards end of next week. I encourage others that are waiting not to be discouraged or loose hope. I pray that goodnews will flourish our online status as we move into next week. Even if you have had an RFE/RFIE, do not believe that it will resart your timeline for your EAD. Except if the RFIE/RFE is issued on your form I-765 petition. This is because from USCIS website RFIE/RFE of a properly filed petition does not affect the priority date of an interim benefit petition. Below is my Timeline:
PD - Jan 27, 2017
BIOMETRIC - March 6, 2017
RFIE on I-485 - March 16, 2017
EAD Approval Notice in mail - April 25, 2017.

Once again do not be discouraged by any long wait.

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Reasons4all     04/29/2017 18:52 PM

Hi everyone! This site has been helpful for all of us because we are in the same situation. We just need to flow on a day to day basis to survive the feelings that we have now. Our main goal is to finish what we have started and be victorious. Some of us encounters difficulties just don't loose hope and keep the faith I know this site will be very helpful to us all. To those who have finished the interviews please share your experiences and questions so we can learn from them.

PD: Feb 15, 2017 ( 130, 485, 765, 130) marriage base .
Bio: march 22
I-485: march 27 ready for interview
I-765: April 28 card being produced

( no ref ). All February filers are now having new updates to EAD

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mzc0915     04/29/2017 18:26 PM

I responded to Rfe by mailing the documents to NBC in Lee's Summit in March, and the status has been "Rfe received" so far.
How do I know if my case is still in NBC or in San Fran field office?
Thank you!

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