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mrv2020     12/03/2016 21:58 PM

Hi everyone. Because I did not now any better than ( but now I 've learned through this forum that I could)I sent the I765 separetly from the I485 on Nov 7, 2016, (almost three months after filing i485). and I am still have not received the biometrics appointment. I have already done one bio for the i485 and I've done it in less than a month. But for i765 bio, no appointment yet. Is that normal? I now have two receipts for each filing i485 and i765. Could someone please share your experience with this regard? iThank you very much.

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dcc     12/03/2016 20:17 PM

Hello house, Is there anyone filling from the state of Missouri and has done biometrics from Nov 15 and has received an update on their online status, or received a further instruction? Please let me know.

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essdee     12/03/2016 19:29 PM

I will like to travel to my home country to visit my people,pls which form am i to fill,my interview is not yet reschedule. I will really appreciate your response

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man16     12/03/2016 19:16 PM

Just got my interview notice,it is on 3rd of Jan 2017

My PD: 28th March 2016
Biometric done: 29th April 2016
Case is ready to be schedule for an interview: 11th May 2016
Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office: 16th June 2016
Interview notice: 3rd Jan 2017 (At Newark USCIS federal building)

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dozer     12/03/2016 16:40 PM

Hi everyone. I have been a silent reader for a very long time . the experiences are always helpful read thru. Finally i submitted my green card petition (I-485,I-130,I-864,I-765,I-131) via fedex. it delivered on 25 novermber 2016 but didnt recieve any Email or reciept yet. if anyone on the same boat just please please share me your experience..

Thanks in advacne

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Hm Rupon     12/03/2016 11:50 AM

Is there anyone PD after 10/11/2016 received EAd or AP?
I have done biometric on 11/18/2016 is there any possibility to receive References? Normally after sending for AOS within how many days people receive Ref? Your reply greatly appreciated. Thx everyone

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FinallyHouston     12/03/2016 10:47 AM

I have been a reader for a year...it has been really helpful to see everyone's experience, so I finally decided to share mine. Here are some details of my case:

I am the beneficiary (meaning the one that is adjusting status)

My husband is a US Citizen and he is the petitioner

I am in a different situation than some, I am not a fiancé visa case. I was lucky enough to have entered the US with a visitor visa, but I was also lucky enough to be able to apply for a work permit in 2001 though my native country of El Salvador due to a natural disaster.

I have renewed my work permit since 2001 so I have had it for a while now, so I guess I am here legally in a way.

My PD 11/4/2015

Case finally scheduled for an interview 11/2/2016...yes...we waited about 12 months.

Interview date: December 8, 2016 (wish me luck!) (Houston Office)

I submitted my physical examination with my adjustment of status paperwork. At this point I am still confused about the fact of getting a new physical or not. I did call the USCIS customer support, at which point the representative stated that if they needed a new physical or information it would clearly state it on the letter. I proceeded to read that mine said " Physical examination (unless already submitted)," and he repeated that if something was missing it would specifically ask for it. My physical was completed in October of 2015.

My husband and I have made the decision of not completing another physical, because my work permit is current, we decided that if the IO asks for it during the interview, we will just do it then and wait the period of time we need to wait for the application to be processed.

If you are a Houston filer please share your experience with a reply, also, if you have filed with TPS to adjust status through marriage also share your experience. All replies are welcome, would love to hear also about your experience with the physical.


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essdee     12/03/2016 08:25 AM

Pls i will like to know much more about interview been reschedule,i am suppose to have my interview on the 7th of Nov but was called not to come cos my file is not yet received in memphis.Pls how long does it take them to reschedule me for another date.I will really appreciate replies

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Rubellavirus     12/03/2016 05:14 AM

hi everyone,

I mailed my forms (I-130, I-765, I-485, I-864, and health exam results) on November 23 and it was delivered on November 25. However, up till now, I haven't received an email or text message from USCIS about my priority date.

I thought they would inform you about your priority date within a week but it's already past a week and I haven't heard anything.

I ordered one check with the total amount of all the application fees ($1490), could this be the reason why my PD has been delayed? Am I supposed to order the checks separately? I'm confused what could be the reason.

Do you think I should call them and ask why?

Thanks for your replies

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Chitownfiler     12/02/2016 21:36 PM

I received this in the mail today. I didn't know I was supposed to send my Medical without their notice. I thought they'd tell you that you need to go for medical and that's when it gets sent? What exactly is the process as I am confused? Can someone please advise?

"An initial review of evidence submitted with your application to register permanent residence or adjust status determined that form I-693, report of medical examination and vaccination record, has not been submitted or has been submitted and is not sufficient for the following reason(s):

A completed and signed I-693 was not submitted.

You will be required to submit a valid, completed, and signed form I-693 at a later date. Please follow these instructions:

*If you receive an interview notice in the mail, you must bring your updated Form I-693 to your interview appointment.
*if your case does not require an interview, you will receive a request for evidence for form I-693 with instructions on where to send Form I-693.

DO NOT MAIL DOCUMENTS AT THIS TIME. Mailing documents before receiving one of the notices reference above may result in a delay to your case."

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