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adnanhashmi     08/20/2014 18:33 PM

Hi everyone. I have a different address on my marriage certificate and I 485 (this one is same as my spouse). Will this be a problem?

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fishmo     08/20/2014 00:53 AM

My US citizen's husband petitioned for my daughter and I on 4//22/2014. The following has been our experience;
5/22/2014- received notification from USCIS stating that my applications were received (I130, 485, 765 and ATT). Priority date given is 5/19/2014.
7/18/2014- got bio-metrics done
7/19- status changed from initial review to interview and testing
7/24 Got letter with interview appointment for 8/20/2014 at 8:15am
8/5/2014- AP and EAD approved
8/13/2014- Received EAD and AP
8/20 (today) attended interview appointment. Both I130 and 485 approved on the spot.
Yes, you heard that right..... the entire process took 3 months.
I am super happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111.

Good luck to everyone.....

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American-English     08/13/2014 01:33 AM

More of a Question...
Came to the USA in 06. Married on the spur of the moment and applied for residency.
When we were to Adjust status, we filed really late (Dad had died in UK and I was going through some depression issues)
Hired a lawyer , who turned out to not be Immigration lawyer and who screwed us over by sending the wrong forms in to USCIS
Deportation proceeding ensued
Finally went to Court in Chicago to remove deportation order last year
Re-filed I-130. successful. Had interview
About to re-file I-465 AGAIN....

Here's the sticky part.....If I leave the USA in the near future, on a Canadian trip..
(A) What's the likelihood of the Canadian Border guards not letting me in for a vacation, as I have no Visa per se..just my up-to-date UK passport?
(B) What's the likelihood of the USA border guards not letting me back in as my I-465 form is still in process?
anyone wanting more info and clarification can private message me at hitchmough1959@gmail.com

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kamal_shah     08/07/2014 19:23 PM

First thanks for reading my post and appreciate your advice and guidance. I came to USA in a very young age and now I will be marrying my long time girl friend for 3 years, who is a citizen. We both are from different countries as well. She is from Mexico, but born American citizen and I'm from India. We will be doing a court marriage first, in the end of this month, since she wants to get married in Mexico. Off course, our parents are against this marriage so this is why we will be doing a court marriage. She is catholic and I'm Hindu.
Now the question is, how to proceed further? I came to this country on a B1/B2 visa and over stayed since then. I read some scary stories on the web about the scary interviews. However, I'm not least worried about this, but nervous since how can one know another person so well. It takes forever to learn someone who you love. Also, She is staying with me and the lease is under my name, and have pictures. But I don't have any bills under her name yet, since I pay for the cable. And since I don't have a bank account, she handles my cash in her account.
How can I proceed without giving the immigration officer the benefit of doubt. A good response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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datkool     08/01/2014 13:06 PM

My wife, who is a US citizen, is petitioning for me (F1 student). Biometrics done on July 02. Status went from "Initial review" to "Testing and interview" on July 15. Today is August 01 and I haven't received email updates from USCIS. Is this waiting time frame normal or should have I received the interview notice by now? Sorry for stupid question but I'm still waiting every single day. Thanks for your answers and good luck!

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sanbun     07/30/2014 17:24 PM

My fiancé doesn't work at the moment. However, her parents are willing to help us out with the affidavit of sponsor, I would like to know the procedure for the same. Should they be filling a separate form/ should my fiancé fill the form I-684 despite not holding an employment currently. I thoroughly appreciate fellow forum mates and admin for taking time to respond to my query.

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hikm     07/23/2014 21:20 PM

I came here as B2 on 25 apr to visit my family , friends for fun ( I am manager in reliance chem in india ) - and i met a girl ( she is radiologist ) who is usc in family function & we fell in love , after range of dating and all desides to get married with her family s permission ,( Simul i left my job in india to stay here ) we married on 1st july and just filing all i 485 & all req petitions , My autho stay will be completing on 24th oct , I think it may take 4-5 month to get GC , should i left USA when my autho stay complete or i have to stay unauthorised ??

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housewife     07/19/2014 02:39 AM

My husband filed my i485 for me march 28 2014 . We went for interview on July 17 2014 at Baltimore office and got approved on the spot. I have been to the US for five years on F1. Just want to tell everyone relax if your marriage is legit. I was so stressed and had read all the info,reviews and forums I could find on the web and scared myself to death. The IO ask my hubby my full name ,dob(he got it wrong but corrected himself in the end),which school did I go(he said he doesnt knw just some English classes). He ask me my hubbys s name ,dob,his parents name,my parents name) and then he went thru part of yes/no questions on i485. Then asked us to show evidence of our relationship?we got health insurance,auto insurance,credit card statement,car contract,marriage cert,phone bill and a photo album?also asked about our wedding ?courthouse?honeymoon?no,we are saving up? who presented at course when we got married?only me and hubby?! My hubby told him I am stressed out coz I read a lot of bad interviews online . The IO even told me relaxed ??? ! in the end he just approved and stamp approved on my i485 !I was so happy! Btw he talked with my hubby about his job for a while ! The staff at Baltimore are very friendly ! Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences!

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dlmbtltk     07/17/2014 16:09 PM

I got married in march 12th 2014, USCIS received my petitions may 26th, went for my fingerprint appt june 23rd. Today is July 17th and when i check both of my case numbers on uscis website, my i765 is still on the "INITIAL REVIEW" and my case number for the i485 has moved on july 2nd from "ACCEPTANCE" step to "TESTING AND INTERVIEW".
So far i have not received any other letters from USCIS…I'm very anxious!!!!
GOD help all of us.
Good luck people. :)

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qayyum786     07/12/2014 11:46 AM

Came to US in Dec 2005 on F1
Working on H1B ever since
Got married in July 2013
Applied GC thru marriage in Mar 2014
GC Approved in July 2014
Total duration : 3 months 3 weeks
Duration of interview : 15 minutes

Nothing off track in my case except one which might help others. Wife who is a US citizen is a home maker doesn't make any income. So we filed me the intending immigrant's income as the main income and my wife is supporting me thru my income. Other than that everything was normal and we had all support documents in place.

Some documents i carried are listed below and these are very much mandatory to have all of them. I had lot other documents but those weren't even looked at so wont list those.
Birth certificates of both
Both's passports
Marriage certificate
My all work permits since i have been in US proving my legal stay.
Photo album for wedding and Misc pics.
Joint tax returns form previous year.
Bills in both names and same address - Gas/Electricity/Lease/cable/joint bank statement/credit cards/phone/car insurance/health insurance/costco membership/Driver's licenses with same address

IO stressed on :-
* Insurances showing both names - He looked at this more than once.
All bills
Marriage certificate
Birth certifcate
DL's with same address
wedding photots

I had all the above documents that IO wanted, so it was a simple interview. So my suggestion is better to have all the documents i mentioned above as a compulsory and any other misc document you can add, more the better.

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