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Brilliantlia     08/27/2016 22:46 PM

PD - July 5
 Biometic - Aug
Got a letter in the mail today, you are schedule for an interview on September 27, 2016.
Haven't received my EAD

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N_Romano     08/27/2016 17:04 PM

Hi all,
I entered the US in August 2015 under F1 visa. I graduated BA and got married to my husband who is a USC and in the Military also.
My timeline of AOS:
PD 06/26/16
Biometric done: 08/01/16
FRE notice: 08/22 about tax documents.it said that my husband income is under 100% of poverty guidelines (for the military member) actually his income is not that low but the tax filed included only haft of his real income because since the day he joined the army. So my brother who is a USC living in North Carolina will fill as my joint sponsor. My questions are:
1- can we list our car (we financed it 5months til now and still paying it off) as our assets? If yes what we need to do to estimated it value?
2- should I got all my brother's documents and send it to USCIS myself from my address (filled in the document) or can he just sent it from his place. Is it really matter that all my documents must be sent by myself and marked as the post office from where i stay?
3- Can I get the EAD even my FRE is not get updated or I have to wait until the FRE is done to get the work permit because I really want to work.
Thank you all for your help

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Carly2955     08/27/2016 15:10 PM

Hi guys just for update My EAD is in the mail today :)

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tganzie1     08/27/2016 00:15 AM

pd 6/23/16
7/8/16 biometric notice
7/25/16 biometric completed
8/5/16 rfe
8/11/16 received rfe
8/15/16 sent out rfe
08/17/16 uscis received rfe
no update on i130 or i765
any idea how soon before i hear some thing. its about 64 days from filing as of today 8/27/16

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Margaccnyc     08/27/2016 09:48 AM

Hi, this is my situation.
My PD March 21 2016. Get my EAD on July 27. On July 12 my status change, my case ready for interview, change againg on July 29. No interview yet.
Someone on the same situation?
How long can take until received the notice with the date for interview?
I see people applying at the same time and even later receiving the letter with interview for September.
Thank you.

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markk     08/26/2016 22:11 PM

Pd dec 15th,case stuck on rfe received on march 21,i called and spoke to L2 officer,she said my name is on queue for interview,she said once interview is schedule,i will get a notice,anyone been through this?

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Brahim Aoudar     08/26/2016 19:52 PM

hi guys, this is my situation, i had my interview July 5th, immigration requested 2 more documents, taxes and translate of one of my documents, anyway, we got those documents and sent them back...since then, we didnt hear nothing from immigration and USCIS Status is still the same as before the interview...I am really worry, any help please?

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vinaygoel     08/26/2016 19:45 PM

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to check with the forum team members, what is priority date and how this will help for my I 485 application.

Please find my details

Case Type: i 485
Priority Date: May 25, 2016
Case Preference: EB1C

With the priority date when can I expect I 485 will be approved, if things are moving well. Awaiting a positive response from the forum team members.

Thanks & Regards,

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vickyseattle     08/26/2016 18:41 PM

Hi, are there any 1-485/1-130 concurrent filers from the field office of Seattle/Tukwila? Could you share your timeline please? Thank you!

Mine is as below:

PD: April 29th, 2016
Biometric exam: Jun 3rd, 2016
I-485 ready to schedule an interview: Jun 8th then refreshed to July 27th
Combo card approved: July 22nd, 2016 (received 28th)

waiting for interview to be scheduled...

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Crystal020     08/26/2016 18:16 PM

So I called the 1-800 number and the officer made a SR for me again and this is the response I got "According to USCIS records, your application is still pending. At this time, we anticipate you should receive a decision or other notice from USCIS within 60 days of this notice." Have anyone gotten the same message ? & how long it ACTUALLY take to hear back from them ?

PD:May 2015
Interview Date: January 2016
No GC yet.

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