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hikm     07/23/2014 21:20 PM

I came here as B2 on 25 apr to visit my family , friends for fun ( I am manager in reliance chem in india ) - and i met a girl ( she is radiologist ) who is usc in family function & we fell in love , after range of dating and all desides to get married with her family s permission ,( Simul i left my job in india to stay here ) we married on 1st july and just filing all i 485 & all req petitions , My autho stay will be completing on 24th oct , I think it may take 4-5 month to get GC , should i left USA when my autho stay complete or i have to stay unauthorised ??

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housewife     07/19/2014 02:39 AM

My husband filed my i485 for me march 28 2014 . We went for interview on July 17 2014 at Baltimore office and got approved on the spot. I have been to the US for five years on F1. Just want to tell everyone relax if your marriage is legit. I was so stressed and had read all the info,reviews and forums I could find on the web and scared myself to death. The IO ask my hubby my full name ,dob(he got it wrong but corrected himself in the end),which school did I go(he said he doesnt knw just some English classes). He ask me my hubbys s name ,dob,his parents name,my parents name) and then he went thru part of yes/no questions on i485. Then asked us to show evidence of our relationship?we got health insurance,auto insurance,credit card statement,car contract,marriage cert,phone bill and a photo album?also asked about our wedding ?courthouse?honeymoon?no,we are saving up? who presented at course when we got married?only me and hubby?! My hubby told him I am stressed out coz I read a lot of bad interviews online . The IO even told me relaxed ??? ! in the end he just approved and stamp approved on my i485 !I was so happy! Btw he talked with my hubby about his job for a while ! The staff at Baltimore are very friendly ! Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences!

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dlmbtltk     07/17/2014 16:09 PM

I got married in march 12th 2014, USCIS received my petitions may 26th, went for my fingerprint appt june 23rd. Today is July 17th and when i check both of my case numbers on uscis website, my i765 is still on the "INITIAL REVIEW" and my case number for the i485 has moved on july 2nd from "ACCEPTANCE" step to "TESTING AND INTERVIEW".
So far i have not received any other letters from USCIS…I'm very anxious!!!!
GOD help all of us.
Good luck people. :)

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qayyum786     07/12/2014 11:46 AM

Came to US in Dec 2005 on F1
Working on H1B ever since
Got married in July 2013
Applied GC thru marriage in Mar 2014
GC Approved in July 2014
Total duration : 3 months 3 weeks
Duration of interview : 15 minutes

Nothing off track in my case except one which might help others. Wife who is a US citizen is a home maker doesn't make any income. So we filed me the intending immigrant's income as the main income and my wife is supporting me thru my income. Other than that everything was normal and we had all support documents in place.

Some documents i carried are listed below and these are very much mandatory to have all of them. I had lot other documents but those weren't even looked at so wont list those.
Birth certificates of both
Both's passports
Marriage certificate
My all work permits since i have been in US proving my legal stay.
Photo album for wedding and Misc pics.
Joint tax returns form previous year.
Bills in both names and same address - Gas/Electricity/Lease/cable/joint bank statement/credit cards/phone/car insurance/health insurance/costco membership/Driver's licenses with same address

IO stressed on :-
* Insurances showing both names - He looked at this more than once.
All bills
Marriage certificate
Birth certifcate
DL's with same address
wedding photots

I had all the above documents that IO wanted, so it was a simple interview. So my suggestion is better to have all the documents i mentioned above as a compulsory and any other misc document you can add, more the better.

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jollygoodman     06/17/2014 21:28 PM

Hi i have a bit of a rare case. I was residing in the Caribbean when my dad filed I130 back in 2002, he's a USC. He called the Barbados consulate for years and they kept saying the case is still in process. After years of no response we gave up. in 2009 i applied for a B2 visa to visit and have been travelling to and from the USA for vacation. I came in Feb 2014 and we decided to find out what really happened so we did an info pass app. At the appointment we were told that multiple notices were sent to me for my interview which i found strange seeing that my address never changed and nothing was ever received. At the time my dad filed i was under 21, now i am 25, does he have to do the I130 over? At the infopass app i was told to go ahead and apply for the I485 but im still awaiting my I797 notice. I'm a bit nervous as time has passed and i dont want the IO thinking i didnt want the GC thats why i didnt come to the interview at the consulate. We finally got my receipt number and its showing my case is in the interview phase from since 2004, does that mean it will be processed quicker? I need anyone with info to help calm my nerves! thks in advance!

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foohard     06/10/2014 14:22 PM

Hello All,

Kindly help with my confusion.. i just got back from My i485 interview with my wife.. We rushed in because we were late and we were interviewed by an African American woman.

I was not settled for the interview because I rushed in from work and traffic also did not help. we answered all her questions and she checked our file to see that my i130 was approved already since August 2013 while I was in my home country. I came in with F1 visa to study and she asked how I was able to get F-1 visa after my i130 has been approved. I said I worked on admission, got a scholarship and went for the interview and I was given the visa. The visa still expires in 2015.

Now, she proceeded with so much questions which we answered about our marriage and family. She saw that my wife changed her surname to my name on her Naturalization certificate and said that is it.. My concern is she did not tell us if we were approved or not but only said drop sign a document and drop a number where I can reach you if I need more information. Otherwise, you should receive your greencard in 3 to 4 weeks.

What do you think is the problem about my case?

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mkostyu     05/29/2014 14:02 PM

Hello everyone,
I decided to share my experience since it's not very common and I had a really hard time finding anything related to my case on any forums and there are probably users experiencing the same issue. So here it goes.
July 2006. Entered USA on F1 visa at the age of 22.
November 2006. Dad living in the USA received his work sponsored Green Card, applied for mine.
Sometime in 2013 dad got his citizenship, which bumped up my priority date.
December 2013. Priority date became current, started collecting documents for AOS.
End of January 2014. Sent everything over.
February 2014. Received RFE for sponsor's W2 and tax supporting documents for "most recent year". Sent everything from 2013 tax return and related information.
April 2014. Received EAD, a few weeks later the interview was scheduled for May 29. Received the interview notice that pretty much said "bring everything in original, copy and translations".
I spent a month collecting all of the documents we ever sent to them, including stuff they might ask for. I got my dad's naturalization and birth certificates, translated some stuff from Russian. I created an "immigration binder" with a checklist of things I needed and kept adding documents to it up to the last day.
My lawyer advised me to only answer the questions at hand and not volunteer any information. Neither him or my dad could be with me at the interview.
Showed up 20 minutes early, was told to wait 5 more minutes until they could check me in.
After check in waited another 25 minutes, was called in by a IO, a nice older gentleman. He asked to me to stand and raise my right hand and answer his question "do you swear to answer all of the questions truthfully", I said yes. We sat down and he had my case folder right in front of him. He said "your dad became a citizen". I produced the naturalization certificate. He took it, wrote some number down from it, asked whether it was the original, I said yes. He told me to take good care of it. Then he looked up my category in a little book, checked something online and said that my priority date was current. I knew all that, but just nodded. He then looked at the form I-485 and went over the terrorist/crime questions. Saw that all my answers were NO, moved on. Asked if I still lived at the address in the form, I said yes. Then he said that he was going to approve and I should get my card within 2 weeks. I asked if there was something I could take with me as a proof (I felt weird leaving empty handed), but he said no, they don't give anything out anymore, congratulated me, shook my hand and told me that I am now a permanent resided and in 5 years from today I can apply for citizenship.
3 hours later I checked my status online and it says card production. Yay!

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ali_786     04/15/2014 17:00 PM

Hello all,

First of all, thank you for the feedback everyone has posted. I wanted to make sure I shared my experience in order to be able to contribute as well.

I was on a work visa for a few years now and then met a girl who I got to know for over two years. We got married in Jan of this year. We filed for an adjustment of status on Jan 31 and received our interview date for the beginning of April. After a few weeks of receiving our interview date, the USCIS requested more documentation to prove our marriage (bona fides) and asked us to bring this proof to the interview. This last letter made me nervous because I thought maybe they would give us a hard time if they are going out of their way to ask for documentation.

We prepared meticulously. We had bank statements, gym memberships, car loan documentation and other such admin docs to prove our finances were co-mingled. We got affidavits from our landlord and friends who knew about our marriage. We even printed correspondence of when we first met (emails) and itineraries for the past two years. Then we printed over 200 photos and labeled them with all of the trips we have taken together as a couple.

The interview did not last for more than 15 minutes. This is something that I would request other posters to write down. I couldn't find, in your experience how long the interview should last.

Here is my advice:
1) Prepare your file and be confident. If you are honest and truthful, you have nothing to fear
2) Use an attorney if possible, in order to help prepare your file. We did not bring them to our interview because it would be too expensive but they assisted us in filing all of the right work. It is worth the investment.
3) I don't find enough people have said this: Present yourself well. Dress neatly and professionally (I recommend a suit or business casual at the very least). Be well groomed. Smell nice. This makes a good impression. Dress well! You will feel better during the interview too :)
4) Speak clearly and concisely. Be respectful in your responses to the officer. Feel free to use "sir" or "ma'am/madam" as a sign of respect.
5) Ensure that you know exactly where all of your documentation is maintained. When they ask for a document, have it at your fingertips. This requires, good labeling
6) Smile and maintain a polite demeanor during the interview. If you don't understand the question, clarify it. These IOs are not bad people. They are just doing their job. Don't take anything personally if they ask you a tough question. Relax and answer honestly and to the best of your ability. If you don't remember, say that. Don't guess.
7) They used a video camera for our interview and said it would be recorded. Ignore the camera and forget it's there. One way to do this is to focus on the IO.
8) Practice meditation and breath work to stay calm because I can see how it can be intimidating. What I did, to maintain a positive state, is that I spend some time looking at videos that made me laugh and was joking with my wife (not loud or inappropriately) in the waiting room. The morning of the interview, I watched comedies on YouTube.

The IO was very nice and we were nervous after having read some horror stories. He spent some time (very little) going through my folders but then you could tell that he made up his mind and was satisfied by the level of detail we had provided. He asked us simply our DOB and when we were married, who attended, and then re-confirmed the question on the forms we submitted (criminal record, history with weapons etc.). It seems that they have enough experience to gauge who is lying and who is telling the truth.

So be prepared, then relax, dress well, look good and be confident.

Thank you all who have provided their advice. God Bless!

Good luck!!!

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nicxixi     04/10/2014 20:54 PM

Hi all,

My asylum status was granted by the court at 05/03/2013. I am supposed to be able to apply for green card at 05/03/2014.

The problem is, I made an info pass appointment with USCIS at this Feb, the purpose for the info pass was I wanted to get a new I 94 card to renew my driver license. But when I met the officer, he did not even give me a chance to talk, just asked lots of questions about my information. After 10 mins, he said, you will get something in the mail within one month, and then you just wait for your green card. Then I knew, he helped me to put in the i485.

One week ago, I received 2 notices from USCIS. One is a notice that my 485 application is accepted and I can check the status by the receipt number online. The second one is notice me to do the fingerprint thing next week. And on the first notice, it says fees previously collected, the fact is, I never paid anything.

Now what I'm worried is,
1. I didn't pay any fee, how could my 485 be accepted?
2. I didn`t summit i-693 and I never did any medical examination.
3. I have not meet the 1 year rule(live in the U.S. for 1 year after case been granted then apply for the green card) yet.

I really need help now. Go do fingerprint and wait? or not to do fingerprint but summit a new i-485 with fee and i-693 at 5/3/2014 ?


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AnnieH     03/24/2014 10:41 AM

Hi all,

I got my interview today March 24 at 7 A.M. I just got back from the interview, but I don't feel good at all. First of all, the officer directed the questions to my husband. She asked what is my full name, DOB and my parents name, our address and his parents' name and how did he came to the US. Then she directed the question to me asking my husband full name, what visa did i came here and ask all the question from my I-485 form. After that she was like I'm gonna want to know how did you to get married and how did you know each other. So we tell her the story. She said she understand that we both are still young and we're living with my mom in law so there will be no lease of agreement or utilities bill or anything, but she was asking for the bank account together, and said it's not enough, she needed more. So we have our phone bill I showed it to her and she kept it and she was asking for photo together and everything so i handed her an album of our picture. However, she was asking for Facebook and Instagram. We both don't really use these two social media plateforms, so we tell her that we don't really use it. and she was asking like you both are young, how come you don't use any social media and we said that we found it annoying. and we actually don't really use it. We kept our phone in the car and I asked if she wants us to bring our phone, she was like it's ok. Finally, she handed me a paper saying that my case is still continue. They need to review my case again, there's no further document needed at this moment, but they will let us know once they need anything by mail. and we may required to have another interview before the final decision is made. Can any one with the same experience tell me what to do now? The thing is we don't have enough evident for her and she said she needs more.

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