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jane c     08/20/2017 00:43 AM

Hello, everyone!

As I am witing this message, I cannot help but being so frustrated. My husband and I completed the process, hiring a lawyer and we got out notice AS 20 JUNE 2017 YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED FOR AN INTERVIEW, our lawyer said it takes between 6 to 8 weeks from the biommetrics ( mine were on June 1st). Right now I am really so dissapointed, it is been 1 year since I am not working, just staying home, waiting for this thing to be finished so I can have my work permit. ( My visa was as a j1 student but my working permit expired in Sept 2016).
Can anyone has any advice regarding what I should do?
Thank you

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Ihab     08/20/2017 10:05 AM

Hello guys, i need you hepl
Now im F1 student and my wife unemployed and i have joint sponser self employed filling jointly with her wife (maybe working together in the same job) and they shared same income, and filing tax married jointly, which name i have to write in the frm i-864 or i have to do the i-864

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I'mblessd17     08/19/2017 23:08 PM

I'm Married to USC PD 08/29/2016 Went to first interview in 07/29/2017. Newark Office we were interview for 2 hours than IO gave us letter saying our case being held for review after 60 days of waiting I received letter for second Interview coming September 13 2017 1pm guys what are my chances also should I do new medical because mine expired 1 day before my first interview and we only have this documents

Life Insurance
joint Bank account
cables bills both name on it
credit card both in our name
 our photos 30

That's all I need advise and prayers because I have been waiting for Long and I really need to visit my home country I'm from Ghana

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Kelsey.wood1202     08/19/2017 20:40 PM

Today we received my husband's green card two days after being notified it was mailed. We also received our approval not once for our I-130. We never received any online updates for our I-130 through the entire process so I was relieved to see that approval notice in the mail as well.

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noypi24     08/19/2017 19:53 PM

hello guys....,

next week August 22 my interview scheduled at uscis los angeles.... please pray for us guys..... the document's we'll bring
joint bank statement, my husband life insurance with my name, 401k, credit card, car insurance, wedding pictures and medical record for my prenancy... yes i am 7 months pregnant :-) .... i hope this documents is enough.... me and my husband kind a nervous we don't hire attorney. i'd enter to the U.S k1 visa...

thank you everyone, i hope we will pass the interview...wish us luck guys..

God Bless us all....
and Good Luck everyone....

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Ecj     08/19/2017 18:54 PM

Pd 12/9 Chicago field office
Ead early march
Stuck on fingerprint fee recieved
Sr July 14th no response
Second sr aug 17th
Recieved email today stating there is a delay due to over work load and has nothing to do with my case. Such a generic answer I'm so annoyed

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OnlyThruGod     08/19/2017 10:25 AM

I want to thank this forum, I was expecting to receive notices around July 2018. Since we sent a pretty complete package with our lawyer, we kept living expecting notices in a year and not waiting for it. We’re both seniors in college.
Wife is USC and I was a F-1 student (still on status). We had a sponsor since my wife wasn’t making enough. We basically what everybody mostly sends based on this forum, wedding/travel/birthday/nba games photos with friends and family, flight tickets receipts, gifts receipts, marriage certificate, USC birth certificate and mine translated, lease, bills, joint bank accounts, etc...

Field MSC
PD: 05/22/2017
I-485 and I-130 notice date: 05/24/2017 but received 06/01/2017
Bio notice received 06/03/2017 for 06/15/2017 at Revere, MA
Interview notice received 07/10/2017 for 08/10/2017

Interview experience: in Lawrence, MA. My wife and I had extra evidences, copies for our lawyer and the IO. The IO asked for my wife first who went with our lawyer, asked her basic questions: where we live, my/her siblings names, my/her parents name, if stove is electric or gas, when she works, what kind of job, if I work, where, What we did on July 4th, when did we get engaged (we didn’t). It took 20min tops. Then they sent me in, and our answers were matching, my wife and lawyer told me. Before living the room the IO said “it is approvable, make sure your name is on your mailbox, you should receive it in one to two weeks.” Our lawyer said that it meant we were approved.

I-130 & I-485 approval letters received 08/14/2017
LPR received 08/18/2017 (conditional green card since we’ve been married less than a year)

We were not expecting things going that fast, especially after reading this forum and what the lawyer gave us as time frame, but God again has his own plans for each of us.
May God bless you all, fill you up with patience and joy. You married your half, enjoy that time with each other, the rest will follow!

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asia     08/19/2017 01:07 AM

Has anyone filed theirs in Miami, FL? How many months was it from the first receipt date til your interview date?

My husband is currently out of the states until Oct 4. We're anxious as to when the interview date will be as we don't want to have to reschedule it if he's not back yet. The airline he's flying back with has a hefty change fee.

Received notice of receipt on Mar 16, 2017.
Biometrics done end Apr 2017.
As of May 9 2017, the status update is Ready to be scheduled for an interview.

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gambiano     08/19/2017 00:13 AM

Hey Guys, i live on Dallas Texas and i filed my case since November 2015 (married to a US citizen) and it took 11 good months before the called us for interview....... we had our interview in October 6th 2016, and the IO told me everything seems good and we will here a decision in 2 week.

well 2 weeks became 9 months, i haven't heard anything until July 2017 that my i-30 has been approved, and few days later i receive a letter from Dallas office that i have to do a new medical, i had to pay $250 for that an sent it to them, i waited 5 weeks for a decision and i haven't heard anything... did and infor pass last week and i talked to an office while we are talking he check my record and saw that they about to send me a letter for finger print, so he printed out the letter and i went ahead and did instant.........

what do you guys think? is this a good sign that things are going on the right way, and what is it mean when an I30 has been approved while in the state and had your interview??

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Houstonapple     08/18/2017 20:12 PM

Guys.. so I am based in Houston with a PD of sept 2016 (Marriage based) and I received a letter in the mail and people came to my house and dropped off a business card . On the letter it says we are conducting a survey for census..I set up an appointment thinking they will ask me about demographics (how old you are , how many people live in the house and stuff like that). They asked me if I was a citizen , my wife , how many bathrooms/bedrooms, how much I make and my wife and more. I would never in my life answer these questions for a survey but I thought this was immigration in disguise of the census, so I just answered it. Does anyone have experience with this?

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