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seg123     05/05/2016 00:24 AM

Hi guys,

Anybody here has an idea how long will it take to get the actual card in the mail after receiving the I797 Approval notice?

I checked online and it says that they approved my EAD on the 26th of April. (no update on my AP online - still says case was received)

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Kter     05/04/2016 20:47 PM

Hi, Is anyone here waiting or already had an I-485 interview in SAN FRANCISCO, marriage based?
Could you share your experience, questions, and how long were you waiting.
My timeline is:
Priority Date - January 19th, 2016
Biometrics done - February 20th
Received EAD and Advance Parole - April 29th
Since March 2nd - my case is ready to be scheduled for the interview. And i am wondering how much long it will take.
I hope I will find someone from San Francisco!
Thank you!

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LINY     05/04/2016 20:27 PM

I have been waiting for interview since I filed I-485 for USC on mid-October, 2015. (for 6 months) I read many posts from this forum that long island (New York) usually takes 7.5 to 12 month for interview to receive green card through US citizen spouse.

Does anyone also waiting for the interview from Long Island, New York?

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Richard Brown     05/04/2016 19:46 PM

 Please for more than 7 month now I have not been schedule for an interview my filed office is st Louis please is any person from St Louis processing office experience this. And also want to no if you can use your work autorization document to apply for driver license please need advice

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hana16     05/04/2016 16:14 PM

Hi all,

I found this forum has been so helpful for me during the waiting time. I would like to share our case as below and hope that can receive some advice with current status which our family has been waiting for nearly 6 months from the application day to interview to be scheduled yet no information until now. Our timeline is as follows:

I and my husband (US citizen) got married July 2015 3 months after I came to the US on B1/B2 visa.

- 5 Nov 2015 - I-130, I-485 and I-765 received by Chicago lockbox

- 12 Nov 2015 - received letters confirming all forms have been received

- 13 Nov 2015 - received appointment notice for biometric

- 3 Dec 2015 - received Request for Evidence

- 1 Dec 2015 - Biometric done at Las Vegas field office

- 10 Dec 2015 - Response to RFE received

- 06 Jan 2016 - case ready to be scheduled for interview

- 19 Jan 2016 - Employment Authorization Card received by USPS mail

Until now, it has been 4 months from the date case is ready for interview and 6 months from the date of application yet we received nothing from USCIS, Waiting has been harder and harder. Hoping that anyone in Las Vegas area can share some experience, I have called USCIS customer service and was advised it is in normal processing time. I just got an offer from a different state, my family is planning to move and just do not know what we should do now.

Most grateful..


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codycody     05/04/2016 11:24 AM

Online status still not change to card production, the approval notice showed if not received card in 30 days should make infopass

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Americadream123     05/04/2016 00:37 AM

Hi all,

Please share your experience!
I applied forms I485,130,131,765. I got all receipts in the mail for forms on Mar 15, excepting for I-130. Now I just recognized I missed that only receipt.
I checked online, it says my I130 form "case was received ". If you dont receive the receipt, get back on April 1. It has passed for over month. I did not contact the customer service.
Missing this i130 receipt is a big problem people? Does it affect my i485 processing time? Im waiting for the interview date?
Thanks for your help.

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Bellad     05/04/2016 00:36 AM

hello all hope your all doing fine...boston filer and just looking for a little advice
Adjustment of status applicant
Sent I-130 I-485 I-750
Priority date 3rd dec 2015
Recived all receipts except I-750
Waited for 75 days regarding ead calledthey said they never recived it .which was sent with everything else's
I sent another form out new priority date for ead was March 1rst
Called to ask for expedite as I have 2 job offers they needed some
Evidence of financial hardship my husband is the only income
Working 2 jobs so I'm pretty desperate as is everyone else in the same boat
I just would like to know if anyone knows who I can call to maybe speed things up
Although my new priority date is only march first I've been waiting since dec1rst
Thanks ahead or any info

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Jessee     05/03/2016 19:13 PM

Hello everyone. My husband and I did our interview on April 28th. The officer call us after the interview because my medical report was missing a paper. After going to the doctor's office we came back to the immigration office and I gave the officer the paper that they need it. She told me verbally that she was going to be approved and that I will received my card within a week.

I am a bit worried because my husband and I need to travel abroad in a month and I need an official notice before we leave. My case status hasn't changed since "My interview has been scheduled". How long does it take to change it and to receive an official notification from USCIS?

Thank you!

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codycody     05/03/2016 18:15 PM

My Pd June 2, interview app at May 3. I came earlier than 1 hour, then have to wait 1 hour and 45 mins to be called. The IO swear us then said I decided to approve your case since your I-130 had been approved. I just want to go over I-485 form then print out the approval notice. All took 10 minutes then she walk us out the room. I had approved notice and just wait for card in mail. Thanks all Houston filers.

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