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cyborgt8     02/09/2016 17:53 PM

Hello Friends,

Does infopass appointments help in expediting your case (if your case just got outside of normal processing time)or is it mere status update relay.
Has any one experienced that.
I wanted to know if it's worth spending time going allway to field office.
Thank you.

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mechoppy     02/09/2016 17:12 PM

It clocks 98 days today since my PD of Nov, 3rd 2015 and my cases are still stuck at "Case Was Received".
Nothing I tried seemed working.

1. Created 3 SRs, no help at all
2. Called Customer Services and spoke with Level 2 officers, they offered nothing to my case.
3. Contacted Congressman, nothing from there.

All efforts I put in place point to "You have to keep waiting".

Highly frustrated right now....

Don't know what else to do.

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photo law     02/09/2016 16:02 PM

I had my interview yesterday, my lawyer said that we did well, even though i got one question wrong, it was only one! and its haunting me like crazy already, i don't know what to do, why they can't just give you a decision right there?!? why does it have to be 120 days, we had every single interview! i went in there with confidence on passing, my one year marriage is almost here, i had something planned for me and my wife, and now this, i don't understand, it feels like everytime i take a step forward then i take two back. case status online still says that EAD card was mailed, nothing about receiving my interview letter, I'm confused and worried. I called the lawyer and his secretary said why are you freaking out? you're fine, but its like you're not in my shoes, you don't understand, this is my life! after reading all the approved at the spot, i started crying because i couldn't get the same ....only one question when did your wife start working, i messed up, everything else was perfect!

sorry for the long letter, but i'm very worried and sad, but I'm gonna leave everything to God.

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Fancygirl -New York     02/09/2016 00:56 AM

Good day all, today marks the 76th day since my case was received ( priority date- 11/25/2015) and so I made a Service Request to find out the status of my case since my application for EAD was approaching the 90 day processing time.
A few minutes later, I checked my online status and found the response below:

As of February 9, 2016, your inquiry about the status of your Employment Authorization application referral number T............ is currently not assigned for processing.

My question is: the fact that my inquiry is currently NOT assigned as per the Service Request, is this an indication that there will be some delay with my case and hence receipt of my EAD my run well over the 90 day processing time? Or is this another generic message that USCIS usually sends out?
If anyone has experience with this could you kindly share or offer your suggestions

Any response will be highly appreciated.

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boubou     02/09/2016 00:47 AM

Hello,I would like to find out if someone had experienced contacting congressman regarding case pending with USCIS,because I need to know the advantage and the inconvenience of requesting there help.My point is that after been married for over 2years,my wife and I filed for adjustment of status through attorney on June 2015,I received my Ead card on August 2015.We been to the interview on November 3 and the IO gived us printout saying that she's going to review the case until now we haven't heard anything from them,service request they said the case is pending,Infopass back in December 7,they said they need more time,I call the high level CS,after 2weeks they send me the mail saying that my case is just pending.Im trying to contacted the state congressman for help because my lawyer isn't helpful at all...Any advice will be appreciated.Thanks in advance

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Eve.B     02/09/2016 00:17 AM

I got my EAD, and I went to renew my license last Thursday. However, they told me I needed to wait a few business days and call a number to see what it is going on. I thought once I have an EAD card, I would be eligible to renew my license. The lady from the investigative office told me I can't get a license just cause I have a EAD. So now I have to send them a bunch of documents, and they will make a decision. Has anyone heard that before? Be I am in Georgia.

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BBQ     02/09/2016 00:00 AM

Hi everyone, thank you all for sharing your experiences! Here is my timeline and experiences for Memphis TN center.

Date Day Action
13-Nov-15 1 I130, 485, 765, 864, 131 mailed with USPS to Chicago dropbox
15-Nov-15 2 Package delivered on USPS tracking
23-Nov-15 10 Confirmation# received by text messages
28-Nov-15 15 I130, 485, 765, 864, 131 recepits received by mail
4-Dec-15 21 Received mail for Biometrics appt
16-Dec-15 33 Biometrics Appt done
23-Dec-15 40 Case Tracker shows case ready for Appt
30-Dec-15 47 Appt letter received
1-Feb-16 80 Appt Date, approved during interview
2-Feb-16 81 Received Approval Notice on Case Tracker
3-Feb-16 82 I765 & I131 case terminated on Case Tracker due to GC approved
5-Feb-16 84 I797C welcome notice by mail
8-Feb-16 87 GC was mailed on Feb 5th notice on Case Tracker
8-Feb-16 87 GC was picked up by USPS with tracking# on Case Tracker

About the interview:
We arrived 30 minutes earlier than our scheduled time and waited for 2 hours till we were called. The officer is very nice and professional. We first answered questions to verify our identities. Then we presented our original Driver licenses, marriage license, and previous divorce license to the officer. Afterwards, we were asked to talked about how we met and our love story. It is a very beautiful love story and the officer was very moved. I was approved at the spot and the whole process took less than 20 minutes.
So relax and just be yourself. I think it is easy to see that people are truly in love.
Do bring photos with your spouse, family, and friends. Bring a lot of other support docs too, but might not be reviewed by the officer.

I was lucky the whole process was smooth and fast. It is very important to provide sufficient and detailed supporting docs when submitting I-130 and I-485 to avoid RFE or revision of missing docs at the interview.

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photo law     02/08/2016 20:03 PM

Good evening people, hope all is well.

Had my interview today at the chicago office. Everything went well, only messed up one question about when did my wife start working at her job , it was 2010 , but i messed up and said something different, everything else was fine. My lawyer was present, he said we did pretty well, the officer was nice and quiet. My wife answered everything. The officer told me that she will make a decision. I'm kinda scared and nervous because i messed up, and I'm very worried, even though my lawyer said that we did pretty good. I just hope that she will approve us even with that mistake, lord knows it was only one. what do you think?

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codycody     02/08/2016 19:20 PM

Hi all Houston filers, special is May or June, we are looking for your good news. Please share here.

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ZEEDEE     02/08/2016 16:31 PM

Hello friends,

I got my EAD on saturday and applied for SSN today in MICHIGAN.
Please can some one tell me how many days it takes to receive the SSN after getting EAD for those whose I 485 is still pending.
Social Security employees said it depends how quick the immigration clarifies your documents.
please if some one has an experience, share with me.
how many days it actually take.

best regards,

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