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yanyan_ohio     01/23/2017 14:37 PM

i received today an email and text notification that they received my application. however, when i tried to track it then it shows not a valid MSC number. Is that possible?

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lolalulu     01/23/2017 14:17 PM

Today morning i765 status changed to "New card is being produced" though my SR is unassigned that I raised on 1/18/2017. I wonder why my i131 status is still "Case was received" ??? Does it mean I will get the ead card only not the combo card?? Is anyone here with same scenario??? Things are moving at NSC.....but no updates on i485....

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letshope     01/23/2017 00:23 AM

Hi Guys,

I have applied for I-485 with I-765. I have not applied for I-131 (Travel Document).

Now I have to travel outside of USA and I have not received GC/EAD yet. I have valid L1 visa on which I will be able to re-enter USA.

Does anyone know if I have to file i-131 in this case?

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ONAIWO     01/23/2017 00:01 AM


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Atlanta Queen     01/23/2017 11:14 AM

Hi guys, so I posted yesterday about my EAD, I called my lawyer this morning and they had received my EAD so I'm on my way to pick it up and going straight to apply for my ssn. Now waiting for interview to get scheduled.
Thanks everyone for updates it actually helps calm others down.

PD 10/12/2016.

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Mcgeoffroy92     01/23/2017 10:34 AM

Guys, i am little bit confused, you all that have your spouse on GC, weren't your documents sent to the NVC for processing?
Ok this is why i am asking, my wife was on GC i send i-130 in dec 2014, approved in March 2015.
now i just applied for NOA in December 2016. and NVC is letting me know my interview is set in my home country. i am confused now. should i call the embassy back home to cancel that interview? i called NVC they said the embassy has my documents so at this point they are in charge. i called USCIS they said if they need anything from me or NVC they will let me know.

what should i do?

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hawkeyes13     01/23/2017 10:17 AM

Hello Guys,
had anyone faced same situation?

Doc Sent : 4th Jan 17
PD : 6th Jan 2017
Check cashed : 20th Jan 2017

But i have not received any receipt number yet.

would appreciate any thought on it.

Thanks in advance guys!

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zameer     01/23/2017 05:39 AM

hi guys i m from seattle i just want to know about k1 finace visa reqired green card interview must? coz i heard mostly not and if interview shcduled what kind of question officer can ask if sombody deported from other country officer can also ask about deportation . well deportation is minor they just dont give entry and send back to the home country and stump on pasport . thnx

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thoang048     01/23/2017 04:57 AM

My PD is 04/14/2016.
After I received EAD card, I received interview appointment letter, but 2 days after, they cancelled it on 08/18/2016.

After 3 months, I made an inforpass and wait exactly one more month to ask them why I had to wait so long for interview rescheduled.

They looked at in computer just few minutes and said my case is normal. But because there so many case of immigrants, so it will be delayed. They said I have to wait again, for 3 months. If after that, I don't see any respond, I can call them.

After 2 months, I submitted an inquiry, but not thing new now.

I am so confused now. Waiting again, but still don't know how long.

Did anybody in Seattle get interview yet?

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King44NJ     01/23/2017 02:07 AM

Is there anyone who recently got approved for i130 or both from Newark
I have been reading this for a while I have not seen any post which says someone got approved in Newark NJ
I think they are just keeping pending everyone

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