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hw646     05/30/2016 11:47 AM

Just wanna share my experience. It took close to a year. All application done by myself.

Family based AOS
Chicago Lockbox
Houston Office

Priority date = June 15
Biometric done = July 15
EAD/AP approval = Aug 15
EAD/AP received = Sep 15
Interview notification = April 16
Interview done = May 16
Green card received = May 16

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Gold Fish Stalian     05/29/2016 19:47 PM

Anyone from Nyc F2a category eating for adjustment of status , pls reply me . My PD is October 2015

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TX1776     05/29/2016 16:28 PM

Hi Y'all!

I was wondering if anybody had any status update on interview notices at theDallas Field Office?

Our priority date is July 9.

Thanks for your help!

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Hristina Velez     05/29/2016 00:13 AM

Just wanna say how much I love this forum. I am reading here all of your posts every day. And i am hoping for best possible outcome for each one of you because u r awesome, very supportive. I am just a little disappointed, the IO told us at the interview he is going to approve our case l, he took my I-94, and told me to wait for my green card to arrive from one to two weeks in the mail but just saying approved and my status online never change, no approval notice, no stamp in the passport is a kind of frustrating to hang just on a word. Wish everyone good luck. And i am not complaining at all just saying that even after interview we r still there waiting and hoping everything is ok without hard proof.

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Angelo1     05/28/2016 21:01 PM

Hi guys
I wanted to let you know my experience so far. I arrived to the states with an waiver visa program and after one month of staying here both me and my wife decided to get married( both me and my wife had been in college together for two semesters and in a relationship for two years before me arriving to the states) After the marriage that is when my problems started. Because of missing a joint sponsor for our case cause my wife didnt had any income at that time we delayed the documents for approximately one year and in July 2015 a friend of mine offered to help me and we filed.We moved from our old place and not to long ago we changed also USCIS mailing address but everything also is connected with my electronic account and so far nothing. Now that is My timeline so far November 2014 we got married
13 July 2015- Case accepted by Uscis
30 July 2015- Notice for biometrics
14 August- Biometrics done
9 september 2015- received Ead card
And so far we didnt hear anything from Uscis. A month ago got an infopass and went there with our lawyer.The officer was an old lady that was shaking her head like an earthquake seemed like she ate the tremor tremor fruit (one piece) that was all i was thinking at that time and just told us that we had to wait for security check, I mean if it was only me ok but we still have one year from hearing from both i-485 and i-130. Is Uscis operating on a pigeon delivery like the medieval cause this situation is ridiculous.We know that a lot of frauds had been committed during the last years but NYC timeline is crazy. Anybody else got similar experience.

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TTNguyen     05/28/2016 20:00 PM

Pd July 16th, recieved interview notice by mail today, online status has not changed yet. Appointment date june 30th.

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Aoa1     05/28/2016 16:32 PM

Hi everyone, pls I got a letter today from USCIS stating that
" you have submitted a statement on government letterhead establishing the non- availability of your birth document.
However it does not contain one of the following:

A legible seal
A legible stamp
A signature with a title containing the words: secretary, registrar, or birth and death
Indicates the reason the record does not exist."

Main why I submitted attestation of birth from national population commission Nigeria officially stamp, signed by the state director who is responsible for signing it. I also submitted sworn affidavit for burnt birth record by my mother which it was stamp in high court in Nigeria and signed by the commissioner of oat.

Please I don't know what else they really want me to provide. I don't understand it because everything is in English.
Can someone please explain to me what this mean. Thank you for your contributions

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rezruss     05/28/2016 00:04 AM

Thank you for helping other applicants and making this website such a powerful adviser and a remedy to soothe the pain of waiting.

I see that almost all cases here are marriage cases. My case is indeed different, I am the unmarried child of US citizen above 21. My I-130 petition was filed in 2008 and approved in 2009. I entered the US with F-1 Student visa in 2013 and last month I realized that my Priority date became current. I applied for adjustment and my case was sent to NBC in Missouri. I write my time line for you:

2008 Petition I-130 Filed for child of US citizen above 21. (Priority Date Sep 2008)
2009 Approval of I-130 received
2013 Entered the US as F-1 Student
Jan 2016: Started my OPT employment (post graduate employment)

4/11/2016 PD became current on the website
4/12/2016 Mailed I 485, I765, Medical exams and Affadavit of support
4/22/2016 Checks cashed and email notification
4/27/2016 Notice of Action for both I485 and I765 received. Biometrics appointment received
5/9/2016 Biometrics done


My question:

1- My I-130 was approved in 2009, is my timeline the same as others who still have I 130 pending for approval?
2- Will I still need to go for interview? How is my case different from Marriage cases?
3- What is the expected timeline of my case? Some say I will get my EAD in 1 month and interview for green card at the end of 2016, some say I will receive EAD and GC both in the next 1 or 2 months. Any experience?
4- On the Website I cant check my status because it says:

 Validation Error(s)
You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:
My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

Why? I know other people have experienced this issue, but when will it be resolved? I can't even call the USCIS to talk to some one.

I live in Boston.

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karlastewart     05/27/2016 18:04 PM

Hi guys! I have a question, I hope one of you can help me to have some peace of mind lol...
I am married to an american citizen, we applied on our 2nd year of marriage ( November 2014) with the form I-130 I have been in the united states since we got married and never left. I got the form approved on April 22, 2015.

We didn't have the money to file the I-485 adjustment of status so we had to wait a little bit. I sent the form on May 18, 2016 and they received it next day on May 19, 2016. They sent me the text and the email on the 20th. Today (May 27th) got the 2 notices of action ( i-485 and i-765) in the mail, my case was sent to the national benefit center in Missouri. We live in Indiana.

They both say priority date on November 19, 2014.

Here is where my doubt comes.... When will the be processing my case if my priority date is 2 years ago?

Thank you so much in advance!

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iamike     05/27/2016 17:55 PM


I am currently applying adjustment for status in NYC. I am just waiting for my interview to be scheduled.
just wanna know if how long does it usually take to schedule an interview in NYC.


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