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Haliya Hassan     02/27/2017 15:05 PM

Hello Dear Reader,

I have a very important question. I have my personal health insurance at work and my spouse also has. I cannot add my spouse and my spouse cannot add me too because of closed enrollment for our different work place and we have been married for long.

From what i have been reading, it is good to have joint insurance, Please anyone with experience or has gone for interview, Kindly share what we need to do..? Is there any insurance we can both get outside to have our names on it? Please and Please kindly help by sharing what you know. If anyone knows any health insurance we can both get to have our names on it would be glad.. Thank you

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katie2223     02/27/2017 14:59 PM

Hi guys,
my case is taking so long now. It has been almost 11 months. Rfe was received by USCIS on August and no update since then. I am starting worried. What should I do? Is my case only taking long or is it everybody;s?
What should I do?

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catdad     02/27/2017 14:38 PM


My field office: Newark, New Jersey

Applied for I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131, I-864 on marriage based Adjustment of Status.

PD: 11/25/2016
Bio done: 12/15/2016
EAD Received: No update
Interview schedule: No update

The status is still at "Received your form". It's been few days past the 90 day standard process. Submitted case inquiry for case being outside of normal processing time few days go.

Should I be worried?

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iccurry     02/27/2017 14:35 PM

I called the social security office to see why my wife wasn't able to get her ssn number yet (she already has EAD). They informed me that there was some kind of mis-match of information and they needed authorization from USCIS to issue SSN. I called USCIS and they recommended that I set up an infopass for the situation.

Does anybody have any idea what the issue could be why USCIS would need to authorize a ssn although EAD has already been approved?

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lachicalaura     02/27/2017 13:25 PM

If anyone who has gone through the interview process in San Bernardino, CA, would be kind to share their experience? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you,

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hussainmoha7     02/27/2017 13:14 PM

So apparently I cannot appeal my denial , and it's stating the denial reason : gonorrhea lab report is missing, I just contacted a lawyer and hopefully we will go ahead and do motion to reopen the case or reconsider it, Just shocked because of such a decision like that !!!

timeline :

PD: 08/12/2016
INTERVIEW DONE : 01/12/2017
I-130 APPROVED : 02/03/2017
I-485 UPDATE MEDICAL : 02/06/2017
RESPONDED : 02/15/2017
DENIED : 02/23/2017


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Gentleman45     02/27/2017 13:00 PM

Hello. Here's my experience.
I'm f1 married with US.
- October 5th 2015 : sent whole package I131. I765. I130. I845
- December 29 2015 : I765 I131 approved.
- January 7th 2016: received my combo
- March 15 2016 : interview
- September 2016 : applied for 2nd EAD
- January 2017 : received New EAD

Until that day no update on my status
Called and made 2 infopass but nothing
Any Ideas guys???

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Naruto23     02/27/2017 00:18 AM

07/18/2016: PD in california
07/22/2016 :NOA of I-485,I-130,I-765,I-131
07/29/2016 : Biometric screening mail
08/19/2016: Biometrics
08/25/2016 : RFE for birth certificate ( as translation was provided but not original certificate copy.)
                     Sent the copy of original certificate and class 10th certificate with parents name
09/22/2016:Change of address for I-485
10/17/2016 :Change of address for I-864
10/27/2016 : Card for I-765 and I-131
01/21/2017 : Notice to appear for interview
02/27/2017 : Interview

Approved on the spot.

Interview questions:

For citizen spouse:

Full name of applicant
Birthplace of applicant
Birthdate of applicant
Parent's name of applicant
Address of applicant in atlanta and california(he got confused here because he was sleepy. but it was ok)
Job of applicant
Duration at the job for applicant
 Was spouse previously married?

For applicant

Full name of spouse
Birthplace of spouse
Birthdate of spouse
Name of parents of spouse
Job of spouse
was spouse previously married?
Does spouse have kids?
Does applicant have kids?
Previous job of spouse
Address of spouse
How did we meet?
When did we start dating?
Which city did you last enter US through(didn't remember this)
Set of questions about whether applicant wants to spy on US etc?

Documents asked for

1. ID for both
2. Passport for applicant
3. Documents to prove intermingling of life like joint taxes etc?

We gave joint account statement, letter from bank of having joint checking account,Renters insurance, Insurance beneficiaries, health insurance card copy with both our name, Welcome letter from apartment with our names, Georgia power letter, AAA membership,Costco membership, Letter of affidavit from previous neighbor about us living together and celebrating our wedding.

No photos or letters exchanged or any of that was asked and application was approved for 2 years.

The lady was polite and no-nonsense. It was a very smooth process.

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lijuvj19     02/27/2017 00:04 AM

Hi guys

(B1/B2 Married to USC)..Field office Long Island New York
This is my timeline till today.

June 2016 USCIS Received application for status change
July 2016 - Finger print done
August 2016 - EAD Approved & received
after that no updates till today ( February 2017)

Any one having the same scenario.....is this same for all long island applicants?

I saw some timelines, few people get interview letter after some days from finger print....(not sure about their field office)

Thank you

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atl     02/27/2017 11:39 AM

just had my interview today in atlanta field office, very smooth experience. switching from H1B and my PD was july 18. took 7 moths to get interview date.

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