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visabro     10/08/2015 04:16 AM

guys, a million thanks to this forum and people who gave awesome experiences and learning.
below is my case

i went early into stamping .

questions posted
1) which company you are working?
2) how long you are working?
3) is this tool developed by you? ( Answer : Yes confidently i said and added this was patented)
4) how long you will be staying?
5) who all customers interested in this tool?

Lastly golden words : VISA APPROVED

1) confidence level

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reachvats     10/08/2015 01:44 AM

Firstly a huge thanks to this forum and all of the contributors here for all the guidance, tips and sharing their experiences.

Coming to my interview that i attended a couple hours back (Couldn't wait to Thank you all!), the questions were very few:

1. How long have you been with ABC ?
2. Where are you going to be in the US ?
3. What will you be doing there ?
4. How many people will be reporting to you ?
5. What are their duties ?

Before i could respond to this - the fire alarm sounded on and we were all asked to evacuate and go outside

Went outside and waited for 5 mins and then we were all asked to re-enter saying it was a fake alarm!

In a way that gave me time to properly think of a response to the question above that remained to be answered :)

6. What's their educational qualification ?
7. What's your highest educational qualification ?

Then for my wife:
What's your highest educational qualification

Then with a smile - for my 4 yrs old boy:
What about you ?

My boy just just turned away instead of responding...

.....and then he continued with his formalities...typing something and finally the approval stamp!

Stood in the queue outside starting 7:45 am for an 8:30 am appointment and was out by 9 AM.

All Set :)

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Krishnamoorthy Hariharan     10/07/2015 21:43 PM

Hi Friends,

    My L1B blanket was rejected last Tuesday. Can someone tell me if I can reapply same L1B blanket or do i need to apply for L1 Indivudal? Also, How long do i need to wait to reapply.


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same2254     10/06/2015 20:34 PM

If we say client name rather than company with which we are working it will hamper on employee and employer relationship. But with this questions VO may interested to know exact name of client.

Can anyone suggest correct answer?

Should I say client name as my current company name?

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anon_user_76     10/05/2015 05:57 AM

Hello friends,

The person standing in front of me in the queue was repeatedly talking about support and support and support to the visa officer. I knew that his visa was going to be rejected, which happened. Rest, the following happened with me:

Q: So to support which client tool are you going to USA?
A: Sir, I am not going to support any tool. I need to go to USA to implement the full scale version of the prototype that I developed for the client.

Q: So, is your XXX (my company) going to sell the license of the tool to the YYY (client)
A: As the particular tool is designed specifically to the requirements of the client and would be used only by the client, so yes, we are going to sell the license.

Q: Since how long have you been with XXX (my company)
A: 3 Years

Q: For how long have you worked on this tool
A: I developed this in one year.

Q: For how long do you plan to stay in US?
A: 2 Years.

He then started typing something and after that he informed me that my visa was not clearly approvable.

I am not sure why was there no question asked about my tool at all. There was no question any further.

Even my manager isn't able to understand why the visa was rejected. Any help would be much appreciated.


PS: The Visa officers are very knowledgeable people. One was asking a PhD about her cancer research. The interview went on for almost 45 minutes and the officer was well aware about the proteins which get involved in cancer research.

My visa officer (he was a thin, very silent and calm person, didn't laugh or smile) was very much to the point as well. He didn't make eye contact with me, and kept on reading my form 129 very closely.

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nagesh17     10/05/2015 03:11 AM


Visa office confirmed my L1-A visa is approved,

But the status shows "Administrative processing" till now. was wondering if that gets delayed because consulate is closed on 2nd, 3rd and 4th October. Can anyone else who got interviewed on 1st october got their status updated, Please let me know.

Interview was at 12:00pm on 1st october, went along with wife and 2 daughters , same day OFC was at 8:00AM .

Questions asked

1) Which company do you work for?
      ABC company
2) How long you have been working in this company ?
      10 years
3) How many reportees would you have in US, are there any manages?
      5 , 2 of them are managers
4) Do you work in client office ?
     No, will be working in Head Quarters office.
5) To my kids, ( showing myself and wife ) ,
      a) Who are these people
          Kids : fater and mother
      b) are they good parents
          1 Kid : yes
6) To my wife :
       c)How long you have been married?
           12 yes.

Thank you sir , "your visa is approved".

Let me know if anyone else status is updated who attended interview on 1st october.

Thanks to immihelp, was well prepared and i repeat what everyone has suggested earlier "be confident and look into the eye while talking "

Thanks and regards,

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Rakeysh     10/03/2015 11:01 AM

Thanks immihelp

My experience

Question asked

Where do u work
What is your specialisation
What will that tool do and how it will benefit your client
Annual US salary
Where you will be going in US
Project duration
How many years in current company in India

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venkateshreddy080     10/03/2015 01:14 AM

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for sharing your experiences that helped me a lot and Now its my turn to do the same.

Questions asked by Visa Officer:

Why are you going to USA?

How Long you are working with current company?
I am working with XXXXXX from 1 year and 8 months.

What is your Designation?

Implementation & Customization

What is your Specialization?
Explained about my company frameworks and my involvement in developing of these frameworks.

What is your Salary?
Salary + Bonus

Where you stay in USA?
I will stay near to my work location in Austin, Texas, USA.

How long you will stay in USA?
1 year and 3 months approximately.

Who provides you the accommodation, travel and etc?
My Company


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chaitanyakumargolla     10/02/2015 10:15 AM

Thanks Immihelp,

Below is my experience

OFC: 18th sep 2015, 8am.

went to OFC( now called as VAC ) 30 min before. Staff allowed us around 7:50 am and came out by 8am. Process went smoothly.

Interview: 18th sep 2015, 11:30am.

Went to consulate around 11am. Interview Started around 12:45pm. Below are the questions asked.

How long you are with XXXX?
Explain your project?
Do you work on XXXX?
Do you work on front end or back end?
Salary? Both in US and in INDIA?
Do you have VISA previously?
Highest level of Education?
Took Resume and said “VISA Issued”
How long are u going to stay?


Just read completely the Support letter, Questions will be around Support letter only.

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justavisitor     10/02/2015 03:13 AM

Hi Everyone,

I had gone for my L1-A interview to Chennai consulate on 1st Oct. My wife had also come with me for her L2. We also took our 1 year old son with us who is a US citizen.

For parents taking their kids with them:
You can take your infant/toddler with you if you are applying visa for him of if he/she is a US citizen. In case of latter, please carry your kid's passport & birth certificate.

My OFC & US consulate interview were on the same day.

AT OFC, please go 15 mins early. They allow inside per your appointment time only. Going early will not get you in.

AT US consulate , we reached 30 mins early. We were taken directly to the front of the queue sunce we had a toddler. We had to wait outside for 15 mins.

Once inside, after all formalities are done, we were again taken directly to the interview. We did not have to stand in the queue.

Officer to Me:
Is your son US citizen
Which company do you work for?
Will you work at client location?
What is your designation
What is your salary?
How many people report to you
How many of them are at onshore
Whom do you report to?
Whom does your manager report to and what is his designation?
Where are they located?
Are you the senior most person for this project at your client location?

Questions to my wife:

When were you both married.
How many kids do you have
Where was your kid born.

After this, the officer approved our petition.
Good luck to everyone.

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