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kprabhumca     09/19/2015 18:10 PM

HI All

This forum helped me a lot for my visa preparation not only the question. Other clarifications as well.

My Petition submitted on June 15th and got a approval on Aug 12th. I got a schedule on Sep 16th for Biometric and Sept 18th for Visa interview.

On Visa Interview:
I got a schedule at 9 AM. After security check and finger print/photo check, reached to Visa office at 9.15 AM.

The below questions are asked for me.

1. Where you are working
2. How many years in current company
3. Client Name

To My Wife:

1. Marriage date
2. SOn's birth date

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saivinay     09/19/2015 03:32 AM

Firstly I would like to thank this forum.It really helped me to get my Visa

Day One : Biometric. Carry Only DS160 confirmation and Appointmnet letter. It will take only 10mins and done for the day.

Day Two : Visa Interview

Once up on security check you will be allowed to go inside. Please carry all documents and must carry documents
are I-129S, I-797, Justification letter and DD.

Firstly separate 3 sets of I-129S, I-797 forms and deposite DD. Then finger prints will be authenticated and starts the actual interview.

Note : Please say all answers short and sweet.Also prepare all your answers in advance. Don't blink/think before VO.

Myself : Good Morning
VO: Good Mormning.

VO : This is the first time applying for L1B
Myself : Yes.

VO: What is your role/responsibilities in US
Myself : My responsibility id to integrate my company unique product #### with my client systems.Single point of conatct
between offshore and client. Also to get the requirments from client and also apply my company unique product ### across
requirements.Finally to assign work to offshore.

Note : When I said my Company product ### he noted in paper and typing something in his desktop.

VO: what is your specialized knowledge.
Myself : Explain about my company product. Told like it is unique in market and used advanced skills and techniques and
procedures as per company standards.

VO: Is this product already developed.
Myself : Yes and it got released in 2014.

VO: How many people know this knowledge in your company
Myself : 16

VO: Then why only you are selected.
Myself : I have worked under this unique product ##### form past 1.5 years and involved in Requirements phase to implementation
phase. Also I am working from past 3.5 years with client and I know comlpete client sub systems and it will be useful to integrate
with this unique product ####. So i am the right guy.

VO was typing something in his desktop and finally said Your Visa approved.

As per my experience, he is looking how confidently saying and specialized knowlwdge is outdated or recent in market.

All the best!!!

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amajumdar     09/18/2015 15:35 PM

Hello All,

My company is going to submit the L1B blanket petition sometime in this month. Here is my brief profile -

9yrs of experience in software development.
Areas of expertise:

Hadoop Administration, Development
Big Data/Hadoop solution Architecture, Design & Development
Experienced on ETL Tools such as Microsoft BI
Experienced on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Service, Reporting Service and Integration Service
Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013
Microsoft Release Management server 2013
SharePoint 2013(on premises / Office 365) Administration and Development
Experienced on ASP.Net
Extensible knowledge in .Net Technologies

I got the project manager role in the last july'15 and previously my role was system analyst.

However, my company is working as offshore/onshore model and management wants me to handle few project from there only.

Is my profile suitable for L1B ? Can anyone please help me on that.


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spradhan     09/17/2015 23:01 PM

Hi All,
This forum helped me a lot during preparation. So its now time to #giveitback.

These are the questions asked -

1. Have you been to US ?
2. Tell me about your role
3. What's your team is going to do ?
4. Tell me about your project (VO gave more emphasis here and was matching whatever is in document to what I am saying )
5. He then asked for my Org Structure document

After that he kept typing for some time and then the golden word - Visa is approved.

Now here is my profile -
Total 11 year IT experience and salary is in the range of 90k usd.

I will suggest people to conduct mock interviews . This helped me a lot during my preparation and help me to find out my shortcomings. Also please make sure you know everything that is in the document. Because what I found out is that VO is matching what you to the document

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sandeepdosanjh     09/17/2015 21:45 PM

My L1-B Blanket got rejected,
Now company is preparing for L1-B Individual

Before i post my question, please advise,
if L1-B Individual petition is approved from USICS
then, do i need to:

1. Re-fill DS-160 - or same form numbers will be used?
2. Do i need to go for biometric again?
3. Or, it is directly schedule the interview with chennai consulate?
4. What should i say, if they ask "We see rejection on your L1-B Blanket" ?


1. Where you going to work
- Answered

2. Will you be at client side.
- No, I will be working with Parent company xxxxxx in New York

3. How much salary in U.S
- xxxxxxx Dollars

4. Have you ever been to U.S
- No Maa'm

5. How long you have been working with xxxx
- 7 yrs

6. What is your specialization. (I was talking only on copyrighted product on which i am working on)
- I started with following
- My specialization is in implementation and support of xxxx copyrighted product "yyyyyyy". I am working on this product from past 7 yrs.
- I have in-depth knowledge on design and functionality of this product on how the data is originated from source, processed and delivered to our subscribed customers using real time infrastructure and internal data delivery networks.
 - Was stopped here
 - she typed something in her computer

7. How long you going to stay in U.S
- 3 years

8. What is your designation
- Answered

8. Are you in design of this product
- No
typed something again for few seconds

9. So, you are in technical support
- Yes I am in technical support of this product

After few seconds of typing
She said, your "visa not clearly approvable" under this category.
Please ask your HR to re-apply. :(

I am not sure if it was bad luck that I went to lady consulate. OR, I think she was not convinced with the word "Support"

Please let me know how this "Specialization" answer would have been corrected to leave more impact on consulate.

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ramesh_kuncham     09/17/2015 08:23 AM


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purwar     09/17/2015 02:08 AM

This forum has helped me a lot for preparation, here i am posting my experience of Interview and New Delhi consulate.
Visa Type: L1B individual

After security check and finger scan, We were in interview hall.

Following Question were asked?

1. What is your designation?
2. what do you do?
3. Did you developed these tools?
4. Is your daughter is US citizen?

to my wife:
1. when did you get married?

After typing few seconds on computer, "your visa was approved"

Total time taken around 30 mins.


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brsreeni     09/17/2015 01:25 AM

This site helped me a lot. I am paying back by adding my own experience here.
Following questions were asked to me.

1. Hi good morning
2. Do you work for XYZ ?
3. What is your designation?
4. Who's your client?
5. Do you manage the entire IT program for client Organisation?
6. How many employees directly report you?
7. Can you tell me some designations of those who report to you?
8. Can you tell me the month, day and year of your marriage?
Once I answered to this question, asked my wife to confirm the marriage date !

Took about 30 seconds looking through her computer monitor and then said “your visa is approved".

The whole conversation took 3-4 minutes.
No specific questions were asked to my wife.


•In chennai never go too early. You may end up waiting in hot weather. It can frustrate and affect your interview. Going on time really helped me.
•Carry some cash to pay for fluctuation in dollar price. Check this page to calculate the differential amount. http://chennai.usconsulate.gov/consular-fees.html
•Carry photo especially if you have small kids.
•Train and rehearse but don't mug up answers. Confidence is key.
•Get familiar with American accent, just to avoid misunderstanding of questions and giving irrelevant answers.

Good luck !!

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pravin.deo     09/14/2015 00:04 AM

My turn to post questions. this forum is really helpful .. Great going.. Keep it up.

For VAC please go just 15 minute before, there is no place to wait....need to wait on road ..
At consulate you 1hr before interview will be good. Must check the L1 visa fee before you go there and keep the difference amount in cash.

Here is Questions asked to me:
1. Which company you are working
2. Whether XXX is a product company. Which domain XXX makes products?
3. How long you are working with this company
4. Whether you are going to client place.
5. How many clients has purchased this product
6. What will be your salary
7. What your specialization?
8. Whether you traveled US before, where and When ?
To my wife
• When did you get married
• How old your child is
• Whether he will go to school in US

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jani33     09/14/2015 06:55 AM

Hi All,

I am going for L1B blanket visa interview with my wife.
Should my wife resign before we attend the interview ? And bring the resignation letter along to the interview ?

That ofcourse doesn't sound wise If we fail the visa interview. But I wonder what everyone else is doing for coming to interview ?
Wife having a job can be an issue because the VO can think that wife will continue her job in US, if there is a US entity for wife's company.My wife plans to quit her job once we get the visa approved.

Can someone please share their experience?

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