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umeshanant     09/02/2015 06:47 AM

Hi L1A blanket was rejected for me on Sept 1st. I can tell you atleast 8 other blanket Visa request was rejected at the same time. Go with positive attitude but Be ready for the rejections. People for whomever the visa is getting rejected are not posting here...

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Bhanu Prakash     08/31/2015 08:25 AM

Hi all- Do they allow bags inside VAC for biometric in Chennai? I am thinking of taking all the documents along with me.


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Achyuth kumar     08/29/2015 00:35 AM

My L1 and L2 for my family with 2 kids approved in Chennai yesterday

Questions started with my elder daughter 5.9 years old

1. what's ur name
2. what are you studying
3. whom did u come with

Questions to me

1. what's ur specialization
2. why only you
3. what's ur company name
4. number of years experience
5. how many years in current company
6. what's ur highest qualification
7. where are you going
8. tell me about your tool
9. how many people has developed it
10. whats ur role
11. who is ur client
12. what is ur project
13. did u have l visa anytime

to my wife

1. when did u got married and how many years
2. what's ur highest qualification
3. is it arranged or love marriage

and golden words ur visa is approved :)

as everyone said it is all about confidence and wish you all the best

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Bhanu Prakash     08/28/2015 07:01 AM

Hi all- Which all documents i need to carry for my biometric in chennai for L1B-Blanket


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RBG     08/27/2015 01:35 AM

Hello All,

I was curious to know, if birth certificate is mandatory for L1 Blanket visa interview ?
Any information / replies / comment in this regards is appreciated.



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SoumenBanerjee     08/26/2015 08:18 AM

Thanks to all, whoever posted their experiences, those helped me alot in preparing for the interview. I feel the same responsibility to share my experience which can help others.
Interview Date/Time - 8/26/2015 - 10:30AM
Place - Hyderabad

In hyderabad they do not allow people to stand in queue more than 30 mins in advance. So, I reached the office at 10AM.
P.S. - People who come to Hyderabad US consulate, mention about parking problem. I want to mention here that there is no parking problem as such. There is a big parking space available, for which you have to cross the main entrance of consulate and then on right side there is one big function hall for parking. Generally, people do not come so far and they find it difficult to park the car.

We went through the passport checking and security checking. After that we waited in a sitting area for our chance. After 20-25 mins, the coordinators called us and asked to stand in a queue. There they checked the passports and took again the fingerprinting for verification. Then we got a token card and we had to stand in the queue mentioned on the token. In 5-10 mins our chance came. Below is the interaction record with VO -

VO - Good morning. How are you?
Reply - Good morning, I am fine. How are you?

VO - Who is your VISA petitioner?
Reply - <>

VO - For how long are you working with the company?
Reply - <>

VO - What is your designation?
Reply - <>

No more questions asked to me. Questions asked to my wife -

VO - Which place in US will you be staying?
Reply - <>

VO - How many kids do you have?
Reply - <>

VO - Your VISA is approved. Have a great day.
We said - Thank you. Have a nice day.

I carried a lot of supporting documents, like PAN card, Voter Id card, Marriage Certificate and everything else mentioned on immihelp site. But they did not check any other document apart from Passport and the VISA interview appointment confirmation. But it is good if you carry what all mentioned on immihelp. That will boost your confidence.
As mentioned by everyone, keep yourself calm and answer short and precise. Thanks to all who shared their experiences and good luck to all who are going to attend the interview.

Soumen Banerjee

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rajubadri     08/26/2015 08:06 AM

Date: Aug-25-2015
Time: 10:30 am
VISA type: L1A Blanket

I had my OFC on 24th Aug and it took only 10 mins. Since we has small kid, I got the priority to enter the OFC and the folks over there put me in the front for Biometric.

Interview with the Consulate on Aug 25 and below are the questions asked:-

1) Which Company are you coming from?
2) What is your area of specialization?
3) What is your designation in the US?
4) Will have Direct reportees in the US office?
5) How many direct reportees you will have in the US office?
6) Will you work for any client?
7) What is your salary in the US?

To my wife:
1) When did you get married?
2) How many kids do you have?
3) Where are you going to stay in the US?

Again, in the Consulate office, it was well organized and the folks over there helped me with what kind of documents you need to carry to the Consulate office for your interview. They were very generous and since we had a small kid, they have put me in the front row.

This entire thing took just 4 mins and finally I heard those magical words "Congratulations and your Visa is offered - Have a Good rest of the day"!!!

I noticed that some of the officers were even asking questions (not sure whether it's for L1-A or L1B but I just over heard those questions while I was waiting for my turn)

- What product do you work
- Why only you and why not someone else from your team?
- What is the functionality of your product

Thanks to this forum for frequent updates on the questions asked recently. I was following this forum and questions till the last min of my interview and I noticed that "What is your" Specialization" is something in common from everyone (especially for L1 candidates)

I wish you all good luck and hope you hear more good news from the followers of this forum.

Best wishes....

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getraj     08/26/2015 07:33 AM

Date : 20-Aug-2015
Visa Type : Blanket L1A

I had both my OFC and Interview on the same day OFC.
My accommodation is very close to OFC and Consulate so no panic about Chennai Traffic.

As everyone mentioned in the Forum - OFC procedure took 15 Mins.

Questions Asked to Me :
Whats your Client Name ?
Are you going to work from client site or from Parent Company?
What is your Salary in US?
What is your Designation?
Whom Do you report ?
Whom does your Manager report to (Designation) ?
How many reportees do you have at Onsite ?
Do you have any Sub-Contractors reporting under you ?
How long you will stay in US ?

To my Wife :
How long you have been married ?
Whats your Kid's age ?
How long you will stay in US ?

Few Tips:
Just be Confident on your answers
Have eye contact with VO
Don't panic if someone before you gets a rejection.
Don't use too much of Technical jargons, just try to explain in layman language and Keep your answer short and precise.

All the Best !!!!

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L1visainterview     08/26/2015 06:55 AM

Visited Chennai Consulate for L1B visa on 25th August
Morning 8.15 AM
VO Asked following questions -
Which company
what is ur specialization
how long are you working with current employer
Vo started typing something...
which client
what is your designation
what is ur salary in US

Finally said golden words Your visa is approved :)

Answer everything confidently. Keep calm , you might see few rejects in front of you but don't lose focus.
All the best !

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shaileshsuman     08/25/2015 23:54 PM

Hello Everyone,

Visa type :- L1B blanket
Interview Location :- Chennai
Interview date time :- 24 Aug-2015, 8:30 am
Status :- Approved

Below are the questions from me.
1. Which Company do you work for?
2.From how long you are working for this company?
3.what is your specialized skill?
4.What this tool does?
5. Is this in house to your company or deployed to client ?
6.Why you have been chosen for this assignment?
7.what will be work location in US?
8.what will be your stay duration in US?

Tips from my experience:- Just be confident, keep eye contact with VO while answering, and Keep smiling face.And very important thing keep your answer short precise.

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