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xval     10/23/2015 01:04 AM

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the detailed experiences that each one of you have shared! I have my appointment coming up and this forum has helped me a lot so far.

I have a questions regarding list of items allowed at the Consulate. Some folks mention that mobile phones are allowed and can be deposited in lockers at the Consulate for INR10. But some people say that any electronic item is not allowed and that the lockers are of private service providers that may not be safe.

Please help if a mobile and a short umbrella can actually be carried to the Consulate? Looking forward to share my interview experience soon.

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shadu7498     10/22/2015 15:21 PM

I have OFC and Consular appointment on same day next month 9th Nov.

OFC - 8 AM
Consular Interview - 10.50 AM

Let me know exact address of both centers and Am I able to travel both locations in 2.30 Hrs

Could you please help me with your thoughts

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rahul9999     10/21/2015 13:14 PM

Hello All,

Can anyone tell me normally how long it takes to receive the receipt from USCIS in case of L1b individual petition under premium processing. In my case it is not more than 9 calendar days and no response from USCIS. Is there anything to worry if it is taking this much time?

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ricky8749!     10/21/2015 01:32 AM

Questions asked to me at the US consulate in Chennai

Q. How long have you been working with XXX?
A. 2 years & 10 months
Q. Where in the US are you going?
A. Boston
Q. What is your role going to be in the US?
A. I will be managing and supervising the XXXXX and XXXXX projects of two of the biggest clients of the Boston office. Unfortunately two of our senior staff recently quit the Boston office and because I have been to the Boston office a couple of years ago to be trained on these clients, the partner wants me to come back and manage these clients from A to Z and become client facing.
Q. How many reportees?
A. 15
Q. How many onsite?
A. 5
Q. Do these reportees have anyone under them?
A. Yes, there will be but I don’t know how many as the team will be structured once I get there.
Q. Who will you report to?
A. XXXXX – she is a Director
Q. What is her role?
A. She’ll be taking decisions on client work at a higher level. I’ll be working closely with her to ensure the work is moving along to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
Q. She is a director of?
A. Director of XXXXX
Q. Who does she report to?
A. XXXX – he is a partner
Q. Will you be working at a client site?
A. No
Q. Who are your clients?

My visa has been approved.
My tip to you: Dress well and speak well. Make sure your english is impeccable and speak with confidence. Ensure you exude the confidence of a Manager while talking to the officer.
Good luck!

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prashanthmp     10/20/2015 23:55 PM

Hello All,

2 months back i got my B1 visa but didnt traveled to US till date. early next week interview is scheduled for L1B. will it create any issues or What questions VO may ask regarding this

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flyfly     10/20/2015 14:55 PM

I had applied for L1A blanket VISA at Chennai.
Below question were asked:
VO: How many years with XXX company.
Me: 5+

VO: Do you already have B1?
Me: Yes

VO: How long were you in UA with B1?
Me: 2 Weeks

VO: Your designation?
Me: VP

VO: Who will you be in US? (Further explained) Which department will you be responsible for?
Me: I'll be responsible for YYY department

VO: Where are you going in US?
Me: I will be working @ some location in US where my parent company is located.

VO: How many people report to you?
Me: 4 in India, 2 will be in US

VO: Asked again.. How many in US?
Me: 2

VO: Their designation
Me: Associate

VO: Whom will you be reporting to?
Me: ED

VO: Is he ED in YYY department?
Me: Yes

After some typing for a whole minute...
VO: Your VISA is not clearly approvable.. Please apply in Individual category.
Me: Any specific reason

VO: The bar for the category in which you applied the VISA is high & based on your explanation you don't meet that bar.
Me: Thank You

Can someone help in understanding where did I go wrong? I suspect either of 2 reasons a) no of direct reportees were less
b) My manager & I am looking after same department.

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sameerjoshi02     10/19/2015 07:17 AM


My L1A under blanket was rejected in Dec 2014 based on the org structure. I am reapplying under the same category again. Would the chances of rejection be higher?

Also read in some forums that, they reject directly if the petition number is the same. Since its the blanket number it would remain the same for the next few years.

Any information on this would help.

Thanks in advance..

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hyd_uk     10/19/2015 06:59 AM

Today my L1B Blanket go rejected. Can any one tell me when I can apply for another category of VISA, like L1B regular. What should be the time difference.
Questions were something like following:

VO: What is you specialization
Me: Answered about my proprietary tools and experience on that.

VO: What is your job going to be at customer location
Me: I told that I will be part of development team and will me implementing this tools in my project

After that VO picked the word "implementation". After typing something for 1+ minute he finally rejected the VISA saying that Blanket category is not right for any kind of implementation. Yuo may reapply in individual category.

Pls let me know when I can apply for individual category.

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karthick.ramdoss     10/18/2015 23:58 PM

Hi All,

As mentioned in this forum all the questions are being asked only from this forum.

How long you have been working?
Where you going to work?
Whats your project and what you are working/role?
what are these XXX applications?

What are these apps?
How long the stay would be?

salary in india.
how long you have been working in these apps?

You are the same in the apps?

You will be belong to bangalore?
And after he type something for 2 mins in system and said you visa is not clearly approvable
You can apply for indidual if you can.

Persons who are standing in front of me all are rejected. Specifically the person who is in front of me gave the same sent of answers to VO which i have in my I129S. The VO officer doesn't satisfied with the answers. Once he saw same set of proprietary applications like that in my petition i can see reactions from him.

Be careful in deciding the counter. This Visa interview is purely depends upon the person/VO officer who is taking the interview. My VO officer not even smiled and not even replied to my wish like Good Morning etc..

He just keep on shooting his question and replying "Oh ok" like that.
Even not that much tough question is asked to me.

So its puerly based on the counter which you are appearing.
I observed certain VO officer are so kind especially the counter next to me.

They are interacting to the people very nicely.

Info to people who attending interview @ chennai:
Biometric at chennai:
Security are allowing inside biometric based on appointment time. You can bring mobile phone but they will ask to switch off while entering.

In chennai, the VAC office is backside of samsung service centre.

US Embassy at Chennai:
Better go 1 hour before your appointment time. I belong to 8:30 AM appointment and they checked based on appointment time and allowed inside.

You can bring mobile phone and there is counter to deposit your belongs like mobile, CD and other electronic items.

Don't bring any sealed envelops, CD's etc. Bring mobile phone and deposit in locker which they have.

There will be lot of security checks and finally you will be taken to VO officer.

All the best.

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sandeepdosanjh     10/16/2015 13:00 PM

dear All,
can anyone tell me how many times we can reschedule the appointment.
I had appointment scheduled for 20th Oct
but i met with small road accident that left a scar on my right index finger. it is a superficial burn because hand touched the exhaust of bike.
now i had to cancel the appointment for 20th
but i am still not sure, if i schedule it for 29th, will i be able to make it.

so, please advise, how many time we can cancel and reschedule the appointment.

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