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SantoshNair     06/29/2015 00:02 AM

Hi All,

Background: I work for a US based banking organization in India within Information Security space and specialization in the field of Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analytics.

VO: Greeted me from far before even I reached the counter
Me: Good Afternoon
VO: So you work for XXX
Me: Yes
VO: How long have you been working here
Me: 6+ Years
VO: How long are you planning to stay there?
Me: Two and a Half to three years.
VO: What’s your specialization
Me: Explained in 2 Statements
VO: Is it related to Encryption
Me: No
VO: Is it related to Reverse engineering?
Me: I said yes
VO: Thanks. I think your Visa request needs additional processing time. She pulled one pink Slip and wrote the case no. Took my passport and 2 sets of petition documents.

The same day, I received an email from Chennai Admin email id asking me to submit the documents in PDF and word format.
• Scanned Letter of Invitation
• CV
• Advisor or Contact Person in the US
• Dates and countries for all previous travel abroad during past 10 years.

I got all the documents in the required format and sent it back to consulate by 12th. i.e after 10 calendar days. Since then I am checking the status and it states that the last updated date is 02-Jun-2015, which is the interview date. I have to postpone my travel date to 01st Aug due to this uncertainty. I have few questions which I need advice on:

• Based on the conversation with VO, why did she all of a sudden pulled up the Pink slip on me.
• Does the collection of passport and petition documents gives an indication that the visa is approved, but required further background verification due to my profile.
• What is the average time, these pink slip cases move towards a result ( approved / reject). I know that there is no written timelines to it, but still.
• Is this delay, due to the technical glitch faced by embassy? OR it has nothing to do with the timelines they have with background verification before approving / rejecting the request.

Your expert advice and prior experience will help me mentally look at things differently. As I am sitting clueless from nearly 1 month with my passport with embassy.

Please share your thoughts.

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rahul.singh     06/26/2015 01:40 AM

Thanks to all those ppl who have shared their experiences here to help others...
Alright, here is my experience:
Interview: 18th Jun
Visa: L1B Blanket

Same standard questions as provided by others:
1. Which company do you work for?
2. What is your specialization?
3. What is your US package?
4. Have you been to US before?

To my wife:
1. What is your highest qualification?
2. Have you ever been to US before?

Then VO typed for 2-3mins and said approving your visa. Returned two copies of I129 & I797.

Next day, when I checked the status it was showing Administrative Processing due to their technical issue probably as I didn't receive any 221g form after interview.

Just yesterday, when I checked, it showed Visa Issued and I am just waiting for my passports now. :)

One advice, Stay focused and be confident in your answers...
Let me know if I can be of any help to anyone...

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ankurkkagarwal     06/24/2015 11:04 AM

L1B Individual and L2 For my wife and daughter who is 5 year old scheduled on 9th July. Please let me know if I have to take my daughter for OFC

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st5084     06/23/2015 03:00 AM

Has any one who may have had their interviews in the last couple of weeks, got their passports back. Or, has the visa status changed.

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sagarkumar     06/22/2015 00:30 AM

First of all, thanks to all for sharing their experiences. It helped me a lot.
My L1A Individual visa got approved on 19th June. But my wife got 221g.

Me and My wife reached at Embassy at 8:15am for 8:30am appointment. There was no que outside and we were allowed directly inside. I had all my documents in a transparent folder so after security check I got my documents back as is. Important! Don’t carry your documents in envelops. After security check our DS160s and passports were verified and then we were asked stand in que. Within 5 min our turn came and our documents were verified and hard copies of the photo were scanned. Then at next window finger prints were taken. Without any wait we were asked to one of the visa officer ( No token). Visa officer was a young Lady and she talked to us very pleasantly.

Me : Good morning Mam
VO : Good morning
VO : pass me your passport
VO: Which visa you are applying for
Me: L1A
VO : it’s individual right ?
Me: yes
VO: Which company do you work for ,Sir
Me: I work for XXX
VO: for how long you have been working for the company
Me: I will be managing XXX group in US (did not hear the question properly)
VO: No, for how long you have been working for XXX
Me: for 2.5 years
VO: what would be your salary in US
VO: what would be your designation in US
To my wife
VO: What is your highest degree Mam
Wife: I am PHD in bio physics.
VO: What is your area of research
Wife: I have worked on so so ….
              At that VO left her seat and came back with blue slip (221g).
VO : What are you doing presently mam . ( VO already started writing case number on 221g form)
Wife: I am working for XXX
VO : Sir your visa is approved but Mam we need further processing for your case. Do you have your CV with you. ( unfortunately we were not prepared for this)
Wife: No right now I don’t have
VO: We will be sending you a email, please respond to that with you latest CV attached.
Wife: sure
VO: Sir there will be delay in dispatch of your passport because of ongoing problem in our system.
Me: should I be expecting the passport in 2 weeks?
VO: 2 weeks is optimistic. Once our system is up, then it will take 2 weeks after that.
VO: Probably by then her case also will be processed. And you can travel together ( big relief)
Me and my wife: thanks officer

Then we came out of embassy with mixed feeling. We were out of embassy at 8:50am
Same day my wife got email from embassy asking for CV , her research details, past international travels etc. We have responded to that. And waiting for update

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ragukp     06/22/2015 11:06 AM

Thanks for all who shared their experiences in this portal. It helped to prepare for the interview.

Questions asked to me were similar to the questions asked here. As there were some technical issues they asked us to carry Photograph with us.

Key to success is the profile details & confidence to explain the same to VO. if they are convinced with the profile & our answers, we will sure to get the Visa Approved.

VO was very attentive & was in eye to eye contact while we are answering.

Biometric interview - 10 mins
Documents: DS160, Appointment letter & Passport

Consulate interview - 5 mins & total time taken was 90 mins from entry to exit.

Documents: DS160, Appointment letter,Passport,& required documents for my VISA.
 No supporting documents were requested during VISA, but carry it with you.

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Simranjeet     06/22/2015 07:54 AM


I appeared on 19th of June for L1B visa. But the visa got rejected. Following questions were asked:

Why are you travelling to US

What is you specialized knowledge?

What client will you be working for?

How long will you be there?

Will your salary be in INR or USD?

The VO then says, Sir! your visa is not clearly approvable and US laws are very strict. I dont really know what went wrong, because I was quite confident in answering every question.

She asked my client's name thrice though, and my specialized knowledge is in Speech Analytics Technology.

Can any help me if Speech Analytics Technology falls under speciliazed knowledge? From what I feel, it does. But any suggestions and pointers would be appreciated.

Simranjeet Singh

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So Zen     06/21/2015 21:31 PM

Thanks a lot to people sharing experience in this Forum and helping by clarifying queries. I have been following this forum for quite some time as my L1 visa is under process.

Would like to check with this group a clarification,
“What is passport validity is required to Attend the visa interview?”

As my dependents’s (wife and daughter) passport are expiring in one year (July’16) and I am expecting visa interview in another 2 weeks July ’15.

When I Check below link .it says “ Passport validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States is required”,


Pl. share your experience / advice, if you had come across this situation.
Thanks in Advance.


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st5084     06/18/2015 11:37 AM

I had my L1A interview this Monday in Chennai and the Interviewer mentioned that the visa is approved though the passport has not been returned for over 3 days and the status still shows processing. Anyone else facing this situation?

As for the interview, the interviewer asked just one question - Explain briefly on what you do? I responded in a couple of sentences. Even before finishing my response, he started typing something on his system and jotted down something on my 1-129. In between he clarified on my wife's lost passport as she was with me applying for L2. Then he asked me to carry the two copies while traveling and said "Thank you".

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visaexp     06/13/2015 00:15 AM

Thanks for the sharing the experiences posted in this forum as it really helps in preparing oneself well. My whole experience in the consulate was very nice including the interview which lasted for 2.5 mins.

Excerpts from my VISA Interview in Chennai(L1A Blanket and L2 for Spouse and children)
Me: Greeted
VO: Greeted and asked which client iam goign to work for?
Me: Answered
VO: Have you had a work visa before?
VO: Handing over the two copies of I129s, said have a good trip to US.

Confidence plays a very big role for a successful visa interview. All the best .

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