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anpsbits     11/18/2015 02:43 AM

Thanks to all contributors. I dont have any new additions to questions. I will just share one new info I found out only at the consulate.

At the initial counters itself, they will ask you to take out 129s and 797 from your package and keep it together and form 3 sets. I had to pull out these documents alone from the big application package my attorney had sent. Little uncomfortable to open up filers, and rearrange everything else with little space and everyone trying to do the same. So it will be better if you separate 129 and 797 before going to consulate itself.

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brraju     11/17/2015 15:30 PM

Thanks a lot for all valuable information shared in this forum. I had my visa interview at chennai on 17/Nov for L1B Blanket and its approved. It was simple and questions asked were
1) What will you do in US
2) What makes your specialization.

however for sake of everyone help, probably this might be useful. L1B is specialized professional knowledge visa. Not just development, should also include design, analysis, something which is not done outside and its very specific to the company. Some important questionnaire i could compile after going through this forum

How long you are going to stay in USA?
What do you do ?
What is your specialization
What does it do, Purpose of the tool
How did you gain the specialized knowledge ?
Why you ?
What will you be doing in US ? Or Purpose of Visit
Are you in the design of the product ?
Is this tool using any where ?
Is this product already developed ?
How many people know this knowledge in your company.
Who else developing this tool ?
How many people are working in this project ?

I-129S, DS-160, resume and answers should be in sync.

Just be precise in answering, in just 2-3lines max.

All the best for rest and thanks for everyone for sharing their inputs.

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risalab     11/17/2015 10:57 AM

Hi All,
Thank you everyone for providing the experiences here in the forum. It did help me to prepare for the interview. However my case is not successfull and the visa was rejected. Here is my experience. I attended the interview on 13 November in Chennai Consulate.

I was alloted to join the counter no 19 and when my turn came he went for a break and i was asked to move to counter no 21.

Me: Good Morning Maam.
Consulate: Good Morning. Which company your are working?
Consulate: Who is your client?
Consulate: Which location?
Me: Told
Consulate: How your salary will be paid?
Me: It is paid in US Dollars. It is XXX USD per annum
Consulate: What is your specialization?
Me: My Specialisation is in XXX and YYY Tools.
<She typed something in the computer>
Consulate: What is your team size?
Me: My team size is three. However i am the only one who has developed the tool and expertise on the tool.
Consulate: What is the purpose of the visit?
Me: To design and develop new project using the specialised skills. The new project is basically creation of the new datawarehouse tables.

She typed something in the computer for few mins and stamped in the petition.

Consulate: Your petitition is not clearly approvable. The expectation on the visa type is high and your visa is not approvable.


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shijee2     11/16/2015 17:27 PM

Hi my I-129 has been submitted more than a month for L1A extension at CA service center.
Does anyone knows what is the expected time frame for getting it processed.
Has anyone got processed lately and how much time did it took?

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sa1usa     11/16/2015 14:00 PM

What should be the answer to following questions if your company is service based:

Which customers do you "serve"?
What will you do for your client?
How this product will help your client?

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altemin     11/16/2015 09:20 AM

This forum has been a great help in preparing for my L-1B visa interview. The questions covered on this forum are quite exhaustive, and preparing for them in advance really helped me. I went for the visa interview along with my wife (L2), and below are the questions asked.

VO: Good morning!
Me: Good morning! How are you doing?
VO: I'm doing well. What was your position in company A?
(I worked for company A, before working for company B which was my current petitioner)
Me: Answered
VO: What were your roles and responsibilities in company A?
Me: Answered
VO: What will you do in the US?
Me: Answered

Questions to my wife:
VO: How long have you been married?
Wife: 2 years
VO: Do you have any kids?
Wife: No
VO: Do you still like him?
Wife: Yes :)

(VO kept on typing vigorously for 5 mins without asking any questions)

VO: Congratulations! Your visa is approved.

Interestingly, very few questions were asked in the interview. It may have helped that I work for a product company which has a solid brand recognition.

Good luck to everyone!

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Raj kumar1     11/16/2015 07:07 AM

My Company wants to file L1B Individual. Please let me know which is one better to first file L1B Blanket, then go for L1B Individual OR Can we directly file L1B Individual.

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Kannan Jayaraman     11/13/2015 20:42 PM

Dear All,
Thanks a ton for this forum which helped to keep myself updated and confident. I had the biometric schedule at 8:00AM and interview scheduled for 10:00AM . It was a very rare morning for chennai with heavy rain falls and water clogging is the case in most of the roads. I have somehow managed to get a cab to reach OFC ontime and completed the formalities by 8:15. Reached the consulate by 8:30 and understand 9’0 clock interview group was asked to stand in the queue. After 10 mins time, I went near the security to check the current queue timing so that I can go some nearby restaurant and sit for some time. Luckily, one of the security said, sir just show your DS160 and go inside (though my schedule was at 10). I went inside and after all formalities I was standing in front of 30th counter lady VO.

Following are the questions to me :
1. So, how long you have been working for XXX?
8 years and 10 months
2. For which customer ?
3. Whats your US Salary?
4. Whats your specialization?
Answered in simple few sentences
5. Is this tool developed by you?
6. On what technology?
7. Is it a third party platform?
8. Is it unique to your company?
9. How many people were involved in development of this tool?
Along with me 2 developers
10. What kind of training you have undergone?

Then she searched for seal and told me, you are first one for the day (may for L1B, prior to me also few of them got interviewed) hence, I need to do adjust the date.
She stamped the seal, ticked one check box and signed in all 3 copies. She took one of the copy along with the passport in her drawer and before handing over other two copied she told me that your “Visa is approved”

I came out of consulate by 9:15AM itself!!

As of many of the folks suggested, doing rehearsal for all the possible questions will keep you in ease.

All the best to everyone!!

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sbiswal     11/13/2015 15:09 PM

I will glad if this can help anybody to get through the approval process.

I had the biometric at 8.30 am and the interview at 11.30am on the same day i.e. on 12th Nov. I reached at the VAC at around 7.50am and it got over by 8.30am. Then I went back to the hotel and did few hours of mock interview and came to the Consulate at 10.45am. The queue was huge!!! With no other way, and joined the queue. After a long waiting in the queue and security check, I finally reached to the interview counter at around 2pm. The guy prior to me was applying for the tourist visa and I was surprised to see interview for him. The VO was asking lot of questions him. I was scared. If this is the case for tourist visa then what will happen to me. Fingers crossed!!!! After around 10-15 mins it got over.

VO: Next Please.
Me: Hello Officer. Very Good Afternoon!!
VO: Which Company?
VO: Which location?
Me: Houston, Texas.
VO: What is your specialization?
Me: I have expertise and extensive knowledge on my organization’s proprietary product offering XYZ. I have more than 6 years of domain expertise. I have experience on ABC specific delivery processes such as xyz1, xyz2 and xyz3. (VO then stopped me in between)
VO: What is your current role in your organization?
Me: xxxxx xxxx
VO: What that exactly mean. What you really do in your day to day activity?
Me: Requirement gathering, Design, Development
VO: What is your current team size?
Me: 7
VO: How many of them work on designing?
Me: 3 (By mistake I told this number. Then suddenly he fired the next question as expected.)
VO: Then why you? Why not the other two are travelling??
Me: I am working on the development of this product since its inception and the other two have newly joined (he again stopped me.)
VO: What will be your duration of stay?
Me: Aprx 1yr
VO: What will be your salary?
Me: 123$
VO: (now the golden words) Your Visa is approved, All the best.
Me: Thank You Very much. Have a good day.

Tips and Tricks:
• I will suggest staying at “The Park” hotel. It’s just in-front of the US Consulate. And in a walkable distance from the VAC.
• Go half hour before your scheduled time to the VAC. And no hurry to reach the consulate.
• Don’t carry unnecessary belongings with you, not even mobile phone if possible. (It will take 30-45 mins to deposit them at the baggage counter).
• And as usual, don’t lose smile on ur face, concentration, confidence, eye contact with the VO. Never hesitate to ask to repeat the question, if you are not able to hear it properly.
• Use the words like ‘extensive knowledge’, ‘expertise’, and ‘experience’ etc. during the interview.
• Never ever miss to do the mock interview. Prepare the possible Q&A and do the mock interview at-least 15-20 times for each Q&A. This will ensure that you will not miss any key points answering to the VO.

All the Best.

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AmandaRia     11/13/2015 04:02 AM

Hi my company has applied L1A visa for me. i got recepit notice around oct last week. when can i expect my approval notice. Also if i get an RFE, are my chances of getting visa down.

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