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pshailendra     04/24/2016 05:37 AM


Someone aware can you please answer. :-)

3 years back my L1A Blanket was refused during stamping. My company is planning to send again for L1A Blanket stamping.

I'm Sr. Project Manager around 13 years experience. My question is; going again for same L1A "Blanket" the "same category" causes any issues??


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Arul K Yadav     04/19/2016 09:29 AM

Hi All,

Today i have attended L1A Individual interview in Chennai, consulate told me, your visa is processed and took my passport but he did not ask any document to submit.

Do we need to submit any document for approval ? or no need to submit any document other then Passport ?

Please could you help me on this as soon as possible who has attend the interview today.

Please send me a mail k.arulyadav@gmail.com or replay to this message as soon as possible.

Arul k

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abhi_my     04/19/2016 02:54 AM

Thanks guys, this site helped me a lot. Be confident in your answers, speak slowly and clearly.

Questions Asked :

1. Which company and how long you are working.
2. Client name
3. duration of stay
4. Married, if yes are they traveling with you.
5. whom do you report to
6. Whom does your supervisor report to
7. US salary
8. Any reportee onsite, how many

My L1B extension was denial in May, 2015, initially VO said, i can't entertain your application as it was denied earlier and almost gave me the blue slip :( then i told him, earlier it was L1B, now its L1A, he looked into his system , checked something and start asking the question

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Mahesd     04/18/2016 00:23 AM

First like to thank you all and immihelp for building such a wonderful platform and sharing experience for visa interviews.

I like to share a small happiness to immihelp and all the experiences my wife received L1B visa few months back.

So coming to me I'll need to apply for L2 visa f as a dependent . I did see any experiences shared where in the spouse (husband) L2 visa is apporved or any questions. I could need to know below points . Appreciate if any one can share their experiences soon.

What should we answer for below question as by VO.

1. Are you going to work in US?
2. What will you do the whole day when your spouse goes to work?
3. Was there any chances of L2 visa getting rejected?
4.My wife presence is required during L2 interview?

Please provide valuable inputs or anyone spouse(husband) have applied for L2 visa in few months back.

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honor     04/18/2016 06:00 AM

Thanks all for sharing your experience. It's my turn now.

Questions Asked:
How many years of Experience do you have?
What is your designation
Who is the Client?
What is your client location?
How many associates report to you?
How many indirect onsite subordinates?
Will there be any offshore team working for your direct onsite subordinates?
What is your Salary?
Whom do you report to?
Whom does your supervisor report to?

After this my visa got approved.

To me, no descriptive answer expected from VO. All are simple questions. I think it is because of the 12+ years of experience and the title "Senior" in the designation.

Anyhow my piece of advice to all: Be confident, Speak Confident & Look at VO while speaking.

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nakkala     04/15/2016 08:18 AM

Thanks to all, who ever sharing the experience in PA.

Questions :

1.What is your Salary in US..?
2.Which location your going to be work in US
3.To whom your reporting to
4. How Many individuals your managing in your project (Onsite & Offshore)
5.what is your proposed role in US
6. Brief me on your product, which you going to be manage.

Finally Visa is approved.

Once again thanks all of you.

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purvap     04/14/2016 08:04 AM

My case is being processed in Vermont service center.Status not changed from last 6 months. Anybody has got L1b Individual RFE -> Approved recently ? please share your thoughts/experience.

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vicks     04/13/2016 16:42 PM

Let me begin by saying thanks to this wonderful community, which has been a huge help in getting the insight into what really happens and helping prepare for the overall process.

I applied for L1-A (Individual). I immediately took help of the experiences shared by the community members here to prepare myself. I earlier applied for L1-A Individual in Oct 2013 but my petition received RFE and subsequently the petition itself was denied. I once again initiated L1-A Individual in September 2015 under normal processing. This time too, I got RFE. I responded and this time my petition got approved.

My Learnings:

Before I narrate my experience, here’s what I learned during the process:

1. RFE or Denial Has ‘NO’ Impact– If you receive RFE or denial, it does not impact your current petition. During the time I was waiting in the queue for visa interview, I heard the Visa Officer saying to a candidate, “Your visa will keep getting rejected unless something changes in your application which makes you qualify for this visa category.” What this tells is RFE or denial simply means that our application is not satisfying the criteria for the visa and there are still some unanswered questions. Prepare your application well and chances of getting through will go high for sure (I learnt this by two RFEs on two petitions ).
2. Personal Appearance – I think it is important that you wear nice cloths to create good impression. However, it is not a mandatory criteria. I saw guys wearing jeans and T-Shirts and they got the L1-B visa. For L1-A, it is advisable to wear formal cloths. Suits and Tie are not required. I only saw one guy, out of around 100 people, wearing a suit.
3. Politeness – It is important that you be polite and greet the visa officer. Again it is not mandatory, but politeness and courteousness shows professionalism which further strengthen your chances.
4. Do not Argue – I saw a female and a male arguing with visa officer (one for study visa and other for work visa) when they were told visa if denied. The response visa officer gave them was simple “you do not qualify for this type of visa yet, unless something changes in your application, your visa will not be approved.”
5. Prepare Well - I cannot empathize on this point more. It is perhaps the most important point to remember. If you are prepared well, it will show in your answer as you will be to the point and right on target. Else, you will fumble and give longish answers. One guy applying for L1-B was asked “what is interest rate”. The candidate was shocked I guess to hear this and asked to repeat the question. “What do you understand by the interest rate”, asked the visa officer. The guy could not answer properly. Needless to say, his visa was rejected.
6. Visa Officer’s Mood or Personality – The outcome of visa interview is not dependent on visa officer’s mood or personality. At counter 21, there was a young visa officer who looked quite stern, did not laugh, and denied the visas for at least couple of candidates. However, when he was greeted, he did greet back. I saw a change in behavior when a guy prepared well spoke politely and appeared relaxed and well prepared. Visa officer might not look at you the whole time, or he/she may not give you positive impression, but do not get flustered and instead keep giving answers. They may be verifying your answers with the information on their screen. That visa officer did approve a few visas while I was there.
7. Phones Are Allowed in OFC Not in Consulate - Mobile phones are allowed in OFC when you go for biometrics. However, you would need to switch-off your phones when you enter. For PAI in consulate, mobile phones and even water bottles are not allowed. It is best to keep them in the hotel or guesthouse if you are staying close by. If not, you can deposit at private vendor outside the consulate.
8. Make Use of Google Maps: The Ola I booked to go to OFC did not know the location very well. Google map came to my rescue and I was giving direction to the driver based on the map. For PAI at the consulate, I hand drew the map on a piece of paper in case of issues, but this time the Ola driver knew the location so we reached without fuss.

My Experience:
1. At OFC:
a. Our appointment was at 3:00 PM on 6 April, 2016. We reached there half-an-hour early and we were let in immediately.
b. We went to the ground floor by stairs and into a large room where two set of queues was there. One queue was for passport collection and other was for verification of documents (Appointment letter, DS-160 and Passport).
c. After verification at the ground floor, went to the first floor. From that point onwards, there was one queue.
d. Next, they put a sticker at the backside of my passport.
e. Next, we were given two different token numbers (one for me and one for my wife) for the biometric and asked to proceed in a large room where we sat and waited our turn to come by looking at my token and counter number.
f. Once my token number was flashed, went to counter and completed my biometric and photograph as required by the procedure.
2. At Consulate:
a. Our appointment was at 11:00 AM on 7 April. 2016. We reached there by 10:30 AM and were let in immediately by the guy who looked at our appointment letter as well as in the tab that he was carrying.
b. Next was security check and we were let in with two folders that I was carrying, one for visa related document and other for education and experience document, just in case required.
c. Inside I was asked if my L1-A petition is Blanket or individual. When I told it is individual, he asked me to move to the next building.
d. There was a long queue and it took time before we reached inside the building. It was quite hot outside the building and I was happy that I did not wear suit or tie.
e. Inside the building there was one general queue and other queue was for L1 Blanket to pay the fee.
f. We were in a queue for half and hour and it was even more hotter inside. Then our turn came up.
g. We were directed to counter number 15 where a dark complexioned US national greeted us. He was very polite and smiled during our interactions and biometric scans to match the record at OFC. We thanked him after the verification was completed.
h. Next, we were directed to counter number 17 where an Indian lady was there to verify further. We greeted her and she greeted us back. After she was done, we thanked her and she gave us a smile, perhaps not expecting us to thank her.
i. We were then directed for the interview. I could see at least 100 people there waiting before us. During the time of my wait, I could not help overhear some interviews and their responses. I got to know guy at counter 21 was stern and rejecting many candidates and I was hoping that I don’t get to face the guy.
j. After a while our turn came at counter 23. The officer was around 45-50 years of age and was appearing like a no-nonsense guy. He was courteous and smiled during our conversation. I thanked him after the interview was over. By the time I came out, it was 12:45 PM!
My Interview:
Following is the interview that took place:
VO: Good Morning! May I have your passports please!
Me: Good Morning to you too! (Gave the passports)
VO: Are you applying for L1-A?
Me: Yes, I am applying for L1-A Individual.
VO: Who is the primary applicant?
Me: I am the primary applicant, (said my name)!
VO: Which organization you work for?
Me: I work for XXX.
VO: For how long you are working for XXX?
Me: I have recently completed 4.5 years.
VO: You will be working from your company office or client location?
Me: I will be working from the client location.
VO: Who is your client?
Me: My client is YYY.
VO: Where is your client located?
Me: My client is located in Santa Clara, California.
VO: What is your US salary?
Me. It will be $$$$$$ US dollars per annum.
(Ah this time, he started bundling our passports in a rubber band)
VO: And ma’am, what is your qualification?
My Wife: It is B. Sc. Biology.
VO: Do you have kids?
My wife: No, we do not have kids yet.
VO: Thank you, sir, I am approving your visa and keeping your passport.
Me: Thank you so much! I have a question to ask!
VO: Please tell me
Me: Do you need to take copy of my I-797B
VO: No, I have all the information in my system!
Me and my wife: Thank you so much sir!

That was it guys! I have written based on my experience and understanding. This may not be the understanding of everyone.

I wish you all the best for your petitions and interviews!

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Skoboi     04/08/2016 06:35 AM

First thanks all for sharing your experiences, it really helped. my interview was scheduled on 5th Apr 2016 at 11:30am (I have my Bio metrics on the same day 9:30am)

I went there with my wife and daughter (toddler), We were there in the consulate by 10:45am and we were allowed to enter the security check immd. In no time we were there inside the consulate. Here are the questions :-

VO: Which company you work for ?
Me :Answered
VO: What is your designation ?
Me : Answered
VO: How long have you been working with this company ?
Me : 8 Years Now
VO : How many reportees you will have in US ?
Me : 5
VO : What are their designations ?
Me : All 5 are managers
VO : Are you going to manager only the managers ? you dont have someone who works at the ground level ?
Me : For now I have identified a 5 member team once I am there I will start recruiting additional team members as per the required skill set,
VO : You are travelling just to recruit someone in US ?
Me :No Recruitment is part of my R&R along with it I have other responsibilities as well. (He interrupted),
VO : Good, What is your proposed role in US ?
Me :Explained my R&R in detail, that had People management/hiring as a parameter
VO : How long are you planning to stay there in US ?
3 Years

The to my wife

What is your Husbands name ?
Which place are you going to ?
Can I have your marriage certificate?
Provided original for reference and got it back
How long have you been married ?
3 year now
How many kids do you have ?

Then you know what !! my little girl did something to the receiver (speakers), I was unable to hear a word what he spoke. The VO got up and disappeared for a heart stopping 5 secs then he reappeared, asked us whether he is audible. Then said the golden words "I am approving your Visa"
Thanked my wife as well and my kid (for breaking the speakers) :)

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L1AViEx     04/05/2016 11:27 AM

I attended with my family - spouse and our daughter

VO: Good morning, how are you guys doing?
Me: Exchanged greetings

VO: How long have you been with your company
Me: Almost 10 years

VO: Which client
Me: Answered

VO: How many direct and indirect reportees
ME: Explained my offshore and onsite org structure

VO: What is your annual USD
ME: 80k USD + yearly bonus

VO: How long do you plan to be there?
Me: 3 years

VO: Can you please tell me about your project
Me: Explained in 2 to 3 sentences at a very high level

VO: What is your designation?
Me: Answered as per the petition

VO: (Turns to my wife) Mam, what is your highest educational qualification?
Wife: Answered

VO: (To me) I am going to ask a very tough question
Me: sure Mam

VO: What is your wedding date
Me: (smiles) answered

VO: I have approved your visas, please wait for me to complete the paperwork
Me: sure Mam

Greeted the officer and left.

Please stay calm and confident, try to not rehearse much on the interview day or do things that would make you nervous.
Prepare well for the expected questions, preparation will give confidence
Dress well, regular formals is sufficient. I did not see anyone with a suit or tie today.
At the counter, look at the officer as the audio will not be clear sometimes. So unless you are looking at the VO you would not know whether a question was asked
For L1A, you have to demonstrate that you are a manager (or leader) in the way you speak.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

If the visas are approved, please try to spread joy by helping others. The auto guys ask for almost double if they know if you have cleared. I pay what they ask.

If you don't get it, that's not the end of everything. Everything happens for a reason so take it in your stride and move forward.

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