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us_aspirant     01/15/2016 00:45 AM

First of all a big Thanks to the portal and members putting their experience, that has really helped in preparing for the visa.

I had my OFC and visa stamping on 5th Jan ( me,spouse and kid) , overall process took 1 and half hour (including bio metric) as they don't let people stand in the queue if infant/toddler is accompanying

Below are the questions that were asked

1. Who among you is working (looking at me and my wife)
2. Which company you are working for
3. What does xxx do
4. So, will you be working from client location or your employer's office
5. Tell me something about the project
6. How many reportee you will have in US
7. What are their designations
8. Do any of them have any subordinates
9. What’s your designation
10. To whom will you report to in US , his roles and responsibilities
11. What will you do in case there are performance related issues with team member
12. how long will you stay in US
13. What will be your Salary in US
14. Since how long you are working with xxx
15. Now to you Ma'am (to my spouse),Is this the only child you have

Confidence plays a big role, don't give answers in length, prepare 3-4 points for each descriptive answers like employer, project , roles and responsibilities etc.... prepare well and have faith in God :)

All the best!!!

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agrawalpriya     01/14/2016 04:46 AM

Hi , What are the chances of Visa approval during interview for L1 Individual visa if the petition is already approved .

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vk75     01/14/2016 03:19 AM

Hi All,
My blanket application was rejected in Nov 2015 and I was told by VO apply under L1B Individual.
My company then applied under premium processing and my application was approved without any RFE.

I booked my appointment in Hyderabad this time and Visa is approved and now I am waiting for my passport.

OFC was on 11th and Consular Interview on 12th Jan
below are the questions asked.

 VO: Good Morning
Me: Very Good Morning
VO: Which company do you work for
VO: What is your total years of experience working here
Me: XX
VO: What is your highest qualification
VO: Whats your Salary
ME: US or Indian
VO: your Visa is approved.
ME Thanks

Now I am waiting for my Passport.

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narayan2783     01/13/2016 09:38 AM

My experience is very old and long. But I still want to share my 1-2 weeks of experience before and after visa.
My company decided to renew my L1A at Ottawa Canada. Some of the issues I faced in US for US visa were-
Taking a Pic which as per US Visa Guidelines and same for Canada Visa also. No one is aware of the procedure and Somehow the photographer inside the Walmart was kind enough to understand my requirement to take adjusted took pic which fits US passport which is closely matched with US visa requirement.
A week before travel, I had a knife cut on the index finger. Though I had applied some basic first aid to the wound it was visible and open. I traveled to Canada with the wound. On the day of interview, In the first counter where documents were sorted and finger prints taken. He gave a stare at his monitor and asked me- "Whats there on your finger"?
I said- It is a knife cut.
He gave closer look (stood from his seat and came closer). Looks like your index finger mark is not appearing well. So you may need to come back once it is completely healed. and gave a yellow/pink slip (dont remember)

I was confused with the explanation of "Completely healed".. I have to wait till the skin come over and marks. I went to nearest pharmacy and showed the wound and said about my requirement. The parmaist opinion after scrutiny of the wound. The cut is quite deep and it may take about a month for "completely healed".
My company wont wait or bear cost for a month stay hotel :) He recommended a gel and a medicine which will close the cut in a week time. The travel got extended for a week and as promised by pharmacist, the wound got little better (but was still visible). I went for the interview. This time he accepted. The guy in the counter identified me and said, "I guess you are fine now". Issued token and was waiting for my turn.

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning, (he saw my pink/yellow slip). Why was this issued?
Me: I had a finger cut which was not healed.
VO: He gave a smile. How did that happen?
Me: (with a smile).. At the kitchen while cutting veggies
VO:(contd smile).. Thats funny... (going through my docs).. "Where are you working"
Me: XX company
VO: Your salary and tenure
ME: $XXX. and 10 years.
VO: Your Visa is approved...

All those crazy things happened around me ended well :) I still have the mark of the wound in my index finger. :)

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Subhadip Sarkar     01/12/2016 21:08 PM

Hello friends,

I had my L1B Blanket Visa approved at the Chennai Consulate on 11 Jan 2016 and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone on this forum who have helped me in the process by sharing their visa experiences.Keep up the good job guys.

I want to share my experience for future applicants.Here goes -

1. Biometrics at the Chennai VAC - 11 Jan 2016(9.00 am)

The Biometrics center(82, Kodambakkam High Road, Numgambakkam,Chennai,600034) is located in a same building as a Samsung service center and entry is on backside(on Subbarayan Street).If one enters the Kodambakkam High Road from Nungambakkam high road, in about 600 meters, the VAC is located on the right side of the street. If one enters Kodambakkam High Road from Valluvar Kottam junction, then this building will be to the left.

The queue is formed on the Subbarayan street, in front of their main gate and they put up a notice( just beside where the security guard stands) to indicate for what time slot, that queue is. Generally, they will allow the queue formation half hour before the time slot. I had mine scheduled at 9.00 and directly joined the queue at about 8.30 am. Soon we were let in. Please keep one copy of your PAI letter, DS 160 confirmation page printout and your latest passport ready, for the biometrics.

In the first floor, after standing in a couple of short and swift queues( where the PAI & DS 160 details were checked with the information in passport) I was directed to a counter where my photo and fingerprints were taken. They will attach a sticker to the backside of your passport(please ensure that your DS 160
confirmation number matches with that number in the sticker) and you are done for the day or you can proceed for your PAI at the consulate(if it's in the same day). My PAI was scheduled at 11 am , so I left for the consulate immediately. The entire proceedings at the VAC will take around 20-25 minutes once you are allowed inside their premises.

2. PAI at the US Consulate - 11 Jan 2016 (11.00 am)

As pointed out by someone in the forum earlier, there are quite a few queues which are formed outside the Consulate,and it can be confusing as to where we should stand first. You need to join the queue formed near the Oxford University Press first, where your PAI details will again be checked and then move on and join the queue formed on the other side of the Consulate main gate for a security check.

You can refer to this link for the list of objects which are allowed/not allowed inside the Consulate - http://chennai.usconsulate.gov/security-restrictions.html.

It's better to keep your mobile and even wallet at your home/guest house, just carry some cash with you for your convenyance . I saw some people were even asked to hand over their wallet to any known person outside.

Once inside, I was asked to hand over my documents file for a security check. They dont allow any closed envelopes , and for open ones, they will stamp it as "Checked" after scrutinizing the contents of the same. Next, I was helped out by the visa support team to arrange the documents in the required order. For the L blanket applicants, you are required to make 3 sets of 4 pages of I-129s along with the first page of I-797. I was asked to mention my name and Passport number on the backside of both the Demand drafts in pencil.Keep your passport and DS 160 confirmation page(which was stamped and checked at the VAC earlier) ready too.

Once the documents are set in the order, I moved on to join the queue outside the main consulate building where we were soon led in to join another queue for DD collection. They will provide a receipt for the same and ask you to move on the next counter for verfication of your details and fingerprints.

Finally, you are ready to face the Visa Officer, for your moment of truth.There will be a queue for that as well, and depending on the volume of applicants on the day, it can take upto 45mins - 1 hour of wait before you can actually face the officer. This will be a single common queue where people of all visa types are waiting for their turn and often can overhear what questions are being asked to other applicants. There were 12 interview counters and I had to wait for close to an hour before I met the officer at counter 25. He seemed to be a relaxed and friendly person.

1. VO: Good Morning, How are you ?
    Me: I am doing good, How are you?

2. VO: I'm fine...Please give me your documents
   Me: Handed over the 3 sets of I129s + I797 , DS 160 confirmation page and my passport

3. VO :(Taking a cursory glance at my I129s)So you work at XXXXX ?
   Me : Yes

4. VO: How many years with XXXXX ?
   Me: XXX years with my current company, out of a total of XXX years.

5. VO: Where are you going to?
   Me:(Failed to hear it correctly) Pardon me, can you please repeat?

6. VO: Where are you going ?
   Me: XXX city, XXX state. I am going on a project of XXXX client.

7. VO: How Long will you be staying there?
   Me: XXX months

8. VO: Did you say XXX months i.e. XX years?
   Me: Yes

9. VO: What is your specialization ?
   Me: XXX proprietary solutions of my organization, which I myself have designed and developed. (Started
   explaining it pretty well, but he was busy typing something in his computer, so he missed out some part)
10. VO: (Looking at me) I'm sorry, can you please repeat.
    Me: Explained the business problem context of the tools in 2 lines. (Was about to continue with the
    business benefits of the same, when he interrupted)

11. VO: So did you develop this tool ?
    Me: Yes , I have designed and developed this tool. I was the principal architect who designed the solution

12. VO:(Noting down the points in his PC and cross checking with my form) Is this soluiton built specifically
    for this client ?
   Me: This solution is proprietary to my organization .However, it can be customized and enhanced for any
   client, as per the requirements. A customized version has already been deployed for one client in India.

13. VO: So you have already implemented it for one client here in India?
     Me: yes

14.VO: So what will you be doing on this tool in US ?
   Me: (Spoke about further enhancement, customization and deployment across different lines of business
   over a span of XXX months in XX phases.)

15. VO : What will be your US salary ?
      Me : XXX k USD per annum (in my opinion, a salary greater than 100k definitely helps)

16. VO: What is your Indian salary ?
     Me : INR XXX lakhs per annum

17. VO: (Typed vigorously for about 30 secs as I waited with bated breath) YOUR VISA IS APPROVED !
      Please take these 2 sets along with you. One copy, you need to hand over to your company HR and
      the second copy at the port of entry.

18. Me: Thanks officer. Have a great day ahead !

Confidence, Eye contact, preparation for all sorts of questions related to your Visa type are the cornerstones to crack this process. Write down all the possible questions and answers in a notepad/word doc and start rehearsing it whenever you can at least a week prior to your PAI. This will help you immensely. And finally have faith in GOD !

All the best everyone !

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victorbaj     01/12/2016 15:59 PM

I had to go to Matamoros, Mexico for L1/L2 Visa renewal for me and my family since I could only get appointment at the US Consulate there during the time frame that I had to get this done. There was no appointment slot in Monterrey or Mexico City which I initially preferred above Matamoros.

Our major concerns were security and being able to get people who speak English that would help facilitate our travel and the renewal process. Since I live in Texas and have to step out of the US to a Consulate to get this done, it made sense to travel (by road) to Brownsville, Texas and cross the border by road to Matamoros (it was described by a friend as a "skip, hop and jump" - that is how close they are). Based on our concerns, I was searching for an Agent that could help and I came across the Mr. Salvador Castaneda on this forum and on TripAdvisor.

He is the Owner/Manager of the BestWestern Hotel in Matamoros. Getting in touch with him was easy (US Phone No. 965-545-525) and we exchanged a couple of texts about the dates of travel, size of our party, costs, etc and finalized the deal. We travelled to Brownsville, TX and contacted him, he picked us up and drove us safely across the border to the BestWestern Hotel in Matamoros. The hotel is a nice 2 - 3 Star hotel and a couple of the hotel staff could understand/communicate in passable English. What they did not have in English, they made up for in hospitality, prompt response, willingness to help with whatever they can. Mr. Castaneda communicates very well in English having studied in the US (up to Post-graduate level) and supports his staff well in this area.

Our appointments to the Data Collection Center (AIS) and to the Consulate were well planned and we got there on time. The hotel has good internet service and good mobile phone reception. I discovered from our visit that Mr. Castaneda and his hotel specializes in providing support service to people who make trips to Matamoros for Immigration purposes. We had to make some corrections in our DS-60 documents and return to the Data Collection Center - this went well (after making use of the internet service and printer at the hotel). The restaurant have a good selection in their menu and they are also willing to make accommodation for any special type of menu that may be required. We did enjoy the real Mexican menu while there and not the Americanized Mexican menu. The hotel was quite safe too - no concerns while we were there.

On our last day while waiting for our passport, Mr. Castaneda and one of his staff made time to take us on a tour of Matamoros which we really did enjoy. Our return to Brownsville after we got our passport with new visa was uneventful. Mr. Castaneda had briefed us and got us to park our Vehicle just across the border exit in Brownsville earlier on. We were dropped off at the border and we walked to the immigration office where we got our new I-94 card processed and from there we got back to our vehicle parked in Brownville. Overall, it was a textbook like experience with everything going well like it should and all our concerns dissipated into thin air.

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username_usa     01/12/2016 06:36 AM


I would be facing L1A visa interview next week. Could someone guide me if I need 2 copies of I-129 or one?

I am aware that I have to take:

- Passports
- DS-160
- Appointment Confirmation
- Marriage Cert.
- Birth Cert. of Child
- Child's Photo
- Salary Slips

Please let me know if I am missing any document.

Thanks in advance!

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Anji Anji     01/12/2016 01:18 AM

My Visa is approved on 11/01/2016,

Below are the questions that were asked at Chennai consulate office,

1. which company your are from?
2. For how many years You have been working in this company?
3. What is your project?
4. What it will do?
5. Who is your client?
6. Where your parent company is located in US?
7. So not for client in US?
8. Who else using this project?
9. How many years you will stay in Us?
10.Salary in US?

All the best guys.

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elodie.fischer     01/11/2016 18:41 PM

Dear all,

I would like to get more information on L1 Visa status:

My Visa was approved recently through priority processing by USCIS to be:
1. upgraded from L1B (5 years maximum stay until 02/12/2018) to L1A (7 years maximum stay until 02/12/2020). As L1A was approved, it should implies that my extension of stay may be granted in increments of up to an additional two years twice once I have completed my first 3 years on 2/13/2016
2. Except that my petition date on my I-797A & I-94 states that the ending validity date expires a year earlier on 2/12/2017 instead of 2/12/2018
3. even when my original Visa L1B should allow me to stay at least until 02/12/2018 once the first petition extension is approved
4. Which doesn't make any sense for me: why did the USCIS approved for an upgrade of L1A for 7 years max and issued my petition only until 2/12/2017?

I am leaving out of the country for business this Friday, and I just would like to be aware of what is the reason/solution to make sure I am not out of status once I will be back in February:
1. What has to be done?
2. Do I have to stay in the country in case they have to issue a new I-94
3. Does it need to be done before 02/12/2016 or if it can be done after
4. Can I still travel in the meantime with this error on it or if they have to fix should I stay in the country because I will have trouble to enter back to US?

In advance thank you for your help!

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Nitin Thind     01/11/2016 07:35 AM

Hello Friends,

First of all, thanks everyone on this forum who have helped me by sharing there valuable visa experiences, they really helped me a lot. So in return, I'm sharing my visa experience today.

Me and my wife had our visa interview on 31st of Dec, earlier it was on 4th of Dec, but due to floods in Chennai we had to reschedule it to 31st of Dec. Below is the experience:

Me: Hey Good Morning!

Vo: Very Good Morning! How are you? (Had a tattoo on his arm, was wearing a orange bow, black shirt, completely opposite to what I had expected)
Me: I'm good sir

Vo: Please handle over those 3 documents and the passports
Me: Given

Vo: Ok so you work for XXX company?(Looking at the screen in front of him)
Me: Yes sir

Vo: What's its full form?
Me: Earlier it was XX XXX but now its simply XXX.

Vo: How long have you been working here?
Me: For 3 years and 11 months including 9 months of internship in this company only.

Vo: Whats your specialization?
Me: In XXX tool and have special knowledge of my companies products and processes

Vo:What does this tool do?
Me: explained in detail

Vo: So will you work for a client?
Me: No sir, for my company only at our Headquarters

Vo: Tell me more what you will be doing there?
Me: Told in detail

Vo: Your salary over there?

Vo: For how much time you will be there?
Me: 3 years

VO: ok now I'll be asking the toughest question of the interview.... Whats your anniversary date?(smiling)
Me: told (Me and my wife were laughing at that time)

Vo: Is he right mam?(Pointing at my wife)
Me: Yes Sir (smiling)

Vo: Last question of the interview, what is your highest qualification mam?
Me: Answered

Vo: Ok I'm good now, I'm approving your visas( and gave instructions regarding the other 2 copies of I-129S)

We thanked him and came out smiling...

Though we were lucky enough to have such a cool Vo but the key is to be confident. Dress smart, be smart and answer to the point. Our interview time was 9:30AM but we reached there at 8 :15AM and were in the Que. The whole process took around 1 hr and by 9:30AM we were out of the consulate. You can carry DD or Credit card or Cash for paying the L1 Fraud prevention and detection fee; we carried both DD and credit card, but I made the payment through my corporate credit card.

As I mentioned earlier we had our interview on 4th Dec but due to floods in Chennai we have to reschedule it; at the time of rescheduling, we were already done with our OFC interview (on 1st Dec in Delhi) but as we reschedule the VO interview on 2nd Dec, we again had to go for OFC interview. Though they didn't took our fingerprints this time but told us that we already had your data. On questioning them, that then why I have to come again for this? They answered- its the process and we need to follow this even if we have your data.

So best of luck friends! Do let me know if you have questions regarding this.

Nitin Thind

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