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nsv03     03/05/2016 11:34 AM

First of all, thanks to Immihelp for really helping in getting prepared for the process.

I had my interview on 2nd. Went in early, surprisingly the queue outside was very small. Reached almost 30-40 minutes before. Went through security quickly as I was not carrying the mobile, so no need to deposit it as it wastes lot of time. However, inside the queue was large.
Inside a guy would be there. He will see that you have L1 Blanket, he will separate 3 copies of I-129s and I797 is bundled with passport. He would ask you to write your name and passport no. on the back side of the draft. Visa fees keep changing, so please check before going for appointment whether the visa rate is valid or not on http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/.
I carried the cash difference, just in case card is not accepted or some issue with card and avoid all such noises. Paid it, got the receipt. Other formalities done and waited in the queue for visa interview.

I just relaxed and took some deep breath. The key is to keep calm and do not worry about the outcome. I had my mind set up that in worst case what could happen is that the visa would be rejected. This is not the end of the world and I will take it in my stride. Remain calm and confident. Again I am laying emphasis, please keep your calm and be confident. One of the guys got his stamped even though he was stuttering in giving answers. Do a mock before, and highlight the questions where you get stuck and then practice them again.

I dressed in formals. Nothing overboard, no tie and no coat. I am not comfortable with a tie and the
Chennai weather, you will really sweat, so wear what is comfortable.
The VO was male, in mid-30 or late.
VO did not greet me, so I said Good Morning, How are you? This is standard courtesy and then he greeted back.
So here are the questions, pretty standard, nothing out of the box.

VO: You are working for XXXX?
Me: Yes sir.
VO: How long you have been working with XXXX?
Me: Gave the duration
VO: What is your designation?
Me: Working as BBBBB
VO: What is your annual salary in US?
Me: YYYY per annum
VO: Are you going to client location?
Me: Yes
VO: Who is your client?
Me: ZZZZZ Client
VO: What is your specialization?
Me: WWWWW Specialization
VO: What WWWWW? <<He asked about the specialization in detail>>
Me: Mentioned WWWWW in detail. Told him about my product experience & specialized knowledge about it.
VO: For how long you want to go to US
Me: CCC years.
VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes.
VO: Do you have children?
Me: Yes
VO: How many?
Me: One
VO: Are they travelling with you?
Me: No, not with me right now…but later on – I mentioned in DS-160 that I will be travelling alone
VO: What will be your role at client location?
Me: Developer
And then those golden words, Sir your visa is approved, please give 1 copy to your HR and one copy to immigration officer when you go to US. I tried to maintain an eye contact with him, especially when he was asking about the specialized skills question, as that is a make or break question.

Thanked the guy twice out of excitement.

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sreeps     03/04/2016 16:39 PM

Thanks a lot Immihelp.. It helped me a lot for my preparation.

It was a very good experience at the Consulate office. I attended the interview with my wife and kid. We reached there by 8 AM. The interview was scheduled for 9 am batch. After checking the passport barcode (the one which they stuck in the OFC) and appointment confirmation letter, they let us to a queue near the consulate.
Then I was made to sit in a hall. Within a minute or so, I was let inside. They checked the appointment letter and let me in. There the VFS people were guiding us to the right counter. Our finger prints were taken first and we were led to a counter. The VO was cool and he was just watching our confidence and way of reply.
Below are questions from the Consulate Officer
VO: Which VISA category you have applied for?
Me: L1A Individual
VO: Which company you work for?
Me: I work for xxx
VO: How long you have been with this company?
Me: I have been with xxx for 2 years
VO: What is your Current Designation?
Me: SA
VO: Who is your client?
Me: xxx
VO: Where is your Client location?
Me: xxxx
VO: What will be your US salary?
Me: $77K per annum
VO: How many direct reports you will have in US?
Me: I will have 10 direct reports and 10 indirect reports
To my wife,
VO: What is your highest degree?
My wife: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
VO: How long you have been married for?
My wife: 4 years and 6 months
He kept writing on his PC and then finally the golden words “You visa is approved”.
Process is very well organized. Make sure you avoid getting cell phones and the like. This will save 15 - 30 minutes of your time (else you will have to wait in a separate line first to store your belongings).
Reach one hour before your allocated time. You will be allowed to go into the first line. Security checks go through fast.

There will be quick finger print verification and then you will be put in line for interview. I had one applicant in front of me. He was L1B visa applicant.

NOTE: The interviewer is barely audible. I had real hard time listening and responding to him. Immihelp website is really helpful, I went through the experiences of other people and it help me to prepare for the interview. Be confident and respond clearly. That should work.

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suresh1980     03/03/2016 00:58 AM

Small correction in below query.Visa for L1A

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suresh1980     03/03/2016 00:57 AM

Hi All,

   Need suggestions and advice for L1 A Blanket Visa.I am having around 9.8 experience and designation is technical manager.I have an opportunity in onsite.

My company decided to go for L1A blanket for me.

1) Whether VO will approve L1 A for Technical Manager ,as it is mentioned as technical manager in my designation

2) Second concern is my salary will be around 80 K, due to less salary there is a chance of rejection?

3) How many direct and indirect reportees are required?Is this make difference?

4)My company is not reputed company

5) This is the first time i am applying for US visa

6)Whether i need to say i have a manager in onsite or offshore?

Can anyone help me for the above queries?


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amrnthk     03/03/2016 02:27 AM

Hello All,

I need your suggestions and opinions for few of my questions,

I am working on a support project since last two years and my total experience in IT industry is also two years. All of a sudden i got an opening at onsite on the same project which i am working on now, since i don't have a visa ( US) and also cant be filled for this financial year because its too late now , i got a word from my manager that they will file an L1 visa for me. Could anyone please help with the below questions.
1. I am having only two years of experience , would it be a negative point for me in interview?
2. I am working on support project , i heard from few of you saying that the visa would be rejected if you are from support. How far is it true?
 if so, could anyone suggest me how do i put in right way??
3. Its bit kind of urgent requirement at onsite , so how many days will it take to complete the process?
4.Finally ,how tough would be the interview?

 This would be my fist interview for visa, please help through this.
If you have any docs which will help me in preparation, kindly forward it to my mail address

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aravindhan87     03/02/2016 18:44 PM


I will be going for the visa stamping next week.

In my specialized knowledge column I have mentioned about 4 tools and in that only one have my company proprietary. Remaining 3 we are trying to get IP.

During interview should I explain about all the 4 tools or only about the proprietary tool.


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mukisingh     03/02/2016 03:36 AM

Dear All,

Need expert advise/input on probability of getting L1A ( Functional manager) visa approval.

My details are below.
1) My company ( Reputable and has presence in over 25 countries) is filing for it.
2) Have over 13 years of experience.
3) Education is diploma in hotel management.

Any advice/feedback is welcome

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sunitasahoo     03/02/2016 00:17 AM

In my I129, no where it is mentioned about the specialized knowledge. But in supporting letters, there is a detailed description about specialized knowledge. So would it create any conflict ?

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pradeepcec     03/01/2016 23:30 PM

Hello guys,
I will soon be attending the visa interview for L1B and I noticed that the period of stay on I 129 is 3 years and while filling the DS 160 I had filled 12 months. So would that create conflict?
Moreover my passport also expires after 2 years from now.

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sdatta     03/01/2016 08:23 AM

I went through about 50 pages of the immihelp experience, did mock interview for 1+ week and I must say it paid really well. The below write-up is a return of favor...


VO's job is to ask you all the questions and put "tick marks" against them, - more number of "ticks" you get (or less "cross"), better the chance of your visa approval ..(like US driving licence test), - so if someone says "salary doesn't matter" because his visa got approved even with low salary, then that's a wrong judgment, - may be there were other points in his application which helped him, which may not be true for you if you have a low salary coupled with less number of team at onsite, or any other negative point. So anyway, here's the things that matters according to me. It's not a legal advise, but it's what I have realized after reading all the threads applying a sense of logic.

1. Onsite Salary - I think it matters the most, anything above 100K is good. Think like this, a dishonest petitioner and employee can fabricate everything (e.g. team etc), but they can't fabricate the salary. So it's logical for the managers, who are senior persons in the org, to get well paid. So a good salary helps and VO's like that.

2. Team structure - If you are not a "functional manager" having > 10 people in your team structure helps, and you must have 2 level hierarchy.. just 1 level is not good enough.

3. Your reporting manager NOT at client site and managing multiple clients - If it's a client based role, then your manager shouldn't be managing same client, as it makes you NOT the senior most person in the account. Now, is L-1A only applicable for senior most person in the account ? NO, but this is a logic that plays in the VO's selection criteria as the "invisible" bar is raised now, and they get a feel of you being a junior manager at the client side, and I have read several rejection experience only because of this reason.

4. Confidence - this matters a lot, but I had a weird problem. I'm a fairly confident person, I have 16 years of IT experience, managed projects in EU and US for 10+ years and worked for couple of most respected IT companies in India, but when I read in Immihelp every one is asking people to be confident, - it made me think, am I confident enough ? It was a weird thing that when someone asks you to do something again and again, you think may be you are not doing it right. Don't let this happen to you, but if it does, keep practicing. I had practiced for about 1 week with mock interviews with myself in mirror and my wife. I made an excel with the list of questions and their answers. This is very important.. it helps your confidence.

5. Your past history - This is just my idea. If you went to US before, I think they check all such info based on your SSN and if they dont find anything negative for you, they feel more comfortable giving you a visa as compared to someone that they never issued a visa before. But normally anyone with L-1A is a senior person and has traveled to US before... so I guess, it's not an issue anyway.

6. Educational background - again you have no control over it, but higher education helps.

Now, if you don't meet any of these criteria, will your visa get rejected ? Probably not as the pass marks probably is 80% and not 100%, but I'm pretty sure if you have got all of them your visa WILL be approved.


1. Dress - I have suits, and I even ironed them for the interview, but eventually I didn't wear them for the following reasons. My friends told me about 5% people wear suit (it's end Feb and pretty hot by now) - so I decided to NOT wear it, because if I wear it, I will stand out in the crowd, the VO may like it, or may not like it.... or may be it won't matter, but in every case, not wearing it, and going with the crowd is a better decision than wearing it, and feeling hot or stuffy or even make the VO think you are dressing well only to hide your competency. A couple of guys were wearing suits, and I could clearly tell that they looked more nervous... I dont know if it's because they were feeling hot, or they were just not good enough... but please don't wear extra stuffs, wear formals as if you are going to office.

2. Your offshore team structure - I rarely saw anyone asking this question, and it doesn't matter at all. All the VO cares about is your US team structure.


Most of others dont give answers, but I will write them also so that you understand how those influence the decision..

VO: Are you applying L-1A blanket or Individual?
Me: It’s L1A Blanket

VO: Who is your employer?
Me: XXX (Sorry I can't disclose my employer's name, it's Indias one of the most respected IT company)

VO: What is your designatio?
Me: YYY (I can't disclose this also as then you may guess my company name :) .. but my designation has no "manager" or "director" word in it... so probably it's another thing that doesn't matter.

VO: Are you going to a client site ?
Me: Yes, gave the client name + location

VO: How many direct reportees ?
Me: 8

VO: How many indirect reportees?
Me: 6

VO: All at onsite?
Me: Yes

VO: Do you have hiring and firing authority?
Me: Yes mam.

VO: What would be your salary?
Me: Answered (it's above 150K)

VO: What is your highest qualification?
Me: Bachelor of Engineering

VO: What would be your duties ?
Me: Answered in 3-4 sentences the following keywords (program management, delivery, budgeting, roadmap planning, resource management, client relationship management, business growth)

VO: When did you get married?
Me: Answered

VO: What is the date of birth of your daughter.
Me: Answered

VO (to my wife): What is your highest qualification?
Me: Bachelor of Engineering.

After some typing, "Your visa is approved"

She was typing and talking, and while everyone in the forum said, maintain eye contact, I sometimes felt a bit odd staring at her eyes while she was typing, so I kept a mix of eye contact + watching the wall etc :) ... but she never asked me any question looking at my eyes, she was mostly on the computer.

Hope this helps.

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