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sree247     02/08/2016 19:40 PM

My L1B Blanket approved last week at Ottawa.

My Questions:
What is your project?
Who is your client?
who is your previous client?
where do you work?
which company you work for?

thats all. VO approved my visa.

I got my passport in three days for pick up.

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karthick.ramdoss     02/08/2016 08:07 AM

As usual questions are same as mentioned in this forum.

I belong to 11 AM Appointment but reach at 10 AM itself and they allowed me without checking the appointment details but they verified Passport alone.

You can deposit your mobile phone in same collection box but for that there is a big queue. Better go with your friends and give your belonging to them so that you will avoid standing in that queue.

Please do not bring any sealed envelopes also and even digital watches. Wallets are allowed. There will be security checks and finally you will be taken to the counter where the people used to interview.

Questions to me:
Me: Good Morning Sir!

VO: Good Morning. Your passport pls
VO: your are applying for Individual?

Me: Yes sir.
VO: its L-1A or L-1B?
Me: Its L-1B individual

VO: Where you work for?
ME: I work for xxx in india and xxx in US

VO: Your salary in US?
ME: My annual salary in US is $ xxx

VO: your place of work?

VO: Your project?
ME: I just explained two line.

After looking system for few seconds he said "I am approving your visa"

I asked whether you will give any slips and he said No. Since in my blanket rejection they have given some slips but for Individual they collected my passport and said its approved.

My Blanket was rejected Last year October.
And I reapplied as Individual and my petition was approved within 15 days without any RFE. I have applied via premium.
Place where I applied is Vermont.

At most for individual they will approved your petition.
Best wishes to other people who are attending in future.

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Sujoy007     02/06/2016 18:43 PM

Firstly I would like to Thank this forum for the vaulable information shared by other users. I would like to share my experience with other members so that it might be of some help...

My L1A individual and L2 for spouce and kid was approved on 5th Fen 2016. The interview got over even before we realised it was getting into a flow :-)

VO: Good Morning Sir!
Me: Good Morning Maam! How are you doing?

VO: Am fine Thank You!
VO: To my 5 year old son. Hello! young man what is your name.
My son: xyz... giggles and VO returns back a smile :-)

VO: Your name sir.
Me: XYZ.
VO: Your customer name?
VO: Your compensation?
VO: When did you join this company?
Me: August 2014.
VO: OK. 2 years... continues to giggle with my son who was in his own world and trying to figure out why we were exchanging such serious talks..

VO: Can i see you petition sir?
Me: I fumble a bit then..
 VO say, right there sir on top of your file.. I hand her the document. She glances though and types something in her computer.. and says.. mmmm this is L1 Blankeet....
Me: Maaam its L1A indivi.... ( she interrupts)

VO: Then she gives a big smile.. and looks at my wife Congratulations!!! Your visa is approved. she continues smiling at my son and says bye..

Me, wife, son: THANK YOU MAAM!!!

VO: She keeps the passport and says you will get a sms soon and the passport within next 7 days...

All the best to those applicants whoes visa is in process....
Key inputs: Go with a open mind, dress neat and clean, look straight while talking to the VO and do not forget to wear your smile:-) :-)

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ravindrakumar     02/06/2016 10:50 AM

Hello All,

Thank you all for sharing your experience. My L1A blanket (without dependents) visa got approved on 4th February, 2016.
Before me, One L1B got rejected and one L1A with dependents got approved.

Below was my experience:
Vo: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning, How are you?
VO: I’m fine, How abt you?
Me: I’m also doing good
VO: So you work for XXX
Me: Yes
VO: Since how many years you working here?
Me: I am working since last 7 years 3 months
Vo: Its so long. That means you are enjoying in this company. And I heard that company is also doing good in terms of revenue.
Me: Yes, it is growing.
VO: Who is your client?
Vo: So are you going to Washington state?
Me: Yes, I will be going to Redmond, Washington.
VO: How many direct reportees do you have with you in US?
Me: 4 direct reportees, 2 will be project managers and 2 architects
Vo: To whom you will be reporting to?
Me: I will be reporting to XXX who is business relationship manager
Vo: To whom she will be reporting?
Me: She will be reporting to XXX who is director of X-Y relationship (Here X is my company name and Y is client company Name)
Vo: That means he (Director) is kind of Vice president
Me: Yes.
Vo: Congrats, your visa is approved.

It was nice feeling to listen those words.

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maddy.iyer     02/06/2016 06:29 AM

Hi all

I am just another member who has received immense help from this website and am grateful to all. Time to pay back!

My company applied for L1A blanket and I followed following steps :
1) Fill the DS-160 properly. I had committed 2-3 mistakes especially check if date format is dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy.
2) Make sure that DS-160 roles and responsibilities are filled in properly and that there are no mistakes. Consult lawyer. Be honest.
3) LNU, FNU i.e. people with no last name, first name etc don't get too worried as fill details as mentioned in the help etc.
4) Only once you are super sure that everything look ok must you submit the DS-160.

1) Once that's done pay the visa fees of 190$. Make sure you retains all screenshots, of pre-payscreen from visa website, pay screen confirmation from bank and any emails you receive. Not that they are all needed - but play safe.
2) Schedule your biometric preferably as VAC location closest to you and get it done 2-3 days before the PI.
3) Do not use moisturiser etc. when you go for biometrics. It keeps fingers moist and the finger printing an take longer.
4) Check the location of VAC properly if in mumbai as there are rickshaw touts etc who will bewaiting to extract money. Since you need to be tension free get proper information, may be print the location path from google maps and carry as no phone will be allowed.

1) At VAC, if you carry bag or phone in mumbai, which I suggest you do and use locker at the VAC location. They charge Rs 200/- which I feel is reasonable.
2) For VAC you only need :
DS 160
Appointment form
MRC fees receipt which is actually on lower part of the Appointment when you print the same.
3) Nothing to be nervous about VAC at all. The staff are very friendly. Reach there only 10 mins before. No point is stressing out yourself or going there earlier. Just be cool and calm.

1) Do not forget the 500$ DD for fraud detection for blanket visas.
2) I have a hdfc account and I requested a DD online. It reached me in mumbai in 3 days.
3) Write down name and passport no behind DD.

1) Receive petition and read through it completely.
2) Ask petition to be sent one week before your PI.
3) Every day run through the petition twice. Once in the morning and once in the evening for a week.
4) Have answers ready in 3-4 lines in crisp english.
5) L1A people use words, scope management, time management, quality control, quality assurance, communication to stakeholders. Be truthful. Dont try to fool the VO.
6) Use words such as conflict management, plan, supervise and control etc for people management.

1) Some site says try - Om Vashatkaraya Namah :-) chant this 28 times a day. I guess, atheists, no harm in chanting!
2) Keep you PI preferably for morning in chennai.
3) I booked LA Woods hotel, an executive room and I have simply no complaints.
4) Drink bournvita/horlicks before you leave for interview. Pls do not go on an empty stomach.
5) La Woods to consulate in chennai is Rs 50-100/- by rick.

1) For personal interview I carried,
DS 160
Appointment letter
Photo (Not needed but play safe)
All originals
One xerox copy of all originals
Petition documents
2) At Consulate they will ask to segregate :
App letter
first 4 pages of I-1229S and first one page of I797 notice. So do not staple but arrange with paper clips and carry. Will make life easier.
3) Be calm, peaceful, motivated.
4) VO are very friendly and nice chaps.
5) Some VO was asking a little one, Hey lil angel whats your name? Another VO was speaking in tamil and asking an aunty in tamil, who lives in the US. A third VO was explaining to a candidate why the documents werent OK. They are friendly and nice is all I have to say.
6) I was asked the following :
Hey what does ZZZ in your co name stand for.
I knew it as I have been with the co for 8 years (overall exp 11.9 years).

Next, wat does ZZZ do?
I knew operating income etc, read some on wiki, it helps. There is also some info in the petition documents. know it all.

What is your role in India?

In US? Asnwer and make it match to petition.

How many reportees - I was scary but spoke the truth.
Sir I am trying for an L1A and I have no direct reportees. Indirect yes.

How many.
Do not know specifically, will depend on project etc. Explain the TRUTH.
If there are no reportees - Say there are no reportees but explain why its still a managerial role.

Then came the golden words. "I am approving your visa but I need to do some paper work so please wait".

I had prepared damn well believe me. I spent a week or two just preparing for it.
I got my boss to do a mock interview by giving him all QnA.
Once you work hard on it, confidence come automatically.

All the Best! work hard, read through all the QnA posted by everyone, use the right words, read about your role, your companies responsibilities etc etc.
If you read 10,000 words you will be able to speak 100 words.

Do let me know if any questions as I wait for my passport to be stamped.

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ebpcr     02/05/2016 14:27 PM

I am an Indian, employed with an IT major in India. I am currently deputed to Canada on a work permit (here for 4 months now). My company applied for a fresh L1 A blanket visa. Interview location is Toronto.

1) Clear security at main entrance
2) You are guided to any of the first two/three (?) Counters for document check. Your current visa status in Canada is validated. You are given two slips with visa fee written on it (USD 500+4500)
3) Take the slips and go to 3rd floor to make the payment. You have an option to pay by credit card or USD bankers check. It should be in favor of U.S Consulate General - Toronto. You will get a receipt (two copies - one to submit to the VO and one for your record)
4) Back to ground floor for finger prints
5) Then you would be asked to go to next counter for the interview. Here are the questions I was asked:

Questions to me (primary applicant):

Did you travel to US before on a work permit?
How long have you been in Canada?
What role are you being proposed for?
What are your daily tasks?
Do you have authority to hire and fire team members?
Whom do you report to?
Are there any more people in the account above you apart from your reporting manager?
How much revenue do you control?
How many people report to you?
What is your total experience with XYZ?
What's new qualification?
How long have you been in Canada?

Questions to my spouse:

How long have you been married?
What's your highest qualification?
Do you have kids?
How long have you been in Canada? (My wife is on visitor/dependent visa)
Are you working in Canada?

Visa approved :)

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pradeepcec     02/04/2016 23:29 PM

Hello people,
My company is going to apply L1B under blanket for me and they have filed the petition with USCIS last month. It was filed and was recieved at the USCIS on 22nd of January 2016, so approximately how long does it take for the process of the petition? When can I expect a reply from USCIS?

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karthick.ramdoss     02/04/2016 21:55 PM


I am yet to schedule interview for L1-B Individual. I have a doubt.
While filling DS-160 form there will be question like "Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, or been refused admission to the united states, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry?"

and i have selected "Yes" for this question since my L1-B blanket was rejected earlier. So i have selected "Yes" and given my comments.

Please let me know who applied for individual whether it is correct or not?

Karthick. R

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SOMAAB     02/04/2016 14:55 PM

Day 1: OFC. All three of us went to 3 different counters
Questions asked to us were:
Name, Date of birth, place of birth, passport number(was asked to read from the document), where do you stay, what visa are you applying for.

Day 2: Consulate
We went to the Counter. Wished the interviewer.
Interviewer: So you are from XX company and 3 of you have come for the interview?

Qn to my wife: How long have you been married mam?

Turns to me and asks
Qn: So which visa have you applied for Sir?
Qn: Is this an individual petition or blanket?
Qn: How many years of experience do you have?
Qn: How long have you been working with your current company?
Qn What is your current designation?
Qn How many people will report to you in the US?
Qn: What is your designation in the US?

Turns to my wife and asks:
Qn: Mam, is this your only child?
Qn: What is your highest qualification?
Qn How long will you be staying in the US?

Turns to me:
Qn: What is your highest qualification?
Qn: What will be your salary in the US?
Qn How long will you be staying in the US?

Hope it helps.

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sandeep_1986     02/04/2016 08:36 AM

Hi All ,

The questions asked were as below. No surprises :)

1. Name your organization
2. For Which client are you travelling
3. How many years of exp in current company
4. What is your specialization
5. When was this developed
6. Did you develop it alone
7. Did you use any third part platform
8. Have you implemented it for any other client
9. US salary

Interview was over in around 2 minutes

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