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hrrrizvi     12/14/2015 23:32 PM

Hello all, I had my L1B visa interview in chennai on 10th Dec'15 as well as got approved confirmation form VO.
but my Visa status is still showing passport with " US embassy". please let me know if any of you got the passport with visa interviewed on or after 10th Dec'15.

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Swapna85     12/11/2015 08:48 AM

Can any one tell me if we can apply for L1A individual immediately after L1A Blanket rejection?

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itsprince     12/09/2015 21:04 PM

Hello All,

Following questions were asked during my PA at Mumbai Consulate.

Question: You are working for which company?

Question: What is your role for the assignment?

Question: What is your annual salary in US?

Question: What is your team size? How many report to you?

Question: Are you going for a specialized role or management?

Question: How long have you worked with current employer?

Question: Are you married? Do you have child / children?

Question: Are they planning to join me in US ? [This was probably asked because I'm flying alone and my family joins me later in two months time]

VO : Your visa has been approved. You should be getting your passport in 3-5 days.

My advice: Stay calm and be yourself. There isn't anything to mug up really. Questions are about you and your work. So if you can convey your thoughts clearly, then it should be easy.

Don't reach consulate more than 1 hour in advance as you end up standing in the hot sun (mine was afternoon batch 2 30 pm), no locker nearby and you cant park car nearby. So, if you can get someone to accompany you then its of great help.

Good luck to all.


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GopalKumar     12/07/2015 02:20 AM

Hello All,

I have raised the request from my employer for L1B today; any idea how much time will it take to apply for visa and interview?

If L1B visa is rejected, can i apply for H1B as well post to that?

Can anyone help me with preparation of L1B interview?

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rahuldb     12/06/2015 09:02 AM

   I visited Mumbai Consulate General for my L1B individual interview with my wife and daughter on 1st December 2015. Interview was ok and VO said that the visa is approved. Didnt received any 221g. On 1st December visa status for my daughter changed to ISSUED and on 2nd December status for my wife changed to ISSUED with status date as 2nd December. On 3rd Both my wife and daughters visa were ready for pickup.
   In my case as I am the principle applicant, it shows ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING and status update date as 1st December. Since then not update on status or date change on status. How can I find out the exact reason for delay. I havent been asked for any extra document.

Need help

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rawatmohinder     12/05/2015 00:53 AM

Hi Guys,

I have a L1A visa interview in Chennai US consulate on 07-Dec but I am not sure if Visa interview happening in Chennai Consulate due to flood issues?

Anyone going on Monday for Visa interview?


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GopalKumar     12/04/2015 04:37 AM

Hello All,

I have been going through the forum for some days and i have to raise a request for L1B in few days. Needed some inputs for the same.

1. Do we need mandatory Customized tool experience for clearing the L1B visa?
2. In india, which places are the interviews happen; i could make out Chennai(very frequent), Hyderabad & Mumbai?
3. Any online tests or emulators for interview preparation or any other tips for interview preparations?

Thanks in advance!

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manash_deeps     12/03/2015 22:48 PM

Thanks to this forum for preparing me for my visa interview in Chennai.
It lasted for just two minutes and below were the questions asked:

Which company?
Which client?
For how long are you going?
What is your salary in US?
What is your specialization?
One clarification on my specialization
---and then---the golden words: Your visa is approved.

But I didn't get my stamped passport yet, may be because of flood in chennai.

Anyone else who was interviewed in Chennai on or after 30th Nov, got his passport?
please reply me on deb.manash@gmail.com if you got your passport already or facing same issue as me :(

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flyfly     12/03/2015 21:57 PM

Do I need to mention my distance education details (i.e. mba in finance from ICFAI) in DS 160?
I am wondering because ds 160 asks for Date of attendance from & to and in distance education you just attend the exams in the institution.
I had provided copy of my distance education certificate while applying for my individual petition which has been approved. So I am not sure whether to mention it in ds 160 or not.
Please help.

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vikramp     12/02/2015 05:41 AM

The forum is really helpful, it gives you very detailed idea about the process.
My advice would be to just take the points from the forum but not to get tensed about them as each case is unique from consulate perspective to analyze on their parameters to either approve the visa or not.

One point I felt is that they seems to have already analyzed the case, interview seems to be final recheck of the candidate because my interview hardly last for 2-3 minutes.
Additionally I feel Visa type and company applying your Visa too have importance/impact as in my case question to me were very less.

How is it at Mumbai Consulate?
1. Literally we have many people applying for US as compared to other countries, so you would see huge queue outside the consulate
2. After getting in at gates of consulate there is security check (mobiles, car's electronic keys are not allowed). Most importantly there is no locker facility (at least i did not saw any)
3. After security check there is huge lawn where candidates are seated before getting into the actual interview hall
4. After getting into interview hall, candidates has to go through the finger scan and then wait for their turn (no token system its one after other)


I was standing in queue as officer was interviewing candidates in front of me (they were for L1 & L2, married), as they left i was called.
As I reached the counter I greeted the officer, good morning sir.

Officer : Good morning, can i see your passport.
Me : Here it is
Officer : Which company you are working for? (At first i did not heard it properly so asked to pardon)
Officer : Are you a manager or going for Special Knowledge
Me : Special Knowledge
Officer : What is it
Me : I was briefing the officer, he saw me once in between and then glanced through passport and said Your Visa is approved, you will get your passport in 3 days.
Me : Oh, thank you sir and have a great day ahead.

Today on 2nd Dec 2015 I got the passport back as well, the Visa is stamped for 5 years.

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