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sail1bvisa     02/06/2013 09:31 AM

Thank you so much for this forum. I have not prepared any of the interview questions due to hectic work. but the good thing i have done is, i have reached Chennai on 04th Feb morning itself as my interview was on 5th Feb. so i had 1 complete day for preparation. I have gone through this forum and found some questions and i have well prepared for all the questions. i have sit in-front of the mirror and practiced well. i was little bit confident and trust on my God so i thought luck will favour me even there are so many rejections. my interview was going on like below.

1. Where are you going? (Client Location)

Deland, Florida
2. What is your Client?
XXXX which is a fortune 500 company provides kidney care and Dialysis.it has 2 main labouratories in Fortlauradle and Deland. It has 2000 O/ P dialysis centres in US and 24 dialysis centres outside US.

3. What is your previous organisation?

4. What are the projects you have handled in your previous organisation

5. how long have you been with current organisation?
1 yr 7 months

6. What is your specialization?

XXX Medical Equipment XXXX expert.

7. Explain your role in your Project?
I do analyse and design the software which comminicates with the equipments using protocols.

8. Why only you are selected to go to client location?
As I am having more Experience in this domain and hands on Exp compared to the members in my team, client has recommended my name.

9. Why can't you work from offshore?
As I need to analyze and design the software for the equipments which are available only at client location, and the out come results might not be accurate if I design the software using simulators. I need to connet my software to the original equipment for the accurate results.

10. have you been to US?

she was stamping on the 3 forms and i was getting nervous. i thought it was rejection and was trying to be cool bcz i can't do anything at that time.

After that she smiled and said the diamond words ' Your VISA is approved sir' you can collect the passport with in 2 to 3 days.

My suggestions and observations:

,don’t try to tell the lies. Be frank.most importantly be confident. Even you are saying some thing wrong bymistake don’t come back again.try to remember the points whatever you have mentioned in the PRD and PETETION.if you are going to mention any tools, be sure that it will suits the client's requirement what ever you have mentioned.Even the VO doesn't look at you they will observe your manarism. maintain your eye contact.be ready for all the anaswers and get the confidence in first 30 sec to 1 minute such that it will carry through out the interview.be loud and you can say' pardon me or excuse me' if you cannot hear the VO question.

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rajivgrover008 ()     02/06/2013 01:29 AM

Hi All,

First of all i would like to thank you to all those who have shared their experiences here.

My visa interview process was not that straight forward.
Day1 :
There was some name confusion in my DS-160 form so they asked me to re-fill the DS160 form on the finger printing day.I went to near by cyber cafe and updated my DS-160 form with required modifications.
The visa officer was not aware that i was asked to re-fill the DS-160 form and due to this he was not able to locate my finger prints etc in the system.He was using the old DS-160 Reference.

After around 5 minutes this confusion got cleared and my interview started.He asked me following questions.

TO me:
Where i am working?
My indian Salary?
MY US salary?
My specialization

To my wife:
how long you have been married?
what is your husband dob.

As per my experience your visa approval decision is already made before you appear for the interview.On the interview day they just complete some formalities.So you need to be only confident rest your case is already decided so dont curse yourself if your visa is rejected.Spend good time on preparing the petition documents so must specify you specialized skill set clearly in your petition document.Thats all what matters.

Best of luck :)

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jigneshmms     02/06/2013 00:48 AM

Hello All,

Firslty let me thank this forum for preparing for the US Consulate Personal Appeareance.

Actually my appointment was scheduled on 31st January 2013, but due to unknown reasons, the US Consulate was closed on that day & the BEP appointments were re-scheduled next day, i.e. 1st Feb.

Subsequently after many urgent requests & calls, I re-scheduled my flight tickets & accomodation.

When I reached US Consulate on 1st Feb at 11:50 am, surprisingly, there was no rush & the entire process was completed within 15 minutes.

I will come straight to questions:

VO: Which Company are you from?
Me: XXX Limited

VO: You have applied for L1 - A or B Visa?
Me: L1A - Blanket

VO: What is your salary in India?
Me: Rs. XX XX XXX per year

VO: What is your salary in US?
Me: USD XX XXX per year.

After this she gave a dirty look & typed something in her computer. The silience was killing & I could actually feel my heart beats roaring...

She stamped my I-129S Doucments & my Heart was still beating rapidly...

VO: Based on description you have given, your Visa is not Clearly Approvable. Ask your company to file your Visa in different category.
Me: Thank you & left the counter.

Dreams crashed landed.... Especially my wife was very excited about prospects of going to US.


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pshailendra     02/04/2013 20:50 PM


It was not my day today. Visa Officer asked me just 1 question and direct rejection.

After I completed my finger prints and other formalities.


Me: Good morning

VO: May I have your BEP letter please.

Me: (handed over)

VO: Are you a "Project Lead"

Me: Yes

VO: (After typing something on the computer)

                  You don't fall under this category. (and handed over me the blue form)

Me: May I know the reason please? Also I tried to explain my current roles.

VO: Project Lead doesn't fall under this category. Your HR could have applied in other category.

                   And there are other 12 types of VISA to enter US. Ask your HR to file in correct category.

My background: I am having 10 years of experience. And from 2007 I am working in the product and managing a team of 11 in offshore and 4 in US. But nothing was asked.

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subbug     02/02/2013 05:13 AM

Dear All

This site is doing excellent job !!! Thanks All for your valuable postings and feedback. After going through this site, I became very confident of the interview as I came to know the set of questions from where I will be asked. I prepared myself and jotted down on the piece of paper if this is the question what should be the answer, of course need to give spontanious answers to add-on questions, even that I planned myself for probable add-on questions. My interview got over within 5 minutes, here are the questions

1. Which companry you are working for?
      I said company name, revenues & group of companies name & revenue, She echoed oh you are part of "xxxx" company.

2. How long you are working?
     I have long service and I told her xx years & xx months.

3. Is it Managerial or Specilized knowledge VISA?

4. How many people are reporting to you in US?
    I said xx,
    Are they reporties only or do they in turn have reporties?

5. What is your Manager designation & who is he reporting to?
6. Who is your Manager in US?
7. What is your Indian salary?

8. What is your US salary?

9. How long do you stay in US?

10. She repeated my number of years in the company for confirmation........

Now it is time for Golden Words -- I am approving your VISA, you will get Passport by courier & she stamped I129 form & asked to carry these documents while going to US.

I gave straight answers with eye contact and confidence ofcourse with a bit politeness & smiley face, That's it !!! All the Best !!!

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singaraju     02/01/2013 13:35 PM

Thanks to forum for helping me a lot for preparing in my interview.
The questions which VO have asked me are below.

VO: You are from..........
Me: Co Name Sir
VO: How are long are you working with Co?
Me: 4 years
VO: What is your Project?
Me: Project Name
VO: What is you designation?
Me: Team Manager
VO: How many reportees you have?
Me: 6
VO: What is your highest education?
Me: Graduation
VO: Your Visa being issued
Me: Thank you Sir

You Should

1.Not be tensed
2.Be confident
3.Maintain eye contact
4.Try give answers that match your DS-160 and Petition

And if possible/you belive then visit Chilkur Balaji temple. God's support is also required.

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lakgupta84     02/01/2013 00:57 AM

Thanks to the forum for helping me a lot for preparing in my interview.
I will be coming directly to the questions as all other steps have been expalined already
in many threads

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir, How are you doing ( with a smile)
VO: I am fine
VO: what is your specialization ?
Me: Explained the specialization as mentioned in DS160. ( Need to go slowly, clearly and maintain an eye contact with VO while explaining)
VO: What is the name of the Client ?
Me: Client Name
VO: What is the Indian Salary?
Me: I tell the total CTC per annum ( To a round off digit)
VO: what will be salary in US.
Me: Tell him the salary as mentioned in offer letter
VO: You are going to which place.
Me: San Jose, California
VO: what do you do?
Me: Explained him the roles and responsibilities.
VO: Your Visa is approved ( He start stamping the I129 form and keeps one I129 form and passport while returning me the other 2 I129 forms after stamping the approval)
Me: Thank You. Have a grt day.

Things I noticed.
1) Visa officer checks the confidence and attitude while answering the question.
2) Need to maintain the eye contact while speaking even if VO is searching into his system.
3) If mentioning any client tool then not to mention words like "specific/Proprietary" (One person Visa got rejected due this)
4) Make sure the explanation matches with I129 form.

Hope it will help others.

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Manjula V     01/29/2013 07:01 AM

First of all i want to thank this forum...
on 23rd Jan we went for OFC it just took Hardly 10 min not more than that..
on 24th Jan our appointment time was at 10 am but we reached around 9 am we where having our kid so they allowed us inside i dint have to wait.. we where waiting for the token for issuing then we waited for document verification and again we had fingerprint check and regular process...now we where asked to go to another block ....

was waiting for turn to come 4 where standing before us all visas was getting rejected now our turn came

Me : Good Morning Sir (along with my Kid and wife)
Vo : GM
VO: what is ur highest Degree??
Vo : what is ur highest Degree??( to my wife)
Vo : what is ur US salary?
Vo : I am approving your visa...have a safe trip....
Me: We where shocked he was triggering every one i m very lucky on that day....


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Deepa- ()     01/26/2013 15:13 PM

Thanks to the forum. I use to visit this forum and help my husband as he used to busy. straight to the Q.

Good Morning
VO: Good morning. took papers & looked straight into my husband eyes for 5-6 sec doing nothing and then stamped the papers. I hold my breath that time.

VO: Sir hw many yr in X company
Ans: 3yrs

Vo: before this r u manager
Ans: No

VO: hw many reportee
Ans: xx

VO: Hw many direct
Ans: xx

VO: whats ur highest qualification mam, r u wrking in s/w
Me: BTech, yes

VO: will u wrk in US
Me: yes if i get 1

VO: mam u will need this doc for ur employment there. i didnt get and look blank into his eyes. he understood, laugh & said I am approving ur Visa.

1. Dont fake, Vos r intelligent & exp.

2. Company does not matter till the time ur case is genuine &ur comp meets their criteria. I saw 2 rejection in our line of the same comp mu hubby wrks.

3. For L1A- exp, designation, salary,previous company, ur wrk profile,confidence all r imp.

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AK- ()     01/25/2013 04:23 AM

I had my interview scheduled on 18th at Chennai. I will come straight to questions

VO: Whats your specialization
Me: Answered in two sentences

VO: How many years with current employer
Me: 6 years

VO: How many years in your specialization field
Me: 6 years

VO: Who is your client
Me: Answered

VO: (to my wife) How many years have you been married
Wife: Answered

VO: (to my wife) Whats your highest degree
Wife: Btech

VO: Your visa is approved. let me catch up on documentation.

I am a Senior Business Analyst (a completely non tech person) and have traveled to US earlier multiple times on H1 and B1. My wife earlier had Blanket L1B.

I picked up my passport from Bangalore VFS center on 24th.

Good Luck !

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