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pvr     06/14/2016 05:12 AM

Hi All,
I've applied for L1 A individual. I got the receipt (EAC number) on Feb 2016.It is 4 months from the receipt date, but still not received the approval.
Is there any reasons for it?
Appreciate your time and thanks in advance for your response

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sukhdeep2006     06/14/2016 04:11 AM

First of all, thank you everyone for all the help for the preparation. I am sharing my experience:

It was for 11 and we reached there at 10:20 am, there was a queue of around 35-40 people the interview was done not before 1:00 pm... standing in the long queues through out was tiring... The actual interview was very easy and straight forward..not too many questions:

To me:

1. Which company are you working for?
2. What is your designation?
3. Which one is your client(s)?
4. How long you have been with this company?
5. What will your US salary?
6. How many on shore direct reports you have?
7. Whom you report to?

To my wife:

1. How long you have been married, mam?
2. When is your anniversary?

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NADIMI     06/13/2016 13:13 PM

Hello All, Please help me to get answer to below query

L1A blanket was rejected in 2013, can I apply for L1 A blanket again? I don't want to go for L1A Individual

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vid_jain     06/09/2016 13:55 PM

Hi Team,

I am from service based organization ,I have my L1b Blanket petition interview schedule next week. I have following doubt regarding the Form i129S

Question 4 Part H of form which says : I might sit at client location and require justification for the same has been Marked as "YES" .

Doubt :- Will the above "YES" answer can go wrong according to the L1b Visa laws as it is Intra Company transfer.

What should I answer the question " which client I will be working for in U.S ?"

Please suggest.

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Visa54321     06/09/2016 02:04 AM

It was simple and straightforward.

Following questions were asked to me and wife.

To me
where are you going in USA?
What is your current role?
What is your company name?
Are you going to USA for the same company ?

Have you ever been in USA?

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monakalra     06/08/2016 13:50 PM

Hi Team,

I need your urgent help! We came to US on L1B Visa blanket petition. My visa is expiring in Oct. 2016. Company has given us two options. Either to file L1B individual extension in US or either travel to India and file for L1B blanket again. Need your advice on which route is most preferred and feasible, as I have a family with me, want to be doubly sure!
 Many Thanks in advance!

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AmandaRia     06/07/2016 04:17 AM

Hi All,

My interview date is scheduled this friday for L1A individual visa.. I am carrying all the photocopies in a folder and original in another folder. Is there any particular order I have to arrange them, so that it will be easy for me to handover to the VO. Also if my I129 is requested, should i handover the entire bundle to them ...

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Anks26     06/04/2016 14:21 PM

For L1B Blanket, do we need to carry the degree certificate as well?

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rad     06/03/2016 10:48 AM

Before even you appear for the interview, please make yourself aware about the L1B visa category. I'm sure most of the organizations will give a clarity on this to define under which category you'd fit it. L1A or L1B (based on experience level) & Blanket or Individual (based on how an individual presents the thoughts etc) Everything is based on the individual actually, at least to get that clarity of where you stand in this 4 quadrant which is very important. Remember, if you have just 5 years of experience and then planning to compete under L1A blanket, sure shot, it's a rejection!

At least in my org, they put most confident people, who can well articulate the specialization or explain their job role better under the Blanket window. Whereas, people who couldn't explain well, mostly were recommended to go through Individual. No offense to anybody but this is the strategy which has to be played well.

After rounds of internal assessment, I as put under the Blanket window which became very stressful for me to prepare. Note - I had an added stress level because I'm not an Engineering grad nor belong to any IT related educational background but someone who's trying to prove a 'Specialized Knowledge' in front of the VO. I doubted myself a lot but I had that gut feeling that I can knock the VO with my answering or articulating skill. I only BELIEVED myself from day ONE.

So through out, you may question yourself with limiting beliefs that you may carry - it varies case to case. Find some sample thoughts:
- Do not have a specialized degree (I have a Masters in media & arts)
- Less years of experience ( This matters to an extend, for L1A, it matters, but for L1B 4-5 years is good enough)
- I can't speak confident, cannot articulate, explain my job role
- Is my specialization worth enough to convince the VO officer?
- Is my salary mentioned, good enough to prove that I'm specialized?
-What are my chances of rejection? What's the rejection rate? I CANNOT Stand QUESTION.

Through them in a bin. Recycle your brain for APPROVAL.

It is very important to be on the same page as your i129s and other supporting documents that defines your specialization. Work with your employers immigration team or any team that's helping you with this visa process at work. Just memorize the key words, jumble them across and remember so that you won't even skip uttering those keywords during the interview. Very important trick. Remember, it's a mind game. All that the VO is expecting to hear from you is, those SAME words, nothing else.

Work your but*off to come up with questions & answers on how brutally one can assess your skill-sets. This is only possible if you decide to you question your skills at an utterly brutal manner, nobody else can do this to you. I can be so harsh me :) Immihelp has some great questions, pick them up, plot your answers (crisp & less jargon), make multiple answers for a single questions. You never know which one you can remember at that time :)

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare until the DAY arrives. Mirror is your friend. Wake up early if your not an morning person. Break certain patterns in life to prove yourself that how important is this for you and to get through this without a rejection.

Just before the final day, look through only the key questions, ie., specialization, work location, client name, qualification, yrs of experience, salary, duration of stay, etc. By now, you would've gulped, gasped and swallowed all the information that you gathered about your specialization.

Remain positive until you have your visa in hand. This is the most critical thing even if you have the strongest case to prove.

Interview DAY
As the day approached, I went to for the BIOmetrics session, which I'm not going to explain because the experience is pretty much the same for everyone. So skipping that.

Consulate Entrance
My spouse dropped at the entrance, leaving me all alone for a big moment that waits ahead of me :) Very thrilled I was but very anxious at the same time. Went through all the security check-ins, queues, payment counter (for L1b Blanket it's applicable), finally put in a queue that marches slowly towards the VO counters. I was asked to go the counter 27. Just before me a guy US return was taking is sweet time to convince this VO but finally left making me wait for more. I was just waiting to get done with this. Seriously.

I approached the VO as my time came. I prepared myself to be very casual and not display my fear, anxiety, nervousness, doubtfulness. I buried everything under my belly. JUST PRETEND CASUAL that your cool enough to handle this moment. Just remember to carry a good smile on you. Smile comes to be naturally but this is really important to show if your really a happy person :) Just a dress that your most comfortable in, no big show offs in front of the guy who's waiting to redefine you fate :) I wore a white that I always feel more comfortable, confident and lucky :) This wins me most of the time.

Time was so close to 11.50am or 12pm, I wasn't sure of the time. As i greeted him, I built a quick rapport by asking him, 'are we past 12?'. He said, oh yeah it's 12. We're good. The ice broke here. I didn't feel him like a stranger nor he wasfeeling different with me. (Small tricks you know)

He asked for all my docs, you know what it is. He barely made an eye contact with me, but mostly looking into the computer.

So here goes the list of questions that he asked, for anybody who wants to what I was really asked!!!

VO: Which company do you work for?
Interviewee: Some Gaint name
VO: What's your client name?
Interviewee: Some client
VO: Which place are you traveling to?
Interviewee: Somewhere in the US

VO: What's your specialization?
Interviewee: I have a specialization in _____ and ______ that I ______ and ______ which integrates ABC with XYZ. My client has PQR requirement for which I'll be customizing this tool, which provides my client this unique benefit / feature.

(Do you see the drift here, the keywords used to knock that guy in front of you? Have the necessary information in place. No big jargon's used, simplified to it's best.

Stress on your specialization - What can you do - built, develop, customize
What the tool does - integrates, merges, creates a new feature
Client requirement - What the client will achieve

Simple assimilation of the 3 key concepts put as a story. That's it, your done.

VO: What's the name of the custom tool that you developed?
Interviewee: Some Name
VO: What's your US salary?
Interviewee: XXXX USD
VO: How long is this project planned for?
Interviewee: 2 years
Finally VO told me, my visa is approved. He stamped first and then told me it's approved. I was already having a feeling before he stamped that he's going to approve this because he never felt or at least behaved that my case was false. (Learn from body language). I was confidently waiting for him to utter those GOLDEN WORDS :)

That's it everyone. I had a very pleasant visa interview moment, all that helped me is my on effort - this is the journey I drafted, reading up a lot - IMMIHELP, your organization and at the end, your positivity. Never even think of rejection, think only how you can convince the VO at your best possible level. You'll be majorly saved.

All the best to everyone who are preparing to appear.

For all the HATERS, if any who think this is a LONG rant, I really want to help people and make them aware how to prepare for this. By not building a strong case with industrial jargon's, instead play well with the human mind. It's easier to win this way :)

Wishes From

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kumbibhagam     06/02/2016 15:53 PM

I had attended L1B Blanket visa interview, sometime in December 2013. But my visa was not granted and denied with the reason "Not clearly Approvable". This year again iam going to apply with a fresh L1B Blanket application.
My question is "Does the previous L1B Visa rejection/denial has negative impact or impression on my current L1B application/interview?" Iam scared that the chances of my L1B Visa approval may be less due to history of L1B denial.

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