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zeeshan ahmad     05/14/2013 14:42 PM

Can someone plz let me know the number of DOS i had my intervuew for L1-b blanket visa 3 weeks back they stamped my I-129s petition but had put my case under AP, i wanted to know the number of DOS where i can check the status of my security check.
Plz your urgent reply is needed...

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shan     05/13/2013 07:54 AM


Could someone please help me to know that, how long the processing time will take for L1 VISA.

I am tracking my case number in online , its been Initial status for more than one month.


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rporwal     05/09/2013 03:42 AM

Is there any biztalk developer who got a approval for L-1B visa recently. I am planning to Apply for that under the sponsership of biggest IT organisation in India.
Please help to respond back and share your experence.

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Ankur Goel     05/07/2013 03:30 AM

I have picked 8 am time slot of 7th May, 2013. I reached embassy at 7.30 & after few minutes security checks started & a token number was issued to me.
Since it is early morning slot so most of the counselor counters were closed. Only three counters were opened. My number was fourth at 13th numbered counter. All three person ahead of me got visa. One couple got business visa while other got L1 & H1.
I was little bit nervous since all visa ahead of me were granted. I was thinking that she might reject mine. when one token number flashes, I went for the interview. Lady greeted me & I greeted her back. She asked me following questions:

Q1. Is it individual petition?
Q2. Is it for Manager or specialized skills?
Q3. What do you do?

After that she said my visa has been approved. I said her Thanks you & started leaving counter. She asked me to hold on a seconds & stared at her computer's screen. She murmured few sentences that I had been refused to grant to visa earlier. I felt nervous & I thought she might reject my application but I replied in confident voice that yes, my b1\b2 visa were rejected twice in Jan, 2009. Finally she told me that your visa was confirmed & it would be delivered to you in a day or two.

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zeeshan ahmad     05/05/2013 00:42 AM

Hi, Anyone recently had interview for L1-B blanket from islamabad ,mine is put under adminstrative processing but they have signed and stamped my I-129S does that mean my visa is approved? The VO didnt said anything about visa approval they have kept the passport no additional document requested...its been more then a week now..

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navyamu     04/29/2013 00:22 AM

Hi all,

I had my L1 Blanket interview at the Toronto consulate.

I was in US and my L1B was expiring, so my employed filed a new L1B petetion in Canada instead of filing an extension with USCIS since it has more chances for getting approval.

I had my interview schduled on 22nd April 2013 at 9 am. I reached the consulate around 8.15, but they asked me to come by 8.50 am.

After the security check , they let me in the consulate and one lady verified the documents and arraned them in a folder. She asked me to pay the $500 Anti-Fraud fee and $2250 Border Security Fee to the cashier. My company had provided me the check for this and when I went for payment, the cashier said they will accept the checks which is not older than 3 months. Mine was dated Jan 2013. They asked me to get another one. I had my attorney office nearby and got a new one. But when I returned back , the cashier said, she was mistakenly said that and the old check was fne.

After that, they gave me a token number and asked me to wait. Then they called me for thr finger prints and asked again to wait. Within 10 minutes, they called me for the interview and the below questions were asked.

1. employer
2. client
3. us location
4. us salary
5. Technolgy I am working
6. specialized skills

After that he said the visa is approved.

I got my passport after 4 days.

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raghuvamshi     04/29/2013 08:33 AM

I would like to thank all the members of this form for posting their experiences. I was rejected 6 times (4 times F1 and twice B1/B2). My 7th VISA application(B1) was approved . This time my VISA category was L1A and it was approved.
Interview was very very simple.Myself and my wife went for the interview together.

VO: Hello
ME: Hello Sir, Gud mor , Hru ?

VO: Which company you are working for ?
ME: XXX company

VO: What does that company do ?
ME: Explained him the nature of business.

VO: What do you do for that company?
ME: Explained him in couple of sentences.

VO: Is your petition blanket or individual?
ME: Individual.

VO:Hru doing (to my wife).
MyWife : I am doing good sir.

VO: Your VISA has been approved. Enjoy your stay.
ME: Thank you Sir.

Whole process took not more than a minute.My suggestion for the candidates who are attending VISA interviews is to be confident and to be cool.Blazer and tie will not add on anything for you to get your VISA approved.Confidence is the KEY.Clean shave and a decent formals will be more than enough.

All the best.

Raghu Vamshi

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visa_RRR     04/26/2013 07:25 AM

First of all, I would like to thank other members for posting their experiences. They help alot to the future applicants.

I've been logging here more than FB recently.

My exp.

Tue, 23 Apr'13
Mumbai OFC

I finshed in 15 mins, the DS 160 confirmation check, usual fingerprinting process.
Also, I guess you have to collect the 'get your passport courier-ed' form there only.

Fri, 26 Apr'13
Chennai Consulate

This was my first time in chennai and yes it is very humid, a handkercheif is must. My apt was at 11, I reached the gates at 9:45 and was able to get in by 10:35 or so.
You will get a sticker pasted on your passport which will have to token number.

Document Verification counter
Keep you I129, I 179s and passport seprate and ready, it will be bundled together by a rubber band.

Fingerprinting counter
Next is the fingerprint checking counter and then you proceed for the interview

Visa fees counter
Pay the Visa fees and then wait for your turn to come.

THE Interview
The ordeal starts here, I had prepared like a gazillion times in front of the mirror but when I saw the crowd and counter, it just felt like BUTTERFLIES in stomach. I tried to relax and tried remembering my answers, waiting for token number to flash.
The token were appearing in order but my token was skipped and the number after me started flashing, more butterflies. I went and spoke to a executive and he told me that these numbers are not necesscarily in order.

Finally, after an agonising wait of 15 mins my token flashed and I went and stood in the line in front of counter.
I was slightly hear able to hear about what was happening at the counter and I heard sorry and stuff, extra butterflies.

By this time, I was hopelessly nervous but I still tried to maintain my calm, VO signalled me to came in front and

VO: Good Morning, How are you?
Me: Good Morning Sir, I am doing well, thank you.

VO: So you work for XXXX?
Me: Yes

VO: So I see you are going to XXXXX?
Me : Yes

VO: So, What are you going to do there exactly?
Me: I design tech solution for XXXX, in that I basically take care of an internal tool, which does this and that......

VO: (Interrupting me) You are giving me memorised answers.
Just tell me, what you are going to do in your own words and he smiled at me.
Me: Started repeating the same thing, slowly.

VO: Okay, Dont worry relax. and he started stamping on my forms (That was my YAY moment)
I am issuing you the visa, have a great trip to the US.
Me: Thank you!!

I felt that the visa was kind of pre approved and you just have to give your answers honestly and properly.
The VO's are really nice people and are not there to reject the visa's

I hope this helps,

Sorry for the typos, I wish you all the best!

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zeeshan ahmad     04/25/2013 10:43 AM

Hi I had my interview today for L1-B visa they asked only a few general question asked to submit the anti fraud fees also signed my I-129S forms and said you will have to show them to the immigration when you land in US, But after that gave me a letter and said your case is under administrative proceesing and it will take 4-6 weeks for that.
Can anyone tell me if he has passed through such a experience and what was the outcome of it..

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giri.talapaneni     04/25/2013 03:24 AM

First, for immihelp, kudos to you for providing a platform for people to share their experiences..!!

Second, Thanks a lot to everyone who keeps updating this forum with their valuable suggestions and their interview experience..!! It helped a lot to me..!

Day 1: Biometrics.
(Very Important) Make sure that your first name and last name is consistent in passport, DS-160 and appointment. If there is any mismatch, you will not be allowed to OFC and you have to re-submit DS-160 again from scratch with respect to the name in the passport.

If everything is proper, hardly 15 mins job..!! No problems at all..!! It's totally not required to go 30 minutes earlier than your appointment time. If you do so, you have to wait on the road. Just 5 mins before your appointment time is enough.

Day2: Interview.
Reach embassy before 15 mins of your appointment time. You will receive a token number before entering embassy.

Counter1 - Officer (Indian) will verify the documents and bundle the documents together with a rubber band. DS-160 confirmation, passport, and 3 copies of L1-Blanket petition Form I-797 & Form I-129S (first 3 pages). Highly recommended to keep each copy of the forms separate so that you won't mess it out at the counter.

Counter2 - Officer (American) will verify whether you have completed your Biometrics or not. Just a minute job. No questions.

Counter3 - Cashier - Pay the Visa Anti-Fraud Fee (500$) and get the receipt.

Counter4 - Visa Officer (American) - Interview time.

Here goes the list of questions asked to me.

VO: Good morning. (He was looking so happy and all the time he was smiling)
Me: Very good morning. Thanks. How are you?

VO: I am good. Thanks.
Me: (smile)

VO: Which company you are working for?

VO: How long you are working in ABC?
Me: 1 year 4 months.

VO: What's your total experience?
Me: 4 years.

VO: What you are special at? (A mandatory question to allmost all whoever applied for L1-B)
Me: I am expertise in design and development of the X application which is developed for ABC and blah blah blah (2-3 sentences. Recommended not to use the word 'proprietary', else you will be asked more questions).

VO: So, you do the development of this application?
Me: Yes. Also, I perform integration tests on the system.

VO: What's your salary in India? (Always tell in lakhs).
Me: X lakhs Y thousands per annum.

VO: What's your application is for?
Me: Application does blah blah blah and this is developed for ABC Healthcare (2-3 sentences in brief about your application and mention the domain).

VO: How long you are going to work in US?
Me: 3 months.

VO: (Typing something in the monitor and then started signing and sealing on the petition forms). Okay, I am approving your VISA. You will receive your stamped VISA in a week's time.
Me: Thanks a lot.

VO: Please carry 2 copies while you travel to US. If you miss any of these, you will get into trouble.
Me: Sure.

VO: Very well then, enjoy your stay in US.
Me: Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

VO: Thanks. Bye.
Me: Bye.

As soon as I heard the golden words, I was on cloud 9 with happyness. :)

Based on my experience, I feel like it's all pre-decided to approve visa or not based on the details you have mentioned in the petition & DS-160, company you work for, your experience, your work domain and for the client you are going to work for.

However, prepare well for the interview. Be confident. Don't be nervous. Never tell lies to the Officer. Make sure that watever you answer, it matches as per the details mentioned in the petition.

That's it from me. Thanks for reading. Hope it will help you.

All the best folks. Have a great day.

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