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neils2k1     10/26/2015 03:11 AM

Me my wife and my 8 years old daughter went for the interview and we have our visas approved.

• Me: good morning!
• Consul: Why do you want to travel to US?
• me: For Tourism
• Consul: where in US
• Me: New York City
• Consul: do you have any friends and relatives in US
• Me: No
• Consul: what countries have you been so far?
• Me: I …………………Long list
• Consul: Do you have any evidence of your work and bank statement
• Me: and I passed the documents
• Consul: how many years you’ve been in your job?
• Me: I’ve been working in that company for 6 years and 3 months.
• Consul: to my wife ( do you work madam)
• Me: yes as a store Manager( my wife replied)
• Consul: do you have any other savings and property
• Me: we do have
• Consul: Your visa is approved. Please wait for 2 days for your Visa and Passport
• Me: Thank you.

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scurly10     10/21/2015 11:21 AM

hello. im 36 years old, female single, working in saudi for 10 years till now in a government hospital, have enough money in the bank and 75k annual income. want to ask of chances to get a tourist visa. i will shoulder my own trip,im planning to stay in the hotel and see some places in USA. for 15 days only. no invitation from relatives in USA, just i want to travel alone. i've been visiting hongkong, malaysia and singapore, thanks any comments is very welcome it will help me.

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ahmedmasu     10/21/2015 04:35 AM

I am 27 working as IT consultant in Riyadh, but my nationality is Pakistani.
I already have multiple visa of UK till 2018 and I traveled to London on this July.
My annual salary is $30k, but I was sending my savings back home to buy some property so no money in the bank account.
What do you think are my chances if i Apply for tourism visa. Secondly, I don't know anyone in US.
Please Advise, how good is my profile and what else should I do to make it more strong ?

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sleepless     10/20/2015 16:34 PM

Understanding your craze to know mainly Q&A session, firstly here it goes; (Me and My Wife)

ME: Good Morning Ma'am, How are you?
WIFE: Good Morning.
VO: Good Morning, your passports please.

ME: Slipped passports inside and waited for VO's turn to say something.

VO: (after a short silence) Why you want to go US?
ME: To see friend and tourism

VO: Who is your friend in US?
ME: His name is XXX and he is working in XXX company at XXX place in US.

VO: How you came to know your friend?
ME: Told the detail how we became friends.

VO: Where are you working?
ME: I am working as XXX in XXX company.

VO: How long you are in Malaysia?
ME: I am here for more than one year.

VO: What is your monthly salary?
ME: I am getting XXX salary.

VO: How long will you stay in US?
ME: 15 days excluding travel time.

VO: (to my wife) What you do ma'am?
WIFE: I am housewife and also studying

VO: What are you studying
WIFE: Told her course name

VO: What subject?
WIFE: Named couple of subjects.

VO: How long are you in Malaysia? (repeated same question to my wife)
WIFE: One year +

VO: Have you applied for US before?
ME: No, Never

VO: (typing something on computer, pretending she is confirming something) Are you sure, you never applied?
ME: Yes ma'am sure, We never applied

VO: (keep typing again for a minute and watching at my wife) any other place?
WIFE & ME BOTH: Yes, we have visited XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX countries before in recent years.
(it was wrong anwser because we thought she asked about other places we visited but actually her question was that have you applied from other than Malaysia for US Visa before)

VO: You applied from another place US visa before?
ME & WIFE: (together answered with one voice) Nooo, Ma'am never.

VO: (kept typing) and said golden words. YOUR VISAZ HAVE BEEN APPROVED
ME & WIFE: Thank you ma'am, have a good day, Bye (and left the cabin)

Feeling excited and waiting for passports now.


1. Before we left home, we prayed whole night that GOD please help everyone who will be there to get visa.

2. We were really well prepared. only memorized whatever written in DS-160.

3. Keep normal but nice dressed, speak loudly VO can hear, smile must not disappear from face even VO try to make you worried, Be transparent and True answer.

4. Before entering again requested GOD. "We are nothing but only you who can do right things happen, so its upto you. If this travel is good for us, please help us to get VISA and help everyone here to get it. If it is not good to travel there, we request to please give us courage to face refusal.

THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE FOR OUR VISA. wish you all the best and once again thanks to immihelp.com............really a helping hand

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veekay     10/19/2015 16:20 PM

Hi Mates,

Anyone knows that, is there any Malayalam language Interpreter available in chennai consulate?

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praba_150     10/19/2015 14:04 PM


Thanks to immihelp, I was able to apply my parents visa without any agent and just with the help of immihelp and the experiences of people shared here.

My parents went to Visa interview in chennai today and they were greeted by VO (American who spoke tamil very fluently). Following were the questions asked.

All below conversation was in tamil

VO: Good morning
Parents: GM (Both mom and dad)

VO: Purpose of visit
Father: Tourism and meet my son
Same question to Mom

VO: How long u intend to stay
F: 5 months

VO: What are you doing now.
F: Retired

VO: What you did before
F: <Answered appropriately>

Same to questions to mom

VO: Congrats your visa is approved (And said namaste and greeted my parents)
Parents: Thank you.

Was less than 1 min for them. I think the confidence in answer and being truthful is important in the interview

All the best for the other.


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neils2k1     10/19/2015 13:23 PM

Hello There,

Me my wife and my young daughter have an appointment with US Embassy on next week.

We are applying B2 Visa for winter vacation we have no one in US and we will stay in Hotel.

I want to confirm about our bank statement ,

My wife she have strong bank statement good saving and she is a store Manager for last 6 years in Middle east.

I also have a bank account but not strong , not enough savings and i am working as sales executive for last 6 years also in Middle east

My daughter is studying in school and we have a very good Travel History, European countries, UK, UAE and Australia .

Now i want to know about the bank statement they consider my wife account as a main account because we all are applying together as a family or they will individual account.

Please advice me if someone has a logic answer for this.

Thank you

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sleepless     10/19/2015 00:34 AM

Me and my wife applying for B2 Visa and today is our interview. We are well prepared and thanks to Immihelp.com for helping people. We want to visit our friend in USA who has invited us.

Almost, every possible document to prove our capability to travel US, we have kept in the folder including our old passports with a reasonable travel history.

We will share our experience in couple of hours. Pray for us please.

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shenoy     10/19/2015 06:50 AM

My brother in law and sister reside in US and my parents wanted to visit them,
Both my parents are employed. My sister is carrying. But she is staying with her in laws there who are there to take care of her. Also, they will be hiring day care/ nannies to take care of the baby after delivery. But we were worried about how to handle this situation with the VO. We had prepared for questions commonly asked. And held 2 principles -
1. To be honest in all answers
2. To not provide unnecessary information, unless it conflicted with the first point.

We had ticked self under Sponsor column. We had carried these documents :

Common :
1. Chartered Accountant letter showing assets and deposits in bank.
2. Invitation letter.
3. Family photos.
4. My study certificate from college
5. Appointment letter.
6. VISA fee receipt

DAD and MOM each:
1. EMployer NOC certificate
2. Leave letter.
3. Salary slips - 3 months
4. Tax receipts - 3 months.
5. Passport and ID cards
6. DS 160 confirmation page.
7. tickets.

BIometrics took 15 mins the day before Visa Interview. Interview was scheduled in Oct 2015 at Chennai Consulate which went like this :

1. (To my dad) Are you working for ..... ?
A. Yes

2. (To my mom) Are you working for ....?
A. Yes

3. What is the purpose of visit?
A. (dad)To tour US and pay a visit to my daughter's family.

4. Which places do you want to visit?
A. (dad) Washington, Newyork city, Philadelphia, Atlanta city, Niagara falls (VO smiles and says "Yes, I wanted to hear that".

5. Have you bought the tickets?
A. We are taking care of travel expenses. Staying and other is taken care by my son in law (VO : Yes , tickets is the main cost. All other expenses are minor right.)

6. How long do you want to stay ?
A. Dad for 15 days and mom for 3 months. ( VO : (to my mom) Do you get so much leave ? . my mom said yes)

VO : Your VISA is approved. Enjoy your vacation.

None of the documents were asked.

Passport was collected 2 days later at a collection centre.

Immihelp was a lot of help indeed ! Thank you.
All the best to all applicants

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gsmhsk95     10/18/2015 10:20 AM

im sales executive in garment company in delhi in India from last 2 years. I also visit one time dubai and Switzerland, slovenia, austria on schengen short term visa in august 2015. I am going to apply usa visitor visa in 2016 march. please anybody tell me what is the chances of getting visa .

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