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naveenjha.2k4     04/25/2014 13:43 PM


First of All Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences which helped me in getting Visa for my mother.
I would like to share my experience as well.
I had applied for my Mother's visa in Oct 2013 and it was rejected under section 214 B (not enough ties in home country).
My Mom is Widow and House Wife.
I opted for Hindi as language for my Mother and sent all the documents as mentioned on this site to my Mother.
I also sent list of information like my Company Name, My Location and Purpose to visit etc, so that my Mom can mug up and answer counselor's questions.

Interview Date & Location - 25 April and New Delhi.
Duration - 2-3 Minutes

counselor - Why do you want to go to USA.
Mom - I wanted to Visit my Son for couple of weeks to spend some time with son.
counselor - which company your son works for?
Mom - Company Name
counselor - WHere will you stay?
Mom- Location Name
counselor - With whom all you stay here in India
Mom - I stay with my sons. I have big family here 4 sons, 4 daughter in law and their kids. we all stay together here.
             I also get pension money (15k) per month.
counselor - when are you planning to go
Mom - 30 april 2014 as there is function at my son's place on 3rd may, so wanted to attend that as well.
counselor - Congratulations, You have been granted the VISA :) :)

I did not do anything different this time, same set of documents , I am not sure why they rejected in Oct, 2014.

My mom is very old (70 years) and she was very excited after she got visa, she was acting like a first class student who got result and passed by flying colors.

Thanks to all of you!!

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bhavesh     04/17/2014 20:02 PM

I have applied for B2 visa in April, 2014, was denied for 214b reason. I'm single 30 year old last name patel. I have applied for my self only and i showed 65 thousand monthly income in farming. I have a cousin in US who sent me an invitation letter to visit famous tourist place for 3 weeks. And i have also been to UK 4 years ago for 5 months. What was the reason for denial. I m trying to reapply again. If you would help me what changes i need to make. I also have a job but did not mention that and only mentioned for the farming income.

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir

VO: So you've been to UK, What did you do in UK
ME: I have been there for 5 months and been to many places.

VO: Who is there in UK
ME: My cousin and she sponsored me

VO: Do you have any one in USA
ME: my cousin in US and he invited me

VO: What does he do in US:
ME: He is a manager in a motel

VO: Who are you traveling with?
ME: Myself only

VO: I'm sorry but we cannot grant you a visa this time

If you would please let me know what was the denial reason.? They did not even answer me about my purpose to US visit, mainly asked about my UK trip..

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jae308     04/12/2014 00:42 AM

First interview: March 2014. Second interview: April 2014

First attempt (the interview lasted less than a minute.)

ME: good morning!
VO: good morning. how are u doing?
ME: im good.

VO: what is your purpose to the US?
ME: for vacation

VO: who are you going with?
ME: im going with a friend.
VO: A friend?? (tone of voice raised and the officer looks at me with suspicion)

VO: what do you work as? how much is your salary
ME: im a XXX at XXX company and i earn XXX monthly.

VO: how long do u plan to stay in the US
ME: around 5 weeks.

VO: how are u able to be away from work for so long? (tone of voice getting more suspicion)
ME: i've applied for unpaid leave.

VO: (keeps quiet and looking at the computer) how much is the flight ticket going to cost?
ME: the return ticket is around XXX. I have bought the return ticket *reaching to my file to show the officer the flight ticket but was interrupted*

VO: show me your bank statement
ME: *hands the officer my bank statement* (interrupted again when i was about to inform the officer i have return ticket)

VO: who is funding your trip?
ME: myself
VO: yourself?! (tone of voice raised again with even suspicion look on me) *continues to key in something in the computer*

VO: (keys in something in the computer and fills in a form and hand to me) im sorry your visa is not approved today.
ME: may i know the reason?

VO: its all stated in the form. thank you.
ME: thank you for your time.
VO: buh-bye.

This was my first time applying for US visa. Domestic partnership (same sex relationship) that i am in was not declared due to apprehension of consequences we have had to suffer considering that we are applying from Malaysia. However, with further research, we found that we are eligible for domestic partnership (even for same gender *Hooray to America!*) so I decided to apply again.

While filling the form for the second time, the amendment made was mainly regarding to the sponsorship and relationship status.

Second interview:
(i have prepared even a thicker pile of documents this time)

VO: good morning. how do you do?
ME: good morning sir. im good. how about u?
VO: im good too.

VO: why are you going to the states?
ME: my partner and i are going for vacation and to visit family member there. We will be staying at my partner's sibling's place (i gave the address as well) *memorize the address u will be staying in the US*

VO: your partner? who? (he looks confuse. maybe the word partner was too general)
ME: my girlfriend.
VO: oh...(he didnt look surprised nor any negative emotion towards my answer) *yay* good sign!

VO: how long u will be staying in america?
ME: i answered

VO: how do u be away from work for so long?
ME: I have applied for unpaid leave.

VO: how does your partner be away from work for 2 months?
ME: we both applied for unpaid leave sir

VO: how much older is your partner?
ME: i answered

VO: who is funding your trip?
ME: my partner will be funding my trip sir.

VO: what does your partner work as?
ME:she is a XXX working at XXX company.

VO: how long have u both been together?
ME: i answered.

VO: where did you say your siblings' place was in the US?
ME: oh no, not my sibling sir, it’s my partner's sibling.

VO: where does the sibling stay?
ME: i gave the answer and forgotten to tell the officer the states.

VO: which state? *smile*
ME: oh..sorry *giggles*, its in XXX

VO: how did you meet your partner?
ME: i met her through friend's friend.

VO: what does your partner sibling work as?
ME: i answered (include job position and company)

VO: how long does your partner sibling has been staying in the US?
ME: i answered

VO: your partner has her visa already?
ME: yes sir, i have brought her visa too, do you need it?

VO: oh sure, great.
ME: hands partner's visa to officer and he keys in some detail in the computer.

VO: you are going to stay in XXX state (partner's sibling place) for 5 weeks?
ME: no sir, we will be visiting San Frans, LA, and Las Vegas as well.

VO: your visa is approved. you may collect you visa at XXX (if you choose delivery, your passport should be delivered to the address you key in earlier)
ME: thank you for your time sir. have a nice day.

VO: u too. buh-bye.

This time, the officer i encounter is friendly. My documents was not viewed. However, do prepare all related and any additional documents that may support your statement.

Be natural and answer with words that are most comfortable to you. You don’t have to sound perfect. Be honest, truthful and simple with your answers.

The above is my personal experience for your reference as each individual experience may vary.
Thanks to immihelp and those who posted here. It was very helpful.

And i hope those who resides in Malaysia and other countries where same sex relationship is not recognized, it is recognized by the US embassy and you can include that while filling the form to show ties.
Please refer to the links below for a better understanding. However, do double check with the latest update on the regulations.



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sajisang     04/11/2014 13:40 PM

My Aunt(mom's first cousin) and my brother got 10yrs visa from Chennai Consulate on April 3,2014.I sent invitation ,bank statements, sponsor form(I130) ,tax documents . My brother had tried 2 times earlier and both times rejected. This time standard questions asked .Annual salary, what job he is doing , why not bringing wife and daughter etc . For my Aunt , they asked who will take care of her children when she comes to US. She said her husband and her mother . I sent invitation to them for my daughter's 16th birthday. So I sent my daughter's birth certificate also.
they both went to same booth and a young American lady interviewed them.

hope this helps and Good luck to all!!

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blrnaveed     04/08/2014 11:55 AM

Thanks to immihelp , my brother's B2 visitor visa is approved today. He attended the interview in Chennai consulate along with his wife and 3 kids. Standard questions were asked & the VO was kind of enough to grant the visa. Wondering how much duration they will grant the visa duration for? I had asked for 4 weeks, I think they usually give more than what we ask for.

Good luck to all.

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vish7     04/08/2014 05:45 AM

VO: Hi, Good morning
Me: Good morning
VO: What is the purpose of ur visit?
Me: (Nervously) Im going to attend my wifes graduation in the University of ......
VO: Which university?
Me: University of ...... (took a step back, adjusted my posture and kept my hands on the counter)
VO: when did your wife go to ....?
Me: She started her phd in fall 2008, completed her classes by May 2010. After her classes, she came back to India for field work, and this Feb she went back to write her dissertation and graduate.
VO: Do u have any children?
Me: No, we dont.
VO: how many years have u been married?
Me: 3.5 yrs
VO: what do u do?
Me: I work for .... (pointed to the ID tag i was wearing)
VO: how much is ur salary?
Me: XOXO per anum, XXX per month after taxes
VO: What is ur wifes plans after her phd?
Me: She has a job offer from a firm called XXXXX in bangalore and she plans to join them.
VO: Your Visa is Approved!
Me: Thank you!

My 2 cents:
1) Go through immihelp.com before going for the visa interview. Remember all the questions mentioned here and have answers prepared before the interview.
2) Find out loop holes in ur responses and have answers and documentation to prove them.
3) You will be nervous, everybody gets nervous. Just dont freak out!
4) Remember to take deep breaths or chant mantras or meditate. It really helps.
5) Always remember, Respond to their question, Not React!
When you get nervous, ur brain stops working and the first thing that goes for a toss is ur vocabulary. You will blurt out words which make no sense even if you have graduated from the Oxford University. Ready made answers and keywords will help you convey the meaning. Take a few secs to respond and help ur brain form a right sentence.
90% of the success rate depends on what and how to respond to the questions.

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deetwi     04/05/2014 02:42 AM

I am on H4 and applied for parents and sister's b2 visa at mumbai consulate which got approved today on 5th April 2014.
It was a self sponsored visa . My father sponsored for entire family! Took all the relevant documents as u never know which document they may ask for, along with NOC from his workplace.

Father in govt service
Mother is a homemaker
Sister studying Engg. 3rd year

VO was a lady!

VO asked most of the questions to father like:

Y do u want to go?
Where are you working?
When did ur daughter went to US?
On which visa is ur daughter and son in law?
How long they have been living there?
How many children you have?

Questions to sister:

What r u doin?
When will u be graduating?
Will u work there? No
What are your plans after engg? she said she'll work in india .
Have you visited any other country before? No

Question to mother(Just one question asked):
What do u do maam? Housewife

Thats all VO said ur visa is approved!! They all got 3 years visa not an issue with us as we had read that its very difficult for younger brother sister to get visa ,but they nailed it!!

So all those trying for younger brother and sister don't lose hope just be well prepared.

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bhavikkumar     03/27/2014 23:08 PM

Applied for B2 visa.Interview was too existing till then the last moverment on 24th March'14.
All the Employees of US consulate were very polite.

Me : Good Morning officer.
VO : Good Morning
VO : Your passport please
Me : Here you go
VO : What is the porpose of your visit
Me : Business Meeting
VO : For which organization you work
Me : XYZ Pvt Ltd
VO : What your organization do ?
Me : we are leading Financials services provider to US clients.
VO : What is your Designation & role
Me : Asst.Manager & Team handling , MIS, Training.
VO : How long you have been with current employer.
ME : Ten Years ( VO was very impressed)
VO : You Visa is approved & you can collect your passport & visa withing next 2 working days.
Me : Thank your officer & ran away from the counter with the lots of joy.

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faisal797@gmail.com     03/25/2014 02:09 AM

It's time to share the experience

My OFC was scheduled at 03/24/2014 and next day 03/25/2014 8:30 AM was the Interview with in US Embassy (Chennai)

VO Mam - Good morning sir
Myself - Good morning mam

VO - How are you doing
Myself - Good

VO - Are you from XYZ company
Myself - Yes

VO - Purpose of Vist
Myself - Business meetings

VO- Is your first time travel for US
Myself - yes

VO - What are you going to discuss with clients
Myself - Discussion on GPM

VO- Are you going to have discussion on existing process or for new process
Myself - Existing process Mam

VO- Is anybody travelling with you
Myself - No one mam

VO was trying to do so something in her comp for 15 seconds
I was worried !!!!

Then the Finally golden words came up "YOUR VISA IS APPROVED"
Thank you Mam. Have a great day ahead .....

Tips : Don't get nervous be cool. Think what might me the questions will trigger, Just do rehearsal by yourself..

I have a common muslim name, don't be afraid be cool and confident everything will go fine.

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hvcv     03/22/2014 21:41 PM

Friends, We had applied for my Mother-in-Law's B2 tourist/visitor visa. I'm on H1 since 6 years last visited India in 2011.
My wife is home maker on H4 visa staying with me. We have validate visa status till 2017. Following questions were asked to my mother-in-law:

VO: Asked passport
MIL: provided.

VO: Is any relatives staying in US?
MIL: Yes, My son-in-law (SIL) and daughter.

VO: What does your SIL Do?
MIL: Working in xxxx as xxxx

VO: what does your daughter do?
MIL: She is Homemaker.

VO: Asked for my income docs.
MIL: Gave all docs. (tax, paystubs, employment letter)

VO: why is your husband not going with you?
MIL: He is working at xxxx and is not able to make it visit with me.

VO: How long you indent to stay?
MIL: 3-4 months

VO: Do you have any other child?
MIL: Yes, I've yonger daughter. She is studying.

VO: We cannot provide you visa based on certain law and here is the document for the same - which was standard 214a refusal statement.

There was on discrepancy in the I134 document and invitation letters I had mentioned that I shall pay for her travel expenses. But in the D160 it was mentioned that they are going to pay for the same. Anyhow, this question wasn't raised and I134 wasn't reviewed. She carried my Father-in-laws I.T return and other financial docs but there were not asked/assessed.

I'm planning to reapply for her. Have got following questions:
1) Should I have my Father in law also apply along with my Mother in Law?
2) How sooner/later should I apply? (can be done in couple of weeks period?)
3) My wife is pregnant, so we declare that as ONE of the reason to visit besides tourism and socializing?
4) Any other suggestions, tips, advise are most welcome.

Kindly respond to me only.

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