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Marco1     03/15/2016 08:25 AM

i am a student,
23 yrs old,
and i'm going to have my interview next Thursday morning for a B2 Visa.
**any TIPS to help me avoid the rejection !!!
Waiting for your replys and i'm very thankful :)

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liztiz     03/15/2016 05:30 AM

i have interview on monday. my husband, mysef and our 16months kid are going for a wedding in the us. My husband is a commercial farmer and i do event decorations also i dont bear my husband surname. pls what do i need to know?

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Rohaan     03/15/2016 04:51 AM

My brother in law (green card holder) sponsored my mother (widow) last year for visit visa which was rejected without giving any reason and by saying that apply next time. They asked very question from my mother as mentioned below:

Visa Office : Karachi, Pakistan
Language : Urdu
VO was GORA with beard and was very fluent in Urdu.

VO : Assalam Alaikum
My Mother : Walekum Salam
VO : Why do you want to go to USA
My Mother : I want to see my daughter there and spend some time there.
VO : Who is sponsoring you
My Mother : my son in law
VO : How may children you have
My Mother : 3 sons and 2 daughters (2 sons in Saudi Arabia and 1 son in Pakistan, 1 daughter in USA and 1 in Pakistan)
VO : How do you manage living expense here in Pakistan
My Mother : My sons remit me living expense
VO : How much
My Mother : Whatever I asked
VO : you have own house
My Mother : No, currently living on rent but our house is in under construction process.
VO : Sorry we cannot give you visa now, will give you next time please try again later.

I don't know what went wrong. Now again my brother in law is going to sponsor my mother this April so please guys advise us what went wrong in previous experience which should not be happen this time.


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Olamide     03/15/2016 03:52 AM

I want to apply for a B2 visiting visa to visit my friend who is a US citizen. My Parents will only pay for my flight to go there but the rest expenses will be covered by my Friend.
   Will they accept emailed invitation letter at the embassy?.
    I need a quick response on this please.

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kbuttterfly     03/15/2016 02:15 AM


I have interview appointment for B2 visa with my mom next week in Yangon.
I m Myanmar citizen currently living in Singapore. I got refusal 2 times last year to attend my sister's graduation.This year I want to get visa to see my sis, she is not well.
She studied and got H1B1 and lives 5years there.
Last year my parents got visa and i got refusal.

Pls give me some adivces. Shall I tell my sister's health during interview?
She is having Lupus and my mother and I really want to see her.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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BiancaG     03/13/2016 09:10 AM

I am applying for B-2 visa here in Dubai and my american boyfriend who also lives and work in Dubai wants to sponsor the trip. I've read that any person who is living in the Unites States can sponsor relatives/friends but how about in our case where my bf who is a US citizen but is living outside the US, can he sponsor the trip? Thanks

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prashantmankad     03/12/2016 14:48 PM

I would like share my parent's experience with visitor visa on in March @Mumbai.
Que 1. Why do you want to go to US?
Ans 1. For tourism and to meet my daughter.

Que 2. How many children do you have?
Ans 2. Son who is in India and married and a daughter who is in US.

Que 3. Have you done any international travel?
Ans 3. Yes. I have traveled to XXX country.

Que 4. Where were you working earlier?
Ans 4. XYZ company.
Please tell the full form of the company name?
X Y Z. told the fullform.

Que 5. Where is your Son working?
Ans 5. ABC

Your visa is approved and you will get your passports soon.

(Actual Questions/Answers were in Gujarati as we opted for that language.)


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anwe123     03/08/2016 06:10 AM


I'm a housewife who is travelling alone to meet my cousin in the U.S.. My husband has a work permit, so he doesn't need a visa. So I was doubtful if I will get a visa, as I would be telling them that I'm travelling alone and also that I'm a housewife with no properties in my name. But I did travel earlier to Europe, and also have a UK visa that I have not travelled on , and now it its expired.

I prepared well for the interview, with all my cousins docu and papers.

My interview:

Me: hello (passport already taken)
VO: hi, why do you want to go to the U.S.?
Me: to visit my cousin and his family, and to also see the places around NJ.

VO: what do you do?
Me: I am a housewife

VO: how long would you stay there?
Me: 3 weeks..tops!

VO: you travelling alone?
Me : yes, bcz my husband is busy this year with work and cannot take a leave for vacation.

VO: where does your husband work?
Me: NCR, hyd

VO: what does your cousin do?
Me: he is a sr.softwear Engineer at Bloomberg

VO: visa approved!

None of my documents were seen apart from my passport. Maybe me travelling to Europe helped my case. Or sheer luck. My tips...just be confident and cool and collected. Do not hesitate while answering anything. Speak what all you prepared. Don't give more information than requested, you may be digging your own grave if you do.

All the best

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sinal     03/08/2016 05:07 AM

Hello all, my husband and I are going to appear for visitor visa interview next month. we are 31 and 28 yr old resp. Please help me with the following asap:-

1) Could there be an issue, if we have given USA arrival dates different , but we are coming back together ( I intend to fly early as I am a home maker and want to fly with my sister in law who is a US citizen and is flying back to USA at same time. My husband would get only two week leave so he wishes to fly later in the month)
The dates are not at all fixed, just gave tentative ones as it was asked in application.

2) My husband's stay (two weeks) is ok, but as i intend to stay for a month, is it too much?

3) How much fund we should show in indian rupee for the trip?

Please guide me guys. Would be thankful.

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gayathri222     03/05/2016 01:20 AM

Hi everyone,
Im a student doing my graduate in computer science and engineering. Im in third year now and have one more year to complete my course.Im planning to visit the US this june as i have my semester break that time. I will be staying with my cousin whos working in California in a software company and lives with his wife whos pregnant now.Im travelling with my aunty(mother of my cousin in the US). Our purpose of visit is to see the baby who wouldve been born by then and for site seeing,. My family is here, and my college reopens in july so we will be staying there for a month. Is there any chance i would be rejected a visa? My visa interview is on 10th march. Is there any specific documents i should carry? please help!

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