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Nisha611     06/25/2016 14:19 PM

Dear all,
I am on H 1 and applied for my parents B2 visa and they attended their interview at Mumbai consulate yesterday and were denied tourist visa
by giving 214 B.
214 B denial is given when the officer is not convinced about the applicant having strong ties to his country and with a fear that the applicants might end up being an immigrant.
My parents answered all questions posed to them, like where am i working, as what, where do they plan to visit, where will they stay etc. Now the questions i believe might have caused the problem. I am an only child and my parents are retired. When these questions were
asked as per my parents the look on Visa officers face changed. Also, i have been rescheduling their interview from last year and once i totally forgot that i have scheduled their interview and it got recorded as a No Show. The VO asked my parents why didn't you guys attend the interview then. My parents were unaware and my father asked in our language to my mom if an interview was scheduled and my mom
managed to say that we went to our native then so couldn't attend. I believe VO wasn't convinced and might have thought i am trying to get them in US desperately. Now when i did my part of research, it seems unless there is change in the applicants circumstances there is no point in applying again. I
have mentioned their occupation as Retired in previous DS-160 and i really don't wish to change that and be truthful. What can i do before i fill up DS-160 for them again and be able to get them a tourist visa. How soon should i apply and can i still apply in Mumbai Consulate itself?

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icecool2122     06/25/2016 02:20 AM

Hello Everyone,

Last time I tried to post my visa experience, it didn't posted on this website, so I'm going to try again to help people in Canada. I'm going to shorten my post significantly. I am an Indian citizen.

Concerns: I was young and single and working at a restaurant in Canada.

Positive: I was in Canada for over 3.5 years and had a PGWP for a long duration.

The US embassy in Ottawa sends all it's documents via loomis so if you're visa is approved, you can pick up your passport from the nearest loomis. For the DS-160, they accept cash and also prepaid credit cards that you can get at any Petro Canada store in Canada.

I drove to Ottawa from my city in Southern Ontario and got a motel in Ottawa for 50 bucks a night. I chose Ottawa because it's very hard to get appointments in Toronto and it usually takes 18-20 days in the busy season.


(Fingerprinting is done before the interview in a different counter)

Vo- Good morning, how are you.

Me: I'm good and you.

Vo: How long have you been in Canada and your status?

Me: For over 3.5 years and on a post graduate work permit.

Vo: Did you studied in Canada?

Me: Yes, I was a student in the field of Business.

Vo: What you do for work?

Me: I'm working at a restaurant

Vo: You graduated in Business and you're working at a restaurant?

Me: *I was expecting this question* I told him that I was gaining work experience and since my pay was decent, I'm continuing this job.

Vo: Any friends or family in the US or Canada?

Me: Just friends in Canada, nobody in the US.

Vo: Why do want to visit the US?

Me: For cross bordering shopping to Buffalo in New York on the weekends. I also told him that I had my own car.

After that he gave me a white sheet of paper and told me that my visa is approved.

Please do note that if I was in a similar situation in India, my visa would've been rejected but since the wages are higher in Canada and it's a first world country, I got it. However please don't compare it if you live a developing nation.

Hopefully immihelp will post my experience so it can help Indians and other nationalities in Canada looking to apply for their B1/B2 visa. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Ahmed Azmy     06/24/2016 04:17 AM

Hello all,
I'm from Egypt, working as a cardiology resident here in Egypt.
I have passed 2 steps of US medical license exam which is held in Egypt, and I have to take the last exam, which is held only in the US, in order to be eligible for getting a job (residency) in US.
I applied 4 times at US visa from Egypt and got rejected with only 1 month duration between every attempt (due to exam purpose), and the last month was 2 months ago.
Now Im thinking in travelling to a gulf country as a general practitioner in order to apply for the visa there.
I need your tips please and any advise is appreciated.

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das desom     06/23/2016 19:07 PM

hiiiiii to all of you!!!
my friend working ..
he has employment letter as well as vacation sanctioned letter besides NOC ..
. annual salary is 1,44000 ... his father have around 1 crore property(Agriculture LAND) .. and income from land is 3 lacs annually and he attached land income certificate from tehsildaar & Patwari. ..
his father paying for his trip .. he has affidavit from his father to bear all the expenses ... he visited few countries ... china .... hongkong .... thailand etc. how much chances him for getting visa .... ??? how's his case ...... weak or strong .. wtever .. ?? please give me suggestion & Reply . .it will help him for his coming interview ...
Best regards!!
Thank you . .I

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Nisha611     06/22/2016 13:24 PM

I'm 27yrs Female.

I have my appointment next Thursday morning and need some help please. My brother works BP and lives at the residence as myself and will be sponsoring my trip. I applied before and was denied because i stated that i was sponsoring my trip. At that appointment I did not
explained that i own my own company. Now I plan on letting them know about my small business and besides that I'm permanently employed and will like to travel for my vacation as a birthday trip in May and also to do some shopping for my clothing store. I'll greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you. :-)

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demi42     06/22/2016 13:16 PM

My interview was in new delhi. i wanted to visit my aunt

vo:Good Morning (with a smile)
me:good morning

vo: why are you going to usa
me:to visit my aunt and stay there for 2 weeks

VO:what does your aunt do?
me: answered

vo:where do you work?
me: answered

vo:have you visited any country before?
me: uk,france, germany,malaysia, japan

vo: who will sponsor this trip?
me: myself

then the magic words came!!!!

only letter from employer and bank account statement were asked

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demi42     06/22/2016 00:59 AM

Hi need know what documents are required

where fill application

price for application

where to get interview


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demi42     06/22/2016 00:59 AM

Hi need know what documents are required

where fill application

price for application

where to get interview


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Wedding Crasher     06/22/2016 10:17 AM

I would like to marry an a american citizen for mutual benefits. Anyone who wish to help.

Pls msg me and we can discuss more.

I had my interview today in Dhahran consulate. Went like this:

VO: Purpose of trip?
ME:Tourism and meeting a friend

VO: First time going to the states?
ME: Yes

VO:How Long you have been in Saudi Arabia (I'm not sure if the question was since when...i forgot)
ME:Since 14-sept-2014

VO: Which Company do you work for:
ME: Told ( some words were abbreviated , for example i said Br. instead of branch, Co instead of company)

VO:What do you do for the company
ME: Mechanical engineer (i thought she meant position, maybe she meant what was y role, i probably should have asked her to elaborate)

VO:Monthly Salary?
ME:10024 SAR per month

VO:Who will pay for your trip
ME: I will

VO: did you visit an country for the purpose of tourism before?
ME: Bahrain and Turkey (I Probably shouldn't have mentioned Turkey since i stayed there for 2 months for an internship even though i did some tourism during that time)

VO rolled her eyes then as asked: Do you have family in Saudi arabia?
ME: No Family in Saudi arabia

VO asked to put my left hand fingers for fingerprint then typed on the PC for 15 seconds and told me I'm currently not qualified.

I thought i had good credentials given my following profile:

Male, Lebanese ,24 Years old

Graduated from the American University of Beirut (Top second university in the middle east)

Mechanical engineer working for a huge contractor whose client is ARAMCO

Monthly Salary : 10024 SAR per month + annual bonus

Company provides food, accommodation, transportation and 3 round trip tickets per year

Money in Saudi Bank : 25000 SAR

Money in Lebanese Bank : 31500 $ (Money i earned from this job and transferred to Lebanon)

Moreover, i indicated in my application the days that i will be in the (6 Days) + the hotel i will staying in+ the places i will visit

NO DOCUMENTS WERE ASKED, i had a good letter form the employer stating the leave days and requesting from the consulate to give me the appropriate visa and that I'm going to the US for tourism purpose. I had my bank accounts certificates, hotel reservation, University certificate etc. but none were asked for.


Right when i went to the counter, the VO was telling her coworker that today she has a 54% rejection and she seemed really happy about it . Anyways, i don't know what went wrong, iam not sure if i should have explained my self more, for example telling that all my family is close by in lebanon... i mean after reading a lot of cases i thought that its better to answer to the point, but it looks like that didn't work for me. Also probably i should have offered her the certificate of employment right after she asked whom do i work for as i had strong letter, or should her my bank statements when i said that I will pay for my trip

Rejection really sucks and i sympathize with anyone who went through this.

Appreciate any comment that will further show were i also did mistake, and i hope that people will learn from my case

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icecool2122     06/16/2016 22:48 PM

Hello everyone,

Please click on my profile and check out my visa experience in Ottawa Canada. For some reason it's not posting here!

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