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priyanka_08     06/09/2016 03:41 AM

I had Biometrics on 6th June and visa interview on 7th June, 2016 at Mumbai consulate and my visa application was rejected.
I need inputs on what went wrong.

I'm working in an MNC as Senior developer having 3.5 years of experience.
Below is my experience:
ME: Good Morning sir.
VO: no reply

VO: pupose of travel
ME: To attend knowledge sharing... (VO stopped me in between and asked another question, also he was busy typing something)

VO: have u visited any other country.

VO: unfortunately, you are not eligible to travel, handed 215b form and passport.

Any help will be really appreciable.

Thanks in advance.

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sudheer203     06/08/2016 04:50 AM

We are a couple, me retired and my wife is still serving in Central Govt. Our son is in US on H1B. We had our interview today. The total interview lasted just about two minutes. It went as follows:

VO : Good Morning. Passport please.
Me: Good Morning. ( Handed over the passports.)

VO: Purpose of your trip to US.
Me: Answered.

VO: Where your son is working
Me. Answered.

VO: Have you travelled abroad
Me: Answered.

VO: Your Visa is approved. You will get your passports in 2 to 3 days.

No questions were asked to my wife nor any documents examined. Through out this interview the VO was constantly typing on his computer. I felt that they have already decided on our application based on what we write in the DS160 form and they want to just see us personally before they give their final approval. Be confident, present yourself well and always tell the truth and your visa will be approved.

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icecool2122     06/08/2016 03:10 AM

Hello everyone,

So I applied for a US visa in Ottawa, Canada a few months back and I wanted to share my experience with you all. i'm an Indian citizen and at that time I was working on a post graduate work permit in Canada, also known as PGWP.

Concerns: I was below the age of 25, single, also I was working at a Pizza restaurant while my education was actually in a totally different field.

Positives: I was in Canada for over 3.5 years and my education was done in Canada. Also my hourly wage was decent.

Please note: The process for a US visa in Canada is not as stringent, as long as you have a decent profile. Please don't expect to get a US visa in India or any developing country if you're working at a Pizza restaurant.

So you basically fill out the DS 160 and then go to the US visa appointment website in Canada and pay the visa application fees. They've started to accept cash but when I applied, I don't think it was an option. I paid via a credit card but you can also pay via Interac online as this is a facility available in all Canadian banks. As far as I know, they also accept temporary prepaid credit cards that you'd find in most Canadian gas stations such as a Petro Canada or Esso. After that you select the loomis courier center in your city or the nearest city if you're in the country. This is where your passport will arrive if your visa is approved. Loomis is the only courier service the embassy uses for returning documents in my knowledge.

Please make sure that you have correct specification for the photos if you're not uploading one online. I got one at shoppers drug mart store in my city but please do not that many of their photographers are incompetent and I had to take my picture twice.

So I picked Ottawa because the dates in Toronto are really hard to find. Usually it's around 20-25 days to get an appointment. In Ottawa, I got one in 5 days. I drove to Ottawa and stayed at a hotel 8 overnight.

I was at the embassy gates early in the morning, alongside me were a couple of Somalians waiting for their appointments. The security staff were okay but as I went inside, I met a sarcastic lady, but I quickly shrugged off whatever she said. As you enter you see a medium sized room with 4-5 windows. When I went inside, an Indian dude was getting scolded for some silly reason. When my turn came in the lady's attitude was not that bad. She basically took my DS-160 and wrote PGWP on it.

Unlike India, you have to do your fingerprints on the same day. The lady gave me a token for the fingerprinting and then the fingerprinting personnel gave me the token for the actual interview.

Most visas were getting approved, once was a Indian student at a college in India and he was approved relatively quickly. As far as I can remember, only a Jamaican lady got rejected because she was only a Canadian PR for a couple of months and didn't had much ties to Canada.

My turn!

Me: How are you doing?

VO: I'm great, how about you!?

Me: I'm great, thanks for asking!

VO: How long you've been in Canada.

Me: 3.5 years.

VO: What's your status in Canada?

Me: Right now, I'm on a PGWP and before that I was a student at xxx college in Ontario.

VO: What were you studying?

Me: Accounting.

VO: What are you doing right now?

Me: I'm working as a cashier and a cook at a Pizza restaurant.

VO: Why is your job different than your studies?

Me: Because I was unable to find a position in my field and right now I'm able to work full time at this job and the pay is decent. (I was absolutely expecting this question)

(It was a bit weird because I applied for a visitor visa but the VO was asking me about my career choices, etc. But I understood why he was doing it and also I was expecting this question from the get-go.)

VO: Do you have any friends or family in the US?

Me: No I don't!

VO: Any in Canada?

Me: I have several friends in Canada.

VO: Why do you want to visit the US?

Me: I was just like to drive to Buffalo to do some cross border shopping on the weekends. And maybe just see the city and the downtown and that's pretty much it.

VO: Have you ever been to the US or applied for a US visa?

Me: No!

VO: Who supports you?

Me: I support myself!

And then promptly he gave me a white sheet saying that my visa is approved. The interview may seem a bit long but in reality it didn't felt like it.

The passport arrived at my city's Loomis center in 3 days with a 10 year visa. :)

The process in Canada is not as intense as it's in India. Just be confident and calm when giving answers. Hopefully my experience will give some insight to people who want to apply for their US visa in Canada. If you're not in Canada, It will hopefully also give you an insight how the US visa process works in Canada. Good luck folks!

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dsan     06/06/2016 15:22 PM

I wanted to share my parents experience for B2 visa at New Delhi, India. The interview was on June 6. They reached on time, said the process was really smooth. They went through finger printing checking counter first and then waited for their turn .

VO was really nice, a pleasing personality. He asked for their passports, and looked at screen. Here is the conversation

VO: Good morning
My dad and mom: Good morning, Sir
VO:Why are you going to US
My dad: For tourism and to my daughter/son-in-law
VO: Where is your son-in-in-law working
My dad: Answered
VO: How long are they staying there
My dad: Answered
VO: Where are you going
My dad: answered
VO: What do you do
My dad: I am retired from xx
VO: Your visa is approved, enjoy your trip

We had made sure they carry all the necessary documents, and they know all the details. They answered all the questions confidentially as well.

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chopkenkey     06/03/2016 21:34 PM

i have been to mexico and also been to France , i am 30 years old married for about four years now . getting a good salary as well ....

i have been denied once before , but at that time i did not have any travel experience and was neither making good money out of job .. this happened two years ago and now i have a complete changed circumstance compare to 2 years ago when i got denied ....

should apply again this time or maybe wait ? i need some advice and i will come back on here to share my experience once i pick my visa .

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karedia     06/03/2016 07:58 AM

Please Help me
I am 30 year Old Single guy. Working in the manufacture company as General Manager.
My Monthly Salary is Rs 48000.
I have travel history of Australia , U.A.E , Singapore , Malaysia & Indonesia.
My Bro is in US on H1B Visa and My parent has US visa and visited twice to US and again they are going but this time they accompany me and will join for tourism.

So How many chances are there to get tourist visa for me.

Kindly Suggest and Please Help.

FYI - I have already rejected for Student visa twice in the year 2009

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anu.123     06/02/2016 17:03 PM

Needed some advice. I’m a 32 year old single girl. I wanted to apply for US visitor visa. My brother resides in the US and is a Green Card holder. I had applied for the visa 2 years ago along with my parents and I got rejected whereas my parents got the visa. I currently help my fiancé with his work but don’t have any income of my own.
What can I do to get the visa? How should I present my case? Documents and answers to questions as why would I come back.
Appreciate any advice I can get.

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SUNSHI     06/02/2016 08:35 AM

I have submitted DS160 form for B2 visa, regarding this question are you travelling with someone ?
I replied No. But now my boy friend told me that he maybe come with me and he not sure.
I would like to know in interview, if ask me, I tell that maybe my boyfriend come with me , he still not sure.? or I say I will go alone.

Thank you

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ritz1981     06/01/2016 18:26 PM

Hi Everybody

My parents are planning to apply for the B2 Visa on June 28. Their B2 visa was rejected thrice previously in 2010/2011. I was sponsoring them then.
They have been to Dubai in between (in 2013). Now they are applying again as Self Sponsor. My father has a business and mother is a home maker.

My questions:
1. They have shown monthly income of Rs. 50,000. Is this really low or sufficient enough to showcase Self Sponsor?
2. Chances of approval this time.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance for your time

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buchat     06/01/2016 00:53 AM

While filling up DS-160 today, i have mentioned wrong address of my sibbling.
Later on i came to know that he has recently moved to new address. Both the locations are in Seattle, WA only.
Will it be serious problem?

I have already paid for interview and scheduled an interview date as well, at this stage it can i change the address to new address?

Plus i have shown that it is a self sponsored tour, what are the documents that i need to keep ready for interview?
I am an Indian Resident and staying in Dubai since 4 years on my company sponsored visa; do i need to present my India Income tax papers to the officer?

Look forward to your reply.


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