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sweety512     05/14/2017 06:19 AM


I'm from India.I want to travel to USA with my sister and my mom this year.I have submitted my application and the interview is scheduled.One of my close relative who is also a US citizen for at least 11 years.Now I have few stuffs which I need help for?

1) How strong is my case? Both of us are students,I m going to complete my education and my sister is studying in her last year.My mom is a housewife. Provided that we have the sufficient funds to travel,plus this trip is entirely sponsored by my relative who is working,has his own house,sufficient funds plus is a law abiding citizen.

2)Will the visa generally be given to a family of women?

3)What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking regional/English interview?

4)Any other visa interview tips that would help us to get a visa?

Thanks in advance

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soye     05/13/2017 19:42 PM

Hi, I was refused together with my wife yesterday in Nigeria and would like to know what the reason could be... Our interview below

V.O: good morning
We: good morning
V.O: purpose of your visit
Me: vacation and honeymoon
V.O: congratulations on your wedding
V.O: where are you going
Me: New York
V.O: what do you do
Me: I'm an IT Manager for XYZ company
V.O: have you traveled before
Me: yes I have
V.O: where
Me: South Africa

Then turns to my wife
V.O: ma'am what do you do
Wife: i'm a businesswoman
V.O: what type of business
Wife: I own a boutique
V.O: have you traveled before
Wife: no
V.O: do you have kids
Wife: no

Then she typed for few seconds with a smile and say I'm sorry I can't issue you visa at this time.

N.B: I'm 31 while my Wife is 30, could that be the reason or because we are yet to have kids? Please I would like to know where we got it wrong because we want to reapply next month so we can go for our honeymoon in July which is when my annual leave will be.

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manveer     05/13/2017 02:35 AM

Hi i am 35 years old male from punjab india .i refuse twice back in 2015 and 2012 .in 2015 i applied with my wife .i am doing y business have annualy income around 12.5 lac and wife income around 5 lac .i been to germany ,france ,england, hongkong,macau,thailand in past 4 years and i wanna apply alone and also going to canada i have my cousin lives there in toronto he ill show me around usa and canada.i just wanna know do i have to apply for canada first? This is how my last interview went .
V.o namaste how r u
Me. Good namaste how r u .
V.o why u r gng to usa in hindi
Me tourisum
V.o where u r gng to usa
Me NYC and nigara falls and near by places.
V.o to me . Why u went to uk
Me. Tourisum
V.o do u have anyone lives there .
Me. Yes i have my friend but qe are gng thru tour package.
V.o so then ur friend not gonna acompany u thwre.
Me i kept my self quit didnt said anything.
V.o to my wife what u do
My wife . I helping my husband in his business and take care of my family.
Then v.o type something on his computer and denied .one more thing he didnt gave visa to 11 couples age around 60+ he rejected everyone . Pkease tell me how to apply i ment what to fill in Ds160 . One more thing i traveld to germany and frnace after this refusal . Thanks in advamce

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sameerjoshi42     05/12/2017 00:19 AM

Hello all,
I have applied for b1/b2 visa and my interview is scheduled on 15 may.
My case is as follows-
I am student doing my engineering in computer science and I have completed 3 years. In last year my parents passed away. So all property was transferred to my name. It includes bank balance, bungalow,flat, couple of plots, mutual funds and shares investment.
I am going to meet my cousin and will come to back to India after a month to complete my engineering. What are my chances of getting a visa?? I am sponsoring my own trip.

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singh davinder     05/12/2017 07:25 AM

Hello everoyon,I am businessman doin business from last 10years.Good income,wife teacher,two child one is 6years old another 3 years. All family travel to Australia and europe together. Got Canada multiple visa on 27th april but we thought travel together both country Canada and US. How interview gone i am surprised didnt chk anythng not even passport

Me & my wife Good morning
vo same

vo why you want to go US?

Me for tourism and visit family friend.

vo wot you do sir?
Me business.
vo describe your duties?
me explain.
vo anual income
me told.
Vo sponser name and for how many days you want to spend there?
me. told everthng clear and loud.
Now vo ask my wife question.
vo wot you do madam>
my wife teacher.
vo your anual income?
my wife told.

Then type and ask sorry i cant give you visa.

Question is we have good profile,good, travel history ,earn good money here,good asets.
Can anyone tell wot is there crtiria of giving visa so confused.

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singh jatinder     05/11/2017 07:00 AM

Vo Good Morning
Me Good morning

VO why you want to go us.
Me for tourism and visit family friend'

Vo family friend name
Me told
Vo. your anual income
Me Told

VO. to my wife wot you do.
My wife Told school teacher.

VO your anual income
Me told.
VO to my wife your
My wife told.

Then type somethng and said sorry i cant give visa.
Dont know what they want i have enough income to spourt my family had been to Europe and Austrlia. We also got Canada resently multiple visa but we paln to travel together.Pls suggest me when i know apply and why they refused me.

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Honestcitizen     05/11/2017 05:36 AM

Interview place - Chennai, India

Vo : Good morning
Me: Good Morning

Vo: Whats your purpose of your visit
Me: Taking an vacation and to visit my friend

Vo: whats your friend doing ?
Me: He is doing his MS @ the university of XX

Vo: Have you visited anywhere outside of India
Me: Yes , Thailand

Vo: Are you Married ?
Me: No

Vo: Whats your Salary and where do you work
Me: Software engineer @ a top MNC, salary - 7.2 Lakhs per Annum

Vo: Whats your Parents doing
Me: Father is a retired Bank official and mother is a Homemaker

Vo: Thank you for your interest in travelling to America, sorry you dont qualify to obtain a Visa now. Thank you !!

I was not given a chance to explain the reasons that i will make me come back for sure, that i have a job that i love and parents that i love and to take care .

But how can a VO just reject based on the above questions , please suggest your inputs, what went wrong ? and why was i denied a B2 Visa ?

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shridhar k     05/11/2017 04:34 AM


I have been referring to this site for guidance ever since I have been sponsoring my father's visa for 2 unsuccessful attempts.

My father used to work for a private company for over 18 years and retired. He did not get any pension. Mother is no more. I have been in the US for over 7 years now and I wanted to bring my father to the US so that he can spend some time with us.

He tried once in Mumbai and once in Chennai, both times, he was not given any reason. The second attempt he tried in Kannada without luck. My colleagues suggested me to approach our senator here in the US and send a letter to the consulate in Mumbai. I did that but in the second attempt, I asked my father to tell the VO that senator of Virginia would have sent a recommendation letter in support of my visa. As soon as he showed that, the VO handed him the refusal sheet.

In the meantime, my father's cousin suggested him to meet a visa consultant whom she approached for her visa when she too had a refusal. No harm to give it a try the third time so contacted them and explained them my father's experience. They spoke to my father as well and were of the opinion that there could be some communication problem while answering questions.

They coached him on that and ola! 3rd try success! I guess at times it is better to leave it to experts instead of complicating the situation. If anybody is interested in contacting them, they are Visa Vikings +91-99499-38272 or +91-88852-42557. All the best to everyone who is in a predicament like I was.

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takirizvi     05/11/2017 03:19 AM


 I have been living in Dubai since my childhood. have a USA visit visa since 2012 and have flown there once. I also hold valid Canadian visit visa and my travelling history has been very good across London and Europe. I work in a bank and have a very strong tie economically, socially with Dubai.

Recently my wife applied for US visa and it was denied. I was confident enough that my wife would get it. We both were suppose to travel together for tourism.

So the interview goes like this : -

VO : What is the purpose of the travel
Wife : Tourism
VO : What do you do
Wife : Housewife
VO : Are you travelling with someone
Wife : Yes, with my husband
VO : Does your husband has a visa
Wife : Yes
VO : How long are you married
Wife : 4 months
VO : How long are you in Dubai
Wife : 4 months

And then the lady officer refused the visa under 214b reason which is common. I was pretty shocked when she came out with a white paper. I know how the interviews works and i prepared my wife for it. I trained her for the interview with crisp answer and she followed the same. But still unlucky.

Can anybody suggest what should I do? Should i reapply again thinking that may be a different VO would understand the case and look at it differently.

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Ally66     05/09/2017 20:19 PM

Goodnite Sir, Madam,

My husband, myself and my kid who is 11 yrs old had a US Visa interview today .... However, we were not given a fair interview... Reasons for unfair interview being the Interviewer did not even take our documents and checked through but we were denied entry to the US reasons being DO NOT have sufficient ties in the country.... Can u help me try to understand this denial when our documents were still in our hands which were supporting information to our Visa application...

Confused Citizen

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