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alpha78     08/29/2016 16:01 PM

I along with my wife and two kids appeared for B2 visa interview on 26th August and our visa got approved.

VO. Good Morning.
Me. Good morning madam. I am ____ and this is my wife ____.
Vo. why do you want to go US?
Me. For Tourism purpose.
Vo. where in US?
Me. We want to visit New york, Orlando and Washington D.C.
Vo. Have you visited any other country as family before?
Me. Yes we have visited Canada, UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia before.
Vo. How many days you stayed in Canada?
Me. Around 20 days.
Vo. What you are doing?
Me. I told about my job(I am working for a Government organization)
Vo. Since how long your are working in this organization.
Me. I told 6 years and 6 months to be exact
Vo. She asked my wife what you are doing ?
My wife. I am a licensed pharmacist moreover I am running an educational institute
Vo. she further asked my wife which type institute it is and what are your responsibilities.
My wife gave answer to her questions.
Vo. How much you are earning from your job?
Me. I told him about my monthly salary.
She further asked my wife about her monthly income.
Vo. she asked do have any relatives or friends in US.
Me & My wife. We both said that we do not have any relative or friend in US.
Vo again reiterated her question looking straight into our eyes but we replied agin that we do not have anyone in US but we do have some family friends in Canada.
After that she typed in her computer for couple of minutes and then promptly said (those word which everyone is eager to listen) that your visa has been approved and go for your trip and enjoy it.

We both were so glad but we hardly kept ourself not to show emotions before Vo. She was a very nice and polite lady her language was quite clear. Vo did not ask for a single piece of paper although we both have prepared our separate files containing financial educational and job related details but she did not ask for anyone. My advice for Visa aspirants from Asian countries is that only be with yourself and give correct answer and never ever lie before consular officer as they are well trained and have vast experience.

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majidleo     08/29/2016 04:47 AM


Male 34 Wife and Infant Pakistani nationals working as Senior Recruitment Officer my wife Software Developer.

VO Why you want to visit US
ME For Tourism
VO You are a 1 family
WE We both said YES
VO You are working for This company what they do
ME It’s a construction company and we deals in pipeline and substation activities
VO How long you are in UAE
ME 6 years almost
VO Do you have any Relative in US
ME We both said No
VO Did you traveled together before
ME Yes, we visited Europe last year together Swiss, Paris, Italy and I visited Turkey, Korea and KSA
VO Why you went to Korea
ME For Tourism
VO What you do Madam
Wife I am working
VO You are working ------
Wife Yes I am working with Full name
VO How long you are in UAE
Wife 1 and half year
VO typing for sometime and again asked me how long you are in UAE
ME Almost 6 years, next month I will complete 6 years
VO Again Typing - and after that he delivered the Silver worlds [everyone says Golden] We are approving all of your applications you will receive your passport with in 2 or 3 days.
Congratulation have nice trip
We Thank you very much

You must visit some countries before applying for US. Build travel history
You must complete at least 3 years in UAE

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w3asim     08/27/2016 23:00 PM

Hi Friends,

This is Asim here and I would like to visit US to meet my relatives and friends there in USA. In this reagrd my is completely supporting me and all traveling expensis through his company. He is the owner of a construction firm and he would take care of all my expensis during my travel and would sure that I will definitely come back for my studies and for my family. He will take responsibilty as my uncle and being an owner of a company. What else I need to provide? Please let me know.


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juturu     08/26/2016 22:12 PM

I am Anand from India. My mother had her B2 traveler visa which is sponsored by my cousin who stays in US on H1B visa. He sent an invite to my mother to visit US for Christmas and new year celebrations and also similar letter is given to US visa officer for issuing a traveler visa for my mother.

Below questions were asked before visa officer decided to reject the application:

1. How many children do you have?
Answer: 2, 1 son and 1 daughter.

2. Why are you travelling to US?
Answer: Travel purpose and to see Christmas and New year celebrations.

3. What is the relation of sponsor to you?
Answer: He is my husband's brother son. I am his Aunt.

4. What is your husband doing?
Answer: My husband is not there and expired.

Visa officer thought for a minute and said "sorry we can't issue you a visa" and gave section 214(b) form for reason for visa rejection.

Now I have following scenario and questions:
I am travelling to US on L1 visa in September 2016 for 8 months on our company assignment. Can I be sponsor for her visa or can I make a request to invite my mother to US on traveler visa. Will there be any chances of approval as it was rejected yesterday only when processed with my cousin's sponsorship? Can you guide me what I need to carry or submit for processing my mother's visa on my invitation. As I am travelling to US now, I may not be having a Bank account or there won't be enough money in account as it is newly opened.

Can someone please help me in guiding next steps I need to follow?

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aicimek     08/24/2016 19:09 PM

Hi, I have an appointment at the US Embassy in two weeks, however as a young person (17 years old) I am worried that my proof of ties (I will be entering my second year in college September) will not be strong enough. I have done some research and so far all I have come across is to bring my college I.D. and be prepared to explain the importance of my completion of study in my country. My explanation is that I love my country and being a third world country the education level is of the highest and so i want to be a part of that and also i would give back to the nation once i have completed my studies.
Apart from that I am fully prepared, do you thing that my explanation will be good enough??????????????????????????????????

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hayat khan     08/23/2016 07:38 AM

Hello dear friends! How are y'all? My name's Hayat and I'm from Pakistan. I do have family friends in Kentucky, USA. Now they want that I visit there for tourism as well as for my marriage shopping. I'm 23. My monthly Salary is Rs.50,000 (500 $). My Dad do have US 55,000 $ in bank. We do have lot of property. Would u please me that should I have to tell the Visa Officer about my family friends. They are going to send a letter to US Embassy. That I'll stay with them for 3 weeks. And will do shopping there. Will I get a Visa. How's my chances? I am a Private School Teacher as well as I am a Director of Coaching Classes. Would you please tell me about my chances and supporting documents?

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kalpesh     08/19/2016 13:47 PM

Dear friend

i am indian citizen i am living in dubai uae last 13 year working in same company my family live in india
i have take appointment at mumbai embassy so which type question for me expect and how handle them help me.

thanking you

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stevo1727     08/19/2016 00:09 AM

Dear friends,
My wife and son have a B1/B2 visa to USA and the acquired they visas almost a year ago.
They haven`t traveled because I don`t have a visa to go with them.
I`m scheduled for an interview on September this year . The twist is my wife and I are of different
Nationality/Countries. Which kind of questions for me to expect and how to handle them? Help.

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zaini     08/18/2016 06:35 AM

Hi guys I am Pakistani citizen living and working in UAE since jan 2016 working as admin manager on the pay 0f AED16000 per month. I am 26 married and have one year old daughter my family lives in pakistan with my parents.
I have done M,ba From UON Australia in 2013 and came back to Pakistan.
Refused visa once to attend the marriage of my cousin in 2013 while i was student in Australia. VO at that time refused my visa saying that you can apply from your own country Pakistan.

Now i would like to visit in December for tourism and to meet my cousin who is US citizen. What are my chances now. Should i apply from dubai or Pakistan. In addition shall i apply alone or with family. As i will be having three weeks off form my company in december.

Your help will be highly appreciated

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shoaib Shekh     08/16/2016 02:04 AM

Alhamdulillah, with grace of Allah, I have got US Visa. Visa or no Visa, I thank almighty for all his blessings.

Day 1: Carry most recent passport, DS-160 confirmation, Appointment letter. They check document, issue a coupon and route you to a window. They take a picture and fingerprint.

Day2: Long line outside the Consulate office. Reach 30 min before time. stand in queue with your passport. They check passport and let you inside the building. you can not carry bag, laptop, mobile. I only carries all my documents in a folder and my wallet. There is a security check inside then you need to wait for your turn in an open lawn (it has shed so dont worry about rain).

Then there is another queue to second building, they take your passport and do fingerprint again. Then you are in a queue for the interview. there are 10-15 window and by large I have found all the VO very good; all they are checking is that you have a specific purpose for the visit, you have finances to make for your trip and strong tie with your local country hence strong reason to come back. Here is how my interview go:

VO: Good morning, How are you ?
Me: Good morning. I am absolutely fine. What about you?
VO: Can I see your passport please?
Me: Sure, slippped the passport through window
VO: What is the purpose of your trip to US
Me: To attend a business conference in SFO arranged by my company
VO: What does your company do?
Me: told
VO: What is duration of your stay
Me: 1 week
VO: so you would meet clients
Me: no, i would meet leadership team
VO: Have you traveled before
Me: Yes...pause....Japan, Thailand and Saudi Arabia
VO: Can I see your old passport
ME; Sure, slipped passport
VO: looked through the passport (to confirm if I visited those countries and said your visa is approved

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