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NAVDEEP SINGH     01/10/2017 07:34 AM

Hello . me and my wife want to apply for USA visitor visa B2 together . Would we have pay interview fee for two people ? How would be the process . Thank you .

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aeejness     01/07/2017 20:36 PM

Hello everyone! Just a little background from myself. I am a 28 yrs old Filipina. Single. Working in Dubai for 1 year and 8 months now as a registered nurse in a government hospital. Previous travels were Georgia, India , France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and Amsterdam. My purpose for travel is mainly tourism and to visit my friend who is in texas for 14 days.My friend is also a nurse as well in texas. i have relatives in US but I rarely talk to them. I am going to shoulder all the expenses except for the accommodation since I am going to stay at my friend's place

Documents that I have:
Job Contract
salary certificate
NOC letter to consulate from my boss
bank statement from the Philippines and Dubai
credit card statement
Invitation letter from my friend, his passport copy and tenancy contract, payslip
family pictures, travel pictures, work pictures
Reservation ticket
Travel Insurance
I have no properties

I have been reading a lot of blogs and videos about passing the US tourist visa. It's my first time to apply.. Can anyone give me tips to make my interview successful? Any recommendation? feel free to comment. your response is highly appreciated. thank you!

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korhlarhworhleeh     01/06/2017 07:15 AM

help out on this issue of mine i apply for b1/b2 visa am going to new york to visit y uncle i had an interview last month i got denied due to my in experience at the embassy ....so i re apply again for the visa so i decide to change my location now am going to nevada to visit my brother i had that all my application are computerized by the consulate at my first interview .... hope the VO wont denied again of changing my location....because my uncle is back to his home country last month.and next month is my interview so pls hope they wont be problem again.....need your advice plsssssss

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Alex2     01/05/2017 19:09 PM

Hello everyone.

You would want to apply for your visa to CANADA,UK or to any other country about 2 months before travel, apply directly contact Alex team on:onlinevisaapplication.usa@gmail.com and request for visa information Form that has all the step by step process on how to obtain a visa along with the fees for processing.
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Was your request accepted or denied?here is an opportunity for you,we can help you with preparing any type of visa you choose to apply for If you are planning to travel to any other country other than USA,like UK,CANADA Then you need to have flight itineraries for each and every city in your plan. You can get more inquiries about flight itinerary for visa application here.No need to be struggling at Embassy,do you have bad records in your country?
We can still process a visa for you today.

Get a complete online visa application form now,contact for more info and enquirers on how to get your visa ready today,contact with email:onlinevisaapplication.usa@gmail.com via mobile:+16056447941

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humbl     01/05/2017 16:22 PM

For How Long is an B-1 Visa be Issued For In Pakistan? Is it for six months or for five years as B2.?


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subec051     01/04/2017 11:39 AM

What are my chances of getting b1/b2 visa approved?
I'm a Senior Software Engineer with 4.5yrs experience[4.2yr in previous company,3 months in current company],Single,no house or property.Ties in india are my parents and job.
Current bank balance is 2.7lac ruppees
Current salary 73750 rupees per month gross
Purpose of visit is Tourism[Las vegas for 2 weeks]
Have never travelled outside India before

Thanks in advance.

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Mr.Sunny     01/04/2017 03:11 AM

Good day all
I am planning to visit USA. Need some tips. I have been to 5 countries in last 5 years.This time I am planning to visit USA mid of this year 2017.I am single 28 years old male.doing own business.good income.
And I am also planning to take my mother with me.any good tips to get my visa approv.

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Ashir     12/31/2016 15:49 PM

Happy New Year 2017 Dearest Friends, May God Bless You all...!

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lindat     12/31/2016 13:26 PM

I'd like to apply for a visa and need some tips. A little about me. I'm a single female, 29 years old. Work in an international company since 5 years. I've only travelled to Dubai and France in the past 5 years. Iwant to go to Florida to visit and will be staying with an American male friend of mine who used to work in my country. Are there any tips I can get to make my application and interview go successfully?

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insubuy     12/30/2016 13:52 PM


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