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troa001     04/10/2017 10:46 AM

Went for my interview this morning at 10am

Me: good morning

VO: morning

Me: How are you?

VO: I'm very well

VO: why do you want to go to the US

Me: I'm going there to attend the 2017 family caregiver conference and for tourism

VO: Do you have any property?

Me: No

VO: How long have you been in this country

Me: 8 years

VO: Do you have children?

Me: Yes

VO: Where do you work, any letter from your employer?

Me: I'm a family career

VO: Whats your duty?

Me: I give ongoing care to my some of my children due to disabilities

VO: Ok ok, are you married?

Me: Yes

VO: Is your wife Irish

Me: no we're from the same nationality

VO: Oh thats good

VO: Can i see your bank statement?

Me: yes, gave it to him.

VO: your income from where?

Me: from the state here.

VO: i'm concerned about your financial ability, sorry i'm unable to issue you a NIV now, you can reapply next time.

Me: No problem thank you very much with a smile

VO: You're very welcome with a smile

My observation:

(1) He flip over my bank statement's first page where my current balance shows 3,000Euro

(2) No other visa in my passport than my residency, but i think i made a mistake for not telling him i've been to the UK twice.

(3) I have a return ticket to my home country which i took to the interview but i forgot to show him that i will be travelling from Ireland to my home country after my US visit as i've purchased my ticket already.

I've been refused once 13 years ago when i was single in my country of nationality, today is my second refusal. I genuinely can't abandon my family and sit right there in US.

Where do i got it wrong? How soon can i reapply? Does it make sense to apply immediately or give it time when after i visited another country, i currently hold Turkish evisa.

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gautamsihag     04/09/2017 23:04 PM

Dear All,

My parents applied for a us visa a got reject.

1. My question is how early can we re-apply?
2. Are there any side-effect of applying too early? (We are thinking of applying within 2 months of the initial reject date)
3. If they re-apply and get a reject again, does it affect their chances of getting a visa later in the future?

The following is the conversation they had:

VO: Are you husband & wife?
My Parents: Yes

VO: Why do you want to visit the US?
Parents: My son is graduating from CU. We want to attend his graduation ceremony. Also we will visit the New York & Chicago, and some other places (they mentioned the palces)

VO: How many children do you have?
Parents: 2

VO: How many of them stay in India?
Parents: None

VO: Sorry we can't give you visa. You can go for the day.
Parents: Thank you.

To my understanding, the main reason for not getting a visa was that they were not able to persuade the official that they had significant ties with the country to return back.

Please advice what to do next and what all question to be prepared for if they apply again.

My graduation: 17th May
I am thinking of taking a take by 25th April. ( We are 15 days short of 2 months by this time)

Please advice/PM me. Thank you.
I would sincerely appreciate all your efforts.

Thank you again

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ZAX07     04/07/2017 05:48 AM

Me & my wife appeared for B2 Visa in Feb 2017 but it was refused under 214B at Mumbai consulate.
Then I decided to apply again in April 2017

Our first Interview:

The couple before me was denied and they make VO irritated quite. My turns comes

Me: Good morning ma’m
VO: nothing replied and asked for passports.

VO: Why you want to GO US?
Me: For Tourism

VO: Have you ever visited outside India before?
Me: No

VO: Where you working?
Me: XYZ Company

VO: Whats your designation?
Me: Sr. Technical Research Analyst

VO: What is your salary?
Me: X p.m.

VO: (To my wife) What are you doing ma’m?
My Wife: Sr. HR Manager in PVT. LTD. Co.

VO: What is your Salary?
My wife: Y p.m.
(our combine annual income is 8 lakhs)

VO: How long you want to stay?
Me: 4 weeks

VO: From how long you are into this field?
Me: More than 5 years

VO: Do you know anyone there?
Me: Yes. My Friend ABC

VO: Where s/he working?
Me: PQR co.

VO: Do you have kids?
Me: No

Sorry your application can not process this time and handover me 214B letter.

2nd Interview in April 2017

Me: Good morning? How are you?
(She didn’t reply and typing something into computer.)

VO: Why you want to GO US?
Me: To meet my friend QQQ at PPP (place). We’ll come back in 4 weeks as I have responsibility of my Sr. citizen retired father & old Grand mother.

VO: Where your friend working?
Me: XYZ company as Business Analyst

VO: What are you doing?
Me: Sr. Equity Research Analyst in Pvt. Ltd. Firm and a Fund manager.

VO: Since how long you are working here?
Me: 5 years

VO: Have you traveled outside India before?
Me: No ma’m

Than she handed over white page of 214B and our passport too.

She didn’t ask single question to my wife. We are couple near age 33-30 yrs. Having good bank balance and even responsibility of family.

Can expert advise. We refused twice what are our chances in future.

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waqas murad     04/06/2017 08:44 AM

I am 38 Male: Working in Actuarial Department in Private Consultancy Firm, for 13 years
My Wife, 32 Housewife, however in past she worked in GSK.
My Kid, Male, 5 year Old, Nursery in School

VO: She was like 35 year old Korean looking women

Language: All 3 of us opted English

International Tours in past, Malaysia, England, France, Italy and Switzerland
Interview date 6 April 2016
Time: 9:40 am

All 3 of us went to Karachi Consulate Clifton at 8:55, asked Consulate official that can we enter, he said sure.

After Checking, we went inside, Yesterday, I received a call from USA Consulate that my wife photo has some issues so bring new one as per the strict rules so I brought another one even I had submitted my form.

VO: Asked my Son with a smile whats your name??, he answered, then he asked he is your father he said yes

VO asked me: Purpose of your visit??
Me: I said Tourism

VO: Whats the Duration????
Me: 2 Weeks

VO: Do you have any property.
Me: No, We live in a joint family system and we have different properties but on family name.

VO: do you have relatives in USA,??
Me: Yes, but dont have plans to go to Chicago.

VO: What places you people visited
Me: Answered, then she kept typing

VO: Whats your monthly salary
Me: XXX per month, then she kept typing

VO: He asked me about my family members.
Me. We are 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I gave her brief

VO: to my wife, How log you people are married??
Wife: 6 years

VO: Children???
Wife: One

She then kept typing?? and said that computer is working, she gave pause for 20 seconds and then she said Golden Words :)

I am approving your visas enjoy.

Thanks for this website. I had made 4 separate documents in transparent folders. But she didnt ask any thing.

I was wearing Jeans and Denim Shirt. I was all normal, Interview last for 5-6 minutes, and I was in my car at 9:25, we were warped before our scheduled time which was 9:40



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Ashaben     04/05/2017 06:13 AM

My 24 years old,unmarried daughter has an appointment on Monday for B2 visa, She is working in India since one year and wants to visit my elder daughter who is in US on H1 visa. What are the chances of getting her visa? Can any one help an anxious mother?

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Mariam1000     04/05/2017 00:40 AM

I went for my interview today 5/04/17...I'm a Ghanaian but studying in china...I went home this winter vacation tho but I couldn't apply it in Ghana sake of an emergency....I got to the embassy around 8:20am so by 9am I was called for the interview....I applied it in china tho
Me:Good morning
VO: nihao(hello) good morning was smiling
Can I have your passport please?
Me: yh
VO: why are you going to the US
Me: for tourism purpose and spend some time with my uncle
VO: oh okay...how long have you been in china
Me: two years( tho I'm in my third level in Med school)
VO: how long has your uncle been in the US?
Me: 13yrz
VO: when was the last time you see your uncle
Me: that was before I came to china...that is before I started school
VO: oh ok so that was since 2014....ok I'm sorry you are not eligible for the B1/B2 visa according to the US law then she pulled a small sheet 214b .
Me:oh okay thanks
VO: smiled...you are welcome

Please kindly help me know where I was wrong...was I suppose to mention something which I didn't or she didn't ask for anything she just gave me that small sheet saying she can't grant me a visa base on this law.

My question is can I reapply next month? What are my chances of approval
Please help me ????

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karthiknagarajan     04/03/2017 00:10 AM

I have visa appointment on April 6th in Chennai. I have applied for B2 Visitor Visa. I have already planned the trip and has booked the return ticket as well. I worked for 2 years as software engineer in MNC and resigned from there to do higher studies back in India. How good are my chances of getting approval? I know im single and currently unemployed but I have my mom n dad here and also I have booked the return tickets as well. The trip is just for 27 days.

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remuz102689     04/02/2017 22:17 PM

Hi All. I hope someone can help me regarding my plan to re-apply for a US Visa next week and please provide a feedback and advise. Thank you in advance.

I am a 27 male from the Philippines, Single and have worked for a BPO for more than 5 years. I applied last June 2016 but was rejected. Here's how the interview went:

VO: Good morning!
Me: Hi, Good morning!
VO: Why are you going to the US?
Me: I was invited as a guest by (a church in the US) to participate in many of their activities and events
VO: May I see the invitation?
Me: (gave her the invitation but she did not read it)
VO: Where in the US?
Me: Answered the City and State
VO: What's in it for you?
Me: I will become a pastor here after the training
VO: What's your job here?
Me: I am a Manager
VO: How long have you been in the BPO?
Me: Eversince or with my current employer?
VO: Eversince
Me: 5 years
VO: Who will pay for your trip?
Me: The church in the US will provide my meals, housing and transportation. Our local church will provide the plane ticket and my personal allowance. I have my own savings too.
VO: Unfortunately I cannot give you a visa. Thank you.
Me: Oh, okay, thanks.

Do you know what could be the reason of my denial? Next week, I am scheduled for an interview again. Lots have changed in my situation since last year. Here are the following:

-I am now engaged with my long time girlfriend
-I have resigned from my previous job and is now working full-time as a Pastoral staff for 9 months (I started one month after my visa was denied)
-Our house title is now in the process of being transferred to my name
-I have a business for 3 years now which I did not mention in the interview last year. However, that business is for a sweepstakes which might contradict my current job in our church.

Let me know your thoughts please. The more, the better. I will give you an update next week regarding the result of my interview so please respond with your tips and advise as soon as possible. I appreciate all your help. Thank you.

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Bikram Singh     04/02/2017 20:07 PM

I am single 29 male from Delhi. My biometrics were on 17th march and my interview was on 20th march 10am at Delhi embassy. Last year i got my PR from Canada in federal skilled worker category. Have traveled only to Canada that too last year to collect my PR card from there else no travel history outside India.

VO:- Please pass your passport.
Me: Good Morning.. How are you doing today? (no reply started screening my passport details)

VO:- Why do u want to go to US?
Me: Last year i got my PR card(Immigration) from Canada so this June i will be moving there permanently and before that i would like to visit my brother, my sister in law and their new born child for few days in New York.

VO:- What is your brother current status in USA?
Me:- He is a LPR(legal permanent resident)

VO:- What does he do?
Me:- He works in a software company as Senior Support Engineer.

VO:- What do you for work?
Me:- I work as a sole proprietor in construction business.

VO:- What kind of work is involved in your profession?
Me:- Answered.(Very briefly in a line or two)

VO:- Whats your annual turnover?
Me:- I told him

VO:- So you will come from Canada on which date(Asking the wrong question deliberately i guess by looking in the computer) ?
Me:- Sir i would be going from India to New York(told the exact date) first then after 10 days i will be heading towards my final destination in Canada.( I had already booked my flight tickets from Delhi to New York and from New York to Canada and also mentioned the same details in my DS160 form, so he was just kinda verifying it from me by looking in the computer.

VO:- Ok sir, I am approving your visa, you will get your passport in few days via courier
Me:- Thank you with a big smile.

No document was asked from me although i had every document with me from property papers, Bank statement, My tax returns, Brother's pay slips and his other documents. Only thing i would advise to everyone here is that be honest as per your DS160 form and put right details in it and have supporting documents which can verify it. They can ask you anything so be prepared for verification. Also they need strong reasons that the person would definitely not immigrate in their country so show them strong ties in your home country like long term stable job, owning a property here or have family and kids over here. For me being single was a negative factor which could have weakened my case but I prepared well to show them that i will definitely leave their country. I booked my refundable tickets in advance to strengthen my case and if in any case my visa would have been denied it would have resulted in a 20% loss for me on its price.
Also i would also like to thank Immihelp posters who shared their experience which actually guided me a lot on how to prepare for the interview.
Good luck to all.

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penfold     04/02/2017 09:58 AM

Our experience at US Consulate in Dubai while applying tourist visas.

After the usual checks at the Consulate, when we reached to the counter of visa interview, our interviewer was a lady around 30+ years of age. When I tried to hand over passports with all other documents, she only took passports and didn’t even look at the other documents.

Questions asked:

1. How long have you been living in Dubai?
A. More than 15 years

2. Where do you work and as what?
A. Answered (although I work as a secretary, but there was no strange reaction from the VO)

3. Why do you want to go to US and for how long?
A. Tourism and for 3 weeks.

4. What places will you be visiting in US?
A. LA, Vegas, NY and Washington.

5. Where have you travelled before?
A. Answered by mentioning a few Far Eastern countries and then a few times to Australia (that raised the eyebrow of the VO).

6. Why so many times to Australia and do you have any relatives in Australia?
A. We just love Australia, it’s a such a nice country and we like visiting it over and over again and yes, we do have relative in Australia. At this point, the VO smiled and said yes Australia is a nice place.

7. Have you always travelled for holiday as a family and returned back all together? (We are a family of 3 and we all 3 were there standing next to each other)
A. Yes we have always travelled as a family on holiday and we generally come back together.

8. Next question to my daughter – what do you do miss and what have you studied?
A. My daughter answered that I have done ACCA and I am working with xxx (an American company) as Junior Accountant

8. Next question to my wife – what do you do madam?
A. My wife answered that I am a house-wife.

VO then said, ok I am happy to say that your visas have been approved. Your passports will be delivered to you by courier in 4-5 days. We got 10 years visa for 3 of us. Please note that my bank statements or income proof was not checked at all.

Feel free to ask, if you have any questions.

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