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rsandh     10/28/2016 17:10 PM

This is a great forum and I am a frequent follower. Now its my turn to post the recent experience with my parents. They arrived on time and here are the series of questions asked. My dad gave to the point answers and appeared with confidence. He chose Hindi language as my mother could not speak English
VO: How are you
Dad: Good thank you
VO: Where are you going
Dad: Answered
VO: Who are you going to?
Dad: My son
VO: What does he do
Dad: He works as xxx
VO: Which company
Dad: xxx
VO: What visa he is on
Dad: answered correctly the name of visa
VO: What do you do
Dad: I am a retired xx
VO: Ok please wait for the message

This was all of the conversation. My dad said he did not say "Your visa is approved" and just said " Wait for the message". When they came out, and we checked the status was showing "Administrative Processing", we were unsure of what this means. The status was same the 2nd day and later during the end of day it changed to "Issued" . We are now waiting for the passports to arrive

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aries     10/28/2016 00:11 AM

Hello there,

We are three brothers and I am the ledest. My youngest brother works in US and he is married. They live in California. They currently hold H1B and H4 Visas respectively. My 1st younger brother stays with us in Bangalore and he is also married.

Me, my Wife, my Son and my Mom attended the US B1/B2 Visitors Visa interview at Chennai on 25th October at around 9 AM. It was a family Interview and I opted for Telugu because of my Mom and my Wife. I am self sponsering. VO was around 35 years white tall guy. He had a female translator for Telugu. Here is the details of the Interview:

VO: Why are you going to US? (Telugu - Female translated asked me)
ME: To visit a few Tourist places along with my youngest brother who live there (Telugu)

VO: Your brother or your Wife's brother? (Telugu)
ME: My brother
WIFE: His brother (showing me)

Then, I pointed out at each person with me and informed the VO that this is my Wife, Mom, and my Son.

By this time, VO got to know that I can speak fluent english and he started asking questions in English directly to me.

VO: Where does your brother live?
ME: .... city, California

VO: What does your brother do?
ME: Works for ..... company as Software Engineer and he has been posted in US to work at the Company's Client place, which is .... company.

VO: How long are you going to stay?
ME: We three (me, my wife, my son) are going for 10 days and my Mom will stay for 2 months.

VO: What do you do?
ME: (Explained briefly about my Business and what I do)

VO: How long have you been doing this?
ME: Past 5 years

VO: Did you work before this?
ME: Yes, I worked in ..... company as Sr. Web Programmer (and explained briefly what I did there)

VO: Whats your current income?
ME: I am earning an average of ..... per month from past 6 months. I have the bank statement with me. (VO just nodded no and said, its not required)


VO: How many children you have? (Telugu)
MOM: 3 Children

How many Sons and Daughters? (Telugu)
MOM: All are Sons

VO: Where do they stay? (Telugu)
MOM: Both my 1st Son and 2nd Son stay with me and my last son is saying in US.

VO: How long are you going to stay in US? (Telugu)
MOM: 2 Months

VO: Have you ever visited any Countries? (Telugu)


VO: How many years are you married? (Telugu)
WIFE: 8 Years

VO: How many children you have? (Telugu)
WIFE: One Son

VO: How old is he? (Telugu)
WIFE: 5 years

VO: Does he go to school? (Telugu)

VO: Which class? (Telugu)


VO: How many employees you have?
ME: Answered

VO: How much will this trip cost you?
ME: Answered

VO: When are you going?
ME: Answered

VO: Have you applied for US Visa before?
ME: No

All the while during the interview, the VO was typing something on his computer. After around 10 sections from the last question, the Golden Words came - "Your Visas are Approved". Not a single document was asked. We all said "Thank you" and left the place.

While answering a couple of questions, I did pause for few sections in the middle of the sentence cause, I was searching for the correct english word to say.

However, I was confident and I looked at VO eyes and answered all the questions.

Million thanks to immihelp website. I read a lot of experiences that were posted on this website and this helped me to prepare for the interview.

Just a small note. I think my income was one of the major factor which resulted in a positive outcome.

Hope this experience helps someone.

Thank you.

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kashif_123     10/26/2016 05:34 AM

We (Me & Wife) planning to apply US-b2 visa from KSA I would like to ask question.
We are plan to visit our son living in US
I am working in KSA Xyz Company for almost 5years
I am in KSA for almost 17/18 years
My current job position is regional manager
My salary in xx,xxx
For business purpose I travel several times to EU
Travel with wife once for tourism purpose
However, company issued me letter base on Iqama status, which is “Elect Tech” although I have e-mail conversation where HR stated “we provide letter only base on Iqama status as per labor law otherwise it will backlash to our company”
Please let me know if, I attach mail conversation & business card along with company letter?
Promotion to present job has been done year ago
Your kind advice/reply regarding matter will highly appreciate

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Panto     10/25/2016 23:25 PM

I'm applying a B2 visa and filling in DS-160, but in present work information, I'm not sure which type I must choose as my job position is Human Resource Officer. Please suggest me about that.

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sarahjodun     10/25/2016 08:48 AM


my boyfriend was sent to Kenya for work and that is how i met him. He then had to move to Alaska for work. He is in the US military i want to go there to visit him and we both want that. He is sponsoring my entire trip and taking care of all the expenses. I have been to the US before and my visa is now expired. will it be hard for me to get a visa? i live in Australia for a few year and now i am back to Kenya to spend time with my parents. wanted to find out what are the requirements and will the visa be granted? also wanted to know the documentation needed. want to be travelling in December.

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Raja1168     10/24/2016 14:25 PM

Dear any one can suggest what will be VO ask question if visit visa apply without family even family are living together in ksa

Please suggest what should be Answer

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Danial66     10/23/2016 22:12 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am going to apply B2 visa for my parents in Istanbul, Turkey. I have no idea about the documents that I need. I am a permanent resident and I do not make a lot of money. My wife is a Citizen and she makes good money.
Would you please help me about the documents that I need?


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advell     10/22/2016 02:56 AM

 I had applied b2 visa alone in December, 2015 and got reject. i want to applied again but before applying i want to take same suggestions from you guys. i am working in semi Govt. company taking 57K and from other sources my total income comes 80K. i am married man at the age of 44 years have two kids. This time i am intending to apply with my wife and want to drop my children. first question is without children will be ok or should i apply with entire family second is that i have no travel history should require to me to make travel history if so will it be useful for me to create one tour abroad like uae or to be visited to at least three countries? however, i have enough funds to support my tour to usa. Suggestion will be appreciated.

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iguessiamlucky     10/21/2016 11:04 AM

HI all, this forum helped me a lot in preparation for my B2 visa application. I am a Tier 2 visa holder living in the UK, here is my experience at the US Embassy in London this morning:

VO: Hello how are you?
ME: I'm fine thank you.
VO: what's the purpose of your trip?
ME: Travelling and shopping.
VO: Which city are you travelling to?
ME: New York
VO: are you a student or..?
ME: No, I'm working here, on Tier 2 visa.
VO: (check on his computer..) ah, at xxx university
ME: Yes
VO: what do you do?
ME: (told him my job title, and briefly explained my job scope).
VO: What is your highest education qualification
ME: I have a Master Degree in xxx
VO: how long have you been in the UK?
ME: 8 years.
VO: any family in the US?
ME: nope
VO: are you gonna pay your whole trip from your saving?
ME: That's right.
VO: Your visa has been approved, it will be ready in one week time.
ME: Thank you very much

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rajupalli     10/21/2016 04:01 AM

Hi guys, today I have finished my second interview. It was rejected again. Very disappointed.

As usually I attended the interview and unfortunately same consular came for me. But as soon as she saw my application she asked ok? We talked before?. I said yes! Ok please take your passport and stand in the next line.

This is the conversation

ME : Hi sir how are you?
VO : good! why are you travelling to us.
ME : for tourism and to celebrate christmas.
VO : What do you do?
ME : lead designer in xyz company.
VO : how much you earn?
ME : 4lakhs plus incentives per annum.
VO : Where are going in US?
ME : California.
VO : Where in California?
ME : Fremont, address is ###,####, fremont , CA.(I said full address)
VO : who do you know in US?
ME: I have my cousin there studying MS.
VO : Which places you want to see?
ME : West coast tourist places like Los angeles, las vegas, san francisco...etc
VO : What do you see in Los angeles?
ME : hmm.. Hollywood
VO : are you married?
ME : yes
VO : any children?
ME : no she is carrying now.
VO : do you have properties ?
ME : Yes I have.
VO : What kind of properties?
ME : I have a flat, open lands and lot of agricultural lands.
VO : after 5 mins of aggressive typing..
        Sorry! as per us immigration laws we cannot issue the visa now.
ME : can I know the reason?
VO : it is in the 214B form. Please read it.
ME : there is nothing in that. I need exact reason.
VO : HAHA.. that's all is provided in that sir I am sry. But as per my suggestion u can apply again when your situation changes.
ME : I think my situation is pretty good now.
VO : Sorry sir I dont know the reason you can apply later.
ME : anyways Thank you sir!

Now when should I apply again my leaves are already granted for december. for a month. I dont want miss the chance. My cousin is also suffering severe homesickness he wanted someone from the family to accompany him during christmas. Any Help!!

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