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shiny03     07/14/2016 13:10 PM

I am 28 yrs old, from Philippines but currently working in China for 6 years now. I had my interview last Wednesday (July 6). The interview went smoothly. The consular officer did not look at my documents and did not ask anything from me. She just checked my old passport and commented that there are a lot of stamps in my passport. (I go home at least once a year. I have traveled to Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.)

The officer asked me about my job and salary, relatives in the US, relatives in the Philippines, Why China?. After the interview the consular officer took my passport and said they need to do some kind of "check" but did not give me any kind of paper. I was not told that I was approved but she said they're going to email me if they need more documents from me and if I don't hear from them within 4 days then "I'm OK".

It has been 9 days since my interview but there are still no news from them. I checked my status online and still says "Administrative Processing". It has been on AP since July 6. How long do we need to wait under AP (b1/b2) ? It's really frustrating because I want to travel this August. Ticket prices are soaring high. I hope I will get some news soon.

Has anyone experienced the same thing? if so, how long did you have to wait? :(

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tnfabrics     07/12/2016 14:10 PM


I and my fiancee are going for interview tomorrow at the US embassy and i need to basic know questions that the consular would ask us. We are actually going for wedding ceremony of my childhood friend also to visit beautiful places in US. We are both self employed.

Any help please

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hshk1726     07/12/2016 05:32 AM

Everyone I am 42 y old living in Saudia since March 2002 before 2 year i change my company with new job for better salary and my wife is working as a teacher in one international school since 2010 we both earning 3000$/month and we have 3 kids who is going same my wife school and me and our 2 kids have b1b2 visa and only me already visited to USA for two weeks before 5 month i have already apply for my wife and one son but they refuse when i fill application i did not mention my wife is working women i mention she is a housewife now i am planing again so please tell me may i mention in application she is a teacher and what is chance we got visa or .......PLESES GIVE ADVICE

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hshk1726     07/12/2016 02:35 AM

Hi please i need your guide line about my wife visa before 5 month i apply for b1b2 visa she got refuse
  my wife is a working women she is a teacher in private school but i did not mention in her on line application now i want to apply again and want to mention as a teacher in new application so please advice me it will good or not before i mention as a housewife .

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jo_ranj     07/08/2016 14:54 PM

My brother applied for a B2 visa with family (Wife and 3 kids). His visa has been denied before and this time he applied with family. Below is their experience at New Delhi embassy on 6/30/16

Vo: Good Morning
Bro: Good Morning

Vo: Can I have your passports?
Bro: Given

Vo: What is the purpose of travel?
Bro: To visit my brother and his family

Vo: For how long your brother has been living there?
Bro: Explained

Vo: What does he do?
Bro: Explained

Vo: What do you do?
Bro: I am a laser tech at eye hospital

Vo: What is your monthly salary?
Bro: 30000

Vo: Is thisbefore tax?
Bro: Yes

Vo: Where your kids study?
Bro: xyz school

Vo: What is there annual fees?
Bro: Explained

Vo typed something
Now Vo looked at his wife and asked:

Vo: What do you do?
Wife: I am a teacher at xyz

Vo: What is you salary?
Wife: 23000

Vo: Is this before tax?
Wife: Yes

She typed for 30 sec and said sorry your visa can't be issued. She did not look at the sponsorship letter or any other documents. All were very disappointed, been told that if apply with the family the chances are much higher but I guess that's not the case.

All the best to everyone!!

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nacjog     07/08/2016 06:09 AM

To me it seemed that at least on the day that I visited consulate in Mumbai (July 8, 2016), ALL visa officers were scrutinizing applications of Marathi people very liberally. All of them who interviewed Marathi people showed every sign of tending to readily grant visa with nominal questioning. Ours was family application with 4 members and each of us had to answer only one question which was about our profession i.e. what we do as of now. And that's it. No financial background queries and nothing regarding U.S. point of contact. Majority of applicants there belonged to one particular community (you know which that is ;-) LOL) who were questioned thoroughly and also I saw only these people being rejected visa application.
Further, as far as consulate in Mumbai is concerned, rest assured that how you dress DOES NOT make pennyworth difference to visa officer. Just dress in the way you find yourself comfortable.
Best luck to interviewees.

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hiteshkumar8607@gmail.com     07/02/2016 09:35 AM

Actually I don't have any appointment letter from us.But I want to work and live in us.I am currently working in India as supervisor. Can someone tell me what class type of visa I need to work in us.And please tell me the exactly fee amount I will have to pay visa .I have a friend.she live in oregon. She also sponsoring me.how my chances of getting visa .Please tell me .I am so confused about that.I need your advice friends so please give reply. ?

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sooplain     06/30/2016 11:03 AM

First, thanks to God for his mercies on us. Visa or no Visa, He is always merciful to us starting from the life He gives us.

So my story is that I have been rejected for a tourist visa on 3 occasions before this. I live in a foreign country, first as a student and now as a worker. I got denied twice in the foreign country and once in my home country. I almost lost hope but I persevered.

So this time I realy hoped for the best, but then was prepared for the worst since I was already used to it. The interview was very short.

Me: Goodmorning (With a smile)
VO: Goodmorning (Looking at my passport and my application on his computer screen)

VO: So how long have you lived here?
Me: 5 years now Sir

VO: And why are you going to the US?
Me: to attend a conference

VO: Whats the conference about
Me: told him (In short and precise words)

VO: read my application and most likely read my explanation of my past rejections

VO: do you have any relatives in the US
Me: Distant relatives but haven't been in contact with them

VO: typed on his computer for about 30 seconds

VO: Sir your visa has been approved, the slip will tell you how to mail your passport back to us for printing.

Me: Thank you sir, thanks a lot.

I was elated. Excitement was an understatement.

Notes: It doesn't matter what you do, if they are gonna reject you they most likely will. Your application matters.

However things like dressing well, smiling, answering in short and precise responses.

It is never easy to get rid of nervousness, but it helps to plan for the worst even while you are hoping for the best. That helps you shake the nervousness a little.

Thanks to immihelp for valuable feedback and experiences, it realy helped reading previous experiences on here.

God Bless you all

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Luv.randhawa44     06/29/2016 14:15 PM

Hi everyone I got refused under 214(B). Interview on 27/6/16 in london embassy uk. My wife is british citizen and I am on spouse visa and before I was on student visa which expire in may 2016 and I am on spouse visa now which expire in 2019. Interview details:
ME: Good morning
VO: Good morning
VO: Check my passport
VO: wats is your purpose of visit
ME: Me and my wife going for a holiday and to visit my relatives
VO: U was on student visa before
ME: yes I was studing in the university and now I am on spouse visa
VO: How u first met your wife
ME: Answered
VO: When you get married
ME: Answered
VO: Where you work
ME: Answered
VO: What you wife do
ME: Answered
VO: Do you live together
ME: Answered
VO: Is she is travelling with you
ME: yes and she is already got authorisation under visa wavier program
VO: Is your wife born here
ME: Answered
VO: you got relatives in usa
ME: yes
ME: I got my wife british passport with me and her authorisation for usa if you wanna see
VO: No I believe you
VO: then type in computer for 20 seconds then gave letter of 214 b and said u need to make string ties to uk and u can apply any time
Can u pls advise me is their any chance if I apply again in Ds160 In studies I mentioned 2013 to may 2016 because my student visa till may 2016. But I am still studying if I get a letter from my university is their any chance if I aplly now again. Pls advice

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Shashank2909     06/29/2016 13:21 PM

Here's my experience at the Chennai embassy. I needed the B1/B2 VISA ( Tourist and Business VISA)
to visit my cousin in the US.
Hers's the conversation I had with the Visa Officer.

VO: Good morning!
ME: Hello!
* VO asks for my Passport *
VO: Why are you visiting the US?
ME: To visit my cousin and my uncle and to see a few places of tourist interest.
VO: How long are you planning to stay there?
ME: About 4 weeks.
VO: Who is funding your trip?
ME: Flight charges will be taken care of by my dad, and my expenditure over there by my uncle.
VO: Where does your Uncle work?
* I told him about his work. *
VO: What about your dad?
* Told him about my dad's work also. *
VO: Your VISA is approved!
ME: Thank You!

The key is to be confident and answer to only what's asked. Keep your replies simple and short. All the best!

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