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jigsaw83     12/03/2016 13:32 PM


First, I would like to thanks immihelp website, members and people who shared their experiences because those have always helped me. It also have inspired me to share my experiences as well.

I been in the US for 8 years started as a student and now on H1B but in these years except myself, all my family members have been refused more than three time either for dependent(my wife) or visitor visa(for parents) till this last experience.

My brother applied for B2 Visa with his wife and daughter on December 1st and 2nd and they all got their visa approved in first time. Since my niece is under 14 they didn't take her with them for an interview, they just took required documents and photograph of her. This is how the interview process went on that day. they had an interview 8:30AM and in Gujarati language.

VO : Hello, how r you ?
Bro: good and you.

VO: what is the relationship between you?
Bro: husband-wife

VO: why you want to go to US?
Bro: Family Vacation

VO: Do you have any friend or relative in US?
Bro. My Brother

VO : How long he is been there?
Bro : 8 Years

VO: Did he ever visit you ?
Bro: yes, as I visited in 2012.

VO: What places are you visiting ?
Bro: New york, Washington DC, Florida etc..

VO: What you do ? how long you been working there?
Bro. Answered

To his wife,
VO : What are you doing ?
SIL: answered.

Visa officer typed something on the computer screen and after that the interpreter said " YOUR VISA APPLICATION IS APPROVED AND YOU WILL GET ALL YOUR PASSPORTS IN 3-5 DAYS"

Since they have the interview in GUJARATI, there was an interpreter as well.

From the beginning, I told my brother and his wife to be confident, keep eye contact and answered truthfully so they did and got their visa approved.

Thanks and good luck to all who is going for an interview.

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Sajed Faisal     12/02/2016 13:53 PM

I am a 22 year old male living in Australia, Brisbane and studying in a reputed university. I hold my passport from Bangladesh but I have lived 18yrs in Kuwait and have done my schooling from there and my parents live there. Its been 2.5 years that i am here. I am wanting to go to Newyork and just wanted to know about my chances of getting a visitor visa

I work at dominos, making 500$ a week and
Planning to go for 10 days visit
I am going to show 5000- 6000 usd as my bank balance for my 10 days visit
And will show my transcripts and my work commitment here when asked to prove strong ties
Can even show my car on my name even though i don't know if that will benefit

Negative points
My student visa here is expiring on july 2017, but i have to extend my visa as i have more 1 years of studying to be done in order to achieve my degree as per my transcripts

Can you guys please advise accordingly to whether apply for the visa at this stage or wait
And if im asked to wait can you please name the areas where i need to wait for things to be on my side ?

Would be really helpful guys

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dga     12/01/2016 14:34 PM

hey people..I m UG Medicine student undergoing internship and getting 11k stipend/month..i had been rejected for Visitor visa 2.5 months ago..it was my mistake that i mentioned 11k as my salary((if employed)) question of ds160...

i think VO found somewhat suspicious that applicant is stuent getting salary..and that is 11k..!! now i realized my mistake..now what should i do in next ds 160??my IV will be around mid- december..

profile:- TIE up to india---UG student so must have to come back to complete studies..
               purpose-- invitation for internship from usa hospitals..
               travel history::: NIL..
               sponsor---- parents ..both r government employee

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Dilu1     12/01/2016 07:02 AM

Hi all I am Prasad, since 2010 I am in Italy I have work permits in Italy, I am working as a driver in a house.my salary 1000€. Per month. And I traveled 5 shenaghn countries . Single but I have a girl friend, we are working same house. She work as a babysitter. I traveled 5 shenaghn countries. I am planning to visit America in March. So please guys give your suggestion I can go for a visit visa or I need to do something more. Plzzz reply guys. Thank you

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mellon     11/30/2016 17:17 PM

i would like to know my chances for b2 approval i earn 2500 dollars a month been to turkey and saudiarabia and i am a soldier

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Ashir     11/30/2016 15:09 PM

Hi Everyone,
I traveled to Dubai 2 times .

On my first visit to Dubai i spent 2 months in Dubai , and on my second visit to Dubai i Spent 3 months in Dubai. because my younger brother is working there from past 3 years,

I also visited Thailand 2 times as a tourist.

and once visited Malaysia and once visited Singapore. as a tourist.

Soon i am going to visit Jordan , Turkey and Russia. as a tourist.

After this i am planning to apply for USA tourist Visa in 2017.

Is it OK to apply for USA tourist VISA with this traveling History ?

As i heard Traveling history is very much important to apply for USA tourist VISA.

I am married person and i have one baby boy he is only 3 years old now.

I will apply alone for USA Tourist VISA.

My wife and my son will stay in Pakistan. and my family too. what is your opinion about my case ?

I need suggestions , how much chances i have to get USA tourist VISA.

Thanks in Advance.

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a11b22     11/30/2016 13:38 PM

Helloo everyone i need some help guidence
I'm going to apply b2 visa from islamabad to attend my younger sister weeding
In USA i'm a make up artist age 24girl engaged earning 40 thousand have 350,000 bank statement
Nd my sister inlaws also want to sponser so which option i should go with. parents nd inlaws in pk.
Need suggestions that how much chances i have nd what should i change
Thankx in advance

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Umair51214     11/30/2016 02:38 AM

My interview was held today in Islamabad vo asked me following question.

Vo: Why you are going to USA?
Me: for tourism and to spend leisure time
Vo: what are you doing?
Me: I am senior computer assistant in company name
Vo: is there any other place u went except country of residence?
Me: Dubai
Vo: for what reason?
Me: official purpose (then she make a face)
Vo: how many years u worked in company?
Me: 7 years 11 months
Vo: do u have any relative in USA?
Me: no

After that vo said that u are not eligible for now, I don't know what went wrong can any one please guide me what went wrong in my interview

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desmataks     11/29/2016 10:48 AM

why no one is replying to me?
I posted query 2 days ago... People who posted after me got replies..

Please someone reply to me as well ... Thanks in advance...

My father will retire after 2-3 months...
I am filling DS160 with employed information which is true...
But if VO in interview asks for NOC or leaves... We can say he is retiring so we did not get ..Right?

Is there any issue to go for interview now or we shud wait for retirement first.
please suggest..

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Gurpreet Parihar singh     11/29/2016 08:10 AM

Hi guys I have savings about 1lakh 50 thousand in my bank account I just came from nz in sept 2016 I have been there 4 years (3 student visas 1 job search 1 recently visitor visa of nz ) so guys I am neither a student now nor I am working father expired last year mother is housewife sister is in nz she have sent the money in my account and some of them I had cash I deposited it so and I am 22 years old single so what are chances is it negative thing I am not working? I already booked the hotels in New York

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