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VioletViolet     02/16/2017 02:26 AM

Applied for US visa for the first last January 2017 & got approved (phew)

I have been to few countries already
Uk, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Shenzhen (China), France, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hungary

I have a Filipino Passport, Bno Passport and a HKID. I've been living in HK for 6-7 years now (I am a citizen here)

I have applied with my Bno Passport

Below is the converstion with VO

8.30am is the interview
8 am - already in the consulate

8.00-8.30 - finger scanning & stuff

8.30 -start to line up for the interview

Me: Hi Morning
VO: Hi, can I have your passport please
Me: Sure, here it is

VO: So where in the US are you going?
Me: New York, LA, and SF

VO: Describe me your job please
Me: I am a.. yada yada yada (small potato, clerk, I don't earn alot)

VO: How long are you working?
Me: (Awkward silence, thinking) is it in Hong Kong or in this company?

VO: In this company
Me: 3 years and 2 mos

VO: Who are you going with?
Me: I am going with my boyfriend

VO: Ok, I'll keep your passport, enjoy your trip to the US
Me: Thaaaank youuu with a big smile on my face

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doudabcr     02/15/2017 00:39 AM

Hi all,
I will apply for us visit visa next march . I am 35 years old Tunisian woman living in Kuwait since 2006 . single. I am working as a teacher in a private school for 7 years and I just signed a contract for the next academic year; also i am a fitness coach . My cousin; is an us citizen working in an e- commerce company in California; is inviting me to spend few days there as it is my annual holiday.
I want to know what are my chances to get visa .. I have been in Barcelona, Doha , Saudi Arabia ,
I Just bought a flat in my home country Tunisia and I have my car there.
I am afraid to get refused as I am single and my cousin is single too .. Visa officer may think that it will be a chance to get married and to stay there ? shall i say that the purpose is tourism so i must show a fake hotel booking ?
Please advise me
Thanks in advance

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irfanparacha     02/14/2017 11:07 AM

Guide me pls

I want to apply family visa for my annual holidays to usa.
I am working as GM operation i have visited only France, Portugal and UAE but my family had visa for France but they could not go.i have 2 children 1 is 5.5 year and other one is 3 years.

1.My sister in Law has sent us invitation letter(New york) should i use her address or i have booked hotel in Orlando (Florida)
2.Can i use both address as i have plan to go both places.
3.Should i use only Orlando Florida
My company will bear the cost of travelling.

Please i will appreciate your guidelines

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rp311989     02/14/2017 02:17 AM

Hi to all, I am going to apply visitor visa for US next march, I have read few of experiences through immihelp. I need some help from expert that will I get visa or not.

I am planning to celebrate our second anniversary in las vegas, First we celebrated in dubai last year.

We have visited United kingdom and Dubai both.

I am doing job and my salary is 58k, my wife is house wife.

we have booked hotel for 10 days in may.

Please suggest me that which question can be asked and about their appropriate answer.

and also how many % of chances to get visa.?


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priyanka_08     02/10/2017 09:47 AM

Hello Friends,

I m working in an MNC, unmarried having 4.1 years of experience now.

I applied for b1/b2 visa on 7 June and got rejected.
At that time I have 3.5 year of experience and my designation was Senior Software Engineer
@Mumbai consulate. Below is the experience

Me : Good Morning sir
VO : no reply

VO : Passport please, Purpose of travel.
Me : To attend knowledge sharing sessions.. ( VO stopped me and asked another question, he was also busy typing something)

VO : have u visited any other country
Me : no

VO : Returnrd my passport and told me.. U are not eligible to travel and handed over 214b form.

Now its being 8 month since rejection.
I'm in the same project, however my designation changed to Module lead.

Please suggest is it good time to reapply for b1/b2 visa again..? What are the chances of approval or shall i wait for some more time.

Thanks in advance.

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Mr.Sunny     02/10/2017 00:27 AM

Good day all

I am planning to visit USA in mid of March. I am single 28 year old man.have my own business.I have been in 5 countries.uk,dubai,Malaysia, Thailand, and south Africa.this time i am planning to go US.I have good bank statement.my own property.any tips to get approval of my visa.
Thanks all

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dynamo     02/09/2017 02:23 AM

hello friends today i will share you my first experience with you all give me your suggestion
i applied b2 to visa in april 2016 but i got refusal
m sharing my experience b2 refusal.

Vo. hello.
we. hello, good morning.
vo. please give your passports.
me. me handover our passport by window.
vo. why are going.
me. for tourism.
vo. have travelled any country bfore.
me. no
vo. are u business man
me. yes
vo. can you explain me about ur business?
me. i explained.
vo. what your wife do?
me. explained.
then visa officer said i can see ur sister filed a petition for you to live there my mind stuck because i dont have any sister real or cousin its not true. i answered that its a false information. he lie but i did not understand what i speak for now then he said sorry u r not qualified this time.
why visa officer lie to us?

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dynamo     02/09/2017 01:59 AM

hello friend i want to share my first and strange experience with you all m not good in english but i will try to describe.

vo: hello.
me: hello sir, how are you.

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Priya Arora     02/08/2017 09:14 AM

I have applied for the B2 visa but got rejected.

VO- Pass your passport
Me- Sure

VO- Purpose of visit
Me- For leisure

VO- What you do for your living?
Me- I am homemaker

VO- Who is accompanying You?
Me- My Husband

VO- Does he has Visa?
Me- Yes

VO- Can I see that?
Me- Sure
(typed and checked something in her computer)

VO- Where he work?
Me- Told her.

VO- Is he currently working?
Me- Told her Yes

VO- Can I see your marriage certificate?
Me- We recently got married 2 months back and applied for certificate and expecting to get that in next 7-10 days but right now I am having my marriage card. (I know this is where I got failed)

VO- Sorry in the current circumstances I can't approve your visa.
Me- Thank You.

I can understand the reasons, and will apply again once I get my marriage certificate. Please let me know will the first rejected visa affect my second interview and what are the chances that my visa will get approved second time.

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Faraz shaikh     02/07/2017 00:20 AM

Hello friends
Its my wife birthday on 10th april 2017 and
I am planning to celebrate her birthday in USA even my birthday is 8th april 2017. We have one daughter 11 month old and i want to take her along with us, we dont have each others name in our passports but have marriage certificate and daughter passport is on our names.
I have my own construction company in mumbai.
I have travel history of UK 7 years on the student visa and my wife was in UK for 6 months on student visa. We also been to south africa and dubai on tourist visa with our daughter.We have our appointment date in march what are the chances of B2 visa approval???
Please share your experiences...

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