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samer     02/28/2016 11:19 AM

Hi everyone
I am planning to visit my sister this summer i'm 29 yrs married
i have a good b and i went i travelled to europe twice
what are my chances ?
should i try or waiting a liitle more
I am worried because i was told that people under 30 are more likley to be rejected

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GENA2014     02/26/2016 02:33 AM

I was in US last year for a conference for just one week on a B1/B2 visa which is still valid till early next year. I will be going for another conference this year in Florida and wish to go together with my family for tourism. We have two little kids of less than 4 years. My wife and the kids does not have any US visa. My wife is working and our vacation comes up together during the summer when I will be going for the conference so we hope to spend 3 weeks of it in the US. My wife has visited UK two times in the past three years and as a family we have visited Malaysia ones. Our employer will pay for our flight ticket including leave allowance.
Since I already have a visa do I need to apply together with my wife and kids. Again, how do you rate their chances of getting a visa. Again I will appreciate any constructive criticism and suggestions that will increase our chance of getting a visa. Thank you!


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fengret     02/25/2016 11:39 AM

I have visa US Visa B1-B2 for my family. My wife not working and my 2 children schooling, so I wanted to apply them US Visa B1-B2. Can I submit my application again to get visa for my family. Please reply me.

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Marco1     02/24/2016 16:04 PM

i'm going to have my US Tourist visa interview next month
and i need your help to evaluate my case,,,

i am 23 Yrs old,
a student,
applying B2 visa,
going to visit my friend and for sites seeing in florida,
**what could disqualify me for getting the visa

thanks and am waiting for your replys

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roederrabaja     02/24/2016 07:20 AM

Hi, I'm 23 years old from Philippines, currently working here in Doha, Qatar as a Data Entry Operator for just 1 month, earning $1,100/month. I will apply for a Tourist visa this coming December 2016. My Aunt, will sponsor my 1-week trip there in the U.S, will be traveling in CA, NY and both of us will return to Philippines after that . I wonder what documents i need to present. Is there a chance for me to get a visa? since I am just 23 years old, newly employed with qatar ID, only has $3,500 in my account. Please help me. I need your advise.

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olamide     02/23/2016 13:35 PM

I am a student who just finish with a National Diploma from a polytechnic....i'm waiting for my result to come out and presently learning an apprentice job. I want to visit a friend in US with a visiting letter from my friend.My friend there will cover all my financial responsibilities to travel to and from where I will visit. I don't have relatives there only distance cousin. what document do I need to pile up to apply...and is there any possibility for me to attain a visa.

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steve780     02/20/2016 14:46 PM

Hello Everyone
Last day am going to us Riyadh ksa embassy for interviem
 Vo : Good morning
me : very Good morning
vo : why ur going to usa
me : tourism purposes
vo : u appply before us ?
me : no
vo:which city u want to visit
me: new york
vo:what is ur job working
me : salesman
vo: r u single
me: yes I'm single still
vo:ur any relative in us?
me: no
vo where is ur bank statement
me : this is my bank statement , its 55,000 sar
vo: did u visit before any country?
me: yes uae
vo:sorry sir ur not qualify for us visa
me : may i know the reason
vo : u can apply again but this time u cant go
me thank u
and then give me 214 (B) refused paper
i wana know the reason guys plz help me
what is reason of this
and aslo my employment letter 8500 sar few month on paper
plz update me shall thanful
Thank u very much

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b2visitor     02/19/2016 03:44 AM

new delhi US consulate is the shittiest consulate in whole India

and I'll tell you exactly why.

my relative going to attend marriage in US and come back in 2 weeks answered all questions correctly

but in the end fucking vo got up from her seat and closed the window saying you can apply next time as i don't think you have strong ties with country

now my relative has two properties and a car and has a very stable life in India and would not like to stay or visit US
she was only interested in attending her brothers wedding and then head back

someone wrote earlier in this forum that its a business and am sure he is correct

with the two folders she had with her brother sponsorship and her docs and childs docs and husband docs the vo didn't even bother to look at even single doc

I suggested fuck the american visa and go visit any other place instead.

when people prepare and take out time and spend money and energy and everything you as a vo should atleast have a decency to ask for papers and then reject/approve whatever

fucking shitty new delhi consulate

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dhanjit     02/18/2016 03:17 AM

Hi Expert

Regarding I-134 expiring on 29th Feb 2016

In process to B2 visa for my parents I am filling one of the required document is I-134 but I have checked the form expiry date is on 29th Feb 2016 . I have book appointment on March 4 2016.
so by the time my parents go for interview which is on March 4, the form is already expired.

when USCIS will have a new I-134 ?
Any suggestion?
Thanks in Advance


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mike1313z     02/16/2016 15:57 PM

Hi, I am US citizen and I want to invite my boyfriend(who is in China) to attend my graduation. He works at investment bank and owns couple houses. Should I invite him for ceremony or just not mention about ceremony and let him apply a travel visa.Thank you

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