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anuts     12/18/2013 16:37 PM

Visa Type : B2
Status : Approved
Place : New Delhi
Duration of the interview : 3-5 minutes

My mother(alone - not accompanied by my father for this visit) went for her B2 visitor visa interview at the Delhi consulate and spent less than 5 minutes with the Visa Officer.. Below are the details -

VO : Why are you visiting the US?
Mom : I am going to visit my daughter and son-in-law. I also have my brother-in-law staying there who I will be visiting as well.

VO : Why did you choose this time of the year to visit them?
Mom : I wish to see the snow at this time of the year, and would like to visit New York to see the Rockefeller Tree and New Year ball drop.

VO : Your visa is approved. Have a safe trip.

That's it! No further questions asked. NO DOCUMENTS CHECKED. NOT EVEN A SINGLE ONE.
I had ensured that she carried all extra documents just in case they asked for it, but they didnt even ask for the basic sponsorship documents!

Hope all of you have a positive Visa experience! :)

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SSM     12/17/2013 06:04 AM

I applied for my B2 Visa yesterday in Dubai...and my experiece was good, the VO was very pleasent:

VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
ME: Holiday

VO: Have you been to the US before?
ME: Yes

VO: How many times?
ME: XX times

VO: When was your last visit
ME: 20XX

VO: How long was your last stay stay?
ME: I think about 10-14 days

VO: Where do you work?
ME: XXX Company

VO: What do you do for them?

VO: How long have you been in Dubai
ME: XX Years

VO: Haaaa ( Looks surprised after I had told her long Ive lived in Dubai)
VO: I have issued your visa, collect your passport in 3 days
ME: Thank you
VO: Have a pleasant journey

I was not asked to show any of the documents that I carried with me.

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delhiite     12/14/2013 01:44 AM

First of all thank you to immihelp and contributing members. You helped me a lot to prepare for my interview.

Visa type: B2
Place: New Delhi
Date: Friday the 13th 2013 (Considered an unlucky day in Western and Eastern superstition but was really lucky for us)
Status: Approved
Interview Duration: 60 – 90 secs

Got interviewed with my wife

Me: Good Morning (smile)
Wife: Good Morning (smile)
VO: Good Morning
VO: Why you want to go to the United States?
Me: Primarily because my brother who is there…….. (I had a lot to say but she stopped me in-between and asked)
VO: What does he do?
Me: He is a xxxx with University of xxxx
VO: What you do?
Me: I answered
VO: What you do Mam’?
Wife: She answered
VO: When you got married
Wife: We both answered together
VO: Which countries have you traveled before?
Wife: I have never traveled, but my husband did
VO: Where have you traveled sir?
Me: I answered (all Asian countries)
VO: How long will you stay in the US?
Me: 2 weeks
VO: Your visas are approved

1) Not a single document was asked.
2) Fill form DS-160 very carefully. As per my experience DS-160 does 90% of your work and rest 10% they want to hear from you. DS-160 can’t be retrieved once it’s submitted so please remember what you have written.

Tips for Men: Dress-up formally, preferably in business suits.
Tips for Women: Dress-up smartly, be your self and be natural.

Thanks to US Embassy (New Delhi) for granting us the Visa

Cheers and all the very best to all : )


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USA_VISA     12/08/2013 16:16 PM

My mom and brother (mentally handicapped) had applied for B2 visa when they were planning to attend my convocation ceremony in USA in 2011. It got rejected. I believe the reason for this could be there were thin chances of them coming back to India as my father had passed away in 2001.

After getting rejected once, the next time (after a month) only my mom applied thinking that my brother being in India would be considered as a good enough reason for my mom to come back. It got rejected again.

This year in June 2013, I decided to NOT to file for H1 B and come back to India to stay with my family. I am 27 yeard old female working in a USA based Indian company and have a stable job. At this time, I do not intend to go back and settle in USA.

If my mom and brother apply for the tourist visa now, would they stand a chance? Considering I am now based in Indian can they file for a tourist visa?

Any suggestions/recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Please advise..!


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vramaesh     12/03/2013 22:59 PM

Hi all.
I am working as a project officer at ICSR, IIT Madras. The job is temporary in nature. The salary is around 3lpa. I have applied for visitors visa to attend a scientific conference in which I am going to give a presentation and it got rejected by 214(b). At the time of interview,
VO: Why do you want to go to US?
Myself: To attend a conference.
VO: Who will fund you?
M: Govt of India. ( It is ICSR IIT Madras)
VO: Do you have any proof?
M:Sorry Mam, right now I don't have.
VO: How long you are working?
M: 2 years
VO:How long will you work?
M:Another 6 months.
VO: are you married
VO:How much you are earning annuly?
M: 2.5 lpa (actually it is 3lpa)
VO: sorry this time we are not giving you visa with a blue paper. Have a nice day.

The reasons I think are,
I did not sleep well last night before the interview and without breakfast I went.
I did not carry enough supporting documents.
I was nervous.

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Bahar Pattarkine     12/03/2013 19:47 PM

PIL : Parents in law
MIL: Mother in law
FIL: Father in law
VO: Visa officer .

Location: Mumbai Consulate
Appointments: consecutive dates November last week.

Thanks to Immihelp for detail write up on documentation (http://www.immihelp.com/visitor-visa/sponsor-documents.html)
I wanted to invite my in-laws for my wife's graduation ceremony
My wife is enrolled for Masters degree in Public and accredited university. We got a letter form the university(which mentioned she is graduating and have planned graduation ceremony . She wants to invite her parents for graduation ceremony . PIL names mentioned in the letter from school )

My PIL had requested Hindi translator

They took travel agent help for scheduling appointment (Not required though )
My PIL did some Home-work .They met people (parents- age) with recent US visa (B2) experience and read experiences on-line (Thanks to Internet and people for sharing experience)

Day 1 : OFC appointment :

MY PIL had traveled to Mumbai and stayed with relatives .
It seems they had hard time locating the facility .
My FIL also got worried ad the speaker/microphone quality at OFC was not good, he asked and clarified that actual interview facility is nice
seems quick process

Day 2 : Interview day
(I had asked mt PIL do NOT pay attention other visa candidates)
It seems they ere able to listen to other interviews and apparently they saw 4 rejections in front of them
Actual interview :
VO(middle age american man) : Namstey
PIL (impreesed and surprised): Namstey
VO: where are you going in USA
VO:who is in XYZ city ?
PIL: daughetr , Son in law
VO: how long your daughter have been (Studying/Living ) in USA?
PIL: ... Thinking........
MIL: X years (My MIL has very sweet voice :) )
VO: whom do you stay with India
FIL: Son , his wife and children
VO: what does he do ?
FIL: answered :
VO: Your visa is approved .
PIL: Thank you (MIL in sweet voice :) )

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wshaikh1985     12/03/2013 16:52 PM

Hello All,

Want to post recent experience of my parents who got their B2 visa stamped at mumbai consulate and language selected was Hindi. I sponsored the visa and following were the questions on which the visa officer made the decision

1. Why are you going to USA?
2. Who is there in USA?
3. What is the salary?
4. What is the address of stay?
5. Why will you come back?
6. Who stays with you?

The whole idea here is to check your intent of coming back to India. Once you satisfy this condition, I dont think there would be any problem with visa approval.

However I would like to bring something to notice, Even after Visa approval if we go to check the status of visa application on ceac website it shows status as "administrative processing" for all cases, Please do not worry about this status. One should not be worried about this status as for all of the visa approval case this is the first stage after which the application status should change to "Issued" in a day or two.

Hope this helps.

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abdullah617     12/02/2013 18:34 PM

I'm a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia, im going to apply for B2 visa very soon to celebrate Christmas , new year and to visit one of my friend..i'll be applying with my wife,24 year old daughter who is done with her studies and a son who is still in high school....Some of my friends are saying that there are very less chances for your children to get visa due to their ages ...2nd question is that should i mention my visit to a friend or not???

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Mrs.S.Sanyal     11/28/2013 22:33 PM

Status - approved

I applied for my US visa in guangzhou China as I live here with my husband.
Today I went to the US consulate here in Guangzhou.
My interview went off well and the VO said your Visa is Approved.

But I have one doubt took only my finger print and didn't take my picture an
d I was so nervous I forgot to handover a copy.
Can this lead to problems?

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imtapas@yahoo.com     11/27/2013 00:57 AM

I am Indian working in muscat Oman and my wife is from Eritrea we are legally married with two kids one 5 years and one 1 year having Indian passport. We have resident card of Oman hence we can apply for usa visit visa from oman. I have a respected job in Oman. The thing is my wife is housewife. we want USA visit visa for all of us is their be a problem in getting a USA visit visa for my wife.

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