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humbl     12/26/2016 16:19 PM

I had visa interview at Islamabad embassy two days back.
Had been issued same visa twice before.Been to US thrice in 10 years for less than a month each time. it was third time.
Here it went like.

VO was a lady refused all three brfore me.
Me: Good Morning.
VO Good morning. Please give your passports.
VO; Why you want to visit USA.
Me. Spending annual holidays.
VO: Have you been to US before.
Me: Yes thrice,
VO: Do you have any relative s in US.
Me: Yes two siblings.
VO: Whats their status there.?
Me. One is citizen, other is LPR.
VO : Have you visited any other country before.
Me: Yes and toldvisited countries UK,France,Belgium, Denmark,Norway etc.
VO: When you visited UK.?
Me : Many times i.e in xxx and xxx.
VO was it during last five years,
Me. No. In last five years only visited US twice.
VO. What you Do.?
Me : Explained job.
VO: So you been in US for xx days in 2016, for xx days in 2012 and xx days in 2006.
Me: yes.
VO. OK I'm granting you visa, get it tomorow from collection office you selected in ds160.
Me: Thanks n stay blessed. Have a nice day.
VO. you too.

Left window,had coffee in came back.

Advice is be precise, to the point,reply whats being asked, Not a word more or less.Assure eye contact. Dont loose confidence Though i will visit by siblings, but as i mentioned in ds160 that i am going for vacation, so I replied same. Didn't pull in Leisure plus visiting siblings. Both are two different things.

Previously was put on AP both times. This time was not put on it. and got my passport today with 5 years multiple.

Good luck to all potential visa seekers.

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Raymond Kyerematen     12/23/2016 04:26 AM

This page has been very helpful for me in so many ways. I had my interview today in Accra,Ghana.

Me: Hi
Vo: how are you?
Me: Very well thanks yourself ?
VO: great. Pass your passport.
VO: what's the purpose of your travel.
ME: at this point I was distracted trying to put my file back together. I look up again and say "For Christmas and visit my sister for new year"
VO: What do you do ?
Me: I'm a student
VO: who's paying for your trip
Me: father. Then I start to mention name then I stop .
VO: now glances through my passport for close to 5secs and asks: I see you have travelled to the UK, have you visited any other countries ?
ME: Yes. Nigeria
VO: what work does your sister do ?
ME: Child therapist

VO: I am sorry you're ineligible now for non immigrant visa you can apply again when your circumstance change. Passes on the form.
Me. Ok thanks
Any advise on when next I can apply ? And what to do ?

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preet parmar     12/23/2016 01:47 AM

i was having inerview on 15 july 2016 but due to some reason i forwarded my interview and then my interview was scheduled on 7 december 2016 i paid the embassy fess at my old passport but i filles ds160 form at my new passport i was issued the visa but 16 days have passed for my interview and my passport is still with us embassy ??

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desmataks     12/22/2016 13:34 PM

hi my parents had interview in india and at the end was told to have a pleasant trip and passports were kept.
It means visa is approved. Correct??

also the status still shows as passport is with consulate/embassy from 2 days... When can we expect stamped passports?

questions asked:
where are you going?
what to do you do?
what does your son do?
when will you go?
for much time will you go?

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ehabayman     12/20/2016 20:03 PM

I'm a petroleum engineering student in a private university , used to live in kuwait like my whole life, ranked third on my department, and my college fees are a lot to pay so can this be like a guarantee that i will be back ? im goin to us to visit my gf actually but its kind of tourism as well, should i mention that im going to visit her as a main purpose or should i do not mention that ?
2nd i made a mistake writing which date im going to travel in cuz im going to there in spring break n im not really sure what date is it i jst mentioned its in april n i chose 10 random days in april , should i make another ds form cuz i submitted this one already, and also i wanna know what are my chances of gettin approval :) thank you

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kkme     12/20/2016 17:24 PM

today i had an interview at karachi consulate and let me describe some observation of VO and my interview are mention below.

First i was observing the VO which was taking an interview that was very fat and he is in hurry i think what i observed and he was asking just 1 or 2 questions before my interview of other candidates.

Question From First candidate : Male Candidate.
VO: Where are you working and name of comapny ?
Candidate : In Habib Bank
VO : For how long ?
Candidate : more than 25 years .
VO : For how long you are planning to stay in US ?
Candidate : for 2 weeks .
Vo. okay i am approving your visa.

and another candidate was a lady he got approved too in 2 questions.

my turn .

VO : hello
ME : Hello
VO : do you know somebody in us ?
ME : no i dont know any body in us . ( he make a strange face expression and look into the system and ask another question ). while i remember i did'nt mention any strange thing on ds-160 form just put hotel address and name in the form and put OTHERS when asking about relationship .
VO : Are you travelling alone ?
ME : yes
VO : Why would you do that ?
ME : Because i am getting vacations from my office in the month of january.
VO : have you live in bahrain ?
ME : Yes , i was there for 1 year on my contractual job to complete my project of network security in saudi aramco on the behalf of my company in bahrain.

VO : Okay.
VO : Are you married ?
ME : Yes
VO : When did you married ?
ME : i was married in 2012 december so 3 year ( my mistake ) . after some 1 minutes i tell him again when he was in next question to asking about my children ( 4 years almost ) .

VO : do u have children and age ?
ME : 3 years and 3 months of girl ( she was born in recently in august 31 )
VO : where will you stay in new york ?
ME : i will stay in the manhattan hotel .
VO : how much was that ?
ME : 60,000 PKR for 6 days .
VO : 6,000 ? ? ? oh 60,000 PKR . Can you show me your confirmation ?
ME : yes i can show you . i gave him booking confirmation and told him that i got this from booking.com on promotion.
VO : oh 59,180 for 5 nights . okay.

Then i write some thing on system and give white paper of standard refusal of 214b and said that sorry you are not qualified for visa.

Now i was thinking what i said to him which was taken to me on refusal ? i am getting handsome salary around 1,80,000 from my sources and having Department Head in my Company.

i saw it on other windows that other VO were asking long details like traditional questions from candidates.

i have travel history of singapore , turkey , uae , bahrain , oman. so should i travel europe too ?

and should i reapply and mention business in my ds-160 form with 2,50,000 PKR income ? actually i am providing consultancy services too apart from my job but i didn't mention that i only mentioned my job and salary only.

need your comments on my mistakes and suggestion on reapply .

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ferozkhan     12/20/2016 10:12 AM

Today i have interview at US embassy Brussels.
i was applying for B2 visit visa for 10 days. And the consuler after interview told me that unfortunality you are not qualified this time, and the reson she told me that you need to spend more time in Belgium and have some job then it will be good to reapply

She asked me questions like.
Vo. What is the purpose and where you will be staying.
vo. For how long you will be visiting.
vo. What is the relation whom you are visiting.
vo. How long you are staying in belgium
vo. What you was doing or your job
me. Unemployed.
Vo. Why, and what you were doing for living.
Me. I told her i moved to belgium and my residence was under process and dont have work permision that time, but wife has bussnies.
vo. What kind of bussnies
Vo. Asked about previous travel and how long you stayed in that countries
Vo. How will be paying.
me. Self sponser
vo. Do you have bank statment show me
Me. Pass him bank statment
vo. Do you own house or rent.
me. Rent
vo. Do you have any other family memebr in Belgium.
vo. Are you enroll with employment company for traing or language and how long.
me. Answered
then she told me wait for few minutes and went after she came back give me white paper with 214b refusel and told me that this time you are not qualified but spend some more time here and you are unemployed thats why you are not qualified you dont have atrong tie. I told her my wife is doing bussnies and i dont need to do a job as we have good earning but she told me that now i have made a decion but you can applying any time if you feel circumstance change. Also she tell me that its advice its better you spend some more time in belgium and have good job then apply .

What should i do now. I think its unfair that only for visa applying a person need to do a job .
plz advice.

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henderneth     12/19/2016 06:24 AM

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dga     12/16/2016 10:30 AM

I m Medicine student in india and i want to visit Europe including UK with my parents..
 around january,february..

Profile:--- My study will be completed on 20th March,2017..
                  my parents are government employee earning 70k/month each..
                  good bank balance with immovable properties..
                   my cousin brother will give invitation letter who is citizen of France..
                  I got rejection for usa b1b2 visa twice..i applied single..
                  we are going to visit europe through Cox-kings/MMT..

What are our chances to get schenegan / UK Visa??

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fblaze88     12/15/2016 23:11 PM

My Mom and MIL attended their VI @ Chennai on 14th & 15th Dec respectively and both got approved

Below are the Q&As

Mom [Self sponsored]-

VO: Good Morning. Oh! interview in English [May be he would have thought all who are wearing Saree would opt for local language]
VO: Can I have your passport?
Mom: Good Morning <Passed over the passport>

VO: How long you are planning to stay?
Mom: 2 Months

VO: Do you have any other child in India?
Mom: Yes. I have a daughter

VO: Where are you going in the US?

VO: I approve your visa!


MIL [I was the sponsor]-

VO: Good Morning. Can I have your passport?
MIL: Good Morning <Passed over the passport>

VO: Is your husband traveling with you?

VO: Where does your son-in-law work
MIL: ZZZZ Company

VO: How long you are planning to stay in the US
MIL: 2 Months

VO: Your visa is approved!


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