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sleepless     10/19/2015 00:34 AM

Me and my wife applying for B2 Visa and today is our interview. We are well prepared and thanks to Immihelp.com for helping people. We want to visit our friend in USA who has invited us.

Almost, every possible document to prove our capability to travel US, we have kept in the folder including our old passports with a reasonable travel history.

We will share our experience in couple of hours. Pray for us please.

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shenoy     10/19/2015 06:50 AM

My brother in law and sister reside in US and my parents wanted to visit them,
Both my parents are employed. My sister is carrying. But she is staying with her in laws there who are there to take care of her. Also, they will be hiring day care/ nannies to take care of the baby after delivery. But we were worried about how to handle this situation with the VO. We had prepared for questions commonly asked. And held 2 principles -
1. To be honest in all answers
2. To not provide unnecessary information, unless it conflicted with the first point.

We had ticked self under Sponsor column. We had carried these documents :

Common :
1. Chartered Accountant letter showing assets and deposits in bank.
2. Invitation letter.
3. Family photos.
4. My study certificate from college
5. Appointment letter.
6. VISA fee receipt

DAD and MOM each:
1. EMployer NOC certificate
2. Leave letter.
3. Salary slips - 3 months
4. Tax receipts - 3 months.
5. Passport and ID cards
6. DS 160 confirmation page.
7. tickets.

BIometrics took 15 mins the day before Visa Interview. Interview was scheduled in Oct 2015 at Chennai Consulate which went like this :

1. (To my dad) Are you working for ..... ?
A. Yes

2. (To my mom) Are you working for ....?
A. Yes

3. What is the purpose of visit?
A. (dad)To tour US and pay a visit to my daughter's family.

4. Which places do you want to visit?
A. (dad) Washington, Newyork city, Philadelphia, Atlanta city, Niagara falls (VO smiles and says "Yes, I wanted to hear that".

5. Have you bought the tickets?
A. We are taking care of travel expenses. Staying and other is taken care by my son in law (VO : Yes , tickets is the main cost. All other expenses are minor right.)

6. How long do you want to stay ?
A. Dad for 15 days and mom for 3 months. ( VO : (to my mom) Do you get so much leave ? . my mom said yes)

VO : Your VISA is approved. Enjoy your vacation.

None of the documents were asked.

Passport was collected 2 days later at a collection centre.

Immihelp was a lot of help indeed ! Thank you.
All the best to all applicants

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gsmhsk95     10/18/2015 10:20 AM

im sales executive in garment company in delhi in India from last 2 years. I also visit one time dubai and Switzerland, slovenia, austria on schengen short term visa in august 2015. I am going to apply usa visitor visa in 2016 march. please anybody tell me what is the chances of getting visa .

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umairr     10/18/2015 08:51 AM

Hello to All,
i really need your precious advise..
i am going to apply b2 visa next week, i'm 26 and doing regular job in a hotel and monthly income is 5500 aed,(almost 1 year) and i have around 7000 US Dollar in account So how much chance of getting b2 visa,

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HIBAFATIMA     10/17/2015 16:10 PM

(1) If someone is on 5 years tourist visa can he/she can switch to student visa while his/her tourist visa extension is pending and his/her i-94 is going to expire Nov 25th 2015?

(2) If he/she gets refusal for tourist visa extension then are they going to cancel 5 years visa as well?

(3) If he/she does not get tourist visa extension after i-94(expiry date Nov 25th 2015) then will they consider as over stayed?

(4) If baby born in USA while on tourist visa is the immigration going to give tough time while couple is visit 2nd time to USA on same tourist visa with baby born in USA because someone told me that they can send back while saying your intention was baby birth in this country?

(5) If any couple spend almost 6 months in USA while on 5 years tourist visa then what is the best time for 2nd visit on same visa like how much time they should spend in their homeland?

(6)If someone has applied for visa extension while is on tourist visa while he has applied for visa extension if he leaves USA while application is in progress but he leaves after expiration of his i-94 but application is still pending and after he leaves he gets refusal for extension will he be considered as over stay?
waiting for expert opnions.

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harrysaini     10/16/2015 03:54 AM

Hi to all of you dear friends..!!

Please help and advice me..

i am 26,,post graduated,single and doing job as an office assistant in university.
i have 3.5 years work experience.
I have employment letter & NOC from the university which mentioned all information and my 2 weeks winter vacation already sanctioned..
my father have own land. The value of land approximate 97 Lakhs
I have Affidavit from my father they will be bear my all expenses during my visit to US.
 i have bank balance 4 lakhs.
 please help me to complete my Ds-160..here i have confusion.

1. ****U.S. Point of Contact Information****

although i dont know anybody to US so what i have to fill in my DS-160??

2. is there i have to fill my hotel name .. where have organization name..???
3. what i can fill... Relationship to You..???
4. Passport/Travel Document Type--what i have to fill -- Official,Regular,Diplomatic,other..???
5. Purpose of Trip to the U.S.
6. Specify

Please friends reply me with your great knowledge and valuable suggestions/comments..i am waiting...

Thanks a lot..!!!

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yashujethi     10/14/2015 02:02 AM

Hi. First of All, Million thanks to Immihelp. It couldn't have been possible without your help. The questions and answer posted by many of the users were of great help indeed.

Firstly, I'd like to tell everybody that I filled DS 160 on my own, not taken any help from any of the travel agents or visa consultants. Didn't do any formal training. I had applied for tourist visa along with my wife and my two years old daughter. Following were the questions asked :

Date Oct 14, 2015. Time 8 AM.

Language : English

VO : Good Morning
We : Good Morning Sir!

VO : Passport please
Me : Sure Sir

VO : Why do you want to travel to US?
Me : For tourism

VO : What do you do for living?
Me : Explained my job profile (Working in leading Pvt Bank as Branch Manager)

VO : What's your highest qualification?
Me : Masters in Mathematics

VO : Do you have any relatives in US?
Me : Yes, Wife's cousin

VO : Which place?
Me : Explained

VO : Where does he work?
Me : Explained

VO : Have you got your leaves approved?
Me : Yes

Then, he started to type for almost 30 seconds.

VO : Do you own a car?
Me : Yes (Told brand and model name)

Next, he started asking questions from my wife

VO : What do you do Ma'am?
Wife : Explained (Asst. Professor)

VO : Higest qualification?
Wife : Masters in Computer applications

VO : Which subjects do you teach?
Wife : Explained

Then came the golden words, Your visa is approved. You can collect your VIsa from our Visa Centre.

Now, time for few tips :

Be confident, don't lie, don't get nervous. We didn't do any prepartion for Visa interview, it was like just a formal discussion. So, be yourself and look straight into the Visa Officer's eyes while talking.

Secondly, If you believe in GOD, then keep telling yourself that

In your imagination, keep telling yourself that God is guiding you. God is with you in the interview as well and you'll feel the magic. I've applied this technique in my professional career as well, at the time of review meetings, during job interviews or any other important work or assignment that i take up, the results are always positive and in my favour. This tip has also worked wonders and I've changed the perception and negative thinking of many many people. Best of luck.

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harb88     10/12/2015 17:16 PM

i just to know if i can apply for visit visa ..because my immigration application is denied because ma father who applied for died..now my sister has cancer she wants me there for for one month ..im Jordanian but l live in Saudi Arabia i work here ..and im stable here just want to help my sister in these tough days..before i applied for visit visa to see sick my father before dying and they refuse because at that time my immigration application still valid.. i want want to know what should i do to convince them? what document i need ? do i need a letter from my sister or form the her doctor ? from the hospital ? i need a copy my sisters american passport ?
for your information that's may help ..i have in my balance account around 4000 $ and im 27 single i have no criminal issues and all my family history in usa is legal .. please anyone help me if you had the same case ..please comment here ..Thank you all

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Shamraiz     10/12/2015 16:50 PM

Hello am applying for b2 visa from London am from Pakistan I have 2 questions my sister is living in USA she sending me invitation letter are she have to send visa counslate or just to me and second thing I have to chose only b2 but showing b1/b2 togather plz help me I really appreciate u thank you so much

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aliz24     10/10/2015 14:42 PM

language = english
interview time= 10 am
consular= good morning
me = morning
consular= why do u wanna go to US
me= for tourism
consular= do have any international travel
me= havent travelled in recent years but when i was a kid i went to england with my mom
consular= do u live in england?
me= no i went there with my mom on visitor visa
consular= what work u do
me = i worked as an employeer in my dad company
cosular= salary?
me= 500 $
consular= sorry and hand over me yellow paper

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