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WantVisa     05/30/2016 08:52 AM

My wife is travelling to US for the first time on B1. Me and my son have our appointment scheduled on 7th June. What are our chances? What are the questions they may ask?
Please advise.

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wedding crasher     05/30/2016 04:45 AM

Hey guys, concerning the question " Do you have any other relatives in the US". The thing is that my Uncle (Dad's brother ) is an american citizen ,however he has been residing in our home country for the last 5 years. So should i still include him in the application since he is technically not is the US currently?

Appreciate your advice.

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samir007     05/29/2016 08:39 AM

I need honest suggestion/feedback regarding my possibility of getting US visa of B1/B2 from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

i am working in a textile company and have plan to attend in a textile trade fair for 4 days to gather new concept and market trend of the business. My company is sponsoring me for this trip. i am married with a son and salary around 100k, but i don't have any international travel yet. this is my first trip to USA.

So what is my possibility to get B1/B2 visa or is there any lacking of mine? if anyone can give me feedback, will be thankful.

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chopkenkey     05/27/2016 20:04 PM

guys i am a Beninuar living and work in brazil and i have tried to apply once without success , but during that time i did not have any strong ties though and also did not have any travel experience as well . so i completely understood why my application was rejected , but i am planning to reapply again this August , i made the first rejected application 2014 .. now i have travel experience , i visited mexico after my first B2 rejection and i have also visited norway last year december .. and i still have an existing mexican visa also france visa as well , i have a very good guaranteed job which i have been working for two years now and i have been married for 4 years now.

Do i stand the chance of getting a B2 this time ? any advice for me guy ?

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gavini     05/27/2016 10:11 AM

I was checking through various visa trackers. Rather all of them.

Visa approval date : 20/05/2016 (Friday)

On 21/05/2016 : Passport with consulate.
On 22/05/2016 : Passport with consulate.
On 23/05/2016 : No data. (A bit worried.)
On 24/05/2016 : origination scan.
On 25/05/2016 : Ready for delivery. Transit to post.
On 26/05/2016 : Got a sms from Blue dart that passport is ready for pick up. Strangely the trackers still say " transit to post."
On 27/05/2016 : Collected passport. Got ten years visa. Tracker says visa picked up.


If your interview is on a Friday, it will take almost a week to get your passport.

You will get a message from Blue dart/ VAC before the data is updated in trackers.

No need to worry if the position is no data after passport is with consulate. It simply means the data is to be updated.

Once it is transit to post, you will receive it within two days.

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shivanipatel     05/26/2016 01:23 AM

Hello i am 22years old college going girl and i'm going to apply for visa on 16th and 17th of june 2016...And i'm going to apply from my college ..please help me crack visa interview. and i was rejected for 2times with my family in 2014,2015..will i be able approved visa this time please help me...

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Anoosha     05/25/2016 08:48 AM

My Experience for B2 Visa

Thanks everyone for your valuable inputs. I have gone through all your experiences and prepared well for our interview which was yesterday 5/24/2016.

Myself and my Husband (Both are working) would like to visit my Sister who lives in US and also holds green card. We have already booked tickets prior to our Visa Interview as the fares keep increasing. Our trip was just for 3 weeks. Here are the questions.

VO : Hi, Good Morning
Husband : Good Morning

VO : Why do you want to go to US
Husband : We want to go to US to visit Sister-in-law and also famous places like Newyork, Washington,Niagara, California etc

VO: Sister-in-law means, your Brother's wife or your wife's sister
Me : My sister

VO: Can i have your sister's passport
Me : I have handed my sister's passport copy to her, she checked something on her screen

VO: Is she working?
Husband : Yes

VO : Where does she work
Husband : She works as Web Developer is XXX company

VO: Where does she live
Husband : Told

VO: Is your sister married?
Husband : Yes

VO: Does your brother-in-law work
Husband : Yes

VO: What do you do?
Husband : I work as software developer in XXX company

VO: What is your team size
Husband : 10 , out of which 6 are developers and 4 are QA

VO: Does you have any client in US?
Husband : Yes we have clients

VO : Can you name any?
Husband : Told few names

VO: Can you describe your work
Husband : He explained about his work , tools that he use etc

VO : what is your annual income?
Husband : Told

VO: Are you also working Mam
Me : yes

VO : What do you do
Me: I also work as software developer for XXX company

VO: What is your annual income mam
Me : Told

VO: No kids?
Both : No, we don't have yet.

After few second, she said 'Your Visa is approved'

Except my sister's passport and our passport, she dint ask any documents. Though we are visiting my sister, my Husband responded to all questions and she dint mind.

Over all it was very smooth.

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Umairr     05/24/2016 01:48 AM

i really need your precious advise..
i am going to apply B2 Visa in July, i am 26 and doing regular job in a hotel and monthly income is AED5.000,(Almost 1.5 year) and i have around 5000 Us dollar in account, so how much chance of gating visa ??


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gavini     05/20/2016 08:58 AM

We are a retired couple. Thanks to immihelp we are well prepared and the questions were on expected lines.

Why do you want to visit US?

To see my relative and tourism. (Exactly as written in DSC 160)

How is he related to you?


What is he doing?


What places do you want to visit?


What were you doing before retirement?


What was your designation?


What was the nature of your job?


How much pension do you get?


To my wife...

Where did you work?


I see that you got a recent visa to UK for ten years.

Yes, madam

Who is there?

My son. He is a British citizen.

Did you travel to UK earlier?


Did you visit US earlier?


What purpose?


How many children do you have?


What are they doing and where do they live?


Do you have any property?

Yes. Gave the details.


Where will you go in US?

My wife repeated Niagara Falls.

She laughed and said

Everybody says Niagara. Your visas are approved. She put the passports in a tray besides her.

Thank you madam.


If you are retired govt employee, have travelled previously to other countries, and have strong ties in your home country, and be confident at the interview success is sure.

No papers were asked.

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vikas_kumar     05/19/2016 09:11 AM

VO: Good morning how r u.
Me: Good morning Fine how r u?
VO: Gud, Passport pl?
Me: Sure
VO: Why u r going to US
Me: for tourism purpose. Im visiting 1 to 6 June UK and from there i want to visit US.
VO: For How many days?
Me: 10days
VO: What u do here ?
Me: Im a Senior Engineer working with xxx company.
VO: How long u working here ?
Me: Almost 2years.
VO: Hav u visited any other country?
Me: No



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