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woodenmicrowave     03/18/2014 01:56 AM

I'm a Filipina. My husband (domestic partner/we're not married), is a US Citizen. He was an active US Airforce from 2000-2006 and reserve until 2008. Now, he's working in the US Embassy Manila. We just registered our son to a US Citizen last month. We are planning to have a short trip in the US, in CA to be specific. I would like to give my son a chance to meet his dad's family and spend his 7th birthday there as I wasn't there when he had his 6th. I want to give him the best birthday of his childhood. Bring him to Universal Studios, Disney California Adventure Park and others.. His will be sponsoring me for the tickets and other expenses will be shouldered with his family. I'm currently working here in Dubai.

As for my ties, I may not have all the material things that they maybe looking for. Though we have a house and a Toyota Hilux registered to my husband. My immediate family is in the Philippines. My father is turning 84, and currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease. As soon as I'm done with my 2-years contract here in Dubai, I will be moving back to Manila to be with my dad.

Is there any chance for me to get approved for a B2 US Visa?

Thank you.

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foronlinequest     03/14/2014 00:30 AM

Hi All,
I have been visiting US since 2009 with H1 on work assignments from my employer and returning back once i have my assignment completed. Recently after April 2012 I have reached us in first week of January 2014 along with my wife (H4). I have got my second extension filed and approved. I am planning to apply B2 Visa for my inlaws now (By Mid or End of March 2014) by sponsoring them. I read in a online forum that if we apply for B2 after 2 months of H1 visa holders arrival in US B2 Visa might not be approved. Please suggest if there is any time limit to apply/sponsor B2 visa by H1 visa holder after arriving in US.


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drkeyuri     03/13/2014 07:17 AM

My younger sister and me applied for b2 visa this march 2014 under sponsorship basis. My experience was wonderful in getting b2 visa for ten years. I have understood one thing that the applicant personally has to be pro with all the details of ds-160 and sponsorship documents. My aunt (fathers sister) who is a citizen of USA sponsored us for b2 visa. I am a dental surgeon and my sister is a student of physiotherapy. I was having my bankstatement, employment letter, i-t returns and my sister was having bonafide certificate and all her marksheets till date alongwith sponsorship documents, NOC from parents, Property Papers of my parents. Our OFC and interview with the consulate were on 6th and 7th march respectively and were in separate slots. Following were the questions asked to both of us:

VO: MADAM YOUR VISA IN APPROVED *GOLDEN WORDS* :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

No Documents were asked except sponsorship documents.

Thank You to immihelp.com. This is the best website to find all the details before the application if any visa. Thank U

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vimalcsoni123     03/13/2014 01:27 AM


my interview was on 11th march morning 9 o clock

VO: Good morning
Me : Good morning

VO: give me your passport sir
Me: I gave him passport

VO: Why u want to go USA?
ME: I want to go for bachelor party because next my marriage

VO: Have u traveled any other country?
ME : i said yes i was visit uae for 13 days

And then VO Off The mic and discussing and after sometime he typing and give me a letter 214b
and said sorry sir we cant give u visa

i just said thank u

so i just wanna say they didn't see my docs and tooked decision this is the worst experiance

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mail2vasant     03/12/2014 07:30 AM


I applied for US and UK tourist visa in 2006 and both were rejected because i was a student back then.

This summer i am planning to go to US to visit my brother who is a US citizen in june/july for 3 weeks with my wife.

Both me and my wife are working
I am in an MNC for almost 4 years and she is also working for thepast 1 year My current annual salary is around 4lac pa and her is 2lac pa

On my passport there are US and UK rejection stamps and a Singapore visa and on her passport there is singapore visa.
my brother is sponsoring for our trip. how can i prove to the officer that i will return back on time.
What are our chances of getting a US tourist visa??
Also please advice on the recommended documents that i should carry

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pamelakanjilal     03/07/2014 10:51 AM


I am on a H1 visa in the US and would like to bring my parents over. Our visas went for renewal in June 2013 (regular process) and we just received the extension till June 2014. Which means I will have to file for extension by sometime in May 2014 again. Meanwhile I would like my parents to come and visit us. Can I do that? Can my parents apply for their visas considering that mine will go for extension yet again in May this year. If they can, will they be eligible for getting B2 visas beyond June 2014 or will our validity status affect their B2 application.

Kindly help or direct me to the right forum.


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chintanvashi45     03/06/2014 22:00 PM


I 'd applied for my mother's visitor visa and she received it in very first attempt.I want to thank immihelp and peace99 for all the support and guidance.As per the advice on immihelp I showed my brother as the sponsor and it worked.

My mother had selected Gujarati as the language of the interview but she was provided with a Marathi interpreter.It was strange, but I guess it was because in the DS-160 she'd put Hindi ,Marathi and Gujarati as the languages known to her.Questions were asked in Marathi but she replied in Gujarati.She was asked following questions

Vo - Where do you stay?
Mom - In xxx with my son and his family.

Vo- Why do you want to visit USA?
Mom - For tourism and to meet my daughter and SIL

V0- What does your Son- in -law do?
Mom- Works for xxxx as xxxxxx

Vo- Does you daughter work in USA?
Mom- No, she's a housewife as she is on H4 visa

Vo- Who will bear the cost of your USA trip?
Mom - My son who stays with me will bear all the cost.

Vo- Where does your son work?
Mom- He works with XXXX as xx.

And then Vo said your visa is done and you'll receive your passport in 3 days.

Vo asked for my husband's visa petition, other than that no other docs were checked.My mother was carrying all the documents as mentioned in this forum.We didn't send any sponsorship documents from here as my brother was sponsoring from India.

Thanks again to immihelp.

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cactus18     03/04/2014 16:03 PM

Hello ! Good day to all the readers here :-) I would like to ask for a help or opinion regarding my visa process. A week from now, my uncle from US will send me all the documents I'll be needing from him. I'd like to ask, if my visa has a possibility to get approved even if I haven't met my uncle. We just met on social networking sites.he visited philippines 40years ago. He was born in US. Im going to graduate in college this May 2014, what can u advice to me ? I know the interviewer/VO might think that I am going to over stay coz I'm already graduate the time I come to US. Any advice, comment or opinion ? THANK YOU :-)

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bigshot     02/27/2014 22:45 PM

Hello everybody thanks for sharing your experience ----- Here's my parents b2 visa interview experience at New Delhi
TIPs - Always practice the sample visa interview question with your parents you never know what they are going to ask

VO: Good morning
Dad: Good morning

VO: Where do you want to go?
Dad: state name, usa

VO: what is your son do?
Dad: Company name and position

VO: what is your daughter in-low do?
Dad: Company name and position

VO: How did your son go there/ on what visa
Dad: visa name

Here's the golden word ---- OK YOUR VISA IS APPROVED

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stphen     02/25/2014 06:19 AM

Good day, I just found this website would be of helpful to me in knowledge and advice in getting a business/conference meeting visa.

I had been rejected twice for the business / conference meeting visa and I would like to know what I was doing wrongly because I'm planning to reapply again.

First interview was done in Malaysia when I was doing my MBA program in Management and research also for the Uni due to insufficient needed documents.

Second interview was done back home in Nigeria and I was rejected again. Here below was how the interview conducted.

VO- Good Morning
Me- Good Morning
VO- Why are you going to the US?
Me- For a business conference
VO- What kind of work do you do?
Me- A business development
VO- What is the name of the company?
Me- Answered
V0- Have you traveled out of the country before?
Me- Yes
VO- What purpose?
Me- Studies
VO- What is your highest qualification?
VO- Have you attend any business conference before?
Me: No

He typed something on the computer and said We are sorry but your visa is rejected this time. You can reapply again.

No document checked. Can someone please tell me the missing point or knowledge gap because I'm planning to reapply again in a week time. Could it be because I had been rejected once in 2010? This upcoming conference is important for my new career, team members and also for the organization I worked with.


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