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chirag_kalra     02/12/2014 22:38 PM

Hey guys I got my B2 visa stamped yesterday:)
Let me tell you I reside in Germany on student visa and pursuing my MS in Germany.
I applied my visa from Germany, Frankfurt city. It was scheduled at 9.15 am but i reached there at 8 am.
I entered at 8 am itself and they took my fingerprints and asked me to wait for my turn.

8.10 am I got my call

VO: Good Morning!!
Me: Good Morning!!
VO: what is the purpose of visit to US?
Me: to visit sister and brother in law
VO: for how long and when are you planning to go
Me: 3 weeks in April
VO: In which city will you stay?
Me: gave the name of the city
VO: when did u come to Germany and what do you do in Germany?
Me: i study MS and came 2 years back
then i showed my university letter and sponsor letter and other supporting documents
VO: what's your plan after MS?
Me: will return back to India and will stay back with my parents
VO: y? don't u like Germany? you don't want to work in Germany?
Me: No!!
VO: your visa has been approved :) and you will receive it in 3 working days:)
Me: thank you!! have a nice day!!

i left visa embassy at 8:20 am

Don't forget to take supporting documents and sponsor letters!!
Be confident and show him you won't stay in their country!!

Best of luck everyone!!

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Rekha432     02/12/2014 11:47 AM

I entered USA in July on non immigration (H1B) visa. I wanted to apply tourist visa for my mother. Friends suggested that if mother is a widower and has only child in USA the visa will be denied ,also I did not have sufficient bank balance that time. So I asked her to apply as self sponsored and would visit USA statying in my cousin's home. She applied in July itself. Unfortunately in DS 160 I filled the column "Any child in USA " as no.
The visa got rejected stating "insufficient funds" and was asked to repply by the VO in Chennai.

After 6 months Now again we applied stating me as a daughter sponsoring her visa and expenses. Again it was rejected with 2 issues
1. They said last time you had mentioned there is no daughter in USA but she was already there. My mom explained that she did not have funds that time and that is why she did not sponsor. They did not accept the explanation
2. My mothers passport had her maiden name as the last name , so the Visa officer also asked why is the sir name of your daughter and you different . They were not willing to see my birth certificate or the passport where there was proof that I am her daughter.

I have few queries
1. Would I be able to repply for her again?
2. What are the chances of approval when reapplied?
3. Any suggestion on how to go about when reapplying would help.
4. Is there any rule that after rejected for these many times we should not reapply for these many days?

I am seriously worried. I am planning to reapply again in 2 weeks with properly explained reason in DS160 but still confused on how toe xplain or when to apply. Any valid suggestion would help.

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zunoo     02/11/2014 00:35 AM

Today My mother and I gave an interview for B2 Visa (tourism) at Karachi Consulate time: 7:45 am:

VO (to my mother): Assalam walaikum
Mother: Wailakum Salam, how are you?
VO: I am fine, (then she turned to me and politely asked) Assalam walaikum, how are you?
Me: Wailaikum Salam, i am fine
VO (to my mother): Why do you want to go to America?
Mother: We usually travel outside the city to spent our vacations
VO (searching our passport) But you never travelled anywhere
Mother: No I mean inside the country, this time i decided to go to America
VO: (to my mother, I was waiting for her (VO) to asked me questions, but most of times she focused on my mother): What do you do?
Mother: I am retired employee of State Bank of Pakistan and currently teaching in my son's coaching center
VO: (after looking into monitor) Do you have relatives there?
Mother: Yes, my cousin is living in Chicago
VO: Are you going to meet him?
Mother: No I am going to West Palm Beach and he is in Chicago.
VO: (turned to me): What is your salary package?
Me: Actually Maam I am the owner of a coaching & computer center
VO: What is your earning?
Me: around 40,000 to 50,000
(throughout her response was quite polite)
VO: Are you married?
Me: No I am engaged
(VO starts typing on the computer, she did that for around 2-3 minutes)
VO: What is your budget for your tour?
Me: Maam around 10 to 12 lakhs
(VO was continuously typing, I wonder what she was typing)
VO: (finally she said, but very politely) Actually we have a very strict immigration policy, and we cannot process your visa.
She handed us our passports.
Me: Thank you madam
VO: You're welcome!

I don't understand why she declined, as our sole purpose was to visit America for 20 days and come back our homeland as we have here our family, my fiance, my business, my properties, and our relatives were here, and we have very strong ties with our country.

Guide me please, I am going to re-apply in very soon.

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akki1000     02/10/2014 14:29 PM

I have my usa b2 interview 2 wel later in delhi...we are 4 members going for interview me, sister, mother and father....we hav opted for english interview but my parents are not very good in english....so can we answer there for them....answer ASAP

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amalraj     01/31/2014 23:36 PM

Hi all, I got my B1 Visa one week before at Mumbai in my initial attempt. I am really happy to share my experience while I interviewed by the interviewer.

Me: Good Morning Madam.

VO: Good Morning, Can I have your passport. She looked the screen and verified the passport.

VO: What is the purpose of your visit?

Me: For Attending Business Conference and Team Meeting

VO: How many days you are going to stay?

Me: 10 Days

VO: You have any relatives in US?

Me: No

VO: What is your designation?

Me: Sr.Software Engineer

VO: How many years you are working in this company?

Me: One year and 10 months

VO: What is your annual package?

Me: I told my package

:) got golden words from VO, "your visa is approved".

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rahuldb     01/31/2014 17:34 PM

I have an B1/B2 visa for 10 years . I got married late last month, now I am back to US for business trip. I came back just 15 days after my wedding, Now my company is giving sponsership to me to bring my wife to US. But because I didnt got enough time to make a marriage certificate,I dont have it. I spoke to a consultant , He told me thta its ok for marriage certificate, my wife can show the photo album of our wedding as well she can exlpain that why didnt got time to make a marriage cerificate also if asked she can show my travel tickets to US just after marriage.. So will the absence of marriage certificate will make any difference in the visa process,
     Please help me friends with ur experiences, I am appling her file next week for mumbai.

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Farhanlateef     01/31/2014 07:04 AM

I would like to thank immihelp, this website was a great help to me. I had gone through all the experiences posted by individuals who got the visa and rejected. I would like to share mine also, so as to benefit others.

Visitors Visa B2

Date 24/01/14
0830 Hrs

After the security check waited for my turn for the interview. VO was extremely professional and well mannered.

VO: Why do you want to go US sir.
ME: My Father In Law is not keeping well, I need to see him and spend some time with him so that he feel happy about it.
VO: What happened to your FIL Sir
ME: He is a senior citizen had stunt replacement and soon will go for a surgery.
VO: How is he now?
ME: He is OK as of now.
VO: What does your wife do?
ME: Home Maker, she has already visited him in US and cannot travel now, since she recently had a baby.( VO dint ask but, I said i can give my wife's passport, on that VO said yes. I handed over the passport of my Wife with valid US visa.
VO: Where did you meet your wife?
ME: In India
VO: What do you do?
ME: I am a Retail Manager
VO: What is your annual income?
VO: How long you are going to stay in US?
ME: 3 weeks
VO: Your visa is approved.
ME:Thank you so Much.

Suggestion: Be yourself, confident and honestly answer the questions. VO may not ask for the documents, but you can always support your case and give relevant documents to VO.

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roswell77     01/31/2014 05:44 AM

Morning, i'm italian and I'll got with with my peruvian girlfriend in Peru and our flight has stop on the Miami for only 68 hours. 20 days ago embassy denied her B2 visa INA Section 214 (b) ragion,
I read on this site that letters of support from U.S. family and friends cannot guarantee visa issuance; rather, consular officers consider the travel plans and ties of each applicant to determine if the applicant overcomes the presumption of immigrant intent. We just payd for all flight trips, including perù 3 local flights and hotels, we provided all tour details, she has full job contract from 3 years, and she lives in italy since 2005 with regular permits, but she has not property, has a little bank deposit as she often send money to perù family as all foreign people, only one brother that doesn't live with her; she earns only 800€ for month, will be this one, the problem? we have a friend in miami where we'll stay during our brief USA stop. Someone told me that for visitor visa success, she should show a well paying permanent job, or married with me.. How can we show, that it's not immigrant intent????

we have 68hours of layover (10hours the first day and 58hours of last day of our whole peruvian tour) as you can see on this image

We have new meeting next week..
please help..

thanks yajaida

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Mehak Awathi     01/26/2014 17:21 PM

Hi All,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences, it is extremely helpful.

My mother in law is a widow and we had applied for her visa with my sister in law in June 2012. The interview language was Hindi but the VO asked all questions in English. My sister in law knows English so he answered and mother in law stayed quiet for the entire process. The visa was rejected under 214B.

My sister in law is now married and we want to re-apply for my mother in law's visa.

1) What are the chances that the visa will be approved?
2) What should be written in the section for reason for visa refusal in DS 160?
3) Any other tips/suggestions will be really helpful.


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mohiter4     01/24/2014 09:36 AM

Really appreciate the the time taken by the people to commen/share their experience here. It really helps others to know the queries that are generally asked for a specific Visa application. Again thanks.

I went for B1/B2 Visa and got it approved. Thanks to the pointers by other users. Below goes my experience and understanding for this Visa type.

Points to be noted by interviewee:
1. Be confident, stand straight and greet the interviewer.
2. Pay attention to the interviewer. Don't look lost and ask him/her to repeat again and again.
3. You are not going to do WORK there (as it is B1/B2 type). Mind it answer NO if you are asked the same.
4. State precisely your stay duration like 1/23 weeks etc. It will give them the feeling that all is fixed and planned.
5. You do not have any intention/plan to stay longer than the scheduled duration.
6. Be short and to the point in answers. Do not volunteer for information.
7. If the visit is technical/training/meetings, sate it in short. It will give impression on the interviewer. Again, NO WORK there(though don't state this until asked)
8. Apart from your visiting place (client/Company HeadQuarters etc.) you don't know anyone there.
9. Documents to carry:
a) Invitation letter: From client or parent company copy + Originals.
a) ID proof: Apart from obvious passport carry copy of PAN card/Driving liscence. 1 copy will do. No originals needed, as they have chip inside. You have to leave them if security suspects, hence, better leave.
b) Educational certificates: 10th, 12th, Bachelors marksheet + degree (and Masters if you have one). 1 copy each + originals if asked for.
c) Offer letter from current company + Resignation of last company(if there). 1 copy each will do. Carry originals if you can.

Questions asked to me:
1. Name?
Ans. Stated clearly.
2. Your Company name?
Ans. As mentioned in invitation letter.
3. Purpose of US visit?
Ans. Mentioned in short. Same as present in the invitation letter.
4. What you will be doing during the visit?
Ans. Explained the above in a bit detail about it. (Be technical here if possible).
NOTE, NO WORK, JUST MEETING/TRAINING or what ever the purpose is.
5. Where does your parents stay? Do you live in a joint family?
Ans. Answered.

Your Visa is approved. Thank you.

Thank him/her back.

B1/B2 interview will last only 1-2 mins (or 3-4 mins max in some case). It's pretty short. You just have to be confident and informative in your answers.

Though if the time period (like recession etc.) or if Indian service company has done some cheat in US, it could be a bit tough, but no rocket science involved, at least for B1/B2. Be confident and know what you are saying.

Good Luck and know that being nervous is completely OKey :)
It's not the end of the word(which was on my mind, stated by one of you who shared the experience below :))

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