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omarmagdym     06/16/2016 11:10 AM

I have been rejected for 2 times
the first time i stated that I will stay for 3 months at a friend
The second time I stated that Im going to stay for 2 weeks and I booked an hotel but I've been rejected .

and now after a year Im applying for the third time willing to stay for 2 weeks as a summer vacation .I am student next year I will be a senior I want to know if this will give me an advantage and Im travelling alone .
do I have an opportunty to get the visa ?

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tahli93     06/15/2016 19:39 PM

I was 2 hours late because I got lost which was no problem for them, I would advise anyone else to use the train though, it is MUCH easier and cheaper, especially with parking (and the hour it took me to find my car afterwards).

 I first had to have my fingerprints taken, while she checked my passport and form. I then was told to wait. Then I went in a long queue to be interviewed, you are standing up and the person interviewing you behind the glass is also standing.

I was asked what the explanation was on my form, I answered "because I overstayed on my last visit" the man then said "for how long" and I answered "49 days". He asked me why I overstayed and I explained "I was not aware that I was not able to extend, he joked and wagged his finger at me.

He asked these questions and these are my answers:

Why do you want a B2 visa?
    Because I would like to be able to visit in laws and friends with my spouse, he is moving here to the UK, and as much as I wouldn't like to admit it, I missed my family while I was gone, and I don't want him to have to travel alone to visit.

Has your husband already moved here?
   No, he is waiting for his interview.

What do you do?
  I have a new job starting wednesday (I showed him my letter for the job).

What does your husband do?
 He is visiting here at the moment, he doesn't have a job here yet because we applied for the wrong visa when he first came here.

Why did you overstay?
 I was confused when the officer at the border told me not to overstay but to ask for an extension, I think I was also a little crazy-headed after just getting married.

And you live with your parents?
 Yes, my siblings and I all help to look after my mother, she has recently had a stroke, although she doesn't feel like she needs the help, she even offered to drive me here!

He didn't ask me for any other proof, he wasn't strict, harsh, scary etc. He made me feel comfortable because I was comfortable with him. I was terrified, but just glad that the day had came.

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shivanipatel     06/14/2016 01:42 AM

Hello finally the date as came i am going to apply for visa on 16th 17th june 2016.so much worried all doucment are ready.but rejected two times with family.now i am going to apply alone as i am going in summer program from college.will i get visa plz reply me

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markmolter30     06/13/2016 14:55 PM

My mom and my sister want to come here and visit me for a month or two. I am here in US from last three years ( graduated in 1.5 years and then working ).

My question is :

(1) My dad expired three months ago. My mom is a house wife and my sister is a teacher. Should I apply for visa of my sister and mom at the same time or should I apply for my mom first ? Does it matter?

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mark edrian     06/13/2016 11:19 AM

Hi all,

since this site help me alot regarding on what would be the possible question to be ask by consul. Im 25 years old, Single, Unmarried, No relatives in U.S and specially the country where i held my visa interview is not my homecountry as they said if you fall in two or more of the following creteria more probably you will gonna denied. but today i proved it was wrong. don't get discourage if you hear alot of story of visa denial. every one of us is different, the way we deliver or sell our self to the consul will make a different. here's the convo

consul: Good morning
Me: Good morning

consul: passport please
Me: here (with confident and smile)

Consul:What are your purpose in U.S?
Me: for tourism

Consul: How long your intended stay?
Me: 10 days ma'am

Consul: can you explain why you choose this state and not other state?
Me: Answered with confident

Consul: who will gonna pay for your trip?
Me: as per may contract my company will gonna pay for my round ticket

Consul: Do you have any relatives in the US?
Me: Answered

Consul: Are you sure?
Me: Answered

Consul: its ok if you tell me
Me: i answered same (be constant on your answer, for me this is the most crucial part where if consul will gonna approve or deny may visa) you can reply on this to know what's my answered on her question :)

Consul: Ok i will be approving your visa. you will gonna get it after 2-3 business days
Me: ( i was shocked and like what's going on here)

No supporting document has been ask

2 person was denied before me. they are with the same profile as me. single, unmarried, (1 got a job and the other is non) and i could see from where i was sitting that nervous is consuming them.

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Jho     06/13/2016 10:20 AM

Hi. I am currently residing in riyadh as a nurse and I have a scheduled interview this june 26. I am also a NCLEX passer but I did not yet renew my license since 2010. My father and stepsister are US citizen. 13 years ago my stepmom acquired her working visa. However, they could not include me since I was not adapted as her child. What might be the questions the VO will ask me? Can someone help me. Thanks a lot. Your help will be beneficial during my interview.

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Zeeshan Qayyum     06/13/2016 06:27 AM

Hi all,

I applied for a US visa B1/B2 with my wife from Islamabad, Pakistan last year (16 December). Our intentions were to visit US for tourism. I had once visited India and Schengen countries (entry and exit from Germany) but my wife had no travel history. Also, we were recently married (less than 1 year).

I made a mistake during interview and would like to know its impact if I ever try for US visa again. I had salary of 75000 and it was written on my form. But at that time, I was on deputation in a different city for a project and my company was paying me daily allowance, accommodation etc.

When visa officer asked me of my salary, I told 75000 and plus I get some extra so it makes around 150000. VO did not like my answer and she also asked me why I was getting something extra to which I was not able to properly respond at that time. Even this extra amount was evident in my bank statement (which still I have because she never asked for it).

Anyhow, my visa was refused and we changed the plans (visited Malaysia and Thailand in upcming vacations).

Now I've few questions:

1. Will they ever ask me what was my salary at previous time of application or assume that I had inconsistencies. Will it affect my next application?
2. Is it better to apply alone this time or again with the family? My age is 27.

Waiting for help.


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Umesh83sharma     06/13/2016 03:12 AM

I do have B1B2 Visa and I;m travelling to USA for official assignments for 3 weeks. I want to take my wife along. She works in a government organization. Can she apply for the visa on the basis that she want to accompany me ?

If yes, what will be supporting documents.

Thank You

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Dhawal     06/11/2016 04:29 AM

Hi I am going to apply for B2 visitor visa with my wife, father in law and mother in law

My father in law is sponsoring our trip, my father in law and mother in law are Government employees and currently in service. I work with a private bank as a Deputy Manager and have other rental incomes as well and my age is 28 and my wife is 25.

My total monthly income is over 100k and my spouse is a house wife.My father and mother in law have good earnings too

Pls tell me what are the chances of getting Visitor visa to USA.

Thank you !!

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sia_1986     06/10/2016 16:16 PM

Hello all,

My parents applied for Tourist Visa and went for interview yesterday at Mumbai. I am their only daughter and am staying in US since 2 years on H4 visa. My husband is sponsoring for them.

Their application got rejected. Below are the questions (in the order in which they were asked) that were posed to them by VO. Please guide me where they went wrong...

VO:- Is your daughter working
Dad:- No. She is not working.
VO:- How many children do you have?
Dad:- 1 daughter
VO:- Do you have any grandchildren?
Dad:- No. (he answered truthfully)
VO:- what do you do in India.
Dad:- Self Employed. Have my own Business.
VO:- What kind of Business.
Dad:- My Dad explained the nature of his Business.
VO:- Have you travelled abroad recently.
Dad:- No. (My Dad had visited China for business purposes 5 years ago, but since the VO asked recently, he said NO)
VO:- What does your Son-in-law do?
Dad:- He correctly replied my husband's post and place where he works.
VO:- Can you show any proof regarding his employment?
Dad:- My Dad showed the "Employment Verification Letter" provided by us to VO.

The VO quickly scanned the Employment Verification letter, typed something on the computer and immediately returned the passport. She said that there was some information mismatch and slid the back passport to them.

We are utterly confused as to what mismatch could have occurred. Me, my husband and my parents had reviewed the DS-160 thoroughly before applying.

Please guide me.


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