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saq     08/16/2016 00:58 AM

Good morning

I need advise because i rejected my Family visit visa yesterday from Dubai - US consulate. Actually me, my wife and 9 month old baby were appeared for interview.


My wife family just went to USA on Legal immigrant visa in Feb 2016 but my wife got married so she was no eligible a that time.

so when we appeared yesterday. everything was going fine but when VO asked questions to my wife like your parents just went 6 months ago etc

then say said "Sorry, we cannot give visa because we are not confirm and don't know if you change your mind and do not confirm"

Please suggest,
1. Do we wait some time or apply again immediately?
2. How much reasonable time to apply again to make the situation normal?


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psan_help     08/15/2016 14:32 PM

I have applied visitor VISA for my in-laws. Their son is also staying in USA.

First of all, I did a mistake in DS-160 which I realized just before interview. I have gone through so many blogs about this issue. But, solution is fairly simple. Just fill new DS 160 form and inform OFC person , they will generate bar code based on new DS-160 (instead of the one on ustravel docs website).

They took interview in Telugu.

Here are the questions:
VO: Namaskaram
INL: Namskaram

VO: where does your son-in-law work
INL: California, XXXX

VO: Is she your own daughter (she asked same question twice)
INL: Yes

VO: Is she your own son-in-law (she asked same question twice, just to make sure)
INL: Yes

VO: Do you have any other relatives in USA
INL: Yes, my son

VO: Where does he work and which company
INL: Answered

VO: Can you give us your son-in-law passport
INL: they provided scanned copy of passport

She was verifying in the system

VO: Can you give us your daughter passport
INL: they provided scanned copy of passport

VO: What do you do here ??
INL : Answered

VO: Do you own a house here ??
INL : Yes

Finally, your VISA approved.

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smileatme     08/14/2016 00:45 AM

Hi guys, I'm a 34 year single female with no travel history. Have applied for B2 visa to visit my aunt in the U.S alone. I'm a bit confused as to what to state as the reason for my absence of travel history. The main reason being my mom's medical condition for the last 7-8 years due to which I had to be around her to take care of her and along with my sibling and father. The other reason is also that my parents don't really like travelling a lot due to which we haven't visited my aunt (mom's sister) despite her being in the U.S for more than a decade now. Please guide me if I should just state that my parents and me don't really like travelling hence the absence of travel history or mention about my mom's medical condition or both?! Highly appreciate any help on this! Thanks in advance.

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Awais Shami     08/13/2016 04:22 AM

I applied for us turist visit visa last year with my fmily wife and 1 baby boy, i got refused and the reason. The VO give not enough travel history and financial ties , i am Pakistani national born in Saudia , itravel to pakistan every year and 2 times UAE. I am planning to apply again in few months, this time i will apply with more travel history and big statement. Can any one guide me

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suarezajc     08/11/2016 13:32 PM

I'm a 20 year old Filipina, obviously single, haven't traveled abroad, college graduate and still not working because I will enter flight school next year, my father is a seafarer (my mom and him will sponsor my trip), I will visit Hawaii and stay at my friend's apartment (us citizen, us navy) for 2 weeks.

Do you think it's a good idea that I will mention my friend or not?

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Deepak Garg     08/10/2016 07:35 AM

Hi, i applied B2 with my wife and 3 year old kid. Thanks to immihelp for wonderful preparation we could do with your help. My experience says be confident, look into their eyes and give one liner answer, never try to explain.

We attended consular interview today 10 Aug 2016 morning at US consulate, Dubai.

My interview went like this.

Q. Can i have your passports please?
A. Yes and "Handed Over the passports with Smile"
Q. What is your purpose of visit to United States?
A. For A family vacation
Q. What are you going to do during this vacation?
A. We will visit some tourist places like disneyland, Seaworld, Universal studio and have a christmas family reunion.
Q. You have any family over there?
A. Yes , i have my sibling there.
Q. Are they US Citizens?
A. Yes
Q. How did they go to US, they married US citizens?
A. On business visa, No, married to indians.
Q. how long are you residing in UAE?
A. We are residing here from last 2 years.
Q. Ohh thats very recent, you were in india prior to that?
A. Yes mam.
Q. Where are you working and whats your designation?
A. I am working with a >>>company here as a >>>
Q. Looking at my wife- Do you also work?
A Yes
Q. What are you working as and where?
A. Working as a >>>> in >>>>>
Than she cracked joke with my daughter and said something in hindi too and said congrats, your visas are approved
You can collect from Empost within 5 working days.

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sancard     08/08/2016 06:05 AM

Hi All,

I'm a Filipina age 33 years old and currently living and working in Bahrain for more than 4 years . My work is an Accountant and not too high salary but I have a good savings here.I have traveled history already been in Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, Bosnia , Jordan , India and Slovenia ( Schengen visa). My working visa here will expired on August 2017 and renew after . My question are do I have a chance to approved my tourist visa to USA in my situation right now? how much should be in my savings ? I'm planning to go to California for tourism for one week on my Birthday on November 2016 to see Disneyland and some nice places there.

Thank you in advance to everyone.

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foxikid     08/07/2016 06:09 AM

Hi All,

I am a married male with two kids. I am 32.

Went for interview today with my wife and 2 kids aged 2 and 4 years. Here is how it went

My Passports and finger prints were taken at counter number 2. I was asked to wait until I am called by name on the speaker. I was called after 10 minutes. Following is the conversation between me and the VO.

VO: Good Morning
ME: Good Morning

VO: Can you please place your hand on the machine for finger prints?
ME: Yes sure.

VO: (TO my wife) Can you put your hand on the machine as well please
ME: My wife did the same.

VO: Ok sir, why are you travelling to the US
ME: For tourism, a family vacation.

VO: Which states will you be travelling.
ME: Calafornia and Newyork

VO: How long are you planning to stay in the US?
ME: 20 days about three 3 weeks

VO: Have you traveled any where else before?
ME: Well, within the past years I have visited DUBAI. And if you want to know in the last 10 years I have traveled to the UK, France, Holland and Germany.

VO: And this was on which purpose?
ME: Tourism

VO: Where did you study?
ME: Pakistan.

VO: How long have you been here in Saudi Arabia?
ME: 5 years now.

VO: How long have you been working here?
ME: 5 years.

VO: What is the nature of your job?
ME: I work as a xxx (told him my responsibilities, used some technical terms just to impress him)

VO: May I see your employment letter please?
ME: Yes, ofcourse. (passed him my employment letter, he glanced at it, probably checked if my salary matched with the one I mentioned in the DS-160).

VO: Well, everything seems to be fine with your form, (gave me a green paper) you can collect your passports after 4 days at the location you selected earlier.
ME: Thank you very much

VO: You are welcome, enjoy your trip.
ME: Thank you.

Thank a lot to immihelp that helped me prepare the questions.

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Gagan_13     08/05/2016 16:27 PM

Thanks a lot everybody for sharing your experiences, this website is a great information repository. Below listed her profile and experience

Widow, Not Working, 3 Kids (1 in US, Rest in India), Property in her name and Earns rent, Self-financing the trip

Interview Experience

VO was a lady and since my mother’s interview was in Hindi, she had a translator with her

Q: Why do you want to go to USA
A: For tourism and to meet my elder son's family
Q: Can you show me your son's visa
A: Presented Visa
Q: How long will you stay
A: 1 month
Q: How many kids do you have
A: Answered (My younger brother & his wife are disabled and I told my mother to emphasize on that, she proactively offered to show his disability certificate. VO glanced through it)
Q: Who is going to take care of your affairs
A: My daughter, she lives close to me
Q: Is she married
A: Yes
Your visa is approved

VO smiled and said Bye-Bye, my mother smiled and said Bye-Bye

Suggestions based on personal experiences:
DS160 is your place to highlight the strong ties, they do not really care about any paperwork
Be consistent in the answers with DS160
Don’t be nervous, look them in the eye. They are making a lot of money from this so be confident
Take few seconds to reply
Seriously prepare for the interview, conduct mock interviews with your family
Every question they ask they are trying to understand your country ties & meaningful purpose of the visit. So prepare answers which highlight and supply that info
Don’t volunteer Info, most of the times people volunteer info as a filler when they go blank. So practice mock interviews, it is a must
Best Of Luck

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Gagan_13     08/05/2016 16:26 PM

Thanks a lot everybody for

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