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tejaasdalvi     05/04/2016 05:58 AM

Hi, our (Me, My husband and my 7 year old daughter) visa interview is scheduled on 27 May 2016. I am working with a BPO for past one year and my annual salary is 3.75 lacs pa. I have more than 10 years of experience. My husband is working as a freelance consultant for a broking firm. He is earning around 4.5 to 5.5 lacs pa. However the payment is not monthly basis hence we did not put that in his application form. He also has more than 10 years of working experience.We have three properties here and that is mentioned on our application. We have sufficient balance in account with some amount invested in shares. I am visiting to my relative who is a US citizen. we have his invite letter and all other necessary documents. My relative had sponsored visa for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law (Both application were made separately) in past. Both of them came back to India within a month of their US trip. Also my relative visited India thrice in last one year. He had sent his documents to us Last year also however due to some reason we didn't apply for the visa and this time I am applying. My query is my husband did not mentioned his monthly salary in application form can cause rejection of our application?

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Edie     05/02/2016 05:22 AM

I am a 27 year old lady who just finished uni and is unemployed and graduating in November and would like yo apply for an american visa but im not sure which one to aplly for. My sister in law recently relocated to the US from UK and she has 4 children but no nanny so i wanted to o and help her with the children as she is working. Which visa do i apply for and what does she need to do inorder to assist.

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sunv     05/02/2016 03:19 AM

Hi All,

I appeared for B1/B2 Visa at New Delhi on 28th & 29th of April. It was a smooth process, on 28th I appeared for bio metric scan at Nehru Place and on 29th, My Visa interview was scheduled at US embassy, Chankya Puri New Delhi.

I am into IT business and I have already visited UK & Thailand and have valid 10 years Canadian Visa although I haven't visited Canada yet and want to go Canada & US together.

After fingerprint verification, I was asked to wait in the queue where one of other candidate was in front of me and was appearing for interview. Sadly, he was rejected.

When my turn came, I went near the window. VO was very quiet and looked at me once only.

VO: Passport please
Me: Given

VO: Where do you live?
Me: Answered

VO: Why do you want to visit US?
Me: I am visiting Canada from __ to __ and from there I want to visit Vegas with my friend who will accompany me from Canada.

VO: What's your business Name?
Me: Answered.

VO: OK, your visa is approved. Collect your passport in 3-4 days.
Me: Thank you very much!

No documents were asked for verification.

Now I am waiting for my passport. and it is showing online status as "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery"

Conclusion: If your profile is good and have good ties with your home country like business and family, you will get visa. Make sure you give correct information when you apply online and fill the DS-160 form. They just review the information you provided and decide about visa, in few cases only they ask for support documents. So as per my experience & knowledge, everything depends on your provided information in the online DS-160 form.

Best of luck! if you need any help, I will be obliged to help.


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shivanipatel     05/01/2016 03:14 AM

Hello, i'm soon going to apply for visa as i am going to join a Leadership Program at CSUEB which is orgainzed by my college.I have doubt that i will be approval for visa or not?.bcoz i was rejected for 2 time with family for visitor visa. what are practice that can help me to approve my visa?
and can i get visa after 2time rejection?
please help me..

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pkj     04/29/2016 14:15 PM

I recently applied visitor visa for my sister and her 1 year old daughter. Her husband works for a IT company. My sister is a physician but not working currently. We applied for tourism purpose and I will be sponsoring her and her daughter with all expenses.
She finished all the formalities and stand in the line for interview along with her daughter.
She was 4 th in line. All three before her was rejected.
One person applied for work visa to work in an airport and gave elaborate answers to each question asked.
Other person – visitor visa but was hesitant in giving answers
Third was old couple with young son- when VO was asking questions in English, son volunteered to answer for his parents since they don’t know English. He was anxious too. VO rejected saying you cannot answer for them and they have to come back for a telugu interview
4th is my sister. By this time, she has lost hopes that she will get visa. But was thinking he may approve hers, given mindset would be to grant one after few rejections.
VO is not smiling at anyone.
Sis gave the documents

VO: why are going to US
Sis: To visit my sister and her family. They are planning a road trip in summer and want me and my daughter to join
VO: what does your sister do?
Sis: she is a physician
VO: when did she go to US?
Sis: 10 yrs ago
VO: Has she been a physician since then?
Sis: Yes
VO: But she only started working since last year?
Sis: Yes. That’s because she has to do her residency and fellowship to work as a physician.
VO: will you work there?
Sis: No
VO: How long are you planning to go?
Sis: 4 months
VO: 4 months?
Sis: Yes because my sister’s vacation is spread out over these months and she is planning for 2 road trips
VO: what does your husband do?
Sis: He works for xxx company
VO: is he not coming with you?
Sis: No. he cannot get that much vacation.
VO: Both of your visas got approved.
Sis: Thank you. Say bye (to her daughter)
Niece waved bye and VO finally smiled and waved back.
He did not look at supporting documents at all. He just verified my information online while doing the interview.

Points to be taken:
1. Be confident in your answers
2. Answer to the point. Don’t elaborate. VO don’t have too much interest in what you like about U.S
3. If you don’t know English or understand American accent, go for local language.
4. Never act nervous or be desperate to get Visa. That can count against you. Be calm and confident. (since my sister is nervous to start with, I told her this)
5. If VO is serious or rejecting visas to people before you (especially compared to other VO), don’t lose your cool.
6. Be well prepared for answers.
7. Don’t you too many ‘Sir’s and ‘Madam’s. U.S people are not used to that.
8. If you are young and have children, do not leave children behind for a tourism purpose.

Both my sister and her daughter got multiple entry 10 yr visa.

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shailendras     04/29/2016 03:48 AM

 2 time refused.
I am shailendra 24 years old.
interview date 27-4-16 to 28-4-16 .


vo:- whats is your purpose?
me:- For tourism purpose.

vo:- Have you been to the USA before?
me:- No .

vo:- Have you ever traveled internationally before?
me:- No.

vo:- what do you do in India?
me:- I am interior designer at xyz.

vo:- after 1 mints , you are not qualified for visa.


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hshk1726     04/28/2016 00:36 AM

i want to ask about b2 visa will be approve or not i am 42 years old living working in saudia since 2002 March before two years i change my job with other company for better salary pakg and my wife is working as a teacher in one international school since 2010 we both earning$3000/ month and we have three kids who is going same my wife school. and i have b1b2 visa and my two kids have visa only I visited to USA in 2014 to Miami for 20 days . Dubai 4 time visit alone one time with family so just i want to ask what is chance if i apply for b2 class visa for my wife and son.

please i need your advice

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sangeetha shanmugam     04/26/2016 03:08 AM

Hi all,
I would like to share my experience in getting my visitor visa approved!!
Kindly have sufficient time between biometric interview and U.S consulate interview.

Phase I
I had my biometric interview in the 3rd week of April 2016, kodambakkam, chennai
It is a very simple procedure
Just need to take 3 documents
1. Passport (both old and new)
2. Ds-160 confirmation page
3. Interview appointment copy
Just sufficient to reach the venue half an hour before the interview time
After the initial screening,
The execute takes verifies the candidates name and then takes fingerprints (all the four fingers and thumb of both right and left hand is taken)
A digital photo is also taken.
That’s is for biometric interview

Phase II
I had my U.S consulate interview in the last week of April 2016 at the U.S.consulate.
We need to go little early (I have my appointment at 10.00a.m, I went around 9.00a.m)
No bags (if transparent then ok), water bottle, mobile, pen drive, CD or anything things else allowed)
Things to carry
1. Passport (both old and new)
2. DS-160 confirmation page
3. Interview appointment copy
4. Supporting documents from the sponsor
5. Other relevant DOCUMENTS as needed

After the initial screening,
The fingerprints are verified, and a queue leads to the VO.
Separate queue are also maintained for regional languages.
The staffs will guide you.
So no worry
My experience with the VO
VO: Good morning (With a smile)
Me: Good morning Mam
VO: What’s your purpose of visit?
Me: Stated
VO: Does your XXX work there?
Me: Replied
VO: Are u married?
Me: Replied
VO: Do you have kids?
Me: Replied
VO: What is their age?
Me: Replied
VO: Are u travelling alone?
Me: Replied
VO: Ok. Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you and left the place

Immihelp has been of immense help to understand the entire process and the procedure
Great work!! immihelp

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shailendras     04/25/2016 16:57 PM

Hi everyone ,

I am shailendra singh . i am single and 24 years old . i was refused . i am again re apply b2 visa . appointment date 27 and 28 April . i am very confident but some nervous bcoz , i have stammering problem.

so first.

I am telling for about my future time. what will be?

Vo :- Give me your passport.
Me:- I will put passport through window.

Vo:- What's your purpose?
Me:- I am going to visit for tourism purpose.

Vo:- Why do you want to visit only at this time?
Me:- For summer holiday.

Vo:- How long will you stay in the U.S.?
Me:- For 7 days.

Vo:- Where will you stay in the U.S.?
Me. City center hotel , 7th street ,new downtown in Los Angeles.
Vo:- Have you booked airline tickets?
Me:- yes, may i show .

Vo:- Have you been to the U.S. before?
Me:- No.

Vo:- Have you ever traveled internationally before
Me:- No.

Vo:- How much do you expect this trip to cost?
Me:- 2 lakh.

Vo:- have you been refused?
Me:-Yes. in dec. 2014.

Vo:- When do you plan to travel?
Me:- 20 May.

Vo:- Do you have a credit card?
Me:- Yes.

Vo:- What do you do in India?
Me:- I am interior designer at ......... xyz.

Vo:- What is your monthly income?
Me:- 35000 .

Vo:- Typing in system .

Vo:- Your visa is ______________ ( i don't know . what will be.)

so please : tell me according my interview and confidence . i have only one day for more practice.

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puneet0381     04/25/2016 03:28 AM

Myself, my wife and my daughter had applied for US B1/B2 visa. I was the primary applicant. Our interview was on Friday, 22nd April 2016 and the visa was rejected under section 214b.

The entire interview details are mentioned below:-

Me & wife- good morning
Interviewer- no answer
Interviewer- what is your purpose of visit?
Wife - i am selected as a oral presenter at cyto 2016 conference organized by ISAC, International society for advancement of cytometry at seattle, washington.
I can show u the invitation letter and the award i have got for the same

Interviewer- not interested
What do you do, where u r working?

Wife- i am working as a jr. Scientist at XXX, new delhi

Interviewer- whats your monthly salary?

Wife- 32,000/month

Interviewer to Me- whats the purpose of ur visit?what do u do?

Me- i am accompnying my wife and for tourism, since my daughter is 3.5 y old cnt leave her here.
i am a finance expert and work as general manager at XXX.

Interviewer- whats your monthly salary?

Me- 2.50 lacs/month

Interviewer- after deduction?

Me- no after deduction, it 2 lacs/mnth

Interviewer- which school your daughter is studying?

Me- apeejay pitampura
Interviewer- whats the annual fee?
Me- approx 1lac

Interviewer- whats your duration of stay?
Wife- 15-20 days

Interviewer- which conference lasts for 15-20 days?
Wife- conference is for 5 days and after that we want to visit some cities at west coast since we r travelling there.

Interviewer- which all countries u have visited?
Wife- switzerland, greece, dubai, singapore, malaysia, mauritius, egypt, bali

Interviewer- visa cant be granted

Appreciate your quick response over this matter as to why do you think the visa got rejected? Kindly do the needful and assist us.

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