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im_aca     11/24/2016 02:10 AM

Hi Need your kind input for my Case

1. i have scheduled appointment (location Islamabad Pakistan)

2. i am applying with my mother to visit and to meet my mother's brother (Uncle). i am a principal applicant. i am 26 and i am married my wife is Canadian citizen and she lives in Canada because she is studying there. it almost one year we got married and i do not have any kid.

Travel History: i have traveled to China, UAE, Thailand and Indonesia on official tours in last one year. i have good monthly salary plus 100,000 pkr and i am sponsoring this trip.

3. Length of my stay in USA is 15 days till new year.

4. I have good saving in my account.

5. My father lives and work in KSA he can not go on this trip due to his job in KSA

6. i have only one younger sister she is married, she is doing medical and she can not travel in the month of December.

7. My mother is house wife she only speak native language which is Urdu and she do not have any travel history her age is 52 years.

8. I have one uncle (mothers brother) and his family one aunt (mothers sister) and her family live in USA California and Indiana. Both are US citizen.

9. Reason for coming back and ties ;
i have good job here (employment letter attached along with salary slip), Own a house on my name, plots on my mothers name, i need to travel to Indonesia in mid January on official trip Indonesian visa is already stamped on my passport

My Question is what are the chances of my visa approval?
What language i should chose as my mother can not speak English but im fluent in English?
please provide your suggestions and advice on my queries.

Thank You.

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Puujee     11/24/2016 00:43 AM

Hi all. I need help please>
I m from Mongolia. Applying for B2 visa in China. My interview is on 8th of December. I haven't print out my DS 160 application form. Any possibility print out again? Because i need to go through all questions and prepare for my interview. Or what happens if i refill DS-160 form? do i need to inform by email? Do they automatically generate new bar code? Do i need reprint my interview confirmation page again?

Looking forward your response.

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Rohaan     11/23/2016 05:02 AM

HI Guys,

I am Pakistani citizen living in Riyadh-KSA. My sister has just passed US citizenship test and will be appeared in Oath ceremony in next 2 weeks. I am living with my family here in KSA for last 8 years and want to apply for B2 visa to attend house warming party in January 2017, invited by my sister.

My question is, I will apply next week so It could be a problem if I apply alone because my kids will be engaged in exams those days. And If interviewer may ask about my sister what do I tell him/her, is she green card holder or citizen because she didn't receive her citizenship paper or passport yet? how many chances of my visa acceptance, although I didn't visit any other country except KSA. Please share some useful interview tips.


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ammuuu.2009     11/23/2016 00:44 AM

Hi All,

I am currently in US on F1 visa and working on CPT. I would be continuing the same job on OPT as well after I graduate in Dec 2016. I have applied for F2 visa for my husband in Nov 2016 and got rejected. I have my graduation ceremony held in May 2017.
1. Which visa do I apply for my husband? Is it F2 or B2?
2. When is the right time to book an appointment for visa interview if the ceremony is in May 2017?
3. What are our chances for my husband to visit me to US?

Appreciate your response.

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helpmegetmyvisa     11/21/2016 07:08 AM

I had my first visa interview on November 9 (2016), I felt like I was wel prepared, and had all documents to support my case. My interview was in Amsterdam, and the officer interviewing me was a woman.
The interview went great, and I felt secure about getting the visa. But unfortunately, she gave me back my passport, and told me she could not grant me the visa because she did not think I am finacially able to cover all costs.... But I had a letter from my parents stating that they would cover my trip... I really don't understand, and it feels unfair, so I immediatley reapplied for a second interview, which is next week.
I have 2 questions:
- Is there a minimum amount of money you' re supposed to have to get your visa? My bankaccount contains 1.600 EUR, but I told her that my parents were paying for the trip, and I don' t have to pay for a hotel or anyting, because I will be staying at a friend of my family for free.
- Will the denial of my first application influence the outcome of my next interview?
Please help me!!

The trip I want to make is starting in January 2017, and will be for 5,5 months. I am staying with a friend, who will let me live with him and his family for free. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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geekmj     11/21/2016 02:06 AM

Few stats of mine (as of Nov 2016)

(1) I am working as a technical architect (Leadership role) in a mid size company (around 300 employees) at NOIDA.
(2) I have total 11 years of experience.
(3) I am getting standard CTC (Over 22 Lakhs / Annum) a Technical Architect get in India.
(4) I am working in my current company for over 3 years.
(5) I did DOEACC B Level qualified (equivalent to MCA) and BCA (IGNOU distance)
(6) I am married since 2013 and I have a baby girl of six months (not mentioned in DS-160 or asked by VO)
(7) Apart from visiting Dubai in December 2012 for 12 days. No further foreign trips I have in my profile.

I was interviewed for B1 visa in October 2012, that was got rejected because my invitation letter mentioned I am going their to get some training and visit was of 45 days. I don't remember what form they given me exactly.

Recently on 18 Nov 2016 I was again appeared for interview and get rejected (214 b). This time my visit was intended to last for 2 weeks and their were some meetings with our two clients for finalising scope of work and technical presentation for upcoming projects. In DS-160 I missed out filling details of 2nd Employer too.

My interaction with VO is mentioned below:

(Note: When I was in queue I get little nervous while remembering my last interaction, I also believe my preparation for interview was not that good. As I was confident I will get the VISA this time because my experience and )

VO : Good morning.
Me : Good morning.
VO : Please handover your passport please.
(I handed over him my passport)

VO (after few secs) : Why you are visiting US?
Me : I am going to visit NewYork to meet my client A and B.

(VO started typing something on screen)

VO : For how long you are in your current company?
Me: More than 3 years.

VO: What you do?
Me: I am technical (and than said software) architect and provide technical solution to our clients. (I feel I was not confident enough while giving this answer)

VO: What your client do?
Me: They are in ed tech sphare (I believe I should have said they are Publisher and full stop., here I confused them I belueve)

VO: Sorry I can't approve your VISA this time. I hope you will accept my judgement.
Me: Thanks

Please give a though to me VISA interview description and provide helpful pointers so I can get success in next interview. Please provide me some details when should I reapply again considering I am going to get promoted very soon.

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Pracas Pudasaini     11/20/2016 05:12 AM

I have my interview in this November 30 for us b2 visa and my trip will be for 2 weeks.
i am now in France in student visa. i have almost around 2500 dollar in my bank account though my sponsor will pay for my expenses. he has around 3500-4000 dollars in his account. He is my cousin brother.
please help me to:
How can i prove he is my cousin brother?
What should i say to show i have ties to return back?
And how can i prove i am financially strong for the trip?

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chloe07     11/19/2016 01:23 AM

Hello. My husband and I will have our interview in January.
My husband has been issued US Visas (2X 5year ME; 1X 10yr ME)

My worry is that my husband's father is currently overstaying in the US for more than 5 years.
Although we are our own person, and we have good travel record - i worry that this will be a major red flag.

Here are our profiles:

Married for 7 years without kids.
Age: ~37
Working for 9 years with our present employer
Have own home and car

Countries traveled:
Him: US (3X), Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore
Me: Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand

How are our chances? Thank you in advance, this site has been very helpful to me.

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Pearl123     11/18/2016 13:41 PM

hi everyone, how are you all doing. want to use this medium to say a big thank to this forum and most especially to coolpact for his advice and also to arch1234 for sharing experience that really helped me.
my interview experience was good not stressful at all.

on the day of my interview was also my biometrics. my interview was slated for 9:30am, i got there by 8am we were called in by 8:45am, went through all security check and then the biometrics which didnt take long and after which the queue for the interview which was moving very fast.
during the interview i was pretty nervous but undercontrol also. when it was almost my turn the guy in front of my got rejected and that scared me kinda that i could not move forward when it was my turn, then the VO said please come forward and that was how it started.


VO:hi, come forward. good morning
ME:good morning ma

VO:how are you, your passport please
ME:am fine and you, ok (handing her my pasport)

VO:very well,so why are you going to the US
ME:for vacation and to attend a program

VO:what program is that
ME:it is an xyz program

VO:oh ok, organised xyz

VO:how long are you staying
ME:7 days

VO:do you know anyone in texas
ME:NO, but the organisation is providing accommodation for the period of the program.

VO:oh ok, re you married

VO:do you have kids
ME:yes, a daughter

VO:ok, you are a nurse
ME:yes ma

VO:what is your specailty
ME:am a midwife and a nurse manager in my hospital

VO:where do you work
ME:i work in xyz hospital

VO:ok, congratulation, pick up your passport in 3 working days. have a nice day.
ME:ok, thank you and you too.

that was all. no document asked nor was any checked. all dis lasted for 5mins.

my observation is that before visa is approved it is already determined from the ds 160 form filled, the interview is just a formality and a way to conclude and be sure they made the right choice to issue the person visa, my advice is when filling your form, fill it out correctly and truthfully and fill it yourself if you dont understand what you are doing ask but do it yourself so that when ask any question you can easily defend it.
be bold, be confident, look good responsible in dressing and pray always. God bless you all.

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volkan     11/17/2016 15:54 PM


Im 32 years old single Turkish male working in Saudi Arabia. Today i had an interview in US embassy in Jeddah KSA and rejected. I'm scheduling and cost controls chief in an Saudi company. I came to KSA in 2012 then couple of times i left and came back. Since may 2015 i'm in KSA again and working. My previous jobs in KSA were all with my current employer. My documents were complete from employee letter to bank accounts. Nothing was missing. Below is my conversation as far as i remember:

VO: Good morning (VO was ayoung American lady)
Me: Good morning
VO: Please pass me your passport.
Me: Here you go.
VO: What is your purpose of visit ?
Me: It is a touristic visit and i will see my childhood friend.
VO: where are you going in US ?
Me: San Francisco
VO: What is your friend doing in US ?
ME: He is working in a Germany based company.
VO: What is his job ?
Me: Medical diagnostics devices
VO: Have you been in other countries past 2 years ?
ME: Yes Bahrain, Qatar, Brazil and Turkey.
VO: How many years have you been in Saudi Arabia ?
Me: one and half years
VO: What is your job ?
Me: Im civil engineer.
VO: What is your salary ?
Me: xxxx Saudi Riyals
VO: Which company you are working for ?
Me: yyyy company.
VO: How many days will you stay in US
Me: 13 Days
VO: Sorry you are not eligible to enter US
Me: But why ? I even bought by plane tickets and reserved my hotel already !
VO: Sorry but we encourage our applicants not to buy any tickets before the approval of US Visa
Me: OK can you tell me what am i missing ? Next time i will cover them up.
VO: You are not missing anything. As per US law you are not eligible for US Visa.

Before the conversation i was panicked. I couldnt speak clearly. I lost my cool. Whole conversation just happened like in 20 seconds! I definitely stuttered while speaking. I realised that the VO lady was kind of lokking through my facial expressions because she wasnt focusing my eyes but all around my face. I was totally unprepared for this conversation.

 All the information i provide indicates that im in high treat level. Im a single male with some money without any property or bond with any country with a popular proficiency. I have not any single intention to overstay in US or illegaly immigrate at all ! i will just spend my winter vacation with one of my childhood friend, have some fun, do some shopping, relax and return to my job thats all. What should i say what shouldnt i say in my next interview ? Or Should i re-apply for B2 visa soon like in upcoming 10 days at all ?


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