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Mrs.S.Sanyal     11/26/2013 09:27 AM

I am Indian
Age 30
 My husband is working for a company in china and I am in China on dependent visa.
I am accompanying my husband on his business trip.
He has a 10 year validity B1/B2 visa.

I am applying for d first time for a US B2 visa
I am applying at the US consulate in China

What are my chances of getting visa?
I am a housewife so that is a big problem according to many people.

My brother in law who works in d US has extended me an invitation letter. Many have said that other than blood relatives no one else's invitations are seen favourably.
I really need some views on this point

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Sunil Ruhal     11/26/2013 00:18 AM

Good morning sir . Sir I already applied B2 USA tourist visa six year before. But that time my visa refuse . I want to try again now . But problem is my Ds160 application copy is lost . So please help me how can i take out my another Ds-160 copy .

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ashiya1902     11/25/2013 17:55 PM

I am going to just ask u that one of my friends in India Got his B-1/B-2
Visa on Last week. And they have also picked up the passport from embassy.
Now they are saying that there visa has been cancelled.They have got the
Message from the US embassy New Delhi. I am so much confused that Visa can
Be cancelled after issuing from the embassy or Not? Please Help!

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guest.rhym     11/23/2013 03:38 AM

I appled for an F1 student visa (community college) and was rejected 3 times (4 months back) can i apply for a B2 visa as i just want to meet my relatives I have a business with an income of nine lakh fifty thousand per year and also have a new shop which is under construction i didnt mentioned my business last time when i was applying for student visa. as i just said i was helping my father in his business.
What are the chances of getting my visa approved.

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rusheena     11/21/2013 10:27 AM

Can anyone please help me??
 my mom was denied a visa to work because she was on on filling but it was stopped, she and her spouse are no longer involve she has worked in the us before on the form program but while there she met her spouse and they decide to get married she now can obtain a visa to work anymore. The immigration officer told he is not hearing from neither my and or her spouse, we would appreciate some help with this is it a case where she has to wait for a period of time before being qualified for a visa or is she has to get a lawyer to clear it up because she and the spouse no longer communicate and that is what she does go on form program to work. It has been two year now since the filling has stop she receive some letter from the embassy saying the filing has stopped, and this is her second visit to the embassy since.

her experience at the embassy:
vo: good day
mom: good day
vo; did u spend the full time in the us?
mom:(answered incorrectly)
VO: oh u were on filling?
mom: yes
vo: what happen?
mom: i don't know he just stop the filling
vo; pause took a long look in the computer
     then say am sorry u are nit qualified for this visa

please help is we are lost in going further
email: deneshathorpe@gamil.com



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meryline     11/21/2013 06:27 AM

hi immihelp,
already applied for tourist visa me and my mother,
i am a job holder ,worked for multinet group as a customer service executive,my salary is:17000,mentioned in the form,also mentioned the form tourism expenses will be bear by me.my bank statement was around 4 lac in BDT.my cousin brother also sponsored to me about tourist visa.

interview time:(20.11.13)
VO started asking question
1. asked for passport,
2.why u want to go to usa?
ans: pleasure & get together to my cousin and his full family also i would like to visit some famous tourist destinations.
3.what is your cousins name?
4.in which place want to go?
ans:washington dc,newyork,dalas,niagara fall.
5, how long u r going to US?
Ans:3-4 weeks.
5.how do u do?
ans:worked for multinet group as a customer service.
7.your salary range?
ans:my total monthly income 32000 ,from work station i received 17000 and as a private tutor i received 15000.
8.who will bear of ur expenses?
ans:that time i was nervous asked him again because i could not realize what is he asking?then he asking again? then answer me and my cousin both.air ticket i can manage it,and us expenses my cousin will be manage.
8.do u have ur bank statements?
ans:yes,given to him,after seeing that he input something in his computer.and checking my balance with carefully,after that told me sorry this time we can not approved ur visa,have some rules ,then give me a paper.there are basically have some rules that make sure i can came back to my home country.in my statement there is around 4 lac in BDT.

he did not even check my brother sponsorship any documents.even i did not mention that it was sponsorship for our visa.invited for christmas and newyear.pls tell me what was the fault about my application and interview session?

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om123     11/20/2013 07:13 AM

actually i m applying 2nd time for b2 visa. last time i was self sponsored but now i m thinking about my friend sponsors ship. he has good job with good salary. actually i m doing job , my salary is 6 lacs per year & im single. let me suggest plz can i sponsor him & i hear by some one the visa chance will be good. also i want to ask u can i show sponsors .

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irfan     11/13/2013 09:45 AM

my name is irfan i got rejection on the b2 visa at hyderabad counslate on the date of 6-11-2013,the never check my doc.
and they had given the 214b reasons and they said this time we are not going to approve visa.can apply for next time please help me to find out this condition
and i have been studied in singapore also
me:-good morning mam
vo:-pupose of the trip
me:-to visit my best friends and as a social visit
vo:-what does they do
me:-they are still studying in ms final semisters'
vo:-r u working
vo:-whats u r job
me:-guest relations officer
vo:-whats u r age
and she said this time v r not going to approve u r visa
and planing to apply next time again can u please give me the suggestion.

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avt     11/08/2013 04:43 AM

I had already posted my background. I am not repeating again.

I had my interview along with my wife on 7th of Nov 2013. Our visa was granted in less than a minute.

Qn 1: What is the purpose of your visit ?

Ans: To be with our son for a month and also see few places in US

Qn: What do you do ?

Ans: I am a retired person

Qn: Where were you working ?
Ans: I was working with M/S XYZ for more than 35 years

Qn: What does your son do in US ?
Ans: He is working for M/S ABC

To my wife: What do you do madam ?
Ans: I am a housewife
VO: Your visa is granted

We: Thank you very much

I had organised all the documents systematically.
A well organised documentation would help in facing the visa interview with confidence. Just because the VO may not ask to see all the documents should not bring in complacence.

During our presence there, we could witness the VOs spending good amount of time in understanding the applicants intent.

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macaque     11/08/2013 03:47 AM

I am a middle aged man in New Delhi. Had a 10 yr multiple entry that was issued in 2001, expired in 2011. So, I was not eligible for interview waiver.This time my purpose was to see a specialist in US for my medical issues. I had 3 visits to US on my last 10 yr visa. All brief visits, few weeks, well spaced . By the time I reached the window, the officer was already reading my DS 160. He was mainly looking at how I used my last visa. He asked two questions what were you doing in US on your last visit and then what is your purpose now? I answered. He said; it is approved.

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