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Bikram Singh     04/02/2017 20:07 PM

I am single 29 male from Delhi. My biometrics were on 17th march and my interview was on 20th march 10am at Delhi embassy. Last year i got my PR from Canada in federal skilled worker category. Have traveled only to Canada that too last year to collect my PR card from there else no travel history outside India.

VO:- Please pass your passport.
Me: Good Morning.. How are you doing today? (no reply started screening my passport details)

VO:- Why do u want to go to US?
Me: Last year i got my PR card(Immigration) from Canada so this June i will be moving there permanently and before that i would like to visit my brother, my sister in law and their new born child for few days in New York.

VO:- What is your brother current status in USA?
Me:- He is a LPR(legal permanent resident)

VO:- What does he do?
Me:- He works in a software company as Senior Support Engineer.

VO:- What do you for work?
Me:- I work as a sole proprietor in construction business.

VO:- What kind of work is involved in your profession?
Me:- Answered.(Very briefly in a line or two)

VO:- Whats your annual turnover?
Me:- I told him

VO:- So you will come from Canada on which date(Asking the wrong question deliberately i guess by looking in the computer) ?
Me:- Sir i would be going from India to New York(told the exact date) first then after 10 days i will be heading towards my final destination in Canada.( I had already booked my flight tickets from Delhi to New York and from New York to Canada and also mentioned the same details in my DS160 form, so he was just kinda verifying it from me by looking in the computer.

VO:- Ok sir, I am approving your visa, you will get your passport in few days via courier
Me:- Thank you with a big smile.

No document was asked from me although i had every document with me from property papers, Bank statement, My tax returns, Brother's pay slips and his other documents. Only thing i would advise to everyone here is that be honest as per your DS160 form and put right details in it and have supporting documents which can verify it. They can ask you anything so be prepared for verification. Also they need strong reasons that the person would definitely not immigrate in their country so show them strong ties in your home country like long term stable job, owning a property here or have family and kids over here. For me being single was a negative factor which could have weakened my case but I prepared well to show them that i will definitely leave their country. I booked my refundable tickets in advance to strengthen my case and if in any case my visa would have been denied it would have resulted in a 20% loss for me on its price.
Also i would also like to thank Immihelp posters who shared their experience which actually guided me a lot on how to prepare for the interview.
Good luck to all.

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penfold     04/02/2017 09:58 AM

Our experience at US Consulate in Dubai while applying tourist visas.

After the usual checks at the Consulate, when we reached to the counter of visa interview, our interviewer was a lady around 30+ years of age. When I tried to hand over passports with all other documents, she only took passports and didn’t even look at the other documents.

Questions asked:

1. How long have you been living in Dubai?
A. More than 15 years

2. Where do you work and as what?
A. Answered (although I work as a secretary, but there was no strange reaction from the VO)

3. Why do you want to go to US and for how long?
A. Tourism and for 3 weeks.

4. What places will you be visiting in US?
A. LA, Vegas, NY and Washington.

5. Where have you travelled before?
A. Answered by mentioning a few Far Eastern countries and then a few times to Australia (that raised the eyebrow of the VO).

6. Why so many times to Australia and do you have any relatives in Australia?
A. We just love Australia, it’s a such a nice country and we like visiting it over and over again and yes, we do have relative in Australia. At this point, the VO smiled and said yes Australia is a nice place.

7. Have you always travelled for holiday as a family and returned back all together? (We are a family of 3 and we all 3 were there standing next to each other)
A. Yes we have always travelled as a family on holiday and we generally come back together.

8. Next question to my daughter – what do you do miss and what have you studied?
A. My daughter answered that I have done ACCA and I am working with xxx (an American company) as Junior Accountant

8. Next question to my wife – what do you do madam?
A. My wife answered that I am a house-wife.

VO then said, ok I am happy to say that your visas have been approved. Your passports will be delivered to you by courier in 4-5 days. We got 10 years visa for 3 of us. Please note that my bank statements or income proof was not checked at all.

Feel free to ask, if you have any questions.

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anujaashok     04/02/2017 04:43 AM

hi, I'm a degree 1st year student in hyderabad. I had to attend my brother's graduation ceremony. i didnt consult anything properly last time i wasnt prepared with the documents and proper facts so my visa got rejected.
the actual facts are:
 my father passed away 4 years back and my mom is a home maker. my full support is my grand parents who get 50,000 pm each and a bank balance of 7 lakhs. i have a property in chennai- worth 2 crores . now i have applied again and have all the supporting documents - originals of bank statement and property.
Im single and my age is 18, my mom wanted to go but she is here to take care of grandpa. so my brother wanted me to come and attend his grad walk.
the person who is sponsoring me for the trip is my cousin and brother-in-law staying in us and they have a very good income.
my visa interview is tomorrow, what is the probability of me getting my visa as i really want to attend his grad walk. it was my father's dream to see him graduated in us so i really wanna go there.
we have also planned some trips to sightseeing places
my main ties are my education- as i have more 2 years-4 sems left and my mom- i have to take care of her. i have a rent agreement here and a own house here.
so will i get my visa and any more documents needed?

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Eamon01     03/31/2017 19:45 PM

I am Cameroonian citizen and I have been in China for 5 years. I am a student and I study Mandarin Chinese ( I have had a certificate at a college and now I further to the next level at a university) . I would like to attend my older sister's wedding in New Orleans , Louisiana on the 27th of May 2017 that's next month . I am not fond of traveling so I haven't gone to any other country before and truthfully if it wasn't for the wedding I wouldn't apply for the US visa either. Below is how my so quick interview went...

VO(young tall lady with no courtesy nor a smile on a face) : Good morning
Me : Good morning
VO: where are you going ?
Me: New Orleans .
VO: what are you doing?
Me: Student
VO: degree?
Me : NO
VO: How long have you been in China?
Me: 5 years
VO: have you been to any other country ?
Me. I don't know if Macau accounts for a country but I went to Macau
VO: typing for a while then . I'm won't give you a visa this time . Return my passport and hand over the 214(b) refusal form `

I am really so frustrated at this point. I have 2 older sisters in the US its been 14 years we haven't met they've got kids that barely know me and now one is getting married and I can;t even attend her wedding..
I will definitely return to China cuz I have one more years to graduate and this means a lot to me .....I plan to apply in the coming weeks because I'm running out of time now but how can I really make the ties here in China look solid enough to convince the VO?

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Sjcool     03/31/2017 05:11 AM

My b2 visa got approved today at chennai. Single.male.no travel history. Here is how the interview went.

VO: Good morning! How are you doing?
Me: Good morning. Great. Thanks. how about you?
VO: i am doing great.thanks.

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: For vacation

VO: where are you going?
Me: I will be staying in Foster city and will be visiting places in bay area, la, san diego and osemite national park.

VO: Why California?
Me: My cousin stays there and suggested the same.

VO: What do you do?
Me: I am a Team Lead in XXX.

VO: how long have you been working in XXX?
Me: close to 3 years

VO: Have you visited any other countries?
Me: no

VO: How long have you had this passport?
Me: 5 years. Actually close to 6 years.

VO: How much do you earn?
Me: XX,XX,XXX per year

VO: Do you have any documents supporting the same?
Me: Here is my employment letter and payslips (handed over)

VO: How long are you going to stay there?
Me: 3 weeks and a day.

VO: You will get your passport in a few days. Have a pleasant trip
Me: Thank you.

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guruhagari     03/30/2017 17:06 PM

Recently My Parents in Law had their B2 Visa in Telugu at Hyderabad.

Parents in Law: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning

VO: where are you going in US.
Dad in Law: Answered.

VO: What do you do
Dad in Law: Answered

VO: Do you have lands
Dad in Law: Yes

VO: Where is your Son working
Mom in Law: Answered

VO: Do you have your daughter's VISA
Mom in Law: She was about to take it out from bag and VO told thats OK.

Finally Magical word Visa approved.

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shalini sharma     03/30/2017 01:30 AM

It was a disappointing day for me.
Profile - 38 single,working,3 lac package,own house,fd,and good financials
27 single,working,2.5 lac package,own house,car,fd and financials (applied with sister)
* no parents

questions asked by VO

VO - Why u wanna go to USA?,
ME - For tourism and to meet my uncle and his family

vo - are you working?
me - yes and explained

vo - your annual salary package?
me - replied

vo - are you single?
me - yes...sister also said yes...

vo - who is sponsoring you?
me - my uncle

vo - what is he doing?
me - explained

vo - how are you both related? (asked me and my sister)
me - we are sisters

vo - who all stay with you?
me - we both sisters stay together.

vo - what is you father doing?
me - we dont have father

vo - do u have a rental accommodation?
me - no its our own house

i am sorry i cannot approve your visa this time!

i said mam i am having supporting doc to assure u that i have to come back...she said no i dnt wanna see documents and we dont rely on documents....i said if u plz gv me a min to explain before u finalize the result ...she said ok ...i said i have a genuine litigation of my house with the share holders and have my court hearings every month so i have to come back to india any way and i cannot by pass the law....vo said i am sorry ....we have the computer....

* well no one has applied for my green card or anything at all...i was going purely with the intent of tourism

*** plz guide me what went wrong and how can i improve it....and if i reapply after a month what are the approval chances..considering my court case.....well i am one of the share holder of my property as per my grandfathers registered will.....

vo - gave me 214b form and i came with a heart break....

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eden ad     03/29/2017 05:55 AM

i am applying for B2 us visitor visa my brother is sponsoring me im 25 unemployed,unmarried and I have masters degree.my father and other siblings are in my home country .what are chances of getting visa and how to show ties to my home country

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stevedoe     03/27/2017 17:46 PM

Hello to everyone,

Recently i got the B2 visitor visa, and in the DS-160 application i wrote that i will stay in United States for 21 days and will go by 20 April.

But now i have changed my plans and want to stay for about 4 months and want go go by 08 April.

Will the US Immigration officer will allow me to stay longer than 21 days and will this be a issue that i will travel erlier?

Thanks in advance

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dineshshankar     03/27/2017 17:05 PM

Im in US ..My Sister applied B2 tourist visa for her as "self sponsor"
with around 3 lakhs in her bank account and property documents in Chennai.
her plan is to come here and be here for 20 days

but it got rejected saying " You are House wife..how could you sponsor yourself when your sponsor (husband) is not travelling with you....?

how soon I can reapply...?
what goes wrong...?

Please help

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