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advell     10/22/2016 02:56 AM

 I had applied b2 visa alone in December, 2015 and got reject. i want to applied again but before applying i want to take same suggestions from you guys. i am working in semi Govt. company taking 57K and from other sources my total income comes 80K. i am married man at the age of 44 years have two kids. This time i am intending to apply with my wife and want to drop my children. first question is without children will be ok or should i apply with entire family second is that i have no travel history should require to me to make travel history if so will it be useful for me to create one tour abroad like uae or to be visited to at least three countries? however, i have enough funds to support my tour to usa. Suggestion will be appreciated.

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iguessiamlucky     10/21/2016 11:04 AM

HI all, this forum helped me a lot in preparation for my B2 visa application. I am a Tier 2 visa holder living in the UK, here is my experience at the US Embassy in London this morning:

VO: Hello how are you?
ME: I'm fine thank you.
VO: what's the purpose of your trip?
ME: Travelling and shopping.
VO: Which city are you travelling to?
ME: New York
VO: are you a student or..?
ME: No, I'm working here, on Tier 2 visa.
VO: (check on his computer..) ah, at xxx university
ME: Yes
VO: what do you do?
ME: (told him my job title, and briefly explained my job scope).
VO: What is your highest education qualification
ME: I have a Master Degree in xxx
VO: how long have you been in the UK?
ME: 8 years.
VO: any family in the US?
ME: nope
VO: are you gonna pay your whole trip from your saving?
ME: That's right.
VO: Your visa has been approved, it will be ready in one week time.
ME: Thank you very much

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rajupalli     10/21/2016 04:01 AM

Hi guys, today I have finished my second interview. It was rejected again. Very disappointed.

As usually I attended the interview and unfortunately same consular came for me. But as soon as she saw my application she asked ok? We talked before?. I said yes! Ok please take your passport and stand in the next line.

This is the conversation

ME : Hi sir how are you?
VO : good! why are you travelling to us.
ME : for tourism and to celebrate christmas.
VO : What do you do?
ME : lead designer in xyz company.
VO : how much you earn?
ME : 4lakhs plus incentives per annum.
VO : Where are going in US?
ME : California.
VO : Where in California?
ME : Fremont, address is ###,####, fremont , CA.(I said full address)
VO : who do you know in US?
ME: I have my cousin there studying MS.
VO : Which places you want to see?
ME : West coast tourist places like Los angeles, las vegas, san francisco...etc
VO : What do you see in Los angeles?
ME : hmm.. Hollywood
VO : are you married?
ME : yes
VO : any children?
ME : no she is carrying now.
VO : do you have properties ?
ME : Yes I have.
VO : What kind of properties?
ME : I have a flat, open lands and lot of agricultural lands.
VO : after 5 mins of aggressive typing..
        Sorry! as per us immigration laws we cannot issue the visa now.
ME : can I know the reason?
VO : it is in the 214B form. Please read it.
ME : there is nothing in that. I need exact reason.
VO : HAHA.. that's all is provided in that sir I am sry. But as per my suggestion u can apply again when your situation changes.
ME : I think my situation is pretty good now.
VO : Sorry sir I dont know the reason you can apply later.
ME : anyways Thank you sir!

Now when should I apply again my leaves are already granted for december. for a month. I dont want miss the chance. My cousin is also suffering severe homesickness he wanted someone from the family to accompany him during christmas. Any Help!!

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kamalgk91     10/20/2016 13:57 PM

I am planning on reapplying for B2 Visa. I had applied with my daughter (age 19) in June 2016 in New Delhi and the visa was rejected. I wanted to attend my cousin’s wedding and had the documents and invitation. The VO didn’t look at anything.

Since the focus is mainly on the DS 160 form, I wanted to get some help on how I can improve my application.

In my previous DS 160 Application I had mentioned the following:
Primary Occupation- Business
Present Employer- Self Employed
Description- I am a business owner and investor in agriculture and commercial real estate
I own retail spaces in a shopping center which is leased to companies such as abcd
I have agricultural fertilization business in which I provide products to local farmers
I receive rental income from residential homes that are rented.

During the interview the following questions were asked:
To me:
Purpose of the trip- To attend cousin’s wedding
What do they do-

And then asked my daughter
Who is she?
Why does she want to go? She answered that she wants to go and see universities for post-graduation as she is in her 3rd/final year. But then also mentioned that will be attending wedding. VO said that we are changing our statement. But it is correct we were going for wedding and to see universities. (Being honest here)
Why isn’t the entire family going? My daughter answered that my mom is staying back with my younger brothers as they are young.
They asked what your mother does.

Then rejected saying next time apply with all family.

I am planning on applying alone this time, my cousin can send sponsorship. I am not sure if that will matter. Please suggest on how I can improve my DS-160 and also how to improve my chances for approval.

Appreciate your time in advance.

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macmartins     10/20/2016 13:39 PM

First time to appear for interview.
Our profile.
i am the principal applicant.
I am working with a company as a Technician,
i am married.
good balance
No kids
No contact in USA
Made hotel reservations
Made airline reservation.
I had travel history but my wife don't have travel history by air.
My wife own a business, Event concept management technology services,
She got Good balance also.
we missed our first appointment scheduled for 5th oct, 2016. we had to rescheduled for 7th Nov 2016,

Do we need to reprints our statements?



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awan     10/20/2016 03:00 AM

My interview date is 8th Nov 2016.
First time to appear for Interview.
My profile.
Own bussiness.
House in country
will apply with wife and 4 year daughter
good balance
Have contact in USA.
No travel history.


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rajupalli     10/19/2016 09:05 AM

Hi, 4 days back I had an interview at hyderabad consulate and got rejected below is the conversation,

VO : Good morning!

Me : Good morning, how are you doing today madam?

VO : you going for tourism or business?

Me : tourism and Ill meet my cousin as well/

VO : where in US?

ME : California

VO : what do you do?

ME : Lead Designer in ### Company

VO : what is your salary?

ME : 4 lacs per annum, but I do a lot of freelancing works so I combinely ...( VO stopped asked are you married)

ME : Yes

VO : Children?

ME : No

VO : what place your cousin lives in ?

ME : Fremont.

VO : Sorry please apply again. Your are not qualified for the visa.

ME : Thanks and took 214B form and left the window.

tomorrow I have interview again. please suggest me something on how to success this time. Actually you people might think I am very desperate about this and that is why I have booked again after 5 days. actually my company has already granted me leave for 1 month in december so I cant take any chance so that is why I want this visa at any cost.

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oceanxtide     10/18/2016 19:01 PM

If any suggestions please comment thanks.
I've noticed that many visas get denied, myself as an American citizen I see that as very disappointing that they do not look at supporting documents???? today my in-laws were denied visas in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Situation is that they have many kids. 6 here in the USA and 3 in Ecuador. I'm married legally to one of their children here.

We said in the application that we would like them to come visit for a week. They own a lot of property and animals aka their ties to Ecuador, which they would never leave behind. They are in their early 60's.

The paper they got said that under 214 (b) they do not qualify. Something along the lines of proving ties and not abandoning their country. So do you think just because they have kids here they can't come?????????????

I think this whole visa thing is just a big scam, no wonder so many people come here illegally ?????????? not one single lie and DENIED.. ughh and it's a 4 hour drive for them to the embassy

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Muhammad Imran Siddique     10/18/2016 09:55 AM

Yesterday I had an interview in USA Embassy Karachi, It was my 3rd time.I chosen URDU language for interview .Strange thing was that VO asked me all the questions in english.so i had to speak english,

I stand in front of 2 mins infront of visa officer, he was typing on his computer,at that time he did not take my passpost nor said any thing, after 2 mins for typing he took my passport,asked for figure print.No hello hi , no greeting nothing,and the first question he asked
VO.What do u have to show me?
ME.I gave him my sister invitation letter ,and i said i want to meet her and rest of the family, she is working in unversity as professor,he read the letter,then

VO, So what u r doing here
ME. told about the job,
VO.Do u have a rented house
ME.No i own a house which my mother left for me.
VO.how u pay ur expenses
ME,I have job pluse i have good saving and give him my own bank statment,he looked in detail.
i also said that i recently visit UK to meet my brother,
VO.What he is doing there
ME He is also a professor in university.
then he gave me my passport and 214 b ,and said i cant give u visa right now .
i asked why sir, I have good traveling history,I visited UK Twice, dubai , saudia, and never spent more then one month in any country .I have my own house ,good bank balance .
VO gave strange anwser ,he said as per computer u r not eligible right now.
i said ok and left.
please any one guide me about the last anwser, he gave me, why he took my interview in english with no greeting not asked why u want to go usa, just asked what do u have to show me,and what would be the main reason of rejection ,any one can guide me.
Good part is that families and older people are getting visa atleast in karachi embassy,

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Fengretarmin     10/17/2016 13:38 PM


my name is Jose Souza by Profession I am a Finance & General Manager, I was very much upset today that my visa for my kids 11 years & 10 years was rejected by US Consulate for the second time today, actual I got my visa in Feb 2016 for going to attend International Wireless Communication in Las Vegas in March 2016, due to some urgent and important official work I could not attend I have to cancelled my trip, being a Finance & General Manager of the Company I have lot of responsibility on me, our CEO called me and said we are coming to Dubai we needs you to attend meeting with us in Abu Dhabi, that was the reason I have to cancelled my trip, if you need any supporting evident I can provide you.

Secondly I made a mistake that I have sent both of my children documents for US Visa thru EMPOST as someone told me for children below 14 years of age doesn t require interview, the thing I was also busy with my work and my wife went to Goa for few days, India to see her ailing Father as he is suffering from very high Diabetic in the hospital, since my children were insisting me that papa we want to see this Disneyland & Seaworld, I promise them if they do good in the examination I will take them to US to show Disneyland & to show some other places like Niagara falls, but now it seems like my dream to show them these places gone in vain, in spite of having good financial background & support their expenses, I thought it will be a good time during Christmas vacation as the children will be having 2 weeks vacation for Christmas also my Company approved my leave during those days.

VO: Why you want to go to US
ME: We are going for tourism and to visit places like Disneyland, Niagara falls & Seaworld

VO: We see that you have US Visa since February 2016 and you were suppose to go for International Wireless Exhibition in March. Why you didn’t go?
ME: At the Last moment I have to cancel my trip due to urgent official work.

VO: Why did you send your children documents thru Empost.
ME: Since I was busy with my official Work and my wife went to India to see Father as he was suffering from diabetic in the hospital that’s why we thought of sending documents through Empost and considering they are under 14 years of age.

VO: It is quite suspicious that you sent your children documents through Empost. Why you didn’t come personal to drop the documents.
ME: I was busy with my official work and somebody told me that you can send your children documents for visa processing through Empost as they don’t require interview.

VO: Again she said the same thing that it is quite suspicious that you have done this blunder. Since your wife visa was rejected for the first time.
ME: I was trying to make her understand that she did not bother to listen to my request. She said your visa is rejected. She gave me white paper.

Could any one please advice if we really can get the visa or shall I re-apply the visa for my children along with my wife, as my wife also don’t have the visa.

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