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Afshaan     05/07/2017 13:17 PM

I got b2 visa on 1 sept 2015 and I have made two successful trips to USA.i was a student and my brother is working on h1v visa in a company in Redmond.so here are the details of interview-
Vo- pls submit your passport and started typing very fast
What is the purpose of ur trip?
Me- to travel USA and to meet my brother
Vo- what do u do?
Me-i am a student and told my major
Vo- in which company ur bro is working?
Me- replied
Vo- what is your sister in law doing in USA?
Me- replied
Vo- how long will you stay in USA?
Me- two months
Vo- what is the address of your bro?
Me- replied.
Vo- why two months?
Me- actually I got off from my academics and after returning I will start my project work.
Started typing
And then golden words from her mouth I am approving your visa.
I am single male and young 26 but I got b2 visa because my preparation was top and I carried 4 folders of documents with me.

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mrdevera     05/06/2017 00:25 AM

Hi everyone! I'd like to share my experience when my visa got refused and I hope to hear inputs and advice from you after reading my experience.

I have applied last 2013 at Abu Dhabi US embassy. I'm Filipino, male, single, and I was 32 years old back then, employed with reasonable salary, travel history is only in Hongkong and Malaysia, I have a brother who is a US citizen.

VO: purpose of your trip
Me: to visit my brother as I haven't seen him for quite some time

VO: where does your brother live
Me: in _____, California

VO: How did he get into the US
Me: because of his work (just found out recently that he was petitioned by his wife)

VO: sorry your are not eligible for a visa

I realized that maybe the reason I was denied because for sure they have a record about his circumstances that I wasn't aware about.

Now, I'm applying again in a few weeks. Current circumstances now is I have traveled to Italy, France, Spain, Germany and UK aside from the asian countries I have been before. Same company with a bit higher salary now. Still single.

What are the odds of me getting a visa? Will it be okay if the VO ask for the purpose of my trip, I'd answer: To see the golden gate bridge and Yosemite park and tour around California where my brother is (instead of answering just: to visit my brother?) A friend told me, better to empashize your just there as a "tourist" than to emphasize that you will visit your brother.

What are your thoughts?

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singh jatinder     05/06/2017 03:37 AM

Hii everoyone I am from india applying for B2 visa with family wife and two child. My interview is on 11th may AT DELHI. I am Business man earn aroun 9 lakh PA , Wife teacher 3.25 lakh. travled beore Autralia and Europe. Itr of 7lakh and 3 lakh of my wife. Can you please tell what are the chances of ours. Sponser family freind but will bear expendature of my family is it ok if i tell this to VO because we have enough funds to support ourself. We are going only for four week.

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Kirn169     05/03/2017 14:21 PM

We are going to apply for b2 tourism visa, before going for the interview i would like to discuss my current suitation and I will welcome experts inputs.

June 20th is our 6th anniversary, we are planning to celebrate in usa. This is the reason for applying b2 visa. Regarding to my employment, I am an software professional having 9 years of experience, I recently quit my jon on 25th april and I having offers on hand but didn't gave any conformation to the companies as I want to see the outcome of my visa. What are the weak areas in my case and I could be done to make better.
Kindly reply.


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diiyya     05/03/2017 03:17 AM

So I went for my visa interview today with my parents. The VO was a very sweet lady.
here is how it went:

ME: Good Morning
VO: Good morning (With good eye contact)

VO: Passport please?
We gave our passport

VO: Any relaitives?
DAD: Yes, aughter.

VO: What does she do?
DAD: Works at XXX.

VO: What do you do?
DAD: Buisnessman.

VO: Can you explain?
DAD: Explains.

VO: Mam, what do you do?
MOM: Homemaker

VO: And you?
ME: I am a college student.

VO; What are you studying?
ME: Engineering


Andddd finally, says "Your visa is approved."

She did not ask for any documents. Just make sure that you answer all questions truthfully an confidently and make good eye contact.


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VibhuSharma     05/02/2017 20:09 PM

Hi guys,

So here are my details:

AGE 24

Interview went as below:

After greeting VO (didn't greet back or smiled),
VO - Pass your passport

VO: Have you ever traveled other country before?
ME: Yes mam, I went to Maldives last year

VO: With whom?
ME: with my office mates

VO: what are your friends doing in USA (mentioned about visiting my friends in ds 160)
ME: Studying Masters at XXX university

VO: where do you work ?
ME: told

VO; How much expense you are expecting ?
ME: around 2 lacs out of which i have already paid for my flights and hotel stay.

Everything was going well until she asked next question.

VO: How much funds do you have ?
ME: Mam, i have 2.5 lacs in my savings account and 1.5 lacs in RD.


VO: So are you going to put all your savings for this trip ?
ME: Yes mam as i was planning and saving for this trip since long back and i so wanted to visit disney world and universal studios in Orlando.


Can you please help me identifying exactly what went wrong ? i am thinking its only because of my low funds.

Also, please suggest how early i can apply and this time i am thinking to show around 10 lacs with my father as my sponsor (will change this in new ds 160) ? Will it help or what are the chances for getting it next time if i do this.


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Wishful     05/02/2017 06:46 AM

My visa got rejected 3 months back . My husband is having b1 visa. When I went for b2 visa ...They asked after 2-3 questions that why we have not applied together and I said he is not travelling with me because of professional commitment s. I guess I should have tell them it vs applied thru his company and I am applying myself fr b2.Now I have mentioned that we are going together fr vacation in July along with my son. What possible questions they vl ask and vt should I answer...Pls help !
Also I am visiting there my brother and I vl come back by 15 days.
My husband is sponsoring our tour. We have never went to US before and v both are working professionals with good salaries.
I am nervous ths time..

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mb1986     05/02/2017 01:46 AM


I plan to travel to the US in July for about 15 days. Plan to visit NY for about 7 days, and spend the remaining time near Detroit at my uncle's (Mama's) place.

I'm planning to go at this time as I won $5000 in a contest which takes care of flights to and from New York and the hotel stay in New York, and this expires soon. Otherwise, I would not have considered this trip.

Should I call this a self sponsored trip? I will be taking care of the costs of the rest of the trip (travel to Detroit and back, food, local travel, tourist attractions etc.)

My profile
Marital status - single
Age - 31
Salary - Rs 4.5 lpa (I'm working at a startup ,and this is a lot lower than my salary 2.5 years back, as I made a career switch. It has recently moved from 3 LPA to 4.5 LPA).
I have approx 4.5 to 5 lakhs in my savings account, a similar amount in shares, and about 10 lakhs in PPF.
Travel history - 3 times to Thailand, 1 time to Cambodia
I live with my parents (who own the flat, and have a share in another flat in Bombay). My dad's a senior citizen and my Mom's reaching there

Wanted some advice as to how I can present my case in the best manner.
1. Should I show my trip as self sponsored, or should I add my uncle as a sponsor?
2. Can I show the contest as a means of sponsorship (perhaps by booking flights and tickets in advance so that it proves a major portion of the trip cost, and shows that I have a return plan)?
3. When's the latest I should schedule my interview by? I plan to travel on the 2nd of July
3. Any other advice you all might have?

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Vz2USA     04/30/2017 21:07 PM

Meeting for first time in May in Panama. Want to apply and have B2 interview while in Panama. Impossible for her to get to Caracas for interview due to violence. She was robbed and threatened murder by gun point two weeks ago.

She is an English teacher, makes next to nothing, 35, lives with parents.
I am her sponsor and hope they let me be a part of the Panama interview.

She has July and August off of work and she will be returning to Vz.

I do not have capacity for her and am not ready to commit to marriage. She will be on return plane home.
Any help or advice appreciated...Thx

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Bobblo     04/30/2017 10:38 AM

Hello Everyone, am an Indian and working in Dubai. Am looking forward for Masters in USA. Is Dubai better for F1 visa acceptance or India ?
Please help me out of this situation.

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