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sinal     03/08/2016 05:07 AM

Hello all, my husband and I are going to appear for visitor visa interview next month. we are 31 and 28 yr old resp. Please help me with the following asap:-

1) Could there be an issue, if we have given USA arrival dates different , but we are coming back together ( I intend to fly early as I am a home maker and want to fly with my sister in law who is a US citizen and is flying back to USA at same time. My husband would get only two week leave so he wishes to fly later in the month)
The dates are not at all fixed, just gave tentative ones as it was asked in application.

2) My husband's stay (two weeks) is ok, but as i intend to stay for a month, is it too much?

3) How much fund we should show in indian rupee for the trip?

Please guide me guys. Would be thankful.

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gayathri222     03/05/2016 01:20 AM

Hi everyone,
Im a student doing my graduate in computer science and engineering. Im in third year now and have one more year to complete my course.Im planning to visit the US this june as i have my semester break that time. I will be staying with my cousin whos working in California in a software company and lives with his wife whos pregnant now.Im travelling with my aunty(mother of my cousin in the US). Our purpose of visit is to see the baby who wouldve been born by then and for site seeing,. My family is here, and my college reopens in july so we will be staying there for a month. Is there any chance i would be rejected a visa? My visa interview is on 10th march. Is there any specific documents i should carry? please help!

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Aminat88     03/03/2016 13:08 PM

I am an F1 Student here in the united states, I am graduating in May of 2016. I planning to go back home after my opt ended. Will it be easy for me to come back or visit the U.S after going back home?

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Nirja dave     03/03/2016 11:13 AM

Hi me n my husband we both are 25 years old applied for visitor visa our interview was on 3rd march 2016 i.e today ...
Interview started on a smooth note but then vo rejected .. i dont know the reason so depressed it was our first time so but i think there are few prospects i m thinking can be my passport was little older so there was a minordamage at the corner so i think that may be the reason and before i have travelled to china and australia aswell.... but my husband's passport was fresh so now i m thinking to reapply again but i have some questions
1. If i renew my passport will i get high chances of visa
2 if i be the primary applicant will my case be strong

Plss reply i need help

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nina5     03/02/2016 03:15 AM

i shall apply for tourist visa next week for medical treatment. i am a student, 19 yo, living with my family (mother, 3 bros, 1 sis, 1 sis-in-law, 2 niblings). i am the youngest of them all.

which supporting documents should i carry with me to the interview (other than medical documents)? i am specifically confused about the following:

   family pics (we don't have any printed pics, it's digital age after all!)
   property documents (i don't own any property, it's all in my father and grandfather's name)

we don't have any student cards in our college, we use i.d cards. so what if i present an affidavit from my principal or a professor testifying that i am a student?

i shall be travelling with my big bro. i want to apply first and if i get approved, then bro will apply. do you think it could negatively impact my stance?

any help will be appreciated.

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manthir     03/02/2016 00:33 AM

HI , Today we had interview in chennai consulate for myself, wife and 2 children aged 9 years. Our interview was at 9 AM but we reached consulate by 8 am and we showed out appointment confirmation at the gate and went through security check . After security check we gave our finger prints and waited in the line for about half an hour for the interview. we were interviewed by an American officer.

vo - why do you want to go to u.s

Myself - We have our children annual vacation in the month of April . so for tourism and to meet my sister in law.

vo- what are you doing?

Myself - i am doing business. (explained my business )

VO- what is your annual income?

Myself: xx Annual income

vo- have you ever been refused a visa?
Myself- yes. In 2007 it was refused.

vo- what are you doing ? ( to my wife)

wife: i am a homemaker

vo- have you travelled any other countries?

Myself- china, malaysia, singapore and Thailand. As a family we visited singapore last year.

vo- how many days you want to go?

Myself- 3 weeks

vo- what places you want to visit in u.s? ( to my children)

Children: we want to visit disney land, niagara falls and play with my brothers.

Finally the officer typed something in his computer and said your visa is approved.


NOTE: i was going through all the posts in IMMIHELP continuously for the last six months. It was so helpful to have an idea about the questions they might ask in the interview.

Thanks to one and all.

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dentistchinnu     02/29/2016 09:19 AM

hi every one ,1st of all thanks to one and all here....got our visa approved on 26th feb. i have read about 40 pages on this and hardly i could find approval of visa for dentist. i heard for young dentists its difficult to get any kind of US visa...but i finally got -1st time
 here it went:
    vo- whos there in US (direct question to my wife)
   wife- sister
    vo- wat is she doing
   wife- housewife
   vo-wat is brother in law doing.
  wife- job in so and so company in US
  VO- wat u do madam in INDIA
  WIFE- dentist
 vo- wat abut u sir
 me- am a pediatric dentist(1st question to me)
 vo- howmuch u make
 me- abut 8l per annum
vo-how many months stay
me-3 weeks

 thats all she checked our passports (mine, wife and 15 monthsold son)
 other countries visited- singapore, malaysia and dubai (me nd wife)

for abut 30 sec she kept typing and finally said
  U PEOPLE GOT VISA....... (got 2 days later with 10 yrs)
- FORGOT TO TELL -the interview was in telugu, and vo itself could speak fluent telugu, no documents asked,
thanks again to one and all.

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Basma     02/28/2016 13:35 PM

Hello ,
I needed your help please , I was rejected 6 months ago and I'd really like to know why
I am 20 , egyptian & student .
The interview was
She :Why do you want to go to the US ?
Me:To see my sister and for tourism
She : Have you travelled anywhere before ?
Me : yes , I have live in KSA for few years
She : Who would pay for you the ticket ?
Me: me (and I have shown her my account status I have 44,000$ in my bank account)
She :Do you work ?
Me: No, I study
She :what ?
Me: Computer Engineering , I am in my second year

she then just told me sorry to tell you but ....... bla bla bla

My sister lives there and I really want to go to her in the vacation , I think that being in second year in university here is strong reason that I would return !
I don't know what to do , I really want to apply again but I can't bear getting rejected again . Any help ??

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samer     02/28/2016 11:19 AM

Hi everyone
I am planning to visit my sister this summer i'm 29 yrs married
i have a good b and i went i travelled to europe twice
what are my chances ?
should i try or waiting a liitle more
I am worried because i was told that people under 30 are more likley to be rejected

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GENA2014     02/26/2016 02:33 AM

I was in US last year for a conference for just one week on a B1/B2 visa which is still valid till early next year. I will be going for another conference this year in Florida and wish to go together with my family for tourism. We have two little kids of less than 4 years. My wife and the kids does not have any US visa. My wife is working and our vacation comes up together during the summer when I will be going for the conference so we hope to spend 3 weeks of it in the US. My wife has visited UK two times in the past three years and as a family we have visited Malaysia ones. Our employer will pay for our flight ticket including leave allowance.
Since I already have a visa do I need to apply together with my wife and kids. Again, how do you rate their chances of getting a visa. Again I will appreciate any constructive criticism and suggestions that will increase our chance of getting a visa. Thank you!


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