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HKSingh     05/27/2017 07:10 AM

Hi Everyone. I would also like to share my experience for Approved B1 Visa held on 26th May2017 at Chennai

First of all, before applying for Visa, I had two worrying factors:
1. I previously had been rejected thrice (consecutively in one month) for UK Study Visa in 2003 in old passport
2. I joined my current company only two months back

First day on 25th may, I went to OFC. At first, looking at the condition of the office, It dint look like anything related to US Embassy as it looked like some old types office. The entire staff was Indian probably US embassy's outsourced partners. Overall, it took me max 15 mins for the overall process including standing in the queues. They had put one sticker on the back side of the passport. The staff was nice and welcoming. I dint carry my cell phone with me, though you are allowed to carry it but switched off.

Next day was THE Big Day. It was super Hot day as usual. I was wearing normal formal Trouser and shirt. No Ties, No office ID card. No Suit. I dint carry my watch, wallet or any such thing. I only had my documents folder. Good part is, I was inside the premises in 10 mins where they had some fans and shade. My Passport and its sticker was asked and checked atleast 5-6 times for the info on the sticker and then they allowed us to get into the AC Hall where we could see the Interview windows. The majority of the time was spent here where I stood in 2 different long zig zag queues and I was made to go to 2 diff counters before finally appearing in front of the Visa Officer.

The questions were the same as discussed in this forum, nothing unusual or diff in my case.
I was just hoping that he should not ask for my old passports or show concern for spending only 2 months in the current company and sending me to US for meetings so soon. Throughout that day, no one asked or checked for any other document except the passport and appointment letter. Visa Officer surely had his eyebrows raised when I told that I am working with the current company for 2 months. Then after asking few more questions on my profile, designation, kind of meetings I will be indulging in, he asked me, If i am married. I replied "Yes and I have two Kids". Visa Officer seemed relaxed thereafter and then he said those Golden Words. "Your Visa is approved".

While standing, majority of the people had their Visas approved except few unlucky folks ( * just an estimate - like 2 out of 10). Some interviews were quick like 1-2 mins and some were standing for 10-15 mins too.

Best of Luck!!!!

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nowwin4u     05/26/2017 14:32 PM

I want to share my views and advice from my two times interview experience at Delhi.
Though I agree, luck plays a very important role but yes preparation helps so its better to over-prepare and put your best.

First interview in October 2016 (B1 Rejected)
Before interview:
1. I did some preparation with the help of my friends.
2. Read many interview questions on this site.
3. I was confident about getting visa as I already had travelled to Europe and other Asian countries before.

My plan for the interview:
1. Be very clear while answering
2. Don't hesitate, be confident
3. Give one line answers (to the point)
4. Just answer, nothing more, nothing less.

On interview day:
1. Followed my plan meticulously.
2. Was confident, throughout the interview.
3. One line answers only.
4. Normal common questions for B1 was asked to me also.

But my visa got rejected.

Possible reasons for rejection:
1. She asked me, whether I had visited any other country for work purpose from the company?
Though I had visited but not with my current company so I just replied "No".
Instead, I should have said "I have visited on work purpose from my previous company but not with this company"

2. He asked about my roles and responsibility?
Gave one line technical answer, which I think she couldn't understand.
I should have made effort to make her understand by giving more details.

3. She asked about my year of experience?
I told her my year of experience in the current company only. Instead I should have said "My total work experience is 9 years where as in my current company I am working from last 2 years"

2nd Interview Experience (B1 Approved)
After 7 months of 1st refusal, I applied again.

Before the interview:
1. I was nervous
2. I practiced, took mock interview with my friends, asked different people for answers and possible questions.
3. I was not sure of getting this time also, since there was no change in my condition.

My plan for the interview:
1. No one liners, talk till you feel the officer has understood what you want to convey.
2. Anticipate what he wants to know, and give more details.
3. If given chance showcase your positive points like previous visits, more number of experience in same company, why the visit is important, etc

On the interview day:
1. I got little nervous
2. Fumbled on few lines, but I made sure to explain every thing properly and in detail.
3. Normal B1 questions.
4. With every questions, I gave more information than asked to clear his doubt.
5. He asked about my previous rejected visa. (prepare well for this question based on your situation)
6. Though there were few unexpected questions which I had not prepared but I was able to give answer by
    modifying few of my prepared answers. (So preparation is important, practice, do mock interviews)
7. Finally, heard the voice "Your visa is approved". I was all smiles and was relieved :)

My overall advise:
1. It is your responsibility to explain your situation to them properly so explain everything very clearly.
2. Don't rely on only the questions they ask. Answer their question and add more information if you fell is required.
3. Remain natural, its OK to fumble but don't be too nervous
4. Practice difficult and unexpected questions before the interview.
8. One liner answers might be risky so explain more. Do let any doubt come to their mind.
9. Finally, over-prepare. It will not harm in any case.
10. Luck is very important, so don't take it as a reflection on your personality.

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helper71     05/23/2017 02:13 AM

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to this forum I cleared my visa interview for an industry conference. Basic questions about length of stay and company name were asked.

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kaylogics     05/22/2017 05:50 AM

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.
The B1 visa interview process is very simple if you prepare yourself in time.
Here are some more tips:
-Do not present any false information
-Answer only what you are asked
-Be attentive while other candidates are being interviewed
-Mention your time of stay in US 1-2 weeks

For more details and tips about the B1 visa interview, please see my web page :

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bpandita     05/19/2017 10:23 AM

I was very nervous for my B1 VISA Interview. This website helped me a lot and I want to thank all of you who have shared their experiences here.

My Visa was approved and I want to contribute a bit from my end and hope it helps someone.

Date of Visa Interview : 18th May 2017
Place : Chennai
Time : 11:30 Am

I reached the venue around 10:28 Am and came to know that we are not supposed to take any belongings inside. I was carrying a bag with me , Handbag as well as Laptop bag.
They allow only passport and required documents inside. Even hand watch is also not allowed.

I went to a shop near by and requested the shopkeeper to keep my belongings - Bag, wallet, Phone, watch there. I was carrying only passport and the documents that are required
to carry.


1. You have to stand in a queue on the main road, there few (2-3) office people check your passport and put a mark at the back - where sticker is pasted and allow you to go
2. Once you go inside, police personnel are standing and your documents passport are passed through a scanner and you will asked for individual security check up.
3. There after one man on the chair asks about what type of visa you have applied for and asks you to go straight left.
4. Here you have to stand in a queue in hot sun, there are few fans though. The queue is pretty big and you have to wait. I had to wait for 10-12 mins approximately.
5. After that you go inside a big Hall with AC and fans, again your passport will be checked and you will have to stand in a queue.
6. One lady comes and asks to go to a particular counter, you need to show your passport there. One Indian lady scans the passport and returns it back to you. She puts some color
mark -2nd mark on the back of the passport.
7. After that you are asked to go to counter 18 where you need to show your passport again. They will put third mark on the passport.
8. Then you go to the adjacent section where security people may ask you to stand in the queue or sit for sometime. I was asked to sit for sometime and after few minutes she
told me to stand in the queue.
9. I was standing in the queue for almost 15 minutes and there were many people infront of me.
10. Finally my turn came and I was asked to go for interview.

Interviewer was a lady. Looked strict and confident.

I : Please handover your passport (without looking at me)
M : Yes , please.

I : Where do you work
M : CSG Systems International PVT Ltd

I: How many years you have been working there for
M : Almost 22 months, coming July I will complete two years.

I: For how many days you are going
M: I am going for less than a month almost 25-27 days

I: Where are you going there
M: I will be travelling to New Jersey and then Nebraska

I: What is the purpose of the visit
M: I am going to attend business and team meetings.

I: Why you are going for so many days
M: The business meetings are divided into shifts. Few meetings are in New Jersey and after few days other meetings are in Nebraska.

I: What meetings ?
M: These meetings are with senior resources and clients.

After a pause of few seconds :

I: Your Visa is approved.
M: Thank you so much.

Personal advice : Don't be over confident, Don't be arrogant, Don't be something that you are not. Be very normal and don't show your nervousness.
Try to reply politely and confidently. If possible try to answer these questions (shared by others as well) few times and practice before you go there.

I wish you All the very best :-)

On a lighter note, the shopkeeper charged me Rs 200 for keeping my bag there.

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amalik99     05/19/2017 03:28 AM

First, thanks to everyone who shared their experiences here on Immhelp.

I applied for B1 Visa, Purpose: Attending Conference.

VAC Experience
 - Reached on Time, Redirected to stand in queues(2 nos)
 - Everyone in VAC is indian, and pretty helpful.
 - Went for 1st Level, Document verification stage and BANG. My passport had surname field Blank, never noticed it before. It was like this
   So i did mistake, it should have been filled like this

   Person verifying the documents pointed this out, and asked to get it corrected. There are many
   shops around who can help you in this, there's one in Basement of same building itself. Went
   there, they changed it accordingaly, charged 200 RS.
- Went back to updated DS160 Confirmation Page(Appoint confirmation page remains same, dont
   worry about that)
- Verification completed easily, another queue for 15 mins. They'd put a sticker on your passport now.
- Given biometrics, simple and streightforward process.Overall took 45 minutes(Including DS160 Correction).
- You can go early than your appointment time, however doesnt help as they will have seprate queue for each time slot.
- Can carry mobile phone(has to be switched off)
- Carry only Passport, DS160 Confirmation, Appointment Confirmation. No other documents required

Next Day

 - Carried following documents
     - Passport, DS160 Confirmation, Appointment Confirmation, Invite Letter, Current Employer Offer
        letter, Last 6 month pay slips and bank statement, Previous employer experience letters.
 - Couple of security check before you enter, Only need to Show passport. No other documents asked.
- 1st queue, Verify passport. they will redirect to another counter to verify Fingerprints. Simple and quick.
- 2nd Queue , the interview queue. Be ready to wait for 20-30 minutes here as usually queue is long.(no appoint time based queue here)
- On your turn, someone will redirect you to a specific counter. Usually you will have one person giving interview and you will be standing behind them(at a minimal distance, can listen all)

My Interview went like this
VC - Good Morning
A - GM, Handed Over Passport

VC - Purpose of Vists
A - Attend Microsoft Confrence - Provided confrence name

VC - Where it is held
A - Washington DC

VC - How long you will be staying
A - 2 Weeks

VC- What's your current Company Name
A - Answered(small company)

VC - How long you've been working
A - 8 months

VC - What's your designation
A - Answered

VC - What's your previous employer name
A - Answered(Microsoft :) )

VC- So you're still dealing with them
A - Yes.

Typed something for next 20-30 seconds, and annonced - Your Visa is approved. Maximum duration of interview was 1 minutes. Pretty smooth. I guess previous employer name was the key.

No Documents asked, not even invite letter.

Thank you.!

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amjad30nagori     05/12/2017 02:49 AM

Thanks a lot guys for helping me out.

Interview date : 10:00 AM 12/05/2017 at Hyderabad

VC - Purpose of visit?
A - Business meeting.

VC - Which company r u working?
A - XXX India.

VC - What is your designation?
A - System engineer.

VC - What system engineer do in your company?
A - Explained.

VC - What was the purpose to went Germany? (I had short term Germany visa)
A - I have attended same kind of meeting there.

VC - How long and where will you stay in US?
Ans - 11 days in Newport beach, California.

VC - What is your annual income?
Ans - X Lacs.

VC - Who will pay for your trip?
A - XXX India.

VC - How much they will pay?
A - XX $ per day.

VC - How they will pay this amount?
A - They will pay full amount at the beginning of trip.

VC - Your VISA is approve. Have a nice trip.
A - Thank you !!!

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Nisha2902     05/10/2017 00:22 AM

Hello Everyone,

I applied for B1/B2 visa and gave interview on 9th May.
In the End of the interview Consultant said He is approving my visa for B1. I did not get this cleary. was he meant that I am only getting B1 visa ?? not B2 ??
I checkec my Passport status even After one day, still status is showing that - your passport is still with US Ambassy.
Please share your valuable thoughts over this.

Thanks in advance !!!!

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rajmalpani     05/10/2017 10:20 AM

P gm, yes please handover
C What is your purpose ofvisit
P Business
C What type of business
P Handicrafts & Lubricants
C what
P Wooden Handicrafts & Furniture
C Have you ever is US
P No
C What was the reason of rejection earliar
P- They were not explained to me the reason
C Surprising, why
P I said I do not know
C How much your turn over
P 1 crore or 20 million rupees
C how many times you will stay
P four weeks
C How much you are exporting to USA
P One lakh us $, in 2010
C how much your salary
P 8.5 lac per annul
C have you traveled another country
P Yes, China, Turkey, before my completion
C asked, why you were went to china
P For Machinery purpose
C All of sudden, said, sorry I cannot give you visa
P I said, why?, he just gave me printed paper 214b I again asked but he did not responded
I was surprised, he were not asked any documents, while I was caring all related documents including Invitation letter too
I gave my Interview on 5th may, 17at 10.30 at counter number 15
What should I do now??

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Redial     05/09/2017 06:31 AM

VO: Can I have your passport?
Redial: Morning, Sure and handed over the passport

VO: What's your purpose of visit?
Redial: Business Meeting.

VO: How much tenure you have completed with the current organization?
Redial: It's going to be 6 months by the end of May.

VO: It's not even 6 months and they are sending you, Why?
Redial: The requirement was similar to my profile, insurance domain with technical background.

VO: How much experience you have in said?
Redial: 10 Years.

VO: So in 10 years you didn't get a chance but now not even in 6 months you are getting it?
Redial: Yes

VO: Sorry I don't think you are not going to work there hence Visa is rejected.
Redial: Ok

Now the client is ready to pay the visa fees again but this will be my last chance. Seeking help to know which all things should be taken care of and also this time have been asked to apply at Chennai - is changing a location ok?

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