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Paranoid     03/25/2017 00:14 AM

Hi All,

First of all, I thank to the users who shared their experiences on immihelp and helped me to prepare for the interview.
I attended my interview on 20th of this month and it was quick( less than a minute).

I was asked regular questions( current employer(exports company)/experience with current employer/previous company/designation/purpose of visit). All I did was to answer confidently, looking straight into the eyes of the officer,
Wearing that smile on the face and answering to the point(this is important..Don't add too much info as it might lead to several other questions).Don't be nervous and be confident. You will get your visa.

I got my visa stamped on 4th day after my interview.
I was previously had a rejection of B1 visa and I hope people who follow the tips given above can overcome the nervousness and attend confidently. All the best friends :)


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Alan Paul     03/22/2017 05:01 AM

Hi all, Thank you for this wonderful forum It really helped me in my interview yesterday.
Attended Chennai Consulate office. Line was bigger than I expected but well managed.

Note: Watch need to be kept in the plastic bag you are carrying for your documents. I payed 100 Rs to a shopkeeper to keep my mobile phone and 20 Rs to the greedy auto driver who was standing at the gate of the office shouting "Mobile allow illa" to everyone and demanded 20 Rs extra for tea (in exchange of taking us to shopkeepers who keep electronic devices!!!

After About 45 minutes I was in front of the counter. A lady was talking to the VO and my tern was next. I could hear the conversation, Lady Indian but was talking in foreign accent, she sure must have spent years abroad. Her interview was quite long though about 10-15 minutes. she got the visa.

The VO signed me to come forward,

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning (smiled) Passport Please
Me: Handed over (purposely did not open my plastic zipper bag, I had a feeling I am not going to use 1/2 Kilograms of papers I have carried.
VO: Typing some thing and asked simultaneously "purpose of trip"
Me: Product Training
VO: What Product
Me: Instruments manufactured by my company's US Branch.
VO: What type of instrument
Me: Scientific instruments used by Aagriculture scientists and I sell them in India
VO: Company name
Me: XYZ, UK based
VO: In DS-160 some Indian based ABC company name is entered
Me: Yes, My company dont have office in India so made arrangements with payroll service providers for my salary and other documents, ABC is a payroll service provider. My company can not pay directly to me in foriegn currency
VO: Ok
Me: (Glad she understood this, I was concerned about this point only)
VO: Are you married
Me: Yes
VO: How many days you are planning to stay in USA
Me: 6 days (did not tell the exact dates, it was mentioned in DS160, she didnt ask, I didnt tell
VO: Your annual income
Me: told (though it is a company sponsored trip)
VO: How many years of experience
Me: In this company 8 months
VO: Who are your clients
Me: Plant scientists, Seed companies
Vo: But you are not in Science right?
Me: No, Just Sales of these instruments
VO: typed for few seconds (I was nervous obviously)
VO: Your Visa is approved, Have a happy Journey
Me: Thanks Ma'am

Note: Dress matters for Business Visa, people were in full suits with tie (in chennai climate). I was in formal trousers and a plain shirt no tie. If you are not lying and able to explain your points crisp to the point, It is very likely VO is not going to ask any document. I carried my invitation letter, Cover letter, Bank statements, Marriage certificate etc..no use.

My situation was little different as I was employed by 3rd party in India as my company dont have direct presence in India and I am the only employee of my company in India. So my offer letter and salary credits in bank statement was from India company but my business cards and other documents from UK company. Luckily I managed to explain these things to her in proper way.

Good luck to all.

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Haunie Wvraymie     03/22/2017 01:48 AM

This is my first interview experience at the US Consulate, Kolkata.
 An African American lady took my interview.
  Greeted Good Morning (With a Smile)
She greeted back ( with a smile too)

> Why are travelling to US?
      I am going for a Conference (XVZ) with my parents.
> Can I see your invitation letter please?
     Gave the letter
> How long is your stay?
    2 weeks..
> Which places have you visited earlier?
   Told her..
   Then she was interrupted by her colleague for something.. Shuts off the MIC and close the drawer.
      Waited for few minutes before she continues..
   After waiting for like 5 mins, she continued..
> What are you working?
    Told her the answer
> What is your job?
    Told her the answer
> Who is sponsoring your trip?
    My father
> How much does your father earns?
   Told her the amount
> What is your father working as?
    Gave her the answer..
> How much you earn monthly?
    Told her my income..
   That's about it!! She told me those beautiful words " Thank you sir, your visa has been approved!"

   I was so happy coming out of the US embassy, I was nervous a bit when she couldn't understand one of my answer... I thought oh damn.. im not gonna get it.. somehow she understood and continued with the interview... i was also nervous before my turn came because the person in front of me had her Visa on hold for a while.. but as soon as the consulate smiled greeting me, I was confident answering her questions..

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RevanthTipparaju     03/21/2017 00:31 AM

My immigration team has booked an appointment on 20th september 2014 for finger print and photo session and then the next day for visa interview. Below was my experience about the interview.

My interview was scheduled in mumbai embassy in bandra east at 10AM in the morning (second day).
I arrived at the embassy by 9:00AM itself, being so much excited / worried about the questionnaire.

Was called for security check and asked to switch off my cell phone and put all belongings (other than my documents and passport) in a plastic basket and submit at the security counter there.

After the security check, i was guided to a open area where huge crowd was waiting under a roof and people were slowly moving forward as the crowd keep finishing their interviews inside the room/consulte hall.

I was also moving along with the crowd, and once i entered the final/consulate room, i was guided to go to a separate line to show my passport and take a second round of finger prints and was guided to go to counter number 24 (currently i forgot the number but something like this only).

As soon i went to the counter as guided, there was a line of 5 people standing there on after the other. I was the fifth person standing quite nervous.

The VO rejected all those previous girls/guys for some reason and was not having a smile on his face. Where the previous guy standing infront of me was irritating VO's mind, someone from the inside counter came and finally spoke in hindi to leave the place and that was my turn finally and the VO signed to come front.

I went towards the window and was having a nice smile (dramatically may be to cover my nervousness) and wished him good morning.

Time was 9:20AM IST.

Me - Good morning, how are you doing?.
VO - Very good morning, goo.....d doing great, you look so energetic (was smiling inside my heart).

Me - Thanks.
VO - Passport please (I said sure and handed over).

VO - Why are you going to US.
Me - To attend few trainings on a new system being built under customer supervision.

VO - A new system?
Me - Yes, we call it a system, as multiple applications are linked to it.

VO - Wow. So, which place are you visiting in US.
Me - Bellevue place, seattle, WDC.

VO - Where will you stay and who will take care of your expenses?
Me - My customer and company will provide accomodation, food and transport and i have to take care of my personal expenses being paid in the form of allowances.

VO - Perfect! So....you work for XXX company, it is a big giant USA based firm. Don't your company know that a USA company should not file for B1.
Me - You are right! the company which i am working currently has only 1 branch in india and it is a subsidiary of the USA company and not a direct reportee and our payrolls and everything differs.

VO - Gooooood. What is your designation and can you explain me your roles and responsibilities in this project and your future plans.
Me - Explained.

VO - Who will pay you?
Me - My company in india in the form of allowances.

VO - Will you be working there in USA.
Me - No, only meetings, KTs.

VO - How long?
Me - 4 weeks.

VO - Sounds clear. Finally, what if you don't get your visa approved. (Sarcastic smile).
Me - We may have to look for alternative ways in getting the KT, and attend the session through any other process.

VO - You dont need to go for a second chance. I am approving your visa. (Laughed loud).
Me - Thanks, thats great.

VO - Ow, wait, can i have your client invitation letter?
Me - Sure, handed over.

VO - Looked at it and said cool.
Me - When shall i collect my passport.

VO - Within 2 business days from now.
Me - Sure thanks, it was my pleasure talking to you.

VO - Smiled and said same here.
Me - I was flying in air and no control for my happiness, and removed my hand cuffs of the shirt and collected my belongings from security and ran out of the place.

Remember, whatever the experience you have. Salary, Company doesn't matter.
Stay confident, stay calm, speak truth. YOU ARE DONE.

I wish all the best to every individual going for interview. And finally, dont listen to anyone who says, this embassy is good for approvals, the other does lot of rejections etc.

Embassy is same everywhere, it;s you who have to prove yourself that your approach is proer and perfect.


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Sharath.Dharmala     03/13/2017 09:06 AM


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Yogesh Goyal     03/10/2017 04:44 AM

My Questions:

Vo: Your Passport please.
Me: Yeah Sure.

Vo: In which company are you working for?
Me: told company name.

Vo: Where are you going to US?
Me: Orlando.

Vo: Why are you going to US?
Me: I am going to attend Stone Exhibition.

Vo: What does your company do?
Me: Export the Stone.

Vo: How much company's turnover?
Me: told

Vo: How many employees are in your company?
Me: told

Vo: For how many days are you going?
Me: 9 days.

Vo: What is your designation?
Me: Export Manager

Vo: What is your salary?
Me: 3 Lacs per Annual

Vo: To whom with are you going?
Me: My boss

Vo: Have you ever been outside of India?
Me: No

Vo: Can i see your invitation letter?
Me: Yeah Sure

Vo: Are you single?
Me: Yes, i am single.

Vo: You are not eligible for this time, but it doesn't mean that you can't apply next time. returned my passport and gave 214b form.

Can i know that what was the reason behind my rejection?

Waiting for the reply.....

Thanks to all

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Akshay Raghoji     03/10/2017 02:45 AM


I was fairly tensed until my turn came. Please please be very confident. Your presentation skills is really important.

My questions:

Me: Hello Mam, Good Morning (With a smile, wear your ID card. Makes a lot of difference) Please Smile and wish without fail.
VO: I am fine. Thank you (With Smile)

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: I have to attend client meetings that are scheduled in our ------(location name)

VO; Who is the Client?
Me: Told the name

VO: How many days?
Me: 2 Weeks

VO: What is your salary?
Me: Told

Thanks. Your visa is approved. It happened less than 20 Secs.

Key: Please be confident. Dont fumble. Be precise and point. And Relax and act professional like a business person.

Hope this helps.


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Amartya     03/03/2017 04:44 AM

Hello Everyone,

Before I share my interview experience, want to highlight few very essential points that might help you to ace the visa interview ;

1. Please remember, this interview is all about you. So, if you are not lying, just relax ! you are bound to get through. As long as you are saying the truth, you are not compelled to think.

2. For B1 visas sound like a professional, and wear your Comapny ID.

3, The DS 160 is the key, know it by heart.

The Interview :

Me : Hello, Good Morning ! (Greeted him with a smile)
VO : Good Morning, Can I have your passport please ?
Me : Sure.
VO : So, why are you travelling to U.S.?
Me : To attend business meetings and subsequent discussions with our extended team in U.S.
VO : How long will you stay in U.S.?
Me : xx days (Do remember the exact dates and the exact number of days)
VO : Which company are you working for ?
Me : XX Company
VO : Where will you stay in U.S.?
Me : Told the entire hotel address.
VO : What is the name of your client ?
Me : XX
VO : What is your designation
Me : XX (Mention the exact designation, as mentioned in your offer letter)
VO : How long have you been working with the company ?
Me : 5 Months
VO : Thank You, Your Visa is Approved.
Me : Thank you very much !

So applicants, it doesn't matter if you are married or not, if you are new with the company or not. What matters is your confidence and truthfulness in your brain.

Yes, the VO are trained professionals. Its not possible to hide anything from them.

Las but not the least, be what you are. If you are student/teacher/professional, sound like one. And do not remove the eye contact.

Be Confident, Research well, and do not fumble. You got this !!

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SatyaraoK     02/24/2017 01:12 AM


I appeared for B1 visa again yesterday 02/23/2017. Last time gave on Nov1st, 2016.

This time received 214 b form reason saying that I do not have enough strong ties.

Me: Good mng Officer,
VO: No reply, give me passport pls.
Me: Here it is my passport.
VO: after he checked some time, He asked why you are travelling to US?
Me: I am required to attend business meetings and training wit our client XXX, I said.
VO: Where you are going in US, for how long?
Me: San Jose, California. Its for 20 days I said.
VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes
VO: Is your wife coming along with you?
Me: No
VO: Have you traveled anywhere outside India?
Me: No
VO: Whats your annual salary?
Me: 12Lacs In INR.
VO: Whats your company name?
VO: What you will do there in US?
Me: I started saying about my activities same time ,I shown the client invite letter to him, He asked it. and I told as per the schedule for 20days.
VO: what you will do in india?
Me: I said my roles and responsibilities with my company.
VO: from how long you are working with the current company?
Me: Its been 9months completed I said.

Thats all,
VO: Sorry, we cannot approve the visa for you this time He said.

Suddenly mind blowing, I asked him, may I know the reason?. He said pls can check in 214b form, that I already know.

I have enough strong ties with our home country. what could be the reason i do not know.
this time i was confident when compared to last time, but again got rejected.
Can some one tell me the suggestion what could be the problem?
May be I have less experience with the current company its 9months. it should not be a problem since my purpose is training.


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monisha     02/10/2017 04:57 AM

Hi All,

My L1 Visa was rejected (not clearly approvable) in early September 2016.
My company is ready to file my B1 Visa now.

Please advice if it is suitable to proceed with it or not.
If yes, how will this impact my B1 interview?

Thanks and regards,

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