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homeboy92     01/18/2017 04:48 AM

I was the first one at the counter so didn't get time to say Good morning.
VO: Passport please.
Me: Here
VO: what is the purpose of your visit?
Me: Business meetings and knowledge transfer sessions.
VO: You work for?
Me: XXX name
VO: What does your company work on?
Me: Told him.
VO: Where are you going?
Me: Florida.
VO: Florida?
Me: Yeah. Orlando, Florida.
VO: For how long?
Me: Two weeks.
VO: Who is paying for the trip?
Me: My company.
VO: What's your salary?
Me: XXX per month
VO: So that's how much per year?
Me: Told him. (>3 lakhs)
VO: How long have you been working for this company?
Me: Two years.
VO: Have you ever been to the US?
Me: No.
VO: Have you ever been outside India?
Me: No.
VO: Are you married?
Me: No.
He never looked at me after asking me how long I've been working. Then after a lot of typing, he took a form from the tray and went to the back and after talking to some other guy, he came back and said "You are currently not eligible for the visa under section 214(b)."
It was marked" no ties to home country" in the form.
What could be the reason for the rejection?

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mkama     01/13/2017 05:08 AM

vo; good morning
me; good morning with smile
vo; please pass me your passport
me; yes , sure
vo; what is purpose of your visit to us
me; for business meeting and to show my products
vo; where in us and what products
me; in Michigan and xxx products
vo; who is he to you
me; just business friend
vo; what is your annual income
me; i just started business so my income is not much nearby 3 lakh.
vo ; sorry this time i wont be able to give you visa you may reapply again.

i wandered what wrong with my interview i was tell him all genuine things and i went with all supporting documents but he didnt asked any of it.

please tell me the reason of denial of my visa

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debmitch11     01/06/2017 03:25 AM


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Apparao     01/06/2017 01:15 AM

Hi guys,

Today I had my B1 visa interview at Hyderabad.

Interview was good but at the end the VO gave me form 221(g), the white one, which has "your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made" checked on it. The VO took my passport and said you can track your status online with the reference number provided in this form.

Does anyone has the similar experience before?, are there any chances of rejection? When can I expect them to come back if my visa is approved/rejected.

Thank you.

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masimshehzad     12/31/2016 00:44 AM

I submitted 160 for a certain period for visit of USA. After submission, I realized that I filled wrong address and in appropriate contact US contact information.
After few days, I submitted another form with right contact US contact address( with another location in same state). I indicated an earlier travel plan(changed dates).

I got email from US embassy for the first application for missing information. I did not reply against that email and two more reminders.
Then they told me that I have lodged one more application. I replied and said that I am not interested in my first application.

I fear that two forms which do not match, might impact my interview. Please advise. I told them the real reason in email , that I did not have correct place of visit and complete information so I was not comfortable with first application which I couldn't edit.

Please give some tips around it. I believe they will ask this in interview as this make my plans suspicious.

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Apparao     12/24/2016 04:23 AM

Hi There,

I'm new to this forum and I have a question to post, even though it was asked by few already. Hoping for a solution to my problem.

I work in a private firm and now I got an opportunity to travel US for about 3 weeks for a training program.

As requested by my admin to submit my passport for submitting DS160 form, I gave him my passport. He has submitted DS 160 and made the VISA payment and hand overed my passport, while giving my passport back, he said that your passport doesn't have a surname. I was surprised. In-fact I didn't observe it till now. By the time I realized everything is done. I searched over internet and found how to fill DS 160 if you don't have surname in your passport. We could have written my given name in Surname field and First name should be FNU (Thanks to immihelp for this information). I should have gone through your portal before he filled the DS160. But my admin guy, he didn't do that, he typed my actual surname in that field. Well, I can't to anything now, as I explained him the scenario and he was saying its OK till fill like this and no need to fill another form and moreover he paid for the application as well. I requested him to fill another one but he refused to do so.

Now, I have to attend the interview, which will be in Jan first week, with the same mistake. My request too the admin and other guys who responds to this query, will VO reject me with this issue? Someone was saying that VO may ask me correct it at the near by counter. Is there any provision to change the submitted DS160?. I tried to change but I couldn't.

Please suggest me, what can I do now?

Thank you for your responses.

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mit1234     12/22/2016 06:14 AM

Thank Immihelp to help me to face this Interview.
I was little bit nervous and I am feeling you are also right now ! But be confident , this is not your first job interview.

Dress – Formal ( I had not wear any tie or suit )
Be Confident
Give answer in Short and to the point . Do not excited and jump to a lengthy Answer as it could cost you a lot with a next tricky question from it..

After entering into the Visa office , I saw lots more are like me ( First timer) and then I feel like confident person. To come out from my nervousness I had started to chat with one of a Girl next to me who was applying for her F1 and from my town only ..It was first time I mate her but hope she also go her Visa …Completed all formalities and now my turn cum…

VO – Good Morning ( with Louder tone )
Me – Good morning ( with same tone and greet )

VO – So Mr.Patel since how long you are working with XXX Company ? ( Assumed that he got my employer name from DS-160 form and also the badge I had wear)
Me - 10 Year – 6 months
VO – Great !

VO – Your designation in xxxx Company ?
Me – Deputy manager - Procurement

VO – What is the purpose of your visit ?
Me – Business Meeting

VO- What kind of business meeting ?
Me – Process discussion and knowledge sharing

VO with typical face – Could you please explain me which process ?
Me – eProcurement
VO – eProcurement ! Great..
VO was in between typing something on his desktop..

VO – You are there since last 10 year in your company so how many times you got promoted ?
Me – 4 times
VO – 4 Times in last 10 Year !! Wow..

I was seeing that VO was appreciated me , I could able to read from his face expression..

VO – When was the last time ?
Me – recently in this year only ( Grab this opportunity and immediately reply with )its due to the same eProcurement which I am heading in my xxx company and will have discussion during my US Visit with my US team. ( Its seems that it over reacted but not as I was expecting the next question that why only you for this meeting which tactfully bypassed with this answer)

VO was typing something on his desktop till 6-10 Sec and

Then the long awaited Golden words came …

Mr.Patel I am keeping your Passport with me and approving your visa . Have a safe trip ! and handed over me once printed copy on which next collection procedure was written in English and Gujarati.

Me – Thanks you , Thank you very much Sir and left the window joyfully…

I was so excited like I won the battle and it could be due to I was so afraid with Impact of my Surname for US Visa. Also worried little bit with my lack of fluent English Speaking which had cost me a lot in my carrier in past. But its Past … it’s true that everyone gets opportunity by one or other way to show your ability and capability … Best of Luck Friends.. and be Confident…

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Jamaal malik     12/18/2016 00:49 AM

I am apply for B1 visa very soon, my query is I have applied for F1 visa in Nov 2010 which got rejected twice. My concern is should I have to mention in form DS 160 about my visa rejection of F1 and my passport validity was expired recently, I have applied for new passport. I request you all to please give your inputs, your suggestions are valuable. Thanks.

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johnmagoba     12/17/2016 04:55 AM

Hello friends, i applied for a visitor visa for the first time but was denied under section 214(b) and i realized may be was because i had no proof of nationality because i didn't have National Id, i worked on my National ID and Marriage certificate and the i reapplied again and i was refused still under section 214(b) and i thought it was because the consular officer asked how how much i earn monthly and i replied certain amount but i had not put it in my application, in my application i had not put how much i earn Then my visa was denied again so friends my sponsors still need to have a meeting with me and they are telling me to reapply again but am tied of denials what can i do to be successful

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Kelvinhemmy     12/10/2016 11:22 AM

I was referred by a friend to visit this website, I have a B1 interview on the 21st of this month....... am a student and a foreigner studying in malaysia, Am going for a church conference and i also have a travel history(Been to UAE, Turkey before) and i would like to know what are the questions the VO might ask and how do i answer them.

what your purpose for going to usa?
and other questions?

please your help will be fantastic..... thank you very much

I would like ASAP reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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