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monisha     02/10/2017 04:57 AM

Hi All,

My L1 Visa was rejected (not clearly approvable) in early September 2016.
My company is ready to file my B1 Visa now.

Please advice if it is suitable to proceed with it or not.
If yes, how will this impact my B1 interview?

Thanks and regards,

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kbc508     02/09/2017 04:52 AM

First of all i would like to thank you all who posted their experiences in the portal. i went through all the experiences and got clear idea how interview would be. i see people whose visa rejected but didn't get nervous. today i attended interview in chennai and below is my exp

FYI the girl who stands before me,her visa was rejected.

VO:please give me your passport (no smile)

VO:Why r you travelling to US?
Me:i'm visiting US for the purpose of attending various business review meetings in connection with our new client XXX

VO:is it new client?

VO:which organisation you are working for?

Me:3.7 Yrs

VO:Annual salary
Me:X.X Lakhs

VO: which place are you going?
Me: Florida

VO:how many weeks you would be staying?
Me:4 weeks

VO:What is you client name?

VO: why you need 4 weeks?
Me: Explained

VO: Are you married?
Me: NO, getting married in May

VO:have you ever been out side India?
Me; yes i traveled to Malaysia with my Family

VO:Thank you sir. your Visa has been approved and called next persion waiting for interview
Me: Thanks

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Saj-at     02/08/2017 09:44 AM

I am self employed and running an IT company in Islamabad. My client had invited me for a training and also business meetings with board of directors. He also sent affidavit of support and all necessary documents. I also had receipt of $6000 paid for training. My interview was scheduled at 7th Feb 2017 at 8:0am. I reached at 6:50 am at Islamabad shuttle service and reached the consulate in time. Within 10-15 mins all security checks and everything was done.

There was huge queue but staff was ready and quick to arrange interviews. Visa officers were not taking much time, they were just trying to get the interviews as quick as possible. Within few mins my turn came. I was only asked three questions.

- Why you are going to USA? - Explained
- What you do? -Explained
- Have you ever traveled outside Pakistan? (Yes to Dubai two times to attend Gitex Conference).

I had everything to proof my socio economic ties but not a single document was asked. Not even invitation letters that was good enough to explain the purpose and iternary, it had all the invoices paid for training and trip.

After denial, I am in the process should I wait or re-apply? I think the current climate in USA is not very favorable specially for a countries like Pakistan. That's one of the factors that there were 90% denials.

I am thankful to ImmiHelp and members all the info and insights offered. Really appreciate the feedback.

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srini03     02/08/2017 09:01 AM

I have done my b1/b2 visa interview on 2 days back. It was for renewal as my current visa expired. VO took my passport after completing his questions and said thank you sir. I have also greeted him and left.

When i checked the visa status today, it is showing as "administrative processing". I do not know what does that mean and i have gone thought the forum for the help but getting lots of different reasons and thoughts.

My question is that, is it an initial step towards visa approval/printing? or is there any through verification is required?

Pls help if anyone faced similar experience and how long will it take in this scenario.


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shtalwar     02/04/2017 17:31 PM

My B1 visa got rejected twice last year (March 2016 and June 2016) under section 214 b. I want to apply again but am not sure if it's the right time or not. I have few questions:
1) Should I wait for some more time before applying for the 3rd time? If so, how much more time I should give.
2) My circumstances have changed sine the last time I applied, got an hike. It will help right?
3) I am working for a reputed MNC, have 4 years of experience, package of > 7LPA, single child and both my parents are working. What are the chances this time?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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SanjayR     02/03/2017 08:05 AM

I had applied for Business visa (B1) at Chennai consulate. My schedule was on January 30th for biometric process. Try to reach just 15 minutes early to your scheduled time as you will not be let inside until your time slots. Interview was scheduled on 31st at 8AM. I reached the consulate at 7:30 AM.

After all the security screening and authentication process, I was in the interview queue by 8AM. There was a huge line inside the office also. Different categories of visa applicants will be segregated respectively. You will see the interview process and you could hear the conversation also. Try not to pay your attention to any of such conversation.

Key points before you approach the Visa Officer (VO).
• Be confident: This is the key – your confidence can get you the Visa (which is 100% true in my case).
• Keep smiling
• Dress in formal
• Answers should be short and simple but to the point.
• Be calm and have the eye to eye conversation with the VO.
• Stand near to the microphone and speak loudly
• Don’t jump in to the desperation stage to get the Visa.

The guy before me got his Visa rejected. I guess he had applied for B2 with his own expense. VO was in his 30s. He waved at me to come forward. I waited till he does that.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning (with smile)
VO: Passport please
Me: Sure (Gave my passport)
VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: I am going to attend the planning sessions with the business stakeholder and the technical discussions with the onshore IT team
VO: Which company are you working for?
Me: Told the company name
VO: For how long?
Me: 2+ years
VO: What is your designation?
Me: Told the designation
VO: Which city are you travelling to?
Me: Told the city name and state

He was continuously typing in between

VO: For how long you travelling?
Me: 4 weeks
VO: What will you do in 4 weeks?
Me: Told the travel plan (Planning sessions, requirement gathering, knowledge transfer, planning, design analysis)
VO: Where is the meeting happening?
Me: In my company main office
VO: Which state of the city you said?
Me: Told the city and state name again.
VO: Where were you working earlier?
Me: Told the previous company name
VO: For how long?
ME: 1 year
VO: What is your current package?
Me: Told the package LPA
VO: Have you ever been outside India?
Me: No
VO: Are you married:
Me: No
VO: Alright, your Visa is approved. Have a safe journey.(He kept my passport)
Me: Thank you so much.

Big thanks to immihelp. So much in depth information and previous experiences which would help everyone to understand the visa interview process and crack the interview. If you are going to attend the visa interview then remember one thing, your confidence is your key. Even if you are nervous never show that in your face. Keep smiling.

I have received an email 2 days after my interview stating that my passport has been delivered to the collection center. I have collected the passport with US Visa which has 10 years validity and multiple entries. All the best!!

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anonymous7     02/03/2017 01:36 AM

I would like to share my experience about my BV interview happened recently,So that it would help others

Me: Hello!! Very Good Morning!!
VO: Good Morning!!
VO:Why are you gng to US?
Me: To attend meeting with business users of XXX(client name) and understand the new business process
VO:What XXX client doing?
ME: explained
VO:Ok which company are you working?
ME:XXX company name
VO:what are you with your company?
ME:Told my designation
VO:Which location are you travelling to?
ME: Told the US location
VO:What is your yearly package p.a
ME: Told
VO:You already had US visa? what type it was?
ME: Told the type of visa I had
VO:From which company?
ME: I told the company name from which my previous visa was processed
VO: What do that company do?
ME: Explained the nature of business of that company
VO:who was your previous employer?
ME: I told my previous employer name
VO:Before that?
ME:Told my previous to previous employer
VO:Before that?
ME:Told my previous to previous to previous employer
vo: Which location you were working in US before
ME: No i never traveled to US
VO: Why?
ME: The position was closed from the client side so I did not travel that time
VO: What is the technology you are working on?
ME: Told the technology
VO: What do you do with that
ME: Explained in detail
VO:How long you have been with this company?
ME: 1 yr
VO: How long you are gng to stay in US?
ME: 2 weeks
VO: Your visa is approved. Have a great day!!

ME: Thanks a lot!!!!

I would like to thank each one of you who have shared their experience in this blog.This helped me a lot to prepare myself for the interview and the same made to share my experience!!!!

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Dyandev     02/02/2017 04:39 AM

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir (With smile) ?
VO: passport please
Me: sure (with smile again) ?
VO: so MR. Koli .. what purpose you travelling?
Me: Business Meeting
VO: Give me your invitation letter & last month pay slip.
Me: Sure (passed)
VO: What kind of Business meeting?
Me : understand business agenda, expectations, understand business stand process
And discussion with business user’s and tech team leads.
VO : Great (with smile)
VO: What’ your organization name?
Me: XXXX(told company name)
VO: what your @ XXXX( my organization name)
Me: System analyst
VO : ok.. your roles and responsibilities please?
Me: analysis, requirement gathering, organizer business discussion, solution analysis and representation.
VO : Great! Great !
VO : may I know your work domain?
Me : I’m in banking and finance
VO : could you please elaborate it more?
Me : I have more than 5 years of experience in investment banking.
VO : such as ?
Me : asset management, mixed assets or multi assets, equities, fixed income, funds and pensions etc.
VO : super so you are banker (with smile)
VO : who is your client?
Me XXX ( said client name)
VO: how long you will be there?
Me: 2 weeks
VO: why 2 weeks?
Me : we have taken appointment from business and tech based upon their availability. Hence it will take 2 weeks.
VO: then why you why not your manager?
I’ve more than 5 years of experience working in similar domain, apart from this I have technical experience also. Since we have plan to discuss with teach lead.
VO: aha…! So you are technical specialist as well… Great!!

Then lots of Typing….

VO: just last question before to take a decision.
Me: sure ?
VO: how long you have been with your current organization?
Me : from last one and half month.
VO : sudden changed his expressions… !
Typing again
VO: why they sending you too early?
I wanted to answer this question but he return my passport and said
VO: I’m very sorry, I can not approve your application.
Try next time.
I wondered what went wrong, he was happy till that last question and then rejected my application.
Could you please help me here how I could improve my self for next!!

Should I reapply within a week?

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homeboy92     01/18/2017 04:48 AM

I was the first one at the counter so didn't get time to say Good morning.
VO: Passport please.
Me: Here
VO: what is the purpose of your visit?
Me: Business meetings and knowledge transfer sessions.
VO: You work for?
Me: XXX name
VO: What does your company work on?
Me: Told him.
VO: Where are you going?
Me: Florida.
VO: Florida?
Me: Yeah. Orlando, Florida.
VO: For how long?
Me: Two weeks.
VO: Who is paying for the trip?
Me: My company.
VO: What's your salary?
Me: XXX per month
VO: So that's how much per year?
Me: Told him. (>3 lakhs)
VO: How long have you been working for this company?
Me: Two years.
VO: Have you ever been to the US?
Me: No.
VO: Have you ever been outside India?
Me: No.
VO: Are you married?
Me: No.
He never looked at me after asking me how long I've been working. Then after a lot of typing, he took a form from the tray and went to the back and after talking to some other guy, he came back and said "You are currently not eligible for the visa under section 214(b)."
It was marked" no ties to home country" in the form.
What could be the reason for the rejection?

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mkama     01/13/2017 05:08 AM

vo; good morning
me; good morning with smile
vo; please pass me your passport
me; yes , sure
vo; what is purpose of your visit to us
me; for business meeting and to show my products
vo; where in us and what products
me; in Michigan and xxx products
vo; who is he to you
me; just business friend
vo; what is your annual income
me; i just started business so my income is not much nearby 3 lakh.
vo ; sorry this time i wont be able to give you visa you may reapply again.

i wandered what wrong with my interview i was tell him all genuine things and i went with all supporting documents but he didnt asked any of it.

please tell me the reason of denial of my visa

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