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dheenadayalan     07/25/2017 06:27 AM

Following are the conversation happened in the interview

VO: What Is the purpose of the visit.
Me: to attend knowledge sharing session and business meetings
Vo: where are you working now?
Me: XXX chennai
VO: What Is your designation and ur role
Me: I explained my designation and role
Vo: where are you going in US
Me: Chicago, illinois
Vo: how many weeks and from when
ME: 4 weeks and starting from July 24 th
Vo: 24th!!!!!! it's 19th and you may miss the date.
Me: yes,but the meetings will be postponed as per my travel.
Vo: what's ur experience in photon?
Me: 10 months
Vo: Ohhh ok!!! , are you married
Me: yes I am married
Vo: any children
Me: one girl, 4 months old.
Vo: nice, and congratulations , ur visa has been approved
Me: thank you very much.

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asimmedhi     07/24/2017 13:46 PM

I had B1 interview on 20th July 2017.
VO - Passport please.
Me - Good morning, provided the passport
VO - Which organization are you working for?
Me - X company (took the first name)
VO - Excuse me.
Me - Complete name of my company
VO - Tell me more about your company
Me - Was not expecting this question. So, fumbled and started and then he moved to the next question, Did not get an opportunity to complete the description of my company profile.
VO - How long will you be traveling?
Me - 1-2 weeks...approximately
VO: Where will you be traveling?
Me: Campbell
VO: California?
Me: Yes, Sir
VO: Did you travel to the US before?
Me: No
VO: What's your monthly income?
Me: 45k
I am sorry, your visa is not approved. Gave a blue form 214(b), ticking the first box and passport has been returned to me.
Me: Thank you, Sir.
The reason mentioned in the form is as follows:

Dear Applicant,
This is to inform you that, you have been found ineligible for a nonimmigrant visa under Section 214(b) of the US immigration and nationality Act. A denial under this section means that you were not able to demostrate that your intended activities in the US would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which you applied.

While nonimmigrant visa classifications each have their own unique requirements, one requirement shared by many of the nonimmigrant visa categoriesis for the applicant to demonstrate that he/she has a residence in a foreign country which he/she has no intention of abandoning. Applicants usually meet this requirementby demonstrating that they have strong ties overseas that indidate that they will return to a foreign country after a temporary visit to the US. Such ties include professional, work, school, family, or social links to a foreign country. You have not demonstrated that you have the ties that will compel you to return to your home country after your travel to the US.

My question is, how do I demonstrate that I have the ties that will compel me to return to my home country after my travel to the US. I did not get such questions to demonstrate. Questions like, are you married ( I am married which reflects in my passport).

I will be reapplying for my visa in next 1-2 weeks. Please please help.

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ramprakashr     07/18/2017 08:09 AM

Dear all,

I had two back to back Visa interviews at the Chennai Consulate. The biometrics went pretty uneventful, so I am not adding anything about it. Here goes my consulate experience.

Attempt 1 - 13th July 2017, 9:00 AM

Reached the consulate at around 7.45, joined the queue at around 8.15. Was right in front of the consular office at around 8.45.

VO : Waved his hand at me
Me : Good morning Sir, how are you doing?

VO : I am good, how are you? Give me your passport
Me : I am good, Sir

VO : So why do you want to go to the US?
Me : I will have to attend three web security conferences in US

VO : Where all would you go?
Me : Texas, Chicago and SFO

VO : Who is paying for the trip?
ME : My employer XXX

VO : Have you travelled outside India?
ME : Yes, once to UAE and to Thailand for my Honeymoon

VO : What are the conferences all about?
ME : Web Security and monitoring

VO : I appreciate you coming in, but I'm afraid I can't approve your Visa.
ME : <Blank Stare> Thank you Sir.

I didn't see that coming, honestly! He just had a glance at my passport and the whole thing happened in less than a minute. He handed me over the form 214(b) and it took me a couple of minutes to realise what had just happened. I was the only one who came out with the passport during that time slot, most of the visas were approved (or at least, I presumed so)

I lost my mind, and I badly immediately wanted another chance. I paid up for the next appointment, and like magic, I got an empty slot as early as on 17th July (4th day after rejection)

Attempt 2 : July 17th 2017, 10:00 AM

I had a 10AM appointment and I joined the queue by 9.30. I became so well versed with the process and I proceeded confidently. Enter the interview area, and I could see the gentleman who had rejected my application just before 3 days. I lost it, all prayers offered so that I don't end up with the same VO again. My prayers worked, and I was behind a family where a lady officer was doing the interview.

VO : Waved at me with a smile
ME : Good Morning, Madam

VO : So where do you work?
ME : I work as a Product Manager in XYZ company

VO : And what's with your US trip?
ME : I will be attending 3 conferences in the USA

VO : Married?
ME : Yes

VO : What does your wife do?
ME : She works in the same company as I

VO : Cool, did you have a love marriage?
ME : Yes, Mam.

VO : How sweet, so what's your annual pay
ME : XXX pay + XXX bonus. Total XXX gross

VO : Cool, How long is your trip
ME : Tentatively 18 days

VO : Is someone else coming along with you?
ME : No, Mam

VO : Why is your company so particular on sending you?
ME : I own the security product and I lead the team

VO : How many years with this org.?
ME : 5.5 years and this is my first job

VO : That sounds right, your Visa is approved. Have a fun trip
ME : Thank you very much Mam, Have a nice day!

No questions asked about the previous visit. I was all prepared for that. The only difference between both the interviews was that I was wearing a tie during the second attempt. It would be too silly to arrive at a conclusion - wear a tie and get the visa, right?

It is all luck, things happen very randomly. All said and done, hope this review is of use to someone. A B1 rejection is not the end, contest as early as possible, if you feel you have the right reasons! All the best!

Needless to mention, special thanks to Immihelp. I have read all the B1 experiences a minimum of 3 times. You're the best, Immihelp!

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rohit1986     07/18/2017 02:55 AM

Hi All,

Finished my B1 interview an hour back and sharing my experience.

Background :-
1) Total Work-Ex - 8 Years
2) Current Organisation Work Ex - 15 months.
3) Designation - Team Lead
4) Interview Location - Chennai Consulate

Wore formal trouser and shirt with formal shoes. No tie or ID card.

My interview timing was 9:30 A.M. Reached consulate office at 9:00 a.m and security allowed me to straightway enter the consulate. The queue had close to 60+ Visa aspirants. It took me 40 minutes to land myself in front of the VO officer from the time I entered the office.

Here is the Interview:-

VO : Good Morning!
Me : Very Good Morning Sir. How are you? (No reply, probably VO din't listen as I was not loud
        enough it seems. At this point I decided to be more louder.

VO : Your passport pls.
Me : Sure (Passed the passport).

VO : Have you applied for US visa earlier?
Me : This is the first time.

VO : When are you planning to travel?
Me : First week of August, 2017. (Worth to mention here that the date of travel mentioned in my DS-
        160 was 20-July-17. I was expecting some follow up question on this as the dates mentioned in
         DS-160 doesn't match with what I said, but V did not ask anything).

VO : Why are you travelling?
ME : To attend project review meeting with my Senior leadership team.

VO : Where?
ME : NewJersey

VO : Client place or your company branch?
ME : My company headquarters.

VO : Your designation?
ME : Team Lead.

VO : Salary please?
ME : XX (It's 20+ LPA).

VO : What's the purpose of the trip?
ME : (Now this is a repeat question which was already asked once.) I replied the same but elaborated
         it further - I am going to attend project review meeting with my senior leadership to discuss the
         project status and roadmap going forward. We are trying to set up an aggressive deliverables
         target to generate more revenue.

VO : What product?
ME : It's an helathcare imaging application that helps doctors to examine patients scanned images.

VO : Where diid you say you are going in US? NewJersey....?
ME : Yes, Clifton, New Jersey.

VO : Your Visa is approved. Thanks!

I was bit tensed before the interview started but the key is Confidence. Have read close to 100+ interview experiences before attending mine and have prepared for the questions. Only few questions were asked and if you reply confidently than the chances of rejection are Nil. Be honest, clear, confident is the key!

All the best.


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samarth21     07/14/2017 23:23 PM

Hello All,
Thanks to this forum and all for sharing your valuable experiences, which had helped me in great way to overcome my fear.
Today I am going to share my experience with you all.
Location: Mumbai
First attempt – 9th August 2016, 9:30 AM IST.
At this moment, I was having work experience of 1.3 years.
Reached Gate at 8:45 waited till 9:15 and later security person allowed 9:30 candidates to enter.
Routine checkup and interview around 9:50.
First, I was allocated counter no 27, but unfortunately the volunteer came and moved me from 27 to 33 no due to 3 candidates in front of 27th counter. Now I was on 33 no counter, before me the VO was young man in mid-30’s rejected F1 visa of a student and next it was me, He waved hand to come forward. As I reached to window I greeted and gave my passport directly without his request and at the same moment he was experiencing fatigue.
VO: Why do you want to travel to US?
ME: To attend Business meetings and requirement gathering with client.
 Pause for nearly 20 seconds started typing.
VO: What is your designation?
ME: Associate Software Engineer
VO: Sorry, this time I can’t approve your you can try next time.
That’s it game over, no further question gave my passport back and 214(b) form stating the reasons.
Second attempt – 7th July 2017, 9:30 AM IST.
At this moment, I was having work experience of 2.2 years and unmarried.
Reached Gate at 8:30 waited till 8:45 and later security person allowed 9:30 candidates to enter.
Routine checkup and interview around 9:40, counter no 35. VO was male in age group of 40 to 45 years.
VO: Why do you want to go to US?
ME: To attend training sessions.
VO: What training it is for?
ME: Its new enhancement of XXX Product.
VO: Which technology?
ME: ABC (said just name, nothing else)
VO: Explain in detail?
ME: (Gave detail explanation for around 45 seconds to 1 minute about) ABC, Its working and architecture and all.
VO was typing something for 10 seconds.
VO: How long you have been with the present company?
ME: 2.2 years.
VO: What was the reason for you last rejection?
ME: Don’t know exact reason, but the councilor officer said you can try next time.
VO: Are you going for the same purpose?
ME: No, I am going training purpose only. (Said the purpose again just as answered to Q1)
VO: What was the purpose of yours last time?
ME: Said truly, for client meetings and requirements gathering. (don’t mess with this answer because your last VO might have commented your last purpose, so please don’t lie)
Long pause and VO again started typing for 15 seconds
VO: How long you are going for?
ME: 2 weeks.
VO: Which client you are visiting?
(His voice was not clear and loud because he was typing on screen and asking questions without facing towards mic)
ME: Sorry, I didn’t get you.
VO: Any specific client visits?
ME: No client meetings, just meeting our internal team at onshore.
VO: Where you are going to have your training?
ME: At our head office.
VO: Are going to meet any of the clients?
ME: No, just training from team members.
VO: What is your designation?
ME: Associate Software Engineer
VO: Last time your application was through this company?
ME: Yes, same employer.
VO: Have you ever visited US?
ME: No, this will be mine first visit.
VO: Your passport is with me, you will be getting SMS in 2 days.
1. Please don’t get scared and react to others interview, try to keep calm and focus on your goal.
2. Salary and Experience doesn’t maters. (Mine not in any income tax slab)
3. Under 214(B) ties to home countries are important.
4. Dress code - Best to go with formals.
5. Confidence is very vital.
6. Don’t get scared if you can’t hear properly, ask in polite way to repeat the question again.
7. Have natural smile please don’t fake.
Best of luck to all.

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sreenu1010     07/13/2017 00:40 AM

My appointment slot was at 9:30 am. I reached the main gate at around 8:30 AM.

Before we go to VISA officer, there are couple of other counters to visit.

At 9:20, I arrived at VISA officer counter. She asked my passport and nothing else

I was asked below queries by VO

1. What is your designation?
2. Why are travelling?
3. How long will be the travel duration?
4. When did you join the current company?
5. Which city are you going?
6. What is your annual salary?

She said, your VISA is approved...I said thank you :)
Its done in less than 5 mins. I was holding all the documents, they did not see any document except PASSPORT.


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pvp1984     07/10/2017 02:48 AM

Hello All,

First of All, I would like to thanks, this forum site, this helps a lot for everyone who is going to interview for the first time.

I am very pleased to get this forum link from one of my colleagues.... Thanks a lot, man :)

2nd June: - Biometric, My appointment time was 2.00 PM and I reached only 5 minutes earlier. Stood in the queue, only 2-3 members are there in the queue. Carry your DS-160, passport and appointment confirmation print. Gave 4 left fingers print, 4 right fingers and then 2 thumbs. Audio isn't really that great so focus more on what person behind what he is saying.

3rd June: - My appointment time was 9.30 AM, reached 8.00 PM. After Leave My Cab, just run away to line beside the main door ad watchmen told me that, that line was for 9.00 AM members, so I just stood opposite side of the road, after 10 minutes that watchman announced that 9.30 members, so I stood in the queue outside the consulate got my passport checked they will mark appointment sticker on your passport with violet green pen. Proceed in the consulate get your belongings scanned. No mobiles allowed beyond this point. Enter the waiting area 1, Area has got just fans no AC again your passport sticker is checked here.

Enter the waiting area, 2 students sat beside my left and right and both are very silent and, I was trying to talk with one of them and he just replied me what I asked, so, I am getting bored and after some time I just sang a song for relaxation.

Finally call for the Office entry where visa officers were sitting, got my passport scanned and waiting in line for my turn, I was seeing constantly all the Visa Officer and one of them is very strict and I was praying that I don't want to give my interview with that guy, so finally my number was came and I got that person.... ohhh god........ so just went to him and give my all the answer confidence.

Here are the questions and answers.

Me: Hello Sir!! Good Morning!! How Are You? (with full confidence)
VO: Good Morning, I am Good, How about you? (with smiling face)

VO: Why do you want to go to the US?
Me: As my client is going to establish his business and add new products, so he wants me to be there for onsite analysis of new product development, knowledge transfer session, technical discussion and more about business process.

VO: What kind of product?
Me: Answer in Details.

VO: How long you are going to stay in the US?
ME: 2 weeks

VO: Ok which company are you working?
ME:XXX company name

VO: Objective of your client's business?
Me: Answer in Details.

VO: What is Your Client Name?

VO: What's your experience in your current company?
Me: I was not able to listen properly and my overall experience and also current experience, so that worked very very.

VO: Just checked his screen with surprise face...
Me: Waiting and tried to read his face, and thought why he surprise... and thought that something wrong with my information in DS-160....


VO: Do you have the offer letter from your client?
Me: Yes sir, I got it and just passed him to that paper, he didn't tell me to give that to him but I passed it.

VO: He read that carefully and in detail....
Me: Just see his face with confidence and smile...

VO: Have you Visited other country?
Me: No Sir....

Then the GOLDEN WORDS came.......

VO: I am going to take your passport, your visa has been approved and you will get it after 2-3 days.
Me: Thank You, Sir, Have Good Day... Bye....

I would like to thank each one of you who have shared their experience in this blog.This helped me a lot to prepare myself for the interview and the same made to share my experience!!!!


Be confident, Best of luck!

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Navdeep Sehgal     07/06/2017 14:41 PM

First of all i would like thank this great forum which helped me a lot to prepare for interview.
I am working in US MNC from last 6 years.I applied four times from this company.
My B1 Visa was denied four times as details are given below:-
1st time(Jan-2012)-I applied for Training and Training period was 3 months,VO refuse the Visa and advise for another category. H1
2nd Time(March-2012)- I did not appeared in Interview due to unavailability.
3rd Time(September 2015)-Again refused as Training period was nine weeks and i have not provided sufficient information to VO and I did not answered properly for previous visa refusal question as i was to expecting those questions.i was bit nervous this time as well.

4th Time(October 2015)-After 3rd refusal we reapplied again after 15 days and got refusal again as VO said circumstances are not changed you need to wait and re apply later.I was confident this time and had answered each question properly.

5th time-(June 2017)-Again i got opportunity to go US and i applied again.This time i prepared all answers for below questions and practice in front of Mirror.

1. Where will you go?
2. Why?
3. What kind of Business meeting?
4. What kind of product?
5. What is purpose /Goal of this meeting?
6. How long will you stay in US?
7. Which company you are working?
8. How long with this company?
9. Where you will stay in US?
10. What is your designation?
11. What project engineer do in your company?
12. What kind of company?
13. What is your company product?
14. Do you traveled internationally?
15. Which countries?
16. What kind of Visa was?
17. What was duration for last international visit?
18. What was purpose of visit?
19. What is your product?
20. Why you are going or selected for this visit?
21. Who will bare your expense?
22. How they will pay?
23. Your annual income?
24. Any specific plan for this visit?
25. Why you rejected last time?
26. Do you booked hotel?

I prepared all answers of above questions.But this time VO does not ask about Previous refusals.
I answered each question confidently.
Key points are:-
Duration of stay was 1 week.
I visited CANADA last year on business visa so it may be positive effect.
I answered my 1 week plan.
MY company is US based company and VO was familliar with my company but I applied four time from this company as well.
VO asked duration with company- I said 6 year 5 months.
Salary per month-XXXXX
Asked about family- I am married and have 1 kid.
Are they travelling with you- I said no
Maintain eye contact with VO and answered each question confidently without thinking and without But/if/may be etc.
I went in formal,No tie.

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Potassium     07/05/2017 07:37 AM

So i applied for the b1/b2 visa on 21st april 2017 with my daughter who's 21 yr old.
We were nervous when we gave our interview and didn't answer most of the questions correctly. Probably that was the reason of our rejection.
So i want to apply again with my daughter to participate in a tradeshow this July. Pls help us.

This is how it went
Vo: gm, passport pls
I: gm and gave him our passports

Vo: why do you want to go to the usa?
D: we're participating in a tradeshow

Vo: where will you be traveling
D: texas

He asked us for the invitation letter and we showed it to him

Vo: how long will you be staying there
I: for ten days

Vo: why are you participating in this tradeshow
D: my mother's a designer so we're going to display our product there

Vo: what does she design?
I: clothes. I design traditional wedding wears and casual clothes

Vo: so you'll be selling clothes?
I: no we're going to display and take orders on them. We'll go backto our country to get them ready.

Vo: so you will export them?
(We were confused) i said no, we do it online. (We don't have an export license)

Vo: how long have you been working?
I: 3yrs. We've done similar exhibitions in our country and in dubai as well

Vo: oh great, how were they?
D: they were really goood

Vo: how good was it? How many orders did u take?
Confused again, I randomly said 25

He asked me about my salary and i said there's no fixed amount because it's business. So he asked me how high or how low is it?
I said 50k rupees per month

He asked if any one of us has traveled to the US before. We said no.

Vo to my daughter: what do you do?
D: im studying medicine.

Vo: where from
D: told

Vo: why are you going with her?
D: to help her with this exhibition. We've always traveled together for such trips!

Vo: how many siblings do u have and what do they do?
D: sister's married, elder brother's working with dad now and younger brother is studying

Vo: who is going to pay for your trip
D: my father. (I forgot to mention that i was going to pay for myself and my husband would pay for our daughter)

Vo: what does your father do
D: hes a businessman

Vo: describe your father's business
D: he owns furniture showrooms

Vo: okay and it it wholesale or a retail shop?
D: long pause.. didnt answer it correctly

Vo: whats his income?
D: no fixed amount. We both were confused

Vo: how many workers does he have
D: daughter had zero idea about this. I said 7 which isnt true because he has more workers.. and i forgot to mention about the factory too

He handed over the 214b letter

Please advise!

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bhateash123     06/30/2017 04:39 AM

Hi All,

  First I would like to thanks immihelp for helping me prepare for my B1 visa interview. I read almost each and every post on this forum to prepare for my interview. My B1 got approved today, below is my experience:

OFC on 29th June - It was a very quick process. I reached at 9.30 and was done by 9.40 :). All you need to carry is DS160 letter, Appointment confirmation, Passport. No need to carry bunch of documents.

Consulate interview on 30th June - I had appointment at 10.00 and started from home at 7.45 AM. I got stuck in huge traffic jam and was worried that I will miss my slot. Thankfully I reached at 9.45 AM and could join the queue immediately. After that few security checks were done and we were asked to wait at outside waiting area for 30 mins. There were around 100 people with me. Then they allowed us in where again your fingerprints were verified and asked to wait for our turn to face the VO.

  Here is my interview in exact words:

VO- Good morning. Can I have you passport please?
Me - Good morning Mam, sure.

VO - So why you are travelling to US?
Me - To attend business meetings and technical trainings with my onshore team. (The word Onshore is imp here as many pepole say Onsite).

VO - So you had travelled to US before?
Me - Yes Mam on L1 visa. Intracompany trasfer.

VO - Was it with same epmloyer?
Me - No Mam, it was with XXXXX. Very big name in US (I guess it helped).

VO - So where are you working now?

What is your designation?
Me - Technical Lead

How many people you supervise?
Me - 4 pepople. 3 software developers and 1 QA.

VO - How long you will be in US?
Me - 4 weeks, then I will come back to India to train my juniors.

VO - Thank you sir, your Visa is approved. You can collect your passport in 2-3 days.
Me - Thanks Mam! Have a good day.

That's it. Not a single document was asked. Be confident and keep eye contact. That's very imp. Also, wear business formals and do wear your company ID
it adds weight. All the best to prospective applicants!!

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