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sidg     04/25/2017 22:51 PM

I have interview in next week for B1 visa. I have read so many thread in immihelp and bit scared due to visa rejection.

I have joined my current company in Jan-2017(~ 4 months ago). So I am thinking my visa will get rejected because of short duration experience with my current company. But I have re-joined my current company after 2 years.

Can I get some ideas how can I handle this situation?

Following are some details:
Total Experience: 6 years
Salary pkg: 10+
Travel before US: No
Married: Yes

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helper69     04/25/2017 19:15 PM

Hi Guys,

If you have questions about your interview, do share on this forum. They are quicker with replies. Also, you can find a comprehensive B1 visa guide (pdf) on their website. Enjoy!


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nitinkumar2004     04/25/2017 03:35 AM

I gave my b1 visa Interview today and following was the conversation.
I had prepared a lot but don't know the reason

VO: purpose of visit
Me: business meeting and client interaction

VO: how long you have been with the company
Me: 3 years and 2 months

VO:what is your annual package
Me: 8 lakh 40 thousand

VO have you travelled to USA before

Then he said he can't issue visa this time

I don't understand the reason.please if someone can let me know the reason and how long before I reapply

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prakashmakhija     04/24/2017 06:11 AM

I had attended the interview on 10th April & 24th April for B1 visa and both were rejected with 214 b.

Here is the full narrative of both the interview. Kindly help me by telling me what reason my Visa was denied.

On 10th April :-

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning

VO: Your passport pls.
Me: Sure ( and I handed over the passport to her)

VO: So your last passport was lost. Did you had US Visa on it.
ME : No I didnt had US Visa on it.

VO: Why you want to go to the US
ME: I am going to attend a conference (gave name of the conference ) held in Chicago

VO: Do you have an invitation letter from them?
ME: Yes I do and handed over the letter.

VO: Why your organisation has selected you to attend the conference?
ME: As I have been promoted as a Sr. Sales Manager last year and now my organisation wants me to explore other regions for business prospect and this is a Annual meeting which will help me and my organisation in developing business.

VO: How much is your annual salary?
ME : 2LAC 40 Thousand.

VO: How long have you been working with the employer?
ME: Its 3 and a half years.

VO: Have you traveled outside India before for such conference>
ME : NO this is will be my 1st business trip.

VO: Sorry I cannot issue you a Visa and gave me a 214b rejection letter.

I again applied after a week as my employer wanted me to attend the conference.

24th April :

VO: Good Morning
ME: Good Morning

VO: Can I have your passport?
ME : Sure(Handed over the passport)

VO: What type of Visa are you applying today>
ME: B1

VO: Why you want to go to the US?
ME : I am going to attend Annual meeting for global wholesale telecommunication held in Chicago.

VO: Name of the conference>
ME : Gave the name of the conference.

VO: Why do you think your last application was rejected?
ME: To be honest I dont know the exact reason for the denial.

VO: How many days will you stay in the US?
ME: 7 days .

VO: Do you have got all your bookings done?
ME: Yes I have .

VO: Is you company hosting the conference?
ME NO, we are only attending the conference.

VO: What is your designation ?
ME: I am working as a Sr Carrier Relation Manager for Sales.

VO: How you think that this conference will help you?
ME: As i mentioned this is annual meeting of the entire telecom community and it gives us an opportunity to discuss possible business case in order to develop our business. Also it gives us an advantage of showcasing our products and services in front of the entire globe.

VO: Are you married:
ME : Yes.

VO: I am sorry but i cannot approve your Visa. You can surely reapply again if you think your situation has changed.
ME: if its possible can I know the reason as I have been rejected twice and my employer wants me to attend the conference.

VO: I am sorry but I cannot coach you regarding this.

Then she gave me the passport along with the 214b letter.

This is quite disheartening as I am married and have a one year old kid. I have been working with the company for 3and half years, Have been promoted and my job is stable. The entire expenses was taken care by my employer even then the VISA was rejected twice without giving any proper reason.

Can someone help me in guding what went wrong and what can be the possible reason of decline twice in the same 214 (b).


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Dhandu     04/21/2017 08:32 AM

I applied for B1 Visa to attend Training and my interview was scheduled on April 20 11:30 AM. I went 45 Mins early (10:45). I dint took wallet, mobile phone or anything else apart from Visa Documents. There are no secured locker available to keep things(some local shop helps to keep which i didn't prefer).
I went through security check and bio metric verification completed at 11:05. Then i was standing in the queue for the Interview.

VO: Waved his hand
Me: Good Morning!

VO: Passport pls
Me: Sure (Handed over passport)

VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
Me: To attend Training

VO: What training?
Me: Explained that it is related to XXXXXX

VO:Which Company?
Me: Said company name

VO: How long you are working
Me: 7 years

VO: How long is the training?
Me : 2 weeks

VO: Cant hear you
Me : (went near mic and spoke)

VO: Speak loud
Me : Is it audible now

VO: You need to speak loud,Why training is happening in US?
Me: Pardon me

VO: Why is it in US?
Me: Told the reason ( I got nervous becuase 2 times he said he cant hear me)

VO: Why did you visit "Country"?
Me: Project Transition

VO: Your Visa is approved
Me: Thank You

I carried bunch of documents but he didn't ask for any. As per me DS160 plays major role in VISA approval. The purpose of your travel should match with your profile and your experience with company also matters.

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VRM1987     04/20/2017 02:19 AM

I applied for a B1/B2 visa to attend internal business meeting and my interview was on April 13, 2017 at 11:30. I was tensed because of two back to back rejections in 2007.

The first question VO asked was “So, you have applied for this type of visa earlier as well?” I got confused and said “No”. (I got confused with the type of visa because in 2007 the trip was self sponsored and this time it is company sponsored. Although, I mentioned about the rejection in form DS 160.) Then, he sarcastically confirmed “didn’t you ever apply for US visa?” I realized I have messed up in the first question itself; however, covered it by saying “Yes, I applied for the similar type of visa in 2007.” His next words were- “let’s find out the truth.” My heart beat got 10 times faster.

After that, he asked all the general questions like- purpose, job profile, clients, project, marital status etc. He didn’t ask for any documents. Then, he started typing for 30-40 seconds and I can’t express the feeling of those a few seconds. I was thinking he is typing the reason of rejection. However, he said those golden words “Your visa is approved.” I thanked him and came out. I was very happy.

I received my passport yesterday (April 19, 2017, third working days from the interview) with 10 years visa stamp.

Like many other members who have shared their visa experience, I would also advise to dress formal and wear a tie. An additional advice to read as many visa experiences as you can from this site. It will give you a fair idea about the whole visa process.

Special thanks to Immihelp.com and its members for sharing their experiences which helped me a lot in preparing for the interview.

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Thushara Aravind     04/10/2017 03:35 AM

Me: Good Morning Sir
VO:Good Morning, Passport Please

VO: What is the purpose of your visit/
Me:To attend knowledge sharing session on a feature XXX added to the YYY functionality of XYZ enterprise software.

VO:Do you have any area of Expertise?
Me: Yes, I am the Point of contact for YYY functionality of our team in India office.

VO : What is your role and responsibility?
Me:Explained my roles and responsibility.

VO:Can you please name some of your customers using your Software ?
Me: Named five of our customers .

VO:Are you going to meet your client?
Me: No, I going to attend knowledge sharing session with our internal team.

VO: Which team ?
Me: XX Team , A senior engineer from XX team is providing the Knowledge sharing session.

VO: Package
Me: Said my yearly package

VO: Your visa is Approved!!
Me : Thank you sir.

( Be confident, wear formals dress and Company ID card)

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ajaygopu     04/07/2017 02:39 AM

I applied for B2 tourist visa for attending my cousins graduation ceremony, in year 2010 and it got rejected.

Later I have applied for B1 Visa(2012) through my organisation and in the interview they asked about my relationship with cousin and any plans to meet her, for which i said no plans to meet her.it was rejected twice without much of query process.

Now I'm working in different organisation and got an opportunity for B1 Visa processing.

Not sure how much my previous rejections will effect the present situation(2017). And also my passport got expired and had to take a new one. .

Will this effect in any means , help me how to face the present B1 Visa interview process

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pcanoop123     04/07/2017 02:33 AM

I was bit nervous, but please be confident. I was in proper fromals with light color shirt, I guess how you present yourself also matters.

My interview went on this way

Me: Good Morning Mam and gave my passport
VO: No Answer, checking in computer

VO: Where are you going
Me: told the answer

VO: What is the purpose
Me: Team meeting

VO: How long is the meeting
Me: 6 days

VO: Which company
Me: Told company name

VO: What is your designation
Me: Answered the designation.

VO: Where are you going (asked again)
Me: Answered the same

VO: How long you are working in this company
Me: Answered

VO: What is your company Email Address
Me: Answered

VO: What was your previous company
Me: Answered

VO: What was your designation there
Me: Answered

VO: Your visa is approved, thank you
Me: Thank you

I was very happy and came out of the consulate.
Please be confident while answering, and answer the truth and to the point, no explanation required until and unless they ask you for more details

Good luck to all

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nsham     04/06/2017 08:05 AM

I applied for a B1 visa and my interview will be on 18/4/2017. I work for United Nations Regional Service Centre Entebbe. and I am also a PRO for the board of directors of Global Techlogies Uganda ltd. I am 27yrs old and Global technologies is sponsoring my trip to attend a conference on their behalf in may 2017. I am married with two kids, what are my chances of getting this visa. and what should i expect.
thank you.

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