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raj3231     12/05/2014 22:13 PM

Yesterday, I had my visa interview in Hyderabad and it went successful. I am working in EVVC model.

Questions :

1.Who is your petitioner?
2.Total no. of employees in your company ?
3.Who is your client ?
4.What do you do for them?

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basu_8     12/05/2014 09:19 AM

Hi Guys,

I had H1B visa interview today and it was good experience and thought to share it with you guys .
Thanks you guys for sharing your experiences here as it helped me to prepare well for the interview and thanks to immihelp as well.

Question :

1. Who is your Employer ?
2. Who is your client ?
3. What is your Salary ?
4. Are married or Single ?
5. Why Your Wife did not come with you ?
6. What is your degree ?

Then my VISA got approved .All the Best !!!

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msg8144     12/05/2014 05:00 AM


Hey Guys today i got email stating that to submit my end client letter.....

Please let me know how many days in average will they take to respond me back....once i submit documents?

My employer already submitted my end client...letter..
I work at EVVC model ....
My prime vendor gave me a letter...as my end client wont!! its not their policy to give client letters....
Now how to convince these people from these trap....Please help....guys...

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mohanmadhu     12/05/2014 01:19 AM

Hi Friends,

Date 18 nov: visa interview - vo gave 221g white an collected our passports, client letter, por doc, lca, etc

Date 3 dec: received mail to collected passports.

Date 4 dec: collected (no stamping on it) - ceac status is admin poroc.

Date 4 dec: got a mail from hyd admin "we can not process now as it is admin proc. As of now we do not require any docs.

Can you please tell me what could be the step and how much time it will take.


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testuse     12/05/2014 01:07 AM

I am on h1 b visa and looking for job change. i got an offer from 2 employers. Employer A has already filed a petition and employer B is about to file my H1B petition. i have decided to go with emplyer B.
1. Can 2 H1B petitions get approved at a time?
2. Will it create any problem further?
3. Can employer A create a problem.

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niceguyno19     12/04/2014 21:31 PM

hello all,

i am another lucky one to get H1 visa stamping.


H1b Q

1.so u work for XXX company?
2.wht do they do?
3.do you have end client?
4.can you spel it for me?
...........checking the details in system..............
5.wht is ur designation
6.wt do they do?
7.your salary?
8.your experience?
9.have you been to US before?
10.wt is your proj?
11.wt do you do ther?

h4 Q
do you have kids?
how long you have been married?

GOLDEN WORDS CAME OUT from handsome VO :)

Observation: be well prepared with your documents & be confident and provide the right information.

ALL the BEST & hope this helps

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rjan     12/04/2014 17:44 PM


can anyone tell me, if there are dates available in february at hyderabad consulate?
I would go to india only if dates are available in february.


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pcolly     12/04/2014 17:23 PM

Hi users,
We're doing a great job of sharing everyone's H-1B stamping experience to the benefit of others. That's great.

For H-1B stamping experience let's add these options too.
1. If it's a first time stamping or not.
2. If it's extension from the same employer.
3. If it's extension from different employer.
4. full time employer or EVC or EVVC, etc.

These info will enhance the information and much useful for the people who're going for H-1B stamping.


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manijos     12/04/2014 14:44 PM

I have a question regarding if I need to go for visa interview or not.
I had got my last H1B stamping in May 2007 and thereafter I was in us so I definitely have to got for finger printing.
I have changed my employer in 2011.
but I read it somewhere that if the last stamping was after 2004 and if it is the same class and same city as last stamping then I do not need to go for visa interview?
But it also says if the last visa with same visa classification and same petitioner is still valid or has expired within the last 12 months then there is no visa interview needed.

so I am confused weather I have to go for interview or not.
plz comment.
I appreciate in advance.

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forsusheel27     12/04/2014 06:37 AM


L1 to H1 done in US with change of status and I am working for big MNC. I attended H1 interview at Delhi consulate. VO only asked 3 questions:

1. Company you are working for
2. who is client?
3. Salary

After this VO was looking into his computer for 5 minutes and then asked me for my place of birth and then again started checking something in his system and then said we need to review your case and it won't take more then a week.

No 221 and kept my passport.

any idea what kind of review they want to do in my case and why asked for place of birth and state of birth?


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