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anil3812002     11/25/2015 09:04 AM


I attended my H1B Visa interview at Hyderabad Consulate on Nov 06, 2015 at 9.30 AM and got approved by Visa Officer and took my passport and informed me to collect the passport in 3-5 business days.

I didn't received any letter from the VO on the interview or after the interview, he just took the passport and informed me that my visa was approved.

It's been two and half weeks, I don't have any update on my passport.

when I track my passport on ustraveldocs website, it shows" my passport is still with US Embassy/Consulate" but from last two days it got changed to "There is no status available for the passport number submitted"

and when i track on CEAC website, it is not updated from my day of interview which is on Nov 06, no status update from that point, it still shows as "Administrative Processing".

Mine is second time H1B visa, first time I went to Vancouver, Canada for stamping.

Is anyone on the same boat? Please advise. Thanks

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bullodu14     11/25/2015 04:43 AM

Interview Date 25th November 12 PM.

Only questions .

Employer name
Client name
Highest Degree

Only Question to my wife

DOB of Your Husband.

Interview Finished in 4 mins and said VISA APPROVED.

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kiron     11/25/2015 00:57 AM

Hi Folks ,

I am going to attend the H1 interview next month , meanwhile i got documents except I-797 it is couriered to me but i did't got in my hand , meanwhile when i checked documents there is spelling mistake in my surname given in the I-129 document and when i asked my employer he told that it is it can taken along with me for interview .

What will happen if VO asked for that doc and i showed it with spelling mistake in my surname ?

Can anyone please

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srilinks     11/24/2015 00:51 AM

Hello Friends,
Below is my current situation: Appreciate your views
My original H1B petition (EC model) was approved in 2014 with I797 validtity until 2017. Meanwhile I changed my client (Client B) in May 2015 and my employer filed LCA (approved) and amendment (pending from May). I insisted my Employer to file amendment in PP but he suggested the receipt no would suffice as I already started working for Client B and that I have an approved I 797. Finally, I attended visa interview on Nov 18th at Hyderabad consulate with original (Client A approved I797), amendment I-797 receipt (pending) and approved LCA.
Below are questions from VO
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Employer name
VO: Wat do you do for your Petitioner?
Me: Explained my roles and responisibilities
VO: Where will you be travelling for work?
Me: Mention place of Client B
VO stood up from his seat, went inisde with my passport and returned after 5 min. I was little nervous here
After 5 min
VO: Do you have any supporting documention?
Me: Handed over Client letter, SOW, Amended LCA
VO: Reviewed those docs briefly and handed over a 221g white form along with my Passport and other docs I provided him before
In the 221g form none of the fields were checked and explained me that I would be recieving an email from Consulate about next steps. Meanwhile I emailed consulate about my current situation and they replied saying that they wouldn't need any docs from me and said that this "Administrative Processing" is mandatory and cannot be expedited.
My Questions:
1) Do you think I can still hope on visa approval?
2) If so how much time do you think it takes to get back to me?
3) My immigration attorney suggested to file the amended petition (Clien B) in premium and once approved, I may need to schedule a new appointment with the new petiton (same employer different client). In that case will my previous 221g have any impact?
4) Do I need to withdraw the previous petiton before attending the 2nd visa interview apointment?
5) Is it advisable to attend different consulate (other than Hyd) for the 2nd inyterview?
Please advise

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srilaxman     11/21/2015 00:54 AM

Hi all,

Who ever have any better idea on this, please reply to this post.

My Spouse is currently having a valid H4 Visa until march 2015.But my spouse needs to travel here to U.S by Mid of march. Can he again go for stamping with my extended visa in Feb even if his current Visa stamp is valid?

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2ndH1B@chennai     11/20/2015 04:47 AM

Hi All,

Attended the H1B extension stamping interview in Chennai US consulate in 11/20/15.

VO asked me basic questions,
Highest degree : masters in tx
how long have been with your employer : 3.9 years
whos the client : state client
job designation: programmer analyst
what you doing at client place : responsibilities
can i see any paystubs or w2 forms : passed the w2 forms
other than that he didn't ask me single document, finally he said last check and went out from counter to some where then he came and said your petition info not update so we need to contact uscis and DHS, so we call it admin processing and gave blue slip , i asked him how long it takes , he replied not too long.

any body had same experience in chennai, and usually how long it takes to resolve admin processing in Chennai?

please help me

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ak910540     11/20/2015 03:57 AM

VO asked me these questions in the Interview:

what company are you working for ?

what do you do ?

how long were you working for this company?

is this the first company you worked after completing your Masters?

then the vo told me that my visa is approved

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reboot     11/20/2015 03:49 AM

Thanks immihelp for the guidance.
Due to the busy schedule, this is the only thread I read a day before interview.Thus I feel obliged to share my experience for others.

OFC, 19 Nov: very smooth process. We were out in 5 mins.
No question asked.
Docs required (only 3)-- Visa appointment letter, DS 160 & Passport

Interview 20 Nov:
Again very smooth process. We were out by 10:07AM.

My wife and I attended for H4 and H1B respectively.

VO: Gm, hru
Me: I am fine, Thank you. How are you?
VO <after a thought> I am fine too.

VO: who among you is the primary applicant?
Me: I am, Sir

VO: who would you be working for?
Me: I will be employed with ABC (fortune 500 company) and my client will be DEF (fortune 500 company)

VO: your highest qualification
ME: PGDBM, which is commonly known as MBA

VO (to my wife): where are you working
My wife: I am working as Consultant in GHI (fortune 500 company)

Suddenly, someone called VO. He went away for some 10 mins.

VO (to my wife): How long have you been married
My wife: 10 months
VO: Congratulations

Take-away: Stay relaxed. Staff is really cooperative. They dont reject your visa unless you give a reason. If your profile, documents are genuine; you will be through.

Documents in Order:
Main Docket:
Visa appointment letter
DS 160
i797 approval
i797 receipt
education certificated (10, 12, B tech, MBA)

Supporting Docket:
Client letter
offer letter
marriage certificate
experience letter

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sarayu33     11/20/2015 02:40 AM

First of all, I thank Lord Almighty for helping me during the interview.

Here is my experience.

Me: Good Morning Officer. How are you doing?

VO: Good. Who is your Petitioner?

VO: Who is your client?
Me: Answered.

VO: Can you spell it?
Me: Spelled it.

VO: Please pass me your I-797 form.
ME: Given

VO: How many years of total experience?
Me: Answered

VO: How many number of employees are there in your company?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your salary?
Me: Answered.

VO: Mam, please take your form back. Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you sir.

But the status still shows "your passport is still with US embassy". May I know how long it takes to issue the passport?


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SukumarDhanya     11/20/2015 01:34 AM

Hi All,

My wife has attended the Visa Interview on 17 Nov at Chennai Consulate office. The VO asked few basic qn's and he said your visa is approved and said have a safe trip. But now after three days as we did not receive the passport in hand I checked the visa status at ceac it shows us "Administrative Processing" , Do not know what to do , she was about to travel by Nov 22. but this situation will not make us to do that. Our situation is very disappointed as we have been separated for more than 2 yrs. Can any one what is the next step that potentialy we could do and also keep post some updates on your xperience

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