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mrsunny     12/01/2014 14:37 PM

First of all, thank you to Immihelp and all the members who have shared their experiences here. Going through them gave me a sense of what to expect.

Me: Good Morning maam
VO: Good morning. I gave my passport, DS-160 form and visa appointment letter to the officer.

VO: Could you put your right hand thumb on the scanner and simultaneously she asked me Who is your employer?
ME: Answered my employer's name while doing the thumb scanning

VO: What do they do?
ME: {While my thumbs still on the scanner} Solutions provider and consulting firm.{They are a small consulting firm with around 13 H-1B employees and have done few implementations and have direct vendorship to about 6 big clients locally}. The VO skipped to the next question without even listening to me completely.

VO: Who is your client?
ME: Answered with my client name

VO: What do they do?
Ans: Explained briefly what they do. {Again, the VO skipped to the next question without even listening to me completely}

At this point, the questions were rapid one after another without a gap like they ask in one of those talk shows.... it seemed like the VO was testing me for facts....

VO: How much do you earn?
ME: Answered as per the H-1B's labor pettition

VO:How long have you been in the present organization? {referring to my current Indian employer who I am currently working for not related to my US employer}
ME:answered accordingly

VO: Who is your previous employer?
ME: Answered accordingly

Then the VO said the golden words..."Your Visa is Approved"

Little bit on my background:
I had B1 visa and came to the US 2 times before but the stay was less than 2 months each time. This is my first H-1B and received an RFE(Query) for client letter. My employer submitted all the POs they had with this client. I did not carry any client letter to the visa interview as this particular client does not provide them in advance nor any project documentation as the docs sharing is a violation to this company's policy. I did carry the project documentation for another project that my employer was doing but not specific to this particular client.
I practiced several times before becoming fluent and confident with the questions as many are confusing and did not make much sense. My visa slot was inititally for a much later date but I constantly checked to see if any new dates were available and one day they opened up and I grabbed them right away. Hope this helps someone. Another suggestion is filling DS-160 is very crucial and make sure you don't make any mistakes with any of the questions. Answer them as much accurately as possible and make a note of what you enter there and be consistent with other documents and dates. Good luck to my fellow members who are waiting on theirs.

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nani337     12/01/2014 07:22 AM

Hi All,

I have attended the H1B Visa interview on 17th Oct 2014 at Chennai consulate and received the 221 g blue slip with required administrative processing.

First Status updated date on 20th Oct 2014( No mail received).

After three weeks US consulate contacted my client. and varied about my case. My client given positive feedback about me.

Second Status updated date on 12th Nov 2014( No mail received).

Third Status updated date on 18th Nov 2014( No mail received).

And finally I have received mail consulate to collect my documents which I have submitted at time of interview along with new 221g stating to submit my passport.

I have submitted my passport at OFC and visa got approved on 28th Nov 2014.

Today I have collected the passport.



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sureshgarine     12/01/2014 05:22 AM

Thank you very much immihelp, You made me to prepare my interview very well.

I attended today H1B visa Interview at Hyderabad Counselor office.

Me: Good Morning Madam
VO: good Morning

Me: May i have your passport please.
(Actually i got my new passport on 20th OCT 2014, I am trying to give my old passport, New passport, DS-160, I-797 petition)
VO: I just want your new passport, nothing else, if you give what ever i ask, it makes my Job easy

Me: Thank you Madam

VO: May i know your employer name
XXXX (My employer is 40 people IT consutling firm in USA), I never heard of this company, what they do

VO: where they are located?


Me: They do Software consulting and web development

VO: do u work at your employer or Client?

Me: I will be working at my Client location.

VO: what is u r Client Name:

ME: XXXX, VO confused with some other famous Modem & Router company(DLink).
I informed the correct Client name

VO: what is your Client do:

My client is a Software solution provider and integrator, they develop custom applications, components and frameworks.
My client is an application service provider.

VO: I heard both (employer and Client) are cosulting firms.

ME: no Madam, My Client won't do IT consulting, they do pure development by getting projects from customers.

where is your Client located?

May i have your left hand finger prints?
i give the finger prints

I heard the golden words from the VO


My Suggestion to all my H1B visa Aspirants:

I recorded my mock interview in my smart phone and listen it many times to prepare my self before day. check are you making any mistakes. try to correct all of them.

Please exercise your self, that may give lots of confidence.

Please go in very formal attire (Suit, Tie, formal Shoe) i hope it may give first and best impression.
please give nice smile when u go infront of VO and wish nicely.
Give the answers very confidently. don't get tense by looking at the people in front of u in VISA interview Queue before VO.

VO hasn't even see my DS-160, I-797, but approved the Visa.

You may take appointment in the first morning session, i guess VO's might be in fresh mood.

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akshaj     12/01/2014 04:42 AM

I got my H1B transferred to a company in the year 2008 and I returned to India in the same year. I was told by the employer that the H1B got transferred successfully while I was in India. Due to the bad experience with the desi employer, the employer did not give me a copy of I797 and forced me to stay back in India.

I want to know whether or not that H1B is valid. If yes, please let me know the procedure to obtain the I-797 copy. Can I base the previous H1B approved petition to file a new petition or to get transferred with a new employer?

Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

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SreeSatSai     11/28/2014 07:31 AM

Hello All,
 I am very thankful to you guys for your valuable suggestion and support.

I have got my passport today with valid visa.

here is my case data.

Interview Date : 23 Sep 2014 ( VO said visa is approved )
Case status update : 26 Nov 2014
Case status update : issued (28 november 2014)

got my passport today i.e 28-11-2014

Thanks to all of you . Hope everyone will get your visa as soon as possible.

If anybody has any query please write .

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msg8144     11/27/2014 23:16 PM

Interview:14th OCT ..2014
Doc submitted:22nd OCT

No update yet ...does any one facing same issue...
following are the docs ticked in my white slip

1.copy of petition with all supporting documents
2.copy of Emp contract agreement signed by me and petitioner
3.client letter
4.Project description
5.copy of complete academic transcript
6.W2'S since last two years
7.Pay stubs
8.Bank statements
9.Previous exp letter.

Does any one else got visa for the same pattern?....please let me know ..Thanks

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venkat2012     11/27/2014 19:32 PM

Hi All,

I'm hoping to get some guidance on this email thread.

I would be attending a h1b visa interview without a client letter. I just joined my new firm and have been been in US for 3 years. The company that I joined is one among the big 4 consulting firms in the world.

Can someone advise what sort of questions to expect given my situation. will there be any issues bcos i'm not assignment to a customer ?

i was advised by my attorneys to substantiate with prospective client names if required. someone here who had attended an interview after being on an employment with big 4 consulting (US based employment) would be great.

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Karthikchowdary     11/27/2014 06:34 AM

Hi All,

I had my VI yesterday (26th Nov) along with my wife. Officer mentioned it was approved for both of us, but when I check the status for my wife Status is Issued :) and for me its showing as Admin Processing.

Curious to know how many days did it take to get your passport from the day of Interview.

Also share your contact number so that I can call you...to clarify

+91 8142816022

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ramu431     11/27/2014 03:45 AM

Hi All,

For the first time I attended my visa interview @hyderabad on 26/11/2014 10.30am slot

My token number was ##9.

Checking for my number in the big screen..it displayed ##7, ##8, ###,

I asked person sitting beside me why ##9 is skipped he told wait it'll come. I was waiting for my number in the big screen, all of a sudden the system restarted and stopped working.

Manually calling out the numbers now, I went and verified my number with lobby managers they took me to counter X.

Me: Gud morning
VO: Gud morning, please give me your passport

VO: No previous travels(checking the pages in passport)
Me: No Sir

---- some other lady VO came with a passport and discussed for 5mins with my counter VO
---- After 5mins

VO: Sorry
VO: Which company you are going to work

VO: What is your role in the company?

VO: Any end clients?
Me: Yes sir, XXXX

VO: What is the project you work on?

VO: When are you planning to come back?
Me: by the end of August, 2015

VO: Do you have any MOU or Client letter and project documents
Me: I passed him

VO: He started checking client letter, and asked me so who is this XXXXX
Me: I replied he is Vice President

VO told me to wait a minute and went inside with client letter and project documentation.

I can see him discussing with some other official inside..
Showing client letter and pointing other official at the bottom of the letter.
Discussed for 15mins and came back.

VO: Sir, Please wait in the lobby we will get back to you.
Me: Ok sir, thanks.

--- I waited for 20-25mins in lobby

Some other official called out my name and requested for I797, I129, LCA and letter to USCIS.

I submitted everthing

-- After 10-15mins counter X VO called me up again.

VO: Sorry for the delay sir
VO: We need some more time to process your visa.

-- He given me all the documents including passport and 221g white slip

Me: Thank you sir.

Here in the 221g white slip he didn't mark for any document. He checked in the checkbox


Can anyone help me out what this means, he didn't even ask for any document.

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prvngpt     11/27/2014 01:42 AM


I have my OFC tomorrow (that should be fine) and my Consulate Interview coming Monday on 2nd Dec @ Mumbai Consulate.

I work for a top MNC and have BEP Visa priority with no client letter.

Any tips or suggestions from your side regarding the interview will be highly appreciated.


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