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sand123     11/09/2014 23:40 PM

Hi All,

I am a regular follower of this site. Thanks a lot to Immihelp site and all who shared their experience.

I have been asked the below questions:

 ME: Good Morning Sir
 VO: Good Morning

VO: Passport please?
ME: Given

VO: Who is your employer?

VO: Who is your client?
ME: BBB ( He did not get the name so he asked me again)

VO: Give me your I-129
ME: Given

VO: Show me your client letter?
ME: Given
He was checking in the system for 5 mins

VO: Give me all your client documents?
ME: Given all the client related documents
He was checking about the client for almost 15 mins and i was bit tensed

VO: Will you be working at client location or employer location?
ME: Client

VO: Explain me about your project?
ME: Explained

VO: Your roles and responsibilities?
ME: Explained

VO: How many employees are working for your client?
ME: Not sure about the total number but for this project 10 people are working

VO: How did you find this position?
ME: Dice.com and monster.com

VO: What is your highest qualification?
ME: MCA (Master of Computer Application)

He was typing some in the system then he kept my passport in a tray.
He has given a white pamplet contains the rights in US then he said the golden words "YOUR VISA IS APPROVED". I said thanks and left the consulate.

All the best

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VishRaj     11/09/2014 11:32 AM

Date - Nov 3rd and 4th

I just wanted to share my H1b interview experience out of gratitude since this forum gave me a good idea of what I can expect in the interview .

Questions asked below :

1. which company are you from?
2. Which client
3. US salary
4. Have you been to US before?

Thats it :) Lasted less than a minute . Now I am just waiting for my passport to be delivered .

Thanks guys . All the best :)

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SRKiran     11/08/2014 08:30 AM

I appeared for H1B visa interview yesterday, 07-Nov-2014, at chennai consulate along with my wife(H4 dependent). After the interview with the consular officer, i was told my visa is approved.

The consular officer collected our passports and said we would be getting them back within few days. However, when i checked the visa status @CEAC site, it shows the status as "Administrative Processing". I am really confused on what the actual status is.

Please note, i wasn't given any 221-g form or any other form of any kind and the consular officer collected only our passports and nothing else.

Has anyone experienced the same?

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hboson     11/08/2014 00:36 AM

Profile: I am a direct-to-hire full time employee on H1B(NOT A Employer-Client model) working for a major tech company in West Coast. We have our own product/software application viz used by major Fortune 500 companies and 1000+ companies worldwide. I have been working in US for over 6+ years.

My permanent residence and hometown is Hyderabad and it's always good to go to the consulate in your home city than some other city, unless you don't get an appointment in your home city
and have an urgent travel requirement to other city.DS-160 form is portable to any other US Consulate location in India. But, please note that DS-160 form which you generated for City A though can be used for City B, at times it may take some time for that form to be ported to the consulate in another city. I saw this happen with my own eyes the other day, when one of the applicants was asked to wait for 15-45 minutes while the DS-160 transfer request is completed.

I had to travel to India this week for a personal reason and had to get my visa stamped. As the old one had expired long back in 2010. I had my visa appointment set for 11:00 AM @ Hyderabad consulate on Nov 7th and the OFC appointment was on Nov 6th afternoon.

I went to the interview with every possible piece of document that the VO might ask me. This way the chances of a RFE/Query is less as the VO can see everything you have ready at hand. And also this will show the VO how well prepared,serious and genuine your case is. For those interested, this is the bulletproof document checklist which my Employer's Legal Team helped me put together:

1) Latest LCA of the current employer
2) I-129 Petition Request Copy
3) I-797A Original Copy
4) Old & New Passports
5) DS-160 Form(If you made any modifications to your initial DS-160 and got a new one generated,take both. Make sure you inform the staff during your OFC appointment to update your consular appointment with the latest DS-160 confirmation number.They will do this and generate the main code sticker for your passport)
6) Visa appointment letter
7) Visa Fee receipt (Original copy)
8) W-2(s) for all the years you have been employed in US
8a) All paystubs from your current employer ever since the date you were hired.
9) Federal & State Returns for all the years you have been employed in US
10) SSN Original Copy
11) Original Drivers Licenses of all states you have had in US(Should match to what you declared in DS-160)
12) Original Offer letter from your current employer which both you and HR signed on your hire.
13) A letter from your current employer addressed to the US Consulate indicating the date you were hired,salary per annum,job duties,designation and direct contact numbers for your HR.(All this should be on your company's letter head)
14) Your company visiting cards( If you have one provided by your company)
15) All previous experience letters.
16) All copies of previous I-797A,I-129(Previous employer)
17) All copies of any previous LCA Amendments done.
18) Bank statements of last 12 months indicating clearly all direct deposits done by your current employer.The amount being deposited should match to the salary declared in the LCA on a per annum basis.(Better to take as many months as possible)
19) All original copies of your degress,+2,10th certificates.
20) Original copies of all your technical or IT certifications done till date.
21) Take a printout of your public profile on your company website or Intranet employee portals (If you have one. My company website shows my public profile with a picture)
22) Professional references of your current and past employers.
23) Copy of your latest resume.
24) Copy of your marriage certificate(If you are married, it's always good to have it handy. Never know when you might be asked that to prove you are married as stated)
25) Any copies of your Perm/I-140 documents (if you have one.Keep it handy.Mostly won't be required.Won't hurt to keep it with you).
26) Any copies of pay stubs from your previous employer.(If available,keep it handy)

The OFC appointment on Nov 6th went very smooth, it was hardly a 15min affair standing in the line where they verified my DS-160,passport and appointment letter. Gave me a token and directed me inside the biometrics facility to get the photograph and fingerprinting done. I had to wait for hardly 5minutes and another 5minutes for the biometrics collection.

On Nov 7th when I reported 30min before for the consular interview, I was told that the DoS servers were down and that the consulate wasnt able to access the photograph taken yesterday at OFC. So as a last minute workaround the consulate security told us to get a photo taken and bring a copy of it. They said as an exception, the consulate had relaxed the appointment slots due to the technical snag. So anyone with a valid appointment slot yesterday would be allowed even if they had a delay while getting the photo.

Luckily I was able to run to the nearest photo booth and got it in 20 minutes. I showed them the photo and appointment letter, they finally let me in to the seating area. It was a 30minute wait there due to the backlog of earlier slots. Finally I got to the reception counter line and got the slot token. Was let inside to the security screening and then into the main visa interview waiting area. There was a 10min wait here. I was directed to counter where they were checking the I-797A & scanning the physical photographs and linking it to the DS160 confirmation number.

After that I was directed to one of the consular window lines. Had to wait 5 min here, after which I was finally called to the interview booth. Below is the conversation that took place: Note: All the while during the conversation, the VO was typing and kept looking at the screen either checking or verifying stuff.
VO: Please step ahead towards the booth
Me:Thank You and good morning officer.

VO: Can you please give me you passport?
Me:Sure, here it is.

<VO Scanned the DS-160 barcode sticker on the passport>

VO: Can I have your petition approval(I-797A)?
Me:Sure. Here it is.

VO: Which company are you working for?
Me:I answered with my company name.

VO:What is the State you will be working in?
Me:State of XYZ

VO:How much are you going to be paid in this job per annum?

VO:What does your company do?
Me:Answered this in 2 lines about our core product.

VO:Who are your company's clients?
Me:Answered with 4 top clients who happen to be major MNCs.

VO:What is your job title?
Me: Answered this.

VO:Is your wife on dependant visa and will she be getting stamped too?
Me:No Officer. She's on a H1B visa working in US. <I think this was a question to check if my answer matched with what I declared in DS-160 form and probably to see if I would truthfully answer this>

VO: <Pointing at the Labor rights in US pamplet> asked me if I had one of these?
Me: I was given that,had forgotten it in the previous booth. So, I would like to have another copy of it.

VO:Sure! You can have another one.Please take this.
Me: Thank you.

VO: Your visa has been approved.Have a nice day.
Me: Thank you officer. Have a nice day.

So, that was it guys. Overall it was a smooth process except the hiccup due to the technical issue at consulate. Moral of the story is, as a backup carry at least one copy of your latest photograph(as per specifications mentioned in the US TravelDocs Site. Don't take some cut and paste personal photograph which doesn't match the standards for the US Visa).Never know when there might be a technical issue. Better to prepare for such a situation before hand, so that you don't have to go through all the hassle of running around right before your interview and losing your calm.

Also I made sure I chatted up with people in the waiting lines and seating area. Gave some confidence to first time applicants and students applying for F1/B1 who were visibly nervous.

NOTE: Make sure all your documentation,checklist is bulletproof and valid. Please don't make the blunder of cooking up documentation,non-existent client letters,fake experience letters,fake pay stubs or federal returns. It's a major crime to present fraudulent information or documents. Be truthful and tell the VO the facts as is. It's better to be rejected on the basis of poor documentation than being blacklisted for using fraudulent documentation.

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mnrusvisa     11/07/2014 11:50 AM

*******Post Administrative Processing H1B Approved @ Chennai Consulate*****

Hi All,

First of all thanks to immihelp forum and all who shared experiences.

My self and my wife attended VISA interview on Sep 26th at Chennai and Visa officer issued 221g with administrative processing and keep all my documents along with them.

November 3rd i got an email from Ustravels docs saying please collect the documents from given address.( I was bit tensed why they have sent my documents without any information).

However i went and collected my courier package, opened and verified.

Inside the cover there is another 221g with "Please submit your passport at nearest VISA application centre" .
i was bit happy immediately i went asked visa centre people what it means.

VISA center support executive replied saying it is for VISA stamping purpose.

Immediately i have submitted my passports.

November 6th My Case status changed to "ISSUED" in CEAC site and today(7th Nov) received my passports with stamping.

I am so happy today.

Jai Sai ram...

Thanks to all once again...

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akhere     11/07/2014 05:47 AM

Hi All,

I am regular follower of this website. Thanks a ton for the guidance and views time to time. Today, My visa is approved after short interview at Consulate.
Questions were simple may be because of genuine application and bep. Asked abt location of visit, employer/client name and what is duty. Before that I was bit tensed because one guy was explaining so many things to one VO and saw some persons going back with passports in hand. The overall process was very fast. Took only 30-35 mins max to enter and exit. In between, First, entered one gate and waited on chairs, then fingerprint scan after forming queue, then forming queue for interview. All that was without any token system. Thank God also. Visa is showing issued in online status check.

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graidu     11/06/2014 00:52 AM

Hi All,

Thanks you very much for sharing the info.

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maddyfreaks     11/06/2014 08:20 AM

Hi All,

  If some one attended their Visa Interview (F1 to H1) , Can you please share your experience. I saw lot of posts in this Forum and most of them are H1 only no Visa Status Change Experience.

Appreciate if you can share yours.

I have my interview soon.

Good Luck to all.

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prasanna60     11/06/2014 06:21 AM

My H1b approved for one year till Nov-2015.

i have below question. please share your experience

I am going to USA end of thin month and i want to come India in April 2015 and back to USA in May.

Does it create any issue during this short period coming to India

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aaletisrikanth     11/06/2014 06:09 AM

Hi All ,

Thanks all , it helped me a lot for H1b visa preparation.

My Visa interview scheduled Nov 6th(today) at 8:30.

Me: Good morning sir
VO : good morning
VO: who is your employer?
Me: told my employer name.
VO: who is your client ?
Me: told my client name
VO : can you explain about your client?
Me: explained 2 to 3 sentences about my client.
VO: what is your designation in Us:
Me: Hadoop Developer

VO: what is hadoop"
Me: Explained about hadoop in 2 sentences.
VO: team Size"
Me : 5

VO: Can i see your project documentation?
Me : provided documentation.

Golden words your visa issued.

I verified visa status but still it is showing administrative process.

Guys can any one help me when will update the status , I am getting tensed , please provide help on this.

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