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sunk     11/21/2014 09:28 AM


Recently I got H1b visa stamping in India (still present in india). Due to some reasons my wife didn't attend H4 along with me.
Now can my wife attend her H4 interview based on my H1visa stamping and my other docs ?
we don't have any specific H4 approved petition likewise. Can we book H4 appointment ?
If yes, what docs are required to book the appointment and to attend interview ?
Please share your experiences.

Thank you,

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RaoP     11/20/2014 20:09 PM

Hi All,

Thank you immihelp and all the members who posted here, it’s really helpful to read this forum as to get much needed help in preparing for the interview and to gain confidence to face the any kind of questions.

I attended OFC on 19th nov and it went smooth without any hurdles. Docs carried are…

. Passport ( new )
. Appointment Confirmation letter
. DS-160 confirmation letter

Today i.e.., 20th nov I have attended interview and my visa got approved after the below conversation with VO…

Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning.

VO: please show me your passport
Me: Gave my pp.(new)

VO: What do this <xxx> petitioner company do ?
Me: Explained about there business…

VO: Do you work at petitioner company location ?
Me: No, I work at client location.

VO: Show me the client docs if any ?
Me: Sure and gave the client letter.

VO: What you do for them ?
Me: said my RR

VO: Do you know your work location ?
Me: Yes and told my client location address.

VO: Put your left hand four fingers on the scanner.
Me: done

VO: What is your salary per annum ?
Me: told

VO: Your visa is approved. ( kept my passport )
Me: Thank you.

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srikanth85     11/20/2014 16:59 PM

Hi All,

I have attended H1b interview on 28/Aug/2014.i Have given yellow slip .VO Did't asked any documents.
the status showed "UNDER ADMINISTATIVE PROCESS"Later on Oct 21'st the status showed that,"YOUR CASE HAS BEEN SENT BACK TO USCIS FOR FURTHER VERIFICATION".on Oct last week the uscis went to employer office and
checked my employers details.My employer said everything went well.

Now its around 3 weeks but still the status showing "UNDER ADMINISTATIVE PROCESS".Does anybody have these kind of
situvation.How long it will take for the status update from uscis.

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neerender     11/20/2014 14:56 PM

 Today (20th Nov) morning I have attended interview at Hyderabd consulate.
My Interview had 2 minutes, at last VO said your VISA approved, and taken passport.
but in online visa status still showing "Administrative processing". though I was not issues any 221(g) slips.

is it takes time to update the status?
may I know the reason, please ..?


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mohanmadhu     11/20/2014 09:17 AM

Hi Friends,

I attended interview on 18th Nov with my family.

VO: Give me your passport
Me: Handed over
VO: "MY COMPANY NAME" i.e. xxx
Me: Yes

VO: What is xxx.
Me: Web development and staff augmentation
VO: Staff augmentation (by looking into her system)

VO: Are you going to work at client location or not?
Me: yes, at client location

VO: Where it is located.
Me: Client location

VO: Where it is located (again)
Me: Locations

VO: What you are going to do?
Me: Explained about my role and responsibilities

VO: How much they offered
Me: xx

VO: I am unable to check your client details in my system as it not working now

VO: Said "There is nothing wrong at your end. Some consultancies are not doing what they promised. I need to verify some details in system". Give me your client letter, LCA & I797, and project document and our passports also.
Me: Handed over

Vo: How much they offered (again)
Me: xXX

Vo: Where are you working currently.

Gave me 221(g) and took passports.

Still it is showing Administrative processing.

Anybody has any idea how many days it may take?

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vknalla     11/20/2014 05:28 AM

First of all thank you Immihelp for providing platform to share experiences. This is my first H1B stamping in India, I had my H1B stamping in Mexico last couple of times. Below is my experience.

OFC was on 19th and it was the usual affair.
Interview was on 20th @ 8am and we were in the waiting lounge by 8:20 waiting for our turn for the interview. We got to see couple of H1B interviews in the window next to ours and couple of F1 interviews right in front of us. All the interviews lasted not more than 2 mins. Below is our questionnaire.

VO: Have you guys been to US before?
Me: Yes, We are here to renew our visa

VO: Is your previous visa valid?
Me: No, its expired in 2012.

VO: Who is your employer?
Me: XtG

VO: What is your role?
Me: Programmer Analyst II

VO: How long are your guys married?
Me: 2 years

VO: Where do you guys stay?
Me: Camphill, PA

VO: In here it says your petetioner is Xsoft
Me; Yes,we recently had a name change.

VO: Do you have a document to support the name change?
Me: Yes I do and I was about to show the document

VO: That's fine, make sure you carry the document with you when you travel.
Me: Sure

VO: Happy Travels
Me: Thank you.

We greeted him Thanks and left the place.

We didnt have to show any document.
Good Luck everyone!!!

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GeekinUSA     11/19/2014 17:03 PM

I have question , what if some one is not working on typical project work for direct employee .

What if that person is Linux or system administrator like day to day job and time to time project .

Does any one experienced that if yes what answers you gave to consulate . Project are specifically for Developers .

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h1b@chennai     11/18/2014 16:56 PM

Hi All,
     Thanks a ton for immihelp and all,who had shared their experiences.This forum is really helpful and provided a lot of info for pre,post and the actual activities for the H1 interview.Now its my turn to share my experience

consulate interview happened on 7th NOV @8:00 am,since I got struck up with other activities,I am writing my experience now

I attended OFC appointment on 6th NOV @8:30 am
As you know @ VFS,finger prints and photos will be taken and it went smooth

Finally on the big day,I came 30 mins early to the consulate.Seeing the big queue and crowd there,got a bit tensed and thought I would have come earlier,but thats ok since there are many people whose appnts are later than mine and they were asked to form a different queue

I almost waited around 45 mins in the queue and was nervous,besides trying to be confident to face the real show
Finally entered into the building with the DS160,appointment verification,had security checking done and moved to an other building inside,where the passport have been scanned and was given a token.

I gave my passport and was asked to wait in the lobby,where actual interviews were being conducted
Here in this lobby,I could see the VOs conducting interviews,most of the officers were busy interviewing except one person who was having a good physique working on his computer and just felt like,he may be a tough person to deal with,posing more questions,hoping will not get a chance to get there.I could see lady VOs posing questions to the candidates.I thought its better to get to a lady VO,since they may pose less number of questions(this is baseless and may be wrong also)
I got my passport now and was asked to present myself in the finger prints counter.I have provided my finger prints and photograph.I was given passport now and just thought I will be asked to wait in the lobby,but I was asked to report directly to the VO and the person is the same VO whom I have described earlier.I was tensed,but whatever may be the outcome,I want to face the situation.Unlike earlier,this time he is interviewing a lady and approved her visa.OK,its my turn now...come on.I was waiting for his word to step forward.He said "Next" and I moved to the counter

Me:Good Morning officer
VO:give me your passport
Me:sure(took my pp from the doc folder and handed over to VO)
VO:ok,what is your company?
VO:From how many months are you working with this company
Me:its a new oppurtunity
VO:Where will you be working
Me:I will be working at Employers location for an inhouse project
VO:what do you do there?
Me:answered(about my designation)
VO:What is the name of the project?
Me:answered(I spelled it as the VO didnt understand properly)
VO:What is the project about?
VO:Do you have any project description?
Me:Yes,I do have and (handedover the same to VO,he checked it within few seconds and returned back)
VO:What is your salary?
VO:Where are you going to stay?
Me:answered(told the city and state)
VO:I am approving your visa ,have a nice stay in US and handed over the rights in US pamphlet
Me:Thank you very much sir and left from there

I checked with other Indian officers about the passport collection
I am still in a dilema whether I have did alrite or do I have any pending tasks like submitting or receving documents...and was memorizing everything for this and found to be ok

My suggestion is to just be confident,try to give your best and carry the appropriate documentation based on your case.
Hope for the best,prepare for the worse

Below are the list of documents carried by me

Letter to the consulate
Emp Agreement
Emp Offer
Project Description
Project Responsibilities
DS 160 confirmation
Appointment Letter
Last 3 years Tax documents
Current company offer,hike letters
Previous company offer,experience and relieving letters
last 3 months payslips
6 months bank statements
Latest CV
Passports old and new
Aadhar card

After that,I was checking the visa status on that day and for next two days(weekend Sat,Sunday) it was administrative processing and it changed on the next business day

All the best for your interviews

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fromMum     11/18/2014 05:43 AM

I had H1b visa interview today and it got approved ??. I owe thanks to this forum for providing useful and accurate input.

Below were the question asked:

1) which client you'll be working for in usa.
2) what role you will be having.
3)how much you'll be getting.
4) are you single or married.

Most of the h1b candidates too had my kind of quick interview.
My advice ,be confident and keep your ears open to listen for the conversation counseller and the person standing ahead of you in queue.

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a869     11/18/2014 04:51 AM


Firstly i thank all guys who shared their experience in this site as it helped me a lot for preparing myself to interview.
I have all documents except client letter/SOW. I am bit tensed about it and my made up my mind to face that question by showing my employer letter.
I wear my company ID as it is US based company.
Following are my interview questions.

ME: Good Morning
VO: giving white slip to guy before me for his student visa.

VO: Passport please and place your fingures on the scanner.
ME: given and placed my fingures on scanner

VO: who is your petitioner?
ME: XYZ company

VO: what your company do ?
ME: explained in 2 lines

VO: what you do?
ME : explained my role and was interrupted in the middle

VO: how much you will make ?
ME XXXX$/annum

VO: BTech or MS?
ME: Bachelor of technology in computer science

VO: Your visa is approved.
ME: shocked for a min and said thank you and left.

she didn't asked me any documents other than passport and my suggestion for you guys is "HOPE FOR THE BEST AND PLAN FOR THE WORST"

All the best for your interview.

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