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kumaranae     10/14/2015 13:01 PM

Hi All,

When applied for H1B, My LCA was posted on Boxborough. But my actual travel is changed to Portland. So when i filled the DS160, i have mentioned work location as Portland.

Now the location of work is different in both LCA and DS160.

Please let me know will it create issue for me in visa interview.

Can i say that i were supposed to go boxborough first but the plan was later changed to portland... it takes only 2 days for lca process .so i will get the process dne before traveling.

Please suggest.

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dinesh1920     10/14/2015 07:48 AM

Hello everyone...
This fourm gives good confident about the interviews.

@OFC/VAC Chennai (07-OCT)
My appointment was @ 2.45PM. I went @ 2.30PM.
They will stick one sticker on your passport which mentions VISA type, and fees paid etc…
They took photos and fingerprints in VAC
@Embassy (08-OCT)
My Appointment was @12.00PM. I went @11.30AM and they allowed me at 11.30AM itself.
They checked the passport and fingerprints (which took at VAC)
At exactly 12.05PM. My interview happened,
VO: Hello
ME: Hello
VO: Passport plz..
ME: Passed the passport
VO: Whom you are working for?
ME: Answered accordingly
VO: Who is your client?
ME: Answered accordingly as in I129
VO: Which project?
ME: Answered accordingly
VO: How may years exp. In that project?
ME: Answered accordingly
VO: Highest qualification?
ME: Answered accordingly
VO: Where you are travelling?
ME: California
VO: Your VISA is approved (he came very close to mic. and those golden words)
ME: Thank you

• He dint ask any documents apart from passport
• My friend was in same queue. He was asked more questions at initial stage and later on VO realized that he is H1B and he said “Your VISA is approved, I thought you are applying for L1”.
Be confidents and dress well

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BVReddy     10/14/2015 04:08 AM

Hello Everyone
Going through successful experiences in this forum made me confident.

Here is how my interview went

VO - Good morning How are you?
Me: I am Good. How are you officer? (Handed over the passport)
VO - Who is your petitioner
VO : Which Client
VO - What is your role going to be?
VO : What is your salary per year?
VO - What is your role going to be? (this ques was asked twice)
VO - Where are u working currently?
Officer was talking to someone inside for about 30 seconds
My heart was racing
Then i hear the magical words
'Your VISA is approved'
Me: Thank You

Thats it ..! No documents were asked.
I didnt even open the file I was carrying

Tip: Go 30 mins before schedule
Stay calm. Answer by making eye contact
All the best for everyone..!

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shrini     10/13/2015 09:54 AM

This forum made me comfortable and relaxed all times when i read the positive cases of HYD.
It has filled confidence and able to answer the questions a bit confidently. The result is positive.
My sincere thanks to this website and my friends who are writing and replying. Kudos.

Here is how my interview takes place on oct 7.

 I have been given 14 counter. I joined in the queue as a 5th person. Before me all are for dependent VISAs except one Ph.D student. On my first look an Young lady(VO) was bombarding with many questions to a couple who are taking tranlator help. I saw they confidently answered but wonder to see VO rejected VISA. I then thought this counter VO is strict and thinking it will be a tough interview for me. The next turn came to a Phd student to whom as well she shooted many questions despite he did not responded well. She was paused and caught her head thinking whether to approve Visa to him or not. To his luck and God's blesses, she had approved and suggested him to improve his speaking skills. He was happily left the by greeting her. For the next two dependents she took only 2,3 minutes and approved the VISA. By this time i was relaxed more by seeing her sudden approvals. My turn came and see the conversation below.
(My voice is a bit high in all these conversation today)
Me: Good morning Man( With grin)
VO: Good morning
      who is your petitioner?
VO: what are you going to do?
Me : I am going to work for the projects?
VO: It is inhouse project Right?
Me: Yes Mam
VO: What are your job duties?
Me: I listed out few with high pitch of voice i myself felt i am making entire floor to hear.May be because of over nervousness, but showed the confidence with eye to eye contact.
VO: Have you been to any country?
Me: Yes i worked in London for 2 years.
VO: Did you work in US earlier?
Me: No, this is first time i am going to work. I worked in UK only.
VO: What is your highest qualification?
Me: XXXXXXXX(again bigger voice)
VO: Have you collected US Rights Pamphlet.
VO; yes Mam
VO: I am approving your VISA.
Thank you Mam.
Cal i leave?
VO: Yes, Next please.

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mmpathak     10/13/2015 07:12 AM

Thanks immihelp..!!

Attended biometric and interview on 6th 7th Oct in Mumbai.

In visa interview VO asked questions like

1. Where are you going
2.Where do you work
3.What is your role and responsibilities.
4.Who is ur Client
5.What is Client into
6. What are you doing for them.
7. Are you married, why wife is not travelling with you

Thats it..Visa Approved..!!

Tip : Go 15 mins before schedule they dont allow before it. Be cool and confident.

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sumanth45     10/13/2015 05:24 AM

Thanks immihelp - experiences on this forum helped me to better prepare for the interview.

Today morning i have attended the interview. VO asked following questions.

- who is your petitioner
- how do you know your employer
- which location you are going.

After these 3 questions he said your visa approved.

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arch1     10/13/2015 04:43 AM

I had a very smooth experience for my h1b visa renewal via dropbox

05-10-2015 - Submitted the passport along with 2 photos, copy of i797 (new employer) and dropbox letter
06-10-2015 - Status: Sent to post
07-10-2015 - Passport Status: With the embassy; Visa Status: Ready
07-10-2015 - Passport status: with the embassy; Visa Status: Admin processing
08-10-2015 - Passport status; with the embassy; Visa Status: Issued
09-10-2015 - Passport status: Passport has been received from the consular section and is being prepared for delivery
13-10-2015 - Passport ready for pick up at Bangalore

10, 11, 12th Oct were holidays

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Hydoct8th     10/13/2015 03:03 AM

Guys who attended interview on 8th oct in hyd got your passport or any status change for administrative processing ?

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Roshni Jain     10/13/2015 01:10 AM

Thanks to Immihelp for helping us to prepare for our interview.
We had our interview on 5 and 6th Oct in Chennai.

First day as usual we were done in less than 20 minutes...with finger printing and photo. Appointment was at 2.30. We reached at 2 and came out at 2.25pm.

Next day

Question asked were:

We (Me and My Husband): Good Morning Officer!
VO: Good Morning!

VO: Where are you going?

VO: What is your Role?

VO: Can you explain more about your role in detail?

VO: Who is your client?

VO: Do you have children?

All questions were asked to my husband. No questions asked to me. :)

VO: You are all set...Thanks...
We: Thank You Officer!

And we got our passport on Monday, 12th Oct.

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sid.sinha     10/12/2015 07:19 AM

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I had attended my Visa interview on Sep 24th and I was given a 221g white slip. My passport and other documents was taken by the consular.
When I check the status online it says "Administrative Processing and status last updated as Sep 24th"
When I check the status via the IVR it says "Your passport is still with the US Embassy"
However on 12 Oct early morning when I checked it showed as "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted" but the status on CEAC is still showing "Administrative Processing".

Request you to please guide me which is the best option to check the online status.
Thank You!

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