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Prathyusha- ()     10/05/2012 08:51 AM


I have attended h4 interview today at hyderabad consulate. VO has given me 221g white form with option ticked as "your application need administrative process". V.O has given back my passport and collected all papers of principal applicant. Do anyone have any idea on how many days would this process take place. Actually our 1st marriage anniversary is on oct 12th. Please some one help me...

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Baskii- ()     10/05/2012 06:42 AM

I got my stamping done successfully today at Hyderabad consulate. I was on h1 Extension.
I was desperately waiting for an update on IMMIHELP to see if some one would post their experience in the last one week as the procedures have changed. ... that is why Im posting my experience, so that it would be helpful for others.
I was asked questions, client, location, salary details, ..
Tough question was, Why did you leave your previous employer and joined new one... I answered technically

I was so much worried about my stamping, as i am here for a 2 week vacation..i Couldnt dare to leave US due to stamping issues these. Any ways prepare well, although very few questions will be asked.. Best of luck

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ashok- ()     10/05/2012 00:28 AM

I have attended the visa interview at Hyderabad consulate today.

VO asked me basic questions but issued 221g stating that they need to review the documents once.

Don't know how long does this take but hoping for best.

never be afraid of h1b interview . It is very very simple if you know the information well.

All the best for every one.

Thanks immihelp.

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immihelp     10/04/2012 09:08 AM


1. For all those who are looking for the new visa application process in India, start at http://www.immihelp.com/india/usa-visa-application-procedure.html and read everything. Everything has been described there.

2. Please use this section of the web site for posting experiences. If you would like to discuss back and forth, discussion forum is more appropriate for that. Please visit http://www.immihelp.com/forum/ and post your questions. Experiences section is not designed or suitable for discussions as it is not threaded and people have to continously post 'Question to Karthik', 'Response to Vinod' etc. and all such discussions are inter mingled with others. I have a sincere request, please.

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finallyH1B- ()     10/03/2012 09:25 AM

Finally I got H1B vias approved at Chennai Consulate after 3 B1/B2 visa rejection. Questions asked were standard questions and nothing was asked related to previous Visa applications.

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Manoj- ()     10/03/2012 02:20 AM

I had my H1B Interview today and it was very successful.

My VO was a lady.

VO: Good Morning.
Me: Good Morning mam.

VO: What is your client name?

VO:Where are you going to stay in US?
Me:I answered the location as per the LCA.

VO: What is your salary going to be in US?
Me: XXX/annum

VO: Your Visa is approved.

Me: Thankyou very much mam.

Really it was a great day all the process completed by 45 mins and the interview happened only for a minute.

This forum helped me a lot to prepare for the interview. Thanks a ton to everyone who shared their experiences.

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Sumit- ()     10/02/2012 17:41 PM

Hello, Could someone please explain me the new process of Visa Stamping? I understand it's a 2 step process, however can both these steps be done on a same day?

Also i have already made a payment to HDFC and have got my barcode. I assume i can take that receipt along with me and don't have to make a payment again.

I still have to take a visa stamping date. I'm planning to go to Delhi Consulate, does someone have any experience with Delhi Consulate with this new process?

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Rajiv- ()     10/01/2012 22:14 PM

I want to share my experience with itech us, inc. of VT. my previous H-1 was denied, I was referred to itech by a friend, and they were very helpful. their attorney spent 20 minutes with me and I talked to their vice president, they gave confidence that there is a good chance it will get approved. And I was so desparate I told them I will work for any salary, but they said it is not needed, and they offered a very good salary, actually more than my previous company. I did not sign any contracts. wow, this is a great company. I really really like working here, I hope they keep this friendly atmosphere here.

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Karthik- ()     10/01/2012 16:22 PM


I had H1B visa interview on 27th at Hyd . As it is a new process, my passport and I-797 was taken after asking basic questions like LCA, I-129 etc. When I called UStravel docs toll number, I was told to wait till minimum 3 business days. But I was also told that taking your passport does not mean that your visa is issued. I am very concerned on this.

Can anybody share their experiences? Please let me know if anyone has received the passport with H1B stamping.


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Bugzy- ()     09/30/2012 14:43 PM

Hello everyone , I attended my H1B interview at Chennai on 27th and it got cleared.
I was in 8:30 slot and the whole process was completed by 9:15AM

VC was a lady and she asked me basic questions like place of travel, roles n responsibilities, highest degree , client name and vendor name.
I carried a whole bunch of documents but she just bored to ask me my LCA and I129
Interview was just for 2-3 minutes

Be cool and be very confident while answering the questions. I'm sure the stamping process has much improved for the EVC model too.

Good luck for all of those who are attending the interview in near future :)

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