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KKR- ()     11/01/2012 04:41 AM

First Thanks to Immhelp it helps me a lot...and who shared the experiance

Today I had my H1B interview ..

Asked basic questions.

* Asked about employer name
* Clint Name and business of client
* From how many yrs u wrking for this employer.
* In the middle asked petition document
* Married ?

interview was only around 3-4 mns .

Finally he says Golden words ..Your VISA approved.

Thanks all..& Immhelp.

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Ramakrishna- ()     11/01/2012 04:37 AM

Hi...Thanks everyone for posting their expeience, its helped me a lot, now its my turn to post my exp

My intervies was on 1st Nov 12, had a very qucik interview here are the questions asked me

1. Who is your employer
2. Who is your client
3. What is the salary you will get over there in US

Last year my L1B visa got rejected but no question on that

All the best to you guys..!!!

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Niel- ()     11/01/2012 03:08 AM

Hi All,

I want to thanks all who have posted there experiences on this forum.It was really Helpful.

I was having my interview on 1st Nov at Mumbai Consulate.

Interview was cool !!Asked only 2-3 question.
1)Who is your employer
2)who is your client.
3)Your salary.

1)Arranged marriage?

That's it, and then congratulation visa approved :) !!

Visa process is very cool in Mumbai Consulate.Last year my L1B got rejected at Delhi-no question asked for the same.

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Aditya- ()     10/31/2012 23:38 PM

Hello Friends, Thanks for sharing the experiances. This is really helpul. I have Visa Interview next week. I have few questions in that regard. Request to help.

I am aware that VO will keep with him the original passport after the interview. I would like to know if they keep the original I-797 / I-129 also ? How about the BEP letter ? Do they collect the photo's also ? Which photo will come in Visa ? Is it the one which we uploaded in DS-160 or the one which we submit during Interview ? Kindly clarify. I have my visa Interview next week.

Any specif questions if you had been to US earlier on L1B from other company ?

Thanks in Advance

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NSS- ()     10/31/2012 15:38 PM


I had my biometric today and tomorrow is my visa stamping interview.
In my biometric, I have given xerox of DS-160 confirmation assuming that they are going to keep it and i reserve actual DS-160 confirmation (print out with clear view) for my stamping interview.
But they put a stamp on that and gave it back to me.
Now I will have to show that only in Visa interview as it is stamped. My details are clear on xerox but pic and paper is not so clear in comparison to actual print out.
Also at biometric they didn't say anything regarding the clearity and simply put a stamp on this.
Now I am confused if this will create any problem or so.

Could someone please advice me on this asap. I have my interview scheduled tomorrow.


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Ram- ()     10/31/2012 11:21 AM

  My H1 B visa got approved on 29/Oct. here are the questions.
1. How long you are with xxxx?
2. for which client you are working?
3. which city you are going?
4. Salary?
5. what is your role?

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Jairaj- ()     10/31/2012 05:45 AM


I got my petition approved, just waiting for my PAI date to come.
Can you please let me know whether there be any affect of current condition in US (SANDY hurricane) on the visa stamping.

What should be the proper time to block the PAI date.


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Jairaj- ()     10/31/2012 04:47 AM


My H1B petition has been approved and got the DS160 confirmation. Now my company is trying to block the PAI date as early as possible.
With considering SANDY in US, can anyone please guide, what should be the right time to go for PAI.
Will there be any affect of this condition in US, on visa stamping.

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Durga- ()     10/31/2012 02:23 AM

Thanks for all of you,

My visa interview is on 30-Oct-2012 @ 9.30am. Its just 2 mins.

1. Who is your employer?
2. Who is your client?
3. What is your roles and responsibilities there?
4. How many years exp.?
5. Do you report to your manager at Client place?

Visa officer said your visa is approved.

Be Confidence and cool. Moslty everyone's h1b visa got approved.

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Pranav- ()     10/31/2012 00:47 AM

Hi All,

      I had a very quick interview at the mumbai consulate and the VO said the visa is approved.He looked at my original petition only.Questions asked were:

a) What is your US Salary?
b) Which client will you be working for?
c) Designation?
d) Married..taking your spouse along?

I am still waiting for my passport notification email even after 6 business days.The tracker email shows 'origination scan' since day one.Any one in the same boat?

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