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Harsh- ()     10/17/2012 06:29 AM

Hello Everybody !!

H1 B (BEP) got approved today. Below are the details

Background :
Feb 2007 - B1 Approved
Apr 2007 - L1 B rejected
June 2007 - L1 B individual approved
June 2007 to June 2010 - Was in US
Nov 2010 - B1 travel (4 weeks)
Aug 2011 - L1 B rejected
Aug 2012 - H1 B approved
Oct 2012 - H1 B visa stamped !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today (10/17) H1 approved at Chennai.

11 30 AM Batch..
Finger print and document verfication done - 10 mins.
Moved to different building.

My token number showed up in BIG screen. Passed on the bundle to VO.

She scanned the barcode and started typing for 2-3 mins.. Then....

VO : Is your previous travel and this travel ? For same client ?
Me : Yes

VO: Your Visa is approved.
Me : Really ?

VO : Yes, Thank you !!
Me : Thank you !!!

Paid Rs 300/- at VFS helpdesk for courier and came back home.. Had full meals..

PS > Visa Officer was a lady !! She was very calm and composed.

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Babu- ()     10/17/2012 06:07 AM

I am following this site past 1month for the H1B interview experience. Thanks a lot for all your help.
Had my interview with basic questions, These are the questions asked by VO.

1. Who is your client?
2. Who is your petitioner?
3. What is your salary?
4. What do you do there?
5. Which location your going?
6. What is your onsite salary?

Thats It....She said i m approving ur visa and writtend A on the documents.

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Information- ()     10/16/2012 22:37 PM

Hi All,

Could you please give me some information regarding scheduling the appointment and consulate selection.

1) Do we need to fill two different DS160 for H1 and H4, even if we are planing to attend interview same time?
2) Can i attend interview at Chennai though my Postal address is Hyderabad?

Thanks in advance

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Sree- ()     10/16/2012 22:16 PM

Had my interview on the 16th of October. The process from when you go inside, pass through security checks and a few more (actually 2 more verifications) before verification of finger prints again (after completing biometrics the previous day at OFC Center) was a bit irritating but I guess it was all good. Waited for our token number to be called for an hour before getting the call. We (wife and me) headed to the interview counter and the officer just started his day so was still booting his system. Gave us some time to observe around and I initiated a conversation with the officer. He was a young guy so we talked about NFL and the game between Seahawks and GB and that touchdown.

Then he said he was ready and asked for passports and DS 160.

Q1: What is your ole on your current porject?
I explained in 2 quick sentences.

Q2: how long have you been with company XXX
4 years this past July

Q3: you have lived in US before correct?
I said Yes.

Q4: Where and what was your Master's in?
gave the info.

Q5: when did you guys get married?
I said Jan 7th and looked at my wife to let her answer the year. She did and he joked, " I have no problem you forgetting the year as long as she does not". We all laughed.

Q6:Do you like Chicago weather?
I said it is an awesome place with diverse weather.

Then we talked a bit more about where Andrew Chapman was from (VO's name) and stuff, about Giardiano's Pizza etc.

I noticed as we were having this conversation, that he has already written A on both of our applications. Then he said, Sree you applications have been approved and you should receive your passports within a week. I said thankyou, have a good day.

Very pleasant smile and talk is all me and my wife were talking about when we headed back home.

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Sameer- ()     10/16/2012 15:19 PM

Hi All,

I'd like share an imp msg for those whose status keeps changing on traveldocs website, I saw a msg saying "Origination scan" I went to VFS office to check, good thing was that my passport received by VFS office on 7 day of my interview & they never bothered to email/SMS to recipient. This absolutely rediculous proces. Even though I paid them 300 bucks to return my passport to my address. Finally I'm happy that I got my passport with visa endorsed.

Pls visit once to VFS to check the status. Carry the appointment letter and one xerox of ID proof (mandatory)

Thank you all for posting your valuable feedbacks.


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anusuya rangasamy- ()     10/16/2012 00:57 AM

For me also the passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com doesnt work. it always gives me
Please use a valid passport number or UID.

It used to work some days ago. Anyone else getting this problem?

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praful- ()     10/16/2012 09:11 AM

Does employee need to submit 3 years tax papers if company sending employee to foreign country from india ?

I heard if someone visiting foreign country on their own from india for any kind of visa , then he/she has to submit 3 years tax papers to VO.
But my questions is if the company is sending employee for foreign visit, does employee has to submit 3 years tax papers to VO ?

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albert- ()     10/16/2012 05:44 AM

Dear All,

Any idea about the documents to be submitted for h1b visa interview in singapore consulate. Any details regarding the h1b visa interview experience in singapore consulate would be great.

Please email to


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kunal- ()     10/16/2012 04:42 AM

I had my stamping on 16th October at Mumbai Consulate. It was extremely peaceful. Following were the questions and documents asked by the VO

Documents: Passport, I-797 Notice of Action, I-129 Petition Copy, LCA,

1. Which company
2. What does the company do?
3. What is your role?
4. What are ur responsibilities?
5. Salary

Thats it...done

All the best to all applicants. Thanks a lot to this forum for all the information. Just be cool and calm during the interview and prepare well....everything will be fine

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Naresh- ()     10/16/2012 02:10 AM

Your employee can opt for not to reply for your RFE. But he neither withdraw your petition by other way not they can get fee refunded. If your RFE is simple and not too complex, your employer will definitely answer it. Not answering to the RFE doesn't make any sense to your employer.

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