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RaoP     12/18/2014 00:48 AM

Hi All - Thanks for sharing your experiences it is very much helpful.

My H1b got stamped last month Nov @ hyd, my dependents didn’t come with me due to some reasons. (My wife - H4 and 2 yr kid - H4).

On 16 th Dec my wife went for OFC along with she carried the visa photo+docs of my 2 yr kid ( As it is optional for children under 14 yrs to attend both the interviews ).

- Checked DS-160 and scanned/captured photo of my kid with hardcopy photo and returned back.

Next day visa interview - she went alone with docs of my kid.

After greetings…

Q) Who is the employer of your husband ?
Q) How much is the salary ?

“ Your visa is approved” and kept both the passports.


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user6404     12/18/2014 01:51 AM

Hello All, Here are the dates of my visa interview @Hyderabad

Dec 9th - OFC fingerprints completed
Dec 10th - Visa Interview (VO verbally said visa is approved)
Dec 10th - Status Updated "Administrative Processing"
Dec 15th - Status Updated "Administrative Processing"
Dec 18th - Status Updated "Ready"

Does anyone know when will I receive my passport or if anyone in similar situation.

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rjan     12/17/2014 11:22 AM


I have my visa interview in hyderabad in february, i am on h1 b extension. My old I 797 A is missing, How important is that one for my interview? Is there a way i can get it again ?


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navith     12/16/2014 16:45 PM


I have been going through Immihelp last year for my B1 and this year for my H1 and i found it to be a real deal in the build up for your actual interview.

I had my appointment with OFC on 10th Dec and Actual interview on 12th Dec.

I had 3 approvals before me , 2 student and 1 H1.

I attended the interview with my wife and 10 month old daughter. I did not carry the photograph to OFC,so was asked to take one for the actual interview.

Questions asked :
VO: How are you?
VO:How is your kid doing looking at my daughter?
VO:Asked my wife to leave as she felt the kid would become restless.
VO:which company you working for?
VO:Which place you would be working?
VO: Who is your client? P.S. I dont have a client as i am into Sales.
VO: Said the golden words "Visa Approved"

Status changed to Issued on Monday and Collected my passport on Tuesday.

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rams123     12/16/2014 06:25 AM

Hello All,

My H1B VISA rejected last week. If i want to apply H1B again for next year, then my application has to pick in lottery for next year also or i have to extend my current H1B petition with my current year case number .

Please let me know what is the process i have to follow in my case for next year. thank in advance !

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h4hardik     12/15/2014 10:57 AM

Hey Guys,

I will be go for interview tomorrow @ Mumbai , lyk to know if anyone will be scheduled?

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kum777     12/15/2014 08:19 AM

Hi All,

H1b visa:
Kind of Urgent.I have visa interview scheduled on next week of this month.I just have employer agreement letter which states my salaree ,roles&resposibilities.When i asked empoyer for the rest of the documents like project document(its an IN house project) etc he sent me a binder file which has every thing in form of PDF.is this right file or should i ask him each document to be printed on company letter head.Need help ASAP
And could i get sample of document format forchecklist.

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aar440     12/15/2014 03:27 AM

Hi I have recived 221g for project documents, which my employer is not able to provide it.
how do i proceed now? can any one help me to find any petitioner to arrange client letter. so that will move to another employer

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ysak12     12/15/2014 01:43 AM

Hello All,

I was arrested for DUI (first offense) in December 2013 and I came for my H1B stamping (first time) in December 2014. I had my H1B interview at Hyderabd US embassy on last Wednesday, December 10th 2014. I had mentioned in my application that "I was arrested but not convicted, the case was dismissed", which is true to its word as the case was rejected by the court due to lack of evidence.

However I did not carry any documents related to the case as I thought they would have already checked it in their system. The interviewer asked me if I had any court documents but I did not have anything at the time of interview, he told me that he has ordered the documents from court (I do not know which one he contacted) and told me if I could get those documents I should contact the embassy. Now I have the documents sent by attorney which include his letter and court document showing that the case was rejected. I emailed US embassy, support-india@ustraveldocs.com, stating that I have the required court documents and asked where should I submit those but they told me that I should send documents if I had a 221-G slip, which I did NOT receive.

Kindly let me know what I can do at this point as time is running out on my vacation and I really do not want to lose my visa over a rejected case of DUI.

Thank you so much for your help.

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checks     12/15/2014 01:02 AM

My wife attended visa interview on Dec 11th and her visa got approved. She is working EVVC model and carried all the documents, but not even a single document asked for...

Q) Is your baby US citizen?
2) What is your husband's work location?
A) Mentioned the work location

That's all, her visa got approved. Officer asked for Passport, nothing else.

I attended my interview on 15th Dec, I'm a full time employee to the client.
So only question asked who is employer? I mentioned my employer, that's it Visa got approved! officer asked for only Passport.
ALL the Best to all of you!

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