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vns     12/23/2014 03:24 AM


Thanks to all who shared their experiences on the forums about VISA stamping.
After 3 times rescheduling my interview, finally I have OFC appoint on 16th Dec at 3:30PM.I reached office by 2:40 (by keeping HYD traffic in mind) along with my wife and kid.

We went to the gate at 3:00 PM and security person allowed us to go directly inside because we have Kid (we can avoid all queues if we go with Kid).
All the process inside completed within 15min and came out by 3:15PM even before out appointment time.
Ensure to carry photograph of the child while going for fingerprints. They pasted the stickers of DS160 confirmation barcode on the passports and stamp on DS-160 barcode pages.

The main interview is on 17th Dec at 12:00 PM.
We reached consulate gate by 11:30AM similar to day before. they verified appoint confirmation page, passports, DS-160 and asked to keep the I797B in Hand.
went inside and seated in waiting area, after 5min we were issued token and proceeded to security check (keep the Photographs as backup, in case any issue with previous day photo they will ask again).
avoid carrying anything other than documents it will further delay the process inside. (for babies you can carry Milk)

We are waiting for our turn to call and finally token displayed on screen to proceed to window counter. There are 3 people standing before us in queue.
The lady VO is asking the questions fast one after other without gap for guys standing before me and she continued in same way for me as well.

Me: Good Moring Officer
VO: Passports please
Me: I have I797B in my Hand and tried to give her.
VO: only Passports sir no other documents
VO: Who is your petitioner sir
Me: XXXXX answered.
VO: Who is the Client
Me: YYYYY answered
VO: What is YYYYY do
Me: I started answering and
VO: put your right hand on the scanner.
Me: I have placed hand on scanner and completed my answer
VO: (to my wife) How long you been married mam
My wife: X years.
VO: who will use YYYYY products
Me: answered couple of clients mentioned in YYYYY website
VO: (to my wife) put your left hand on the scanner
VO: Which place you are going to stay in US
Me: XXXXX answered
VO: how much you will earn
Me: XXXXX $ answered
VO: B.tech or Masters
Me: Answered
VO: Thank you, your VISA approved and next…
Me: Thank you and left the counter
All she completed interview in 1-2 mins, it seems they have the data ready with them to approve/refuse upfront before we reach there.
I got mail in second day (Friday) after interview to pick up my passport. There will be longer queues for Passport collection so be prepared. and we need to carry copy of PASSPORT, Original ID and authorization letter signed from family members to collect their passports along with ours.

The key is to be confident and ready with all the documents you have.
reach the consulate before 1 hour to avoid tensions with traffic/ travel etc..

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manijos     12/21/2014 09:40 AM

Big big thank you to all the people who had shared their experiences on various forums about visa stamping process.
That was a big help and is really appreciated.
My OFC was on Dec 17th and VI on 18th at Mumbai.

I was surprised the process has become very quick and more efficient. No more token system and interviews were happening real fast.

After the usual process of verifying fingerprints and checking the I797, following questions were asked,

1) which co you work for
2) how long you have been working with them
3) what is your highest level of edu
4) how much do you get paid

Then the golden words.
My VI was at 10 AM and the passport was ready by 3 PM same day.
I saw only one person being rejected and one student , one H1 person, two H4 ladies getting approved.

The key is be confident and if you have all the documents ready then no need to worry.

once again than you all for your help.

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srkND     12/21/2014 02:27 AM

Hi Friends,

After long time, with lot of tense on Nov 24 my visa was approved.

First Thank You to IMMIHELP, PATH2USA and REDBUS2usa sites it helps me alot to me who already posted their exp, so it's now my turn to post.

VI at 9:30 in HYderabad

VO was cool dude and try to asking questions as many as, before me 2(F1 + H1 Family) Approved, so many question to them and they answered well. so i decided

to answer for the questions(inside with lot of tense).

Here is my VI Questions(Exactly I am not remembered the words by VO but the questions are same).

ME: GoodMorning Sir
VO: Good Morning, Thank You.

VO: Please, pass your passport
ME: Given
VO: after more than 30 sec, he asked me to place the left hand on scanner
ME: intially it was not recognised, He did one more time
VO: Do you have US Rights Document with you
ME: No
VO: He given the Document
VO: Is You're going with XXX company
ME: Yes
VO: Where they located
ME: AAAA, BBBB state
VO: Who is your client
VO: What they do
ME: Explained accordingly
VO: Again questions on what i given answer for about client
ME: Explained
VO: Where they located
ME: ZZZ Place

VO: What is the Project
ME: Told project name
VO: Explain about project
ME: I Explained about project
VO: Again Questions on what i explained about the project, What is your roles and responsibilities?
ME: Explained
VO: What is your salary
ME: Told Accordingly
VO: Is you have Client letter
ME: yes, I have - given the client letter
VO: Checked the Client letter and he said i don't find any info of about your employer
ME: I have employer documents also, and given the empoyer docs.
VO: I see your employer name as ZZZ
ME: I Told they are Doing Business As(DBA) ZZZ (XXX They are DBA as ZZZ)
VO: You Know why?
ME: Exactly I am not sure
VO: He went inside with my employer and client docs and discussing with indian guy and he(Indian) checked in the computer, after 5mins of time he came to me

and this process was visible to me from the window.
VO: Sorry for the waiting
VO: Currently where are you working?
VO: How much salary currently earning?
ME: xxxx RS
VO: Is you're gonna Resign or Quit or (he said some other word, but exactly i didn't get the word) to current the current job?
ME: I said i will resign the JOB.
VO: You Visa issued,enjoy your time in USA
ME: Thank You
VO: He said once again "enjoy your time in USA"
ME: I said Thank You once again

I was rejected for F1 VISA at chennai in 2012.

Key to Interview as usual : BE CONFIDENT, MAINTAIN EYE TO EYE CONTACT, NO Need to be PANIC or TENSE. Maintain small Smile on your FACE, STRAIGHT Answers, DO NOT GIVE ADDITIONAL INFO.

Do not answer without hearing the question completely. Feel free to ask to repeat the question again if you do not understand it or hear it .

Thank You.

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arunshan212     12/19/2014 14:29 PM

My name is Arun I worked in US under H1B visa from 2005 to 2008 and returned to India for good. Now I got my H1B approved again under Cap exempt and waiting for H1B stamping in India. After returning from US I have used my credit card and didn’t pay back. I think it should have negative impact in my SSN Credit Check.
Will this affect my current H1B stamping? How should I check on this, can you advise me on this ASAP.


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cm99     12/19/2014 01:05 AM

I am not able to find any of my tax returns. i have downloaded tax return transcripts from IRS website, would that work ? or they actually want to see original tax return documents ?

Please let me know asap ! I have very less time left.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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GeekinUSA     12/18/2014 22:58 PM

Thanks to all who shared experiences .

On 16th we had OFC scheduled . Regular process nothing to worry about . Reach 30 mins ago , that will be more than enough they wont let you in before that time anyways . Done in 15 mins .

1. Your passport will get a sticker which is needed for next day
2. Please don't carry any phone or memory card ( I was carrying one and had hard time to keep it to the parking wala guy)

On 17th , Interview day .

Reach 1 hour ahead of time , most of the time they let you stand in queue 30-45 mins ahead of your scheduled time .

1. The Gate person will check your passport if it has bar code sticker or not on his fancy tablet .
2. Security check , like airports
3. You will be asked to seat in shaded area approximately 15 minutes. ( During this time re-check your document sequence, especially I -797 )
4. Then you will enter a big room with almost 41 windows .
5. One more time you have to do finger prints for verification .
6. Once done one person will ask you to take out I -797 .

Alright , now you will be assigned a window by another person . Tip** while in queue : Stay calm dont get confused or overwhelmed by other persons get interviewed .

Questions asked to me :

1. Who is my Petitioner .

2. What business my company into .

3. Do I work directly with Employer

4. How much I make

5. Since how I long I am working with the company

6. How I found the job .

( VO , asked questions very rapidly and I answered with out hitch , he didn't asked for any documents )

Tip*: Prepare well based on your scenario or company model , confident ( but not over-smart) , smile ( Not Grin ) .

My visa approved in less 2 mins and yes he said the golden words "Your visa approved and you will get in 3 days"

All the best mates , let me know if you have any questions .

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RaoP     12/18/2014 00:48 AM

Hi All - Thanks for sharing your experiences it is very much helpful.

My H1b got stamped last month Nov @ hyd, my dependents didn’t come with me due to some reasons. (My wife - H4 and 2 yr kid - H4).

On 16 th Dec my wife went for OFC along with she carried the visa photo+docs of my 2 yr kid ( As it is optional for children under 14 yrs to attend both the interviews ).

- Checked DS-160 and scanned/captured photo of my kid with hardcopy photo and returned back.

Next day visa interview - she went alone with docs of my kid.

After greetings…

Q) Who is the employer of your husband ?
Q) How much is the salary ?

“ Your visa is approved” and kept both the passports.


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user6404     12/18/2014 01:51 AM

Hello All, Here are the dates of my visa interview @Hyderabad

Dec 9th - OFC fingerprints completed
Dec 10th - Visa Interview (VO verbally said visa is approved)
Dec 10th - Status Updated "Administrative Processing"
Dec 15th - Status Updated "Administrative Processing"
Dec 18th - Status Updated "Ready"

Does anyone know when will I receive my passport or if anyone in similar situation.

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rjan     12/17/2014 11:22 AM


I have my visa interview in hyderabad in february, i am on h1 b extension. My old I 797 A is missing, How important is that one for my interview? Is there a way i can get it again ?


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navith     12/16/2014 16:45 PM


I have been going through Immihelp last year for my B1 and this year for my H1 and i found it to be a real deal in the build up for your actual interview.

I had my appointment with OFC on 10th Dec and Actual interview on 12th Dec.

I had 3 approvals before me , 2 student and 1 H1.

I attended the interview with my wife and 10 month old daughter. I did not carry the photograph to OFC,so was asked to take one for the actual interview.

Questions asked :
VO: How are you?
VO:How is your kid doing looking at my daughter?
VO:Asked my wife to leave as she felt the kid would become restless.
VO:which company you working for?
VO:Which place you would be working?
VO: Who is your client? P.S. I dont have a client as i am into Sales.
VO: Said the golden words "Visa Approved"

Status changed to Issued on Monday and Collected my passport on Tuesday.

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