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dearmrk     01/22/2015 00:58 AM

Hi all,

I have attended interview in october 2014 and i was isued 221g.
we have not received any update from consulate for 3 months.
After follow-up we got response to submit client contract documents.
And after submitting the requested docs, they asked project doc.
After submitting that again there is no response.

Can I apply for new H1b now in 2015 from some another employer
as I am losing hopes day by day.

Is this allowed OR can I transfer the current H1b to some another employer ?

Please clarify


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veeranna20     01/22/2015 04:18 AM

I had 221g issued and now got H1B visa approved. I want to share my experience.

1: July 15 and 16 2014 attended OFC and attended interview. Interviewer asked all general questions. Interview went for 20 min. later
    interviewer asked me to wait for some time.
2: After 2 hours interviewer issued me 221g with additional administrative process marked.
3: on Aug 20th,2014 Online status date changed, but didnt receive any or anything else.
4: In September I sent a mail support-india@ustraveldocs.com explaining my case. But there reply was like generic. Like it may take
    several weeks.
5: In October and November I sent similar mail with more requesting, similar reply got.
6: Jan2 2015 status date got changed but mail or other notification.
7: Our company asked our consultancy firm, who filed H1b petition to help my case
8: on Jan 8, 2015 consultancy wrote mail to support@ustraveldocs.com on behalf of me. Mail was explaining financial loss due to
delay in decsion, blah blah
9: on Jan9, 2015 consultancy got mail to submit my passport.
10: submitted the passport along with mail and 221g on jan 12th
11: Jan 14 online status got changed to issued.
12: Jan 19 I got mail to collect the passport.
13: Jan 20 collected the passport with h1b stamped

Hope this helps to others.


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Prabhu1983     01/22/2015 01:28 AM

Hi All,
I attended my visa interview in delhi the entire process went well, below is the details -

VO: Good morning, how are you
Me: Good morning, I am good what about you.

VO: whats your designation in your current company
Me: Answered appropriately

VO: How much is your salary
Me: Answered appropriately

VO: You work at client site ??
Me: Yes and gave the client name

VO: who was your previous employer
Me: Answered appropriately

VO: why did you swtich
Me: Answered appropriately

VO: how long where you working for your previous employer
Me: Answered appropriately

After this VO said give few minutes, she closed the window and started discussing something with some other officer and they both were looking at computer not sure if it was about my case or was something related to her computer. After some time almost 3-4 minutes (during which i was getting nervous) she opened the talking window and said everything is fine and you will get your passport in 2-3 days. she didn't keep my passport in the same bucket as others. And kept my I-797 along with passport and said it will be returned along with my passport.

After I came back and have been checking my status and its showing administrative process.

Does any one has faced the similar situation, Also how soon the status updated after visa interview. I am hoping my status changed soon. Fingers crossed.

If anyone has any idea related to my situation please help.



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pushpalathan     01/21/2015 17:49 PM

I went to Ottawa US Consulate on 15th Jan, 2015 for my H1- B First Visa stamping. I am currently in H4 status and residing in US for the past 3.5 years along with my husband and son.

When my H1-B visa is in process, due to my brother's marriage, have to travel to India by July, 2014. Hence the sponsor of my H1-B didn't opt for Change of Status. This causing me trouble when my H1-B visa was approved by Oct, 2014 with I94 not attached.

Since we recently travel to India, decided to go for H1-B visa stamping in Ottawa, Canada. The consular was so much concerned with my visit to India when the H1-B visa was in processing, and he asked all my H1-B original documents and Masters Degree Certifiate.

Collecting all the originals, he immediately issued me the 221(g) white slip with 'Further Review' checked on it. He gave my passport back and said my H4 is still valid. He told that i would be informed within 2 weeks time frame.

I was really disappointed, since it is not easy having accomodation in a hotel with 4 year old. The status of my application shows 'Administrative Processing' with the status date updated by 21st Jan, 2015.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

 Is there anyone recently in Ottawa has gone through the same thing?

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hvakil     01/21/2015 06:48 AM


I have attended interview with my husband and my son (age is 2 years). VO issue 221g white slip tick with additional documents.

Can any one please tell me, If I send email with all requested documents then how long it will take to clear all process for this issue?
what are the chances of getting visa in my case?
Is there any Visa Rejection Chances for H1B cases ?

Please give reply to me....your response is valuable for me..

Thank you.

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fate     01/21/2015 04:49 AM

Can anyone please tell me what exactly about this white slip ?
Is my case revert back to USCIS for further verification or any other ?
How Long it will take to solve this issue ?
what are the chances of getting visa ?

Kindly give reply for my qn.Thanxx

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kumar1984     01/20/2015 00:17 AM


i have attended the visa interview on 29th Dec. my Visa is approved. On16th January in CECS site the status update as 'ISSUED'. Can you please let me know where i can track the passport status that Ready for Pick up(I have given the pick up option).

I am not able to track the status in this site - http://ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-passporttrack.asp
. i am getting message like - There is no status update available for the passport number submitted.

Please let me know how can i track the status of the passport.

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silentvisitor     01/19/2015 18:23 PM

I have been a silent visitor of this forum for a while now and I just wanted to share my experience.

I chose New Delhi consulate

Dec 22, 2014 - Finger Printing
It was a smooth process. Everyone talks to you very nicely and the lines moves fast. Just have your Appointment Confirmation, Passport and DS 160 ready to be presented. After initial check you will go inside and get a token number. My number was basically called as soon as I got a token. They take a picture and verify some basic details .. and thats it you're done! I was out in about 30 minutes.

Dec 23, 2014 - Visa Interview
Reached the consulate at 9.20am for a 10.00am appointment but they don't let you join the line till its time for your appointment. A guy checks your Passport and I-797 while you're waiting in line. In my case, I realized once I was in the line that I had brought a copy of my I-797 instead of the original. Anyway, once inside the consulate, they do a thorough security check. When I reached inside, they fingerprinted us again for verification purposes, after which we joined the line for the actual interview. When the VO called me, I went for the interview confidently. This is what happened at the window after initial exchange of pleasantries -

VO - Passport please (she was looking into her computer screen the entire time)
Me - Gave it to her. I-797 was stapled to it.

VO - Where are you going?
Me - xx

VO - What's your job title?
Me - xx

VO - How long have you held this position?
Me - xx

VO - Your visa is approved!

I had never been more relieved in my life. The whole process took 45 minutes from beginning to the end and it's very streamlined.

Good luck to all!

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vp123     01/19/2015 07:03 AM

Thanks to forum and everyone for sharing valuable information.
Interview Date 16th jan Mumbai.
VO was young man.

Me: Good Morning( with Smile)
VO: Hi to my 18 months daughter( with long Smile), Please give me your passports.
Me: Given
VO: and I797 also (pointing to my file)
Me: Given.
VO: What is your highest qualification?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your salary?
Me: XXX $ per annum
VO: correct, what you will do there?
Me: Software development
VO: No, i mean what is your project?
Me: told project name only.
VO: searched something on screen, and after some pause, tell me something more about it.
Me: I have started blah blah... While I was talking he turned to my wife
VO: Mam, what is your highest qualification?
MyWife: Bachelor of engineering in....
VO: On your last birth day, what gift your husband gave you.
MyWife: Hair straighter
VO: Very practical gift, turned to me, Do you have this? pointing towards rights pamphlet,
Me: Yes
VO: explained it, and golden words... your visa is approved, i am keeping your passport and returned I 797.
Me: Thanks with smile and left counter.

If you are taking children with you, then go only 5-10 minutes before. you will get direct entry.
keep your answer short unless asked to describe.


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mrbond     01/17/2015 11:01 AM

Can someone please tell me what project documentation do I need to carry for H1B Stamping? My case is an extension case with I140.. Living in US right now, working for a very big client an a decent sized employer (~200 employees)...

My client might not let me take any project related documents. I do have the client letter though..

thanks for your help.

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