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mrh1b     09/20/2015 14:25 PM

Here is bit of background -
I have a masters degree from US and have been working for 5 years in US for a software company. I had 2 previous interviews in New Delhi (one for my student visa and other for my H1B).

Scheduling the interview -
After submitting the DS 160 form on Aug 20th 2015 I was looking for an appointment in September in Vancouver but the first available appointment was Jan 5th 2016.
After continuously checking the available dates (every 3-4 hours), I saw Sept 10th 2015 appointment was available in Toronto. I booked the appointment and got 9:15am slot on 10th sept 2015.

I selected the pickup location as Brampton located at 200 Westcreek blvd. Their working hours were 8am to 7pm M-F.

Booking Flights & Accommodation -
Most of the blogs mentioned that the Passport is ready for pickup in 2-3 business days from the Interview. Even in the past stampings, I could pick up the passport next business day of my interview. Considering my appointment was on Thursday morning, I thought my passport will be back on Friday or Monday. Keeping a buffer of 2 days I booked my flight back at 3 pm on Tuesday, Sept 15th.

I booked an Airbnb loft in downtown about 1.5 kms away from the embassy as Airbnb was cheaper than most hotels in that area. The connectivity in Downtown is also pretty good.

Preparing for Interview -
I started reading some blogs online to look for people’s experience in Toronto. First result that showed up on Google was - “Never try for H1B visa stamping in toronto - Immihelp”. Automatically I started to worry.

It seemed that most of the cases were put on “Administrative Processing” in Toronto, which took few weeks or months to get resolved. Although I have had 2 past interviews I was not really sure what “Administrative Processing” was, some people said Administrative processing means your information is not available in PIMS and you can avoid this by emailing the consulate.
I checked with my attorney if I needed to do something before the interview to avoid this “Administrative processing”. The Attorney said “Administrative processing” is not necessarily related to PIMS and can be triggered for any reason and is at the discretion of the Visa officer. The best I can do is to carry all the documents that support my case.

Documents that I carried for the H1B Extension stamping interview -
Visa interview Appointment letter
DS 160 Confirmation page
1 passport size photo
I797 Approval notice
Copy of LCA
Copy of I129 and complete petition package
Proof of medical insurance in US.
Documents from my 1st H1b filing (LCA, I129, I797)
Last 7 years tax returns and W2 forms
Last 12 months bank statements
Last 12 months pay stubs
Current employment verification letter, stating my salary and job role duties etc
All previous offer letters.
Copy Social Security Card
OPT EAD card
All I-20 form
Grad school transcript and degree certificate
Under-grad mark sheet and Degree certificate
High school mark sheet and passing certificate
Date of birth certificate

Interview Day - Sept 10th 2015
I landed in Toronto around 12 am on Sept 10 2015. Consulate was 5 min drive (with office traffic) from where we stayed. My Apportionment was at 9:15 am on Sept 10 2015. We rented a car so my wife drove me to the consulate.
Outside the embassy there were 2 security guards. There was no queue at all. I approached the security Guard who checked my appointment letter passport and asked me to go in through a glass door.
I was in the building by 8:45am. Inside the building they ask you to go through a metal detector and scan your files, folder etc. You can not carry electronic devices like mobile phone, camera or big backpacks. Girls are allowed to carry their purse/hand bags but they are scanned.

Once you are past security check, you go to a desk where a lady will check your passport, I797 and will ask your status in Canada. I told her I was visitor. She will ask you to enter the small room that had some interview windows and few chairs for people to wait.
You have to stand in line in the last window to get your I797 verified again. At this window they will ask you for your pickup location and put a sticker at the back of your passport. They will also put your passport and I797 in a plastic folder for you and will ask you to go stand in biometrics line.

Since there were not many people ahead of me I proceeded to the 2 biometrics window. After the fingerprinting she gave me a number and asked me to wait for my number to be called. My number was V052 at that time Visa officer was interviewing V037, it was around 9:10 am now.

I took a chair close to the window where visa officers were interviewing. I noticed that the lady at biometrics window asked a person after me for his passport size photo which he did not have so she told him to get it taken either at embassy for $10 or he can go outside and get it taken from a shop down the street. She never asked me for my photo, so went back and checked with her if she needed my photo, she said since I had uploaded my photo in DS160 she does not need it. I went back and sat in the chair closer to the interview windows.

There were 2 Visa officers interviewing that day so only 2 out of 4 interview windows were open. 1st window had a white male and other window had a white lady. The lady seemed very friendly and was greeting every candidate very nicely, all the people who went to her were getting their visa approved within 5 minutes.
The Male officer on other hand was grilling people, he denied 3 visas back to back and sent one guy who was from Hyderabad back as he could not understand the visa officer’s accent, VO asked him to reschedule the appointment and come back with a translator. The guy argued that he can speak english and without visa he can not go back to US but VO asked him to go back to india and re-schedule the appointment. VO added that he is not denying his visa but giving him a chance to reschedule and come back with a translator.

At this point I was praying that I get called at the lady VO’s window but I got called at the Male VO’s window. I gathered myself and walked up to the window -

VO - Good morning
Me - Good morning, how are you?
VO - Give me your documents
I started removing passport and I797 from the folder to give to VO
VO - Sir, give me the whole folder
I gave him the whole folder.

VO - How long have you worked at your company
Me - 5 years
VO - Where did you go to grad school
Me - I gave the name of the school
VO - What do you do at your company
Me - I explained
VO - What was was your master’s thesis
Me - I did not have a thesis
VO - What was the final project you worked on
Me - I did not have any final project per se so I just told him one of the project I did in grad school.
VO - When did you get your first H1B
Me - 4 years ago
VO - Has your employer filed for immigrant visa
Me - Yes, I have I140 approval notice if you would like to see
VO - No that is okay.

At this point VO starts typing something in his computer, looks at me and starts typing again.

VO - Sir, do you have criminal history or arrests
I was surprised as I have never been asked this question in the past interviews.
Me - No, Never

Vo starts typing again. Then he mumbles “your visa is approved and you will get your passport in 3-5 business days”.
He keeps my passport and I797 with him and hands me a flyer on how Loomis courier will contact me and how I can track my passport.

I walked away from the interview window and asked one of the admin staff that I had my interview and VO gave me this flyer, do I need to do anything else or am I done. He looks at the flyer and says - “Oh your visa is approved, you can track the passport using the info on the flyer, noting more is required you can exit from the gate”

I left the building at 10:10am.

Day after the Visa interview -
On Friday sept 11, I tried to check the DS160 status at https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx and I was expecting it would say Pending or Issued based on my past experience.
When I checked the status it said “Administrative Processing” and that they are doing some additional review and may take few weeks or even months to reach the decision.
I was shocked as the VO told me it was approved but it says “Administrative processing”.
I emailed the Toronto embassy with my DS160 application Id, passport number inquiring that the VO told me it was approved and I will get the passport back in 3-5 business days but online status shows it may be processed in weeks or even months.

The embassy responded within 30 mins saying that they need to do some additional review and application is being processed. They do not have estimate on how long this processing may take. At this time they do not need any documents from me.

I read few blogs and it seemed that there were few cases where VO told candidates their Visa is approved but they are stuck in “Administrative processing” for weeks or months.
I was very worried but I also tried to google what status would the online DS160 system show if it was not “Administrative processing” will it say “Pending” or “processing”.
It seemed that “Administrative Processing” is standard status they show for approved applications before the status changes to “Issued”

This was on Friday so I was worried the entire weekend. This was the worst part.

Visa Status Changed to Issued -
On Monday Morning (sept 14th) the status changed to “Issued” and I was very relieved.

Lesson learned - Online the DS 160 status of Processing is also shown as “Administrative Processing”. So, if the VO said that your Visa is approved and did not give you a Pink slip, then don’t worry and go by that.

I was hoping that they would ship my passport to Loomis by evening and I may be able to pick it up latest by Tuesday morning and catch my flight on Tuesday afternoon.

I did not get any email or notification about the passport till Tuesday morning so I decided to go to Loomis express’s location in Brampton and see if they have receive the passport (I did not have the tracking number though).
They said they can not track the passport without the tracking/ Airway Bill number and they will email me when they have the passport.

I came back and had to cancel my flight. The flight ticket was non-refundable so I did not receive any refund.

I also booked the hotel for 1 more day in Brampton and extended the rental car by a day. Brampton was closer to pickup location and Airport.

I called the phone number listed on the flyer that VO gave me to track the passport but it was an automated system and was useless. I sent an email to the email id listed on the flyer and they sent a automated response saying it may take 5-7 business days for passport to be sent to Loomis after the status is changed to “Issued”. It was completely un-certain how many more days I will have to stay in Toronto.

On Wednesday early morning (12:30 am, Sept 16th - 5th business day from my interview) I got an email from US embassy that the passport is handed to Loomis. 30 mins later I got an email from Loomis with subject “Loomis-Express has your passport but it's not ready to pickup” then at 6 am in the morning I got another email with subject - “Yatri: U.S. Department of State Visa Documents Ready for Pickup”. You can also call Loomis Customer service number (only when you have the airway bill number) and they will give you the exact status of the passport. In most cases you do not have to wait for “Ready for Pickup” email, once you have the tracking number you can call Loomis Customer service and confirm its ready for pickup or not.

I went to the Loomis location, gave them the tracking Id, showed my driver’s license and got my passport (with visa stamp) and I797 back.

Came back to the hotel and booked my return flight for the same day and left for the airport.
Timeline -
Aug 20th 2015 - DS160 Application Submitted
Sept 10th 2015 - Visa Interview at 9:15 am
Sept 11th 2015 - Application status changed to “Administrative Processing”
Sept 14th 2015 - Application status changed to “Issued”
Sept 16th 2015 - Passport ready for pickup

Lessons Learned -
If you have sufficient time (1-2 weeks), it is better to go to your home country for stamping. That way, even if you get pink slip and Administrative processing, you are at home.
If you do not want to go back to home country for stamping and book an appointment in Canada, take 5 business days from your interview for your return flight. Even if the passport comes early, you can visit places in Canada for the rest of the days.
After your interview, DS 160 online status is shown as “Administrative Processing”. Do not panic. Go by what the Visa Officer says- if VO said that your Visa is approved and did not give you a Pink slip (221g), then don’t worry and go by that.
Passport pickup can take 2-3 business days from the date the last status was “Issued”

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shaks     09/19/2015 00:54 AM

Hi , my employer lost I797 original and dont even have a copy of it.
My Stamping interview is scheduled next week and i may need to fly by 1st week of Oct.
here are my questions:
1. can i attend the interview without I797 copy?
2, can i get a copy of it in any website with my Approved Receipt Number?
2. If i shouldnt attend the interview then what is the time-frame to get the duplicate I797 copy from USCIS?

I'm worried , Experts please advice

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geet310     09/19/2015 06:06 AM

Hello everyone

Me and husband attended H1B and H4 extension interveiw on 11th August. Husand works for Amazon VO was very cool and asked few mandatory questions like what do you at work and daily duties etc. She was happy with the answers.She has approved both of our visas. But she said she is unable to fiind his H1B petition in the PIMS database. Made us wait for 2 hrs and later gave 221g white slip and told us to expect and email to submit the passports.

Its been 40 days (6 weeks) since the interview and there is no update.
We are very frustrated and disappointed as i am missing my school, lost my job and husband has to postpone his work.

Can someone guide us in this situation??

Thanks for ur time


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ram123$     09/18/2015 00:12 AM

Hi Folks,

I have attended the Visa interview at Hyd Consulate on 14th Sep2015 ,The questions asked by VO was very basic,Your Salary,your total IT experience and said your Visa is approved,Since then my visa status is showing as "Administrative Processing" ,I am little nervous as the status is same since post interview.

Any comments are really helpful to relax.

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NTatineni     09/18/2015 07:25 AM

Thanks for sharing your interview experiences. It was really helpful to prepare for the visa interview.

I would like to share my H1B visa interview experience with you all.

I had an OFC Appointment on 14th Sept 09:15 AM & Consular Appointment on 15th Sept 09:00 AM at Hyderabad.

OFC Interview:
1) Our appointment was at 09:15 AM, and we went there at 09:00 AM. They allowed us immediately.
2) We stood in finger prints queue. There are two queues one for finger prints & other one for passport collection. Seek assistance from security people over there.
3) After standing in the queue for 15 min, an associate came to us and verified our visa appointment copy, DS160 against our passports to see any information mismatch. In our case there are no information mismatches.
- If you have any information mismatch, don't need to panic. There is a person next to queue who can help you with that. You have to pay him for service.
4) After verification, we entered the building and security check happened there.
5) After security check, they asked us to stand in queue. At the counter they verified our visa appointment copy, DS160, and passports.
6) They labeled the passport and a token number.
7) Moved to next room, and waited for my token number to be displayed.
8) Went to respective counter. Gave my passport & DS160, and Wished the Lady.
9) She asked to read the instructions on the wall. Then took photograph & finger prints.
10) Handover-ed the passport back to me.

Consular Interview: (VO - Visa Officer)
1) Our appointment was at 09:00 AM, and we went there at 08:00 AM.
2) Security people asked us to stand in a queue next to vehicle entrance gate. We were there for 15 min.
3) Security asked us to move to queue at the embassy entrance at 08:15 AM.
4) They have checked our passport labels & marked on the label. Allowed In.
5) An associate asked us to sit in chairs. They allowed 2-3 rows once for security check.
6) At security check, they have asked us to empty the pockets, remove belt, accessories (gold ornaments etc), even pens. They gave us trays to keep documents & belongings.
7) Moved into scanner room, tray was scanned and given back.
8) Another associate made us sit in waiting area for 20 min. They handed over Rights Documents to go through.
9) We stood in queue for finger print verification. An associate collected our passports and handed over to US Officer at the counter.
10) US Officer called us by name, for the finger print verification.
11) After verification is completed they handed over cards with counter number. One card per family group.
12) We waited in the respective queue at the counter for 5 min.
13) Associate collected our passports and handed over to VO
14) VO called us, here started our interview

Me: Good Morning Officer. How are you?
VO: She wished us.

VO: She took 1 minute to check my petition document on computer.
VO: Who is your employer?
Me: Answered

VO: Where will you work?
Me: Client place

VO: Who is your client?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your designation?
Me: Answered

VO: What are your job duties?
Me: Answered

VO: How long have you been working for this employer?
Me: New employment

VO: How many years of experience do you have?
Me: Answered

VO turned to my wife,
VO: Where do you stay in USA?
Wife: She gave the City & State details

VO: How long have you been married?
Wife: Answered

VO: Do you have kids?
Wife: Yes, one kid.

VO said your visas are approved & Have a great day. We wished her in return and left the counter.

VO didn't ask for any documentation except passports.



Tips: (US Consulate, Hyderabad)
- Don’t have any sealed envelopes. Open them before entering the embassy.
- If you have children with you. At embassy they are allowing one bottle of milk only. No child food allowed.
- Push chairs & Strollers aren’t allowed inside embassy.
- Cosmetics, Electronics, Liquids, and Creams aren’t allowed inside embassy.
- In case if you have any restricted items with you they will ask you to drop them outside the embassy premises. You have to walk all the way till the start of the street to dump those.
- Paid parking available for 4 wheeler vehicles. One beside US embassy named Begumpet Palace Function Hall (charged 50/- per hour) & other one at Indian Passport office basement behind Citibank building.
- Private Lockers are available at Hotel near passport office & Xerox center opposite to passport office.
- Inside embassy after security check in, you have wash rooms & tea point.
- For consular appointment be there before 45-60 minutes. They aren’t allowing any applicant whose appointment is beyond 1 hour after the check post.
- Prepare well, be confident, Keep the eye contact with VO, and Have a smiling face.
- Go through your petition documentation; try to be on same lines. Don’t try to give too much information, if require VO will ask for additional information.
- In case if you aren’t able to understand or hear the questions, Don’t hesitate to ask VO to repeat the question.
- Dress appropriately. Formals preferable.
- Carry Authorization letter to collect passports of wife/husband & children. Originals & Xerox copies of ID Proofs, Birth Certificate, and Marriage Certificate

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Charanvisa     09/18/2015 03:43 AM

Thanks Immihelp and my fellow visa aspirants for providing excellent resources which helped me to prepare and succeed in my H1B. Here comes my H1B visa experience

Visa:- H1B
Location:- Hyderabad

Note:- In Hyderabad both OFC and US Consulate in same street. In Google maps OFC center showing in different street.

13-September-2015 I went to check OFC and US consulate Address.

15-September-2015 OFC appointment date.
I took below document to OFC
DS 160
appointment letter
VISA Fee receipt( optional)
xerox of I797 (optional)

I went to OFC center before 1 hour scheduled time.
There was very less queue in front of OFC center and security person checked appointment letter sent to inside OFC center.
They will match ur DS 160 and appointment letter with your passport.

if your entered wrong details in DS 160 dont worry they will charge some 500 Rs and will generate new DS 160 form.

Question inside OFC center

What is your name?
Why are you traveling to US
Please read instructions display left side
They took my photo
Take all documents for visa interview and All the Best

They pasted one white color sticker backside of my passport.

This all process took some 20 to 30 min.i came out of OFC office before my schedule time.

Visa Interview 16 September

I took below document to Visa interview
DS-160 confirmation
Appointment Confirmation
Original I797
Client letter
visa fee
My Resume
Educational Documents.
Offer Letter from H1B Company
My previous Experience Letters
Last 3 months payslips
Tax returns of last 3 years
ID proofs
Companies website’s screenshots (2 pages of client and employer).

I went to consulate at 11:20. There is no queue outside of consulate. They scanned my passport and allowed me inside.
Luckily there no waiting queue for security check so my security check completed in 1min went directly to finger print without any waiting or sanding. They verified my right hand finger print given to token asked me stand before h1b candidate.

VO officer is young and beautiful.

VO:- Good morning, How are you?( with our seeing me and typing something computer)
Me:- I am doing great!! Thanks for asking how are you?

Vo:- I am doing great with Smile
VO:- give me your 797 and passport
Me:- given
VO :- What are your education qualifications
Me - Answered.
VO :-Which company do you currently work for?
Me - Answered.
VO :-What is the name of the company you are going work for in USA?
Me - Answered.
VO :-What does your sponsoring employer do?
Me - Answered.
VO :-What is your position and salary going to be in US
Me - Answered.
VO :-What is your roles and responsibilities
Me - Answered.
VO :-Who is the Client that you will be working for.
Me - Answered.
VO :-Where is the client located
Me - Answered.
VO :-do you know about climate over there( Client location climate)
Me - Answered.
VO :-describe about the project you are assigned.
Me - Answered.
VO Have you seen the white Booklet for US rights
Me:- they given me i will see after my visa interview

VO:- VISA approved.
Me:- Thank you very much with Big smile :)
I didnt clearly answered Client project and my roles and responsibilities questions I prepared well but didnt answered well. But VO approved my visa so don’t worry if you didnt answered some question clearly. Be confidant and look straight into VO eyes.
My visa interview process completed in 15 to 20 Min . Before my schedule time

Note: - Dress nicely wear some light color shirt (like blue don’t wear dark color)
Hair cut
Do clean shave. Be confident. First impression is always best impression.

Links for interview question.
All the Best guys for Visa interview. Post your experience.

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sree4h1b     09/18/2015 02:14 AM

Hi Guys,

I would like to share my H1b Visa stamping interview experience at Singapore.

Process :

9.45 : Admin took all documents for verification(Passport, Appointment letter, DS-160, I797 and supporting documents)

9:50 : Finger Prints taken

11:00 : Here my turn comes

VO : Good morning
Me : Good morning
VO: Please give me your passport and supported documents
Me: Given
VO : Please tell me about your petitioner ?
Me: explained for 45 sec.
VO: What you do in current company?
Me : ***
VO: Where did you do masters?
Me : ***

That's it ...Your VISA is approved.

Please carry the following documents for VISA stamping :

1) Passport
2) Passport Photo
3) Appointment Letter & VISA Fee Receipt
4) DS-160 Confirmation Page
5) I797 & Supporting Documents Which were submitted by your petitioner at the time of applying for H1b .
7) Employer Tax returns for last 2 years.
8) Project Description & Your resume
9) Your Payslips & last one year bank statements & last 3-5 years income tax returns.
10) Your Mark sheets (Very IMP)

Hope this post help you guys!!


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pankajrudrawar     09/18/2015 01:51 AM

Today with full of happiness, I would like to share my H1B interview experience conducted at Hyderabad Consulate.

Our VAC Interview was scheduled on 15th Sept and consular interview was scheduled on 16th Sept.

VAC interview : We went 30 minutes before the VAC interview time and immediately they allowed us inside. During the initial screening they found that my wife's DS 160 has different name than the passport name. Luckily there is a person inside VAC office to help you in this but charges are exorbitant but issue was resolved.

After that we went inside and completed biometrics and subsequently got barcode for the final consular interview.

Consular Interview : Considering rainy season we reached almost 1 hour early at consular and still got entry inside. After security clearance, we have been asked to confirm our biometrics.

Post to that we have been given asked to go to one of the counter.

There were 2 more candidates in front of us but as no one was there, they moved them to other counter but I patiently stood with my family. Soon one young VO reached and this is how it goes......

Me: Good Afternoon (My son also greets her)
VO : Good Afternoon (She was feeling happy)

Me: How are you ?
VO : Doing good ! How about you ?
Me : Good.

VO : Can I see your passports (Family)
Me : Handed over passports

VO : Who's your employer (After checking few details)
Me: Mentioned XXXXX

VO : From which location you will be working ?
Me : Mentioned the location

VO : How do you come to know about this employer ?
ME : My CV was posted on Naukri.com and after initial screening and technical discussions, they shortlisted my profile.

VO : What are your responsibilities ?
Me : Mentioned all the responsibilities

VO : How did you verified this company ?
Me : This is an e-verified company and their clientele includes fortune 500 MNC's.

VO : How many employees are currently working ?
Me : Currently its XX but it's increased since the date of the petition.

Then VO turned to my wife and asked

VO : Since how long your're married
Wife : My wife answered XX

VO : What's age of your child
Wife : She replied XX years

Then she asked my son

VO : How old are you ?
Son : He replied with XX year

Next question was little weird and funny

VO : Who are these people ?
Son : My father and my mom.

VO took some time to type something on her screen and golden words announced

VO : You're visa is approved.
Me : Thank you very much. (Can't stop my happiness)

Overall interview didn't took more than 3-4 minutes and we were out of the consulate much earlier than the scheduled interview time.

Best of Luck for all the viewers and next candidates.

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Dhanvi     09/18/2015 01:45 AM


Need a suggestion. My petition was approved back in Aug and still i didn't receive documents for Visa stamping from my employer. When asked he said not to hurry as they want documentation to be perfect and i agree with that.

Generally how much time on an average it will take to send docs required for visa stamping after petition approval.

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aleed     09/16/2015 15:33 PM

Hi, me and my wife appeared for OFC on 09/15th, it's just 5 mins process. Collecting your finger prints / taking a photograph etc. They will ask for your passport, D160 and appointment confirmation letter.

09/16 Visa Interview, Just walked in at the time specified. After the security check, went to counter 8 where One officer Verified left 4 finger prints, no questions here and asked to move to counter 10.

There is couple in front of us and officer was asking so many questions almost for 20 mins. I felt like I got to see a bad ass today. finally he gave approval for them but the VISA category is B1/B2.

Now our Turn comes...

VO: Hello, Good morning
ME: Hello, Good Morning Officer.
VO: How are you guyz doing today?
ME: We are doing good, thank you. How are yu doing?
VO: I'm fine. Thank You.
VO: Can you give me your Passport and Approved Petition?
ME: Handed over.
VO; What is your JOb sir:
ME: Answered accordingly
VO: Do you have an End Client
ME: Yes, I've an End Client
VO: What is it?
ME: Told my Client Name.
VO: Pardon me. Whozz that? with a doubtful expression.
ME: Told the company name and its address.
VO: What it does?
ME: Answered accordingly.
VO: How much experience do you have?
ME: X Years
VO to my Wife: How long have you been married mam?
MY WIFE: 15 years
ME: sorry it's 15 months, my wife to said sorry and corrected.
VO: Do you really look like 15 year old married lady?
All Smiles.....
VO: Have you seen the White Booklet that states US rights?
WE: we just got it, will go through it.
and here are the golden words "Well, your VISA is approved"
WE: THank you officer.

Lucky that we were not asked too many questions. And the interview is no more than 3 mins. total time we spent at consulate is no more than 10 mins. It's faster than OFC.

Hope my message will bring you bit +ve feeling. Good luck to you all.

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