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vivek.renew@gmail.com     11/02/2015 08:16 AM

I attended the VISA Interview at U.S. Consulate, Mumbai today (2nd Novemeber 2015). My VISA Interview was scheduled at 9:00AM.
I reached the place 1 hour before the interview time. I saw a long queue outside the consulate. I also joined the queue silently without asking anyone. The queue was not moving at all but after 5-10 mins the queue suddenly moved ahead very fast. I saw few ladies coming near the queue and asked us to keep our passports outside. Those ladies scanned our pasports with a small maching (similar to a pager) and signalled to get inside.
I reached the place where there were some seating arrangements. All the people were waiting for the door to open. After few minutes, the door opened and people began to enter the room. People were instructed to put their belonging (Wrist watch, documents, wallet etc.) in a plastic container for security check. After the security check I again entered a place where people were waiting for their turn to enter the main interview premise. One guy was carrying the US Rights pamphlet and distributing to the H1B candidates. We all sat and waited for our turn. We then moved inside the main Interview hall. After entering the premise, We joined a queue where 2 counters were scanning the passports. One by one we reached that counter where we were asked to put right hand four fingers on the scannig machine. After the finger scanning, we were handed our passports back and asked to join another queue which was for the main VISA Interview.
While in the queue you can see almost all the counters where people will be interviewed.
After some time I reached the end of the queue where one lady was instructing us to move to certain counter no. I was asked to move to Counter no. 30 where one young lady officer was taking VISA Interview of a guy. I waited for the interview to get over. The guy left and VISA Officer called me for the interview.

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning, How are you?
VO: I am fine, thanks. How are you?
Me: I am fine, thanks. I handed over the Passport and I-797B Original
VO: What will be your Position in the this Company?
VO: What will you be doing in this company?
Me: I will be developing the software for this company.
VO: Can you please brief me about the Project?
Me: I explained about the project in 1-2 lines.
VO: Still staring at me? (Expecting some more description)
Me: I then took a deep breathe and started explaining each and every component. I also took some description from my current project I am working on in the current company as both the projects are similar.
VO: Have you gone through the US Rights pamphlet? (pointing the finger at pamphlet pasted on right corner of the glass.)
Me. Yes,. I did.
VO: Which city you will be travelling in US?
Me: XYZ City, ABC State.
VO: Have you ever been to outside India?
Me: I am Sorry, I have never been to anywhere.
VO: That's OK. Not an issue. What will be your Salary?
Me. Something Thousand, Something Hundred US Dollar per Annum.
VO: OK, your VISA has been approved.
Me: Thank you and left the place.

It took me almost 1 hour 45 minutes to get out after joining the very first queue.

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bigd2maro     11/02/2015 06:09 AM

Hi All,

Thanks for all the experiences posted here, they are much helpful in building confidence and clearing the Visa interview successfully.

I have a question related to salary - my I129 shows some X1 salary which was issued in December 2014, but my current salary is X3 after year end increment and other bonus. My employer issues verification letter with a salary of X2 which was excluding bonus. Now my question is - when Visa officer ask what is your salary - should we answer as per I129 or shall i answer as per my current salary or i should say X2 as per my employer verification letter?


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srinideep     11/02/2015 06:02 AM

Dear all ,

I work for a standard MNC and my client is well known in the US. The VO asked very basic questions primarily
1) Employer
2) Client
then when he asked the client letter and SOW , I showed him the client partner letter and some proofing docs. After which he asked me to explain the project and my role in it,
Few mins after typing something in the system, he took SOW and gave me a yellow slip and asked me to wait,
After 10 mins he again called me and said that my case is in admin processing and gave a Blue 221g with Addtl admin processing checked.

My Questions
1)What woud have went wrong?
2) Can I still have hope on my visa?
3) Any other similar cases


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shahmaulikn     11/02/2015 02:20 AM

Question: Have you got Document of US Rights?
Answer: Yes, I got it and have gone through same

Question: For which company you are working?
Answer: xxxx

Question: Since how long you are working?
Answer: x years x months

Question: What will be your salary?
Answer: xxxx (as mentioned in petition)

Question: You are going to which state?
Answer: xxxx

Question: How many years of your marriage?
Answer: xxxx years

Question: is this the only child you have
Answer: yes

Question: I forgot, You are going to which state?
Answer: xxxx

No question was asked to my Wife.

Then golden words shared by Him, Your visa has been approved.

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mnjkr     10/31/2015 04:59 AM

Hi All,
I am going for H1B Visa stamping in another 20-25 days. I have 11 + years of IT experience. BUT, for last 3 years, I have been working as self employed/IT freelancer. Would this create an issue for me while getting visa stamping done.

I understand that visa stamping is for WOULD BE project. Also, I have required relevant IT experience to prove my eligibility for such IT projects. What should I tell the VO officer in case asked about " where are you currently working". Also, I have been working in educational areas/content creation for the last 2 years. Would that create an issue while being reviewed by the VO officer. I want to tell them the facts and whatever I am currently doing. I have last 3 years IT return and Bank statement that substantiates my current work. It is just that the current area or scope of work is not directly related to the areas ( Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse IT project) for which my Visa petition has been approved. I am just praying that the VO office starts asking me about the client project directly. I have been to US 7 times in past on L1B, H1B and B1.

All suggestions are welcome!!!


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Dhanvi     10/30/2015 13:06 PM


My employer just told that mine is a inhouse project and will be sending project description doc

May I know what all the required docs needed if it is for an inhouse project?

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Prashanth,Pabbu     10/30/2015 10:36 AM

Hi All,

In the year 2008 my passport got picked in the lottery and I did not attend the consulate for stamping and it got expired. Is there any way where I can use the same and apply again for H1-B. Kindly suggest.


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indianhardrock     10/30/2015 10:26 AM

H1 B Visa approved for me and my wife both.

Below is the experience:

We both decided to go for seperate windows for the H1 b interview. However the support staff at the Consulate said we should go to the same window in spite we filed as separate applicants.

We went to the window and gave our individiual passport and I 797.

Me: Good Morning !!! How are you ?
Officer : I am good, thanks for asking.

Officer : Oh you both are working on H1 ?
Me : Yes.

Officer : I will take one application at a time, she asked me to step back and said I will talk with your wife first.
Me : Sure. Thanks.

Officer : What you do for XXX company ?
My Wife: I perform XXX duties

Officer : have you been working for this company before coming on H1 ?
My Wife: Yes

Officer : what is your salary ?
My Wife: XXX $

Officer : OK your Visa is approved, Comgratulations.

Then she asked me to come forward and asked my wife to step back.

Officer : What you do for XXX company ?
Me: I perform XXX duties

Officer : Do you have any client?
Me: No, Its a product Company.

Officer : How Long you have been working for this company
Me: XXX time.

Officer : what is your salary ?
My Wife: XXX $

Officer : Your Visa is approved, Congratulations.
Me: Thanks a lot, Have a great day ahead !!

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saurabhkh     10/30/2015 09:29 AM

Went for H1b visa interview with my wife at Delhi consulate today morning and was issue white slip (221 g).

Below is the stamping experience.

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning

VO: Which state are you going
Me: Answered

VO: Who is your employer
Me: Answered

VO: What is your highest degree
Me: Answered

VO: Looked at my previous visa (it was of a muslim country) and asked what did you went to that country
Me: Answered

VO: Have you been to US before and on which visa
Me: Yes, I went on an L1B


VO: Looked at my previous visa (L1B) in my passport ; then looked into his system..he did that twice....then asked 'During your return to India last time Were you stopped and questioned by the immigration officer?

Me: Me and my wife had no idea where this question came from... We both said 'No' sir

VO: Are you guys sure?
Me: Yes sir

VO: Asked us to wait and when back with our passports for doing some verification. After returning, he said I am good with your H1B but the issue is in his system it is showing that we overstayed in US for 4 & 1/2 months.

Me: I was shocked to hear that. Then i started explaining him the entire picture of my L1b visa. " My L1b visa was issued on 15th July 2010 and expiry date was 13th July 2013. Before the expiry date, my company filed the visa extension (I guess 15 -20 days prior to expiry date). In the month of Aug 2013, I got an RFE from USCIS. My company asked me to reply back to the questions. As per my understanding USCIS gives 240 days to complete the extension case. In the month of November 2013, few days before the due date to answer the RFE questions my company's legal team again reviewed the RFE questions and asked me that it is better to revoke your petition due to the nature of evidence asked which company is not able to fulfil due to legal implication and gave me a date before which I should leave the country to avoid illegal overstay. So I agreed with them and left US with my wife on 1st Dec 2013.

VO: Noted what all I explained above into the system and gave me case number.

Me: Do you want any information from my end or the L1B petitioner

VO: No, we will investigate internally...we have a separate team who does this work. We will call you if any information is required from your end.

Me: Thanks officer and left.

:-( :-( We both came out with sad faces and no clue on what to do next!

Can anyone help me and guide me whether staying in US with extension in process is considered illegal. Any guidelines on number of days an associate gets to answer the RFE?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Rajesh84     10/30/2015 08:33 AM

Interview went well today at Delhi consulate. But vo said , need additional administrative processing and asked me to handover passports.
VO took mine and my wife passports and project documents.

Visa status is now 'Administrative processing'.

Normally how many days this AP takes to clear.

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