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hvakil     03/24/2015 06:22 AM

My interview was held on 20th Jan 2015 and issued White Slip. Requested additional Docs and I submitted all Docs on 11th Feb 2015 on given Email ID. Till now no Status Update. On CEAC website Status is Administrative Processing.

I called to NVC and confirmed regarding documents received or not ..
during my search I found below links:


They mentioned for White slip: 221g White Slip:

You have to go to the consulate again on any business day at 9.30 a with the 221g slip and documents/passport for further processing.

so can I go to the consulate and Submit my documents one more time, is it ok or not ?

Please suggest me in my case. your reply is valuable for me.

Thank you .

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Ram.rao     03/23/2015 15:30 PM

Need urgent help...

My h1b amendment with my present client got denied. According to the denial letter I still have my h1b, only amendment is denied. Now currently I am not working. I have plans to visit India in a month so don't want to look for new clients rite now. My plan is to get back to US on H4 and after coming back my employer will refile my case with a new client.

There are two options with me now..

1. Apply for H1 to H4 COS now, and my employer will immediately stop my payroll.
2. No h1 to h4 COS...but my employer is ready to run my payroll till April 20 ( I am traveling to India on April 20). So while leaving US I will tear my current H1 i-94 (i.e surrender my h1) and enter back US on May 20 with H4. I have got h4 stamped in my passport till 30th of July 2015.

I don't want to go for 1st option because I may get a RFE asking for the delay in applying COS and don't want to get into any denial or any other trouble which will make situation more complex.
So I want to head with 2nd option of surrendering H1 at port of departure and enter back US with my H4. So with this, will I maintain a clean status in USA..?
My employer will run my payroll only till April 20, so between April 20 and May 20 when I am in India my employer is not running my payroll. So is it fine or should he run my payroll until May 20 till I get back on H4..?

Please help...

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mohdfarhan83     03/17/2015 19:06 PM


I have switched employer and the new employer is filing the H1 transfer petition. My spouse and kid are in India and willing to join me in US. I want to know whether they can enter on the same H4 visa they already have from my previous employer or do they have to wait till the new petition is approved.

In short can the dependents enter the states if there visa is valid and the primary visa holder would have changed jobs?

A quick response will help in a big ay


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arch.chum     03/16/2015 16:02 PM

Hi all,

Here are my h4 visa interview questions:

Which company is your husband working?
When did you get married?
Did you study in US before?
What did you study? ( I had studied elementary school for 3 years in USA )

My visa got approved and I am here in US now.

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mkreddy417     03/16/2015 11:28 AM

Hi all,

Is it mandatory to land in Employer or client location when we first enter into the USA?


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Win!_574     03/10/2015 17:21 PM

Hi all,

Here is my initial experience

after that again I've mailed on feb 26th to embassy , this time I got reply on 2 march like waiting for submission of passport.
Then on the next day I've submitted passport, on that day of evening my status shown like Issued.
6th march got mail form ustarvels stating that passport is ready for pickup.
Thats it!!!!

Thanks to one and all

Don't loose hope.



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Shiva_2015     03/10/2015 03:52 AM

Hi All,

I would like to share my H1B + H4 interview attended in 1st week of March at Chennai consulate:

VO: Good morning Sir, good morning Madame
Me: Good Morning madam
My Wife: Good Morning Madam

VO: Can I have the passports please
Me: passed all passports+ DS 160

she returned DS 160

VO: Where are you working?
Me: Told XYZ (new petitioner name)

VO: oh its YYY
Me: Yes, YYY is my current company, XYZ is my new employer

VO: Will you be working for client
Me: Yes

VO: Where will you be working
Me: At TTTT location

VO: Who is the client?
Me: CCC is the client

VO: and how much will you be paid in Dollars sir?
Me: Y $ per annum

VO: How many employees from your company working for this client project?
Me: Around ##

VO: Can you give me the client letter?
Me: I do not have a client letter, but I have a mail conversation from client to petitioner regarding the position.

VO: Can I have that?
Me: Handed over the print out of the mail conversation.

VO: Do you have SOW by any chance?
Me: No

VO: How did you know about this job?
Me: By reference.
VO: Is your reference an employee of the peititioner?
Me: Yes, GG was working at the company.

VO: Do you have a letter stating they need you for this job?
Me: handed over the letter

VO: typing a lot and it was all quiet for a minute (seemed ages at that time)

VO (to my wife): Madam, what is your highest qualification?
My wife: ABC

VO: showed us the pamplet and said, these are both of your rights, kindly go through it.
I am approving your visas, welcome to america!!!

Thanks, hope this helps!

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Annip     03/09/2015 06:42 AM

Hi All,

I would like to share my experience with all.

Location: Mumbai

VO: good morning
Me: good morning

( handed over passport and I-797 to VO)

VO: what is your highest degree of study ?
Me: I did my masters from XXX University, USA.

VO: how much is your salary ?
Me: I replied with the exact figure

VO: what is your position at company XYZ ?
Me: I replied with my designatin ( I am full time employee works for health care client).

VO: your visa has been approved and kept my passport.
Me: thank you so much officer.

VO was very friendly and total interview time was hardly a minute.


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Anil Kumar M     03/05/2015 05:43 AM

I have attended my VISA interview on March 2014 but when while appearing for VISA interview VO asked for client letter but I dont have it.So he issued me 221(g) Blue slip requesting for some documents and the status is showing as "Administrative Processing" and my H1 B is valid till 2016.Now a different employer is ready to file new H1 for me.Will it cause any issues ? I have updated the same to my new employer and now he is stating that why to file we can transfer it again he is telling that there might be a issue. Can I apply a new H1 ?

Waiting for reply.

M Anil Kumar

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dbd     02/28/2015 14:25 PM

Hi Everyone,

Here's my experience with H1B interview experience @ Hyderabad, last week of Feb'15.
Me: Good morning Sir
Consular: (Requested for passport)
Consular: Who's your petitioner?
Me: Answered
Consular: What will be your salary?
Me: Answered
Consular: Who will be your client?
Me: It's an in house project, I'll be working from the petitioner's location.
Consular: What project you will be working on?
Me: On multiple projects. (He asked not to be so generic. So, he asked me to describe the project. He discussed with me the nature of business for a while. Such as how that product will be delivered to clients and how exactly that application is configured etc.)
Consular: Your visa is approved (and retained my passport).

The consular officer was quite friendly person and overall experience was great. There was a long waiting period. My appointment was at 9:00 AM. I went in at 8:45 AM, but got done only by 10:45 AM. The whole of interview took very less time, but the waiting was long. The processes are highly streamlined. Kudos to them.

Hope you all the best!

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