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ABC- ()     10/18/2012 05:34 AM

Hi All, thanks for sharing your experiences, it really helped me a lot.... Today its my turn to share the experience.
I had my Visa Interview today at New Delhi US Embassy. It went only for few seconds.

VO: Good morning mam, how are you doing today.
ABC: Good Officer, thanks.

VO: Who would be your employer in US?
ABC: Replied.

VO: and who would be your client?
ABC: Replied.

VO: Did you get the white pamphlet?
ABC: Yes Sir.

VO: Your Visa is approved mam, you will get the SMS with in 2-3 days.
ABC: Thank you sir.

It was really simple and short. I have observed that for all H1b, this was the pattern.

All the best guys...

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Rahul- ()     10/18/2012 04:32 AM


Thanks to all for sharing their experiences....I had my interview on 16 Oct and the questions asked were

Client name
employee name

H4 -

Marriage date
love or arrange
how did u meet.

After this the VO said that i am issuing your visa and you will receive your passport in a week. He kept original I797 and passport only...

Now on Wednesday, i have received an email asking additional documents to be submitted in order to enable them to process my visa. The documents are full petion copy and client letter. I wasnt issued any 221g nor was i asked by VO at the time of the interview to submit any additional documents....

Has anyone faced a similar situation...i applied in New delhi....


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Tilu- ()     10/18/2012 02:36 AM


My company has filled H1b. I just want to knw that if there is any gap in the education will it impact on my stamping?

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PSK- ()     10/17/2012 22:46 PM


Help required for below query.

I was working at location A but due to project completion moved to new location B under same employer. Before moving to location B my employer raised H1B amendment and its in process.

Now my question is, I have to travel outside US due to personal emergency, can I travel and come back while the H1b amendment is in process? I have valid stamping(visa stamping in passport) till Sep 2013.

If I travel and re-enter to US while H1B amendment is in process will it be a problem?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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SVS- ()     10/17/2012 18:44 PM


First of all, thanks a bunch for very useful comments/experiences about the new visa process. It helped a lot.

My background:- H1-B; FTE; changed employer 1 month ago while being in the US; stamping at Mumbai consulate - BKC.

Wanted to share my experience with filling DS-160 and possibly making an error while entering the "Given Name" information. The initial of my First, Middle and Last names are SVS. In DS-160, I mistakenly entered only "Sxxxxxxxx" in the "Given Name" field instead of as "Sxxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx". My passport had my "Given Name" as "Sxxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx". When I went for the OFC visit they immediately made me aware of the mistake and asked me to edit the DS-160 and bring back the Confirmation page within 2 hours to the OFC to ensure that my OFC appointment can be done as scheduled. In addition my profile name on the http://portal.ustraveldocs.com website was also Sxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx. i.e. not having my middle name Vxxxxxxx.

I ran back home only to realize that you cannot really edit your DS-160 form, you need to re-fill a new one. By the time I had finished filling up a new DS-160 the office time foe the OFC was over. I had missed on my OFC appointment. I called the support phone number at ustraveldocs. They suggested 3 things.

1. re-enter a new DS-160
2. wait for 24 hours before the http://portal.ustraveldocs.com is updated to show that my OFC was a "No Show". Main interview appt will start showing "Cancelled". Only after that I can take a fresh set of appointments (OFC and Interview).
3. Send email to support@ustraveldocs.com with a passport first page scan. It is for requesting to add middle name to the profile on http://portal.ustraveldocs.com website.

Just after midnight (IST) of the same calendar day, the http://portal.ustraveldocs.com website starting showing me the option again to "Schedule an appointment". I used the new DS-160 number to schedule the a fresh set of appointments (OFC and Interview). Later that morning at 8:00 AM I called the I called the support phone number at ustraveldocs to add middle name to my profile. The lady over the phone corrected that immediately over the phone. I re-printed the "appointment confirmation" page with correct name.

Rest of the process was pretty smooth. Have been approved for the Visa. Had choosen the option to hand collect the passport at the Trade Center. Anxiously waiting to receive SMS/email confirming that my passport is ready for pick-up. Have a flight back to the US in less than 48 hours.

********* bottom line - PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT your Given Name in DS-160 and the appointment website matches exactly as it says in your passport. *******************

Thanks and All the best for your visa experiences !

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NSK- ()     10/17/2012 10:38 AM

Hi all,

First of all thanks to all the members who have posted their experiences here to provide positive energy for the people who are going for stamping.

I have attended the visa interview on Oct 11, 2012 at Hyderabad Consulate and got it approved. Before that my background is, I am a FTE employee for the past 5.5 yrs with the same cmp and already got stamped for the F1-H1b with same cmp in 2009. This is my renewal based on I-140.

My interview went like this,

VO: what are you going to do for this XXX Cmp?
Me: explained in 2-3 sentences while VO was typing and also mentioned i was working with them for past 5.5 yrs.

VO: what does your cmp do?
Me: explained in 2-3 sentences.

VO: What is your salary?
Me: X amount sir.

VO: where exactly is your cmp located?
Me: XYZ place sir.

VO: What is the closest city?
Me: Washingtoc DC sir.

VO: what is the next closed city?
Me: Baltimore sir, in around 50 miles.

he said your visa is approved and you can collect in 3 days.

Yesterday i collected my passport and now having great time in Hyd.


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anonymous- ()     10/17/2012 07:20 AM

I did not pay the money and i am not sure if i had to pay. As i paid the fees through hdfc and along with that i had paid 380 rs for vfs service charge.
My passport is with embassy from last 3 days though visa processing has been done and VO told me that my visa was aprooved and i would be getting my visa in 3-5 days. i attended the interview on 12th october.
anybody suggest me anything here

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Harsh- ()     10/17/2012 06:29 AM

Hello Everybody !!

H1 B (BEP) got approved today. Below are the details

Background :
Feb 2007 - B1 Approved
Apr 2007 - L1 B rejected
June 2007 - L1 B individual approved
June 2007 to June 2010 - Was in US
Nov 2010 - B1 travel (4 weeks)
Aug 2011 - L1 B rejected
Aug 2012 - H1 B approved
Oct 2012 - H1 B visa stamped !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today (10/17) H1 approved at Chennai.

11 30 AM Batch..
Finger print and document verfication done - 10 mins.
Moved to different building.

My token number showed up in BIG screen. Passed on the bundle to VO.

She scanned the barcode and started typing for 2-3 mins.. Then....

VO : Is your previous travel and this travel ? For same client ?
Me : Yes

VO: Your Visa is approved.
Me : Really ?

VO : Yes, Thank you !!
Me : Thank you !!!

Paid Rs 300/- at VFS helpdesk for courier and came back home.. Had full meals..

PS > Visa Officer was a lady !! She was very calm and composed.

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Babu- ()     10/17/2012 06:07 AM

I am following this site past 1month for the H1B interview experience. Thanks a lot for all your help.
Had my interview with basic questions, These are the questions asked by VO.

1. Who is your client?
2. Who is your petitioner?
3. What is your salary?
4. What do you do there?
5. Which location your going?
6. What is your onsite salary?

Thats It....She said i m approving ur visa and writtend A on the documents.

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Information- ()     10/16/2012 22:37 PM

Hi All,

Could you please give me some information regarding scheduling the appointment and consulate selection.

1) Do we need to fill two different DS160 for H1 and H4, even if we are planing to attend interview same time?
2) Can i attend interview at Chennai though my Postal address is Hyderabad?

Thanks in advance

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