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Naveen- ()     11/20/2012 00:42 AM


Here is my unfortunate story.

Went for my H1B Renewal stamping in Hyderabad last month. Lived in US for 13+ yrs and haven't got my GC yet. Came for vacation last month for 3 weeks and thought will get my VISA stamped since I'm here. But this is the biggest mistake I did.

VO was an Indian guy may be in late 30's. He first asked all basic questions, and then asked weird questions about my empoyer. His intensions was pretty clear, he somehow didn't want to give VISA. At the end he said, he is sending my case to USCIS in USA for further inverstigation, and told it's gonna take a while to hear back from them.

I'm really worried now. Stuck here waiting to see what they say. Can't believe, after living so many years and having like 5 extensions, they are not giving the VISA. Funny thing is, my last stamping was done in 2009 here in Hyderabad. Can someone share their similar experience if there is one? Not sure how long it's gonna take


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visu- ()     11/20/2012 07:15 AM

Hello all , Just wanna share my exp of H1b visa interview at HYD consulate

VO was a indian guy in mid 40's asked basic questions like Client, US salary , interview went pretty cool.
Mine was an inhouse project.

Kept all the documents with him and returned my passport.
Finally gave a 221g by checking on "admin processing required".
Not sure how much time would it take .
Any similar experiences......?

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Sruthi- ()     11/20/2012 06:24 AM

Below are the questions VO asked...

1) How long have you been working with employer?

2) Which city are going to ?

3) What is your annual income?

4) Are you single or married?

after answering the above questions .. he then said ..."Your Visa is Approved" :)

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Ajith- ()     11/20/2012 01:18 AM

Hi Friends, First up thanks to all who shared their experience in this forum..this has helped me to prepare for the interview...

Day 1 - OFC - Biometrics - My time was at 11:30 , but I went by 10 and was able to get it done within 30 minutes...The process over here is simple and you can complete the process with ease. Please take DS-160 confirmation,Interview appoinment,Passport and bank recipt(optional).

 Day 2 - Embassy - Time was at 11:30. Went in by 10:00 AM and saw a large queue in front of the embassy. Once inside the embassy(I went in by 11:15) you will go through security check, documents check and fingerprint check respectively. You will receive a token number here. They will bundle the passport and ds-160 confirmation page and token slip together. Now go to the next building. There wait for your token to be displayed on the screen. I got Counter 23 (cool counter) for my token. Took all my docs and went in there. For me there was no one at the counter and the lady VO was waiting for some one to come by..She asked to pass the bundle of ds-160 and passport to her..I tried to pass BEP folder along with. She said she just need passport and ds-160 alone.

VO: Which place you are going?
ME: Answered
VO: So you work for XXX company rite?
Types something in her computer
VO:What is your client?
VO:Can you tell me what do they do?
VO:What is your Role?
VO:What is your highest qualification?
VO:Your visa is approved. We will sent you the passport in 3 days. Thank you.
ME: Thank You

Now I went into the courier counter and filled in the details to which the passport to be sent.
I was out of the embassy by 12:30.

Hope this helps and All the best to everyone who are attending the interview...

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Krishna- ()     11/19/2012 09:22 AM

Thanks to all for sharing their experience here. This helped me a lot to prepare and gained confidence with the success stories.

Today 19th Nov, I have attended H1B interview @ Chennai consulate under BEP.

Here are my questions.

How long you have been working with this company?
Who is your client?
Which state you are travelling?
What your US salary?
What is your highest degree?

Finally the golden words “Your visa is approved”.

In other counters there are lot of questions like:

What the is specialty skills that you acquired from this employer?
Why you are selected?
Lot of questions which required clear explanations not sure all of them are H1 or L1 or under BEP.

And rejected 3 out of 4 people in 10 mins. So prepare well with all typical questions. I almost lost my breath by hearing all those questions and rejections.

All the best!

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KARTHIK- ()     11/19/2012 05:15 AM

My visa extension was approved at chennai consulate on 14th Nov and H4 approved for my spouse and kid

Questions for myself

VO: You work for xxxxx

VO: Client

VO: Highest Qualification:
Me: xxxxxx

VO: have you gone through the white phamplet
me: yes

to my wife : No questions

Finally VO: Your Visas are approved

Note: You need not take the kid who is below 1 years of age for visa interview

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Guest- ()     11/18/2012 14:23 PM


U.S. Consulate General Mumbai announced that the Consulate remains closed on 19-Nov-2012 due to traffic disruptions related to the death of Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray.

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tia sharma- ()     11/17/2012 20:02 PM

I need to know if there is any photo center where we can take our photo to submit for finger printing at the OFC in mumbai..thanks.

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Maruthi- ()     11/17/2012 05:22 AM

VO: You have applied for H1B rite?
Me: Ya
VO: Which company you work for?
Me xxxx
VO: Since how long you are working for them?
Me: Almost 2 and half years
VO: Who is your client?
Me: xxx
VO: What do you do for them?
Me: Answered
VO: Whats your qualification?
Me: I did my masters in computer applications
VO: I think you must have done your bachelors followed by masters rite?
Me: Ya
VO: Give me your set of petition docs
Me: Passed them
VO: Which city are you going in US?
Me: Answered
VO: Whats your Indian salary? US salary?
Me: Answered (Meanwhile she is going thru the docs that I have passed)
VO: Your L1B got rejected in this year right?
Me: Yes in Feb, this year.
VO: Was it for the same client?
Me: Yes
VO: Showed me the white booklet and asked me to go thru it once.
Me: Ok
VO: Your visa work is finished, you will recieve your passport within a week.

Looks like they are approving almost every H1B. Dont worry and all the best!!!


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Aakansha- ()     11/17/2012 04:08 AM

Hi All,

First of all thank you immihelp for superb guidance and
hosting outstanding forum for sharing experiences of all the appilcants.
The question shared across are the bible from which VO asks.

I had my OFC on 15th Nov and stamping on 16th Nov and it went with pretty simple straight forward questions.
VO was somewhat wierd and that made me tensed.

Surprisingly it took just 40sec for VO and finally he said the golden words:
"Your visa is approved"

Here it went:

VO: Signalled me to come to counter even when the earlier person was to finish his status update
        and leave with his documents.

Me: Good morning (Still previous person standing beside me)

VO : No reply (Did not bothered even to see)
Me : Passed him passport

VO: Letter
Me: (Confused which letter is he asking about)
        Passed original company letter which he looked on briefly.

VO: Which client

VO: Which state?

VO: Project?

VO: What its about?
Me: XXXXXXX XXXXXX is XXXXXXX blah blah (VO was looking at me and den he said hold)

VO: Typed something in computer and told me "Your Visa is approved" and showed me white pamphlete
Me: I signalled him that i have it

VO: Signalled next person to rush up with me still waiting on counter
Me: Thank you !!!

VO: No repsonse as he was already busy with next person passport checks

Hopefully i should be getting my stamped passport by end of next week.

Thank you !!!

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