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  1. thanks

    thanks you are correct.. they don't stamp the visa anymore... I just got my approval notice yesterday exactly 1 wk after our interview for AOS. They sent me a notice that they have already ordered...
  2. Replies

    approval notice

    The IO didn't asked for any documents such as bank accounts, insurance, etc... personal questions i'm asking to is about who cooks the dishes, who does the laundry which are somewhat usual questions...
  3. Replies

    another inquiry

    i just have another inquiry coz during our interview last week which lasted for about 5 minutes with not much interrogation. The IO just asked how we met and that's it. She then verify the info that...
  4. Replies

    just wanna know the decision made on your application.

    just wanna know and follow up what happened to your application. Were you able to get a reply from them already? was it a good or a bad result? Please let me know coz i also had a similar situation...
  5. AOS interview

    My wife and I had our AOS interview last week. The immigration officer was nice. She didn't asked a lot of questions.. she just asked how we met and how did our relationship went on. We were able to...
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