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    Default Citizenship interview in Newark,NJ

    hi, has anyone had the interview in Newark recently.
    I want to know if they have the oath ceremony on the same day. IF not, how long is the wait?
    Pls. reply asap. thanks.

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    Thumbs up Here is the Newark citizenship experience

    Here is the update after the citizenship interview at Newark, NJ.

    I had a 9am appointment on 9/6 and I reached there at 8:45am. There is a paid parking at Walnut Street for $10 all day long. Before 8am its $8.

    The interview was on the 15th floor. A guard checked the appointment letter and let me in. I walked to window 1 and placed my appointment letter in the letter tray and took a seat. The officers behind the windows called everyone names. Your file is assigned to a specific officer and it is NOT first in first served. If the officer is a slow coach then you can expect to spend many hours. In my case, I had spent 2 hours sitting before my name was called out and the door number(i had to enter thru door 2). Don't take it personal if the officer does not smile at you and is serious all thru the interview.

    The officer opened the door and led me to the office. The officer had all the documents I summitted for my GC 8 years ago plus the citizenship application and supporting documents. The officer verified my name and DOB with the birth certificate I had submitted during the GC process. Also, made sure the full name and DOB were accurate because this info goes on your certificate of naturalization. So, make sure it is accurate. The officer went the N-400 application and repeated some of the questions. Also, the officer did want clarification on the days I was out of the country. I had taken vacation for 60 days at a stretch. I mentioned that I had to use my vacation days or I would loose it. Then, came the set of 10 questions and I was told to read the question/answer out loudly(medium). I could stop after the 6th question if I got all the 6 right. Which I did. The officer asked me to write a sentence which she repeated twice. I wrote the sentence clearly and legibly. I took my time for both these tests. After I passed the tests, the officer congratulated me and gave me 2 documents. One was my copy as a proof that my citizenship application has been recommended for approval. I went back and took my seat again with both the documents.

    Since I missed the 11:30am Oath cutoff time for the afternoon Oath session, I had to wait for the cutoff time of 3:30pm for the evening Oath session. There is a cafeteria at the 2nd floor. It was long lunch break. So, I recommend take some reading materials unless you enjoy watching Court TV throughout the day. My name was called for the Oath. I approached the window and handed the other document and GC. I was asked to sign the copy and original of the certificate of naturalization. I had to sign my full name and verify my DOB and name. Also, make sure your don't sign in CAPS.
    I was given a blue paper sheet and asked to be seated.

    After about 2 hours of wait, everyone who had the blue paper slip was asked to walk into the Oath ceremony hall. There is a visitor section for the visitors. The oath was only 15 minutes. The officer distributed the naturalization certificate and just like that I became an proud US Citizen.

    Next steps:

    1. Applied for a US passport the very next day

    2. Sent my voter registration form to the county

    3. I might have to visit the local Social security office to update my status

    Hope this info helps.

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    Default A question


    First congratulations on becoming US citizen.

    One of my friends got thru the interview he was given oath same day.

    I will be eligible for US citizenship in apr 2007. Could you please post your timeline starting from applying till the interview? I am also from NJ and will be going to newark I suppose.

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Took 4 months for my hubby to get his citizenship.

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    Default Citizenship at Newark, NJ

    Wow is the word to describe my experience at Newark, NJ. I had my Citizenship test at Newark on April 8th at 10:45. I was there at 10:15, after the security check I went to the 9th Floor, a very friendly security officer asked me to be seated after submitting my appointment letter at counter #2. There were a lot of people seated in the room and they were ushered in for the interview as per schedule. My name was announced at 11:10 and the officer I was assigned to a officer and he made sure to make me comfortable and at ease. He spoke to me about his experiences at work and was talking about people he meets everyday. He was very polite and gave me a few documents to sign at the same time he was completing the other papers. A few quick questions and the civic test was complete. In 10 mins I was done with the interview, I was asked to go to another floor for my oath which was scheduled for 1:30pm, OATH complete at 2:30pm. Overall a very pleasant experience.

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