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    Default Types of divorce valid in India for remarriage

    Could any one please explain as what types of divorces obtained in USA (marriage was in India under hindu marriage act) is VALID in India?

    This is for purpose of remarriage.

    The divorce decree issued in USA is NOT accepted in India registration of remariage.

    Could anyone please provide information about what to do in this case.


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    I have married in india to an indian but with a permanent resident card in US five years ago as per hindu marriage act.I accompanied him after 3 months of marriage to US and i delivered a boy there.When our son is about 6 month old he acquired the US citizenship.I went to India for some family reason..then he processed my permanent resident card and came back to US .In about a year i was pregnant for the second time and he force me to deliver the baby in india and he send me to india..after which he sstopped communicating by all means.
    I want to live with him but don't have my visa papers in my hand...What the best can i do?I don't know whether he started any legal proceedings or obtained an ex-parte order against me..
    can anyone help me in this regard
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    Unhappy Is my US divorce valid in India

    I got my US divorce and child custody in 2009 and after almost 4 years my husband filed a case for divorce in India and is asking for child custody.

    I also got my documents attested by the Indian Embassy.

    what else can i do to legalize my US divorce in India please help!!
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    Default Need help in Divorce case

    My husband emotionally abused me,belittled me eversince I got married . I never told this to my parents who lived in India last october he took my Green card and passport and cell phone and told me to leave the house. It happened so many times he forced me to leave the house while I have nowhere else to go. He never let me drive . Last JAnuary when he came to India for funeral he again harrased me and forced me to leave the house said he won't come back to US if I won't leave the house. I was stay at home mom till then I didn't know anybody there my father had to make tickets for me and kids. MY question is can he get Divorse there while I'm in INdia ,without my sighn,(expart3 decision)
    2) Both my kids are US citizen can he do anything using that as wepon to get them back. Thanks !

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    Default US divorce valid in India?

    I am married in India. I want to apply for divorce in US. My husband is in another state of US. We have been living separately for over a yr. I could not get him consent for mutual divorce as he and his family are demanding money from my family that he used for my support before I got into a job. My lawyer in US told that we can get divorced even if he does not attend court here. But, will that be valid in India?

    If not, what are my options of applying in India on basis of irreconcilable differences and how long would it take to get the hearing? From 2012 rules, there is no cooling off period of 6 months. Are there any changes to this recently? I also heard that husband can't deny divorce in India if wife wants to-any changes to this? Can I apply in India while residing in US or should I be present in India while applying?

    Pls suggest.

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    Hi All,

    This thread seems to be a life saver!!

    I have same question.. can I get divorce from my wife in United states???

    Raja/Sangeeta- If you can share your email ID that would be great help ?

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    Hello Rajaa,

    Can you please let me know your contact, I am in real need of your help


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