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    Default "Place of Issue" not found in US Passport

    I'm applying for PIO for my US borned daughter. In the PIO application, I need to fill the "place of issue" detail under Q.10) Passport particulars of the applicant.

    I can't find that info anywhere in the US passport.

    (we applied for it at a local post office and got it by mail, so don't know what to write for the place of issue question)

    can I just write "USA / Dept. of State, USA" or something similar?


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    You will see something like 'Issuing Authority'. It may say something like 'Dept of State', or 'Louisiana' etc. Use that.
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    Thanks a lot sir, its written as "Dept. of State"

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    Thumbs up Place of Issue - United States

    This has been checked with Indian consul and the US authorities.

    The "PLACE OF ISSUE" of an United States passport is: UNITED STATES.

    Indian Embassy / Consulate will accept this and you will not have any problem.

    In India the place of issue is the regional passport office that issues the passport or the consulates abroad.

    If your US passport was issued abroad at an US consulate then only will the place of issue change.

    Good luck.

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    It is United States Department of State if issued here in the US

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    Default Place of issue and place of birth

    Quote Originally Posted by milli View Post
    It is United States Department of State if issued here in the US
    I'm applying for a Working Holiday VISA to Australia, and I'm very much confused.

    1. My passport was issued in Taiwan, but it says "United States Department of State" in the "Authority" box.

    2. Also, my place of birth is "CHINA" on my passport, which is kinda messed up since I was born in Taiwan back when the Authorities in Taiwan didn't recognize The People's Republic of China as "THE" China and called themselves China.

    What should I fill in the application form?

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