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Thread: E2 visa

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    Default E2 visa

    Who could explain me the meaning of this sentence < have invested or be actively in the process of investing substantial amount of capital in Us?>

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    yes I can answer this for you.

    It means having your money in Escrow so "at risk" for 100% of the purchase price maybe minus a deposit already paid or in the case of starting your own business already started to put the funds into making it happen i.e sourced premises and having cash in escrow. Maybe already having bought some of the stuff required for your business.

    These both MUST be backed up by a solid business plan.

    They basically just want to make sure that your money is tied to what you say it is so that you don't say look I will, get the visa and then don't complete what you have said you will.

    Hope this helps? If not I can try to go more in depth for you


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