USCIS Processing Time Information for the
West Palm Beach FL Field Office

Instructions for Using the Chart

The chart will show most of the types of forms processed at the field office or service center. You can select the form type that applies to your case from the drop-down menu.

If the field office or service center is meeting its goal for processing a form, you will find the timeframe listed in months. For example, if the office is processing Form N-400 naturalization applications in five months or less, then the chart will say "5 months." However, if the office is experiencing a processing delay, you will find the filing date of the last case that the office completed before updating the chart.

Field Office Processing Dates for West Palm Beach FL as of: May 31, 2016
Form Form Name Processing Cases As Of Date:
I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status December 25, 2015
N-400 Application for Naturalization 5 Months
N-600 Application for Certification of Citizenship 5 Months