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User Name Comments Visa Type Citizenship Country Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Slip Color Document Submission Date Status Status Date Passport Collected Notes Date Added Last Updated
rebootdagny@gmail.com 1 Comments H1 India 05/08/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai
Pending 08/21/2017 No petition sent back t...   more> petition sent back to uscis for review 05/09/2017 02:51:54 AM EDT 08/21/2017 04:40:32 PM EDT
NiravShah1810 1 Comments L2 India 01/10/2017 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
Approved 08/21/2017 Yes They collected my pa...   more> They collected my passport and told me that my application needs further processing and since then no updates. I sent couple of emails to them after waiting for 60 days but getting same standard response. <br> <br> <br>Finally after waiting for more than 7 months, my status was changed to "Issued" <br> <br>do not lose your hope and good luck to others waiting. <br> <br>Other people, please update the status whenever you see some updates to your cases. many people post here when they get 221g but then never update the status when they get visa.. <br> 04/23/2017 12:42:05 PM EDT 08/21/2017 11:39:47 AM EDT
waiting1 0 Comments H1 India 07/12/2017 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
07/12/2017 Pending 08/21/2017 No Science background 08/21/2017 07:04:25 AM EDT 08/21/2017 07:49:27 AM EDT
HangTillDecision 1 Comments H1 India 02/14/2017 India : New Delhi India : Jalandhar
03/22/2017 Pending 07/17/2017 No 1) Appeared in Inter...   more> 1) Appeared in Interview at New Delhi Embassy : Feb-14-2017 <br> <br>Visa Officer gave me 2 slips (a yellow and a white) <br> <br>White Slip: Asked to submit below mentioned docs <br> <br>1) Internal Project Description <br>2) Petitioner's (my employer's) federal tax returns for last 2 years <br>3) List of Petitioners employees <br> <br>Yellow Slip : Asked to submit my police reports and court disposition documents (Simple Assault and Disorderly Conduct (2 incidents)) <br> <br>2) March- 23 - 2017 : My employer submitted requested documents via email. <br> <br>3) May-02-2017 : Case status updated as 'Ready' <br> <br>4) May -12 -2017 : Cased status updated as 'Administrative Processing' and received an email that my passport is being returned. <br> <br>5) Same day approached nearest VAC center and collected my passport along with a white slip where I asked to submit my police arrest reports and court disposition documents 2nd time again. I submit both documents on same day along with my passport 2nd time again. <br> <br>SEE next updates in comments... 07/14/2017 01:14:24 AM EDT 08/21/2017 02:39:50 AM EDT
Rd2rx 221g 2 Comments H1 India 05/15/2017 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad
05/18/2017 Pending 05/15/2017 No The case was created...   more> The case was created on 05/12/2017 and updated on 05/15/2017. My case is for Renewal H1B, where i didn't got any query initial. But i changed my petitioner after 3 years, and now I am working for second petitioner, where my petitioner have only below 10 employees. Almost 3 months since there is no update in my status. Even my employer approaches congressman to know the status. They informed that background verification is undergoing on me. No idea what to do. Can anyone help me? 06/28/2017 06:52:03 AM EDT 08/21/2017 01:49:27 AM EDT
naatumach 0 Comments H1 India 08/08/2017 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
Approved 08/16/2017 Yes July 29 - Arrived at...   more> July 29 - Arrived at Delhi <br>Aug 3 - Biometrics Interview <br>Aug 8 - Consular appointment where I was given the 221G Yellow Slip. <br>Aug 14 - Case updated on visa tracking website to Administrative processing. (It was already in Administrative processing since the beginning only the date got updated) <br>Aug 16 - Case updated to Issued <br>Aug 17 - Passport ready for pickup at 3pm. <br>Aug 17 - Departed Delhi <br> 08/20/2017 10:10:51 AM EDT 08/20/2017 10:10:51 AM EDT
SGANG 0 Comments F1 India 08/01/2017 India : Kolkata India : Kolkata
08/01/2017 Pending 08/19/2017 N/A 08/19/2017 06:22:31 AM EDT 08/19/2017 06:22:31 AM EDT
acharya23 1 Comments F1 India 07/17/2017 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
07/17/2017 Approved 08/17/2017 No VI Date: July 17 201...   more> VI Date: July 17 2017 <br>OFC Date: July 14 2017 <br> <br>Docs Submitted: July 17 2017 <br> <br>First Update: August 14, 2017 <br>Second Update: August 16, 2017 <br> <br>Visa Issued: August 17, 2017 <br> <br>Passport Collected: August 18, 2017 08/17/2017 05:50:47 AM EDT 08/18/2017 12:29:59 PM EDT
doondevil 3 Comments H1 India 06/23/2017 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
07/11/2017 Pending 08/17/2017 Yes 6/23 - 221g asked fo...   more> 6/23 - 221g asked for client letter and old i797's <br>7/11- submitted response on email @HLprocessing <br>8/18 - email to submit passport <br>8/18 - passport submitted at delhi drop box 07/19/2017 02:33:33 PM EDT 08/18/2017 03:29:25 AM EDT
time_travelling_221g 1 Comments F1 India 07/20/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai
07/20/2017 Approved 08/18/2017 Yes Doing a PhD in Aeros...   more> Doing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering <br>Visiting India for Visa renewal. <br> <br>07/20/2017: interview. During the interview, VO asked about my research back ground. I said Flight Controls and UAVs, I was instantly issued a Blue slip. The VO said that my application requires additional administrative processing and that I would be required to submit additional documents. The VO collected my passport. On the same day at around 3:00 pm, I received an email from the consulate asking me to submit Resume, Invitation Letter, Advisor Contact Information and Travel History. <br> <br>07/20/2017: I submitted all the requested documents via email on the same day. <br> <br>No reply from the consulate for about 3 weeks, then on <br> <br>08/17/2017: status updated to still "administrative processing" <br>08/18/2017: status updated to "Issued". <br> <br>Waiting on receiving my Passport! <br> <br>Total processing time ~4 weeks. <br> <br>Good luck and all the best. <br> 08/18/2017 03:02:15 AM EDT 08/18/2017 03:02:44 AM EDT

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