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User Name Comments Visa Type Citizenship Country Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Slip Color Document Submission Date Status Status Date Passport Collected Notes Date Added Last Updated
krazy23 0 Comments H1 India 06/12/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai
Approved 06/27/2017 Yes 12 Jun 2017 - Visa I...   more> 12 Jun 2017 - Visa Interview. VO asked standard questions and said my case requires administrative processing. No documents asked. <br> <br>23 Jun 2017 - First update - Administrative processing <br> <br>27 Jun 2017 - Issued <br> <br>Good luck to all. 06/16/2017 02:18:15 PM EDT 06/27/2017 06:21:47 AM EDT
Karthik61 1 Comments H1 India 05/08/2017 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad
05/09/2017 Approved 06/23/2017 No Asked for resume, pu...   more> Asked for resume, publications etc to submit. Submitted on May 9th. June 15th passport submission email. June 23rd collected passport. 06/14/2017 12:28:58 AM EDT 06/27/2017 05:53:37 AM EDT
221G_Horror 0 Comments H1 India 06/15/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai
06/15/2017 Pending No Submitted passport f...   more> Submitted passport for visa stamping but instead, got the Blue slip. <br> <br>6/15 : Attended the interview with all the documents requested, but VO asked basic questions, didn't check any documents. Just checked the client letter and handed over another Blue slip which says, 'Additional Administrative Processing'. 06/26/2017 07:32:12 AM EDT 06/26/2017 07:32:12 AM EDT
maheepk 1 Comments H1 India 11/07/2016 India : Chennai India : Chennai
Pending 06/06/2017 Yes Hi all, I attende...   more> Hi all, <br> <br>I attended interview 7th Nov, 2016 along with my wife. Unfortunately my case went into admin processing. <br> <br>Here is interview question she asked: <br> <br>1 passport please, I gave passport. <br>2 then i797, gave that. <br>3. Is it new opportunity: yes. <br>4. She asked how you got to know about this opportunity: I said LinkedIn. <br>5. She asked me about Client: I told Client name. <br>6. What is salary: told <br>7. Give me all document related to offer letter: I gave all like client letter, company offer letter etc etc. <br>8. Do you have vender, then she took all documents for vendor and employer.. <br> <br>Then she asked my wife when you get married, told. <br> <br>finally she gave me blue 221g form to visit again after 2 hours, then i came back after 1:30 hours, then after 1:30 hours waiting she gave me blue 221g again, in which administrative processing was checked and return all documents back along with my passports and gave one extra blue slip. till now i don't have any update. hope its general verifications. <br> 06/23/2017 10:57:58 PM EDT 06/23/2017 10:57:58 PM EDT
A22 2 Comments B1 India 05/04/2017 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai
05/05/2017 Approved 06/22/2017 No I received Green Sli...   more> I received Green Slip 2nd time. First time they asked same documents like Invitation Letter, Resume, Publication, Funding, Travel etc. This time also VO asked for same. <br> <br>Passport Status: Till 18th May " Your passport is still with US embassy". <br> <br>Passport Status: Till 19th May " There is no status update for your passport". <br> <br>No update till 13 June <br> <br>On 14th June i received mail to submit passport. Still for my daughter(minor) did not received any mail. <br>On 15th June i mail for support@ustraveldoc.com regarding my daughter passport submission on next day i received mail from them to i can submit her passport along with mine. <br>On 19th June i submitted passport <br>On 22nd June CEAC status change to ISSUE <br> 05/10/2017 06:01:34 AM EDT 06/22/2017 02:32:55 AM EDT
221g_experience 0 Comments H1 India 06/07/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai
Approved 06/12/2017 Yes Got my masters degre...   more> Got my masters degree in US and been working for xxx since 2014. Came back to India for H1B visa stamping. Interview was on June 7. <br>VO: Are you working directly for the company or any client? <br>Me: Yes, working directly for xxx as a full time employee. <br>VO: Whats your highest degree of education? <br>Me: Masters degree from xxx <br>VO: How long have you been working? <br>Me: Since 2014. Was on F1 OPT and now on H1B <br>VO: Whats your annual income? <br>Me: xxx <br> <br>Did not ask me for any additional documents. Just the passport and I797. Gave me back the I797 and kept my passport. Was given the 221g blue slip with just the "Additional administrative processing needs to be done before taking the final decision" check box marked.Told me rescheduling is not necessary and not sure when the final decision will be made. I wasn't contacted after the interview and neither was my employer. Visa status changed to "Issued" on June 12. Passport ready for pickup on the same day. <br> 06/21/2017 10:17:10 AM EDT 06/21/2017 11:06:56 AM EDT
H1Bpublic 0 Comments H1 India 06/05/2017 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad
No Asked few documents 06/21/2017 09:39:22 AM EDT 06/21/2017 09:43:36 AM EDT
paulas 1 Comments J1 India 05/09/2017 Canada : Ottawa
Pending 06/20/2017 No VO asked about PhD t...   more> VO asked about PhD thesis, research work and current work. No other questions but asked for CV. Returned my passport. <br> <br>Interview Date: 9th May <br>CEAC update: 9th May (AP) <br>CEAC update: 24th May (AP) <br>Got an email on June 15th to submit my passport! No CEAC update got an email from the embassy. Submitted passport on 15th June. Passport delivered to the embassy on 16th June (Friday morning). <br>CEAC update: 16th June (AP) <br>CEAC update: 19th June (AP) <br>CEAC update: 20th June (issued) 05/16/2017 10:37:35 AM EDT 06/20/2017 09:47:01 AM EDT
pavanreddy 1 Comments H1 India 06/19/2017 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad
No 06/20/2017 07:56:29 AM EDT 06/20/2017 07:56:29 AM EDT
Gunnyy 2 Comments H1 India 05/12/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai
05/18/2017 Approved 06/01/2017 Yes Had DUI on 12-March-...   more> Had DUI on 12-March-2016. <br> <br>11-May-2017 : First CEAC Update, Administrative Processing <br>12-May-2017 : First Interview, got 221g asking for medical tests <br>12-May-2017 : Completed all medical tests in Chennai Apollo Hospital <br>17-May-2017 : Chennai Apollo Hospital sent medical reports to US Embassy <br>18-May-2017 : Second interview and submitted Passport <br>18-May-2017 : Second CEAC Update, Administrative Processing <br>27-May-2017 : Sent email to support@ustraveldocs.com and New case created <br>28-May-2017 : First update by support@ustraveldocs.com <br>02-June-2017 : Second update by support@ustraveldocs.com <br>03-June-2017 : Sent email to support-india@ustraveldocs.com <br>05-June-2017 : Third CEAC Update, Administrative Processing <br>07-June-2017 : Sent email to support-india@ustraveldocs.com <br>08-June-2017: Third update by support@ustraveldocs.com <br>09-June-2017 : Fourth CEAC Update, Administrative Processing <br>14-June-2017 : Fifth CEAC Update, Issued <br>15-June-2017 : Collected Passport With Stamping 06/01/2017 12:37:20 PM EDT 06/19/2017 03:54:28 PM EDT

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