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Bala K- ()     06/20/2012 17:58 PM

This is Bala. Yesterday I have purchased visitor's insurance for my mom. My parents arrived from India a few minutes ago and after looking at your passports I realized that I entered wrong DOB for my mom. In a hurry I have entered my mother-in-law's DOB, instead of my mom's. I just spoke to your customer care representative (Lydia) regarding rhe wrong entry for my mother's date of birth. Lydia asked me to send an email with the corrected DOB. She also confirmed that 50-59 age policy premium still applies to my mom. Please kindly update the information in your database and send me a confirmation email.
I truly appreciate your care for the customer. So far I spoke to three Insubuy agents (two before policy purchase and one after purchase) and all three are "EXCELLENT". No wonder you guys get great reviews. Job well done!
Thank you,
Bala K

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Siddharth Singh- ()     03/24/2012 14:56 PM

I purchased Inbound USA for my wife and son for a period of 8 months and came to Boulder, Colorado. During 8 months, my wife had the need of going to Doctor three times and son one time. And wherever we went with the Inbound USA card, they refused to recognize it and lastly we managed the problems by buying the Over the Counter medicine by our own pocket after getting consultation from our Indian doctor.
I don't know why I purchased this insurance and what was the benefit of it if no hospital/clinic/doctor accepts it. Unfortunately, this insurance doesn't have any network of doctors or hospital so that you could get the idea where should you go to get the treatment

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SinghIsKing- ()     02/22/2012 10:07 AM


First of all strictly don’t purchase the travel insurance from this company (my suggestion).
When I started from New Delhi India, I took the travel insurance from ICICI Lombard for 5,00,000 (five lakh dollars) with 100 $ deductible and one day I was ill and went to hospital and there the doctors performed my tests and suggested the treatment for it and now they are not paying for those bills and hospital is sending me those bills again and again which is a big problem and secondly I called them to renew my policy (which as per ICICI Lombard is always possible to renew) they quoted the price, took the money, and after few days they said that they cannot renew the policy because I had seen the doctor and they had claimed the money for my tests and everything from ICICI Lombard
This is really a b'sht as they cheated me as I am here with a travel insurance from them and at USA I cannot get the new travel insurance as the new company will not cover my problem which has been diagnosed once, as they never cover pre existing disease and now I don’t know what should I do without the health insurance.

But before purchasing travel insurance from ICICI Lombard they never told me that they never extend the policies if some body goes to see the doctor and the medical people claims the money for the treatment from ICICI Lombard and secondly they took the money from me for the extension of my policy and after taking the money they refused to extend the policy (my money is still with ICICI Lombard) and if these companies don’t have the guts to pay the bills of the medical problems of their customers why they do such a big policies for 5 lac dollars equals to 2.5 crores of Indian rupees. But it is really bad as they know that their customer is in medical problem and he will again see the doctor and the doctor will again claim the money from them so they feel better not to give extension to those customers who can seek medical treatment.

The rep's of insurance company also told me to give them in written that I will not see the doctors again and then they will renew my insurance.

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DesiDude- ()     02/22/2012 09:16 AM

Buyer beware ... you are buying overseas health insurance from a desi company, when you buy ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance!! C'mon. You might want to buy a bridge from me that I want to sell. The difference between American/European companies and Desi outfits is that the Desi company will try to cheat you out of every dime - the other companies limit the amounts they cheat out of you. The only way you are gonna get paid is if you know some Neta who will *for a fee* call their boss and threaten political intervention. You are better off buying a policy when you are stateside. BTW - if you are in the USA and you can get your rep on the record saying that your policy issuance is contingent on your not seeking medical help again - THEN you can use that as evidence to go after United Healthcare - which is a regulated insurance provider in the US. You complain in writing to the state insurance commissioner about you being duped by a US insurer (ICICI is a POS desi company - so too bad you can't go after them) ... and then you may see some traction on your case.

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Dev- ()     12/27/2011 14:09 PM

I buy Overseas travel insurance from ICICI Lombard. As all knows it can not provide for year you have to issue for six months and then you can extend. When I try to extend website fail. They have some software error. Input string invalid. I am software developer and Know on what situation such error come.

Now I am policy less in foreign land. I believe on ICICI product now nothing for me. By rules I can not issue new policty because I am not in india. I did complaints but no one respond me yet just autogenerated mail.

Be aware of such product while they advertise show you flexibility fo renewal..

Thank you

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Alok Nigam- ()     11/21/2011 09:40 AM

This is just to WARN people how Reliance General Insurance acts in case of Claims. I bought a Travel Insurance for self and wife. Our baggage was delayed by Airlines and was delivered after more than 36 hours. The Policy document stated $100 in case Baggage is delayed for more 12 hours. Now some points which People should be made aware of:
1.Reliance has outsourced Claims to Third Party like the Medical Insurance which provides excuse to both to make you shuttle between the two. The two make you go between them.
2.Reliance reply to any complaint is the stereo-typed automated reply irrespective of what you write.
3.There is no information on tel no/email of any official on their website(at least I could not find it).There is a Customer Care # but it will ask you to contact TPA.
4.The Policy was purchased directly from Reliance and they send just the one page Policy Document. In small print it says that it is governed by Terms, Conditions and Exclusions .These are NOT SENT along with Policy Document but Claims are subject to those Terms and Conditions which have different meaning than what someone will understand from the Policy Document. This is the SHOCKER that you will get.
5.In this case the TPA linked the Claim to Emergency Purchases which is not stated on the Policy Document but only as part of Terms, Conditions and Exclusions. HERE LIES THE CATCH. Supposing you do not make any Emergency Purchase then you ARE NOT ENTITLED to any Claim as the Company defends itself by saying that you are INDEMNIFIED AGAINST ANY EXPENSES Reliance Travel Insurance - Baggage delay claim problem TO LIMIT BUT NOT ENTITLED TO ANY AMOUNT PER SE AS STATED ON THE DOCUMENT EVEN IF THAT IS NOT MENTIONED ON THE POLICY DOCUMENT.
6.The TPA excuse is that because you CHECKED A BOX stating that you have read the Terms and Conditions you cannot claim ignorance of those Terms, Conditions and Exclusions even if they are NOT SENT to you. Just for information of all it was sent to me after the dispute started and it is a 11 Page Document.

I write all this in detail so that Purchaser’s of any Policy know how they can be deprived of any Claim legitimately and can scratch your head. One last thing-when you buy Family Policy which covers all Family Member’s mentioned on the Policy the amount mentioned under each Head is TOTAL AND DOES NOT APPLY INDIVIDUALLY AS ONE WOULD BE LEAD TO BELIEVE. For individual coverage buy separate Policy and PAY ACCORDINGLY. So there is NO BENEFIT in buying Family Plan.

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Kamal- ()     11/20/2011 21:05 PM

My parents were visting from India and took ICICI Lombard as their travelling health insurance. They upfront disclosed their existing condition of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, with a history of previous stroke.

Within a week of their visit, my father had a another stroke and had to be taken to emergency. He was in emergency for 3 days and the hospital staff took great care of him. We were thankful that we had the insrance that covers visits to ER as it can be quiet expensive if you do not have insurance. Little did we know that 8 months since we will still be chasing ICICI for payment fo the hospital bills.

Claim # ICICI Lombard/4030/2900098/00/000/M004394.16

8 months have passed since and despite repeated correspondence from the hostpital, us and our family, ICICI Lombard has not responded to any of our emails or invoices. We have US $28,000.00 bill that we cannot pay from our pocket waiting to be cleared.

ICICI is affiliated with United healthcare in US. When you call ICICI helpline, they ask you to contact United and United # that is proivded is only for providers and not members.

United healthcare has sent various emails to ICICI Mumbai office and they have not received any response so far.

If anyone is even remotely thinking of getting ICICI policy for any reason, my strongest advice is please do not take it. You might as well flush your money down the toilet.

I am surprised that companies such as ICICI get away in US with these fradulent activities and no action is taken to make sure that they are totally banned from doing business in US market.

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Tanushri Podder- ()     11/16/2011 00:55 AM

I took a travel insurance policy number FE861869 on for my trip to Canada which was for 13 days.
This was taken through Birla Insurance Advisory & Broking Services Lts, New Delhi

Due to unavoidable circumstances my journey was cancelled and the same was informed to the agency.
Thereafter I was told to send the copies of my passport. I sent copies of the first two and last two pages of my passport as well as the one on which the Canada Visa had been stamped.

I have not yet received the refund and am now being told to submit copies of all the pages of my passport including the blank ones.

This is highly objectionable as it breaches my privacy. The said policy has no relevance with my other travels nor with the blank pages. I have been travelling frequently and taking policies from various companies. This is the first time that such a thing is being asked for.

It is not expected from a company of Tata's stature to resort to such tricks to delay refund.

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Dr.C.S.Rangarajan- ()     11/14/2011 16:45 PM

When once the claim for 'checked in baggage delay' is accepted, whether the Insurance Company can refuse to send the 'reimbursement money' by means of a cheque direct to the Bankers of the Insured upon specific request from the Insured. The Insurer refuse to send the cheque direct to the Banker of the insured.The Insurer insist that the 'reimbursement money' can only be sent to the insured's account by means of online transfer. Insurer ask for IFSC Code of the Banker, whereas Banker says that the IFSC Code is not operational just now. In what clause of the terms and conditions governing the insurance, is there a provision based on which online transfer alone is relied upon by the Insurer.

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Linda Agerbak- ()     11/08/2011 05:05 AM

As an American I bought this health insurance for 4 months stay in France. When I had a car crash, the French hospital immediately took the insurance and admitted me without any fuss or request for payment.

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