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tronghieu1987     05/20/2016 04:49 AM


I am really concerning about buying insurance plans for my wife and kid who are on F-2 visa. Some potential plans that come up are Atlas American (by HCC), Patriot America and Patriot Exchange (by IMG) because these plans are quite cheap and have quite good coverage.

The problem is that I read many reviews on other pages saying that these companies could not be trusted and these plans are all scam. All bills will be denied due to pre-existing condition reason (or worse, no reason).

The same scenarios are here in this forum. The difference is that there is an involvement of Insubuy and then most of bills are solved.

My question is:
- I don't understand why the procedure for claiming is clear and insured follows it with full medical records, the claims are still be denied. If so, then how will insured be protected, legally, in such cases?
- And by which way could Insubuy facilitate the claiming process and help in the payment, easily seemingly?

Thank you

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insubuy     04/27/2016 00:42 AM

This was sent by one of our customer Via e-mail regarding a staff member.


Thank you so much for your extra effort. Your company is very lucky to have such a conscientious employee as you are.

Thank you!


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insubuy     04/07/2016 11:04 AM

This was sent by one of our customer regarding their claim assistance
My father-in-law visited USA in 2014-2015 and was hospitalized. I had the Atlas America insurance. The hospital bills came out to be around \$75,000 and HCCMIS rejected the claim. However, with the help of INSUBUY Claims Resolution Specialist Fallon Galloway everything was resolved. Fallon Galloway went all the distance to ensure that the insurance paid all bills and resolve the whole issue. I am very much grateful to Fallon Galloway for such efficient handling of my situation. I thank INSUBUY and Fallon Galloway for all the help. I also now have full confidence on INSUBUY to resolve any such matter in future through expert specialists like Fallon Galloway.


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VisitorInsuranceReview     04/06/2016 20:19 PM

We have purchased visitor insurance through Insubuy several times in the past and we never had to use them until last year. Last year we purchased Atlas America (HCCMIS) insurance for my mother who was visiting us. Towards the end of her trip, she became sick and was hospitalized. The hospital took our insurance information and submitted the bills directly to HCCMIS. HCCMIS rejected the claim using the pre-existing condition reason. Since this hospital admission was not due to a pre-existing condition, we immediately contacted Insubuy and was advised to speak with Fallon Galloway. Fallon got all the details from us related to the claim and she filed the appeal with HCCMIS on our behalf. HCCMIS came back and requested further information which Fallon provided prompty. Soon after that, the appeal was accepted and HCCMIS agreed to make payments for the claim. After few weeks, we got confirmation from the hospital and from the medical providers that they have received the payments.

I wanted to thank Insubuy and Fallon for their assistance with the claims process.
Fallon is extremely knowledgeable and prompt in addressing our concerns. I am truly grateful and appreciative of her support, help and guidance. Insubuy not only has a good website where it is easy to purchase insurance but they also followed through and helped us out after
the purchase was completed.

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insubuy     03/03/2016 17:11 PM

This was sent by one of customers via e-mail regarding a staff member

I have now spoken to “Romaine”, who called me as a follow-up.

I would like to congratulate you for such excellent service, and Romaine was most helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely purchase a policy through you.


Ray C Kingston

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kudosinsibuy     02/29/2016 21:50 PM

My mother had to go to the urgent care during her visit to US. We had Atlas America (HCCMIS) purchased through Insubuy. Before going to the urgent care facility, we had confirmed that the hospital was in network and would be covered in accordance with our policy. However, all the claims were rejected by insurance company. Spent a lot of time chasing the hospital and the insurance company directly but couldn't make any progress. As a last resort, reached out to Insubuy (Fallon Galloway) and requested for assistance. Fallon was most considerate and worked hard with the insurance company to have them honor the claim. We can't be more impressed by the dedication to customer service displayed by Fallon (Insubuy).

When we were researching insurance plans for purchasing, we read many reviews praising insubuy but there was a concern if they were genuine. Now, having had a first hand experience, there is no hesitancy in claiming that Insubuy truly help you out as much as they can and deserve all the kudos for not leaving their customers in the lurch.


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Yinn Hendry     12/14/2015 08:00 AM

I am writing to express my heart-felt thanks to INSUBUY, especially its Claims Resolution Specialist Fallon Galloway. Last February bought an insurance through INSUBUY and then went to the U.S.. Unfortunately, a few days after my arrival, I was hospitalized due to dark stool. I spent two nights in the hospital and was discharged after the doctors diagnosed my disease, duodenal ulcer, which is not difficult to cure today. Then troubles began to approach. My insurance company refused to pay my hospital bills because it did not think I had an acute onset of pre-existing condition. However my doctors thought I had. I contacted INSUBY. Its claims resolution specialists are wonderful. In particular, Fallon Galloway! During my lengthy negotiations with both the hospital and the insurance, Fallon has been very patient, always available to offer help! I am deeply impressed by the integrity and professionalism that Fallon has demonstrated. Finally my insurance company paid most of my hospital bills, which I am very satisfied! Once again I would like to thank Fallon Galloway and INSUBUY. I feel proud of having been a customer of INSUBUY and would like to recommend it to people around me.

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subbiah     10/09/2015 00:06 AM

Reference to Policy number - 4030/W-369655/00/000 - I have taken an overseas travel policy in Chennai for a travel to US for 6 months. Based on the policy’s refund procedure, I am eligible for a refund of the unused portion (3+ months) because of my returning back to India.

I am a senior citizen, and I had to talk more than 6 times, and Email more than 8 times with the customer service of ICICI Lombard, in vain, and till date I have not received the refund, even after escalating the details to the grievance people as advertised in their website (Three names are mentioned), however, they do not even have professional ethics to respond to customer query.

I am old enough to raise this battle legally, and with such a pathetic customer service, I would strongly not recommened anyone to take any of ICICI Lombard’s policies. In case of any requirements as to details of this case, I would be happy to provide.

I have paid around Rs.19000 in terms of premium amount, on which, almost half of the amount is eligible for refund for non-usage, as per the policy terms. There are no claims or whatsoever against the policy, however, I am getting same responses on different dates from a customer service professional - Pankaj Chettri, that I have claimed an amount of Rs.300USD! (same as in his mail) If this is the case, ICICI should be paying me this money back! However, this cannot happen, as there was no such claim. I am getting a sense that ICICI enters in fradulent transactions similar to what I have quoted above, and probably, some bigger fish is yet unrevealed.

If you want to waste your money, energy and time, get disrepected and cheated, you have to knock at ICICI Lombard for a policy.

Subbiah, Overseas Travel Policy Holder of ICICI Lombard (Oct 16 - Jan 20)

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alhadp     09/24/2015 15:08 PM

My mother in law was on Atlas America (HCCMIS), bought through Insubuy. We got a lot of help from Insubuy.com , who helped guide us through a successful appeals process after the initial claim was denied by HCCMIS.

Personally we are not very happy with the insurance company. They denied the claim just because she had a history of that problem (but it was not a pre-existing condition). Then if we call them directly, it takes too long for them to respond. Once we decided to file the appeal, we contacted Insubuy, and that is when things started happening.

Also, the appeals process took very long, we were asked to wait 60 days for appeal response. It took close to 75 days (again fault lies with Insurance company, not Insubuy who in fact pushed them for a speedy response), and in the meanwhile we started getting borderline threatening collection calls from collection agencies for the hospital and doctors bills.

We are however very happy with the services of Insubuy. Do not get visitors insurance from anywhere else, you can be left in a lurch! Insubuy does not abandon their clients after the insurance has been purchased. We are not sure what we would have done if we did not have them in our corner, as a bill in the excess of $36,000 for hospital and labs was denied by the company.

The reality is that HCCMIS is actually one of the better insurance companies, and in the end, they did pay up after we provided additional evidence on appeal. But whichever insurance you buy, go through Insubuy.

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avaldes     09/09/2015 09:40 AM

It worked perfectly.

I just want to thank you one more time for your help, guidance and follow up with my concerns.

Also, we are very pleased with the quick response on the information that we called for, and for finding the appropriate plans that fit our needs.

Your professionalism and ethical standards were key for us on buying the Travel Policies.


A. and O .Valdes

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