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kirtee kapoor- ()     01/04/2005 22:18 PM

further to my posting a few months earlier, corris paid us the full amount. the trick lies in writing to better business bureau and federal trade commission complaining about them and copying them on all emails, faxes and correspondence. once they see you will raise hell, they pay - at least that was my experience.

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Balaji- ()     12/30/2004 11:37 AM

My in-laws visited us in June this year. Unfortunately my mother-in-law had a emergency and she passed away. She had insurance from ICICI Lombard ( Gold Coverage ) affiliated to Coris USA.

Coris did pay all the funeral expenses and Medical bills as per the insurance policy.

It looks like they have to get the funds from ICICI which delays the payments but eventually the bills got settled nealy 12000$. It took nearly seven months to close. I guess we need to be more patient.

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sachin- ()     11/25/2004 16:11 PM

had a bad experience with bajaj alliance when my mum got admitted for pancreatitis in London.When she was in ICU the very next day they faxed to the hospital that they will not cover any expenses.Being a physician I could call up doctors/people in India to get the bills cleared .Finally they paid up but it took a week and endless telephone calls to their office and other doctors to get the claims settled.

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Venu- ()     11/19/2004 18:56 PM

What happens if you do not pay the medical bills since, the hospital does not have recourse to you anyway?

IF your parents are responsible and if they go back to India...then who is responsible here?

IS there any undertaking given...except that affidavit of support to INS..that states that the visitor will not become a state charge.

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SAM- ()     11/18/2004 02:09 AM

File your complaints against Coris at following
Better Business bureau

BBB Serving Southeast Florida and the Caribbean
Address: 2924 N Australian Ave.
City: West Palm Beach, FL 33407 -
Phone: (561)842-1918
Fax: (561)845-7234
E-Mail: complaints@westpalm.bbb.org
Web URL: http://www.bbbsoutheastflorida.org

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Sandeep Sheth- ()     11/18/2004 01:47 AM

My mother visited me from India and we purchased insurance from Coris USA affiliate in India. My mother had a small accident and her shoulder froze. I requested for a visit to a Orthopedic instead Coris sent us to Emergency. Emercency department refered us to a Physician. Coris did not allow to visit the Physician instead after wasting two months they asked us to go to Urgent care. Urgent care once again refered to a Orthopedic. Coris did not authorize us to vist the Ortho untill I kept on harping then for a month or so. Ortho suggested a small procedure to correct the frozen shoulder but Coris did not bother even to reply to them. Four months passed with out My mother receiving any treatment Coris just closed the case with out any explanation. My mother returned back to India and was immediately treated for frozen shoulder which she could not receive in US because of self serving Insurance company like Coris USA.

They still have not paid for the my visits to Emergency Department and Urgent Care even after five months.

You can complain against Coris at Better Business Bureau and FTC.gov

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LR- ()     11/17/2004 11:48 AM

Hi I have this very bad experience with Coris America.My father-in-law was diagnosed of blood cancer while he was visiting us.We had to take him to the physician couple of times and get multiple tests done.Coris America said that they will pay for everything.We have sent them all the papers we got from the hospital and the doctor.They say all claims were approved.Its been long 4 months since then.But the hospital has sent us last notice now.Inspite of calling coris people numerous times they still say that payment section is handling it now.Wanted input from people who have had such experience with Coris.As far as I think they are not going to pay and just keep postponing till we get frustrated and quit bugging them.Is it a fraud company?Please email me or let me know if someone has got paid from Coris ever.If so how and how long did it take.Thanks.Your input will be greatly appreciated.One last thing would strongly advise anyone who is planning to buy New India visitor Insurance..Please donot buy it.For what we have gone through in so many months, I would recommend buying an insurance plan from here to have complete peace of mind, eventhough it is slightly expensive.Thanks,LR

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Nagendra Kumar- ()     11/16/2004 16:25 PM

My parents came to vist us and unfortunately my father fell sick and had to undergo a surgery. We had bought the best insurance cover from Oriental Insurance in India who are partnered with CORIS. We contacted CORIS before the surgery and were assured that all payments will be made to the hospital and the doctors on receipt of bills. Promptly after the procedure, we did send all the originals and sent a fax of all the docs to CORIS. It has been almost 6 months now, but havent got a single dollar from CORIS. We continue to get bills from the hospital and some of them have been sent to the collection agencies. It is very very painful to go through this. CORIS does not respond to calls, they can hardly speak English and they always refer to the claims dept which is opened only between 12 and 3 EST. If you are lucky to get across, they tell you that the payments are processed and payments will be made, but they are FULL of LIES ! They have done nothing so far.

Please buy a local insurance and save yourselves the pain.

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MM- ()     11/08/2004 00:40 AM

Beware of Coris America. I agree with all the information that has been posted by people about Coris. I had the same experience. My FIL had stone problem during his visit to US and i got $6000 bills. Coris despite several faxes and Fedex didn't process the case in the first place and after they processed it they keep telling that its sitting in their claims department. Their claims department works only from 12-3 Pm and the customer support speaks such a bad english. They talk so rudely. Despite several calls they still haven't paid a penny.

If you check this site
They don't even have a license to operate from Florida.

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SK- ()     11/03/2004 16:11 PM

My MIL was on a visit and had a heart attack. No preexisting condition. I had insurance thru' India Network - AIG. The problem with these types of insuarnce is that, the covereage is good for minor problems but is very limited for anything that requires surgery and hospital stay. For a total bill of 35k, the insurance has paid upto 6k or so and the remaining is on us. Now we have to work with the hospital to see if they would offer any discount and I am sure it is not going to be easy.
I wonder if there is any insurance that will cover reasonably upto 75-80% for major illness for higher premiums. I have not found any. Does anybody know?. I wish I was aware of the limited coverage. Not that I could have prevented what happened but ....

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