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insubuy     01/07/2017 00:17 AM

Email received from a happy customer:

Dear Insubuy Management Team,

I just had the pleasure of talking to your agent Amber (ext 118). I was nervous about my mother-in-law's new immigrant status, the state of health care in the United States, and how I was going to ensure her health and well-being once she arrives.

Amber is the most knowledgeable agent I have ever worked with. She addressed even my unspoken concerns, gave me good advice which she backed up with solid reasoning and explanations. She answered all my questions AND saved me time (and possibly money).

Please share my highest praise with her. Out of respect for her help, I'm not even going to look at any other insurance sites or companies before my mother-in-law's arrival on January 18th!


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insubuy     01/06/2017 15:47 PM

Email received from a happy customer:


Sean T was very attentive and helpful in assisting of choosing a visitor insurance.
It was much better experience than in the past with your company.

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insubuy     01/06/2017 14:31 PM

Email received from a happy customer:


Sean was very helpful to me and I had a great experience with him. I usually dread calling customer service, buy Sean was amazing. If I ever find myself needing international insurance again I will definitely choose Insubuy. I love how simple and stress free the whole process was. Thank you so much, Sean!

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insubuy     12/29/2016 09:41 AM

Email received from a happy customer

Had a good experience talking to Agent Amber.

She seemed quite knowledgeable and helped guide through the process and options.

Muzeeb S

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aNiche     12/28/2016 17:22 PM

I bought IMG Patriaot America Plus insurance from IMG and my mother had to visit an urgent care facility due to pain in her shoulder.

It has been 50 days the urgent care facility sent claim request to IMG and they have not responded. Upon calling them, I get to hear that the claim is still under process and nobody knows how long it will take to complete it. Are you kidding me? You are processing the claim and you don not have an estimated time for completion of the process??

That's the worst service I have ever received from any insurance service provider. I strogly advise against opting for IMG

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insubuy     12/22/2016 18:36 PM

Email received from a happy customer


I would like to appreciate Teresa who has given wonderful support and very good customer service.

She does deserve promotion and a raise

Thank you

Dhananjay K

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insubuy     12/19/2016 11:16 AM

Email received from a happy customer

Excellent customer service from Teresa! Very helpful! We will be using your service in the future. Thank you!

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insubuy     12/18/2016 16:04 PM

Email received from a happy customer

Hello Sir,

I would like to take a moment to give feedback regarding the service I received from Ryan. He is very patient and clarified about the plan. He answered my questions to the detail. I would appreciate his service and thanks so much for the information he provided. I look forward to buy the insurance for my parents.

Thanks so much,

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insubuy     12/15/2016 16:32 PM

Email received from a happy customer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to inform that Christy answered all of my questions and addressed my concerned very well. She is very knowledgeable and courteous.

Thank you,

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insubuy     12/15/2016 15:32 PM

Email received from a happy customer


Mr Russell C

Thank you for your email and I hope I will receive my the Fulfillment Kit for existing Policy PATAP81***** soon.

It was nice talking to you on phone and that you will send this time by priority mail and you will provide me tracking no.

Once receive the Fulfillment Kit I will inform you

Thanks and Regards

Brij B T

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