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insubuy     03/19/2015 13:54 PM

This review/feedback was sent by one of our customers by email and we are posting here for the benefit of everyone.



I was in my businesses for 50+ years. From day #1 I knew that people are the repeating successful factor in every direct contact business.

Without going into the details that make me take the time to tell a business, you (Insubuy) have a powerful business asset, her name is Brittany (ext #118).

I don't know what her "title" is except as to how a client (or POTENTIAL CLIENT), would refer to her as a wonderful representative of your whole company.

Lately I haven't dealt with many people that represent their company, I have experienced many phone menus, recorded messages and the purposeful avoidance of individual contact for customers with employees.

Bottom line, intentional contact with this young lady will sell more policies for Insubuy. When my wife no longer needs this policy I will call Brittany for her advice (!) for our next longer term policy (policies).

Thank you for the respectful and informative treatment your clients receive from Insubuy, by way of your excellent representative, Brittany.

Fred S

PS: I'm not related to her (LOL) but I would definitely hire her.

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coolrags     02/11/2015 00:55 AM

Hi, My grandma is planning to visit us in the US and she is 80 yrs of age. I have reviewed most insurance plans they either do not have coverage for 80 yrs visitors or they do not cover pre-existing conditions. My grandma has diabetes and hence I wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience of a visitor of that age and can you suggest me a good option for visitor insurance? thanks in advance for your time in this regard.

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bajaj_insurance_fraud     01/31/2015 09:09 AM

BAJAJ ALLIANZ Travel Insurance is running comple global level FRAUD. They are declining claims without looking at anything. the guy name LAKSHMI is running this fake and fraud practise and he thinks ALL CLAIMS falls under PRE EXISTING condition.

I have been contacting USA investigation agencies to analyse bigger scope of BAJAJ ALLIANZ Travel Insurance fraud practises operated by LAKSHMI and his fake doctor's medical team. All preexisting condition denials claims will be researched and investigated under this.

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munnabhai     01/20/2015 15:59 PM

 would like to share my worst experience with ICICI Lombard. I still repent the day when I took travel insurance from ICICI Lombard for my mother.

When my mother was admitted to the hospital in Sydney in very serious critical condition, ICICI Lomabrd assured us that they will process the claim as cashless immediately but after running from pillar to post for 2 months the claim was approved as cashless. But the team at ICICI played a very nice game they never paid any money to hospital for 6 months, and assured us that if we clear the bill they will process our claim in 15 days.

We cleared the bill and again they took us for a ride and after 10 months they rejected our claim citing some clauses in their T&C. After that we have been trying to get in touch with their customer service, grievance cell and even the senior management are very very un-cooperative.

Guys please be very very careful in taking any type of insurance from ICICI Lombard.

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sensan     01/07/2015 11:12 AM

I had taken a Tata AIG Travel Guard Gold policy for USD 200000 during my travel to USA in Feb. 2012 . They never explained daily sub limit clauses . I had a total bill for USD 23046 for one day . After lots of cajoling and pressure , they settled for only USD 4642 . Now the hospital has referred the claim to a collection agent who are harassing me . TAIG daily Sub limits are too low compared to US standard hospital charges .

I cross checked with many others who have taken TAIG policies and the faith is the same. Please be double sure in case you still prefer for TATA AIG foreign travel policy.

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SVJ     10/30/2014 02:17 AM

Hi All,

This is my first post / feedback / review on any website !!

My in-laws came to US on May 2014 & I bought Atlas America (Comprehensive coverage) from Insubuy.com after doing some research and reading other’s reviews.

After 4 week’s of stay in US my mother in-law fell severely sick and was first taken to urgent care and then to hospital emergency. She was hospitalized for 7 days and the total bill for the service came to $ 68 K.

Initially all the bills were denied by the Insurance company based on the non-availability of medical records. We did the follow-up with Hospital & Insurance company to bridge the gap but there was a catch 22 situation. At that time we called Insubuy. Mr Narendra pitched in quickly and was very helpful in resolving the issue. He followed up with insurance company on our pending bills and asked them to look into the matter on priority.

Though I haven't had any prior experience in handling claims with Indian Insurance company but reading the experiences from others, I do feel that buying an insurance from US provider (and specially from Insubuy) was definitely a better choice.

The last bill of $ 42 K was paid to the Hospital by insurance company yesterday.

I sincerely want to thank Mr Narendra Khatri and his Insubuy team for not only providing the right products but also supporting the customers when they really need.

The reason I posted this review is (A) I would like to acknowledge the effort of Mr Narendra (B) The way I was able to decide on buying the insurance by reading other’s reviews, similarly I hope my review comment would be helpful to others as well.

I will definitely recommend Insubuy products to my friends. Thank you.

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pra2014     09/14/2014 20:52 PM

I had purchased Atlas America insurance for my parents through Insubuy when they visited me earlier this year. I decided to go for this US based insurance product thinking that I might not end up using it but just in case if there is any emergency it will be better compared to products from India since most of the hospital accept Atlas America produce. Now, when I look back I realize that not only did I choose a great product but also great companies like Insubuy who have been with me through all the hardships I faced in last few months.

I made the policy effective on the day my parents were supposed to arrive in USA. Their travel was fine but the problem started after the flight landed. While alighting from the flight, my mom felt dizzy and fell. When she regained consciousness she had difficulty breathing. From the terminal she was directly taken to emergency where she was diagnosed for Pulmonary Embolism. She stayed in ICU for 2 days and had follow up checkups and medication for next 4 months. The total bill crossed 40K.

I got the biggest shock of my life when all the bills were declined stating pre-existing conditions. This is when Sir Narendra Khatri stepped in. I got in touch with him and submitted all the documents from hospital and attending physicians. With his help, we appealed the claim denial and after submitting all the documents the case was approved. Once the case was approved, HCCMIS which administers the product paid all the bills as per the contract pretty quickly. All through the ordeal, Narendra sir was in constant in touch with me providing direction on next steps as well as giving the status of the claims and also with HCCMIS following up religiously on the claim payment status. I cannot thank him enough for all the help he has done over the last few months.

Coming to the claims approval process, here are some of the tips from my experience:
- Ensure that the policy is effective before the travel itself. Some people make it effective after their parents reach USA which is not a good idea.
- In the event of emergency, the last thing you will think of is calling up the insurance company and setting up pre-authorization. But, this is one important step that you cannot afford to miss. If its an emergency, HCCMIS will allow 48 hours to complete pre-authorization.
- Collect all the medical records from hospital and attending physicians
- Register in the insurance portal(in my case HCCMIS) and keep checking the status regularly
- Follow up with insurance provider, hospital and attending physicians if any of the claims are pending for long.
- In case any claims get denied do check with insurance provider on the reason for denial.
- And finally, keep Narendra sir/insubuy informed of the claims decision so that they can review and advise the next steps for you.

I will strongly advise purchasing any product through Insubuy. There are good products with them and Atlas America is one of the best products that you can choose.

I will end my note by extending my heartfelt thanks to Narendra sir and Insubuy.


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imm86     07/12/2014 13:41 PM

Narendra Khatri/Insubuy

I took Atlas America visitor insurance through insubuy. Mother-in-law had issues and we visited IN-Network doctor next to our house. They did lot of lab tests including biopsy etc . We started getting bills from HCC . And for several months we were struggling to make HCC understand the issue . I would have made 40 HCC customer service calls with no proper response.

Then we got in touch with INSUBUY [Narendra Khatri] .From very first call, he understood our issue and followed up with HCC . In a week' time, HCC paid all the biils . This is amazing work by Narendra Khatri .

I would recommend Atlas America through INSUBUY . We already started recommending to all our friends.

Again I am taking the same insurance for my In-laws this year.

Thank You Once Again

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ssha     07/04/2014 08:21 AM

Insubuy Team / Narendra Khatri -

I would like to thank you and write this review.

My mother is a regular visitor to the USA and I make sure that she is covered under one of the insurance plans to include acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Last year I opted for Atlas America.

She started with stomach pains few weeks after landing in US and the pains got severe. I worked with HCCMIS (Terrible Customer Care) to find the diagnostic centres etc for multiple scans that were prescribed. Finally after few months, she was diagnosed with Gall Bladder issues and GB removal was suggested. I booked a flight back to India and got her operated here (Cost of whole operation with star treatment, including flights, was less than one MRI cost in US).

From October 2013 to March 2014, I struggled with the customer care and the response of HCCMIS. I am assuming all companies are same and they rejected all the bills (Upwards of $22k). Finally i registered on insubuy forums to reach out to support team and got in touch with Narendra Khatri.

Narendra was extremely helpful and professional from Day 1 and and took the ownership of the issue. He worked with HCCMIS teams to make sure that the claims were considered and cleared. I believe these plans work, but you need a reliable service provider like insubuy who can help with claims and process. So I thank Narendra and insubuy for all the help. This is my first review ever on any website, but I am writing this as I believe Narendra and his team deserves some recognition.

Thanks Again !

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cancerian     07/01/2014 21:59 PM

Insurance companies lure students who are going overseas with cheap plans.But these plans don't really cover anything.Also you would have to pay hundreds/thousands of dollars upfront and later claim for reimbursement, which you never receive. I had a bad experience with Star Health Insurance.They have never paid me for any of the claims.Customer care is really bad.They have contracted someone else to do this and those folks don't have your policy info in their records. ALWAYS get insurance from your school or companies here.

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