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While away from the home country, there is no need to be away from home entertainment. Whether you are addicted to Indian movies or just planning to have good time over the weekend, there are plenty of movie theaters in most areas throughout US that show Indian movies. While some theaters show Indian movies only during the evenings and weekends, some theaters show them all the time. Few theaters also show regular hollywood movies at other times and Indian movies during the weekends. Most such theaters show Hindi movies, but increasing number of theaters also show regional movies such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

Whether you are looking for Loehmann Twin Cinemas Falls Church, Virginia, Naz 8 Cinemas in Fremont, California, Everest Theaters in Irving, Texas or Tiffany Plaza Movies 6 in Denver, Colorado, we have listings of all of them.

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It is best to call ahead and check which Indian movies are currently running in a given theater and about the timings as they may vary depending upon the movie length and season of the year.