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If you are making a trip to India or your relative is traveling to US, it is usually cheaper to purchase the air ticket through Indian travel agent as they get the consolidated tickets from the consolidators. In most cases, it would be more expensive to buy air ticket directly from an airline, on the web site or through regular travel agent.

Make sure to contact several travel agents as the prices are not fixed and availability of seats may vary based on various travel agents even for the same flight with same airline. However, do not call several agents and give them passenger list. Otherwise, they will all make the booking for the same flight and airline may cancel all of them.

Most travel agents would charge you extra money if you pay by credit card. Before you buy the ticket, ask the travel agent to fax or email the itinerary to you and make sure that there are no mistakes. Most airlines will not make any changes without heavy fee.

Whether it is Today's Traveler in Fairfax, Virginia, Ticket Planet in San Francisco, California or Apex Travels in Richardson, Texas, we have got listings of all of them.

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