Addition of Spouse Name in Indian Passport

Addition of Spouse Name in Indian Passport

To add your spouse’s name on your passport, you have to apply for ‘Re-issue of Passport‘. In any case, please note that it is not required to add your spouse’s name in your passport after marriage.

On the ‘Passport Application – Get Started Page‘, you will select ‘Please select your Marital Status‘ as ‘Married’.

Under ‘Choose Your Passport Service‘ at ‘Do you want to ADD Spouse Name‘, you can choose ‘Additional Spouse name after Marriage’ to ‘Yes‘.

Complete Application Procedure

Additional Documents

  • If you would like the name of your spouse in your passport who is a foreign citizen, one of the following documents are needed:
    • Marriage certificate issued by the Indian Mission:

    • Marriage certificate issued by foreign government, duly attested/apostille either by:
      • The Indian Mission/Post in the jurisdiction where the marriage certificate was issued.

      • By marriage certificate issued in India by Indian authorities (Marriage officer/Registrar of marriage)

    • Marriage certificate issued by foreign embassy/high commission/consulate of that country in India (to which the foreign spouse is a citizen).

      You should not add any prefix/suffix to the name that denotes the foreign nationality.

  • For Indian citizen spouse, simply attach a marriage certificate.

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