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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Passed Processing Time
Hi Family, Hoping everyone is keeping safe,

We had our interview on 09/02/2020 and our case was being held for a review. it has been more than 11 months now and still haven't gotten any feedback. What does one have to do if they are passed processing time frame
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Case approved and GC in hand!!!
I just want to share our interview experience. We had it last August 2, 2021 at the Santa Ana, CA field office. After checking in, we waited just 10 minutes before the interviewing officer came to see us. He made photocopies of our driver licenses and passports, then he led us to his office. We took our oaths and then he went through our application forms. First was the I-130 for my husband, and then I-485 for me. He just basically made sure that all the information there are correct and took notes if there are any updates. After going through the forms, he just asked us how we met and where we got married. He also asked me about my future career plans and I told him that I am considering studying again but not yet sure if I am going for my masters or a second degree. Both I-130 and I-485 were approved on the spot. Case status were updated a couple hours after the interview. And the green card (conditional) was delivered last August 9, 2021.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The interview itself was very casual and the interviewing officer was really nice.

Next step: removal of conditions :)
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Interview at PHX Field Office on Aug 2 and Case status is not updated
Hello Everyone,

We had an interview at Phoenix Field Office on August 2nd. Officer gave us 485 interview results with option 1 (case is still under review).

Case status is not updated. It still says , Interview was Scheduled.

Anyone in the same boat..
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PD November 2018
Is there November 2018 are on the same boat still waiting to approve I-130 and I-485 in San Fernando Valley?
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EAD Renewals
Anyone recently renewed their EAD/AP combo card? Was just wondering how long is processing typically taking now for renewals? Thanks!
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Interview helpp
please help. I have my i485 interview for September 2 and I do not have an interpreter, USCIS only has an interpreter for a person with an Asylum interview, what we have a marriage interview we can use the uscis interpreter????????
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Outside of the normal processing time. Fresno ca
What can one do when one’s case is outside of the normal processing time After interview?
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Baltimore filer - PD sept 2021
hey guys i have my interview soon, but i was not given a EAD or social so naturally we dont have a lot of joint stuff, can anyone give suggestions for supporting documents? we have lots of pictures, life insurance, bank account, cellphone plan.
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Interview Cancelled And Notice Ordered
Hi Everyone,
USCIS Cancelled my interview almost one week before the interview date. I received a cancellation notice a day prior to the interview date. Did anyone have the same experience? How long did it take to get the new interview?
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I693 Validity
Hi Everyone !
I have a question , I submitted AOS in July 2020 without i693( I got i693 deficiency notice and thought of taking it directly to interview) and got my medical(i693) done in January 2021 . My Interview got scheduled on August 5 , 2021 , I am wondering if my medical i693 is still valid ?or it has to be done 2 months before the interview ?

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