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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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GC processing.
02/12/09 - Got married.
03/11/09 - Send all neccessary documents (I-130, I-485, I-131, I-765)
04/07/09 - Finger printed
Present - Waiting................
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I 485
Sent my applicationon
Feb 2nd that is I 485
Feb 17 received receipts I 485,I 765,I 130.
Feb 27 received letter which I was required to send I 693 and I 864.
March 30th sent I 693 and I 864.
  I am now waiting for the the decision to be made.Am waiting so bad like I have been in the house just reading books from start to end.Am so anxiously waiting.I do not know how long the EAD will take to come.
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Adjustment of status
Can someone advice me please?
Had a really bad day yesterday, Went in for my interview and the officer ding even greet us at the first place. We entered her office and were swon then wanted my lawyer to show him his practicing card then she started asking question. Trouble started when my wife forgot the wedding day and my parents names. We were separated and she was pressing my wife to admit that i paid her or she is just helping me since i dont ave a job. My wife refused and stood by me and dint sign the petition removal notice. She then called me and told me that she was not convienced and she will do futher investigation and notify me in mail the decition.
What does this mean and we are truelly married and in love with my wife?????
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My experience during GC process
hi everybody

this Forum was to me very helpful,and I'd like to thank all for advices!
My GC process is based on marrige to an USC in August 2008.I'm from Germany.NSC Missouri was the office.
Here my Timeline.............
Sep.5\2008 sent I-485,I-130,I-131 and I-765.
Sep.26\2008 Fingerprints taken
Okt.10\2008 RFE for I-864
Nov.14\2008 EAD Card recived(wrong birthdate)
Nov.24\2008 Sent EAD card with new Application and had to pay $340 fee for it because was my fold
Nov.21\2008 Interview letter recived
Dec,18\2008 NOS for EAD(nothing else til Interview)
Jan.29\2009 Interview and approval

Our Interview was in Milwaukee at 9 am.
We were called at 9.20 am.Our Interviewer was a very friendly man in the 50's.We were sworn in.
The Officer asked my husband about my Mother's and Father's name,my Birthdate,my cellphonenumber.While he asked he typed a lot in his computer.He asked me the same questions about my husband's family and his work.Then how we met us,why we decided to get married in Vegas,How often I visited my husband til now(4 times within 3 years,two times my husband in Germany)
Then he liked to see evidence of joint accounts with both name on it,medical bills...I told the officer that was all what we had with our both names because I did'nt get SSN or EAD and couldn't change my name with out these
The Interview was about 20 min.All went very smooth.I took two folders along with original documents and one with copies of all documents.The officer was impressed about my organized folders and said I'm better oranized than some lawyers smile.
He took my I-94 from my passport and said that I am approved and will get my card within 3 weeks.
I got my card 0n Feb.11\2009(13 days)
I had everything and checked all over and over again smile
I also had pictures,Flight tickets,cards and letters but never asked for.
I was nervoes in the waiting room but at the time I saw the Officer I felt much better.

If your Relationchip based on Love and honesty and you tell the true all should be fine!!!
I think also for a importend appointment like this Interview everyone should wear clothes better than casual.I was a little shocked how people were clothed.

I wish everyone Good luck.
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Adjustment of status based on marriage
Hello to everybody,
I came to US June 2007 with J-1 visa(2-year home residency rule does not apply),change my status to F-1 student(got an approval for it in March 2008).Me and my husband got married in April 2008 and we knew each other since the time I got to the country(we worked together).Filed my paperwork for Adjustment of status September 1,2008(I-130,I-485 concurrently with I-765 and all supporting forms.My husband is my sponsor on Affidavit of support).September 23 went to have biometrics taken.My EAD arrived December,19. Then December,24 I got an appointment notice for initial interview,which was today, February,9. Officer swore us,asked for ID's and passports.He just went through my previous visa history:ok,u came June 2007 on J-1 visa,2 year rule does not apply to u...then u were a student,good. What school did u go to?Oh,english language school,good...And then u got married...when was that?My husband answer: April 4, u have your bank statements?I gave him all of them and he goes:u have a copy?I said he can keep the originals coz' my husband has a personal banker and it won't be a problem to make a copy for us...He goes:Oh,yeah,really?My husband confirmed,and officer says:So,do u have ur bank,too?So,we started to laugh,and officer made another joke about something else;-)He took our utility bills and one for internet,asked me all that questions on I-485 form(have u ever convicted a felony,have u ever etc)...That's all.I asked him if he wants to see any pictures?We had a big album,but he said no and made another joke:It will take me all day to look through all of them!;-)So,he issued me a notice saying that as of today I was granted permanent residence and explained how to remove conditions from my 2-year card.He was so nice and funny.
I will receive my card in 90 days;-)
We didn't have a lawyer I filed everything myself.
Good luck to everyone,I wish u the same experience I just had!
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Got 10 yrs Visitor's Visa - Sponserer is friend

first of all I thank everyone here for providing the immense information.

I got my Visitor visa approved (10 yrs) on 18th Dec 2008. My friend sponsered me.

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning! how are you?
Me: Very Well thank you!
VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
Me: Meet my friend and for tourism.
VO: how long you know your friend
Me: 4 yrs
VO: for whom your friend works in America
Me: answere xxxxx
VO: How did you meet your friend?
Me: we were collegues in past!
VO: What is the name of your friend?
Me: He is not married yet!
VO: What was the purpose of your last visit? (I had been to USA On B1 which was issued for 3 months.
ME: Answered the query..
VO: When did you return from your Previous visit?
ME: Answered xxx Date/yy
VO: Looked at my passport the dated stamped by Hyd airport authority.
VO: how long you have been working with current company?
ME: answered xx yrs
VO: Do you have your leave approval letter?
ME: Yes! i do have and i gave the leave approval letter
VO: Congrats! your visa is approved, Merry X-mas.

Thank you once again team for all the help and i wish good luck to all those who are applying.

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Divorce my husband who got 10gc a yr ago
I need some advice I met my husband in 2002 and we were inseperable. We decided to marry in 2004 and we had a beutiful son Jan 2005. Since 2007 we have been seperated due to many marital problems. I have since then made the decision to file for divorce. His responce has been that we needed to wait a while per his attorney it is not recommended because immigration would be under the impression it was fraud. And that they would take his GC away? The thing is they gave it to him for 10yrs why do I need to wait to move on with my life. Also he convinced me not to file for child support because he said it would affect his legal status? I cant afford an attorney so I was hoping someone can help me answer these questions.
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Hi all. well i got married on aug 28. i have my marriage certificate widm e .. my husd\band is a us citizen & i came over on my K1. now. .i wud want to knw wot all wud i need to fill in & how to apply for adjustment of status & hw much time wud it take for my social security etc so that i can atleast get a license & start work!
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is presence mandatory
To apply for the EAD for H4 person is their presence mandatory in USA, can they leave the country for short time?
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driver license renewal
Im waiting for a name check clearance from the FBI,did renew my EAD twice and the last time was expired end of may 2008. renewed it late end of june fingerprinted on aug 1, driver license expired on july 25th of 2008 and couldnt renew it since my work permit was expired. any suggestions so atleast get my driver license renewed? please need your help
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