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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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I have made a pledge to post my experience on this website once I get my GC.The website have been such a great help to me and my wife. This is my story.

It all happened this year 2011

Jan 7th Got married
Feb 22nd Sent paperwork/ applications to uscis
March 2nd Got email that appl was recd 02/25
March 7th Official receipit(I-797c) recd in post
March 8th Biometric appt for 03/29/11
March 29th Biometric done(fp,photo,signature)
March 31st Got letter Request for evidence
April 4th letter for rfe recd in post
April 7th sent evidence requested to uscis
April 12th uscis recd rfe(tax returns)
April 28th got interview letter fo 05/31/2011
May 6th EAD recd in post
May 9th Applied for SS card/number
May 16th SS card recd in mail
May 17th Opened a bank a/c with BOA
May 31st Interview day.ApplicationI-485 denied
June 10th My lawyer file a new application
June 24th Official receipts recd
June 27th Bio letter appt for 07/11/11
July 7th Passed road test. Got Driv License
July 11th Biometric done
July 18th Got interview letter for 08/22/11
Aug 3rd Got a job at last. Thank God
Aug 22 GCard Approved.. Thank ALLAH
Sept 1st 2 years conditional GC recd in post

On the day of the interview the IO seperated us , called me in first. Ask about 15 questions and later called my wife and ask her about 5 questions. Our lawyer was present. He latter gave us a lletter that he was reviewing our case and that he doesnt need anything from us.He gave me an envelope if I need to send the EAD back to him, did not stamp my passport, took copies of lease agreement, phone bills and joint bank statement and some wedding pictures He sees us to the door , show us the toilet if we need to use it. Very nice and friendly man.
My personal advice to everyone put GOD first and do your best. BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE
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The process went as follows;

Filed i-130/i-485/i-745 ---- april 15th, 2011
Received Notice of Action form 1070a --- May 13th, 2011
Recieved fingerprint notification - June 15th, 2011
Biometrics Done - june 29th, 2011
recieved EAD card - jul 7th,
recieved Inteview letter - jul 14th
Interviewed - Aug 25th.
Recieved Welcome letter - Aug 29th
Recieved Perm Card - Sept 2nd.

During my interview. My Spouse was called in first for questioning and I was later summoned in and the only question I was asked, was when and where did you meet your spouse ? My address, name, social security ? Phone ?

It lasted about 10 minutes.
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i will say i had to re apply as the first time round i really wasnt prepared and i believe they just ende dup misplacing my file- anyway my hubby and I used an attorney 2nd time round and the timelineis as follows:
March -sent application
April- Acknowledgement of App arrived.
End of May - Biometrics appointment for June 14th arrived, also same week Interview notice arrived- interview was set for July 14th
July 14th- had interview- they separated my husband and i-
I wont lie the interview was gruesome to the point where atty had to intercede- the adjucator went as far as digging into my credit report and expected me to know the details of the information on my credit report from about 9 yrs ago- she aske dme about my husbands credit report as well.
long story short- i wasnt confident- however she was easier on my husband (the US citizen) and so after she had grille dme fo ralmost an hour she only spoke to my hubby for abou t10 mins she she me back in and advised that she wld recommend approval of my case.

my card arrived in the mail on July 23rd- im glad its over and thank God co sit was only him after the gruesome interview.

my only advise is be prepared fo ranything anf be honest period. if you dontknow something statte just that and say no more.
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My husband and I had our adjustment of status interview a week ago.We were both very nervous at first but once we went in with the officer we relaxed because he was very kind.He asked my husband when and how we met,my date of birth and asked to see some pictures of our wedding.He also requested our birth and marriage certificates.I know this interview seems scary but the truth is that if you are prepared with all your documents and your marriage is honest it will be great.Good luck to everyone.
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I485 interview experience
My interview was really smooth like 15 minutes. My appointment was for 2:15 and they call my name like 3:45pm I was very frustrated, we walked in me my wife and the officer before taking a seat we raise our right hand and made an oath to say the truth, this interview is very important u need to convince the officer with a good story line how u both met thats the first question they will ask u," dont just say oh we met on a friends party" they want to hear more like we met here and then we did this and that,one person will talk at a time and then she/he will ask u who propose who to the next person or about the wedding reception. Its very important to give her a good impression and have wedding pictures with you ready and when u started dating each other if not u will have to come back for a second interview most likely and will be separated.bring everything that indicates in the appointment letter . At the end of the interview she tells me im approving your application right now, u will get your green card in 2 weeks dont leave the country until received the green card . She wrote in my visa I485 filed 05/05/11 "CWOP" they dont the passport any more .. I came with a tourist visa when i was 16 with my parents overstayed 8 years graduated High school i started working when i was 18 . if they ask you u are currently working just say yes and if she ask how just say u made it up the number nver say u bought fraudulence paper. i file my paper 05/05/11 crad production the same day after my appointment 7/14/11
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Can I petition both parents who are currently here in US?
Hi,My parents are both here. their tourist visa will expired on Dec 22,11.Can I petition them here?I filled up I-130. Is I-130 the only document that I need to file?By the way, I am US citizen. they're on tourist visa. I am currently unemployed. My husband and i can show our w2 as proof of income.Can I file here while they are here ?
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I 485 interview
hi everyone i had my i 485 interview last week and the officer separated me and my husband and ask us a lot of question like the floor of our house, where we put our dirty laundry, our toot paste tye etc i guess at a time i was confused because i did not expect this kind of question. I came to the US as a vistor and fall in love with my husband and got married and I guess he did not believe it anywho he gave us a paper
A decision cannot be made on your I 485 due to
Further review of your application/relating file is necessary to determine eligiblity
what does that mean.
We are really worried could anyone please help me with what we could do
thank u
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Interview in 15 days!!!
Can somebody help me, i have my interview in the next two weeks, all i wanna know is, what exactly i need to bring, we have a lots of pictures, bills, car insurance, our leasse for the last 3 years living together, is there any other information you guys may thing will be important to bring??? base in your experience. Thank you so much everybody God bless you!!!
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Interview in 15 days!!!
Can somebody help me, i have my interview in the next two weeks, all i wanna know is, what exactly i need to bring, we have a lots of pictures, bills, car insurance, our leasse for the last 3 years living together, is there any other information you guys may thing will be important to bring??? base in your experience. Thank you so much everybody God bless you!!!
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adjusment of status i485
on may 2008 i applyed for i 485 or to adjust status
i got my i 130 approuved in mail and i did my interview in november 2009 for i 485 and since then till now i never got any decision i need help. what should i do any time i call or step in they ask me to come back in 30 days or call.
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