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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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Interview Cancelled
Hello all,

I have a question if anyone have experienced the same issue:

My case was "Ready to Schedule for the Interview" since April 6th, 2020
Today I checked the status and it says:
"Interview Cancelled
On August 7, 2020, we cancelled or descheduled the interview scheduled for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSC******. We will notify you by mail if the appointment is rescheduled, a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address."

When I spoke to a USCIS agent via chat they can't see the reason why it was canceled.

My I-130 is still showing "Case Was Received"

I didn't submit any medical before and haven't got the RFI...

Please advise if anyone have had a similar situation. How did you deal with that? Or what came out of it?

Thanks in advance.
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I 485
Hi guys,

My I 485 was ready to be scheduled for an interview on March 20th (married to USC).
Last week the status was changed to ,name was updated'.
Anyone had the same experience lately? I've read some old posts about what might be the meaning, but I am curious if somebody received that update lately, in 2020.
Any comment would be much appreciated!
Thank you!
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Moving from State
My husband and I talked about moving from Washington State to another state after i get my green card but apparently Seattle USCIS office is one of the slowest offices right now and I’m wondering what would happen if i move now? They move my case? Or would i have to come to Seattle for my interview?
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NEWARK, NJ field office
Hello! Any news from Newark Filers???
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Anyone have same situation?
Hi guys.. I’m an F1 visa with assylum pending and AOS with USC In Washington.
Here is my timeline
My PD: OCT 14,2019
Biometric :11/19/2019
RFIE: DEC 20,2019
Case ready to be scheduled on :MAY 12,2020
Interview was schedule on :JULY 29,2020
My interview will be on:AUG 19,2020
Anybody have same situation as mine who already got GC in hand?
Is it easy interview or any experience??
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Finally our PR Card Arrived.
Please see the time line below.

PD June 18, 2009 EB2 India

11/11/2019:- Submitted I-485/I-765/I-131, to Lewisville TX office.
11/12/2019:- All applications were received by USCIS office.
11/17/2019:- USCIS accepted the fingerprint fee.
11/22/2019:- Received Receipt Notices (I797C) separately for I-485, I-765, I-131 from NBC, Lee’s Summit.
11/29/2019:- Finger print Notice Received.
12/12/2019:- Finger Print Taken.
12/13/2019:-The fingerprints relating to your Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, were taken.
03/04/2020:- Ordered new card EAD/AP
03/05/2020:-Approved Form I-765/I-131.
03/09/2020:-Mailed EAD/AP
03/10/2020:- Post Office picked up EAD/AP
03/11/2020:- EAD/AP Card Was delivered.
04/21/2020:- USCIS sent RFIE for submission I-693/photos.
4/25/2020:- Received RFIE.
4/27/2020:- Medicals Done/Sent the photos and I-693 to Attorney for review.
4/28/2020:- RFIE Documents received by attorney.
4/29/2020:- RFIE Documents Sent to USCIS
05/01/2020:- RFIE Documents received by USCIS.
07/15/2020:- Ordered new card GC
07/16/2020:- Approved I-485 message received.
07/20/2020:- Received I-485 Approval Notice.
08/04/2020:- PR Card was mailed.
08/07/2020:- PR Card Received.(if registered with USPS informed Mail, you can get the USPS tracking numbers as soon as the cards were shipped to your address.)

Good thing was our interview was waived.
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Biometrics for Feb Fillers in San Jose
My PD is 02/28/20. I'm still waiting for my biometrics appointment. Any one has the same situation?
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I-485 Interview Schedule or Reschedule - Des Moines, IOWA?
Has anyone received I-485 interview scheduled or rescheduled notice for Des Moines Iowa field office after USCIS opened on June 4th 2020?
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My lawyer failed to send the packet to the NOID to the post office
Hello y’all, it’s my first time posting here but it’s with the heart pumping and full of rage that I am writing... To be brief, I had a NOID on February 20, 2020. The NOID was saying I should bring some documents like bank statements, Utilities bills and such. I could not afford a lawyer at the time of filling and after the working permit and all, I was able to saved a little bit and when I received the NOID, my wife and I decide to talk to a lawyer, he told us to pay 600$ for him to help us out with the NOID, and we agreed. He told us to write the response ourselves to all the interrogations in the NOID and that he will review it and make some adjustments to make it better. I wasn’t worried because I had nothing to fear I knew I didn’t provide some evidence because at the time of filling I didn’t have those. So we wrote our response and frankly we responded to all the points and provide all the documentation. We gave it to the lawyer 5 days before the deadline. When we got there he said the letter was so good he couldn’t add nothing. I was a bit angry because he told me he would check and make some changes, myself not being a lawyer I was surprise that he finds it so perfect even though I knew I was stating all the facts pointed on the NOID. He said he would mailed it to the USCIS. Unfortunately I received a mail today from the immigration saying they did not received any response to
the NOID therefore my petition was denied and I would face deportation if I did not appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeal(BIA) and file EOIR-29. I plan on going to the lawyer tomorrow but I don’t think I will be able to contain myself in front of him. I would like to know what are my options. Thks!
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Case from "ready to schedule for interview" to "Fingerprints were applied"
Hello Everyone, thanks for all your informational insight. My 485 application married to USC went from
"ready to be scheduled for interview" on 7/20/2020 To "fingerprints were applied" is this order normal?

My timeline so far:

Package sent Jun-25-20
Package received Jul-1-2020
Fingerprint fee received Jul-1-2020
Ready to be scheduled for interview Jul-20-2020
"fingerprints were applied" Aug-6-2020

Any insight is greatly appreciated, thank you :)
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