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Subject: Terrible experience
Name: Qantas Aircraft: A380
Class: Business Route: Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW) - Sydney (SYD) - Brisbane (BNE)
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Review: I had a terrible experience with Qantas, as described below in detail: We are extremely busy executives that are currently unable to take time off from work. Therefore, we had decided to send my 13 year old son and 17 year old daughter to visit Australia to their aunt (my sister-in-law) in Brisbane from Dallas via Sydney on Jun 22, 2017. We spent over US $15,000 in two business class tickets so that they could travel in comfort. For our son, we also asked for assistance as ‘unaccompanied minor’. We paid an additional $161 each way for the same and made arrangements several months in advance. Also, confirmed again on the day of travel that it is all set. We were told unaccompanied minor services are provided only when all the aircrafts are operated by Qantas to final destination. Even though such ticket was several thousand dollars more expensive than flying through Los Angeles, we paid extra thinking my son would be taken care of well. Our ordeal started at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport where they mandated that one and only one parent stay with our son until the flight departed. They said that our daughter was not allowed take care of him and a parent must stay until the flight departed. However, they refused to let both parents stay with him, even after repeatedly requesting. I had to take Uber come home by myself. They even refused our request whether one parent per child can stay claiming our daughter was too old for that. (Too old to be cared for but too young to care!). A lady at the check in counter (Moity) was rude and would not help fill the unaccompanied minor form as she probably herself didn’t know and had to call around twice. After my wife and our children went through security, while I was waiting for Uber, I noticed that lady was laughing with two other male check in attendants and making fun of us that we don’t even know enough English to fill the form (And I am a graduate of the world’s most exclusive university). It was clearly visible that she was making fun of us. (Check in area was literally empty at that time because we went early due to unaccompanied minor.) Even the supervisor Lulu didn’t care, was rude and was unwilling to cooperate. Sentences such as “I already told you our rule.”, “What is not clear to you?”, “Why are we even still talking?” It seems customer service or concern does not matter to Qantas. Moreover, I didn’t find any rule on Qantas web site or DFW airport web site prohibiting more than one parent. They even originally denied access to business class lounge to my wife who was mandated to stay with our son until flight departed, but they reluctantly allowed later. In flight, our son was initially not provided with the vanity bag that normally has moisturizer, tooth brush etc. until two hours later after he repeated inquired about it. All other passengers got it right when they boarded. After landing in Sydney, my children realized that there were 6 other unaccompanied minors arriving around the same time and there was only one person to take care of them including the transfer from International to Domestic airport. Qantas should have known how many unaccompanied minors are arriving when and staffed accordingly but poorly managed service failed to do so. I believe the caretaker was racially motivated who took care of the white children traveling in economy class first, but my children, U.S. born Americans of Indian origin, who were traveling in business class were given the last priority and made to wait. Anywhere in the world with any airline, business class passengers are given priority and taken care of first. Due to Qantas mismanagement, they missed the flight and were rebooked 4.5 hours later at 1 PM flight. Qantas never bothered to inform the parents of this. Even though traveling in business class, our son was denied access to business class lounge. He was confined to a tiny room with no facility or food or anything. That tiny room had very poor cell phone signal and had no Wi-Fi availability. It was extremely difficult for us to contact them to see what is going on and they could not contact us either. He later told us that he was not allowed to go out to purchase food or water. Luckily, my daughter was with him who purchased food and water for him. We understand safety but at least take care of his most basic necessities in that room. Even after spending over US $15,000 in business class, if people are mistreated like this and are not even offered food or water when they missed the light solely due to their fault and mismanagement, I really think what customer service Qantas has provided to make it worth for us to spend that kind of money. Why not have adequate staff for the number of unaccompanied minors? If not, why was there not a separate caretaker for business class so that our son would get priority and not miss the flight like this? If he did, why was not there a separate caretaker to take him to the business class lounge? Why all the unaccompanied minors are crammed into one tiny room, irrespective of the class they are traveling in? Does Qantas never get any unaccompanied minors in business class? I am sure they do. Then, why not make appropriate arrangements, rather than downgrading the passenger? Note: Since birth, our son has traveled only in business class or first class. Why did our son have to have a lot worse experience than economy class passenger? It seemed to him that he was prisoned. He was traveling alone for the first time and had to go through so much mental trauma and we had to suffer through so much anxiety and stress that we could not sleep all night yesterday. He is so disturbed right now that I doubt that he would be able to enjoy his vacation in Australia. Qantas ruined his vacation! What can Qantas do to make sure that our son is properly taken care of while returning? I had high expectations from Qantas but I am extremely disappointed with their pathetic service and mismanagement. I run a service oriented company and we properly take care of ALL of our customers. Therefore, I know the importance of customer service. I think Qantas is nearly a monopoly while traveling from the US to Australia that charges extremely high fares but does not care about customer service. I will really have to think twice before traveling to Australia and traveling in Qantas in future.

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