Location: Ahmedabad, India
Airport Code: AMD
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2.60 / 5 based on 1 Reviews


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Subject: Average Experience
Name: Ahmedabad (AMD) Terminal: 2
Check In:
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Priority Lines / Fast Track:
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Recommend: Timeframe: Within last week
Review: This airport has absolutely no concept of business class travel. Not a single thing is geared towards business class passengers. And I am not surprised. Looking at Ahmedabad city itself, I don't see many business class passengers traveling in out of, compared to other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai etc. Experience while arriving: No priority lines or fast track for immigration, security clearance. Even the baggage claim people don't know that they are supposed to bring the bags of business class first. In fact, one of my bags arrived the last, after all the passengers had already left the airport. Experience while departing: Airline itself has separate check in counter for business class. However, no separate line in immigration or security clearance . For international flights, the aerobridges were not working (either not available or not in working conditions). All the flights were departing from an area called gates 4, 5, 6 which are really not separate gates but just one door from which you board the bus. I see that they are aerobridges in the airport, not sure what they are for. There was no different or better bus for business class passengers. All in all, business class exists only within the airline and NOT at the airport. However, if someone were traveling Economy class, this airport would work out OK. The airport still has the water clogging problem and water leakage problem from the roof in case of rain. The glass of the walls were not clean and quite dirty as if not cleaned for a long time. There were really no choice of food or restaurants. I didn't see anything other than Havmor ice cream parlor open. There is a business class lounge which is common for all the airlines. Fortunately, it is not crowded as there are hardly any business class passengers at this airport. So much for Modi's Gujarat Business Development Model that is being advertised heavily over the last past year or two.

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