Baggage Allowance Rules for Unaccompanied Baggage for Travel to India

Passenger are allowed to send their baggage through cargo and it is treated as an unaccompanied baggage. However, there is no free allowance in case of unaccompanied baggage.

  • Provisions of Baggage Rules are also extended to unaccompanied baggage except where they have been specifically excluded.

  • The unaccompanied baggage had been in the possession abroad of the passenger and is dispatched within one month of his arrival in India or within such further period as the Assistant Commissioner of Customs or Deputy Commissioner of Customs may allow.

  • The unaccompanied baggage may land in India up to 2 months before the arrival of the passenger or within such period, not exceeding one year, as the Assistant Commissioner of Customs or Deputy Commissioner of Customs may allow, for reasons to be recorded, if he is satisfied that the passenger was prevented from arriving in India within the period of two months due to circumstances beyond his control such as the sudden illness of the passenger or a member of his family, or natural calamities or disturbed conditions or disruption of the transport or travel arrangements in the country or countries concerned or any other reasons, which necessitated a change in the travel schedule of the passenger.

  • Duty Rate: 35% ad valorem + education cess $3%

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