Best Places to Visit During Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Best Places to Visit During Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. The fourth Thursday of November is approaching, and your American colleagues are going crazy about their Thanksgiving dinners. There’s a festive mood in the air, and certainly lots of turkeys on sale.

If you are not celebrating Thanksgiving the traditional way with your family, how do you make the best use of the extended weekend holiday?

We have prepared a list of the best Thanksgiving getaways for you. Whether you’re going solo, with family, or with friends, you sure will be thankful you decided to take a mini-vacation.

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City

Head to the center of all the action on Thanksgiving. Experience the historic parade up close on the streets of the Big Apple. If you want to combine luxury with the madness of Manhattan on Thanksgiving, treat yourself to a stay in one of the many high-end hotels along the parade’s route. The Hilton Hotel is a top pick, and it is famous for its breathtaking holiday-themed food and ambiance during this time.

There is so much more to do in New York. If you are travelling with kids, why not take a peek at the Central Park Zoo, or view the magnificent Statue of Liberty from aboard the Staten Island Ferry? Make this holiday as much about exploring the country’s iconic symbols as spending quality time with your friends and family.

Enjoy an authentic Thanksgiving meal at Plymouth, Massachusetts

Take a trip down to Plymouth, the home of the traditional Thanksgiving festivities. This quaint plantation town in Massachusetts will take you back to the 17th century with its re-enactments, well-preserved memorabilia, and old school vibes. You can even take a boat ride on the Mayflower.

And the food, you ask? Plymouth Plantation serves a sumptuous buffet dinner full of every traditional delicacy you can imagine. Sit down and tuck into the most extravagant feast of your life.

Head down to Hawaii for some sun and sand

There’s never a wrong time to visit Hawaii. So why not make the best of the Thanksgiving weekend and catch some beach therapy? The air is warm, the waters are blue, and there are surfboards galore. Honolulu takes on an even brighter feel during the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Catch the dozen or so music and food festivals on the beaches of Hawaii. Spend an afternoon picking pineapples at the plantations’ visit tours. This vacation is the reset you’ve been looking for. For sports enthusiasts, the annual Hawaii 10k Marathon occurs every Thanksgiving weekend. There’s nothing better than sweating it out against the backdrop of the beautiful shores of the Pacific.

Hit the ski slopes at Park City, Utah

Make the best of the chilly weather and take a skiing vacation. Montage Deer Valley is the prime destination for families looking for a fun-filled Thanksgiving break. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, like skiing, sledding, archery, and football.

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If you have something more laid-back in mind, the resort offers cookie-baking classes, pottery lessons, and a hot chocolate bar. Now that’s a sweet deal. Don’t miss the Thanksgiving Day Buffet, where you can gorge on tasty dishes to your heart’s content.

Embrace the warmth of St. Augustine, Florida

Escape the November chill, and drive out to the warm, sunny beaches of St. Augustine, Florida. Established in 1565, the city is one of the oldest in the U.S. You will feel transported to a time many centuries ago surrounded by the classical architecture, the colonial quarters, and the quaint cobbled streets.

The city is famous for the nighttime Thanksgiving Day Parade. All of St. Augustine glows with millions of twinkling lights, and it is truly a magical scene to watch. Stay the weekend here with your friends and family, and take advantage of a well-deserved break.

Feast at the site of the original Thanksgiving at Williamsburg, Virginia

The Berkeley Plantation is the site of the very first Thanksgiving celebration in the U.S. Located in Williamsburg, the locals take this distinction very seriously. You can participate in re-enactments of 19th-century colonial celebrations, visit a traditional newspaper factory, or even learn a blacksmith’s craft. There is also a huge traditional-style parade that your kids will love.

Williamsburg is surrounded by Native American villages that open up for visitors in November. Join in the glorious celebrations full of live music, loads of dancing, and of course, excellent food.

Kick off the holiday season in Clarksville, Tennessee

The annual Christmas on the Cumberland Festival begins in Clarksville, Tennessee, during Thanksgiving week. The town is transformed into a riot of colors, candy, and mouthwatering food for a whole month. Enjoy hot chocolate and live music on the Riverwalk, or go ice-skating in the Downtown Commons Park. There are dozens of indoor options like mini-golf, laser tag, go-karting, and bowling at the City Forum. A trip to Clarksville is the most wholesome and lovely way to spend your Thanksgiving.

So get out, hit the road, and enjoy a fantastic vacation during Thanksgiving break this year.

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