Business Visa Documents
In addition to the documents required for a visitors visa, business (B-1) visa seekers should also consider taking the following documents:

  • Applicant Documents
    • Any evidence of arrangements for lodging and appointments already made in the U.S. in preparation for your trip. E.g., if you have made the reservation in the hotel where you will stay while in the U.S., proof of the same.

    • Tax statements for the last 3 years.

    • If you have traveled outside your home country in the past, details of the same. If you have applied for the U.S. visa in the past, details of the same.

    • Complete itinerary of your trip that includes all the places to be visited with dates, names and addresses.

  • Employer/Business Documents
    • A letter from your employer indicating the purpose and length of the trip as well as the their intent to pay for the costs of the trip.

      This letter also should indicate the length of employment with the company, brief description of work, the annual salary, why only you should be sent to the U.S. It should also indicate who you are you going to meet, what you will do and the assurance that they will take care of all the expanses.

      For the source of funds, do not simply show the statement from the bank manager, but show the bank statements from last two years.

    • Exchanges of correspondence with U.S. purchasers, suppliers or contacts.

    • Recent contracts, bills of lading or other documentary evidence of recent imports and exports of purchases.

    • Incorporation documents and business license(s). If you started your business less than one year ago, the chances of you getting the business visa are reduced.

    • Tax statements for the last 3 years.

    • Documents describing the business, its duration, financial statements, details of the employees (such as their names, addresses, what kind of work they do, for how long they are employed and their salaries), and the proof (including photographs) of the office, shop, warehouse etc.

    • Group photo of your employees.

    • Any copies of recent advertising brochures, publications or any media coverage. If available, provide the company's market and financial position with financial records, source of funds, income tax papers.

    • Details about the number of customers and representative list of customers.

    • If you have any existing clients in the U.S., their names and addresses.

    • Details about why the company is sending only you and not someone else.

    • Business plan.

    • Photographs of your office, shop, show rooms.

    • Evidence of your position in the company and remuneration.

  • If you or your employer are able to take care of the expenses for your trip, it is not necessary to get the affidavit of support from someone in the U.S. It is not mandatory that you must have a close relative in the U.S. to qualify for a business visa.

  • Invitation letter from the U.S. counterpart / company / institution with which you are you are going to conduct business.

    Sample invitation letter

    Invitation letter should be on the letterhead of the company or institution. It should indicate the importance of your visit in person, the benefits of the U.S. company by your visit, the details of your meetings and why it can not be done remotely, the duration of your relationship with them, for how long they have been business etc.

  • Bank transaction statements detailing all deposits and withdrawals for the last six months. Include your personal and company accounts, along with evidence that you have authority to draw on the company accounts.

  • If your trip will be helpful to the U.S., any documents showing that.

  • Category Specific
    • Voluntary work
      • An invitation letter from the U.S. sponsors that contains the following information:
        • Your name
        • Your date and place of birth
        • Your permanent resident address in a foreign country
        • The name and address of your initial destination in the U.S.
        • The anticipated duration of the assignment

    • Conference/Exhibition
      • Proof of registration.
      • Brochure of the event.
      • Proof of attending prior events either in the home country, in the U.S. or any other country.

    • Technical conference
      • Complete resume or CV
      • Complete list of publications, if applicable
      • Letter of acceptance/invitation from the school

    • Medical elective
      A letter from the U.S. medical school that
      • outlines the nature and duration of the stay
      • source of remuneration
      A person traveling on the visa waiver program should present such letter to the immigration officer at port of entry.

    • Negotiate contract
      If you are traveling to the U.S. to negotiate or finalize the contract, the copy of the contracts.

Arrange the documents neatly and be ready to quickly provide them when asked for.

Never take sealed envelopes. Otherwise, you will be asked to go out of the U.S. Embassy/Consulate to open them.

The above are only suggested documents. It should be noted that a visa is not assured even if you have all these documents.