USA Visa Application From China


In order to get the U.S. non-immigrant visa from China, you should follow the following procedures:

  1. Visa Fees

    Pay visa application fee.

    You must pay the visa application fee before calling the visa call center to make an appointment. They will ask for the receipt number when making the appointment.

  2. Photograph

    Get a digital photograph (JPEG file) as well as one paper photograph.

  3. Application Form

    Complete online visa application form - DS-160.

    Print the confirmation paper that has CEAC barcode on it, as per instructions given in the link for DS-160 form just above here.

  4. Drop Box or Schedule Appointment

    Determine whether you must use drop box, or you may optionally use drop box or you need to schedule an appointment. Most first-time applicants would need to schedule a visa appointment.

    Drop Box Criteria

    Schedule Appointment

  5. Documents

    Gather the required documents. Depending upon the category you are applying in, there may be some mandatory and other supporting documents that may be required. Please look into each visa section on this web site to find out the list of documents.

    Common mandatory documents

  6. Interview

    Appear for USA visa interview.

  7. Passport Return

    Arrange for passport return (with visa stamped) through China Post.

Even though it is possible for citizens of countries other than China to apply at the U.S. Consulate in China, it may be more difficult for those outside their home country to establish their ties abroad.