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Fiscal Year ETA Case Number
Job Posting Date  to Case Type
Employer Name
Work Start Date  to Work End Date  to
Job Title
State / Territory Priority Date
(applicable only for "PERM" case type.)

Cert ETA Case Number Job Posting Date Case Type Status Employer Name Work Start Date Work End Date Job Title State / Territory
I-201-16341-707190 12/20/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified ALLEGHENY VALVE & COUPLING, INC. 03/12/2017 03/11/2020 U.s. South American Sales And Engineering Specialist PA
I-201-16341-014478 12/08/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified THERMAL CARE, INC. 12/19/2016 12/18/2019 Electrical Engineer PA
I-201-16312-699859 11/07/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified HEALTHSOUTH REHABILITATION HOSPITAL OF MECHANICSBURG, LLC 11/07/2016 11/06/2019 Physical Therapist PA
I-201-16271-454083 10/04/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified RED VALVE COMPANY, INC. 10/04/2016 10/03/2019 International Sales Manager PA
I-201-16278-630095 10/04/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified MEETME, INC. 10/11/2016 10/11/2019 Backend Developer PA
I-201-16193-232629 07/12/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified DELOITTE & TOUCHE LLP 01/10/2017 01/09/2019 Advisory Consultant PA
I-201-16171-895407 06/19/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified FIRST GENERATION VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 07/26/2016 01/26/2018 Vp, Marketing, Chilean-america Initiative PA
I-201-16167-818645 06/15/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified PLACE OF REFUGE, INC. 10/01/2016 09/30/2017 Mental Health Counselor PA
I-201-16145-226306 05/25/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified RIDE GROUP, INC. 08/01/2016 07/31/2019 Product And Marketing Specialist PA
I-201-16132-972962 05/13/2016 H-1B1 Chile Certified DECHERT LLP 08/01/2016 07/31/2019 Visiting Advisor, International Arbitration Practice Group PA


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