Domestic H1B Visa Renewals to Begin in January

The US State Department announced on November 28 that the pilot program to allow H1B visa renewal within the US will begin as soon as January for a limited number of specialty occupation workers.

The pilot program for domestic H1B visa renewal will be limited to just 20,000 participants initially. They will be given the option to simply mail their renewal paperwork to the Department of State, rather than having to travel outside the US, secure an appointment at a US consular office, and face an uncertain wait time.

According to Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Julie Stufft, the need for a pilot program limited to just 20,000 participants at first is required to ensure that the system works satisfactorily. “We really need to get proof of concept that it works before we can extend it to a larger group,” she said to reporters on November 27. “This is a huge change for folks who live here and previously would have had to leave the United States.”

In addition, the State Department is also taking action to extend interview waivers for certain temporary visa applicants who would otherwise need to appear in person. This is all to help alleviate the considerable US visa interview backlog at consulates around the world.

Although many H1B visa holders are likely impatient about when the pilot program will begin and who will be eligible for domestic visa renewal, that information hasn’t been finalized just yet. It is expected that full details will be published in the Federal Register next month, including who will be eligible to be one of the 20,000 initial participants.

Federal Register has published detailing the pilot program to allow domestic renewal. Check this article for further details related to who is eligible, documents required for the pilot program, how to apply and the process timeline.

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