Don’t Ruin Others’ Cruise Experience. Things That You Should Not Do.

Cruise ships have become a popular way to see the world. You can relax, or choose to participate in an endless list of activities while cruising through the sea. The atmosphere is typically casual and fun-filled.

Unfortunately, some passengers take the informality too far.

The amount of rude people on the high seas is on the rise. Loud-mouthed, belligerent behavior is not only obnoxious, but it spoils the vacation for other passengers.

In this article, we discuss cruise ship etiquette that will make the cruise enjoyable for everyone.

Cruise Ship Etiquettes You Can Never Forget

Modern cruise ships are enormous, and most of them weigh well over 100,000 tons. The largest ship is almost 190,000 tons.

These ships are massive, and they house a lot of people. At full capacity, the Symphony of the Seas is occupied by 8,800 passengers and crew members.

Good etiquette is essential to retain a fun and relaxing atmosphere. 

1. Respect Different Cultures

A cruise ship is a microcosm of the whole world. Each passenger has a different view of life, and diverse political and religious beliefs, as well as their own notions, values, and opinions.

Do not expect everyone to be friendly. To force your acquaintance on others is extremely impolite. You cannot expect people around the world to understand your culture and the tropes it commonly employs.

Conversations with fellow passengers at the gym, deck, promenade, and bars should be polite, but not too personal. Be congenial, and wait for others to respond as they are comfortable.

2. Be Punctual

Cruise ships arrange excursions that include a guide, as well as transport. However, you are free to disembark at any port and explore at your own pace.

If you take the option of touring with the cruise line, make sure that you are punctual. Do not make the group wait for you when disembarking or when returning. This takes time for exploring away from others, and you also do not want to make anyone late when returning back to the ship.

3. Don’t be Noisy

Don’t play music too loud or run around and yell, especially during hours when people are asleep.

A boisterous neighbor is a nightmare on a cruise ship. In spite of its overall size, an individual stateroom is not too large. The steel bulkheads tend to amplify the sound and annoy other passengers to no end.

Also, don’t be loud and inconsiderate when you are in public spaces on the cruise ship. Never let your children run around knocking over other people’s belongings. Do your best to be aware of other people.

4. Don’t Be Nosy

People are entitled to their privacy. Just because you are packed in with 6,000 other souls on a ship for a week does not give you the right to know everything about their lives.

Friendly chit-chat should remain confined within acceptable limits. Do your best to read social cues and understand if you are making others uncomfortable. Some people would love to chat with you and get to know you, while others prefer to have their privacy and do not wish to make friends.

5. Share the Chairs

Don’t take up all of the lounge chairs at a prime spot on the main deck if your whole party is not there, or if you are only looking for a place to lay your things and do not need that many seats.

Placing a water bottle or towels on consecutive chairs to indicate they are occupied is impolite. If you want to sit together in a group at the same time, try to show up together.

Just as you want to relax, unwind, and enjoy the beauty of the tranquil ocean, others wish to do the same from a nice vantage point.

It is unfair to deprive other passengers of loungers or seats at the diner or cafeteria.

6. Don’t Pester the Crew

You are, of course, entitled to care and a lot of pampering.

However, this does not give you the right to complain about the crew if you are not waited on hand and foot.

On a cruise ship, 5,000+ passengers are served by a staff of 1,000, not considering that one-third of the crew is taking their hard-earned break periodically.

That creates a ratio of about one crewmember for every seven passengers. Though they work extremely hard, they are bound to make mistakes. You should accept them in the proper spirit. Often, if the crew is falling short, it is due to circumstances that are out of their control.

Constantly being negative tends to sour the cruise for everyone with whom you interact.

7. Wait Your Turn

Whether you are at the buffet or the water slide, be polite and wait. Pushing to the front of the group or yelling at those who are taking a little more time than they should is inconsiderate and spoils the relaxing atmosphere.

You should always patiently wait your turn. You will get to the front of the line eventually, and throwing a fit is not going to make your wait any shorter.

More importantly, avoid bickering with your family while you are waiting. Others don’t really want to hear how poor the pulled pork sandwich tasted. If you have a fight with your significant other, sort it out quietly in your stateroom, not in front of a thousand unlucky strangers.

8. Smoke Only in Designated Areas

Smoking is banned in cabins. You may or may not be allowed to smoke in your private balcony, depending on the cruise line.

Smoking in public places, even under the open sky, is prohibited. However, every ship has designated smoking areas on each deck.

Some cruise lines, like Disney, impose a stiff penalty if you are caught violating the no-smoking rule.

It is imperative to follow these rules, because a cruise ship carries 200,000 gallons of fuel. Fire onboard a ship could be a disaster.

9. Don’t Booze Too Much

If you know that you do not handle alcohol well, keep your intake to a minimum. Of course, a cruise means having a good time, but a good time does not mean a license to indulge too much.

A rough sea is not compatible with alcohol.  Falling down the stairs when you have had one too many drinks could mean breaking your leg.

The ship’s infirmary cannot handle complex operations. You may have to be evacuated and treated at the nearest land hospital. That is always an extremely expensive situation.

Whether you expect to drink or not, it is ideal if you purchase a travel insurance policy before setting out on a voyage. Your insurance can provide coverage for a variety of travel-related situations such as cancelled or delayed flights, loss of baggage, or unexpected medical issues.

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Do your best to be considerate, graceful, and affable.

When you respect others’ right to a fantastic holiday, you have the right to enjoy one for yourself.

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