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This page shows the no. of applications filed by TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD for H1B visa and Greencard. It includes applications with status such as certified, denied, and withdrawn and so on.

TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD has filed LCAs (Labor Condition Applications) and labor certifications since 2017 till 2019.
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 H1B Certified  H1B Certified Withdrawn  H1B Denied  H1B Withdrawn  H1B Others
 Greencard Certified  Greencard Certified Withdrawn  Greencard Denied  Greencard Withdrawn  Greencard Others

Year H1B Greencard
Certified Certified Withdrawn Denied Withdrawn Others Total Certified Certified Expired Denied Withdrawn Others Total
2019 9828 3 19 3 9853 1296 1 13 1310
2018 14493 16 87 7 14603 1157 184 16 1357
2017 13434 28 54 19 13535 2 2 4
Total 37755 47 160 29 37991 2455 184 1 31 2671
Important Notes:
• The above number only reflects the number of applications filed by the employer. It does not necessarily mean that everyone certified actually got the visa, or the beneficiaries were really hired or anything else.
• H1B visa applications include new applications as well as transfer and renewals. New application may be filed even if the work location of the same employee changes or in a few other circumstances.
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