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Fraud Company for App Development

I was Client

If you wanna lose your money, you are at the right place then. I've paid the upfront amount and nothing has been done and I've never received my update. They will rip you off and screw your tasks.
Crap works and go check on https://www.facebook.com/Technology-Resource-Group-Inc-TRG-SUCKS-745584142144707/ .You will find out what their crap jobs. I invite everyone to do not work those companies. Unprofessional and unproductive. They don't know anything about developing applications.
The account manager(Shoaib Rafiq) never replied to your emails or calls. And no matter how much research you do, you cannot find any information about their founders anywhere.

Technology Resource Group is a fraud company. They won't give payments and never answer your calls

Did the Business

Key people who are part of this Fraud:
Dhiraj Sinha - CEO
Saurabh Sinha
Akash Patnaik - AVP
Sachin Arora – Account Manager
Anand Verma – Manager Legal Team – lied several times that they posted the checks. Office: 408 709 1760 Ext 9827, Cell 408 412 7011.
Vishal Jaggi
Paran Arora – Director GR
Sanjay Kumar – who acted as Finance Manager, pretended to be genuine guy trying to resolve payments once for all, sent updated agreement, made several new false promises. Ph: 4085025566, email: [email protected]
Complaints about TRG:

Company executives are thieves

Former employee

Company is rapidly going out of business.
Dhiraj Sinha, Vishal Jaggi, Paran Arora and Saurabh Sinha are slumdogs trying to become millionaires by ripping off employees and contractors alike.
Salary payments are not made on time.
There are over 15 lawsuits pending against them from contractors and Federal and State governments.
Company does not have "Good Standing" in Naperville, IL where it is registered as a foreign corporation though it is incorporated in CA.
Avoid this company at all costs. They will make your life miserable.

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