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Was cheated filing H1b in 2016-17 Cycle with them


These guys are COMPLETE CHEATS. They start off pretending to be an organization with a decent presence in the US but that is complete nonsense! They most certainly DO NOT file your H1B visa, but take your money and put you through unbelievable levels of mental torture! I paid them $5500 for filing my visa. (They said that if my visa was not selected, they would refund $4000)

Everything was OK till the actual filing date. They went missing from April 1st to May 2nd week. And finally sent a mail saying my petition was not selected and that they would refund my $4000. I asked them for my rejection letter from USCIS and that is when they started avoiding y calls, emails and when I could get in touch, they made up stories saying that their US partner had run away with my money.
After chasing after them for 6 months and employing all kinds of pressure tactics, they finally paid up $4000.

It is very clear from their actions that they did not ever file my visa and cheated me off $1500

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