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GOD should funish or kill entire family of OM PRAKASH NAKKA and his wife UDAYASRI ADDALA ... sorry to say their sin should reflect on their kids as well.

They will take money for H1B filling but never return it eventhough the visa got rejected due to their own reasons. Worst people

Big Cheating


Spoiling lifes

Finacle Soft Inc,
Zenith Services Inc,
MP Infotech Corporation.

All these fake companies located in same building in new jersey.

They are spoiling the tech resources life with above fake compines which in turn tied with another fake company in India.

I will continue to post details of all the people who are involved in this and how they are easily cheating USA and indian tech resources.

If you still working to some clients with these employers then change your employer immediately.

I am sure in few weeks DHS will start investigating on Finacle Soft Inc..

They dumping people from India by taking huge money to file H1B. Their fake indian company is U&I INFORMATICS which is located in Hyderabad.
Same cheating they also did with Zenith Services Inc.

OM PRAKASH NAKKA and her wife UDAYASRI ADDALLA, relatives Latha and Baskar are involved in Big H1b fraud.

Another firm related to these fake people is ZENITH SERVICES INC.

God should funish all these fraud people

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