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kingy sauce     07/07/2016 13:36 PM


I am a felon in the U.S. who met my Fiance in the Philippines, who had proposed to me. I am now part of that HORRIBLE Waiting process of the K1 Fiance Process. She has a Son so it's K-2 for us as well.

Saw her last end of January 31, 2016.

January 31, 2016 - Kissed her Goodbye after spending a week with her, took plenty of photos and came back to the US
Filed 129F in Mid February I believe the 16th.
March 3, First Update that Dallas office received my file.
April 3, Next Update - File moved to California
May 3, Next Udpate - File was Transferred to Vermont (Claimed Overload of Files)
May 20, Next Update - I have take Biometrics - wait for Mailed info and appointment.
June 15, received mail stating GO TO BIOMETRICS for Fingerprinting and FBI Check
July 6 - Went to Biometrics, took about 20 minutes total.
July 7 - Checked online status, (Because I was Curious) stated "APPROVED" !!!

Will keep everyone posted - I made sure that My paperwork was correct and used an online help company for processing - well worth the $300-$500 your going to spend. Don't be in the dark. Get the Help. As you see by my Timeline - it's been almost 6 months since My Fiance has seen me in person - (SKYPE IS A GODSEND) - but she is going BONKERS over this wait.. It's a Killer. I am hoping that this all gets wrapped up in the next 2 months (END OF AUGUST TARGET) there are some other tips and tricks - but you can email me with any questions. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU. OUR LOVED ONES ARE WORTH THIS HEADACHE !!

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arih3     08/03/2016 13:48 PM

Hi! congrats on your approval. I sent my application on July 23 and it was accepted and routed to California on July 29 so I'm only just at the beginning of the waiting process. I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not you disclosed your felony information in the packet you sent? I too have a criminal record but since it did not fall under any of the crimes specified on the I 129f I didn't mention it.... I'm hoping now that this won't delay my application more. I'm already 7 months pregnant and my fiance won't get to see his daughter until she's at least a few months old at this point.... It's awful not having a solid processing time estimate to go on!


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