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Ejobotodo     07/10/2016 14:22 PM

If you are filing as an individual because you and/or your conditional resident child were battered or subjected to extreme cruelty, submit:
1. Evidence of the abuse, such as copies of reports or official records issued by police, courts, medical personnel, school officials, clergy, social workers, and other social service agency personnel. You may also submit any legal documents relating to an order of protection against the abuser or relating to any legal steps you may have taken to end the abuse. You may also submit evidence that you sought safe haven in a shelter for the abused or similar refuge, as well as photographs evidencing your injuries; and
2. A copy of your divorce decree, if your marriage was terminated by divorce on grounds of physical abuse or extreme
Pls can some one explain the first sentence to me I wanna remove my condition but I can't have my abusive spouse sign d divorce documents because of a no contact order against her.. Can I remove my condition without a divorce?? I have all paper work for d police n d court.. pls I need u guys response

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