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Kuldeeps111     07/22/2016 07:29 AM

Iam from Delhi I have travel singapur Malayasia , Turkish , U.K. , Austrlia alone . Now i want to apply with my wife for uk toursit visa she don't have travel history should I apply or not .

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jason1986     10/12/2016 05:47 AM

you dont need to have travel history to travel to UK. All you need to have is the necessary pre-req and documents mentioned in UK Visa website like, valid passport, No criminal history, bank statement and proof that you will be back to your home country.


Kuldeeps111     11/24/2016 22:51 PM

Thanks for your reply . I was already got Uk visa with my wife in October and we have traveled and came back on November first week .
Now I want apply for USA toursit visa with my wife my travel history is Uk 3 times singapur a Malaysia Australia turkey . My wife only travel Uk with me .want to know should I apply USA visa in December or give some gap and apply next year pls suggest .
Should I apply with whole family with my son too 10 year old with no travel history


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