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insubuy     08/26/2016 15:07 PM

The following review was originally received by email and posted here.


Hello Insubuy.com Management:

I am the owner of CruiseCenter. I had occasion to call your company today to ask questions about insurance coverage for UK residents who will be traveling to the US. They had a link to your website but questioned if it was “okay”. The request came to me through a third party. I made it clear to the third party that I was not in a position to know anything about this kind of insurance but would see if any of our trusted suppliers offered it.

Before I did that, I called your 800 number and reached Kim. By the end of the call, I was not only convinced that these folks should definitely contact your company but also delighted to know that the assistance they will receive will be excellent.

Kim is knowledgeable, patient, pleasant, and entirely focused on providing thorough information. I ended the call by telling her I wished she worked for our company and then learned she is in Plano, Texas, which isn’t too far from Houston. I said it in jest, of course, and to convey my feeling that company she works for is lucky to have her!

I hope you will share this with her and with those who are responsible for hiring and training such an outstanding representative for your company.

Ellen K

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