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rica_17     10/06/2016 21:01 PM

EB2 Philippines
Nebraska Service Center

Priority Date 6/18/2015
PERM approved 1/25/2016
I-140 Received 2/23/2016
I-140 upgraded to premium 3/3/2016
I-140 Approved 3/11/2016
I-485 Received 4/18/2016
EAD/AP Delivered 5/18/2016
Biometrics 5/25/2016
I-485 Approved 10/6/2016

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Good luck!!

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fishman     10/07/2016 11:11 AM

Congrats. We have almost similar timeline. I hope that I'll hear something soon as my status still stuck at "Fingerprint fee received "


rica_17     10/07/2016 18:59 PM

thank you fishman. I see that your I-485 was received just few days after mine, so you should be hearing something soon. my status was also stuck at "Fingerprint fee received" then all of a sudden it changed to "New card being produced" and then "Case was approved" :-) Good luck


wl80     10/11/2016 21:33 PM

Congratulations! How long did it take to receive the physical green card after your i-485 was approved on 10/6/2016?


rica_17     10/12/2016 18:26 PM

Thank you!
I received my approval notice in the mail two days ago. The notice said I should receive the green card within 3 weeks.


OR1     10/15/2016 20:24 PM

RICA - How long did it take from the time an officer was assigned to your case until the green card approval update?


rica_17     10/15/2016 20:37 PM

Hi OR1. It took about 6 months. My case (I-485) was received in April and approved in October.

Overall GC process took a little over a year, as PERM was started in June 2015.


OR1     10/15/2016 21:04 PM

Thank you. Was there a time when you knew that the 1485 was assigned to an officer? I have just been told it has so I wanted to know how long before you hear from them after an officer has been assigned?


rica_17     10/15/2016 21:07 PM

No, I was not informed that my case had been assigned. I only received notification that my case was received.


OR1     10/15/2016 21:09 PM

Appreciate that and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rica_17     10/15/2016 20:38 PM

I received my card today 10/15/2016.


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