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parnish1981     10/10/2016 20:30 PM

Nebraska service center,EB1B I485 waiting India

I­140 and I­485 Concurrent premium processing Submitted ­04­/22/­2016
Received ­04/­23­/2016

I­140 Accepted­ 04­/27­/2016

EAD & AP received for me and spouse ­05­/12/­2016

Biometrics letter received ­05/­07/­2016

Biometrics done ­05­/18­/2016

Since then no status change,no RFE received.Status-Fee received.

Nebraska service center. Does anyone has same timeline?Please let us know.

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rag821     10/17/2016 12:16 PM

Nebraska Service Center processing on I-485 is taking 8-10 months. Here is my timeline, hopefully it will give you an idea of the current processing time and when your case will be expected to get approved:

I-140 EB1B: Received on December 21, 2015 and Accepted on December 22, 2015
Applied for I-485, I-131, and I-765 for my wife and me on January 25, 2016
Biometrics Appointment Scheduled: March 3, 2016
EAD Received: March 11, 2016
I-485: Fingerprint fee Accepted on January 28, 2016
Then I waited for 8 months to get an update from USCIS on our cases
I-485: Case was initiated and name was updated on September 1, 2016
I-485 was approved on October 6th, 2016
Green Card Received on October 15th, 2016

Hope the above timelines help you reckon the Nebraska Processing Times. For me its been long waiting game hoping to receive updates from USCIS Nebraska Service Center. But now I think of I am glad its done and very happy to receive our Green Cards. Good Luck on your American Dream. All the best and I hope your case will be processed soon. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


parnish1981     10/17/2016 22:34 PM

Hi Rag,
Thanks for sharing time line, it really took 9 months for you after application jan 25-oct 15th.
consider there was two months retrogression also. according to your experience i may not receive any response in [email protected]#$%^&%.
Did you get any RFE?


rag821     10/18/2016 12:17 PM

Yes Parnish, USCIS took 9 months to get my case finalized. That's what I assume as well, you may not receive any updates from USCIS this year! But keep your spirits up everyday! It's a long waiting game brother!

Nope I did not get any RFE.. I am fortunate enough on that one :)

Have a good one and all the best!


scientist123     10/18/2016 14:07 PM

HI Parnish, I filed my 485 on 2nd May 2016 and got my EAD. My finger print was on Middle of June 2016. I also filed under EB1B Nebraska Center. No update on my appication and So I cant expect this year i think. If you have any update, please let us know.


abhiamazing     11/01/2016 14:26 PM

Mine is EB1 - India - Texas Service Center

I-140 was applied in Nov 2015 - normal processing
I-140 approved in Feb 2016
I-485 was applied in Mar 2016
EAD and AP received in May 2016
Since then the status is Finger Printing Fee Received. No RFE.

One of my colleagues had the priority date as Sep 2015 and received his GC in Oct 2016. So I am hoping I will receive in Nov/Dec 2016.


deepesh.jain     12/06/2016 16:52 PM

Hi abhi,

I am having almost the same timelines the only difference is that all my documents were filled concurrently in March. I got I140 and EAD - AP combo approved. But still waiting on I485. The fingerprinting was done in April as well.

I485 status shows exactly like yours. Did you get any update on your case? Did you check with any support phone etc?


parnish1981     12/06/2016 19:31 PM

I485 taking way longer than expected,mine is in 22nd April concurrently filed. Did you raise SR because you can. According to USCIS they are adjudicating cases up to 2nd April so anyone filed before 2nd April can raise SR.


eb1b_dec2016     08/29/2017 09:15 AM

Hello Indian Americans!

my time lines..

I-140 application: Sept 19 2016 (premium processing)
I-140 RFE : Sept end
I-140 RFE feedback: Oct 10 2016
I-140 approved : Oct 18 2016
I-485/765/131 applied: Dec 20 2016:
EAD/combo for both: March 2017
I-485 RFE for spouse : May2017
Responded by end of May 2017

no changes afterwards...
any suggestion from experienced folks...


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