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The4Js     10/16/2016 00:32 AM

I am in the process of registering for the US Diversity visa (Green Card lottery). I used the official photo tool to crop and save my photo. I then used an online photo checker and it passed at all stages. I was curious to find out if the same approved photo would automatically fit in the photo tool when RE-UPLOADED to the photo tool. Unfortunately it did not. It is as if the changes were not saved after the cropping though I clicked save. I fear to go ahead and submit now that what I believed to be the saved cropped photo does NOT fit the photo tool any longer. Please advise. I need urgent help please. What does this imply? I have read on this site that the DV photo requirements are NOT THE SAME as those for other visas and passports. So how appropriate is the general photo tool for DV visa photos? Is there a special official photo tool for the DV lottery. CHEERS!

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